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#the lost boys marko
eatinworms · 11 months ago
P.O.V you're Michael and the lost boys have taken you to Claire's to get your ears pierced and also Marko and Dwayne need some accessories
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otonokis · a month ago
Tumblr media
marker and pole
based on this
Tumblr media
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theyreonlynoodlesmike · a month ago
This was originally requested but I accidentally posted it when it wasn't finished so :)
We'll Take Care of You (poly!Lost Boys x gender neutral!reader)
Warnings: tooth-rotting fluff
Word Count: 823
Tumblr media
Your nights with the boys usually consisted of games, rides, and more boardwalk food then you could stomach. But, this night's round of trouble, or fun as they liked to call it, had been cut short.
You were sick. You laid in your bed and sniffled. Your sinuses were clogged, your head was throbbing, your stomach felt queasy, and you had a cough that wasn't from second-hand smoke. Dwayne had propped you up in your bed, with pillows and blankets covering up every inch of you. Even if you felt as thought you were going to sweat through your skin. 
The only relief you had was the blonde besides you. Paul, even when you were sick, was attached to you at the hip. He'd kicked off his shoes and took off his jacket, and climbed into your bed besides you. You'd tried to protest at first. You were sweaty, full of snot, and overall just really gross at the moment. But, Paul didn't seem that bothered. He just nosed his way into your neck, and pressed his cold hand to your forehead. You had to admit. He did feel nice. But, when he tried to lean up and kiss you, you protested once more. 
"'m gross. No," You turned your face away from his. "No kisses. I'll get you sick." You said, and your sick brain momentarily forgot what Paul almost instantly reminded you. 
"We're vampires, babe. We don't get sick. Now, smooch." He said with a laugh, before he puckered out his lips. You made a face. You didn't know why Paul still wanted to kiss you when you were just so, so- You couldn't think of a word to describe your sneezy, green state.
"Leave them be. They should be sleeping." Dwayne said. He'd taken his time to clean up your room. He'd been putting your laundry away, clearing all your cups, getting you fresh water, and had even changed your trash twice that night. Really, the pile of tissues you'd accumulated was almost impressive. Oh, and making sure that Paul let you rest.
Paul just let out a whine and a little harrumph, and nosed his way back into the spot between your shoulder and your neck. But, it'd barely been a minute before the other two came back.
David had only been downstairs. He'd been smoking outside, simply so the smoke wouldn't aggravate your lungs in your already weakened state. However, Marko had gone to get some much needed supplies. He came up with a bunch of bags, and smiled as he dropped them on the bed. 
A two litre bottle of ginger ale, medicine, heating pads, crackers, and a small brown bag with a container of soup he'd gotten from his favorite Chinese place. You smiled at him from your mountain of pillows, and he leaned over to press a kiss to your forehead. 
"Hey, babe." He started, before he sat on the edge of your bed. He brushed away some strands of your hair, and asked, "You want some soup? Some soda for your stomach?" And you thought it over. Your stomach still felt weird, but you weren't gagging over the smell of the soup. You barely had a moment to glance over to your other two boyfriends before David said,
"You need to eat something if you're gonna take any meds." And it was decided. There was no arguing with him as Marko went to get a bowl, and Paul opened the box of crackers for you. They helped you sit up, and you were nibbling on a cracker when Marko came back.
He sat besides you, and carefully passed you the bowl of soup. You smiled at him, pushing the spoon around in the bowl. You knew you had to eat, but you were a little nervous. Your stomach hadn't exactly been super welcoming towards anything in the last few hours, but you took a small sip. Smalls sips seemed to be enough to please your boyfriend's, that and plenty of other fluids.
David was the one that took out your meds. He light nudged Markos shoulder. He stole Markos spot and sat besides you, before he shook out the recommended amount into his gloved hand. He let you take them, and passed you your cup so you could wash it down. With some food and medicine in your system, they all seemed pleased. You let out a yawn, and David reached out to brush a strand of hair from your face. He took your bowl from you, and Paul moved to help you sit back. He was tucking himself back against you as sleep started to cloud your mind, and David told you,
"Get some sleep." As he brushed the back of his leather gloved fingers against your cheek. It was cool to the touch, almost as cold as Paul's skin. His voice was velvety smooth as he said, "We'll take care of you."
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precious-ketchup · 3 months ago
The Lost Boys (1987)
This is literally what runs through my head each time I watch them jump off the bridge.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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slasherboyos · 3 months ago
Different World | Poly!Lost Boys x Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
Chapter links will be kept under the cut-off.
Summary: You are thrown into the 1987 movie The Lost Boys when you go to see the movie with your older sister. You would not be panicking so much if it was a piece of media you knew well, but you only know so many details; you have never watched this film!
The reader is a sarcastic smartass with a big heart and a sad backstory because I said so.
For updates other than the chapters, such as if I am going to be late with uploads or just me talking about it and using tumblr like twitter, I used the hashtag “slasherboyos different world trashposts” on my blog. 
Spotify Playlist: Link
Taglist is open!
Chapter One: Link
Chapter Two: Link
Chapter Three: Link
Chapter Four: Link
Chapter Five: Link
Chapter Six: Link
Chapter Seven: Link
Chapter Eight: Link
Chapter Nine: Link
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Chapter Eleven: Link
Chapter Twelve: Link
Chapter Thirteen: Link
Chapter Fourteen: Link
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markosmate · 2 months ago
Hey! I just had an idea for a lost boys fic where the reader starts having dreams about David then sees him in real life
now THIS is something that sparked my interest while going through my inbox!! i think this is a really cool concept so i’m gonna give it a try. hope you like it anon!! - 🧚🏻
long story short
Tumblr media
Pairing: David x Fem!Reader
Summary: Reader starts having dreams about David after moving to Santa Carla, only to run into him and the boys on her first night at the boardwalk.
Warnings: Strong language, blood, everything that comes with vampires I guess
Your feet pounded against the sand underneath you, occasionally slipping as you tried to run across the beach as fast as possible. The man behind you didn’t seem like he was willing to give up anytime soon, he had been chasing you since you first tried to escape him in the beach parking lot.
He was big, shoulders broad, and a face covered in a thick greying beard. His advances came as soon as you had exited your car, although now you couldn’t quite pinpoint why you had driven to the beach this late at night in the first place. All you knew was that you kept telling yourself to keep running, just keeping moving - even though the man wasn’t showing any signs of letting up, you knew deep down subconsciously that help would come soon enough.
You took a sharp turn down a short trail into the woods and came out near a dying bonfire. There was nowhere left to go except in circles around the ashes of wood, so you paused in the race and turned to face where the man was coming from. He wasn’t far behind you, and he slowed to a stop with a sickening smirk when he realized he had effectively cornered you. “Nowhere to go now, Princess.” His words were slow and slurred, it wasn’t the way he was speaking - it was the way you were perceiving them. Everything seemed dull and slow.
He began walking towards you once more and you scrambled backwards until you could feel the dwindling heat from the dying fire against your back. Right when you were sure you were done for, something shot out of the darkness of the brush and grabbed the man. That something - or someone, rather - immediately tore into his throat with a sickening vengeance, and you watched in complete shock as the person, or whatever the fuck it was, drained the man of every last drop of blood in his body. He attempted to fight back, loosely swinging his arms at the being, and attempting to cry out - which only came out as a feeble gurgle from the damage done to his jugular. He flopped dead against the sand as the being let go and stood to it’s normal height. It turned slowly to face you and you felt your breathing quicken in panic.
It was a man, your age, platinum blond mullet illuminated by the waning fire. You watched as his deformed animalistic face morphed back into one of nothing more than the average human. The two large fangs receded until they were nothing more than rectangle teeth, but the blood stayed. It was dripping from around his mouth, some remnants of it on his hands, and you were absolutely sure you would’ve seen it splattered on his clothes if they weren’t all black to begin with.
He pointed at you, slow and mockingly. “It’d be in your best interest to wake up.”
You sat up with a start, breathing heavy, and sweat pooling down your brow. You looked around your room frantically, and of course there was no one there - but the way he had spoken had been too clear to have been in a dream.
That was the same thing you’d been dreaming for days straight since you’d moved. At first you thought you’d just had a nightmare because you were a little spooked about your new town being labeled the “Murder Capital of the World”. But the same dream, detail for detail, had happened the night afterwards, and the night after that, and the night after that. You’d told your Mom about it in passing after the third time it happened - and she had just brushed it off and remarked that all you needed to do was get out there and make some new friends so that your little fear of the town would take care of itself.
Now, you couldn’t help but feel like she was right. Maybe it had just been caused by your little subconscious anxiety about being in a new place that was labeled so badly. Maybe all you needed was some friends to ease your nerves before the new school year started.
So that night, you took it upon yourself to get dressed up a little bit and head down to the biggest attraction in Santa Carla - the boardwalk. It was a short drive - thanks to your mother letting you borrow her car for the night - and when you had finally managed to park, you felt your nerves already begin to slip away. It’s like something had been telling you to come here all along, and you’d just been ignoring it.
The first few hours were fun, you’d entertained yourself with some of the amusement rides, and even got a little shopping down - although you’d really only purchased jewelry, you thought you’d found quite a few cute pieces. 
When the night started calming down a bit, you found yourself making your way down to where the boardwalk met the beach. Hopefully there was a good food joint somewhere close by, your feet were killing you. It didn’t take long to find a cute little stand selling hot pretzels and you moved to sit in line. There were two girls standing in front of you in line, clad in bikini tops and jean shorts. Their attention wasn’t on the moving line, but somewhere behind you - descretly pointing and whispering at something.
Suddenly their cheeks flushed and they froze - before giggling flirtatiously and waving their fingers. You furrowed your brows and turned to see what they were staring at only to feel your heart drop to your fucking ass. There were four men sitting on motorcycles in a line next to the staircase leading down into the sand of the beach. Three of them you didn’t recognize and didn’t care to even take a second glance at. The one sitting on the motorcycle at the end of the line caught your eye - first because of how similar he seemed, and secondly because his eyes were already on you. While the other three seemed too occupied with the two girls in front of you in line, the fourth’s eyes were boring into your own.
It was him, the man from your dreams - the one with the features of a vampire who had brutally attacked and murdered the man following you. You knew it wasn’t a coincidence, there’s no way you could have pictured this man in your nightmares after having never seen him before. But instead of letting that deter you, you felt yourself being lured to him. It was like he had casted a line out to you, and you had taken a bite without even realizing it.
You stepped out of the line and beelined it towards where he was sitting atop his bike. You could hear the girls’ mocking scoffs from behind you, but you ignored them - only wanting to get to the bottom of whatever this whole thing meant. You stopped only a few feet in front of his bike and he took a deep drag of his cigarette before sending you a core-chilling smirk. The other three turned their attention away from the girls to watch the situation going on in front of them.
You could’ve sworn you heard one of the the blondes mumble something about a free show going on and wishing they had popcorn, but you were too focused on the mullet man in front of you. “Recognize me, sweet thing?” And that sealed the deal. If he didn’t know about how often you’d been seeing him in your dreams, he wouldn’t have asked that question in that way - like he knew something that you didn’t.
“Yes.” You spoke loud and firm, wanting him to understand that you didn’t want to be mocked. If those dreams were true - than you knew something about him that you weren’t supposed to know. So, like he’d repeated to you in your dream, it was in his best interest to wake up and realize how much you could damage everything he and his boys had built if he didn’t go about this situation the right way.
But, instead of mocking you any further, he stood from his vehicle and slowly walked forward until he was standing no more than a couple of inches in front of you. Then, he held out his hand to you, offering a simple handshake. “Name’s David. You must be confused, doll. But I can explain everything.”
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