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Y/N: *deep breath* Everything is gonna be fine. It's just a crush.
Pepa: Hello.
Y/N: I love you!
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Adopted Madrigals
Adopted Madrigals can inherit powers as well! 
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Have it or whatever....
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can i kiss you?
Pairing: Camilo Madrigal x Reader
TW: none to note
Summary: you never get tired of kissing your boyfriend, and Camilo never gets tired of being kissed.
Pronouns: The reader is female and uses she/her pronouns in this story.
Notes: first fic in a while! more camilo stuff on the way and requests for Encanto x readers are now open!
Tumblr media
Today was a special day. It was the first day in weeks that Camilo wasn't completely busy with chores around town, and one of the few days where the two of you had an opportunity to just do whatever you two pleased.
The day had started with Camilo bringing you some arepas his tia had made, sharing a whole plateful with you while you walked through town. His brother, Antonio, had recently shown him a beautiful hiding place near the Encanto's mountains, one where you could see the entire town from. He had wanted to take you there ever since, and today, he planned just to do that.
When you finished your last arepa, you two were already passed the edges of the town, and getting close to the bottom of the mountains.
"You did remember to bring a blanket, right?" you asked him, swinging his hand back and forth gently as you walked. Camilo nodded, gesturing to the bag he had on his other shoulder.
"Yep! Mirabel made a new quilt for me this week, so I just brought my old one."
You giggled and leaned against his shoulder.
"I'm surprised you're even this prepared," you teased, and he rolled his eyes.
"Oh, it gets worse," he said sarcastically. "I brought water and extra snacks, too!"
You gasped dramatically, placing a hand on your chest and bumping your hips into him lightly.
"who are you, and what you have you done with my 'Milo!"
He gave you a wicked grin and spun away from you, his arms bending to resemble the claws of a maniacal villain.
"Ah, you have caught me, senorita! I am not Camilo, I am-"
He straightened his back and threw his arms to the sky, his body shifting and morphing dramatically into a familiar looking middle aged man, holding his arms out in a large wave.
"Jose! The local carpenter!"
You burst out laughing at that, knowing the many times you had injured Jose while helping him move furniture around Encanto. Camilo knew how embarrassing it was whenever you did that, but never failed to tease you for it regardless.
"Camilo! You're so mean!" you laughed, walking up to him and wrapping an arm around him as he shifted back into himself. "i wouldn't be surprised if he was out to get me at this point, though. Did you see his nose after that bookshelf fell on him?"
Camilo winced, the image of Jose's swollen, broken nose filling his mind as he remembered the awful incident that had happened only earlier that week.
"ugh, yeah... it took quite a few arepas for that to get better."
You cringed, laughing awkwardly as you rested your head on his shoulders.
"I'm seriously impressed that you packed so much just for a hike."
A smug grin came across the curly-haired boy's features as he gave a nonchalant shrug.
"Oh, you know my mama! She made me pack most of the snacks and water, just in case."
You chuckled, already picturing Pepa dragging Camilo back to the house to make sure he packed everything she deemed necessary. She was such a caring and doting mother, and you were lucky that she not only looked after Camilo, but you as well.
"I think its sweet how much she cares about you."
"Between you and me, she seemed more worried about you."
He transformed quickly into a shorter version of his mother (just so you could keep your head on his shoulder).
"If you let anything happen to my future daughter-in-law, Camilo, the Encanto will be flooded for weeks!"
You flushed hearing the words "future daughter-in-law," smiling softly and avoiding Camilo's eyes.
"Did... did she really call me that?"
Camilo gave you a soft look and slowly transformed back into himself, giving you a small "mhm," and squeezing your waist.
"She's done it many times before, ever since you came over for dinner a while back."
You grinned, looking back up at him.
"It makes me really happy to know that."
He gives you a small kiss on your temple, slowly slipping out of your grip.
"I'm glad, mi vida," he says softly, taking your hand and showing you the bottom of one of the many mountains surrounding the Encanto. he slung the bag on his shoulders to his back and lead you forward to the side of the mountain, letting go of your hand to hook his on one of the many vines growing up it. He glanced back at you and smiled.
"Follow me!"
And so you did, allowing Camilo to lead you up the short climb to this hiding spot he had been waiting to show you, eventually pulling you up to a small part of the mountain that jutted out. When you finally got a chance to look around, you realized just how beautiful the spot was, with smooth ground below your feet and captivating trees and plants growing all around and above you. You smiled brightly at Camilo, who was taking the blanket out of his bag and laying it on the ground. He gestured to it gentlemanly, waiting for you to take your place and lie down.
You chuckled, taking your time to lie down and take in the view above you. The trees framed a round picture of the clear blue sky, in which you could see toucans and hummingbirds flying from tree to tree and flower to flower. it was truly a sight to behold and you were still surprised Camilo had even managed to find it.
Soon, Camilo had taken his place beside you, taking your hand in his yet again and giving it a gentle squeeze. You turned to him and gave him your most sincere smile.
"This place is amazing, Camilo."
He chuckled, his brown eyes staring deep into yours.
"I'm glad you like it so much, mi amor."
He looked down at your hand intertwined with his, and he slowly brought them up to his face, placing a gentle kiss on the back of your palm. You giggled again, a blush creeping up your face. You slipped out of his hand to hold the side of his face, taking a minute to just admire the boy in front of you. His wonderfully curly hair and adorable nose, and those eyes you could get lost in for hours. The freckles that dusted the bridge of his nose that you often counted when the two of you were alone, and the soft lips that could render you defenseless with a kiss.
As you brushed your thumb across his cheek, you shyly asked a small question.
"Can I kiss you?"
Camilo's smile faltered a bit as he became flustered at the question, a pink hue crossing across his freckles. However, his look of shock was quickly replaced with a dopey grin.
"Sure," he whispered excitedly, and with a swift movement, your lips were on his. The kiss was sweet and gentle, full of the love and admiration that you had for this boy. You felt his arms snake around your waist, pulling you in a warm embrace as he kissed you back. You could practically feel the smile on his face as he kissed you, and when you pulled away, you could've sworn his smile was glowing.
Camilo slowly opened his eyes again, a lovestruck look gleaming in his eye as he tucked a stray piece of hair behind your ear. you leaned into his touch, giving him an equally romantic look back.
It was amazing how much love this boy could have for you.
He felt his heart beat fast as you opened your mouth to ask him, "can I kiss you again?" and he laughed.
"Mi corazon, do you even have to ask?"
You giggled and rushed to meet his lips again, rolling over so that you were on top of him, placing kiss after kiss all over his lips and face. You dotted over every freckle, and Camilo smiled as you leaned back down to kiss his lips, a loud laugh emitting from his chest.
"Amor, it tickles!'
You gave him one last peck on the lips before leaning above him, looking down at the dopey grin spread across his face.
"Sorry! You're just so kissable, Camilo Madrigal!"
He gave you a skeptical look, combing his hand through your hair.
You sighed dramatically, feigning a distraught look on your face.
"Oh yes! It's just so hard to simply not kiss you," you kissed the tip of his nose, "every time we're together."
"Oh, trust me," he said, gently pressing yet another kiss to your lips. "I know exactly how you feel."
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So I saw this Encanto headcannon on Tiktok that just made so much sense to me so now I will share with all of you.
MIGHT I JUST PUT EMPHASIS ON THE FACT THAT THIS IS NOT MY IDEA! I SAW THIS ON TIKTOK! until the part where I add onto the idea, which I clarify towards the bottom:
BASICALLY, everyone has been so pressed about Mirabel not getting a room or a gift at the end, me included, but basically, Casita always knew she cared about the family the most, so she will get a delayed gift, AKA candle bearer. Like Abuela.
So, as Abuela is getting weaker, the candle and the magic gets weaker. Once Mirabel brought everyone back together, the candle burned brighter than ever.
This is my personal spin though:
So when Abuela eventually dies, Mirabel will take her place as head of family and will watch over the candle, and will eventually be given Abuela’s room by La Casa. The picture on the door will change too, into Mirabel. I anticipate it would have butterflies or something like that considering how Bruno’s vision showed the butterfly that would signify where Abuela and Mirabel would make up.
But yeah, that just makes so much sense to me, and justifies why Mirabel got nothing for her efforts for the family
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lunamaye · a month ago
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I wanted to draw him digitally but I am too lazy rn to do it lmao. Anyways, I haven't seen the movie yet, but I already love our ratman Bruno.
(Please don't repost or steal)
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nixthewolf · a month ago
Camilo simping over Reader HCs
Tumblr media
[Requests are open]
Tumblr media
- It was probably a rainy day. You maybe fell down a muddy hill, and you broke you ankle.
- You must had startled some animals, and they ran to Antonio for comfort and to inform the little boy.
- He was quick to tell his mother, who then asked the rest of the family for help.
- Pepa didn’t let Camilo go for you, instead they sent Luisa and Félix (not Augustin; poor guy would I fell down the hill just like you)
- He was curious, just like Mirabel, and they both tried to get informations from Antonio.
- You came into Casita, with Luisa supporting your weight.
- Then Camilo mind went to totally blank.
- You.were.adorable.
- His mouth was forming a tiny gap ; his breath stopping for moment, his cheeks slowly becoming red, and his eyes stuck to you.
- He was totally mesmerized by you.
- When you notice him, you were stunned too. Maybe because of his beautiful features, or just because he was staring so intensely.
- It only take few second of eye contact to make look away and blush madly.
- He even tried to cover his face, to hide his red cheeks.
- Luisa put you down on a chair, waiting for her mother to cook you a healing meal.
- Antonio approched you and told you that it was his toucan friend who sought his help.
- Camilo walked in too, but he was so much farther then little brother.
- He watched you, not daring to come closer. Like he was afraid that if he was too close, he would explode from his racing hearbeat.
- You saw him, but you didn’t say anything, you didn’t want him to feel embarassed.
 - He was moved of your sweetness toward his brother.
- When Julieta was done, he brought the food to you.
- Camilo he could die happy now that he felt your hand brushing against his.
- Since that day, he thought about you everyday. Not like his yandere version, but he was really in love.
- You just moved into Encanto, and you and your family were building your house. Obviously, it’s where Camilo was helping the most.
- He sees you to struggle with anything, he’ll rush to your side.
- The first time he hears your laugh, it’s the end for him. He was head over heels for you.
- Your little mimic, your voice when you talked to him, how lovely you looked when you dance, ah... he can’t but to fell in love.
- If they are any parties at the Madrigal’s he’ll be the first to greet you, with heartwarming hug.
- This hug might last a little longer then required, but screw that : he just want to hold (and smell your hair but shh)
- If it’s a birthday, a wedding, or any event that need you to have a got seat/spot, Camilo will keep you a very good one (next to him if possible UwU)
- God, he’s just a blushing mess around you, smiling uncontrollably, simping, and looking at you like you were the most precious person in the world.
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dos-oroguitas · 23 days ago
Hey! I saw your fanfiction and thought you were ideal for doing this request! Your writing is good! Could you do an overprotectice! madrigal x Reader where they hear from Bruno (very panicked) that the reader could be in danger at any point of the week? Bruno couldn't see the one who was going to hurt them, so the family got kind of anxious since the reader is like an adopted sister/daughter to them. They don't have the courage to tell the reader about this news.
Tumblr media
In which the Madrigal Family is in a state of chaos when Tio Bruno sees a vision of you getting (supposedly) hurt. Platonic! Madrigal Family x Reader
masterlist !!
Tumblr media
Ever since you could remember, the family was always protective of you and rightfully so, you were a bit.. clumsy. Well, clumsy was a very strong understatement. If you and Augustin had a tally on the most accidents that had happened to both of you, you’d win by a landslide. So it would come as to no surprise that you were always in some sort of predicament and the family was used to it. They always had Julieta on call just in case a simple stumble or a trip would have resulted in something far more painful. Each family member had some method of preventing you from getting hurt.
The fact that you wouldn’t have a miracle concerned the family but even more so when you had grown up to be.. a klutz. Extra precautions had to be taken by the family.
Abuela Alma would ask you always to stay by her side whenever you go out, fearing that if you strayed away from her or any of the family that you would get hurt. That meant that you weren’t exactly alone most of the time, accompanied by either Mirabel or Camilo. Though after the surprising appearance of your Tio Bruno and destruction of Casita, everything came to a standstill. Your uncle was back with the family and you couldn’t help but be in awe of him.
“Ay, sobrina, you would..” Your Tio’s eyes flickered to the green tablet that featured you crying. The vision was blurry, nothing was quite clear but the slab had depicted you crying and that wasn’t a very good vision to have. Instead of informing you of your predicament, he awkwardly forced a smile. “You would get a new perrito this week! A new dog, isn’t that exciting!?”
His vision didn’t tell him exactly who or what made you cry but as soon as you left his room, off he would dash to his mamá and tell her of the vision. Which quickly prompted an emergency meeting with the rest of the grown ups in the family. Although Dolores, being herself, had managed to spill the beans to her siblings and cousins who had taken action by themselves.
Needless to say, the whole family was in a panic. Sharp corners were immediately filed down, Casita was to be extra careful in handling you or helping you in anything from reaching for something or even walking. The Casita would gently move you to whichever way you want to go.
Abuela would ask you to be careful, accompanying you in the Casa and checking up on you, asking how your day had gone and other trivial things. She would ask you to accompany her most of the times inside the home, fearing that should you be unsupervised, you would get yourself in trouble.
Your mamá Julieta always had arepas cooking on the stove, emergency batches of your favorite empanadas was in her aprons and pockets just in case.
Your papá Agustin was not to be near any bee’s nest when you two would go out to do errands or do father-daughter things in town. Though just in case, Mirabel would always accompany you two in order to rush you two out of harm. Yeah. You and Agustin? Cheerfully clumsy and accident prone? Not a very good combo.
Isabela would fill the Casa with flowers and bushes with no brambles or sharp branches. She, along with Casita, would transport you up and down the home with her vines instead of you just walking.
Luisa insisted on placing stacks upon stacks of pillows and matresses in the corners of the house, often times carrying you in her strong arms whenever you go to the village instead of letting you go all by yourself. She was taking time off being the bearer of all things heavy ever since Casita fell but she assured you that no matter what happens, she was there for you.
Mirabel had always been looking out for you, taking the title as your big sister, although you insist you were born on the same day and maybe were only a few minutes apart, very seriously. Her mochilas were always packed with bandages and she would not let go of your hand no matter where you two went.
Your Tia Pepa was even more careful with her emotions, not necessarily forcing them down but finding more ways to cope and comfort herself, either with a good book or a nice big cup of coffee. Each and everytime even a single rainy or dark cloud would appear on the top of her head, Tio Felix would immediately find more ways to help her out.
Dolores would quickly take care of the dog ‘vision’ and with the help of Mariano, gift you an Andalusian Hound puppy which you would fondly name Guapo. She would inform the family of your whereabouts as well with a little help from Camilo.
Said shapeshifter would either accompany you and stay by your side or even disguise himself as numerous citizens in order to keep track of you. He would also be heard saying the locations of just where you are or where you were heading so Dolores can keep track of it all.
“Alright, Yellow Chameleon to Red Elefante, the torpe has left the churro stand.”
Antonio had his animal friends soaring the skies or roaming the streets, giving him updates on how his prima was doing or where she was going.
All the while you were obliviously unaware of what was happening. You were only under the impression that they were being extra nice this week so you appreciated it! By the end of the week, you were so overwhelmed by the kindness that at the dinner table, you had suddenly burst out sobbing, thankful for the family’s love and kindness and.. hold on.
This was familiar. Quickly pulling out the emerald green slab from under his ruena, Bruno’s eyes had widened to see that your crying figure was the same one depicted on the vision slab.
“Oh. Whoops.” Was all he could say.
Tumblr media
Platonic Madrigal Family fics >>>>
Thank you for reading my works, every like and reblog means the world to me.
I hope I did justice to your request? I hope you didn’t mind the extra twist at the end oops, with how protective the Madrigal family is, I don’t think you’re gonna end up hurt anytime soon.
As always, please excuse me if I worded things wrong/ used wrong terms. English isn’t my first language but I’m trying to improve myself!
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camilosbf · a month ago
PLEASE JUST GIVE ME A DRABBLE WHERE WE JUST GIVE CAMILO KISSES WHILE CUDDLING (gender neutral reader maybe? I don't have any issues with the gender)
≡;- ꒰ °such a flirt.. ꒱
↳ CAMILO MADRIGAL , fluff, cuddles, kissing n stuff!!
a/n : this is adorable!! thank you for the request! :D
Tumblr media
How long had it been? An hour? Two hours? You weren’t sure. It felt like you had spent a day wrapped in his arms. It was inevitable, every time the two of you cuddled you would always spend much more time then you intended. You weren’t complaining.
For a while, neither of you spoke. It wasn’t awkward, it was perfect. As long as his arms were around you, you didn’t care what else was happening. Everything was perfect.
‘Mi vida…’
His sudden voice made you jump a bit, you could feel his arms tighten in fear you would stop hugging him.
‘Can I have a kiss, please?’
You couldn’t help but giggle a bit, and you thought you were the clingy one?
‘Because you said please..’ As you said that, you manoeuvred yourself so that you were perched on his lap, his back flat against the bed. Slowly, you went down and gave him a small kiss. As you came back up, you saw a content smile on his face.
This time, you rolled your eyes. His random times of neediness were endearing. Again, you reached down and gave him a kiss. This time, it was a lot longer, you took your time. When you tried to come back up, he kept his hand on the back of your head.
‘I didn’t say stop..’
Having said that, he gave you another kiss. It felt incredible. His hands were interlocked behind your back, keeping you in place. You wouldn’t have it any other way. As your were beginning to loose your breath, you tapped his arm a few times.
‘I- uh, thank you?’
‘Of course, amor.’
Such a flirt.
Tumblr media
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secret-ssociety · a month ago
Hihi!!! Can I request Camilo x reader where reader is touched starve but afraid to ask Camilo like hugs and holding hands? ALSO ALSO HAVE A GREAT DAY/NIGHT/AFTERNOON
Pairing(s): Camilo Madrigal x reader
Warnings: maybe a little angst, touch starvation and anxiety, small injury
A/N: You didn't specify anything about the gender so I made it neutral. I hope it's what you had in mind <3
Tumblr media
His hand was right there, you could easily grab it and appease the cold trembling on your own, but his whole family was right there, they would see if you did, what if he got embarrassed and let it go?
You two had been dating for a few weeks already and it had quickly became a routine for you to have breakfast with the Madrigals and then shadow Camilo most of the day, but as comfortable as you had grown around each other, you still couldn't work up the courage to express your affection to him the way you so badly wanted to.
Maybe it was fear of appearing clingy, or maybe it was simply something you weren't used to. Hugs, kisses or anything of the sort weren't common around your house, they were limited to congratulations given on birthdays or other celebrations on the most awkward way.
For Camilo those actions came so easily, he could cradle your face and graze your fingers without getting dizzy in over thoughts. He was so natural with it and yet you so desperately wanted more.
"Amor," Camilo called, pulling you out of your thoughts by putting his hand on your shoulder. Everyone was standing up from the table, "we have to go."
You nodded, leaving your napkin back on the table and trying not to think of the warmth that irradiated from his hand. He walked to the village with you trailing behind, your eyes once again set on his hand that moved back and forward.
It wasn't always like that, you weren't constantly craving for his touch like you were that day, most of the time you were perfectly content just having him close, but sometimes you woke up with an insatiable thirst for those moments when he layed sprawled on the grass and pulled you on top of him to cuddle. Those moments you weren't brave enough to ask for.
Submerged in a comfortable silence, you two made your way to the Gonzalez' house, a young couple who had recently had a baby and were completely exhausted, as it often happens with first time parents. Luckily for them, Camilo and you were the two most reliable babysitters in Encanto and you had no issue with having the baby for a couple hours so they could have some rest.
With a blanket, you secured the baby to Camilo's chest, making sure she was comfortable and protected from the sun, and tried not to blush at the way he gazed upon you as you did.
He liked looking at you, he wasn't too shy to admit it, he liked the frown on your face when you were focused and your expression when you were lost in thought. He knew the exact number of freckles on your face and the particular curl of your eyelashes, he knew where to find the tiny scar on your eyebrow from when you were little and had memorized the shape of your Cupid's bow. God, you were the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.
Slowly, almost timidly, he brought a hand up to your face and moved a strand of hair out of your forehead. That's exactly what you meant, his caresses were so effortless and yet they made all the air escape from your lungs. Camilo never said it out loud, fearing that it would make you stop, but he adored the way you leaned into his touch.
Contraire to your nervous assumptions, he loved touching you, everything from grazing your hand when he walked beside you to cuddling with you at night before you went home, he lived for every hug, every kiss, every waking moment when he could hold your hand.
What troubled his mind was the thought that you didn't like to be touched, or maybe not as much as he wanted to do it. You never seemed to respond badly to his caresses, but you never initiated those moments and honestly he preferred to control his urges than to accidentally trespass your personal space.
Once the baby was settled against Camilo, you both started to go wherever he was needed. Most days went by like that, you two babysitting one or two kids together while you trailed behind him to wherever he needed to go and tried to make yourself useful.
"I think she's hungry," you said when the baby started crying, growing more loud by the second despite of Camilo's coos.
"Maybe she's sick of being around you," he suggested mockingly.
"Oh, she's tied to your chest, but she's sick of being around me," you responded in the same tone.
"You're right," he nodded while still rocking the baby, "she's tired of me, so you should carry her instead."
"You could've just said you were tired, lazy," you mocked while, carefully, removing the baby from the blanket around your boyfriend, shyly grazing his chest in the process.
The baby kept crying as you walked back to casa Madrigal to make her a bottle, while you gently rocked her trying to sooth her in the meantime. Camilo stared at you the whole way, making sure you didn't trip over anything, that the sun didn't sting on your eyes.
Once in the kitchen, you both settled the baby on the dinner table, on top of the blanket and Camilo's ruana. He entertained her while you warmed the milk and the bottle, trying not to get distracted by the way Camilo talked to the baby and she somehow responded in gibberish baby talk.
But your efforts were unsuccessful.
You looked at him tickle the baby's tummy as you blindly reached out to grab the pot, placing your hand right on the hot metal instead of the handle, "ah!" You cried out, making Camilo turn into you in the initial shock and then jumping towards you.
"What happened? Let me see."
You pulled your red hand out of his reach, hiding the painful grimace on your face and the tears welling up in your eyes.
You held your hand close to your chest, it wasn't your intention to push Camilo away but your first instinct was to stop his comforting of your injury.
"Y/N, amor..." he called again, placing a hand on your arm.
"Leave me alone, Camilo!"
He stood silent for a good second, even the baby had stopped wailing for a moment. You had your back turned against him, with anger tears coming down your cheeks quietly and he feared he had broken the rule he had set himself when it came to touching you.
Still, he knew you well enough to know it wasn't him you were mad at for having gotten hurt, but at yourself, so he decided not to surpass your boundaries anymore. Instead, he filled a bowl with cold water for you to submerge your hand into, which you did without complaining.
It was a long while until he worked up the courage to approach you again, after he fed the baby and put her down to sleep in the same place on the table. This time you didn't squirm away from his touch when he grabbed your arm to have you turn around in his direction.
You avoided his eyes, but they were too busy inspecting the burn. Thankfully, it wasn't too bad, the cold water had done wonders to it. He looked into your face, the tear stained cheeks and the obvious pain you had suffered, and decided to taunt his fate once more.
Softly, he brought your hand up to his lips, placing a kiss on the inside of your wrist. Once he felt you leaning into it, the way he loved so much, he traveled his kisses up to your face. He erased the path of your tears with his lips, making your breath hitch.
Camilo wrapped an arm around you, embracing you softly, and you happily melted into him, hiding your face in his chest as you whimpered softly and the tears came back to your eyes. Upon seeing your reaction, he wondered if maybe you liked his touch more than you let on, so he simply held you against him for as long as you allowed him to.
"Can we do this more often?" You were brave enough to ask, referring to the hug and the kisses.
Camilo smiled, for your question was an answer to his prayers.
"Yes, mi vida."
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cherryblossom2134 · a month ago
Can I request for a Camilo x reader angst (happy ending?) fic (or headcanons - whatever you feel comfortable writing) where everyone is happy, then a bunch of invaders (the same ones who killed Pedro) find Encanto
This is gonna be epic, I actually cried when I wrote this.
Hope you like it :)
Dos Oruguitas
Camilo Madrigal x fem!reader
He/Him for Camilo | She/Her for reader
Summary: All things have to come to an end, right?
Warning: Angst, prepare yourself to cry
Tumblr media
Life with you was perfect...
"Camilo!" You chuckle, while you're trying to escape his holding. He on the other hand is holding you tightly and trying to spread butterfly kisses on your face.
"Mi amoooorrrr just let me kiss you!" He whines and purses his lips, you covering his face with your hands, making him frown.
I finally found someone, with who I can be myself with.
"Hey Y/N check me out!" you hear Camilo say, you turn around and see him shapshifting in you. Your cheek rise up with heat. "Camilo!"
The Madrigal smirks and is about to pull your dress up while he is still in your form. "I wonder how- ARGH!" He says, you immediately slap him in the face, making him to fall.
Someone I could give me whole heart to, through the pain.
"Cariño.... don't cry" you say gentle and pull him over. He cries silently letting you hold him. You rub his back gentle, while your nuzzle in his curly hair.
He sobs gentle against your chest. "I'm not able to be myself, Mi Amor" he tells you, it's one of these nights, when he feels empty and the only thing he need now, is you.
"You can always be yourself around me" you whisper in his ear, making him cry more. You tight your hold around him, trying your best not to cry.
It was bliss...
You both stare each other lovingly in the eyes. Not wanting to break it, because you both love this tingling feeling inside of you.
"Te Amo" he whispers, having his hands on your waist. You feel the butterflies in you stomach clearly. You have your hands rested on his shoulder.
"I love you too" you whisper back, he smiles at you softly then he leans over and presses his soft lips on top of yours, and you both share a gentle kiss.
When it came crumbling in an instant.
Fire, fire everywhere. People screaming, children crying. It's like time has been rewind for Alma Madrigal. As if she is back 50 years ago, as if she was back to that day, when she had to leave her beloved home. People running away, trying to save their lives.
Children running around, trying to find their parents while crying. Dead bodies on the ground. Houses on fire, animals escaping trees which are in fire. It's a horrible and terrifying sight.
"EVERYONE SAVE YOURSELVES!" Felix yells, as he holds his youngest son, Antonio in his arms who is crying, because he is scared. Casita, their beloved house ... on fire. Everything lost.
"MAMÁ WE HAVE TO GO!" Bruno screams at his mother, also like everyone else terrified. Holding his mothers wirst and pulling her with him. "casita.." she whispers.
Invader's found the small village Encanto. The same ones, who killed that day Alma's beloved husband.
Camilo, who is with his family. Terrified to think of something, tries to escape with them. When he remembers: Y/N
His eyes widen. His mother Pepa, looking back at him. "CAMILO WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE!" You can hear the fear in her voice. She tries to pull her son with the rest of the family.
"I-I CAN'T I HAVE TO FIND Y/N!" He yelled, before he started running again to the village which is mostly on fire. "CAMILOOO!" His mother screams in tears while her oldest child, Camilo's sister, Dolores holds her back with tears.
"WE HAVE TO GO NOW!" Luisa screams, and the family like the rest of the people of the village try to escape in the forest. Till all of this is over.
Camilo runs the streets that are on fire, looking for his Girlfriend. His heart is beating as fast as it can, you can see the fear in his eyes. Especially when he sees dead bodies on the ground.
"Please be okay, you have to Y/N!" He tells himself, he runs to your house. Which is completely on fire and almost burned to ashes.
Tears escape his eyes. "MI AMOR?! MI AMOR, ANSWER ME!" He screams through the disaster. He is running around, already black because of the ashes. Coughing a lot because of the fire.
"Y/N WHERE ARE YOU!" He screams from the deepest of his loungs, his throat already hurting. His heart breaking every second more and more.
Houses start to crumble and fall apart. That the streets get blocked, the only way to escape now is to run in the forest. With a broken heart, Camilo runs for his life. Tears escaping his eyes.
He runs deep in it, trying to find someone he knows.
He hears his family, his mother. In the next moment, he runs into his mothers arms and cries. Pepa blinks in confusion first, not realizing who is in her arms. Then, she gasps and tightens her grip around him and cries with him. "Camilo!" She sobs.
Felix, with Antonio in his arms and Dolores hug both of them. The family crying. The others Julieta, Augustin, Luisa, Isabela, Maribel, Bruno and even Alma joining. All of them crying one more the other less.
This is the second time that this happens to the Madrigal family. And one... losing again their beloved.
"I-I couldn't find her mom" Camilo sobs into his mothers arms, Pepa sobs. She loved you as a second daughter, you were already a part of the family. She holds Camilo tighter. "I'm so sorry my love" she whispers
Alma, knows exactly how Camilo feels. Oh she knows how much his throat hurts because of the crying, the endless pain inside him which gets worse every second, the emptiness filling inside his heart... losing his beloved.
The Villagers come back to Encanto, seeing their home ruined. Almost everything in ashes, mostly nothing left. Just a tragedy.
"Dios Mío" Alma whispers, the village she built ruined, just like her home before. Bruno, hugs his mother. Looking heartbroken to his home.
Everyone, looking around. People trying to find family members. Crying, screaming...
Camilo looks up, his eyes widen. His heart racing when he heard this voice. He looks around in fear, not that he only just imagined it.
"CAMILO!!!!" Someone screams his name frustrated and scared.
He doesn't waste a second, running around. "Y/N, MI VIDA WHERE ARE YOU?!" He looks around, still not seeing you.
"CAMILO!" You sceam under tears, shaking in fear. "C-Camilo" you sob.
He turns around, heavy breathing when he finally sees you, looking terrified for him. You turn around and see him too. Your eyes widen. "CAMILO!" You scream and run over to him, your dress is slightly burned on some spots.
"Y/N!!!" He says, running to you over as you both finally approach each other in a tight embrace. You cry loud against his shoulder gripping on him tight.
"I finally found you" he says breathless, his voice shaking and kissing your head while holding you tighter to his body.
You grip tight on his ruana, letting your tears coming down your cheeks. Relived that he is alive, and so his family. You were so scared not seeing him again.
"I thought I never see you again" you whimper, Camilo takes your face gentle in his hands. Looking at you with puffy eyes from the crying. "I will always find you, no matter what. Even if it's in the next life. I find you" he assures you which makes you cry even more.
The next second he kisses your lips, holding tight on you. You also holding tight on him both of you scared the other will disappear any second.
For Camilo, was this the scariest experience he has ever been through. Losing his home again, is pain enough for him. But losing the one he loves the most, unthinkable for him.
Alma, who watches the two teenagers being reunited, cries silently. Glad for her grandson that he found his love again, but sad for her village and also that she and her beloved never had a happy ending.
You both pull away from each other a couple of seconds later, hugging and just staying like this. Glad and happy to be reunited again.
"I'll never let you out of my sight again" he whispers kissing your forehead gentle. Holding you protectively, to comfort you. You sniffle and have your eyes closed while enjoying being in his arms and relived that in the end... you didn't lose him.
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yoursweetdenial · 7 days ago
Y/N: So don't panic but one of us is possessed by an owl....
Pepa: ....
Dolores: .....
Antonio: ......
Camilo: ..Who?
Y/N: That's the thing we don't-
*Everyone stares at Camilo*
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paperrretro · 26 days ago
meet the family.
Pairing: Camilo Madrigal x Reader
Word Count: 1,443 words
Warnings: None
Tumblr media
“Mamá,” Camilo says, “you know [Y/n], right?”
Pepa’s eyes quickly snap to you. Your posture is stiff and straight as you stand next to Camilo, a nervous smile on your face, fingers just barely brushing his. She blinks. A hand raises to lay over her heart.
“Oh?” The sun suddenly becomes blinding as clouds flee from the sky, and the temperature flares for half a second. “Yes, of course! Of course I do,” she replies, gaze bright. “How are you, [Y/n]? Your family?”
“We’re doing well, Señora. I hope the Family Madrigal is well.”
“We are! Thank you for asking.”
You nod fervently, smile, and say nothing more. Pepa examines you further, vaguely recalling you as the timid child that hid behind the flower carts years ago, exactly the type that little Camilo would’ve enjoyed trying to get a giggle out of; but you do not cower now, not even as the sun blares, and the subdued smile on her son’s face when he looks at you softens the hesitation in her chest.
How old is Camilo now?
“I was thinking that they could come over for dinner sometime. Like tomorrow, or something.”
There’s a brief flash of summer lightning. It is just a crackle right above Pepa’s head, shining white and quickly snuffed out, but this time, the two of you startle just the slightest bit.
You start to apologize. “I-I wouldn’t want to intrude –”
“No, no, no, no!” she interrupts, seizing the reins in a desperate attempt to unearth the meaning beneath Camilo’s request. “Of course you can come over for dinner tomorrow!” Your smile returns with relief, thanking her, and she then addresses Camilo. “You’ll need to tell your abuela and everyone else yourself.”
“Dolores’ll probably beat me to it, but okay.” Camilo turns to you, hair greying as he shifts into his grandmother and folds his hands primly. “Dinner is at eight o’clock. My favorite oldest grandson, Camilo Madrigal, will escort you to La Casa Madrigal tomorrow evening.”
Pepa does not miss the way her son absolutely brightens when you chuckle. The sky cannot get any bluer.
“You’ll be sitting between me and Dolores. And Chispi might be in your seat, but he’s just warming it up for you. You can shoo him off.” Camilo ticks off the list on his fingers, leading you up the pathway to Casita. The roof tiles ripple in greeting, and you both wave. “And I think that’s it! It’ll be fun, so don’t worry about anything.”
“I’m still kind of nervous,” you say, gaze trained on your shoes scuffling through the dirt.
“Why? You’ve been here before.”
“Yeah, with the rest of the town. Not for dinner like this. My ma’s making it such a big deal, so it feels like …”
You don’t say it. You don’t have to. Camilo rubs the back of his head.
“Look, um”—he wonders if he should mention the Mariano incident, but quickly aborts the notion with an unwanted blush—“it’s really just a regular dinner. Just kick me underneath the table if it’s too much, you know? I’ll take care of it.”
You wet your lips. Then you clear your throat.
“Okay. You’re right,” he hears you say, and Camilo nods as you manage a small grin and straighten your clothes. “Just a … regular dinner.”
You close your eyes, take in a deep breath, and then open them again. He coughs and glances away just before you notice him staring. This dinner won’t scare you away, but the mere thought shakes his usual confidence just a little.
“They’ll love you,” Camilo assures, taking your hand, and the doors swing open.
Antonio and Pico stand at the front of the courtyard. “Welcome to La Casa Madrigal!” exclaims Antonio, and Pico lets out a welcoming squawk.
“Welcome!” calls the rest of his family from the stairs, and Camilo sighs as his hopes for something more casual are completely dashed.
But you laugh as coatis surround you. A hummingbird lands in your hair, and Camilo can practically feel your apprehensions melt away as you squeeze his hand. “Thank you,” you say.
His little brother leads the two of you to the dining room. You’re squeezed in between Camilo and Dolores.
“Hello, [Y/n],” says Dolores in that usual soft way of hers, eyes wide. Mariano holds her hand as she takes a seat.
“Hello.” You nod at Mariano. “Hello, Señor Guzmán. How is the baby?”
Mariano’s arm wraps around his pregnant wife to give her a squeeze. “Wonderful.”
“I hear their little heartbeat all the time,” Dolores responds wispily. “Just like I hear Camilo’s whenever you talk to him.”
“Ah, it’s picking up again.”
He laughs a little too loudly. “What can I say? You bring me to life, cariño,” Camilo teases, shooting a glare at his sister behind your back.
Dolores tilts her head and stares back at him, the picture of innocence. You merely let out an ‘oh’ and scrunch your shoulders up, the barest of smiles tugging at the corner of your mouth.
And the dinner commences.
Abuela utters your name cordially, all pleasantry and grace. “How is your father doing these days?” she questions.
“He’s doing great. Oh – and he wanted me to tell you that the new table you wanted will be ready tomorrow.”
“That’s wonderful. And your mother?”
“Busy as always, managing the shop.”
Camilo gulps down some soup and nudges you. “[Y/n]’s been really busy too. I watched them finish up a cabinet just the other day – had all four legs and everything.” He winks at you, and you laugh, flustered.
“I certainly hope so,” his dad chortles. “You must be as talented as your dad!”
“My dad – no, no, no! Not yet.”
Mirabel claps her hands together. “What’s your favorite thing to make?”
You hum and take a bite of your arepa. Camilo, amused, watches as you seriously ponder the question.
“Seat furniture.”
“Well …” Twisting your lip, your eyes light up. “Because you can make different kinds. Rocking chairs, or stools, or benches, and you can make them round or square …”
The question seems to open you up, and as his family peppers you with questions about uneven chair legs and flower designs, Camilo knows how he’s looking at you. But he can’t help it. When you laugh with his mom, and pet Antonio’s animals when they chitter around, and compliment Luisa’s new dress, he can’t help it.
“I hope Camilo doesn’t distract you too much when he visits the shop.”
“Hey,” he defends, perking up, “when is that ever a bad thing?”
“I like it when he drops by,” you say. “As long as he doesn’t touch any of the tools, everything’s fine.”
He clutches his chest like you’ve punched the breath out of him. “I was just trying to help that one time!” The next moment, he’s shifted into the likeness of your father, pretending to saw the table. “Nothing would’ve broken if I looked the part, huh?”
You stifle a snort and shake your head. “It’s best when you’re just there as yourself, Camilo.”
He blinks, abruptly shifting back.
Dolores squeaks.
Having no quip to reply with, Camilo just tries to hide his blush behind a few more shovelfuls of food.
Tía Julieta brings out the dessert. Isabela and Mirabel had helped out with it, and he comments that it turned out pretty well, considering their past attempts. You linger at the table with them after the food’s been cleared off the table, sipping a warm drink and indulging in Mariano’s poems about his wife.
(Admittedly, his brother-in-law’s grown on him, mostly because he makes Dolores so happy. Mariano means well, loves his family, helps when he can. Camilo can’t dislike a guy like that.)
When the hour grows late, you thank them happily for the dinner and get up to leave.
“I’ll walk you back home,” Camilo offers, pushing his chair back and standing with you.
“Well, I would expect nothing less,” Abuela says.
The two of you are ushered out of the house with many cheery goodbyes.
He kisses your cheek on the corner before your house comes into view. You return it, and Camilo is never happier to be himself than right at that moment.
(“So, how was the walk, mijo?”
“It was good.”
“Oh, it was good.”
“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Ow, stop elbowing me!”
“Aw, mi hermano is growing up.”
“I’ve never seen that smile before.”
“Maybe you need better glasses, Mirabel. I’ve seen it for the past year.”
“I better see them come over more often, Camilo.”
Camilo smiles.
“Don’t worry, Mamí. They will.”)
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royaltysuite · 16 days ago
Bruno: Baby...?
Y/n: Yes, Brunito?
Bruno: .....Do you still love me?
Y/n: *grabs Bruno by the waist* Of course I do~
Bruno: Then, why don't we have any kids?
Y/n: *confused* We do have kids?
Bruno: We do?
The rats, squeaking sadly: 'Cousin Antonio, our father doesn't love us anymore...'
Antonio: It's okay, I'll love you.
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pepa-brainrot · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
I spent way too long on this but anything for my darling
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Can I request a bruno x pregnant reader headcanons ?
{A/N: ✨⌛️Absolutely, because I often think about how sweet and how good of a father this man would be and I am more than willing to write a bit of cute lil Bruno fluffs because I love my lil baby rat man<3 I know nobody asked, but i also added just a little touch of how I feel certain characters would react and help!💚⌛️✨
{Word count: unknown}
{Warnings 🚨: none unless you count tooth rotting fluff.}
Tumblr media
First of all I just want to preface this by saying the only person more excited, aside from you and Bruno, about there being a new set of little toes in the house is Alma. 
She probably NEVER thought the day would come that her little Brunito would produce new gift holders for la Familia. 
It probably fills Bruno with mixed emotions to know how excited his mother is, especially knowing her high standards for how she expects her family to run. 
He would NEVER tell Abuela to her face that he doesn’t want his child pressured and burdened by all this gift stuff, but he definitely tells you. He’s very open about it whenever you two are alone. 
He’ll lay his head in your lap, fingers absent mindedly tracing light spirals on your swollen abdomen as the occasional sigh passes his lips. 
You’d reach your hand down to his head, gently swirling one of his curls along your finger watching as he melts into your touch. You don’t have to even ask what’s wrong. 
He’d immediately spill whatever’s mentally siphoning his contentment. I’d imagine by this point he KNOWS he doesn’t get to just hide his emotions from you anymore.
Bruno: “What if the baby gets a gift like mine.” 
Y/N: “Then we’ll love them...and we’ll guide them...and we’ll help them grow.. Everything we’re suppose to as their parent. ” 
Bruno: “Well, yeah duh I know that Vida...but I-I dont know. I just don’t want my kid to have to grow up the way I did...I know mama. If our kid grows up with some cursed useless gift like me, I’m never gonna hear the end of it. I don’t want them to get outcasted for something they don’t have a choice on....” 
It just burned you up, you hated to see the anguish he held. While the two of you always made such strong progress working through the pain and doubts he held onto throughout the years, you still wished you could do more. 
Y/N: “Mi Amor, our baby will always have a place in this family. Right here...with you and me...And if your mama doesn’t like whatever gift is bestowed upon our child when they come of age, she can take it up with me. I will FULLY advocate for our child, no one will make our baby feel like they do not belong in this family.”
His eyes are just hearts as he glances up at you.
It also heats his stomach to see the primal mama bear side of you. He thinks it’s the cutest thing in the world. 
The man is CONSTANTLY asking his sisters for advice. 
As two woman who have given birth 3 times each, he takes their word as gospel. 
Bruno: “What did you always want more than anything when you were pregnant? I mean, you two have had kids before....I just want to make sure she’s comfortable without being a bigger pain than anything she’s going through.” 
Julieta: “Honestly, the only thing I wanted more than anything when I was pregnant was to not be pregnant anymore.”
He’d press his lips together, brows pinching in confusion. He’d ask for something more manageable that he can help with. Back rubs, foot rubs, stuff like that. 
Both of his sisters would 100% give him a laundry list of helpful and NOT helpful things that he could possibly do to help ease you to your due date.
Pepa: “Don’t suffocate her! ¡Por el Amor de Dios!, I hated NOTHING more than when Felix followed me around like I was some fragile helpless thing! I just wanted him to shoo! When you’re that big and that uncomfortable having someone follow you around and worry about your every move day in and day out is NOT helpful.”  
He definitely takes this all to heart, making sure to keep a strong mental list of all the DO NOT’s. The last thing he wants is to make your pregnancy and his presence in it a nuisance.
He’ll happily climb the stairs of the tower as many times as you need throughout your pregnancy to bring you midnight snacks and treats. Anything you want, you’ve got. 
Antonio is EXCITED. 
He asks Bruno everyday when the baby will be here. 
Truly it’s a good test of patience for the man. Repetitive questions are a consistent part of a child’s learning, especially when testing the limits of their parents patience.  
Bruno: “Uh, aha well I don’t ACTUALLY know...well yeah I COULD have a vision but your Tia told me I was to have absolutely no visions about the baby, so sorry kid. When the baby is born they’re born. I promise you’ll know about it, okay?”
 As you approach closer to your due date, the man is a wreck. He composes it fairly well but internally he’s screaming, throwing up, panicking. 
He’s definitely scared to be a dad. What if this kid doesn’t like him? What if he’s not good with kids? What if he’s not a good parent? What if he doesn’t love his kid...is that something that happens? Can he hate his kid? 
He would not bother you with these thoughts though, he’d confide them in someone else. Agustin or Felix. 
Bruno: “Anything I should be doing right now?....I’m just...I-....What if when this kid is born, I don’t like them and they don’t like me.....What if I’m bad at this whole being a dad thing. I think I want to throw up.” 
They give him the pep talk of a lifetime. From two amazing fathers, to one amazing father to be, they know exactly what he needs to hear. 
Agustin: “It’s scary at first, you have this little human looking up at you and they’re so helpless and defenseless, but the first time you lay your eyes on that baby nothing else in this world is gonna matters. The only thing you’ll be able to think about is them. And your wife of course.”  
Felix: “is’ true. The first time I ever held Delores I thought, there is nothing more gorgeous. She blew the breath right outta me. Bring yourself some tissues, your going to cry mi Hombrecito.”
The day you give birth he’s a wreck. Pacing back and forth outside of his door, fingers winding and twisting his ruana as he waits for the door to pop open.
If I’m being entirely honest, while you would have wanted him there, both Pepa and Julieta strongly advised against it. 
He’s definitely a little squeamish and I feel is the type of dad to pass out in the middle of delivery. 
While it breaks your heart to think you’d have to go through this alone without your husband, you know he’s leaving you in two very capable hands. 
When the door finally opens, Casita wastes no time bringing the man straight to the top of the tower. The tiles clatter and clink as they warp him to your side in what felt like no time at all. 
His heart thuds ferociously against his ear as the sight of you with a tightly wrapped baby pans into his vision. Those gorgeous green eyes of his widen and glisten as he watches the way the small baby lays so peacefully nuzzled against your chest. The bottom of his foot would rub against the top of his toe as he glances between both you and the baby, his ruana still tightly wound in his hands. 
Bruno: “Hi.”
He’d be so flustered and so overwhelmed he wouldn’t know what to say. 
Felix is 100% right. Tears are all over the mans face just LOOKING at the baby.
Casita would nudge Bruno's body forward until he’s next to the bedside. 
You’d give him a weak tired smile, gently holding the baby forward for him to take, his hands hesitative as they remain in their wound place. 
Y/N: “It’s okay mi Amor. You’ve waited 9 months for this moment, you’re ready. Come meet our baby.” 
His hands would out stretch and you’d lay the baby right against his chest, positioning Bruno’s arms to insure he holds and supports the baby properly. 
Overwhelmed is an understatement to say the least. 
His brain is in a whirl wind as he watches the baby whimper and worm in his arms, their little mouth popping open as they give a yawn. 
How could he think he’d ever hate this baby. 
Tears pour down his face, and you cant help the way your own tears dribble. You extend your hand out craddling his cheek as your thumbs brush the water from his face. 
Bruno: “I will never let anything in this world hurt you. I love you...Both of you” 
He’d glance down at you, just pressing a small kiss to your forehead.
He holds the baby for as long as he can until eventually he has to pass them back to you. His eyes don’t leave the two of you the minute the baby is out of his hands.
He was mush, putty in your hands. Both of you. 
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dead-inside-writer · 18 days ago
helloooow!! Is it possible to request for a fluff camilo x fem! reader where reader has trouble sleeping and is tired always resulting her being at home most of the time. Camilo visits her so very often to show his love through cuddling with her or bringing reader small gifts even if it means camilo barging in her window often jsbdjbsshdh- (love ur works! pls stay safe always<33)
"Sleep well mi Amor" (Encanto Camilo x F! Reader)
Tumblr media
a/n: hii! TYSM FOR THE REQUESTTT :D! this is so cute i'll try my best, hope it meets ur expectationss and GGEUBIOE TYY u stay safe as well <3
pairing: Camilo Madrigal x Sleep-deprived! Reader
summary: Camilo sneaks into your room late at night to cuddle.
theme: fluff + slight angst
pronouns: he/him for Camilo, she/her for reader
warnings: none (maybe insecure thoughts?)
word count: 1.6k
You groaned in your bed, twisting and turning, trying to find a position that’ll somehow make you feel relaxed enough to sleep. It was extremely funny the way that you were always yawning and how you had no energy but couldn’t manage to fall asleep at all.
You looked outside the window from your bed to see that it was still night, the moon shining bright. You cursed to yourself, wanting to do fun dates outside with your boyfriend, but because you were tired 24/7, you spent most of your days at home.
Camilo always visited you when you were too tired to move. You both would have deep conversations, he'll tell you about his day and rant about annoying things that get on his nerves. Sometimes he'll bring cards and board games to play. On some nights when you were lucky enough to get a thirty-minute nap, you usually hang out with Camilo in your house to do more activities like baking cookies. If you were feeling a bit more energetic, you both would walk around town, admire the scenery, and even run around until your energy was drained then you’ll have to spend the day in your house again (but this was an event that rarely happens so you keep it dear to your heart.)
You were so grateful that he understood your situation and still stuck with you but you didn't want to continue spending quality time with him just in your room. You want to spend more time with him outside, do some crazy things together like play pranks on his family and run away when they find out, explore the world together from morning until night.
Deep inside of your heart, you were scared. What if he gets bored one day and leaves you for someone way funner? Everyone knows that Camilo is an energetic boy so why would he want to spend his day with someone who can't even leave her house without feeling exhausted?
You know that thinking like this will do no good, that you shouldn't be having these thoughts. You know that Camilo loves you based on his effort and attention, but it was so hard to push these thoughts away at night, where you are alone and wide awake, not having anything to do and stuck with your own thoughts.
Your insecurities flood your head, your heart swelling as you think about how you’ll feel if Camilo, your sunshine, leaves you. You smack your head against your pillow as the pillow soaks your tears. You were about to wipe your snot with a tissue when suddenly there was a knocking sound on your window.
You snapped your head to look at the window with alert eyes, ready to smack the intruder with your tissue box when you realized that it was your amor crouching outside your window.
You rushed to the window, a smile immediately appearing on your face when you saw him. You opened the window a bit too strongly that it almost hit your walls.
“Woahhohoho, someone’s awfully excited to see me,” Camilo cheekily said, surprised by how strong you opened the window.
But his smile went away when he saw your red nose with snot drooping down, your puffy eyes with lingering tears. (He still found you so beautiful, even when you looked like that.)
“Mi princesa, why are you crying? What happened?” He used his sleeves to clean your snot which left you feeling embarrassed.
“Oh dios mio! You didn’t have to do that! Now your sleeves have my snot on it,” You half-screamed, slightly freaked out of the idea that he has your snot now.
“Please mi amor, I had worse stuff on my shirt, like Antonio’s vomit,” He shrugged.
“At least let me clean your sleeves,” You hurriedly took the tissue, wiping the wet spot on his sleeves. Camilo sits on the window, chuckling as he watches your eyebrows furrow.
'Seriously, I would do anything for this girl and she's already flustered at the fact that I cleaned a simple snot? She's so unbelievably adorable,' Camilo thought to himself.
"Anyways, why were you crying?" He asks as he lifts your chin with his finger.
"Nothing," You answered. Camilo gives you a suspicious look, one of his eyebrows arched.
"Really! It's nothing," You try to laugh it off, not daring to look him in the eyes but he softly pulls your face to look at him again.
"Nuh-uh, I know it's more than 'nothing'" He said, putting more tone on the last word.
"Urghhh how do you know me so well," You sulked, pouting your lips, "It's just something really stupid."
"Tell meeeee," He begged.
"It's just... I mean, why do you even like me? You're super energetic and I'm all just stuck in my room. You deserve someone who can go out on adventures with you," You rambled, letting out your feelings.
"Hey, hey... you know that that's not true, I feel peace in your presence when my life feels like a hectic mess. You're the one that loves me for me, and I love you for you. I wouldn't change a thing," He looked at you with eyes full of sincerity, stroking your hair behind your ear.
"I feel bad making you hang with me just in my room. I want to go to so many places with you, explore, have fun, without being exhausted," You feel the tears flowing again.
"Mi cielito, how about we try working on how to get you to rest first, m'kay? Then when you feel rested and bursting with energy, we can do everything you want! I'll be with you step by step," He pulls you into his chest.
"By the way, can you let me in? It's kinda freezing out here," He made an exaggerated 'brrrrrr'.
"Oops, my bad, please do come in, querido," You hold his hand to make sure he landed safely. There was one time he accidentally slipped and landed on his face and ever since then you hold his hand.
"Wow! You didn't slip, amazing job," You teased.
"Hey! That was a one-time thing and you know it," He exclaimed.
"Oh right, before I forgot, I brought you some tea!" He raised the bag in his hand.
"Mi madre said that it can help with insomnia," He pulled out a box of teabags.
"You go lay down on the bed okay? I'll brew you a warm cup of tea," He said.
You went to your bed, patiently waiting for him. He always brought small gifts whenever he visited, so you weren't surprised, but you always appreciated each and every single gift he got for you. It ranges from something simple as a flower to something extravagant as a handmade skirt full of details.
Soon, he entered the room with a cup of tea in his hand.
"I hope I made it just right," He said, his fingers fiddling with themselves as he watched you take a long sip.
"Wow Cami! This tastes so nice," You said, amazed. To be frank, Camilo wasn't the best at making food so you were a bit scared.
"Really? Let me try," He took a careful small sip from the tea in your hand, and his eyes turned wide, "Woah... it really does taste nice."
"Of course, I'm Camilo Madrigal after all!" He smirks proudly.
"Yes, my special chameleon," You smiled softly, taking more sips of the tea. Little did you know, his heart melted when he heard you say 'my special chameleon'.
'Oh dios mio, she said I'm hers!' He freaks out quietly.
"Hey, this tea might actually be working, I do feel a bit relaxed," You murmured, the warmth of the tea fills your body and the scent so pleasing to your nose.
Noticing that your boyfriend is just standing next to your bed, you scoot over, patting the space next to you.
"Come and sit here with me," You said, placing the tea on your bedside table.
"Say less, carino," He immediately takes up the empty space next to you, "Can we cuddle?"
"Mhmm" You hummed, already snuggling close to his chest.
You peacefully listen to the rhythm of his heart, his chest slightly going up and down, as he plays with your hair, twirling them in his fingers, while his other hand hugs you. You both stayed like this for a while, just enjoying each other's presence.
"You know, mi amor, you're not only the most beautiful and charming girl I ever saw, but you're also the most intelligent, wise, interesting, and loving girl in this whole world," He softly says.
You were about to reject what he said but before you even can get a word out, he peppers your face with kisses, and after each kiss, he'll give you a compliment.
One kiss on your forehead, "You're a one in a billion."
One kiss on your left cheek, "You're the reason why I look forward to another day."
One kiss on your right cheek, "You're amazingly breathtaking."
You were left stunned, your mind basically malfunctioning as your heart runs a thousand meters per second.
You covered your face with your hands to avoid him seeing your tomato face, as he laughs at your reaction.
"I love you so much mi vida," You whispered.
"I love you too, good night," Camilo whispered back.
You mumbled a good night back, going back to enjoying the warmth and comfort from the cuddle until eventually, you doze off.
Camilo smiled in relief when he saw you sleeping, carefully slipping out, and giving you one last kiss on the forehead.
"Sleep well mi amor," He whispered close to your ear, then left out the window.
note: IT'S A BIT CHEESY BUT NGL I really like how this one turns out!! Sorry if this took a while <3 Please do leave a like and feel free to drop a request -din
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nixthewolf · a month ago
Bruno Madrigal having a heavy crush on Reader HCs
Tumblr media
 Spoilers ahead ! 
Tumblr media
- Please give this guy  love.
- Anyway. You probably met him before he actually disappear.
- You two weren’t really close per say.
- Or at least it wasn’t physical.
- When Bruno was going to the village he would catch glimbs of you.
- You eyes would cross a lot. And boy, did this man blush a lot !
- He fell in love just by watching you from afar, and with the little chats you both shared.
- Too shy to really confess, he would help when he could. But he didn’t wanted to give you his bad reputation.
- So basically, he never gets to tell you how he felt...
- Until.. !
- When he came back, he didn’t exactly expeted you to be waiting for him !
- But please don’t tell right when he comes back. It’s way too soon for him.
- Bruno will still comes to you, talks to you (since you were nice to him before, he quickly came to you)
- He plays with the threads of his ruana when around you.
- If you bring food, or offer to help him with anything, or simply care about him, and even more ! If you ask him to watch his telenovelas... well that’s it, he’s head over heels for you.
- He sometimes daydream about the two of being married, even if you’re not dating yet.
- But he’s terrified of what the future await for your relationship.
- Bruno also wants to see into the future, to just know for sure but... he’s just too scared of losing you.
- He’s worried you’ll end up leaving his side.
- Still, he will always be there if you need him. Don’t you worry.
(Just love him already ! ><)
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dos-oroguitas · 15 days ago
Two by Two
Tumblr media
Being Camilo’s twin wasn’t easy when you think your gift wasn’t as ‘flashy’ or as happiness-inducing like your brother’s. As Casita breaks down maybe your power could be finally of good use.
masterlist !! two by two headcanons
Platonic! Twin! Camilo x Twin! Reader
Tumblr media
What’s worse than one Camilo Madrigal? Two Camilo Madrigals. Well, not exactly but you might as well be. Born a few minutes after Camilo was born, you were twins with the one and only troublemaker shapeshifter of the Madrigal Family. Though you can say you aren’t as bad as your older brother. Sure you would play meaningless pranks here and there but you were surprisingly more tame than he was, acting like another much more mischievous Isabela in your Abuela’s words.
While your brother had the ability to shapeshift into different people, you had the ability to shapeshift into different animals. Safe to say the first few months of having your miracles, Encanto experienced frequent thunderstorms and rainfall. The two of you were almost the same except however for your personalities. Yet you two would insist you were identical, often wearing matching ruanas as well as matching slippers so that you two wouldn't be told apart. You were proud to have him as your big brother and had loved him so.
Although you would be a bit envious of Camilo. Turning into different animals weren’t as flashy and people pleasing as Camilo’s. Though you tried to hide the fact that you felt that way.
One would think the two of you wouldn’t be as close but you would be surprised. Camilo adored you, you were his twin, you two shared the same womb, it was natural for him to be overprotective. He’d frequently tell you that you two would stick with one another no matter what.
You can always remember the times when you two were younger, whenever you’re upset he would always be sure to defend you. Sure you’d sometimes get into little arguments and tussles but it wouldn’t even last long. He would always be the first one to cave in and apologize. Although the two of you were almost the same, you were more sensitive than he was, fighting would almost always end up with you crying and storming out of frustration.
“I’m your twin.” He would remind you with a smile that the two of you shared. “You’re my twin, we stick together through thick and thin.” Camilo would promise. No matter what you or him did, the two of you would always be stuck with one another.
Although following your little brother Antonio’s gift ceremony, as well as the declaration that cracks were showing in Casita as well as the candle flickering, the two of you had ended up at odds once more. You stood by Mirabel, believing in your cousin that the miracle was dying. After all, Mirabel wouldn’t lie about such a thing. You were sure of it.
You didn't expect to discover more of yourself now that Casita was allegedly breaking down. The insecurities that you had dug deep deep down to please your abuela Alma resurfaced after stumbling upon Mirabel, while coaxing her sister to give her a hug. You didn't anticipate joining Isabela on venting out what you had thought were your flaws and weaknesses.
You grimaced as you watched Abuela’s enraged outburst. Everything was a mess.
Your primas, Luisa could barely lift an empanada, and Isabela was out of control. Then again you might have also been a part of the little flower show that Isabela had done, causing imperfect but still beautiful flowers and plants to grow. Your abuela had almost always suggested turning into animals that were beautiful in her standards. An orchid mantis, a scarlet macaw, a multicolored tanager, a peacock or a flamingo.. those were what she deemed as beautiful. Never what you liked. She never asked what you would like to turn to. Her obsession with perfection extended to you in a way. It's always been just,
(Name) turn into this..
(Name) this would look beautiful..
Ay, (Name) that animal would do no good, it must be beautiful..
And you couldn’t help but resent how she doesn’t tell off Camilo to change into 'beautiful' and 'perfect' people. Camilo was free. Camilo was free to change to who he wants and he wouldn’t get scolded for changing into something your Abuela thought was dangerous and ugly. So when you finally had the chance to be free and wild? You took the opportunity.
You had run and danced alongside them, turning into different animals you had only heard of from books as Isabela bloomed stranger but equally beautiful flowers.
A lion, leopard, tiger, and a beautiful snake too.. all of it had frightened the villagers as you ran and ‘danced’ on the roofs of Casita with your cousins and it didn’t take long until your Abuela Alma to rush in Casita, shaking with fury. Caught up with the rush, you hadn’t even had time to change back from your form, a clouded leopard with Isabela’s colorful flower stains on your fur.
You looked down as your Abuela berated Mirabel. Lips parting as she spoke to Mirabel with venom lacing her words. You tried to find the words to defend her. Still unchanging, your fur reflecting in the moonlight as you stood there beside Isabela.
“Look at our home! Look at your sister, your cousin..!” She says, appalled by your messy and wild form. At that you had slowly changed back, unable to meet your grandmother’s eyes.
“Please, just, Isabela and (Name) weren't happy.” Mirabel tries to explain as your cousin had started to pat down the colorful mess on her dress before turning to you to gently wipe the color off your face. Both of you shifting in place nervously.
“Of course they’re unhappy! You ruined her proposal and (Name), Mirabel, you managed to rope in your prima too?”
It was a back and forth before your grandmother’s voice had shakily escaped her lips.
“The cracks started with you.” Your abuela took a step forward. “Bruno left because of you.”
“Luisa’s losing her powers! Isabela’s out of control and (Name) has gone wild because of you!” You could see Mirabel's expression and you wanted nothing more but to come to her rescue.
“I don’t know why you weren’t given a gift! But it is not an excuse for you to hurt this family!” The ground shook from underneath you, Casita’s tiles cracked as Mirabel lowered her gaze.
“I will.. never be good enough for you, will I?” Mirabel’s voice felt unsteady and you could see your Tia and Tio Julieta and Agustin behind your abuela, worry written in their features. “No matter how hard I try..” Her gaze trailed to her sisters and you.
“No matter how any of us tries. Luisa will never be strong enough, Isabela won’t be perfect enough, (Name) won’t be like Camilo, Bruno left our family because you only saw the worst in him!” Mirabel exclaims. You winced at her words, looking down at your feet. You won’t ever be like Camilo. You won’t please enough people, you won’t make others happy just like your hermano did. You refused to look at your parents eyes’, clearly showing that they didn’t know how hard you struggled to please everyone by limiting who you were.
You especially couldn’t look at Camilo who, thankfully, wasn’t in sight.
“Bruno didn’t care about this family!” The skies darkened and more cracks started to appear underneath your feet.
“He loves this family, I love this family, we all love this family, you’re the one that doesn’t care. You’re the one breaking our home..!” Mirabel continued, frustration written in her features.
“Don’t you ever..!” Your abuela had taken a step forward, her face contorting in anger. But Mirabel had stood her ground.
“The miracle is dying because of you!” Your abuela’s eyes widened and she had looked taken aback, the angry expression fading from her worn and old face.
And for a millisecond everything was silent until the ground split between the two of them. Your mami had gasped, hands raised as her eyes were focused on the candle. Mirabel and Abuela had looked towards where the candle was perched, gasping.
“The candle!”
As the cracks worsened, it knocked the candle out of balance. Everyone braced themselves as the ground shook once more. Mirabel was the first to move, running towards the candle.
“Casita, get me up there!” Casita had broken one of the railings, turning it into a ladder she could climb up on. You caught a glimpse of Camilo’s figure who had looked at you briefly, lips pursed and an unreadable expression on his face. You watch him shift into different people, ducking and running to not save the candle but Mirabel.
Your cousin Isabela had grabbed a vine, swinging and attempting to help but as she did so, you caught sight of her door, flickering before slowly going out of light. Her powers went away too as she suddenly fell, and with the help of Casita had managed to get down safely.
Your brother Camilo was close, jumping to reach the roof in Jose’s form before he had turned back to himself again and you would have helped if it weren’t for Casita beating you to it. You quickly turned to Mirabel, turning into a cheetah and attempting to save her. Damn the miracle. Your cousin had helped you be more of yourself, and realize you didn’t have to worry about making people happy as long as you were happy. Your happiness came first and it took your prima to realize that.
You jumped and quickly maneuvered the debris that stood in your way, paws tapping against the cracked tiles that was pristine before. Seeing Antonio being carried away by your father, you had swiftly pushed and guided them to the way as more debris fell. You could see Mirabel reach the rooftop, and you struggled to climb up with her, running along the ladder Casita had placed down with all your might.
“Mirabel!” You could hear your Tia Julieta call out for your cousin, watching as the tiles created waves to push her back to the rest of the family.
“(Name)!” Your own mother’s voice had exclaimed, trying to reach out for you as well. “(Name)! Mirabel, leave it!”
As she struggled to reach the window, you had helped her out, letting her climb on your back, pushing her against the wall so she could have something to hold on as Casita’s roof tiles pushed her up even more. For some reason your door was still okay, still glowing despite the flickers. You can only hope you would have enough time to get the two of you out of there.
Your eyes widened as the largest tower of your home had slowly descended and you watched Mirabel as Casita caught her, creating a slide on the way down. You let out a frightened yowl as you were separated from her, your door finally flickering and going out as you shifted back to yourself, a large crash echoing as Casita came crashing down on the two of you.
Your family had quickly rushed in as the worst of the disaster had passed, dust and smoke wafting about.
“Mirabel!” Julieta’s cries filled the air with Pepa’s calling of your own. “(Name)!”
Your Abuela was settled down by Dolores, making sure the older woman was alright before she had joined the search for you. And she had sobbed, her gift being no more. Despite the times she wished her miracle was different or she hadn’t gotten a miracle at all, she wished her hearing had returned now so she could find you. She would take it all back, have her miracle enhanced to its maximum and she wouldn’t mind. If it meant hearing you again.
Camilo Madrigal had never been scared. He was supposed to be all smiles, so he could entertain, so he could make everyone happy. But as he saw you chase after Mirabel, dread pooled in his stomach.
His throat was sore as he called out your name along with your mami. No, no, he could lose his powers but not you. He didn’t even have the chance to say sorry yet. He didn’t know. If he had known what you had felt, what you had thought of yourself, he would’ve reassured you. He didn’t want another him, he only wanted one of you.
He was the first in the pile of debris, looking around for any sign of you.
“(Name), please, where are you!?” Dios, Dios, if he can hear Camilo’s prayers, please let him find you safe. “(Name), hija, where are you?!” Your mother and father had sobbed in worry.
You and Him. Him and You. Two by two, remember?
And Camilo had sobbed, desperation evident in his painful cries. The gravity of the situation weighing down on him. What if he never finds you? What if he was a twin no more? He’d give everything up just to know that you’re okay.
He was slowly losing all hope. There was no sign of you.
Memories of growing up with you had suddenly entered his mind and made him sob harder. The day of your fifth birthdays’ he had told you that he would use his powers just not to help the people of Encanto but to protect you, his baby sister. He promised to make you smile no matter what and protect that smile too. He promised that you would never be apart.
Once you had gotten lost whilst running wild in Encanto's forests in your many animal forms, exploring and not heeding any warnings or calls from your parents. As soon as Dolores had informed the rest of the family of your disappearance, he was already grabbing his ruana and a lamp. It didn't take long for him to find you, huddled inside a hollow tree, whimpering and calling out for him.
You were inconsolable, having been under the impression that you had been forgotten and abandoned. Camilo only shook his head and carried you on his back where you hugged his neck tight.
"No matter where you are, hermana, even if you were on the opposite side of the world, I'll always come and find you."
He had made you laugh, and had tried his hardest not to make you cry. He would tease you but you’d know he didn’t mean a word. He would give you seconds and when the two of you were caught, he would take the blame.
And he squeezed his eyes shut, tears continuing to roll down his freckles cheeks.
“Hermana, please..” He collapsed on his knees, hands trembling and all cut up as he had tried to dig through numerous piles of broken down walls and furniture. Antonio had curled up behind him, not wanting to believe that you were gone. Pepa and Felix had joined, pulling each other into a tight hug as Dolores stifled a sob.
“Cami..” A quiet voice had come out of nowhere and he swore he had never gotten up that fast. “(Name)?” He calls out. Was his mind deceiving him?
"Camilo," There it was again. Calling out to him and he whipped his head from side to side, looking for the source of the voice.
"(Name)! I hear you!" Dios, Dios, was it you? Were you okay? He begged to whomever was listening that it was you who he heard.
“Cami.. Mamí, Papí, Toñito..” Another call of his name and the rest of your families’ and he knew he wasn’t hallucinating anymore. “(Name)! Where are you, hermana!?” He was up on his feet, your own family following after him as hope swelled in their hearts.
A pile of furniture was situated deeper in the ruins of Casita and there you were, huddled up under the protection of the large dining room table as well as the large doors of your home. You coughed again, dust in your lungs as you breathed in.
Camilo was the first one to hold you, pulling you close and hugging you tightly as he sobbed against your hair. “Hermana,” You couldn’t look him in the eyes after what Mirabel had said but you allowed him to hold you. The next thing you knew you were both engulfed into a warm hug by your parents and Dolores who had sobbed as well, Antonio wiggling in between you and Camilo’s hug.
“I was afraid we lost you, (Name).” Pepa’s voice trembled as she gently cupped your dust covered cheek in her hands, wiping them away as tears rolled down her cheeks. She held you close, squeezing as if making sure that she wasn't dreaming. She gently held you in arm's length, looking over to make sure that you were okay.
"Mami, I.."
“Why didn’t you tell us?” Felix had gently held your shoulder and you looked down at the question as you felt Camilo’s gaze on you.
“I didn’t want.. I just wanted to make everyone happy like Camilo,” You admit. “But it’s hard with a miracle like mine.. or what once was mine. I thought if I just kept quiet, I’ll slowly love who I am and what I'm meant to be. I thought I’d be satisfied with just being.. I just wanted to make you happy.” You trailed off as you hiccupped.
“Lo siento, mamí, papí..” Pepa and Felix looked at one another before shaking their heads. “Ay, mija.. whatever makes you happy, makes us happy. Your happiness comes first and foremost. Whatever you wish to do, we will be right behind you.”
Camilo sighed softly as he gently pats your head. “You don’t need to make everyone happy, hermana. I don’t want you to be like me. I like you the way you are. I like (Name) Madrigal, my twin sister.” He says seriously.
“And besides, you think the town could take another me? We might as well be shooed out of Encanto.”
You stifled a laugh, your cries ceasing as you smiled and Camilo had mirrored your own. “See?” He ruffles your hair and your would tilt your head curiously, wondering what he had meant.
“I told you, I’ll always find you."
Tumblr media
taglist: @madrigals-writes @0bsessedp0et @fa1ry-tales @grapesrcool @kinos-collection @sir-leoondrawsalot @zenyeaa @destinydrawssometimes @itsmesmileyface @levicorpusbitch
is my yearning for an older brother figure too transparent in this fic or no? anyways, i think Camilo would be an awesome big brother.
to be included in the taglist, please reply to this !!
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camilosbf · a month ago
Hey! Can I request Camilo x reader where ready loves playing with his hair and usually gives him hand kisses on a daily basis? ALSO HAVE A GOOD DAY/AFTERNOON/NIGHT
≡;- ꒰ °an angels touch..꒱
↳ CAMILO MADRIGAL, fluff overload, cuddles, playing with camilo’s hair, just pure cuteness
a/n : i love this so much :(( honestly all i want to do in life is play with camilo’s hair is that too much to ask?? (sorry if this is a bit short, i honestly couldn’t think of anything to write ah)
Tumblr media
To stay like this forever, was all you could ever ask for. Camilo’s arms wrapped around your waist, his chin hooked on your shoulder. He was so cute, clung onto you almost like a koala. You were sure he had fallen asleep.
For a while, all you could do was just admire him. His eyes, his nose, his skin, his hair…. his hair! It’s so beautiful, framing his face perfectly. His curls are beautiful as well, god, he is just perfect. It looked so soft, for ages now you had wondered what it felt like. You were to scared to ask to play with it, not wanting to seem weird or clingy. But now was your chance, he was fast asleep! What he doesn’t know can’t hurt him.
Trying ever so carefully not to wake him, you slipped you arm out from under his, reaching up hesitantly to touch his hair. After taking a breath, you slipped your finger through the curls. Oh god, you were so right. His hair was so soft, it felt like velvet. Running your hands through it was therapeutic, you could honestly fall asleep.
You weren’t really aware of you’re surroundings, so when Camilo suddenly said ‘Amor..’ you jumped out of your skin. Your hand immediately left his hair and you tried to pretend you had been asleep all along.
‘You do know I have been awake this whole time… right?
‘I’m sorry! I didn’t realise I just thought you know, you wouldn’t mind because, because you were asleep but you weren’t so i’m so-‘
Camilo giggled.
‘Amor, I don’t care. I.. I actually want you to do it more…’
‘Oh! Okay then..’
Now feeling a lot less worried, you fell back into the position you were in a few minutes ago. His arms around you, breathing slowly next to your ear. Your hand running through his hair. Yes, you are definitely going to do this more often.
Tumblr media
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