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yoursweetdenial · 2 days ago
Y/N: *deep breath* Everything is gonna be fine. It's just a crush.
Pepa: Hello.
Y/N: I love you!
Tumblr media
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mitzimania · 4 days ago
headcannons of artist reader where one day camilo steals their sketchbook and just sees tons of drawings of him in it? <33
i literally know nothing abt drawing but this is cute LMAO
Tumblr media
if anyone ever asked, camilo was not a thief. never in his life would he consider stealing, not ever- but he'd also tell them that exceptions were to be made. plus, you were his partner, so was it stealing, or was it borrowing?
this moment was one such exception, he reasoned with himself as he flopped onto his bed and peeled open the leather book that lay in front of him.
it was your sketchbook, an old, well-loved artifact. the cover was faded and brown and it was bound with a fraying piece of twine which pricked camilo's fingers as he attempted to tuck it away.
a part of the shapeshifter felt guilty for taking the book- but was it really his fault? on one of your regular visits to la casita madrigal, you had left it in his room. and usually, he would have returned the book to you promptly, but today? his curiosity had gotten the better of him.
and so he leafed through the pages, unveiling beautiful sketch after sketch. his fingertips grew dusted with grey graphite from the loose particles. the drawings were timestamped- the ones at the beginning were years old, it seemed.
eventually, he got to the date where the two of you had met. on that page was a sketch of a young boy, a year or two younger than him now. the boy had freckles spotting his face and bushy brown curls, with big curious eyes- a boy who bore a glaring resemblance to himself.
camilo flipped through the next few pages, and intermittently scattered around were drawings of this same boy, himself, he came to realize. but as he observed the drawings, he realized something- in tune to the pace of your relationship, they had become more and more detailed.
the closer he got to the current date, the sketches of him gained a more lively, real tone- they were beautiful. camilo watched you fall in love with him through the pages of your sketchbook, a grin growing on his face and his heart pounding.
he would return this book to you soon. but for now? he would savor the doodles and designs etched within the pages of your old leather-bound sketchbook.
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so uh.. i watched encanto yesterday
so expect that maybe-
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certaincollectionlandblog · 27 days ago
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ocean-breezq · 25 days ago
Dolores: having the most accurate, sympathetic, and understanding interpretation of Bruno out of anyone in their family
Camilo: JUst fucking bASHING their uncle like there's no tomorrow
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camilosluvr · 28 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Camilo Madrigal Icons! Credit if reposted
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camilo-kinnie · 28 days ago
Dolores: “Camilo talks about you all the time!”
Bruno: “He sure does. Way more positively than he talks about me that’s for sure.”
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monoul · 27 days ago
teenager in love || camilo madrigal x reader
pairing: camilo madrigal x reader
tags: pining, fluff, soft camilo, meddling dolores, proud pepa, mutual pining, slightly oblivious reader
he/they for camilo, she/her for reader
prompt: not really any prompt, just thought of something short and sweet but general idea is camilo has been thinking about you and its making him distracted
Tumblr media
Pepa knew her son.
She knew his habits, his little unconscious tendencies they probably wasn't even aware of. She was his mother, after all.
So she could say with certainty their behavior recently was odd.
Just at breakfast that morning, he was offered seconds, and he didn't seem aware they were asked a question until Isabela flicked his forehead. The most shocking thing? He had waved off the offered food with a distracted "no thanks".  Camilo had never refused seconds, normally resorting to thievery to obtain the forbidden food.
He was seemingly lost in thought a lot more often than not, shifting into people seemingly at random. Normally she would chalk it down to teenager things, but she wasn't the only one to notice their behavior. Dolores had been fixing her brother with questioning and interrogating glances at dinner recently, and there was going to be wind for quite a while until she got to the bottom of what was troubling her son.
Naturally, that meant enlisting her daughter.
Dolores was all too happy to help, for the chance to meddle with her little brother no doubt. She had been keeping an ear out for her brother's name or voice and hadn't received much besides the occasional family member greeting him or their usual chores around the village.
Until late afternoon, that is.
"Hola, Camilo," an unfamiliar voice sounded. It was a melodic voice, and Camilo responded in such an un-Camilo like way Dolores had to pause a moment.
"H-Hola, (Y/n)," he said. 
"Would you mind running this to Mirabel? I've been meaning to return it to her," the girl said. Dolores was sure she heard her sibling gulp.
"Yeah—I mean of course," they stuttered again.
That couldn't mean what she thought it meant, could it?
Pepa had other ideas when Dolores told her.
"Camilo has a crush!" She exclaimed, the sunlight seeping through the windowsill seemed to get brighter. "I wonder who it is?"
"She mentioned Mirabel, maybe she knows?" Dolores supplied.
As if summoned, Mirabel emerged through the doorway, what seemed to be clothes stacked in her arms. Besides her, a pretty girl in a dress with a blue top and yellow skirt laughed at something Mirabel said or did.
Dolores' eyes widened, tugging on her mother's sleeve.
That's her, she mouthed, making Pepa snap her attention to the girl.
"Ah, Tía Pepa," Mirabel said, peeking around her stack of fabric. "This is my friend, (Y/n)!" 
The girl, (Y/n), stepped forward and gave a polite wave. "Hello, thank you for letting me into your home."
Dolores smiled at her, a bit more smugly than her usual expression. Pepa gave you an enthusiastic smile of her own.
"Of course, come any time," she said, grasping her hands in her own.
(Y/n) seemed a bit confused at the earnesty with that which they greeted her, but thankful and polite nonetheless. 
Just as Pepa was plotting for how to get Camilo here, he walked in not unlike Mirabel's perfect timing earlier. Pepa watched him and—yes! He completely froze when he took in the sight of Pepa and (Y/n) standing close together, with Dolores and Mirabel.
(Y/n) smiled brightly at him, and Pepa noticed the faint coloring on her ears closely. "Hola, Camilo."
Camilo had such a soft yet nervous expression on his face, it made Pepa want to just squeeze him tight. He raised his own hand in a shy wave. "Hola, (Y/n)."
"Guy's I'm kinda struggling here," Mirabel said, making (Y/n) snap back into attention as she took some of her friend's burden.
The two made their way to the stairs, (Y/n) turning back before ascending. "Nice to meet you, Pepa, Dolores," she said. "And, see you later Camilo."
She turned away, leaving Camilo standing with a dopey grin on his face.
"She wants to see me later," he said, like he couldn't believe it.
Dolores face palmed, but Pepa just ruffled Camilo's hair, mouth pulled into a proud smile.
now complete with a part two!
cross-posted on ao3 here !!
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radiorenjun · a month ago
shape-shifting frolics || camilo madrigal
Tumblr media
¤ pairing: camilo madrigal x reader
¤ genre : fluff. Just fluff.
¤ synopsis: isabela was right. camilo should really man up and talk to you instead of turning into his sister so that he could have an excuse to see you or talk to you.
¤ warnings: slightly out of character(?), utterly nonsensical I was just camilo brainrotting OKAY HIS "ISABELA YOUR BOYFRIEND IS HERE" GOT MY HEART BACKFLIPPING
¤ wordcount: 1.4k
¤ a/n: mutuals, look away, you ain't seeing me simping for a 3d Disney character I swear this is a fever dream. ALSO I AM NOT HISPANIC OR COLUMBIAN SO UH PLS INFORM ME IF I SAID SMTH WRONG
¤ tagging: the fellow members of the camilo simp club yes sir @roochcooch @c-sanshine
Tumblr media
“I don’t think there would be a single boring day if I were to live here,” you exclaimed with a light giggle, one of Antonio’s birds nuzzling its beak against your head before flying away (presumably back into Antonio’s room). “Well, that’s the amazing Madrigals for ya,” Mirabel shrugged with a laugh of agreement, clasping her hands behind her back as you both wandered down the halls filled with glowing, golden doors.
“However, sometimes it isn’t as fun considering I have to deal with Tia Pepa’s irregular moods or the amount of flowers blooming from Senorita Perfecta Isabela’s gift,” she added, shuddering to emphasize her words. 
Finally entering her room, you sat down on her bed, bouncing on the mattress with an enthusiastic smile. “I like your room the most though, Antonio’s may look like something out of heaven itself but yours seems so minimalistic and artistic,” you felt a small tap under your feet, looking down to see the tiles moving as if they were agreeing with you. “Thanks, it was Antonio’s room too, you know. Right before he got his gift, I mean,” she chuckled, placing her hands on her hips as she examined her own room. 
“This is just proof that you have magnificent taste in room decor,” you grinned, giving her an enthusiastic jazz of both of your hands. “I guess so,” she shrugged with a giddy smile stretched across her face, clearly thrilled to have a friend around her age to talk to for once. She was just about to say something when a distant call of her name pierced both of your ears.
"That's Isabela," she shook her head with a small sigh, visibly deflating as her older sister let out another call of her name from God knows where. "Wait here, I'll be quick," she gave you a small smile, waving slightly before frowning abruptly and exiting the room, jogging down the halls while responding with an equally loud "coming!"
Chuckling, you scoot around the bed to get into a more comfortable position. Looking back up to the opened doorway, you spotted Dolores, Mirabel's oldest cousin, standing silently with a plate filled with food. "Dolores, it's good to see you again!" You exclaimed, waving enthusiastically at the woman before getting up to your feet to walk towards her. 
"How have you been? Hearing any gossip lately?" ou been, one of mi favorite Madrigals? Heard any good gossip lately with those sharp ears of yours?” you grinned, nudging her arm with your elbow. The older girl’s eyes darted from her plate of food before giving you a nervous smile, shrugging without uttering a word. “Hmm?” you hummed, tilting your head to the side in slight confusion. Usually Dolores wouldn’t miss an opportunity to spill any juicy gossip around town to you, after all, you two have been pretty good friends ever since Mirabel introduced you to the whole family. 
“Oh Dios, Camilo! Stop pretending to be me to talk to Y/n. Wait, did you take extra food from the table too? I’m telling Abuela!” Dolores exclaimed from her own room, her head poking out of the doorway with brows furrowed in frustration before letting out a small ‘humph’ afterwards. You watched the older girl snuck her head back in her own room, the sound of her wooden door being closed shut could be heard from a mile away as you slowly turned to the person you were talking to. 
“Turning into your sister just to talk to me again, Camilo?” you shook your head with a laugh of disbelief, putting your hands on your hips as you turned to the boy who was still shaped as his older sister. Camilo then proceeded to shapeshift back to his usual self with a slightly bashful, yet cheeky expression, shrugging softly at you as he shoved an arepa into his mouth to keep himself from answering you. He let out incomprehensible answers through the arepa in between his lips, hands moving around to emphasize on whatever he was trying to say. 
“Tio Felix would not approve of you for being such a scaredy cat, primo Camilo,” Mirabel’s voice appeared right behind the boy, who made even louder incoherent noises through a mouthful of food. The freckled, brown haired boy paused when he realised you were still watching him argue back against his cousin with a look of silent adoration, slightly catching him off guard. “You know, you could just talk to me like a normal person,” you raised your eyebrow at the boy, a loopy smile hanging off of your lips. 
Gulping down the remnants of his food, the boy simply gave you a smile that mirrored your own, however, it had some glint of soft bashfulness to it that was simply adorable. Camilo then let out a small grunt when the door moved to make contact against his back, indicating that the casita was silently hyping him up so that he could finally gather the courage to just straight up make a conversation with you without any nervous skedaddling. 
He scrunched his face together cutely as he glared at the door, receiving an amused tap from the tiles of the floor in response. Looking back at you, he raised a hand up to scratch the back of his neck with an awkward laugh. “Well, if I did, that wouldn’t be very fun now would it?” he asked with a wiggle of his own eyebrows as his hand grabbed an arepa from his plate, grabbing your wrist with his pinky and ring finger to raise your hand up towards him before placing the treat on your opened palm. 
“That’s the only talking I’m going to do today, adios,” he grinned, shapeshifting into an exact copy of you as he gave you a finger gun salute before transforming back to himself and running away without another word in case their Abuela was around to see him with a second serving of food on his plate. Mirabel shook her head in second hand embarrassment, walking up to stand beside you as you watched the boy disappear right around the corner with the same loopy smile hanging off of your lips. 
“I still don’t understand what you see in that boy, he’s too cowardly to even talk to you, let alone confess,” she sighed, half lidded eyes bored through the lens of her glasses as she gave you a pointed look. Glancing down at the arepa he had given you a few minutes prior, you simply shrugged with a small chuckle. “At least he’s somewhat trying, I find this equally as amusing as you do, amiga,” you exclaimed with a giddy smile, your shoulders raising as you took a bite from the arepa. 
Ah yes, Camilo Madrigal. The older brother of the youngest Madrigal, one who bears the gift of being able to shapeshift into anyone you know. One who often pulled harmless pranks on you but never made the effort to make a decent conversation with you due to his slight bashfulness, his liking towards you was never subtle in the slightest considering he would silently shapeshift into whatever Madrigal you were most comfortable with (usually Dolores or Mirabel) just to give you a small bit of whatever he had stolen from the pantry. You would usually ask a couple hours later if they actually gave you the snack, only to receive ‘no’s for an answer. 
A sweet gesture, nonetheless.  
“Wished he could just stop posing as other people to try to talk to me though, would be nice to talk to Camilo face to face and admire him straight away,” you shrugged, chewing idly as Mirabel gave you a perplexed, concerned expression. “What? It would be nice to receive food from the boy you like without him shaping into your friend or his older sister to do so, you kno-”
“Camilo! Stop being a coward and talk to your girlfriend face to face like a man,” Isabela’s loud, high pitched voice could be heard from the second floor. Attracting both of your attention as you looked down from the railing of the stairs to see the pastel dressed girl with a snarky grin on her face, arms crossed as loud choking noises could be heard from the distance.
You giggled at the image of Camilo in the middle of eating his food when Isabela suddenly said that, imagining how he would’ve shapeshifted into you out of reflex before punching his own chest to get himself to stop choking. 
“Shut up, Isabela, she’s literally upstairs!”
“Exactly my point!” 
Tumblr media
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lydtheseance · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
Bruno Madrigal fanart (IG: @lydsirabella)
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yoursweetdenial · 8 days ago
Y/N: So don't panic but one of us is possessed by an owl....
Pepa: ....
Dolores: .....
Antonio: ......
Camilo: ..Who?
Y/N: That's the thing we don't-
*Everyone stares at Camilo*
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lucarioishi · a month ago
Could you write something for Bruno with a really, really clingy reader? Like, the reader is usually all quiet and serious around other people but whenever they see Bruno their mood brightens up and are really lovely physically and emotionally towards him? Maybe HCs if you want!
— bruno with a quiet, but clingy partner !
   WARNING: gender neutral. headcanons. fluff.
   a/n: this was pretty easy to write bc i act exactly like this 🤨
part 2 is currently being written.
Tumblr media
Poor, poor bruno. he's on the verge of passing out due to all the attention you're giving him. you're combing your hands through his hair, peppering his face with kisses, mummering little praises between them.
In the open too!
Bruno isn't so big on pda but for some reason, knowing that you act different around other people and him, of all people, made his heart swell up.
It's like a complete change of personalities! everyone gets so surprised upon finding out how affectionate you really are with bruno.
You're always holding his hand, every waking moment, that even bruno searches for your hand in his sleep.
It kind of reassures him that you're still with him, and he can feel you squeeze his hand back, kissing the back of his palm before wrapping your arms around him and cuddling him.
It would be really funny if people were intimidated by you too. when everyone else is having fun, you're sitting down, reading a book or fiddling with your watch.
You don't really talk much either, they just know your name and that you're associated with the madrigals.
Then, in walks bruno! and you light up! face twisting from seriousness, to excitement.
Of course it would spread rumors. they probably expect you to change from that day to the next, but no.
It's like your battery was drained without bruno on your side. his family sometimes wonders how you and bruno even got together in the first place.
Most of the things you two had in common would be how quiet you are upon first meeting.
Then it escalates to bruno ranting off and you staring at him with so much adoration that he quiets down out of shyness.
You would throw "I love you"s anytime you feel like it. it causes bruno to sigh and bury himself into his poncho.
Turns out, once you open up emotionally, he always, always shuts himself up just to listen to you. but if you're throwing praises and affirmations around out of nowhere, bruno would want you to shut up.
"Bruno, you look so pretty tonight" "You have a beautiful smile" "You're doing a great job, amor!"
"(Name)!" bruno stuffs a spoonful of food in your mouth, furrowing his brows at you. if it wasn't for the furious blush on his cheeks, you would've thought he was angry at you. "please.. settle down,"
He doesn't really want you to stop though. he really like the way it makes him feel. like he's a very strong, and masculine guy who can do anything.
"I don't appreciate you shoving food in my mouth, next time just kiss me."
Then you shall expect it, if you ask bruno to do it again, he'll turn the other way and run away, stays in his rooms for hours until he gains the courage to initiate a kiss.
Tumblr media
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soundofalling-sand · 20 days ago
Adopted Madrigals
Adopted Madrigals can inherit powers as well! 
Tumblr media
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certaincollectionlandblog · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
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anqrymom · 23 days ago
me before encanto: haha there’s no way a disney movie will affect the trajectory of my life :)
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magicalencanto · 26 days ago
⊹₊ ⋆ ❝ Camilo's s/o having powers like Pepa ❞
Tumblr media
✎ ⁞ Camilo Madrigal x Female! Reader who can control the weather
✎ ⁞ requested by @nelefibata
✎ ⁞ date: 27.12.2021
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
You were already dating Camilo for two years. You both were very close, because you were the same age and basically knew each other your whole life.
At this point, you've officially met his family, both as a Camilo's friend and girlfriend. Fortunately for you, they immediately accepted you as on of their own.
The same had happened with your family. Your parents knew that Camilo was one for you and already gave him their blessings.
So, you could tell that you both were living your dream life, where your love grew stronger everyday.
Although all Madrigal's were really happy to have you, Pepa still outshined them with her vivid rainbows and bright sun, that suddenly appeared whenever her wide eyes had found you. It could be even just a glance but that was enough for her to grow all happy.
Because in her eyes, you were already like her daughter. You were just so cute and polite, that she had often wondered how her son had managed to get someone like you. But anyway she was happy for you two.
One day, Pepa woke up with fierce determination to hand out with her future daughter. After she had a beautiful dream about your and Camilo's wedding, she was sure it was a sign for her. A sign to start working to make this dream a reality.
This day the sun shined especially brightly and no cloud could be seen in the sky. It meant that Pepa was in a truly happy mood. A rare sight to see.
Madrigal's, although very happy, were also very curious. During breakfast, everyone asked Pepa what got her in such a good mood. When asked, she chirped happily that it was nothing, and continue to eat. Everyone deadpanned, seeing a rainbow appearing above her head but decided not to investigate further.
But her eldest son, Camilo, eyed his mother auspiciously. He knew his mother was planning something and his gut was telling him that it involved him. Don't get me wrong, he loved his mother to death, but he knew that he and his mother shared this... sneakiness. And he got a bad feeling about what she was planning.
And unknowingly to him, his gut was right.
After breakfast, without another word, Pepa rushed out of the Casita, on a mission to find you. It didn't take her too long to find you, because you were just peacefully minding your business and being in the middle of the walk.
When her eyes found you, a rainbow appeared over her head and she practically sprinted to you, smiling widely.
You just blinked and Pepa suddenly appeared before you, making you flinch a little, because you had no idea where did she came from.
❝ Hello, mi hija! Let's spend some time together! ❞ Pepa exclaimed, before dragging you to her favorite spot, which was a small meadow before crops. You, still confused, only watched the hyper happy women before with confusion clearly written on you face.
You were used to Pepa calling you her daughter and after a few first times, where your face turned into a bright red tomato, you just started to accept it. Camilo also didn't mind that. In fact he often teased you about already being a Madrigal.
But anyway! You and Pepa found yourself sitting in that meadow, talking about anything and everything. It was fun and you had to admit, that you were enjoying yourself.
And just when everything was going smoothly...the shit went down.
Some children were playing nearby and throwing mud at themselves. *sigh* One of those children, already fully covered in mud, took a big scoop of it, and threw it with all his might before him. Unfortunately for him, some mud got in his eye, and he couldn't see where he was aiming. *Another sigh* And, my dear readers, guess who the mud had hit?
❝ Ack-! ❞ Pepa gasped, feeling something cold hit her back. Both yours and her eyes widened, as you both tried to comprehend what had just happened.
You covered your mouth, seeing Pepa slowly turn around, revealing mud sliding down her beautiful orange dress.
Pepa felt anger bubbling inside her, as the very familiar cloud appeared over her head. The cloud turned dark and rain started pour down on her. Her dress...your meeting...was destroyed...
❝ Pepa, are you alright-? Ack-! ❞
A small lightning accidentally struck you, sending a electrical shock through your body. But unlike you had expected, it didn't hurt. In fact, you felt something new unlock inside of you.
Pepa gasped loudly, horrified. She just struck her daughter! She will leave her, and then break up with her son and there won't be any wedding or grandkids or-
❝ Mami, breath! ❞ Pepa heard your soothing voice, and felt your smaller hands softly grasping her own. ❝ Breath in, breath out. ❞
A small hurricane that started to appear around her, disappeared as she followed your instructions, taking deep breaths. After a few more minutes of calming down, a cloud above her head also disappeared and the sunny weather came back.
With one last breath, Pepa opened her eyes and looked down at you. Your hair was standing up because of the statics and you eyes were full of worry for her.
❝ Oh my...! I'm so sorry, mi hija! I didn't mean to hurt you! Are you alright? Do we need to go to mi Hermana? ❞ Pepa gasped softly, putting her hands on your shoulders and looking up and down at you, checking if you're hurt anywhere.
❝ No, no. I'm alright! Thank you... ❞ You assured her softly, feeling more than alright.
Pepa sighed in relief but then a rainbow appeared over her head again, as she recalled what you had said earlier.
❝ You called me mami! ❞
And for the rest of the day, the same rainbow reminded above her head.
But that wasn't the end. O no, no.
The trouble started later that day, when you were with Camilo on a date. You went outside Casita to stargaze and you both had a good time. Your date went perfectly well...until you had accidentally hit your toe on a rock.
❝ Ack-! ❞ You gasped painfully, holding your leg and hissing in pain. Camilo send you a worried look and dived to help you.
But then, he had noticed a shadow looming over both of you and slowly looked up...only to discover a very familiar cloud above you. Camilo gasped dramatically, and pointed at it, making you look up and also gasped.
❝ Are you kidding me? ❞ You deadpanned, already knowing what was wrong with you.
❝ Can I call you a sunshine now? ❞ Camilo teased, quickly coming to terms with the fact that now you were sharing gift with his mom.
You deadpanned again, and struck him with your own lightning.
The same night, his family found out about your "gift" and now, you could officially say that you're a Madrigal now! No 'if's and 'but's. You're a (name) Madrigal!
Alma, suprisingly, was happy to find out that her daughter gift was lend to you. She had already accepted you in her family and now you could help around the town, by controlling the weather.
Pepa, although shocked to the core, was more than happy to share something with you. Of course, she grew worried when she had found out about the whole ordeal, and asked you a numerous of times if you were alright. She also apologized for causing it but you said that it didn't matter and you were more than okay.
Camilo, love of your life, fell even deeper in love with you. He had always admired his mother and her gift, so now he felt happy that it was 'passed' down to you.
The rest of the family was also happy buut...they knew that they had to be prepared for more wether changes.
After that day, Pepa and you became even closer. She helped you by teaching you about her gift and how to avoid certain... situations.
You both took turns when controlling the weather. When Pepa was feeling down, you took her to her room, where she could let it all out and you cleared the cloudy sky she left behind, bringing back the sunshine and clear skies. It worked both ways.
Since you weren't as emotional as Pepa, you had more control over your gift. But don't get me wrong, when you felt something, you were force to be feared.
Once, something had angered you so much, that even Pepa's door couldn't fully conceal your anger. That day the raging strom in Encanto was so violent that no one dared to step the foot outside their house.
❝ Maybe you should go and try to calm her down? ❞ Nervously aske Mirabel, while sitting with the whole family and eating dinner in their Casita. Everyone were feeling nervous, because lightnings were hitting the ground every few minutes, making everyone flinch at the loud crack. Poor Dolores had to wear ear plugs and ear mufflers not to go deaf.
❝ And die? No thank you. ❞ Answered Camilo, while taking a bite out of his food.
Pepa was strangely calm about this whole situation, but inside she felt extremely worried for you. She didn't know what had made you so angry but you needed to calm down, at least a little. Because at this rate, everyone in Encanto wouldn't be able to sleep.
Without another word, Pepa stood up and went to her son. Taking him by his ear, Pepa began to drag him towards her room, ignoring his protests.
Before Camilo could say another word, he was shoved inside his mom's room and the door shut behind him.
Camilo gulped while seeing the violent storm raging inside. He loved you to the moon and back and even tried to comfort you this morning. But when he saw your scary glare, he chose his life.
That day he discovered the difference between his mother and you. While Pepa was emotional woman and found a ways to let her emotions out regularly, you bottled it all inside until you bursted. And when you did, everyone should ran for their life's. Especially now that you shared your gift with his mother.
❝ Camilo? ❞ The said boy heard you, and saw you looking at him. The storm around lessen a little, and lightnings weren't as violent as before.
Taking a deep breath, Camilo send you a soft smile.
❝ Hello sunshine...what made you so upset?❞
Your expression softened and you feel your anger slowly disappearing, before being replaced by sadness. A stormy clouds were replaced by lighter ones, from which a soft rain started to fall down, just when a tear run down you cheek.
This time Camilo didn't hesitated to run to you and pull you into a comforting hug, letting you cry it all out in his shoulder. He wasn't bothered by the rain. All he cared about was you.
❝ Let it all out, mi vida. Breath in, breath out..❞
Meanwhile the whole Encanto sighed in relief, seeing the skies clearing up and the usual sum appearing from behind the clouds again. Madrigal's too, calmed down and Dolores could finally unlock her sensitive ears.
Pepa smiled softly, while looking outside. She knew what she was doing, because the only person who had always managed to calm her down, was no one other than her beloved husband, Felix. And in your case, it was Camilo.
❝ Ah, the wedding will be beautiful... ❞ Sighed dreamily Pepa, now being more than sure that her dream would someday become a reality.
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lunamaye · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
I was about to post this yesterday but the post wouldn't show up in any of the tags so I'm trying this again. Click for better quality.
(Please don't repost)
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madrihoes · a month ago
Camilo Nickname headcannons
Tumblr media
Before the relationship:
Before you get together he’s kinda flirty but also respectful and shy
He’d start off with a shortened version of your name, like if your name was Charlotte he might call you Charlie
As you both get closer he starts to slowly call you things like sweetheart
“Hey sweetheart, do you er need help with that basket?- NOT THAT I THINK YOURE WEAK I JUST wanna do something for you??”
Yeah he gets nervous around you
When you call him something sweet back
He- literally shifts into you and sighs dreamily
During the relationship
He gets a bit more smooth
He’s like ‘ok, she definitely likes me so there will be no repercussions for calling her Amor’
Amor is coincidentally the main nickname he calls you
He loves your little blush when he calls you that
After he’s introverted you to the family he DEFINITELY gets more confident
One day you’ll just hear from his room ‘who the man? I’m the man!’
On that day, whilst you were eating with the madrigals
You were discussing sewing with Mirabel and suddenly you hear from Camilo
“Can you pass me the salt Mi Vida”
And without hesitation you hand it to him
Starts crying saying his little boy is growing up
It’s sunny for the entire next day, courtesy of Pepa
So basically he goes from slightly confident but also shy baby to saying “ah yes the woman I will marry, there she is” in public
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littlewritingsss · 27 days ago
Dance with me (Bruno Madrigal x Reader)
Tumblr media
Ship: Bruno Madrigal x Reader (She/Her pronouns)
Tags: Fluff, shy flustered Bruno, supportive Mirabel, Camilo being Camilo
Warnings: No warnings!:)
Synopsis: The Madrigals throw a party and Mirabel finds out that her Tío might like a certain someone there
Music playing, people chatting, dancing and enjoying the food. Another wonderful party by the Madrigals. It was always a great time to catch up with friends and have a break from work.
Mirabel loved these parties. She could see how close everyone in Encanto was with each other. Well, apart from her Tío Bruno. He always came to the parties, his sister Pepa practically drags him out of his tower, but he’s was always reluctant to talk. Usually sticking to his family and staying away from the spotlight.
She couldn’t blame him. He still wasn’t used to being around so many people and although the townspeople were friendly to him, some were still wary.
Mirabel watched her Uncle sit with her parents in the corner, making conversation. She smiled. At least he looked happy.
‘Hey prima. What’s the hot gossip today?’ Mirabel asked, turning to Dolores who was in front of her at the food tables. The older cousin didn’t look up. Instead she smiled and continued to fill her plate. Mirabel grinned. She knew it was something good.
‘Oh not much. Just…’ She looked over at Mirabel. ‘Have you noticed what’s up with our Tío Bruno?’ Mirabel frowned.
‘No, why?’
‘Hmm. Guess he’s hiding it better than I thought.’
‘What? What is it?’ Dolores looked around then leaned closer to Mirabel.
‘Bruno keeps staring at señorita Y/N.’ Mirabel looked back over to her uncle. He was listening to her Dad talk but every couple seconds, his eyes would dart over to the other side of the room. She hadn’t noticed that before.
Y/N was dancing with Isabela and Luisa. She spun herself as Isabela made flowers fall around her. Bruno smiled a little more at that. Mirabel’s eyes widened and whipped her head back around.
‘Oh my gosh.’
‘Uh huh.’ Dolores nodded. ‘I’ve been hearing his longing sighs since she arrived here. He’s almost gotten up to talk to her a couple times. Saying okay okay you can do this you can do this under his breath. But no luck so far.’ She shrugged.
‘We gotta help him!’
‘You come up with a plan, I’ll follow.’ Dolores smiled.
‘Okay I need you to get Y/N away from the dance floor. I’ll get Bruno.’
‘Hey can you two hurry up?’ Camilo said. ‘Some of us wanna eat.’
‘Camilo! I need your help. Come with me.’ Mirabel dragged him away from the table.
‘What? But I’m hungryyyyy.’ He whined.
‘You can eat later! This is about Bruno’s crush on señorita Y/N!’
‘His what now?’
‘Where’s Antonio? I have a plan.’
‘These arepas are amazing hermana.’ Bruno complimented. Julieta smiled.
‘Thank you Bruno. I can teach you how to make them if you want. They won’t heal you but they’ll taste just the same.’
‘I’d like that very much.’ Bruno went to take another arepa when a toucan flew down and stole it from him. ‘H-Huh? Hey! Where do you think you’re going?’
Bruno got up and followed the bird away from the party. It flew up the stairs to his tower, right into his room. Bruno followed it in to find Mirabel, Camilo and Antonio standing there waiting for him. The toucan landed on Antonio’s arm.
‘Thanks primo. You can go back to the party now.’ Mirabel said. The youngest cousin ran off back downstairs. Bruno was confused.
‘What are you guys doing here?’
‘I’ve seen you staring at Señorita Y/N.’ Bruno’s eyes widened. He saw the grins on his niece and nephew’s faces began to step back.
‘W-What? Mirabel I don’t know what you think you’ve seen but-‘
‘She’s single by the way.’
‘She is??’
‘Ah HA!’ Bruno sighed in defeat. ‘I knew it! I knew it!’
‘Yeah okay whatever I don’t know what you’re so excited about anyway. It’s not like anything’s going to happen.’ Mirabel smiled. Bruno stopped. ‘No. No you’re not going to say anything to her! A-As your uncle I am forbidding you from-‘
‘Oh I’m not going to say anything to her, but you will.’
‘You will, or…’ Mirabel looked to Camilo. The shapeshifter transformed into Bruno. ‘you will.’
‘Why are you doing this?’
‘Because you like her! And I want to see my uncle happy! Now go!’ Mirabel shooed him out. Bruno sighed. There wasn’t any way of getting around this.
He returned to the party to find Y/N no longer on the dance floor. She was standing on the side talking to his other nieces. Dolores spotted him and smiled. Oh right. She definitely knows.
Bruno breathed in then out and walked towards them.
‘Oh Tío Bruno! Enjoying the party?’ Isabela asked with a smile. From her tone Bruno could tell she knew too. Dolores had probably told them both. This was so embarrassing.
‘Ah y-yeah it’s great Isa. How are you all?’
‘We’re good.’ Luisa answered. ‘We were just catching up with señorita Y/N.’
‘Good evening Bruno.’ Y/N greeted with a warm smile. He could’ve melted then and there.
‘H-Hi Y/N. Are you enjoying yourself?’ The nieces walked away, leaving the two alone to talk.
‘Oh yes! Your family always throws the best parties. How are you?’
‘Oh y’know the usual.’ Y/N chuckled. There was a brief moment of silence between the two. Bruno’s nerves were building. He looked over to see his nieces and nephews watching from the food table. Mirabel threw him a thumbs up.
‘Bruno, do you want to dance?’ Y/N held out her hand to him.
‘H-huh? Dance? With you? I-I don’t know Y/N I’m not that coordinated…’
‘Oh come on it’ll be fun! Let’s just hope we don’t fall!’
‘Knock knock knock knock knock. Knock on wood.’
‘Knock knock knock knock knock. Knock on wood.’
‘Ha jinx!’ Y/N laughed. Bruno couldn’t speak. He could barely stand up. He just let Y/N lead him to the middle of the dance floor.
‘Y/N. I don’t know how to dance.’ Bruno looked down at his feet, fidgeting. Everyone moving around him was so loud and vibrant. And there he was, standing in the middle like an idiot. Y/N grabbed his hands. He looked back up to see her beaming at him.
‘Neither do I!’
‘B-But I saw you dancing with Isa and Luisa-‘
‘Oh so you were watching me were you?’ Y/N teased, pulling him closer.
‘Oh uh no well I-‘ She laughed.
‘I’m just messing with you. You don’t need to know how to dance. Just have fun!’ She said, letting go of his hands and spinning around.
‘What are they saying to each other?’ Mirabel asked Dolores.
‘Well our Bruno is being his normal awkward self, but luckily señorita Y/N finds it endearing.’ Mirabel squealed.
‘Yes! I knew they would work well together!’ Mirabel and Bruno made eye contact for a second. Mirabel gave him another encouraging smile.
Bruno held out his hand. Y/N took it. She grabbed his other hand and placed it on her waist before placing hers on his shoulder.
Bruno looked down at their feet and copied Y/N’s steps. Soon enough the two were in rhythm with the music. Y/N giggled and lifted Bruno’s chin. He smiled.
Turns out he could dance after all.
As the party drew to a close and the town began to make their ways back to their own houses, the Madrigals cleaned up. Mirabel collected all of the empty plates and put them in one stack.
‘Psssst Mirabel.’ Luisa whispered. Mirabel looked to her left. ‘Look at Y/N and Bruno.’
It had been hours but the pair were still in the centre of the courtyard swaying back and forth. There was no music, no ambient lights. Just gentle movements and the sound of casual conversation. ‘I don’t have the heart to break them up, but we gotta go to bed at some point.’
‘I’ll do it.’ Mirabel said softly. ‘Hey sorry to break you two up but Antonio’s struggling to stay awake and we all gotta be up early tomorrow.’
‘Oh gosh I’m so sorry! I didn’t realise the time.’ Y/N said. ‘I was having too much fun.’ She smiled at Bruno.
‘Yeah. Me too.’
‘Well I better get home then. Thank you for hosting. I’ve had a wonderful time as always.’
‘But a bit better than usual right señorita Y/N?’ Camilo commented as he passed. Mirabel hit his arm and gave him a glare.
Y/N waved everyone goodbye and stopped at Bruno.
‘Thank you for dancing with me.’ Mirabel gave her Tío a nudge.
‘Ah! The pleasure was all mine.’
‘I’ll see you all soon.’ Y/N turned and began to walk away. Mirabel nudged him again.
‘Go! Say something else!’
‘U-Uh Y/N can I walk you home?’
‘Oh that’s alright. My house is only down the hill.’
‘Ah okay see you soon.’ Mirabel nudged him for a third time. ‘Okay okay I’m going!’
Bruno walked forward and grabbed Y/N’s hand. She turned around, slightly confused.
‘I ah ummm…’ He looked to Mirabel who nodded. ‘Y/N. I had a very nice evening dancing with you. A-And if you are interested in spending time with me again then maybe we could… uh ah meet up and do something…’
Bruno’s words got quieter and quieter as he continued. He stared at the floor trying to find the words. He was shaking, his hands were sweaty. Then Y/N giggled. That’s when his heart really sank. He let go of Y/N’s hand. Why did he think for a second that someone as lovely as her would be interested in him?
‘Uh. Nevermind. It’s okay. I’ll just-‘
‘Oh Bruno.’ Y/N lifted his head up to look at her. ‘You really are charming.’
‘I-I’m what?’
‘There’s the market tomorrow. We could go there together?’
‘The market? Yes. Yes! Yes I-I would like that very much.’ Bruno finally stood up straight again. Y/N put a hand on his shoulder and pressed her lips on his cheek.
‘Okay. I’ll see you tomorrow then. Goodnight Bruno.’ And with that, she left. Leaving Bruno to watch her walk away. Mouth slightly open, unable to speak.
‘Great job Tío.’
‘Thanks Mirabel.’
‘Damn Bruno’s got game.’
‘Camilo shut up! You’re ruining the moment!’
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