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Words: 589
Characters: Jonathan Sims, Martin Blackwood
Relationships: JonMartin
Warnings: n/a
Other Tags: Safehouse Fic, Trans Martin Blackwood, Nonbinary Jonathan Sims, Jon has an undercut
Summary: It isn’t until the third day in the safehouse that Martin notices.

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“‘scuse us.”

“Are you Sasha J–?”

“Breekon and Hope?”

“…That we are.”

“Mm. I’m guessing you’re here to deliver me to Nikola? Getting antsy because I didn’t pick up her ritual shopping? I’d apologize, but I’ve been just so busy.”

“That so?”

“Well, you’ll be happy to know you won’t be doing much of anything for awhile.”

“Not a thing.”

“Orsinov’ll take care of it all.”

“That she will, that she will–,”


“Is something wrong? Expecting Archivist on easy mode, maybe? I was wondering about that too, but I think I’ve connected the dots. See, I know your walking talking clown doll boss wanted dibs, but recently…I died.” 


“Ahead of schedule, I know! Had a bad run-in with–well, several colorful folks. One of whom killed me; at least, killed me enough that I couldn’t put off the choice anymore.”

“Stop it.”

“Human death or monstrous life. You can guess where I landed. And with me firmly committed to the relationship, well, the Eye’s been very giving. Tons of terrible trivia pouring in lately. Which doesn’t sit well with anonymous types like you, does it?”

“Stop it!” 

“Mm, don’t think I will. I have some questions for you.”







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My first foray into JonElias besides a small trial run last week, so you’ll have to tell me how I did! Heed the tags, for anyone who’s not partial to a deviance from my usual fare.

It’s a relatively clean slice, all things considered. An added bonus, really.

Elias wasn’t expecting Melanie to land a hit, not this early on. The Slaughter had yet to fester to its truest potential, but the intent behind it was enough. Another mark for his poor Archivist.

So he doesn’t mind the blood on the floor, he can have someone clean that up. No, what’s truly important is that Jon is back, somewhat safe and mostly sound, and ready to be thrust back into a world of danger more directly under Elias’s control. 

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