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#the magnus archives
dathen · 12 hours ago
Listening to the season 2 finale....I can’t get over how broken Jon sounds.  He’s struggling to get the words out, struggling to breathe, voice thick like he’s fighting back tears or struggling not to cry.  He cared SO MUCH about Sasha, cares so much for the rest of the assistants.
This is one of the most revealing moments for Jon in the whole series, because he fully expects to die, and has a chance to record what he thinks are his last words.  And they’re all for how much he cares about the others and wants to spare them:
Jon:  I just hope this tape works the same, that my voice remains intact. Even if I’m gone, even if it wears a face that people think is mine, p-pulls me apart, becomes me--  Listen!  It is not me!  Whoever hears this: it is not me.
He’s facing the prospect of being erased from the minds of everyone who ever knew him, just like Sasha was erased from his, and he just thinks: how can my face be used to hurt people?  How can I be used to hurt the people I want to protect?
Jon:  I’m sorry.  Martin, Tim… Sasha.  I’m so sorry . I should have-- I didn’t-- I’m sorry.  God, I’m so sorry.   
Jon:  Please forgive me.  If you’re still alive-- if-- if you hear this!  Get as far away from the Magnus Institute--
In what he thinks are his last moments, all his thoughts are only for Tim and Martin.  He apologizes over and over for failing to protect them, and his last words would have been to tell them to run away and be safe.  He comes back to face blame for trapping them, just another spooky monster boss, but he would have done anything for them to be free and safe.
It all gets swallowed up by the chaos and Leitner twist and “no Jon don’t break the table!” but it’s one of my favorite and most treasured Jon moments in the series.
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henryds564 · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Some thoughts on Jon throughout the seasons!
(ID: Five drawings of Jon from the Magnus Archives. In the first he’s standing with stiff posture and crossed arms. He's wearing a button up shirt, a tie, and a vest. In the second he’s walking, holding a tape recording and a folder, looking over his shoulder. He’s wearing a button up shirt, and has several bandages on his arm and face. In the third he’s sitting on the floor, surrounded by papers. He’s holding a paper in one hand and a cigarette in the other. He’s wearing a tee shirt, and has bandages wrapped around his neck and right hand. In the fourth he’s standing with a hunched posture, cradling a cup of tea. He’s wearing a sweater, and his hair is longer. In the fifth he’s in a confrontational stance, his hair blowing in the wind. He’s wearing a flannel and carrying a backpack. End ID)
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Just heard Annie, vocal editor for the magnus archives, say she intentionally picked the lines from Alex that made Martin sound the meanest to Jon during the "gouge your eyes out and elope" scene, and OW that hurts
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archivistbot · 13 hours ago
hey jon! do you know who the avatar of ligma is
ARCHIVIST: [Softly] I… I don’t know.
[Deep breath] What is he?
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feathered-serpents · 6 hours ago
Me: Yeah I’ve been really into the podcast space lately-
Someone: Oh! Do you have any recs? 
Me, about to unleash a 50 page mental power point on Why You Should Listen To The Magnus Archives on this unwitting victim: Glad you asked 
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mmoonchilddd · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Oh to give off Tim Stoker energry...anyway, 3/4 of the S1 archives team done
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toothflowers · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Spider Wife........ I Love U
ID: ( Two drawings of Anabelle Cane from The Magnus Archives. She is a slender black woman, with a short curly bleach blonde undercut and a large scar running along her hair parting and down across her left eyebrow.
The first image is from the hips up. She is wearing a purple pinstripe blouse with short puffy sleeves and red cuffs and front detailing, a black corset with suspenders, a black skirt, a large bow around her neck, white gloves with ruffled cuffs and a large spider earring. She has six arms, with one hand holding a red rotary phone by her hip, one holding the reciever up to her ear, one twirling the phone cord, and the rest spread around her. The background is a white web against a grey background, with simple brightly coloured spiders hanging from various sections.
The second image is full body. She is wearing a 50s style dress with a halter neck and a white web design on the skirt, a red scarf tied around her head, thigh high black stockings, and gold hoop earrings. She is kneeling with one leg up with one arm resting on it, the other arm folded towards her neck. Most of her colouring is in greyscale, but her eyes, earrings, scarf and dress inside are in colour. The background is a bright red, with purple outlines of four simple spider legs coming from behind her back. Text underneath Annabelle reads "Cause I know the Black Widow eats its mate" (Lyrics from Fear and Delight by The Correspondents)) End ID
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transdrhabit · 13 hours ago
"I was written by a man"
"I was written by a woman"
Well *I* was written by Rusty Quill, I am licenced under a creative commons non attribution sharealike 4.0 International license today's episode was written and performed by Jonathan Sims and directed by Alexander J N
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creatrixanimi · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
I drew more Peter for @p1nkwitch ‘s fantasy lonelyeyes au. I can’t stop thinking about it also I wanted to take a shot at his foggy tattoos.
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bananabitch666 · 10 hours ago
I thought only elias’ voice was that sexy but in mag 160 when jon read his statement with the same evil intent i realized perhaps the sexy wasn’t coincidentally evil, but the evil made it sexy all along
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feathered-serpents · 3 hours ago
Me: I really don’t see Jon and Martin as ever having kids, I just don’t think they’d want that and/or consider themselves fit to be parents 
Anybody ever: *draws or writes about Jon and Martin having kids* 
Tumblr media
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mygaydivorce2 · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
POV: you just interrupted the archivist
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mcwebby · 18 hours ago
Do you genuinely think Helen is a better character than Michael or are you just a lesbian?
Tumblr media
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they-grow-up-so-fast · 11 hours ago
Personally my headcanon is that Jon slowly transforms into an old testament angel, and no one really knows how to bring it up, so instead they just go "wow you look tired" and pray to god he'll look in the mirror
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milktian · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Annabelle cane my detested (affectionate)
(Edit: tumblr nerfed the quality I'm so fucking mad rn)
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archivistbot · 13 hours ago
Jon, what was your first kiss with Martin like?
ARCHIVIST: I was a bit awkward, to say the least, and it was just so fast it was a bit disorientating, but it was… special. I’ve never really given much thought to the specialness of a kiss, but there was something about it that I could never put into words. It was almost spiritual in a way.
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kingthreshie-official · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Mild s5 Spoilers But;;;
Its easier to find a color that isn’t in this drawing
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crappy-bard · 6 hours ago
How in podcasts does everyone know total strangers’ pronouns? That’s the most fantastical shit in any show. Like
“Hey, person I’ve never spoken to nor met, you use he/they pronouns and I’m gonna respect them while I actively try to kill you”
I fucking love queer content and podcasts are the best.
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clockheartedcrocodile · 5 hours ago
I’m re-listening to the whole Magnus Archives from the beginning and I gotta say, there’s something really fantastic about this longform queer horror story in which a ragtag group of misfits get thrown together to investigate the paranormal and instead of forming a loving and morally-praiseworthy Found Family they just fucking combust and actively make each other worse
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