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#the magnus archives
cirrus-grey · 23 hours ago
Jon's Thoughts: A Timeline
S1: Ugh, Martin -> Ah yes, Martin. I respect his opinions and will protect him at all costs.
S2: I am rapidly falling in love with Martin -> Oh god oh no what if he lied to me??? Oh it was just his CV? -> I am rapidly falling in love with Martin.
S3: I am in love with Martin but I cannot tell him!
S4: I am in love with Martin and he must know!
S5: Yeah we're in love, keep scrolling.
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gavinns · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Jonathan J’archivist was absolutely the coolest kid at uni in the early-mid 2000s am I right or am I right
Based on [this] absolute classic
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sunflowers-and-frogs · 8 hours ago
jon in s1-3: martin is so incompetent. i would do anything to make sure he's safe. i hope he gets diced. i will confess my biggest secrets to him. he wants to kill me. he is innocent and i'm being irrational. he is my best friend and only confidant. he is a hindrance to my self sacrificing instincts. i am going to confess my love to him. i am going to ignore him to keep him safe.
jon in s4:
Tumblr media
100% based on this post
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dathen · 2 hours ago
For all of Jon’s prickliness and willingness to fire back when attacked, it’s fascinating how quick he is to drop a grudge*. The split second Melanie shows any vulnerability in TMA 63, he not only PERMANENTLY drops their feud (everything after that is 100% one-sided from her end), but he does her a favor!! No warming-up period required! Nothing asked for in return, not even an apology!
Like we have our much more drastic examples over and over through the series: Jon forgiving Basira’s treatment of him despite no apology offered, Jon insisting Georgie didn’t owe him friendship after she cut him off without warning when he needed help most, Jon saving Daisy and embracing her as a friend despite her trying to kill him and his lingering fear… But somehow, this completely mundane instant is what stands out the most to me. It’s before he loses all self-worth and values every other person above himself—this is just him, just everyday Jon.
As soon as she starts telling him about the others turning on her, he says he’s sorry for her, and commiserates (“I know what it’s like to be looked down on by your peers,” aka what she did to him from the start of their very first meeting, ironically), and turns his sights to take jabs at those who abandoned her. And then, of course, promises to get her library access like she needed. “You’re the closest thing I have to a friend, here,” she says awkwardly, and he quickly rises to the opportunity. And never goes on the attack against her again.
*s1 Martin aside, which Doylistically was established as a comedic note before Jon was even considered a character in his own right. On a Watsonian level, we could maybe argue that realizing the foolishness and harm of his grudge vs. Martin led to character development of him working against ever holding grudges again.
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babbleduck · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Let's gouge out our eyes and make out" or something
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firepowerwalkwithme · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
old little doodle i never finished of Jon with fangs bc he deserves nice things
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oakleaf--bearer · 16 hours ago
the moment jon realised that martin was attractive was when he saw him packing bags just before the team left for the unknowing and martin had the top button of his shirt unbuttoned and his sleeves rolled up
jon saw forearm and immediately 'hmm pretty- wait, pretty'
martin just looked up from where he was putting c4 stuff into a bunch of backpacks to see jon standing in the doorway to the break room blushing furiously and is like 'hey, you good?'
and jon just squeaks 'yeah i'm gay- i mean great!'
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welcometogrouchland · 11 hours ago
oohgeyd could you please draw. could you draw martin nd sasha
Tumblr media
[image ID: digital drawing of Sasha James and Martin Blackwood from the Magnus archives. Sasha is a thin black woman with brown skin, textured red-brown hair and glasses wearing a pink collared shirt. Martin is a fat black man with medium brown skin, dark hair and glasses wearing a dark brown shirt. Sasha is whispering to Martin with her hand over mouth. Martin is listening and has his hand behind his ear. Sasha has a slightly mischievous expression while martin looks somewhat shocked. Orange, red and white speech bubbles come from Sasha. The background is a blue-green. End ID]
HC Martin and Sasha biggest gossips in the archives
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mcwebby · 18 hours ago
“headcanon” this. “headcanon” that. if i say tim stoker hit a man with a car in a redbull induced rage at age 19 there is absolutely nothing you can do to convince me otherwise or disprove me.
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jevonne · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
they’re dads 🥲
a scene from my fic Do It All Anew wherein Jon and Martin reconnect with their lost daughter (and each other 👀) after nine years apart.
(edit: reuploaded with the shading layer turned off bc i decided i like the flat colors better 😳)
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ocdjonsims · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Manuela Dominguez | Avatar of the Dark
do not repost
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archivistbot · 5 hours ago
Jon, can you describe how you feel about your humanity?
ARCHIVIST: Uh, well, we, we, we’re, we’re made of… well, I guess you’d call it, flesh.
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tired-dummy · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
catboy!Martin with some lighting and pose practice.
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tmatarot · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
✨👁 TMA Tarot: Production Update 👁✨
Hello dear readers! It’s once again time for our regular production updates to keep you all in the loop as our project progresses. Keep reading below the cut for updates and merch previews!
Currently, here is how things are going:
As always, you can find the previous update with all its goodies here. As of last time, all stickers, sticker sheets, charms, pins, polaroids, and prints were in.
The journals are currently still in transit while the decks, guidebooks, and music boxes are all in production.
The deck bag redos are also now in production. (See previous update for elaboration and for information on how to let us know if you want extra, undersized deck bags.)
We’ve been sent some pictures of the music box proof by our manufacturer! There are a few surprises we won’t show just yet, but take a look at the lid!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Right now, projected shipping date is late August or September, mostly due to the bag hiccup which has lengthened production time a bit.
Thanks for tuning in! We will see you in another two weeks!
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ashes-in-a-jar · 49 minutes ago
Post finale AU where the entities move on to the next worlds to feed on fear in them but because they are bound to the tapes and the story they tell, their nature ends up changing fundamentally.
See, we all know the magnus archives is actually a romance in horror disguise which is why, when the Fears are bound to this romantic story and to the voice of this caring person who just wants to do good by others, they change to becoming more complex and even somewhat benevolent to reflect that.
Once they get to other worlds, they no longer feed only on fear but are compelled to find love and care as well.
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