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the lukas family has finnish roots because everyone who has been to finland knows that this place is the perfect breeding ground for the lonely to manifest in and also only arguably exists which makes it even more perfect for the lonely. the only reason the lukas family has spread out to other places is because finland is so lonely that they got bored and they want to make everyone else like that too

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Ratner have you been taking care of yourself?

[Tired] Oh, yeah. I’ve been.

Well, you owe me one, Ratner. One… favor.


Take care of yourself.

Alright, fine.

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ELIAS (JONAH)\nYou’ve lost, Peter, admit it. He played you like a… (gleefully) like a… cheap juul

No, he didn’t play me like that.

No, really, he played you like a brat.

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who knocked over my onions????

(No, I know, I know, a… I-It’s a lot to take in, you know.

They’re not onions, Archivist. They’re… they’re an… they’re an apple.

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I feel like kicking this hornet’s nest. best tma ships:

  1. adelard/gertrude: absolutely fucking choice. the MORAL PHILOSOPHY of it all! I want to read a fic where they spend 17,000 words arguing about aquinas and then they fuck
  2. daisy/basira: self explanatory. only knocked out of the top spot because I’m catholic and like this about everything
  3. jon/elias: hot, bad, interesting. elias is very awful and very fascinating and machiavellian and he brings out the worst in jon, which is excellent. bonus points for the horny religious overtones
  4. gertrude/elias: KISSES M’FINGERS…the absolutely delicious tension of two people with near-identical psychologies who’ve chosen to point themselves in precisely opposing directions! they’re so wonderfully similar and perfect foils for one another, which is the best thing for a ship to be
  5. gertrude/agnes: no idea how they would have actually been together but this is THEMATICALLY IMPECCABLE— they’re both reluctant avatars of destruction, duty-burdened and somewhat miserable. bonus points for eldritch soulmates

hon. mention: jon/“michael”, gertrude/basira (LISTEN), gertrude/gerry, jude/agnes, manuela/jon

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