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no caption other than black lives matter & black trans lives matter thank u goodbye

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Who’s the best of the 4HW of WWE?

Wrestle: A - B - C - D

Gimmick: D - B - C - A

Moves: A - C - B - D

On the Mic: A - D - C - B

Championship: C - A - B - D

My favorite: C - B - D - A

The Queen - The Boss - The Hugger - The Man

The past, present and future of WWE

(just my personal opinion)

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I’m so sad. Honestly. I think I need to get off of here for now. I’m not leaving I just can’t keep praying and hoping that we will get some long post or donation update or something.

Keep your friends accountable, so I’m holding you accountable Taylor. I know you have a good heart. But you are breaking the hearts of millions of fans.

Silence can be violent.



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Guys Taylor’s The Man is up against JB’s Yummy (yeah, I know how that sounds 😂 😂) for vH1 India’s summer league competition, and we need to vote for her so she can make it to the finals!! Beliebers are a huge army but I’m sure we can win this round if we all vote together!

All you have to do is like and comment on this post in order for The Man to earn votes, so let’s do this!!

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so, these riots. from what I hear, the idea behind them is to cause so much economic damage that the government will never allow an officer to murder anyone ever again. you guys are a bunch of fucking morons.

You think you’re sticking it to the man. You’re giving the man more power.

Do you understand how capitalism works? no, you don’t. it runs on supply and demand, and you know what that means? the more demand there is for a service, and the less supply there is, the more wealth a business can aquire.

the supply here is jobs, and you just destroyed a fuck ton of them.

now demand is up, and the plutocrat bastards can hire and fire whoever the hell they want.

when you burn down a franchise, it will be back up in a matter of weeks. when you burn down a small business, on the other hand, it’s fucking gone. those people are not just going to rebuild and start again. they’re going to get a minimum wage job at McDonalds like the rest of us. and then you have the employees. minimum wage, at best. they’re already suffering because they can’t get to work during the virus, and now they’re never going to go back to work again.

The man can take more hits than we can possibly throw at him. The little guy? you just fucking ripped out his guts and left him in the streets.


look at the history of the great depression, and who was hurt the worst. when businesses started laying off workers, the first ones they laid off were black workers. you know what else? the last workers to get hired back on after the depression were also black workers. Why? because americans are fucking racist, that’s why.

you have screwed over the very population you’re trying to help.


PS: by the way, thanks for encouraging the government to institute martial law. it’s like you’re trying to make america into a racist fascist dictatorship.

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Husband pointed out that I entered the workforce a few years before he did, so it makes sense that I would experience burn out before he does. Though, he’s such a worker, gets The Man, unlike me, so he may never burn out.

*The Man rewards him. He’s in the right line of work.

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