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#the man really is going for the ken doll vibes with his outfits - just gonna wear green and black to the end of time
oneawkwardcookie · 8 days ago
There’s something about Eddie and Buck in the kitchen scene and then the balcony scene, where both times Eddie is dressed far more formally (BOTH times in a black shirt and green trousers) and Buck is in a hoodie.
Something about “I’m not really a guest” but Eddie maybe not feeling quite the same way about himself in Buck’s house, despite having a key, despite finding such comfort (3x09) and the ability to be emotionally vulnerable (3x12), and despite it being a safe place for Christopher (4x08).
Something about Eddie still holding back, being a little buttoned up, keeping a little figurative and literal distance (could you stand any further away in 5x04???)
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omisbreakfast · a year ago
i rank every summer outfits from a3! because??
because i can. also fuck you.
the first version of this was deleted by tumblr in my drafts and now i have to re write it entirely and i fucking hate it here... anyways.
i’m biased as fuck
sorry it’s a long post
Tumblr media
harugumi :
itaru : yeah no actually it’s pretty fine. ngl itaru is kinda hot when he dress correctly so there’s that. also, he’s often in pink. it suits him, but i don’t like it. still.... cute. but it’s also itaru so not too much praises. 9/10
citron : why.......... the shoes.... what the fuck are those shoes.... where did you even find them..... do you wanna fight or something.... this fills me with rage... you’ve disappointed me, citron... also hate the shirt. 3/10
tsuzuru : casual, soft, classic boy... nothing much to say here. but WHY THE FUCKING HAT??? IT RUINS EVERYTHING...... at least wear it correctly PLEASE. YOU DUMABSS. and the shoes would have been better in another color. i just,,,,, why tsuzuru, why the hat... 4/10
sakuya : i can’t bring myself to say bad things about sakuya. (also the fact that i don’t remember what i wrote before the first version of this post got deleted in my drafts pisses me off) but like,,, he’s cute. i mean it’s a classic outfit. tho the choice of the shirt is questionable as fuck. also HES SO TINY BABY. 6/10
masumi : yeah no actually i like it. i really like the shirt for some reason, it suits him. BUT BUT BUT the pants looks weird as hell LMAO?? like... it makes him looks like a crotch less ken doll??? it’s,,, really weird. also the shoes are.... hmmm.... overall good balance but there’s some weird stuffs going on. 7/10
chikage : garbage boy stink man. fucking looks like a rich white boy coming home from tennis and i fucking hate it here ™ if i’m objective about this it’s actually NOT bad but it loses several points for the sole reason that it’s fucking chikage and i won’t take shit for it. 6/10
Tumblr media
natsugumi :
kazunari : why. why do you do this. why. why. how am i supposed to ever learn how to love when you backstab me like this, kaz ? what do we do now ? i trusted you and you betrayed me. i can never find love ever again............ yeah ok. pls let’s skip to the next one.... 2/10 (and two points is because it’s kaz and i just can’t bring myself to truly hate him.)
yuki : it’s not bad but i hate this dress. like. his outfits are usually ok but this? no. YOU LOOK LIKE A GOOD CHRISTIAN BOY, DAMN IT YUKI. are YOU GOING TO CHURCH TO PRAISE THE LORD TODAY TOO? also the colour of it... no. 4/10
tenma : congrats you rich boy you finally have a decent outfit ! though i don’t understand the concept of your zip being infront but ok. bet his stans like it smh. also i like the color of his jacket. very nice. 8/10
muku : baby i love u so much but u look like the pinterest girls who take aesthetic pictures in flowers fields and are smiling like the sun @ the camera.......... which is not per se but it’s a whole vibe. also stop wearing orange. it doesn’t go with your hair well........ ilu cutie. 8/10
misumi : my sweet boy. why are you wearing an hoodie with a jacket. why. it’s summer you idiot. you’ll get overheated. stop. but overall he looks very nice. idk i just think he’s neat......... i. i love u @ misumi. 9/10 (don’t look at me)
kumon : he... he looks like.... a j-j-j*ck..... which he is............... i just........... oh my god. i love kumon but he IS a jock i JUST ???? LALFKGKK. also his fucking shoes makes me lose my mind because this is so fucking bullshit ???? so ugly it hurts my eyes.... he’s lucky he’s a good boy. 4/10
Tumblr media
akigumi :
juza : nah he hot as hell in this pass on it. if you’re asking yourself why he looks so good, here’s your answer : his arms. his arms are great. i can excuse his sandales this time cuz IT IS summer but yeah. yeah no he’s cute and- yeah. ok. yeah. hm hm. 9.5/10
taichi : so the thing with taichi is that his style is NOT bad per se but like. he’s a skater boy. so my standards are already very low for him,,,, like no offence i love taichi so much but,,,, that’s how it be.... his shirts are usually so big he looks like a GOD DAMN FLAG i can’t with this. and i don’t like how baggy his pants are but yeah,,,, it’s just a whole look.... anyways................ 6/10
omi : in which yosei boys decided to fucking test my patience by putting on classic, good looking clothes and decided to absolutely ruin my entire hopes and dreams (if i’m being dramatic ? no i am not.) AND their WHOLE outfits adding an useless stupid fucking hat thay doesnt seems even to be worn properly. omi, tsuzuru, you’ll pay for this. 7/10
sakyo : (i’m tired as heck and i almost forgot about sakyo when he’s right in the middle) actually i like this. it’s color coordinated and i think that’s very nice. but i wish his pants would have been a little bit longer. yeah no that’s it for real. also idk what’s about this outfit but he really shows how skinny he really is LMAOOO. shithead sakyo. 8/10
azami : the thing about azami is that usually his upper half is pretty well dressed, or whatever, but when we look at his pants/shoes its where everything goes to shit. Like ???? what the fuck man you could have done so much better if you didn’t decide to put this gigantic pants who looks like you’re gonna fly with it or fucking whatever (i don’t need to make sense i’m TIRED) also his shoes bothers me. can’t believe he’s fucking 15 like shut up. 6/10
banri : ...... *inhales* FUCK YOUUUUUUUUUUU. fuck you and your ugly ass little hat and your zombie like haircut i. fucking despise you. if he were standing right infront of me, no he wouldn’t be because he would deck him so hard. YOU HAVE THE MONEY TO BUY CLOTHES AND THE TIME TO TRY AND MAKE IT LOOK GOOD ?? SO WHY???? what’s going on in your ugly ass little head bitch. THANK YOU god he isn’t wearing any animal prints in this, thats one thing. imagine this awful outfit with the ugly shoes and stUPID FUCKING HAT that i hate, with a leopard print shirt.... yeah cursed. i know. sorry banri stans i cant hear you over the sound of your man fishing with joe and bertrand on a sunday morning at 6am. 3/10
Tumblr media
fuyugumi :
tasuku : ... idk man. he’s just there. why is... his shoes... so flashy........ bruh...... also he looks like a very straight man and idk how to feel about this. we know u gay bitch. 7/10
hisoka : except for the fucking weird ass pants it’s actually ok. he looks.... very comfy. 10/10 would CUDDLE...... pls hisoka.... i’m tired... fluffy boy..... ugh..... i don’t have much to say about this ok he just.... spare some cuddles. 7/10
actually i like it. well. there’s two things that bothers me. GREEN. DOESN’T. SUIT. HIM. PERIOD. if u think otherwise i’m sorry. it’s just awful with his purple hair (or whatever color it is) imo. and the second..... the square should have been a triangle. i won’t take no’s. 8.5/10
tsumugi : ngl tsumugi gives me little lost boy looking for his mommy vibes. at first i thought it was his outfits but no, it’s just his face. and this ? doesn’t make it better. idk how to explain but how he wears his shirt makes it look like he’s floating and it’s kinda cute in a... special way. he’s just a very sweet boy. 7/10
azuma : i can’t bring myself to even say bad things about azuma... it’s physical. i just can’t. i have a theory his power is that strong and therefore i cannot critizice this beauty. he just. is. ya know........ sigh...... 9/10
guy : if he dresses like this, that’s.... that’s not your man, ladies. that’s your loving, hardworking and dedicated husband who just went to pick some flowers in the prairies next to your little farm in the middle of the nowhere but who’s still paradise on earth cuz it’s the two of you and you couldn’t ask for anything more. deadass. fucking peasants. 4/10
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goron-king-darunia · a year ago
Annon-Guy: Hope you liked the Symphonia Swimsuit and Swimwear outfits. How would you rank them? P.S. Sorry there isn't official swimwear art for Regal and Kratos and there isn't any swimwear art for Richter and Decus yet.
I do like the swim gear. Also you’re not in charge of character design so don’t apologize that there aren’t swimsuits for some characters. XD That’s Bandai Namco’s fault.  The girls all have better swimsuits than the boys because the boys just have trunks and accessories while the girls have some variation. I think I like Colette’s swimsuit best because it looks like it’s a one-piece/full swimsuit with a little scarf/towel/skirt for decoration and her hair us up in cute braids. Presumably, the little brown skirt part comes off while swimming so you can dry off and put it on again after so it gets a modesty and practicality bonus. After that, it’s probably a tie between Marta and Presea. Both their suits really complement their eyes and they’re cute and sexy without being provocative. Sheena COULD be in this tier if there was a boy in the lineup wearing a speedo to be equally provocative, but sadly, Sheena’s just relegated to being-eye candy so she loses points there. So bottom tier is Sheena (for reasons I stated above) Raine and Alice because while I like Raine’s suit, there’s nothing really remarkable about it. I like the skirt element and how the mature but not too sexy two-piece suit. Shows she has a fun side/ isn’t overly reserved but still doesn’t just flaunt her assets. As for Alice, something about the swimsuit design feels... badly proportioned to me. I like the floral element, but the top looks like it has more substance than the bottoms and that makes her look a bit top-heavy when you add in the hat. If the bottoms were a bit longer, maybe I would like it better? But skirted bathing suits are hard to swim in, so unless Alice’s swimsuit is just for walking by the sea or is made of really light material, it’s kind of impractical for bathing/swimming in.  As for the existing boys: I think I like Emil best. He’s sporty, but not too sporty and the top is a good choice for sunny days when you don’t want to get sunburnt and it’s something easy to take off or put on depending on how warm the weather is. The hood’s a little silly but I guess it would keep the sun off you a bit, and I like the hem and sleeve elements on the top. If Lloyd’s shoes are actually sandals and not flippers, I like his second best, even though he should probably take off the snorkel to play volleyball. His trunks are sensible and have a place to put his swords, obviously. If his footwear is flippers, I hate his suit most because COME ON, those are weird to walk in and he should be falling on his face trying to play volleyball in flippers! That’s like trying to run a marathon in clown shoes! Genis would be my next favorite after that. It’s kind of plain, but the little kitty elements on his shoes are really cute. His orange trunks with blue shoes and details would make him really cute with Presea. And then there’s Zelos. Minimum of two bracelets but it looks like he’s wearing SIX bracelets. Some of the girls are wearing accessories too, but it’s only a couple bangles. Furthermore, what the girls are wearing look like they clasp closed or are solid metal so they probably won’t come off on accident. Most of Zelos’s bracelets look tied on and would probably loosen and come off in the ocean. Maybe the blue band is an elastic hairtie, which is fair enough, and maybe the yellow band is a silicone bracelet, but unless the ties on the rest are also elastics he’s gonna lose them in the sea and I hate that. XD Also that shirt? Gaudy as hell and doesn’t look good with his trunks. Black, red and yellow look ugly next to that light blue and pinkish red! The stripes also seem so... simultaneously old-man vibes and young kid vibes. XD. The sunglasses are kinda cool, but it looks like he either got henna or put on a temporary tattoo just for the beach which MAKES NO SENSE TO ME! If it’s henna, I guess it’s forgivable, because henna doesn’t wash off unless you scrub hard, but like... WHY WOULD YOU PUT ON SOMETHING THAT WILL FADE IN THE SUN OR WASH OFF IN THE SEA TO GO TO THE BEACH?! If I had to speculate on the other boys’ suits. Decus and Regal seem the most likely candidates for a speedo or briefs. Decus would honestly probably have, like some black briefs with yellow and purple elements like what he wears on his normal clothes, a white towel around his neck or something, and he would be carrying like, 6 bags of beach supplies like an umbrella and collapsable tent and a folding beach chair and a picnic basket and stuff. All for Alice of course. Regal would probably wear trunks considering most of the rest of the cast, even the slutty Zelos, wears trunks. But if not, I can imagine him with black or dark blue briefs and maybe an unbuttoned white, short-sleeved shirt. I want to say he wears waterwings to match the handcuff aesthetic, but probably not. XD. Kratos has major old-timey dad vibes so I just imagine him with some weird, too-big trunks with the long drawstrings with some kind of hibiscus pattern and a Hawaiian shirt with some sort of tropical print on it.  Richter is a weird case to think about (and I love him so obviously he gets his own paragraph. Richter would be so funny to see in a Speedo, and I HAVE seen someone draw him in briefs, but I don’t think he would dress that way. We’ve only ever seen official art of him fully covered up, and even though his Lord of flame outfit is slutty as hell because of all that exposed chest skin and that LOW, LOW, SLUTTY SLUTTY dip right near his crotch, he still has everything covered. His nipples probably wouldn’t be drawn, but they would theoretically be covered in the Lord of Flames mode. They give Richter Ken Doll Anatomy in the Lord of Flames mode because if they didn’t it would be... weird. But presumably, we’re meant to interpret that the suit covers everything, even the hair that should probably be down there peeking up above that SLUTTY, SLUTTY dip. But even with Lord of Flame’s sluttiness, the important bits are still (presumably) covered and so is all the rest of him. He even has that billowing coat element. So, I theorize that Richter prefers to be covered up. So while I could see him in a wetsuit, I doubt he’d wear that to the beach, mostly because I don’t think he owns a full wetsuit and partly because while that is in-keeping with his “skin-tight, full-body coverage” aesthetic, it also reads as “surfer” which he probably isn’t and “diver” which I doubt he’d have the other gear for. If he was going spear-fishing, maybe. And he might! But Richter doesn’t strike me as a guy that just has that gear. So what I THINK I can see him wearing is probably a tight rashguard (basically a swimsuit-material “t-shirt” meant to keep the sun off your body while you swim without getting in your way) and some tight trunks instead of loose trunks like the rest of the boys are wearing. They could be in a nice purple like on his usual costume, or maybe a soft blue or teal, perhaps with a fish print to remind us of Aqua? That being said, if Bandai Namco decided he should wear a slutty, slutty speedo with his butt hanging out, I wouldn’t complaiiiin. I’d just be very confused and also if they didn’t deliberately draw him all sexy and sweaty I would be mad because if you’re gonna put him in a slutty bathing-suit, you should at LEAST lean into that. Emil’s drawn sweaty/wet like he’s on a magazine cover. If you draw Richter in a speedo and don’t make him wet, that’s just a wasted opportunity. I would also shit myself laughing if they drew him in short clothes but confirmed Richter’s skintone is just his level of tan and he just has a really weird case of “business man tan.” Like farmers tan but the only part of him that’s tan is his fucking head. XD I doubt that’s the case though. Lord of Flames mode suggests that Richter’s skintone is the same all over his body, because his exposed chest and belly match his face, even though the skin is darker and more purple in Lord of Flames mode.
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