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skidspace · 3 minutes ago
Tumblr media
I think Cobb would be a good singer
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absurdthirst · 39 minutes ago
Frozen Series {Mando x F!Reader}
Tumblr media
You are part of Mando’s crew and jealousy arises when you are with his covert and the idea of breeding comes up. You and Mando have to face your feelings for one another and it will change things between you. 
**Warnings are individual to each chapter but this series revolves around breeding kinks, childbirth and lactation kinks.
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alderaana · an hour ago
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hi lovelies!
wordcount: 1072
warnings: foul language? mentions of pedophilia from last chap
reminder this is a mando fic, but there is going to be a bit of an introduction, also some things that may not be CANONICALLY correct to star wars is because of my own personal choice!
It was always feverish whenever landing on Tatooine, but the rush of gaining more credits to spend was always going to be my favorite. I was so ready to cash the target in because I was promised big bucks. R7 helped land the ship as I watched the landing people scramble from being squished. The only thing I enjoy besides the gain of money on this planet is the humidity.
My outfit consisted of a cream colored feet length skirt, paired with a white cropped v neck tank-top, don't ever tell me I don't have the best fashion sense in the galaxy. I buckled my belt holster and grabbed the target, throwing him on the sling that I used and made my way down the ramp.
I lie a lot, I said there was only two things I enjoyed about Tatooine, there's one more thing. The strut I do from my ship to the guild. I get stares as I haul in the most wanted in the galaxy and it always pisses off some older hunter. Like I fucking care. I made my way into the guild and just like the castle in Takodana, all eyes are on me when I enter.
Greef locked eyes with me as soon as I entered the building, a huge smile across his face as he knew who I was bringing in. The air in the guild felt thick as I made my way over, but personally I really don't fucking care. Sitting down, Greef already was starting his bullshit.
"successful again! always the best huh? not one failure yet!"
"yeah yeah cut the bullshit you know what i'm here for."
The old man chuckled as he reached into his pocket, throwing the credits onto the table.
"Always straight to the point, that's what I like about cha kid."
I swept the credits towards me, making sure he didn't pull any shit this time, and he hadn't.
"what's my options right now."
Greef's face changed quickly from happiness to disdain.
"I gotta be honest with you kid, there's nothing really happening in the galaxy that would be high stakes like you enjoy."
"oh cmon. Stop fucking babying me, the last 'high stakes' job I just brought to you barely required effort."
Greef slammed his fist on the table, lifting his hand to point at me.
"Now don't you get pissy with me kid, that last mission killed three of my best guild members."
"How the fuck can a toydarian kill that many guild members and all it took me was a little snazz to my voice and the temptations of pedophilia to catch him?"
I could tell I was pissing him off with the way he was trying to maintain his composure. His finger that was directed to me, now balled up in a fist in his lap.
"You know what kid, there's a fucking job I've been holding from you only because I am the only adult figure in your life I feel like you somewhat listen to."
This is exactly what I wanted, I was playing his own game against him.
"Alright what is it."
"I need you to follow someone for me."
The croaker leaned forward, now speaking in a whisper.
"You see him? shiny beskar. I need you to follow him."
The attention was centered on a man dressed in armor across the room, talking with some sand people.
"The fuck? why do I need to follow HIM?"
Greef coughed, looking back at me.
"It's because you need to make sure he follows through with his mission. I tasked him with something I've sent about half the guild on but I have such a strange feeling about him. I'll give you as many credits as you want when you get back."
Now this was enticing, to follow someone mysterious and also get as much fucking money as I wanted just to stalk someone? fucking teenage dream right there.
"Fine. You have any idea what he pilots? Need it so I can sit outside the planet and follow him."
"He pilots the Razor Crest."
"Alright. You better keep your bargain up, I'll leave in 20 minutes, need to grab a bite to eat."
I sit up, checking my holster to make sure everything was intact, shaking his hand before making my way out of the guild. I made my way to the street market, purchasing some fruits and meats that I always purchase whenever I'm down here.
Munching on something I can only describe as a mixture of grape and raspberry, I make my way back to my ship. That is until I notice him, he was making his way towards his ship which I took a mental note of. This was before I realized that he was loading up to leave.
I whipped my phone out, calling R7 to make sure that he was starting up the ship as I ran towards mine. Fuck this was already starting off so bad.
I finally made my way to the ship and the ramp lifted up as I asked R7 to track the Razor Crest so we didn't lose it in the midst of hyperspace. Sitting in the seat of the pilots cockpit was so relieving and honestly I was just exhausted already. R7 chirping as he joined next to me, trying to keep me as awake as possible as the tracker showed the distance we had away from this dumbass ship.
Razor Crest really? my ships name is so much fucking cooler than that. I love my ship because its an earlier resistance ship, the idea of it was a ship that holds about 5-7 people, a basic crew. The interesting part about this ship is that it was one of the first designs before the X-wing one pilot concept. This ship moves fast and stores so much. To be honest, the way I came about this ship was super fucking easy too. I bought her off of a seller on earth, R7 actually came along with it and he's the closest thing I really have to a best friend.
I named the ship Pangea. I really don't like being from earth, but honestly the name Pangea was perfect for her. I love my rust bucket. Anyways, this dude i'm following is definitely going far, the tracker keeps trying to predict where he's trying to land but it is just failing so miserably.
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this-is-the-wayy · an hour ago
No. 25 with din pls?
Huge fingers
Tumblr media
25. “You look so pretty with my fingers inside you”
Din Djarin x Female Reader
A/N: I really enjoyed writing this. I hope you enjoy reading it. By the way for this fic, pretend the Razor Crest wasn’t destroyed.
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Helmet off, fluff, first kiss, swearing, masturbating, fingering, squirting, 18+
Word count: 1.1K
Summary: You and Din are friends, but three months after being hired as a crew member on the Razor Crest, you admit to him that you have a crush on him. What will happen next?
After helping Mando rescue Grogu, he hired you as a crew member on the Razor Crest. He’s been very miserable since giving the kid up and you are always there to cheer him up.
You both get on really well. He’s even told you his name. Din.
You’ve even seen his face. Yeah, you saw it when he said goodbye to Grogu. But when he walks around the ship, in front of you, without it on, it makes you smile because it shows that he’s comfortable around you.
It’s been three months, since he hired you and you have a huge crush on him. You haven’t told him though because you’re scared in case he doesn’t feel the same way about you, that you feel about him.
Right now, you’re just cleaning up the cockpit, like you do every day.
Din walks into the cockpit, after spending some time in the hull and sits down in the pilot seat. The ship’s still in hyperspace, so you both still have a while until the ship lands.
You have finished cleaning, so you sit down in the passenger seat that’s behind Din.
You look at Din, wondering if you should tell him that you have a crush on him. Din feels you looking at him. “What’s wrong?” Din asks you. You didn’t expect him to say anything, so you’re lost for words. “Well?” He asks you. “It- it doesn’t matter.” You reply to him.
You get up out of your seat, walk into the hull and get in your bed, wrapping yourself in your blanket and closing your eyes. You’re not tired. Not at all. You’re just resting your mind, so you can think clearly. Decide if you want to tell him that you like him or not.
You hear someone walking into the hull. Heavy footsteps approach you. You open your eyes and see Din standing in front of your bed. “You need to tell me the truth.” Din tells you. You don’t say anything for a few moments, so you can think carefully about what you’re about to tell him. “I have a crush on you.” You eventually tell him. You shyly, hold your blanket up to your face, hiding your face behind it.
“Look at me, Y/N.” Din says to you. You take your blanket from your face and look up at him. “It’s okay.” Din tells you. “I like you too.” He continues to say. “You do?” You ask him with a smile on your face. “Yeah.” He replies to you. Din doesn’t have his helmet on, so you can see he’s telling the truth. Just by looking in his eyes.
“Why do you like me?” You ask him. Din smiles at you. “You’re gorgeous and you’re always helping me out with things, even when I don’t ask you too and you’re always making sure I’m okay. You’ve got most likely the kindest heart in the galaxy. There isn’t a single I’ve met in my entire life who’s as kind as you.” He tells you. You smile at him in response and he smiles back at you.
Din sits down, next to you on the bed. He strokes your cheek and you look deep into each other’s eyes. “Can I kiss you?” Din asks you. “I’d like that.” You reply to him.
Din cups your cheek and leans in. You both brush your lips together. The kiss feels perfect. It’s like the missing piece to the difficult jig saw puzzle of your life. You hold onto Din’s neck and part your lips slightly, so that Din’s tongue can enter. And it does. The way your tongues are massaging each other, feels amazing.
You both pull away from the kiss, looking deep into each other’s eyes. Din looks at you like you’re the most beautiful thing, he’s ever seen in his entire life.
Din has gone back to the cockpit. Before you can join him, there’s one thing you need to sort out. You’re pleasure. The kiss that you and Din shared, made you so horny. You lie down, making sure your blanket covers your entire body. You remove your leggings, panties, shirt and bra, throwing them onto the floor. You move your hand down to your pussy and start rubbing circles around your clit, with one of your fingers. It feels amazing. You bite your bottom lip to stop yourself from moaning. You add a finger to your pussy, that’s soaking wet for Din and start thrusting your finger in and out of it, making yourself moan. With each thrust, your moans get louder and louder. You add a second finger. Fuck, it feels amazing. You cry out in pleasure, rolling your eyes back. You don’t realise Din is in the hull, near the ladder. He was checking to see when you were coming up to the cockpit. He didn’t think you’d be fingering yourself. But he can’t help but watch you. He thinks you look so gorgeous like that. “DIN!” You cry out, not realising he’s there. “Yes, princess?” He asks you. You smirk at him, still fingering yourself. “Are you just gonna stand there or are you gonna OH FUCK gonna come over her and watch?” You ask Din, moaning. Din walks over to you and sits next to you on the bed, watching every move your fingers make inside you. After a few more thrusts your legs start shaking. You scream in pleasure and you roll your eyes back. You remove your fingers, as explosions of cum squirt out of your pussy.
“You know, cyar’ika, if you wanted me to finger you, you should’ve just told me.” Din tells you. “Can you finger me, Din?” You ask him. “Yeah, princess, I’d love too.” He replies to you with a smirk on his face. Din moves his hand down to your pussy and starts rubbing your clit with one of his huge fingers. You moan. His finger feels so amazing against your clit. “Are you ready for my fingers, baby?” Din asks you. “Yes, please.” You reply to him, moaning. Din gives you a smile and adds a finger, thrusting it in and out of your wet pussy, making you moan. Your moans get louder and louder with every thrust. “Another finger oh fuck please add another finger.” You beg him. Din smirks and adds another finger, thrusting it in and out of your soaking wet pussy, making you moan very loudly. “You look so pretty with my fingers inside you.” Din tells you. “F-fast- oh yes please go faster.” You beg him. Din speeds up, making you cry out in pleasure and making your eyes roll back. “Y-your huge fingers feel so ama- OH FUCK, YES! amazing.” You cry out in pleasure. Your legs start to shake. “I’M GONNA CUM!” You cry out in pleasure. “Cum for me, princess.” Din tells you. You scream out in pleasure and Din removes his fingers from your pussy, as oceans of cum squirt out of you pussy.
Din leans in and kisses you on the forehead. “Come on, we’ve come out of hyperspace now. Get dressed.” He says to you, smiling against your forehead.
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ao3feed-themandalorian · 2 hours ago
by beedameron
The first time Din Djarin meets you, it's fleeting.
The second time, it's life changing.
Kair’ta - [my] desperate heart - derived from kairkiyc, meaning the physical pain one might feel when feeling an intense love
Words: 7536, Chapters: 6/?, Language: English
Series: Part 1 of Kair'ta
Fandoms: The Mandalorian (TV), Star Wars - All Media Types
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Categories: F/M
Characters: Din Djarin, Grogu | Baby Yoda
Relationships: Din Djarin/Reader, Din Djarin/You
Additional Tags: reader with backstory, Angst and Romance, Mostly Canon Compliant
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oloreaa-writes · 2 hours ago
Vencuyanir Masterlist
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Archive Warning: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Categories: Gen, F/M
Fandom: The Mandalorian (TV)
Relationships: Din Djarin/Own Character, Din Djarin & Grogu | Baby Yoda, Grogu | Baby Yoda & Original Character(s)
Tags: slow burn, mutual pining, enemies to friends to lovers, canon rewrite/expansion, missing scenes, character study, relationship study, worldbuilding
Warnings: canon-typical violence, angst, specific warnings above each chapter
Chapter 26: The Twin Suns
Summary: Elana gives in to one of Bean's demands. Toro returns without Mando.
Wordcount: 8.7k
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iamscoby · 2 hours ago
No thoughts, just:
”Are you my Jedi?”
”I am.”
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Boba: And that’s when they became horribly LOST!!!
Din: Are we lost?!
Orbit: No.
Boba: He lied~
Orbit: Stop it.
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clints-lucky-arrow · 2 hours ago
If I was to try and create a Star Wars/The Mandalorian discord, would any of my followers/readers be interested in joining?
It wouldn't revolve around my fic at all, just a place to share in something we enjoy!
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wookiee-monster2 · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
The Mandalorian Chapter 12 The Seige
art by Vadim Dvoeglazov
@dvglzv via Instagram
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wookiee-monster2 · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Mythrol, Greef Carga, and Cara Dune
art by Uzuri Art @uzuriartonline via Twitter
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zebaurelius · 3 hours ago
Why do I like the Mandalorians? Well for a start I don't have to misgender myself AND get to use gender neutral pronouns all the time without weird conjugation so that's a plus
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oliviajdjarin · 3 hours ago
Chapter 3: A Bargain
Warnings: violence, anger, Mando being protective, awkwardness, kidnapping, and this is definitely a longer one so buckle up!
Author’s note: Part three of Burning Red! Again, any support is greatly appreciated, please let me know if I missed any warnings, and if you would like to be tagged just lmk! I would love to add you!
Tumblr media
Where has this child been for all these years? How long has Mando had him? Mandalorians were usually pacifists, so maybe Mando isn’t bad? Do I want to stay with the child and learn more? If I do, how would I do that? It’s not like Mando is going to leave him here?
These types of questions ran through your mind as you helped Peli work on Mando’s ship while he was off on his mission. The Child had fallen asleep nearly seconds after Mando left. You couldn’t blame him. That force connection takes a lot out of a person, let alone a child.
“You seem to be making a good connection with that kid,” Peli says, interrupting your thoughts.
You were currently underneath the ship on a rolling table to prop up your back while Peli was working on the outside. She always had you do the more “difficult” parts of repairs, saying that her body was “not like it used to be.” You knew she could handle it and was just using you to get out of the hard stuff, but you didn’t really mind. It wasn’t that bad of a ship for being pre-empire, and you liked the name Razor Crest. It suited the ship.
“Yeah,” you practically yell in reply from under the ship. The sounds of banging and sawing and cutting had been echoing around the hanger for a while, so you had to speak up for her to hear you.
“What are you gonna do,” she asks, obviously referring to your unfortunate situation with the child.
Why does everything have to be so difficult?
You roll yourself from under the ship so you can sit on your butt with your hands on your knees and sigh.
“I don’t know,” you say. You don’t wanna sound defeated, but the exhaustion of the day had been catching up with you. So much had happened already.
“Well, if I am in any way holding you back from going with that thing, then you better get that idea out of your head,” she says while lowering her goggles and wiping the sweat off her forehead.
“What do you mean? I can’t just… leave,” you say. What would you even do? Ask Mando to catch a ride to a random planet light years away as an excuse to spend more time with the child? As if you had the money to pay him for that? And besides, he’s a bounty hunter, not a bus driver. He doesn’t need anyone else’s help. Especially yours.
“Sure you can. You gotta get out of here y/n. I didn’t expect you to live here forever. And besides, the Mandalorian wouldn’t have any reason to hunt you down. He is carrying around a tiny green baby for Maker’s sake,” she says and you sigh while avoiding her gaze. You wipe your runny nose from the suffocating heat, trying to think clearly.
“I know.. but..,” you say and she holds up her hand to stop you from continuing.
“All I’m saying is that Mandalorian has absolutely no clue how to care for a child. You saw what he did! He left that poor thing in that hunk of metal! He saw that the kid didn’t wanna leave your side! I don’t think he would say no to a helper….,” she says while looking at you with a smirk. She puts her goggles back on and goes back to work, and you do the same.
Maybe this is my chance.
You and Peli worked on finishing the ship for another half hour before stopping for dinner. It felt good to get it done. You gave the child some food and giggled at his excitement. He wasn’t connecting with you through the force anymore, but you didn’t care. He was a great little creature to be around.
Maybe Peli was right.
But just like before….. your happiness doesn’t last.
“Hands where I can see them!” a voice yells from the darkness around Mando’s ship.
You immediately grab the child and tuck him into your chest and raise your empty hand. Peli raises her hands too. You react so fast you don’t even process what’s happening.
A figure steps into the light with a blaster pointed right at you.
Your eyes darken and your eyebrows tighten. Your jaw clenches and it takes everything in you not to send him flying through the air and crush his skull against the ground.
No, you think. Breathe. Think. That isn’t you anymore.
“Yeah… that’s what I thought,” he says with the cockiest smirk you’ve ever seen.
This was gonna be hard.
“Now what you’re gonna do, is go inside Mando’s ship over there, and sit on the floor. We will wait for the tin can to come back…and when he does…. you will do as I say,” Toro says and you are shaking now. The situation has finally sunk in and your heartbeat is pounding in your ears.
If you were alone, you would take him, but you can’t risk Peli or the child being shot in your arms.
Wait…….Mando! you think. He’s a MANDALORIAN. This kid has no chance. When he gets back, we can take him down together. I can’t be sure the child is safe unless we outnumber Toro.
That is it. That’s the only way.
“Now make your way towards me. Slowly,” Toro says and Peli looks at you with wide and terrified eyes. You wish she could read your mind, you really do, because all you wanna do is calm her down.
All you can do is give her a reassuring nod and slowly stand with the child in your arms. Peli relaxes a little, knowing you are in control, but her body and her breathing are still tense.
“Good. Very good,” Toro says, and you can’t wait till Mando gets back.
This will be fun.
Toro makes you and Peli sit on the floor of the ship for another hour, and you keep the child close. You give Peli reassuring glances and small smiles every once in a while, but there was not much time between Toro staring at you and the child grabbing at your arm. You tried to steady your breathing.
Mando will come, and it will be ok.
As soon as you had that thought, you heard the sound of a speeder bike outside the hanger. You knew the time had come.
“Get up. It’s time,” Toro whispered in your ear and wrapped his arm around your neck from behind you and pointed his gun directly at the child in your arms. He used his other hand to grab Peli by the arm and force her to stand up with you. The child gave a little cry, but you rubbed his foot, and he seemed to calm down.
You saw Mando start walking out to the front of the Crest’s ramp, and Toro started pushing you guys down. His inner elbow was digging into the front of your throat and it was hard to breathe. Peli didn’t look any more comfortable either.
“Took you long enough Mando… but feel free to take your time. I’m enjoying this position,” Toro said while smelling the back of your neck.
Yuck yuck yuck get OFF ME, you think.
Mando’s body tightens when he sees the four of you come into the light and his helmet lowers. His breathing becomes deeper and angry. Like it was taking all his energy not to plow up to Toro like a bull.
“Let. Them. Go,” he says in the most bloodthirsty tone you had ever heard in your life. His voice wasn’t even loud, it was just present. Everywhere. It surrounded you and overwhelmed you.
“Drop your blaster and raise ‘em,” Toro said and Mando immediately dropped his blaster to the ground and pinned his hands behind his back. You hated him like this. It looked so unnatural.
The child gave a soft and worried cry, and you saw Mando avert his gaze to him in your arms.
“Cuff him,” Toro said and allowed Peli to walk down to Mando with the handcuffs he had given to her moments ago. This allowed him to use his other free hand to wrap around your middle, pinning both of your forearms to your stomach. He still had the gun pointed at the child, but that didn’t matter.
He thought he thought of everything, but he did not. You were stronger than this man by a long shot.
You took this moment of Toro’s distraction and Mando looking near you to mouth the word “look” to Mando, praying he would see it.
His gaze fell to your mouth, then to your left side, where you had a free hand waving at him.
Just because he had your forearms trapped, didn’t mean you couldn’t pry them off with your palm. And on top of that, your elbow had a perfect angle to do some major damage.
Mando looked back up to your face and saw your smirk.
This kid was an idiot.
“Tell me when,” you mouth to him and Mando gives the tiniest nod back.
Even though this all happened in the matter of not even five seconds, it was still risky.
Thank God Toro was Toro, because any experienced person would have caught you.
Peli started walking down the ramp and getting the cuffs ready, and Toro just could not shut his mouth.
“You’re a Guild traitor, Mando,” he said while tucking his face into your neck. You could feel him smelling your hair, and you bit your tongue.
You were like a cat waiting to pounce.
“And I’m willing to bet that this here,” he said while moving the gun closer to the child’s head, “is the target you helped escape.”
Any moment now.
Peli went behind Mando to bind him, but you saw her smile and whisper something.
It was really hard to hide your smile.
“Fennec was right,” Toro continued. “Bringing you in won’t just make me a member of the Guild. It will make me legendary.”
And with that, Mando gave you the nod.
You immediately slammed your elbow right into Toro’s crotch and used his surprise to stomp on his foot.
His shock allowed him to loosen his grip around your neck and around your waist, so you turned around, socked him in the face, and bolted down to Mando.
Once you made it, you heard the whistling birds go off and a gun shot, so you crouched to the ground to keep the child safe.
You did it. It’s done.
You slowly stood up and turned around when the sounds died down, and you saw Mando still had his gun up high.
“Stay back,” he said, and you had no reason to argue.
He made his way over to the body and Peli ran to you.
“You are brilliant. Absolutely brilliant,” she said to you and scooped up the child from your arms to do a little dance. You giggled and rolled your neck.
That’s gonna hurt tomorrow.
Mando returned from the body with a sack of gold in his hands and you smiled at him.
“Good job,” he said to you with a chuckle, and you smiled at him.
“Oh that’s nothing. You should see her with a blaster,” Peli said as she cradled the child in her arms.
You shook your head and laughed, but you still felt Mando look you up and down.
If I’m gonna convince this man to let me stay with him, I’m gonna have to stop blushing like a teenager, you think to yourself.
“So I take it you didn’t get paid,” Peli asked Mando, but he surprised her by pouring the gold directly into her hands.
“Will this cover me,” he asked cheekily.
“Uhh yeah. Yeah this will do it,” Peli said, immediately stuffed the gold into her pocket.
You smiled to yourself. Peli deserved that.
Peli handed the child back to Mando, and then started yelling at the droids to drag the body out, which left you alone with Mando.
You stood there awkwardly, thinking of the right words to say.
Calm down y/n. Just calm down.
“I don’t know how to thank you,” Mando said to you, and you gave him a breathy laugh.
“It really wasn’t a problem. All in a days work,” you say. You fold your arms over your chest, trying to breathe.
“Anything that you can think of that I can do as repayment is fine, just let me know the next time I see you,” he said to you with a nod, and turned to walk back to his ship.
Come on y/n, this is it.
“Wait,” you say, moving at a quick jog to catch up to him.
He turns around to look at you, babe in his arms and all, and you feel everything you’ve rehearsed to say go right out of your brain.
“I um… how about a favor,” you ask.
God I sound so STUPID.
“A favor,” he asks back to you, and you really wish you would have used another word.
“Yeah.. I uh.. I had an idea that maybe I could.. help you take care of the kid? You know, protect him, nurse him, feed him, things like that, while you go for bounties? I could explore the galaxy for a little while, and you get a little more time to yourself,” you say as upbeat and positive as you could.
Come on. Please buy it.
He looks back down at the child in his arms, who didn’t stop babbling and staring at you the entire time you presented your “favor,” and you really hope this works out. For the child’s and your sake.
Mando seems lost in thought while staring at the creature, so you try and sweeten the deal.
“I’m not asking for money or anything like that. I just… really like the kid. And I.. I wanna get out of here,” you say with a chuckle.
Please please please.
Mando looks back up at you, and you swear you could hear a pin drop.
“Okay,” he says, and your eyebrows raise.
“Okay,” you ask back. Not in a rude way, just in a “what do you mean by this” way.
“That makes sense. This little guy seems to like you, I don’t want him getting hurt on my missions, and you can obviously defend yourself, so yeah. You can come.”
You could cry. You could genuinely cry.
“T-thank you. Thank you so much. You will not regret this! I will get my stuff super quick,” you say and race to your room with a smile on your face.
Yes! This is happening!
You run through your door to see Peli with a bad packed of all your belongings. She has a small smile on her face.
Peli. She always knew.
You crash into her and give her a huge hug. She lets out a big huff of air and starts laughing.
“Thank you Peli. Thank you,” you say with tears in your eyes.
“Thank you,” she says with a laugh. You pull away from her shoulder and she runs her hand over your cheekbone, caressing it ever so slightly.
“Is it in there,” you ask her, and she nods.
You nod back.
“Just in case,” she says to you and you give a breathy laugh.
Just in case.
You give her one last hug, until she yells “Now get out of here,” and shoos you back to the landing pad.
You wave goodbye to Peli while walking up the ramp behind Mando, and you feel a weight lift off your shoulders. A weight you had been carrying for a long time.
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@leahkenobi @pinkninja200
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I was eating cherries on the balcony and then I had a thought (sometimes that happens, lol):
How stinking cute it would be to see Grogu trying cherries and at first he would swallow the whole thing with the stone and then Din would show him that he had to spit out the stone and then they would have a little contest of who could spit the stones the furthest and then Grogu would cheat a bit using the force to win and Din would notice it but pretend he doesn't and look very fondly and proudly at Grogu.
Damn I wish I could draw. If anyone sees this and wants to draw it. Please do.
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