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Just to give people an idea of what this will be, I plan on each episode being my thoughts and opinions on different podcasts, movies, shows, franchises, etc. I want to give people an overview of certain things without spoilers or being extremely critical of the work so they can see if they’d want to get into it :)

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Not to beat a dead horse but I’m working towards making my own podcast. It’s very early on but I’d really appreciate it if you’d give @just-enjoy-it-pod a glance and maybe a follow

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Bring you in warm


The Mandalorian x Reader (part 4)

Rating: Explicit

Word Count: 1.9k

Warning: smut, male receiving, fingering


“Unbelievable.” You truly loved your ship. It was a one of a kind dynamic class freighter, with an outstandingly overpowered drive system. Which made it incredibly difficult to maintain with all its little quirks. And Mando had left you to fix it while he went on a hunt without you. Said something about “splitting up the work”, which really meant you had to do all of it since he still wasn’t back.

He left nine hours ago. Giving you enough time to clean all 24 meters your ship, well technically his, all while meticulously fixing every little problem. You fixed the hyperdrive, the sublight drive, the deflector shield generators, and even hardwired the navigation computer to fix the aim on the twin turbo laser turrets. Something unnecessary since you never missed and rarely got into a situation where you needed them, but well, you where bored.

So bored you found yourself on the floor in the main hold cleaning your weapons. Taking them apart only to put them back together. It wasn’t until you had individually cleaned every bolt on your MWC-35c repeating cannon blaster that you heard footsteps coming up the ramp. You where used to the silence Mando carried with him, but you found yourself clutching to the blaster after the footsteps stooped before they reached the main hold.

“Mando?” There wasn’t a response. Not that he ever really gave you one anyways. So you moved around the corner to get a better look, nearly colliding with beskar as he came into full view. “You scared me,” you took a step back, watching his body freeze up like a statue. “Why didn’t you answer?”

He didn’t say anything. He didn’t even move. And for a moment you wondered if he was even breathing. He just kept standing there, his visor pointed in your direction as his shoulders tensed when you walked forward. “Are you alright you don’t look so-” “I’m fine.” He paused, letting out a shaky breath as his chest rattled with the gesture. “You sure, because you-”

“Stop talking.” Your lips practically glued themselves shut. Because he’d never spoken to you like this. Not back when you tried to kill him, or when you blew up the speeder, never once did he sound so… angry. He was monotone and intimidating yes, but you hadn’t seen him angry yet, and it made you wonder what exactly caused it. Was it something you did?

“Did I do something I wasn’t supposed to?” You could practically hear him grinding his teeth under the helmet as he spat out a “No.” you cleared your throat, suddenly feeling your voice grow small in his presence. “Then what is it?” He started walking towards you, in short steps you barely noticed at first until his chest was nearly pressed against yours. “I’m,” He clenched his fists so hard at the side you could hear the leather gloves straining at the pressure. “Frustrated.”

“What happened?” He shook his head lightly, like he was shaking away the though completely while he pushed past you. Only he didn’t look where he was going, and he kicked into a can of oil, which spilled all over the weapons you’d just cleaned. Perfect. “Hey what’s your problem?”

He stopped dead in his tracks. Not bothering to turn to look at you, and quite literally giving you the cold shoulder. “Look I know you don’t like me, it’s unfortunate I know, but you can’t just walk into my ship with an attitude kicking things around.” He turned towards you again, this time not bothering to keep his distance as he all but pressed his chest against yours. “So you think I don’t like you?”

Something in the filtered modulated tone made a shiver go down your spine. Maybe you shouldn’t have pushed it. Maybe you should have just stopped talking and cleaned up the mess he made on the floor ignoring his uncharacteristically bad attitude. But instead you pressed your hand against his chest, and pushed him back. “Back off Mando.”

He stood his ground. Unmoving while you glared at him, feeling your jaw clench so tight you feared your teeth would break. “I should have left you to die back in Hoth.” You used your index finger to poke at the beskar chest plate, moving so close to him you could hear his controlled breathing. “It sure would have save me a lot of trouble, not to mention I never even got a thank you.”

You probably should have stopped there. Probably let the tension diffuse and ignore it completely until you could pay off the debt. But you threw caution to the wind and decided to push it further. See how angry you could get an already pissed off mandalorian. “Oh and it’s not my fault that you’re pent up either.”

Pent up? He didn’t know why that irritated him more than it should have. But he didn’t have time to correct you because you moved your hand down to the hem of his pants, trailing your fingers against the waistband. “Maybe this can get you to stop being an asshole,” your fingers dipped into his pants, setting his skin on fire with every little touch, and he blamed that feeling on his delayed reaction time. “Stop.”

“What?” Your hands reached his cock, warm and heavy on your hands and already half hard. “This doesn’t look pent up to you?” His hips involuntary thrusted into your hand, and he inhaled sharply at the sensation. He hated how good it felt. To have your fingers gently wrapped around his length while you slowly stroked him. But mostly he hated how he was letting this happen. “Stop that.”

No matter how threatening he sounded you couldn’t stop. It was like something possessed you to keep going, to see how far you could go with his hips willingly thrusting up to meet your hand. “If you really want me to stop, I will,” you paused, and his head dropped down in surprise. “But if you want me to keep going,” you looked at his visor, where you assumed his eyes where, and started to move your hand away. “I can take away your frustration.”

You could tell his resolve shattered then and there. He grabbed your hand out of his pants with such force it made you fall forward. Keeping his hand around your wrist as he held you in place, while his other hand came up to rub at your bottom lip, before he angled your chin down. And you took the hint. Dropping down to your knees to press your nose against his zipper, bringing your mouth up to grab it with your teeth and then pulling it downwards.

You made a show to keep eye contact the entire time, bringing your hand to pull him out of his pants and momentarily breaking away to look at his sheer size. Your mouth practically watered when you saw how hard he was for you, and slowly you worked him into your mouth, wrapping your hands around what you couldn’t fit. And Mando? Well his eyes never left you.

He reached down to grab at your hair, at first only playing with it to keep himself grounded and then sharply tugging at it when your teeth grazed against his skin. It felt so good. He hadn’t experience this in so long and he selfishly allowed himself the opportunity. His hips slowly moved to meet your tongue and when you moaned around him he unintentionally thrusted forward, hitting the back of your throat only to earn another moan. “So good.”

You noticed Mando had started using the hand in your hair to push you down his length, shuddering every time you took him further and giving you a particularly hard thrust afterwards. He’d start massaging your scalp in apology while he talked absolute filth to encourage you to take him deeper. “Your mouth looks,” he paused when you swallowed around him, “looks so pretty around me,” his hand reached behind your head, and his hips started thrusting into you so hard you felt tears build up at the corner of your eyes. “Taking me in so good.”

You moaned around him, drool dripping down your chin while your body started to feel his arousal rub off on you. “You like that?” You nodded, looking up at him while your hands reached down towards your body, enjoying the groan he let out when your hand went inside your pants to touch yourself, your own hips matching his own movements.

He used his other hand to press it against your bottom lip, collecting the spit and watching his own cock disappear into your mouth with each thrust, your nose practically touching the base of his stomach every time. It was all too much. And he didn’t have time to warn you before he spilled inside your throat, his body shuddering and convulsing as his hips jolted in spasming little thrusts.

He pulled away, still dazed from the aftermath. And you took the opportunity to quickly get up, heading towards the bathroom to clean yourself up before he stopped you. “What are-” His thumb had reached up to press against your mouth, swiping at his own cum on your lips, before dipping his finger inside. “Suck on it.” All the while he was slowly backing you into a wall, the cold surface came in contact with your shoulders just as his knee parted your thighs, rubbing up against your core in slow circles.

He kept his finger in your mouth and trailed his other hand down to your pants, pulling them down until they fell down your legs and pooled at your ankles. You kicked them off, and he took this opportunity to grab at your hips and spin you around. The wet contact between his slicked fingers and your entrance made your legs tremble, your knees hitting against each other with such force you nearly fell over. But Mando had a tight grip on you.

He didn’t let go of you while he rubbed circles on your clit, the cold surface of his helmet pressing against the back of your thigh as he started to work in his other fingers. “Mando-” “Relax for me.” He started moving his fingers faster, scissoring them inside you while you rolled your hips as much as he’d let you. “Mando please-”

The hard slap that came in contact with your skin made you clench around his fingers, letting out a sinful moan that only made his fingers curl upwards. “Relax.” You pushed your hips back, until you felt your climax nearly reach its peak while you practically robe his hand. You where so close, sweat building at your palms making the cold metal hot under your touch. So close. “That’s it’s good girl.”

That sent you over the edge. Your body curling forward as your orgasm slammed into your body so hard it nearly blinded you. And Mando was there with you, rubbing slow circles over your over stimulated clit with his thumb. His fingers pulled away, and you practically collapsed on the floor without him grounding you in place, not caring that your bare ass was in display. “Clean yourself up I’ll,”

He paused to look at you. Seeing your legs spread wide for him with your slick folds inviting him closer. I’d be so easy. To slip himself inside you and pound your cunt until he completely forgot about his encounter with the lowlife who tried to forcibly remove his helmet today. But he pushed the thought away as soon as it came, turning around to head towards the cockpit. “I’ll clean up the mess on the floor.”

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more content is coming soon! Ive been flat out at my new job and my own issues at the moment. I’m hoping to post in the next couple days.

If there is anything you want to be tagged in, let me know via my ask box or message :D

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I mean, it’s an interesting hypothesis, but not one I really believe in. And it’s not like we can know for sure.

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So uh… we just gonna ignore the fact that Din had a literal brain injury then proceeded to get flung around by a tiefighter?

And it didn’t get a chance to heal in between?

And there was so much blood that is turned the top of his cape crimson?

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Wouldn’t it be fun to see Din sitting on the throne with grogu. And grogu it practicing his Jedi skills and only din knows it. A servant comes in grogu bables something and the next thing that happens is the same servant starts to bring in cookies. Din looks at grogu then at the servant and back to grogu . Grogu shrugs .”you better not do that to me do you understand grogu?” Grogu shrugs again and starts to eat the cookies.din lectures him on the danger of mind control.


Originally posted by givemegifs

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mission complete! i’m curious to see where din’s story goes from here but excited none the less! i can’t wait for him and grogu to be reunited. i hope when they are grogu can finally speak and calls him “papa”. like that’s literally all i want at this point lmao 

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New York’s Finest

Din/Luke Enchanted AU

Part 1


Thats not what you typically expect from a sewer drain. Din thought to himself as he watched a now soot covered man crawl out more confused than ever. Initially he chalked it up to another crazy new yorker from a night drunken stupor. This definetly was not this criminal lawyer’s first rodeo. But Dins opinion changed when he saw the face of the man in white.

Golden hair, blue eyes, and sunkissed skin. Something about him seemed out if place not like someone who walked off broadway still in costume but rather out of this world.

Grogu coos looking up at his father who has perhaps stared too long at the lost man. Din shakes his head as he watches the man try to orient himself. Trying to mind his own business he returns to his task of bartering with the vendor for a few extra pretzel bites for the kid. Finding his intimidating glare not working with a adorable child in his arms he sits Grogu down beside him.

“Uahh! This is the worst!” Luke groans. “Those bandits took my saber that’s gonna suck trying to get that back. Han is going to make fun of me the whole time.”

Han! I gotta call him. Luke instinctively reaches for his communicator he realized that was missing too. “Crap.” How am I going to get home now?! I don’t even know where I am!

Swarms of usually dressed people fill the intersection near the sewer cover Luke had just stepped out of. Uninterested and unaware of this jedi’s sudden drop into our world the people of new York bustle and move to their destinations. Luke cant get a word in to anyone and after feeling overwhelmed in the sea of people finds relief under a streetlight and curb to catch his breath and think.

Suddenly Luke felt a wave of bubbly warmth at his right leg. Looking down he sees two dark eyes peering up at him cooing. A small olive skinned child with big doe eyes and brown corduroy overalls smiles cheerfully. A foundling?


After some mild bartering with the apathetic teenager running the pretzel cart, Din turns to where he left the child to feed him his 2nd dinner. Needless to say the Lawyer has mild heart attack once he notices Grogu is gone. “Kid?!” He said looking around the shady new York crowds.

His fears are interrupted by the sound of laughter that sound almost like chimes. Sitting under the streetlight is the man in white and Grogu. It looks like he’s made a friend.

Heaving a stressed sigh of exasperation, Din swiftly makes his way over to the two of them. “You have something that belongs to me.” Din says as neutral as he can. Luke instinctively reached for the nonexistent saber but realizes that the child seems to know the man. His little hands reach out happily.

Luke hesitates then hand over the cute child and watches as this masked and sunglasses man gives a salted pretzel bites to the child. Watching at the crinkles in his cheeks visible from the sides of his sunglasses as he’s cradles the boy in his arms.

Luke can’t deny the adorable the scene is before him. A gruff man, what he assumes is a assassin of some kind, based on the fact he’s hiding his face, is caring for a foundling such as this. Is he finding the man attractive? Han crossed his mind he shook his head and stood up. His thoughts were interrupted by the dark dressed man.

“What is your name?” The masked man says. Grogu gnaws in his second pretzel.

“…Luke.” he says watching as the baby knaws its happily. “Your son is adorable.” Luke says with a chuckle.

Din was surprised how easily he accepted the fact grogu was his son. Normally people would think he was holding a baby for someone else. It twinged his heart slightly to see the blonde man stifle a chuckle. “…Thank you.” Din says uncertain of what to do next. Glancing at the dingey white clothes the beautiful man was wearing he realized more so how out of place he was. “Are you traveling through?” He says glancing at the still open man-hole cover.

Luke follows Dins asummed line of sight and realizes how unkempt and odd he must look. Embarrassed he tries dusting himself off. “You could say that,” luke says with a nervous laugh “I don’t know where I am.” Taking a moment to actually look at the scenery the forms of transportation seem ancient. “…or how I got here.”

Din stares waiting for him to continue. Luke could surmise this is a man of few words. Awkwardly continuing “ Some people took something precious from me I need to get it back before my escort comes for me.”

An ‘escort’? Who talks like that? Din was starting to think this guy might be on crack. He begins to back up slowly. “Good luck then.” I need to work on small talk with regular people.

Luke realized who he was talking to. A bounty hunter of course! No one else would hide their face like that. He could probably find my saber for me! Luke quickly stopped the hesitant man grasped Din’s free hand. “Your a bounty hunter right?! You’re perfect person to help me!”

Din shocked by the desperate and intense look in this man’s eyes “Bounty–Im a lawyer!” Was he going to have to defend himself? He attempted to pull his hand away. The blue eyed man gave his puppy eyed face it was hard to not get flustered.

It wasn’t till Grogus tiny hand rested on Dins cheek that he regained his composure. Luke released him from his grasp but did not sway his doe eyes. Looking between the two Din let out a sigh. 'This is better not be come a regular thing me helping people.’ He says to himself. “Do you have a place to stay?” He says begrudgingly.

Luke perks up with a toothy smile. He shakes his head.

Din pinches the bridge of his nose. “Then I guess we’ll go to razorcrest.”

Luke follows close behind as the three of them walk a few city blocks. He wasn’t sure what ship he was referring to but frankly he hadn’t seen any around here. People here seem to mainly walk except for some mainly hello transportation. Luke was trying to examine as much as he could incase it could be useful for identify what his next plan of action would be.

Din can’t help but glance at the awe struck man as they made their way down the street. People were definitely glancing at the three of them. Although normally he was indifferent to stares a masked man a child a what looks like a man from a dirty karate school was a little too weird. People were gonna think he kidnapped grogu.

They finally reach the front of an apartment complex. Luke sees the sign on outside the main entrance reading Razor crest apartments. The building was old, small some paint seemed to be peeling but otherwise in great standing. Some might call it a relic, others vintage.He Couldnt help but be reminded of the millennium falcon. Han must be worried.

As the three of them make their way up the cement stairs to the apartment door Din pressed a black gloves finger onto a keypad and the door unlocks letting them in. Tossing the keys down he sets the little boy on the wood floor. He shrugs of his jacket as the child waddles off.

Luke wants to say something as the kid scampers off but the man seems unfazed by this. He notices the man doesnt take off his mask or solar shades. A peculiar thing but not uncommon amongst bounty hunters.

The tired father takes a seat on a leather arm chair and motions for Luke to sit.

“So what are you looking for?” He says now more relaxed in the comfort of his chair.

Luke is reminded of the task at hand. “I’m looking for my lightsaber. It was taken from me in a scuffle. They also took my communicator so I can’t tell my ride to get me.”

Din sits silent for a minute. “You’re kidding right?”

Luke is confused. “I mean it’s common for a Jedi like myself to carry one. It’s very precious I–”

Din hold out a hand to stop him. “Stop. Whats a Jedi?”

“…A force user to put is simply?” Luke could tell something was off around here but it seems like they’re may be more to it.

Din turns to face the phone screen and begins to press tabs beginning his search. “Theres nothing about jedi’s. Who is your… 'escort’?” He says. He was trying to give this guy the benefit of the doubt but he was sounding ridiculous.

“We got here in the millennium falcon. My escort is Han Solo.”

The masked man stares “….haven’t heard that one before. I’ll take a look.”

He’s never heard of him? Luke was feeling this place, this planet must be from a farther quadrant. “I don’t think I’ve introduce myself either. My name is Luke. Luke skywalker?” He waited to see his reaction. Nothing!

He gesture to the child now playing with a ball. “This is grogu.” Grogu chirps at his name continuing to play with his toy.

How could he not know about me? About everything that happened with the empire? This planet seems like it’s stuck in the past! “What… should I call you?” For some reason he was feeling a little awkward about asking.

Din continues to search but after a moment leans over with a small piece of paper “Call me what you like it makes no difference to me.”

Luke takes the paper. It has a a inscription on it “Mandalorian LLC : D.D.”

The Man or rather, the Mandalorian runs his fingers through his tousled hair and sighs. “I can’t find anything about this escort of yours. Well frankly anything youve mentioned.” The man gets up scooping up the small child as he makes his way down the hallway. Luke gets up and follows. “You can sleep here for tonight maybe some rest will bring you out if whatever 'state’ your in. Then we can use the bigger database tomorrow.”

Luke tries not to take the dismissal personally. He was in a strange new place and this man was willing to help. “Thank you… Mandalorian”

The masked man pauses almost stifling a reaction. Then he nods and walks to another room and closes the door.

Luke shuffles off his worn clothes and looks through the closest finding a simple shirt and shorts before climbing under the covers. The Mandalorian was unusual. His quiet and cold demeanor seemed to vanish when his child was near. Grogu, there was something special about him. Luke couldnt help his heart flutter at the small ways that the Mandalorian was showing his affection. It made him all the more curious to know what he looked like beneath the mask. Suddenly a flash crossed his mind. Han. He felt guilty thinking about Mandalorian when Han was probably worried sick. 'I hope Han is okay.’ Luke wanted to start thinking of a plan but he was completely exhausted.

…. meanwhile…

Han has been on the communicator for the past several hours there has been no scan signal except for a small village on a remote island. Luke had told him to stay put but he had a feeling things hadn’t gone to plan.

Landing the millennium falcon, han and chewie make their way onto the planets tropical surface. “Come on chewie we gotta find him.” Chewie let’s it a compliant roar as the two make their way into the thicket of the forest.

Eventually the two of them come upon a small village with very primitive technology. Despite Han’s and chewie’s unexpected arrival they are welcomed to the head shaman of their village. “Have you seen a pretty boy come through here?…uh..a Jedi?” Han wasn’t sure he would be able to get through the language barrier. But the old wrinkled man with several geometric tattoos grinned and shuffled them along towards a guy farther from the rest. As the three of them entered Han was starting to get a feeling something wasn’t right. The hut was empty except for a circle of stones raised up to the knees laird before them. Inside the circle looked to be a pit that you could not see the bottom of. “Hey what’s going on–” Several village soldiers had blocked the exit. But before han or chewie could turn around the felt themselves get pushed into the very dark and deep pit. The sound of the shaman laughing eventually faded away.

As both of them screamed as they fell deeper and deeper the suddenly smacked against a metal surface. Light only poured through in small increments. Realizing that this could be an exit Han pushed hard enough to slide off the covering.

After a moment Han was able to climb out I to what appeared to be a city! Swarms of people lights and somewhat unusual technology roamed the streets. “Chewie!” Hans exclaimed remembering his friend. Reaching back into the deep hole u till he felt the familiar fur and pulled hard to help lift him out. Falling back the thing on top of him wasn’t chewie or even an ewok but a dog?! “Chewie??” Hans asked surprised. The dog barked in his face. Wherever they were it wasn’t the same planet anymore.

To be continued!

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BEDSIDE MANNER - You and Din get stuck on an ice planet and he offers to keep you warm, so you cuddle and then you accidentally give him a boner and then you admit your feelings for each other? (f!reader, fluff)

GOOD VIBRATIONS - You have a good old sexy time with the Mandalorian after breaking in your new lingerie. (f!reader, smut)

FIRE AND ICE - Boba let’s you take a ride on with Mando. (f! reader, smut)

NSFW ALPHABET - (f!reader, extremely nsfw)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY - Reader is a bit drunk after celebrating her birthday at the cantina. (fluff, drabble)



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Some more princess Luke in a very revealing outfit if i already have to do Disney’s job then i will at least have fun while doing so.

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this was just supposed to be a sketch and then I added the little silver ball and it got emo I’m sorry

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stormtroopers aren’t as fun when they’re emotionless droids. it’s the stupidity and clumsiness that make stormtroopers entertaining to watch.

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