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From A Certain Child’s Point of View:  Interludes
Chapter 2:  The Dream

He doesn’t know how long he sits there, the blanket getting wetter from his tears.  Hiccups tear through his throat no matter how he tries to stop them.  His head hurts and he just wants Dad.

But then he senses that familiar presence!  Dad is coming back to the ship!  Dad! he screams as loud as he can.  Dad!  Dad!  DAD!

He can hear Dad run up into the ship and to the bunk, his boots stomping louder and louder until finally the bunk door opens and Dad is there, his blaster in his hand.  “What?!  What is it?!” asks Dad.

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The Questions (The Mandalorian x Reader part 12)

Word Count: 4579 (It’s long)

Notes: I mention spice but like actual spice and not Star Wars spice…

Posted on: June 6 2020

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GIF is not mine and it has nothing really to do with the story I just like it. His smile is EVERYTHING to me.


Originally posted by manuphantom

My eyes snapped open and I bolted so hard I smacked my head on the wall. Then I became painfully aware of the lack of warmth beside me. I was out of bed in an instant. Yn wasn’t there. I began to panic as I looked frantically around the room.

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Summary: Din, Halarys, and their son have some bonding time.

Warnings: Angst-adjacent? Fluff, semi-smut (NSFW, but not explicit) at end. Mediocre writing.

Word Count: ~3.5 K

Link to Masterlist


“How was your picnic?” Din’s honey-thick tone suddenly sounds over my shoulder, slightly surprising me as Kar and I idly draw shapes with sticks in the soft mossy forest terra to pass the time. I shift my head to watch as he gently approaches, cape swaying and worn leather boots softly padding over the forest floor, leaving momentary imprints in the green, cushiony fauna.

“You’re awake.” I stand up and turn to face his tall figure, unable to help the warm half-smile that appears on my lips at his presence, but it’s also accompanied by an involuntary blank stare directed at the chiseled cheek of his helmet which glints in the dim, late-evening forest light. 

I’m still suspended in disbelief of what Kar and I had experienced a couple hours earlier. I feel my head is reeling for an explanation, any way to comprehend - I can’t shake it and my face can’t quite hide it. 

“What’s wrong, riduur?” Din’s silky tone changes to that of rugged concern, catching onto my uneasy expression as his helm subtly tilts. He knows me so well already.

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character: Din Djarin

prompts: 20. You’re in a coma and I confess all my feelings only for you to wake up and 40. “You saved my life.” from this prompt list!

warnings: blood/injuries, mentions of death, angst, soft!din

rating: PG-13



It all happened so fast. You’re not sure how they were able to catch Din off guard so easily, but before you even had time to warn him, the detonator went off just inches away from his own boot. He was in the air and on the ground motionless just moments later. That was enough motivation to kill every last Imp that had managed to track you onto Kephus, attempting to ambush the two of you during a supply run. You were filled with enough adrenaline then to ignore the way Din’s dead weight made your arms burn as you dragged him back to the Razor Crest, to keep your own fears tucked away when he was completely unresponsive and you had no idea how to properly treat him without taking his helmet off.

But you didn’t. You never could—not without him telling you to.

So, you did the best you could, still working off your adrenaline as you got him onto the spare cot and reached for the medpac. You took off all his armor and cared for the flesh wounds first, cleaning them and sealing them with bacta patches. There wasn’t much bacta spray left, but you used what you could as you tugged gently at the fabric covering Din’s neck and tried to get it underneath the helmet as accurately as possible. You weren’t sure how effective it would be, so once you’d done all you could, it became a waiting game.

Which is where you are now, sitting beside Din’s place on the cot. He’s still not responsive and you’re not sure he ever will be again. You’re not sure of anything. All you know is that you’ve kept the child away in his pod to avoid upsetting him at the sight of his unconscious father figure—or maybe to keep yourself from figuring out if he’d even bother trying to heal him or not. The child can sense things you can’t and you’re not exactly eager to find out that your efforts to save him were to no avail.

The adrenaline’s since worn out. Now, you feel those tears coming back, swimming at your line of vision and slowly drowning you whole in the freezing feeling of despair. Every single thing you should’ve said to Din before this moment haunts you. It eats away at you more and more until you feel like you might be sick from it. Months and months spent on the run with him had caused so many feelings to grow but in your cowardly fear you’d never voiced them. You’ll probably never get the chance to again.

“I’m so sorry, Din.” Your voice is an empty whisper. You don’t even know why you’re saying this aloud. You just want some kind of way to rid of the regret that’s ripping your heart to shreds. “There’s so much you needed to know. So much I wanted to tell you. I shouldn’t have kept it to myself.”

You pause, as if he’s going to respond. Of course, he doesn’t. You don’t think he ever will.

“Maker, it’s killing me to see you like this.” You bite your bottom lip to compose yourself, finding your hand gravitating towards his own. Slowly and carefully, you entwine your fingers with his, trying to absorb the life in him while you can. “I should’ve done something more to keep this from happening.” You take a deep breath, lifting his hand to your lips as your other hand comes up to hold it. You press your lips softly against his knuckles, closing your eyes as you do so. “Din… you’ve always been more than just a companion to me.”

You’re met with more silence. It surprisingly urges you to go on.

“You’ve had my heart for so long and I’m surprised you didn’t know it.” You let out a soft chuckle as you give his hand a squeeze. “Maybe you did, but you ignored it for the sake of my pride. You’ve always been so patient, so caring, so… accepting. You took me in with you and the kid when everyone else threw me out.” You’re suddenly caught on your own breath, practically choking for a moment as you swallow hard. “That’s why… why I love you, Din.” You feel a tear escape your eye that makes its way towards your lips, which are still ghosting over yours and Din’s entwined hands. “I love you so much.” You close your eyes and give his hand another squeeze, trying to ignore the pain that’s being ignited inside your chest.

And then his hand squeezes yours back.

Your eyes fly open as your hands fall from your lips, your free hand reaching forward to rest gently on Din’s shoulder. “Din?”

Nothing at first. And then, a soft and struggled breath from his modulator, and a tighter hold on your hand. “You okay?” His words are wheezed, though you can tell he’s growing stronger by the moment.

“I—Yeah, Din, I’m perfectly fine.” You let out a soft chuckle that’s mixed with relief and disbelief, seemingly forgetting all about the words you’d just said.

There’s another heavy breath from his chest, and you watch as it rises and falls slowly. He tries to sit up, but you ease him back down. “You saved my life.

You shrug, staring down at your hands that are still entwined. “You saved mine a long time ago.” Your words are quiet, sure yet somehow also unsure, as if you’re hesitant to voice these things now that he’s awake. “I guess it just makes us even.”

Din’s silent for a few more moments, but you feel his hold on your hand tighten. When he speaks, you finally look back to his helmet. “C’mere.”

You furrow your brow. “What?”

“Come closer.” Din uses his free hand to beckon you closer with his fingers, and you oblige hesitantly. On your knees now, your face hovers over his helmet. “I heard everything you said.” Your heart is suddenly stuck in your throat. You start to regret saying anything at all—until he speaks again. “I love you, too.” Din’s hand comes to the back of your head and eases it against his forehead in a Keldabe kiss. Your lips part in surprise, and a warm feeling spreads throughout you.

“You… You—really?” You can’t believe your feelings have actually been reciprocated.

You can tell Din’s beginning to smile underneath the helmet, and the thought of it alone makes one of your own appear. “More than you know, cyar’ika.” Din keeps the words hushed, sacred, and it takes your breath away. “I can tell you more about it… later.” He heaves a breath, reminding you that he’s still recovering from a cruel battle with death. “For now, I need you…. to hold me. Please.”

You’ve never heard such a plea come from Din before, and you comply without another word. Your head lays beside his on the pillow, your arms wrapping around him delicately as his helmet lulls tiredly into the crook of your neck. No more words have to be said—everything is spelled out between the way you’re with Din right now. And despite the circumstances, you wouldn’t want to be anywhere in the galaxy except for right here.


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