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#the marauders
gotkindabored · 2 days ago
Third of December
It’s winter, snowy and cold, but Remus’ jumpers always looked better on his girlfriend anyway.
PAIRING: Remus Lupin x Fem!Reader
CONTENT: fluff, fluff, fluff! no spell check
NOTES: Moony my beloved <3 This is based off of Conan Gray's 'Heather.’
Tumblr media
Resting upon the pavement and oak trees in perfect white, snow fell; little crystals casting gold in the streetlights that mingled with the twinkling stars that just appeared with a navy blue and deep purple sky.
The chill managed to seep past the closed windows and through her thick clothes, biting her skin as she stared out the window from her little flat with Remus. Her hands clasped together, rubbing to generate friction and warmth but failed to create anything substantial.
Faint music played in the background, the record player switching on and off by itself, enchanted by magic to switch a vinyl every once in a while. Currently, a love song played.
Light footsteps sounded behind her, coming closer and closer until a pair of arms, warm and strong, wrapped around her torso and pulled her close.
“Remus,” she sighed, relaxing into his hold as he pressed himself against her back. She felt a small kiss pressed to the crown of her hair before he rested his chin on her shoulder.
They stood like that for a bit; staring out the window while watching the snow collect and build.
Remus nuzzled his face to the side of her neck and she giggled at the feeling of his nose brushing against exposed skin.
“You’re shaking, my love,” he murmured.
“It’s cold.”
Remus paused, his grip tightening for a moment before spinning her around. His eyes were thoughtful until he detached himself and tugged his cream-white jumper off. His hair flopped, dishevelled, as he pulled it over her head, her arms finding the sleeves as it hung around her frame.
She looked up to him, hands placing on his chest as he pulled her back against him. “But you’ll be —”
“Shh,” he cut off. “Besides, it looks better on you than me.”
Warmth seemed to take over her whole body, and it wasn’t from the jumper.
It was just polyester, fried and worn at the edges, but well-loved and adorned. A symbol of more than just love but anchoring her soul and intertwining with his.
“Thank you.”
A grin grew on Remus’ face, causing small dimples to appear by his mouth and crinkling the lines by his eyes. And somehow, his hair managed to glow golden brown, as if he were the snow in the streetlight — caused by the dimmed and brothy candlelight in the background.
His head tilted to the side, cupping her cheek. She had him mesmerized with just touch alone.
“I can’t believe it’s already the third of December.”
She hummed, mind already reeling and churning as a flurry of memories zipped past. Remus had other plans, grabbing her wrist to twirl her around, now in sync with the music. Her giggling, his light chuckling, filled the room as he tried to dip her, only to fail miserably and nearly slip. Instead, they switched to swaying, better for them and Remus’ long limbs.
There was a simplicity of that day that was monumental. With mugs filled with red wine on the table, Remus' chocolate, their slight drunken dancing and hearts aglow that shielded them both from the cold. Even their eyes twinkled brighter than even gems couldn't match.
“You’re such an angel.”
With Remus, love songs started to make sense, both singing in perfect harmony.
“Not too bad yourself, Moony.”
He laughed, nose scrunching. Continuing to sway, he leant forward and pressed his forehead against hers with a smile so warm she forgot it was winter. Words were left unsaid, but spoken through every touch, shy glance and warm lips - both shouted in a secret language.
“I love you,” he said, kissing her forehead.
“I love you,” he said, kissing her nose.
“I love you,” he said, kissing her cheek.
This time, a finger hooked beneath her chin and raised her to look up to him.
“I love you,” he whispered like an oath, a sacred prayer, kissing her lips.
She wasn’t sure when she slipped her heart into the palms of Remus’ hands; letting him hold it, cradle it, place it into the pockets of his jeans. But there it would remain, safe, sound and warm.
“I love you too,” she muttered back, utterly breathless. “Happy anniversary.”
Remus couldn’t help but let his heart soar. He had found a love that made him soft, encouraged his soul to chase and make the fall less frightening. They managed to find each other, two futures that woven themselves together that unravelled knots in the endless constellation.
He hung onto every word as the rest of his life flashed a smile at him.
And then he kissed her, again and again. Again.
Tumblr media
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pandorcas-endgame · a day ago
Thinking about Regulus in his cat form messing with Sirius who thinks James betrayed him by getting a pet cat because he doesn't know Reg is an animagus and Remus knows because either him and Reg are friends or because he figured it out and is laughing and enjoying the whole thing immensly.
Sirius: Stop laughing Moony! This bloody cat keeps knocking everything over!
James, nervous: I'm sure he'll settle down soon
Remus, smirking: You know I think he could do worse.
James: *glares* No. No I don't think he could.
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toujoursincorrect · 2 days ago
James, Sirius and Peter: *do something stupid*
Remus: What incredibly stupid idiots.
Remus: I can’t believe I’d die for them.
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marauderseveryday · a day ago
Sirius: so for the Christmas prank-
Remus: what Christmas prank? I thought you and James were going home for Christmas
James: *crashes into the room*
Sirius: why…?
Peter walking in with James’ things that he dropped while running: :/
Peter: he heard Regulus is staying for Christmas and he has “wonderful plans to woo him”
James: !!!! That was just a coincidence…I said shoe, not woo
Remus: how exactly do you shoe someone James?
James: you know, shoe them in…he asked to talk to me so I said I would…shoe him in…?
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lady-random · a day ago
Sirius: You deserve an award for putting up with me
Remus: You're my award <3
James: You deserve an award for putting up with me
Regulus: Yeah, you can be a real bitch sometimes
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ddejavvu · a day ago
🌱regulus black + praise kink ty!!! <33
come celebrate 300 followers with me!
Minors please dni!
One of his hands is gently cupping your cheek as he makes love to you, his sickly sweet smile only growing the more he makes you feel good.
A soft whine slips past your lips, music to Regulus’s ears. His smile only grows and he hums faintly, leaning in to brush his nose against yours.
“Oh, yeah? Feels good, huh? Such a good girl f’me, telling me all about how I make you feel.”
“Good girl for you, Reggie.”
His words only send your lower half churning with more arousal, and you nod drowsily, head swimming with pleasure.
Regulus slowly drags his hands down to cup your breasts, gently ghosting his hands over the sensitive flesh and leaning down to gingerly kiss one of them. He trails his lips all the way back up to your face, his skin flushed and rosy as he presses soft kisses to your cheeks and nose.
You manage to press a single kiss to his chin while he targets your nose, and he grins adoringly down at you.
“My pretty girl. So sweet for me, aren’t you?”
By this point you’re positively melting, on the verge of orgasm and a melted brain from the praise he’s cooing. You begin to gently rock your hips up, gripping his shoulders for support as you do.
“Oh, pretty girl’s doing some of the work for me?”
You nod feverishly, the spring in your tummy coiled to burst, “Mhm, just for you. Bein’ such a good girl f’you.”
Regulus only chuckles, pressing a kiss to each of your eyelids that were scrunched shut, “Always the best girl for me, aren’t you?”
You’re barely able to nod as you finally let go, relishing in the feeling of Regulus’s body engulfing yours as you work through your orgasm, teeth digging into your lip as whimpers spill from between them. Regulus presses kisses to your skin the entire time, still murmuring about how perfect of a girl you were, and all just for him.
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If Sirius Raised Harry Part Three
Kidnapper: Hey, kid, your parents told me to pick you up
*Ron, Hermione and the rest of the students look around at each other*
Harry: What did you do, use a Ouija board?
*Everyone watching laughs*
Sirius, wiping a tear from his eye: I have never been more proud. 
Sirius, drawing his wand: Now where is that weirdo who tried to kidnap my godson?! 
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gotkindabored · 10 hours ago
Bats can purr, a little fun fact, and since bats and vamps are connected, imagine Vamp!Sirius purring without even realizing it while getting some extra loving.
Tumblr media
CONTENT: fluff, no spell check
NOTES: I just looked it up and apparently they’re also affectionate + cuddly!! I couldn’t help it & quickly wrote a blurb. Thanks for sending this in! It’s so cute!! :’)
Tumblr media
The average human woke up during the day, slept at night, and after finding his beloved, Sirius was forced to switch his sleeping schedule. And he was struggling.
Understandably, it would take a toll on anyone. Even for a vampire who didn't need to sleep often, an adjustment is an adjustment no matter if they were immortal or not.
But after centuries of waking up just before midnight to sleeping before dawn broke, the cycle had been hard to break. Additionally, Sirius hadn’t realized how sensitive he had become to the sun; his eyes burned, felt deeply uncomfortable; it was as if he could actually be set aflame, burned by sunlight alone like the lore in children's fairy tales.
It was as he was jet-lagged, but without the jets or aeroplanes.
But as the eighteenth day came of Sirius' poor attempt at modifying his sleep schedule, he was becoming sluggish as fatigue dictated his every action.
Eventually, he caved, walked up to his lover making a cup of tea, picked her up, walked to their bedroom, tossed her on the bed and immediately latched on and cuddled her.
His arms shot out to wrap around her waist, basking in the warmth from her skin. His smile only widened when he felt her finger trail along with the patches of tattoos on his shoulder blade that lead to his neck until they threaded through his hair.
Sirius wiggled, trying to press himself as close to her as possible. His face nuzzled into her neck as his body curled to mould to her side. His eyes fluttered close as he breathed in, taking in her comforting — almost therapeutic scent.
“You okay?” She asked, continuing to stroke his long hair.
Sirius let out a muffled hmph! while the feeling of bliss encapsulated his body. Everything in his body seemed to relax, shutting down until he turned to idly press quick kisses to her neck.
By nature, he was a predator, but in the arms of his beloved, he was nothing more than a lovesick fool — to be toyed with and at her mercy. A domesticated pet.
“I'm tired, that’s all.”
The feeling of her nails lightly scratching his scalp put him into a heavenly state while the beating of her heart was hypnotizing. 
But unguarded and tired, Sirius hadn't realized the deep, yet soft vibration that rolled off him.
However, she did. She could feel every slight tremble and reverberation that tickled her neck as he clutched her tighter.
“Sirius… I — are you purring?”
“Hm? Sorry?” He muttered, exhaustion laced in his voice and on the brink of dozing off.
“I think you just purred?”
Never had she felt or seen Sirius tense as quickly as he did.
Immediately, the soothing vibrations stopped and with a beat, he pulled his face from her neck, peeled himself away and stared at her wide-eyed.
If he had proper blood rushing through his veins, his face would be bright pink.
“Huh?” He tried to play dumb. The need to sleep vanished and was replaced with an overwhelming wave of embarrassment. “Purring? What are you on?”
She chuckled and pointed an accusing finger. “You were just doing it! You were purring like a cat!”
“No, I wasn’t! Stop lying!”
Tumblr media
I was imagining Sirius’ face to be like how cats raise their face when they bump into something. That >_< face!
He’d also def get irrationally upset if you hugged/cuddled a pillow rather than him
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Peter: ...
James: ... what's going on here?
Remus: Sirius wha-
James: (turns towards Peter with murder on their face)
Peter: *chewing* uhm-
James and Remus *in unison*: hOw cOuLd yOU?!
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exjames668 · 2 days ago
The Six of Crows is to the Grisherverse fandom, what The Marauders are to the Harry Potter fandom
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toujoursincorrect · a day ago
James: I think everyone knows that I planted the idea to propose in Sirius’s head ten years ago.
11 y/o Sirius: Oh, hi, I'm a first year too. I’m Sirius.
11 y/o Remus: Hi, I’m Remus, nice to meet you.
11 y/o James, appearing out of nowhere: I'm hearing wedding bells! Hi, I’m James.
-end of flashback-
Sirius: That actually really slowed things down. It took, like, four years for me to forget that memory.
James: Yeah, I'm my own worst enemy.
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aacciorriptide · 19 hours ago
confession: sirius black x reader
summary: Sirius finally escapes the hell hole that is the black family home and y/n is too worried about him to care that she's letting her feelings for him show
TW: mentions of parental abuse (not graphic), severe anxiety (?)
read on wattpad or ao3
not beta read (looking for a beta reader if anyone is interested)
hope you enjoy!
Y/n Evans had been having some... conflicting feelings about a certain dark-haired, Gryffindor friend of her's for a while, and she thought she could control it, hide it long enough for her to get over her stupid little crush, because, there was no way that Sirius 'hottest guy at Hogwarts' black could ever like her back. No way.
So when he shows up, bruised, bleeding, moments from a break down at what was supposed to be a fun weekend at James' place, who could blame her for letting her crush show a bit, too worried to care, fretting and fussing over him?
It was a warm summer evening when y/n showed up at the potter's house with her sister — who finally agreed to come, with a lot of begging and promises of all of her chores being done by y/n for a month — and they were greeted with a pitcher of Mrs Potter's freshly made lemonade and one of james' signature dorky smiles.
And so they sat like that, remus' head in y/n's lap, his feet finding their way to lily, James and Peter sharing stories of the few days prior to the twins' arrival that they shared, warmed from the sun, full of Mrs Potter's delicious food.
Everything was perfect. Except one thing.
Sirius wasn't there. Everyone in the group knew about his home life, and how it could be pretty difficult to escape sometimes, but he always turned up eventually.
Sirius liked to act like his home life didn't affect him, like he didn't care what they said and did to him, but y/n worried about him a lot, and those few days at the beginning of each school year where she could see just how much it affects him, where he didn't really talk much, or flinched away from her touch before realising he was safe, still getting used to being back around people that cared about him, really hurt her. She hates seeing him like that. A product of a horrible, abusive childhood, with so much trauma, so hurt, let down by the people who were supposed to care for him, and love him. So, yeah, she worried about him a lot.
It was eating her up inside, wondering where he was, if he was okay.
There was a loud, eager knock on the door, and James jumped up to get it
"Padfoot, mate, what happened to you...?"
Y/n was starting to really worry now, it was Sirius, and he wasn't okay. It was all of her worst nightmares come true.
James quickly called his mum and she took care of him, cleaning all of his cuts and healing his broken arm in a spare room upstairs. She paced around downstairs, picking at the sleeves of her jumper — a nervous habit she's had for as long as she could remember, she picked at the sleeves of her robes nearly every time Sirius talked to her, the butterflies in her stomach only getting worse as a silly little school girl crush grew into something more, something serious — "Y/n, he's going to be okay," Remus said, in a soft voice, calming her, pulling her from her train of thought, he was the only one who knew about her crush apart from lily, and knew how much she worried, and was the only one who could calm her down.
Y/n raced upstairs as soon as she was told she could see him, quickly finding him, dropping to her knees next to the bed so they were eye level.
"I was so worried about you..." Y/n said, tears in her eyes.
"You're always worried about me. Why? Why do you care so much, y/n?" It wasn't much louder than a whisper, but it sounded so bitter, as if he thought he didn't deserve her attention.
"Isn't it obvious?" She asked, crying now, all the stress and anger leaving her body, just from being next to him, "I- I care about you — so much... More than I should... And seeing you hurt, Sirius, it - it destroys me. I hate seeing you like this, I care about you so much — I love you so much — and watching them hurt you — I can't do it anymore, Sirius, worrying about you, I- I can't do it......" She was babbling now, not thinking about what she said, her own words not registering, her filter gone.
"Hey, hey, y/n, look at me. Listen to me, you don't have to worry anymore. I'm not going back there. Hey, hey — c'mere," he pulled her onto the bed and wrapped his arms around her, the same way he had done hundreds of times before, but this... This felt different.
Sirius was slowly getting better, and he had asked y/n to stay a couple more days at the potter's with him. They hadn't acknowledged what y/n had said yet, but she could feel it coming. The prolonged eye contact, stolen glances that were probably new (that's definitely something she would've noticed before) the blush of Sirius' cheeks whenever their hands brushed together — all this build-up for one conversation that scared her so much.
"Er, y/n? Can we... Can we talk?"
"Um, yeah. Yeah, okay,"
"About... About what you said, did you mean it?" Sirius asked, looking so fragile, like he could break down crying at any second.
"Yes, I - er, did. I meant everything I said, Sirius. I love you — and I have for a long time. Honestly, I'm surprised you didn't notice..." She trailed off, mumbling.
Sirius seemed to suddenly become very interested in the floor as his face grew crimson. “...Oh.”
“‘Oh’? That’s it?”
“Well, what with you rather I say?” He got defensive all of a sudden, “That I’m in love with you? That I love everything about you - like your smile, or your laugh? How nice you are to everyone, no matter who they are? Or the way the tip of your nose goes all pink when you’re cold; because I wish I could, y/n, I really wish I could. But I don’t want to put all of that on you. I would just be a burden.” His silver eyes looked so miserable.
“You - are - not - a - burden!” y/n cried, poking his chest softly, “I will not allow you to talk about yourself like that, okay?”
“But --” he started
“No. Sirius, I love you so much, and nothing you say will change that. God, it feels so good to finally say that,”
He smiled. Not the cocky, confident one he gave everyone else. No - the small, soft one that he saved for her. He snaked his bronzed arms around her and pulled her in for a kiss, his lips soft against hers, his tongue --
“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!” The pair snapped apart at james’ arrival. “Couldn’t you have waited til’ christmas? Now I owe Remus ten galleons!”
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marauderseveryday · 2 days ago
Marauders Headcanon
Once the Marauders figured out Remus wanted to be a professor they absolutely gave him every possible chance to “practice teaching”
They convinced him to start a studying club in their fourth year (he didn’t know it but that was so he was busy and they could work on the animagus process easier). The club was a hit until it got disbanded because students kept getting crushes and asking Remus for flirting help instead of actually studying
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lady-random · a day ago
Lily: What should I be for Halloween this year?
Snape: My bride
Lily: ...
Lily: Your right that's terrifying
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