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lovingremus · 2 days ago
Remus: James, what’s your wi-fi password?
James: …just give me your phone, I can type it
Remus: no, it can’t be that bad, come on
James: oh, it’s…
James: well…
James: wolfstar4ever
Remus: what the fuck is wolfstar?
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ifconfusionwasaperson · 2 days ago
Sirius *delighted*: My brother is dating my other brother
Regulus exhausted: please never ever say that again
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asthxte · 2 days ago
James: *Gently taps table*
Sirius: *Taps back*
Lily: What are they doing?
Remus: Morse code.
James: *Aggressively taps table*
Sirius: *Slams hands down* YOU TAKE THAT BACK-
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fantastiqueali · a day ago
‘Till the moon is out
Tumblr media
Pairing: Remus Lupin x Reader
Warning: 18+, Minors dni!, D.S. dynamic, Dom!Remus, Quirofilia, Somnophilia, Bareback, Spanking, Cream pie, Slight Choking, Discipline, Degradation, Dirty talk, and Overstimulation.
Word count: 0.4k
Tumblr media
Your head was pushed down on the mattress with the pillow almost suffocating you if it weren’t for him being slightly sympathetic with you. A fist of your hair was being pulled by your boyfriend. Whilst his other was plunging down your back that could crack any minute.
“Yeah? Tryin’ to tease and mock me with the full moon just by f’me to ruin you? Pathetic little dumb cockwhore,” he mocks. A combination of a gasp and sobs tempts you to choke on your own without any contact but the lack of air that he gives you through his jagged thrusts inside your aching core that had its orgasm for its fifth time already.
Your pleas went in his left and out his right ear, not caring nor giving you empathy as he wants you to get what you want after being a bitch about it. You want him to treat you like a slut and it's in his command. If you want him to fuck you like a vice until you’re in nothingness but dumbness then so be it. But don’t whatsoever ask for any mercy as he will not give you any.
One thing that he wants you to learn is that you shouldn’t take back your words. What you say and want is what he will only hear. Nothing will make him think otherwise. So now the bed is creaking and daring the both of you to break one of its legs. Just like he’s doing to you right now.
His right hand parts with your back and not a moment later a harsh and hissing pain overcomes your bum. A brutal massage follows after, causing your soft skin to redden more. His hand pulls you by the hair and the other supports your body as he latches your back with his front. Sweats from the two of you mixing. 
“Y’want to cum all night? Fine, you cum all night ‘til the moon is out.” You whined as he held your chin up to look at him with his slender fingers. Another thrust makes its way to pleasure and sates you into subspace. 
“Tired already? Should I continue fucking you whilst you sleep peacefully? Should I continue to rut in this dirty pussy so in the morning you can’t feel anything?”
As your sixth orgasm comes down that night, you are tired. You want to close your eyes so much but the man behind it all won’t let you. You wanted to lay down but he won’t allow it with his arms securing you near him.
“Should’a train you more. Train this pussy how to not be hungry for m’cock all the time. After all,” he leans down to your ear, knowing very well that your consciousness is fading away. “This is my pussy. Mine to fucking use whenever I want, not yours. ‘M the one to decide where, when, and how to ruin this sweet tight pussy.”
Tumblr media
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marauderstars · a day ago
Most people say there’s no religion in hp but I am here to tell you that James Potter’s religion was never skipping breakfast.
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okayloki345 · a day ago
Sirius: for someone who’s 70% water you don’t look very refreshing
Remus: water cannot be burned
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teaformoony · 2 days ago
lily: i’m cold
james: *already taking off jacket* here have my jacket
sirius: i’m cold
remus: yea, me too, sirius. that’s why i brought a jacket. you should think about these kinds of things.
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simoncowellsjuicytit · 18 hours ago
ok so thoughts on a band AU for the marauders where james or sirius is the reader's brother and she has a massive thing for drummer!remus, ending in smut? with like soft but mean remus maybe
you ask, i deliver (after like 3 months lol), sorry for the wait and hope you enjoy!
band!au remus x fem!reader (james' sister)
warnings: she/her pronouns used for reader, pretty heavy smut towards the end
“Dude, hurry up.” James’ voice was muffled from your position in the kitchen. You rolled your eyes, bumping the fridge closed with your hip and cradling the five sodas in your arms. You could feel the condensation on the outside of the aluminium wetting your t-shirt. Why had you chosen white today? Sure, you wanted to be eye-catching, but not that eye-catching. You wanted it to be subtle- as if it could be accidental.
“I’m coming!” You yelled irritably, carefully walking down to the basement and putting the sodas on the table by the bottom of the carpeted staircase. You felt his eyes on you- you’d chosen this particular mini-skirt on purpose. It was the only one Remus had complemented before, and you knew that your bare legs would catch his attention.
“What, did you bring the sixth can down by soaking it into your shirt? Fucking hell.” James said, flicking your ear as he walked by to open his drink. He tossed one to Sirius and another to Gideon. “Moony? Soda?” 
“I’m fine. I’m actually kinda hungry.” 
“You always are. Everyone take ten!” James grinned, then looked at you. “Can you show Moony where the snacks are?” 
“I’m not your slave, you know.” You glared, hearing Remus’ low chuckle next to you. You hoped that your flushed cheeks weren’t obvious; if James or Sirius caught even an inkling of your crush, you would be finished. Gone. Mocked to death and beyond. 
“It’s fine, Prongs, I’ll figure it out,” He said quietly, spinning one drumstick in his left hand as he leaned against the doorframe. His eyes met yours, warm and serious, and you felt a flutter in your stomach. 
You paused, briefly, then made yourself roll your eyes. “It’s cool.” You said softly. “C’mon.” 
You jogged up the stairs, listening for Remus’ footsteps behind you, although you probably didn’t need to. You could feel his presence, like electricity in the air. 
The kitchen was always fully stocked these days, with the amount James ate. He could go through an entire loaf of bread in one breakfast, and when his friends stayed over it was even worse. You opened some cupboards for Remus, then hopped up on the bench, watching him make his selection while you swung your feet gently. After a moment, he turned, lifting an eyebrow at you. 
“You alright there?” He asked, in his lilting accent. You shrugged, face warm.
“Sure I am. Are you?” 
He smirked, grabbing a bag of corn chips from the cupboard and tossing them onto the bench. “Sure.” His hands were on the cool marble, now, just a small distance from your right thigh. He leaned forward, biceps straining against his green long-sleeved shirt. His jaw flexed, and you broke eye contact, glancing at your lap. When you looked up again, Remus was smiling as if he’d proved something only he knew about.
The kitchen was largely silent, spare only the occasional crunch of the chips and Sirius faintly practising his guitar riff downstairs. You felt tense, warm- you couldn’t stop your eyes flicking to Remus’ hand, large and sun-browned, with faint white scars running across it. You wanted to touch it; to touch him, to run your fingers through his curls while those hands gripped your thighs. 
You flushed. This was your brother’s best friend. Or, at least, one of them. If James knew… 
“Want one?” Remus had turned, now leaning backwards against the bench and looking at you like he knew what was going through your head. You shook your head mutely. “You sure you’re okay, sweetheart?” Sweetheart. “You’re looking a little warm.” 
His words could’ve been passed off as simple concern, if it weren’t for that smirk. That tone. Those hands, fuck. He knew what he was doing, you were sure of it. But two could play at that game. 
You leaned back, hands supporting your body so that your wet t-shirt was stretched taut across your chest. Remus’ eyes flicked down, once, before they returned to yours. “I’m fine, actually.” 
You hummed, letting a brief silence fill the room. 
“D’you like my shirt, Remus? I saw you looking.” 
“It’s nice. Fits you well.” He said softly, leaning closer. You froze.
You could feel his breath on your neck as he bowed his head, and you drew in a sharp sigh. His hair, curled around the ears, brushed your cheek ever so lightly. Then Remus laughed, and pulled back. 
“You’re cute. That was a nice try.” 
You narrowed your eyes into a glare, and pushed yourself off the bench. He was very tall. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You went to walk away, but before you’d even taken two steps he was pulling you back by one arm, eliciting a gasp from your lips. You looked up at him.
“A little advice?” You nodded. His hand was still around your elbow, holding you close to him, but not so close that your bodies were touching at any point other than that. “Next time you’re trying that, do better than ‘do you like my shirt’, yeah?” 
“‘Next time’?” 
He tutted, squeezing your arm before he released it- it was so quick, it could’ve almost been unintentional. “You’re incorrigible.” He said. 
“I try.” 
“Hm.” He hummed, eyebrows lifted. “Your brother would kill me, you know.” “What do you mean?” You settled for wide-eyed innocence. 
“You know what I mean. Stop playin’ dumb and find a guy your own age to mess around with.” He brushed past, jogging down the steps. You blinked, tutting indignantly. 
Find a guy your own age. As if there was more than eighteen months between the pair of you. It was ridiculous.
Their rehearsal dragged on until eight o’clock, by which time Gideon had gone home and the other boys were organising James’ room to accommodate them- they were a little tipsy, if their shouting was anything to go by. You lay on your own bed next door, blocking out the sounds of their ceaseless talking with your music and reading a book that Remus had recommended a few weeks ago. It was more complex than your usual books, and took a fair while to get through, but it was vaguely interesting. More so because it was one of his favourites.
You startled at the sound of your door opening, rolling off your stomach and pulling your headphones off. Remus stood in the doorway, hair messier than before. You narrowed your eyes, still a little irritated about earlier. “Can I help you?” 
“I think I’ve offended you.” He said, casually. 
“You haven’t,” You replied. Probably too quickly, judging by his amused expression.
“No.” You said firmly. 
He shifted forwards, hand still on the door-handle. You swallowed. “Are you sure? You seemed pretty worked up.”
You paused, watching his face. It was exceptionally hard to read his expression. “And what if I was?”
“I’d do anything to make you feel better.” He was flirting again. Teasing. You huffed.
“Stop it, Remus.” 
“Stop what?” He stepped forward, nudging the door closed with his foot. 
“If you don’t like me, you can’t keep flirting. I’m not just some girl at a party. This… means something.” You said, more brazenly than you’d ever spoken to him before. “If all you want is to make fun of me-”
“That isn’t even close to all I want.” He interrupted. 
You opened your mouth and closed it a few times before replying. “Then what do you want?” 
He looked at you, considering your shorts and tank-top for an achingly long moment before he drew his eyes back up to your face. “I want you to take those off.”
“You heard me,” His gaze was hard, challenging. “Take your clothes off. That’s what I want.” 
“I can go, sweetheart.” Sweetheart sweetheart sweetheart sweet-  I’ll leave, and we don’t need to talk about this again.” He turned as if to walk away. 
“No!” You stopped him, fingers sliding under the bottom of your top. “I want you to stay. I want to…” You walked to him, closer than even before. He was so tall. “Will you help?”
“Help take your clothes off? How old are you, kid?” He teased, but his slender fingers dipped beneath the waistband of your shorts anyway. He undid the tie easily, and they fell loosely around your hips. You weren’t wearing underwear, which he noted with an amused hum, his fingertips grazing your sex for just a moment before he pulled them away. 
You’d removed your top, a plain white bra underneath. It suddenly felt childish, too plain to tempt Remus. He proved you wrong within seconds, being his head and planting a firm kiss to the tops of your breasts. Your arms were around the back of his head, and you leaned into him, feeling his hands on your ass. He squeezed, and your legs just about gave out, which made him laugh. 
He picked you up, hands sliding down to pull your legs around his back.
Remus shushed you. “Do you want your brother to hear us?”
“No.” You shook your head, eyes glassy. He was so pretty. 
“Shut up, then.” He smirked, leaning down again to kiss you on the lips. He pulled your shorts down to your knees, and wasted no time in putting his thumb into the folds of your needy sex. You arched your back- it was as if he’d known exactly where to press right away, and it forced a high squeal from your lips.
Remus glared, pressing in even more cruelly while his other hand covered your mouth. “What did I just say?” He chided, more fingers joining the one at your pussy and drawing mean little circles around your clit. When you started whining from the sweet torture of these movements, he smirked sadistically, dipping his pointed finger down to your tiny hole. 
“Remus!” You whimpered as he circled the edge, never fully entering.
He looked at you through long eyelashes, repeating your name with the same intonation and grinning at your short sound of frustration. “Relax, bun. I’m getting there.”
He relieved your clit of the pressure for just a moment, using the hand that’d been over your mouth to pull off your bra with a snapping of clasps. You were lucky it wasn’t one of your favourites, though he offered you an apologetic kiss at your soft sound of protest. You nipples hardened instantly, and his lips moved to circle one, tongue torturing the little nub until you were squirming under him.
“Can’t you just fuck me already?” You sounded a little petulant, even to your own ears. 
“Honestly, I take my hand off your mouth for one second…” He shook his head, hiding a smile. “You gotta wait, pretty girl, or I’ll hurt you.”
“Someone’s confi- ah!” Remus cut off your snarking, pushing his finger into your velveteen walls and curling it just right. Your hips bucked, and you turned your face into the pillow, suddenly shy.
“Don’t tell me y’won’t even look at me.” He murmured, kissing your lips and simultaneously turning your face back towards the ceiling. Your eyes were wide, blown with lust and pleasure as he added yet another finger and scissored the two inside you. His thumb found your clit, and a panicked sort of whimper left your open mouth. “Liked that, did you?” 
“Uh-huh.” You nodded emphatically, and he chuckled. 
“You’re cute.”
You flushed, slinging your hands around his neck and pulling Remus down to kiss you messily on the lips. Your legs came up around his waist, trying to draw him as close to you as you could. This felt so surreal, you almost wanted him to pinch you, to check if it was just a really hot dream. 
After a moment more, his ministrations on your aching pussy became too much. You moaned into his shoulder, spasming around his fingers with your legs trembling. Remus didn’t cease his movements until you were pushing his hand away, having kicked your shorts off to another part of the room. Your hair stuck to your perspiring face, but one glance at the bulge straining against Remus’ jeans had you ready to go again.
You reached for it, undoing his button and fly. “Please? I want to be closer to you.” You whispered, at his expression. His gaze softened, and Remus combed some hair back from your warm face with gentle fingers.
“You tell me to stop, and I’ll stop. Don’t tough anything out, yeah?” 
This was so contrasting to his previous teasing and mocking that you didn’t even offer a sarcastic comment, simply nodding and offering him a small smile. 
You felt him line up, rubbing his cock up and down your wet folds a few times before the tip was pressed against your hole. You threaded your hands through his lovely curls, mirroring his quiet gasp as he pushed into the tightness of your pussy. It stung, but the wave of pressure it brought alongside his fingers on your clit again nearly had you cumming for a second time. 
“That okay?” He said. Your breathing was harsh, ragged with pleasure. “We’re almost halfway.” Your eyes widened, and Remus gave a little shrug. “I did warn you, sweetheart.”
“I’m okay. Keep going.” You whispered, trying to relax as he toyed with your clit. You felt fuller than ever before- your own fingers had been nothing compared to this delicious stretch. You held onto Remus like he was an anchor keeping you stable, and he peppered tiny kisses all over your face until the sting subsided completely. 
“Can you move?” 
“Thought you’d never ask.” There was amusement in his eyes again, teasing but kind. You didn’t think you would ever want to be as close to anyone as you were with him, his biceps flexing (when had he taken his shirt off?) and scarred forearms on either side of your neck. You watched him as he took hold of your hips, squeezing and kneading until you giggled through your soft whines and whimpers. He pulled out part way, and thrust back into you with such force you saw stars and came around him, pressing your lips together so as to not alert the other boys. It didn’t do much to mask the volume, but Remus’ mouth on yours did the trick.
“Didn’t take much, did it?” He said lowly, between thrusts. You blinked at him, eyes glazed. “Alright?”
“M-hm.” You moaned, eyes fluttering closed and snapping open with each new spot he hit inside you. It was as if your bodies had been made for each other; every spasm of your body beneath his seemed to have similarly pleasurable effects on Remus, who let out short groans and whispers of good girl when you got close to cumming again. 
“There we are, lovely,” He praised as you writhed in your orgasm for the fourth time, “Are you usually this quick?”
You blushed, even though your mind was practically blank at this point. “S’not that quick.” 
“Oh yeah?” 
“Mm.” Neither of you could be sure if that was an answer to his question or the new angle he’d managed to hit, but it didn’t matter. 
“I bet I could make you cum twice more before I’m done, at least.” 
You tried to clear your foggy mind long enough to shake your head. “No, I don’t think I can- mm!” He raised your hips and hit a spot that made your head spin. “I can’t c-cum any more.” 
“Just two times, pretty girl. Almost nothing- can’t you do that for me?” He goaded, kissing a sweet-spot where your neck and your collarbone met. You babbled incoherently, arms still slung around his broad shoulders.
He increased his pace, and contrary to your prior words, you found another orgasm building. 
“Rem, m’gonna-” With a short squeak, you dissolved into a puddle in his hands, eyes rolling back when he didn’t let up his thrusting. “Too much, wait-” 
He did wait, still inside you, until you’d regained your breath. As soon as your eyes had opened, however, he was off again, teeth scraping your jugular and hands pulling your hips up to meet his.
“One more, sweetheart, there’s a good girl.” He growled, thrusts stuttering as he chased his own release. With a moan muffled in your neck, he came, painting your walls white and pulling one more climax from your tired body. 
Slowly, you became aware that tears were leaking from your eyes. You wiped them away, and Remus slowly pulled his softening cock from your pussy. You clenched around nothing, slightly overwhelmed and fucked out. 
“Want me to get a towel to clean this up?” He gestured at your sex, and you shook your head urgently, pulling him in towards you.
“Not yet! I want to be close to you.” The vulnerability made your face itch, but he didn’t laugh at you for it. Instead, Remus lay next to you, pulling his jeans up and pressing a kiss to your forehead. 
“‘Course, sweetheart.” He gently pulled a sheet over the two of you, and you pressed your face into his chest.
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padsmoonymine · 2 days ago
Some random kid: hey Remus and Lily, how does it feel like to be in your boyfriends’ shadows forever?
Lily: EXCUSE ME? They literally wORSHIP the ground we walk on!!
Remus: Agreed. I poured myself a cup of tea this morning and Sirius went on for three minutes about how proud he was that I was drinking something today.
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regulusandpandora · 3 days ago
After some research, I have realized a few things:
Peter Pettigrew had been feeding Voldemort information for a year before Lily and James were killed. (Meaning he was probably responsible for the deaths of the McKinnons and Dorcas Meadowes, but that's beside the point).
All the Death Eaters knew that Peter was on their side. That's why he spent all those years as a rat. Peter was the one who gave the information on the Potters, so the Death Eaters blamed him for Voldemort's downfall, so like a bloody coward, he faked his death and hid.
Now, this meant he began working for Voldemort in roughly 1980 at some point.
Point being, there are many headcanons about Regulus telling on Peter, and I was very confused why that wasn't canon (besides the fact that JKR left a lot of plotholes and really needed to plan the books better).
Regulus died in 1979, meaning if he hadn't died, he could've (and probably would've) told the Marauders about Peter.
If Regulus had lived, there only would've been one war and I will die on that hill.
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nuwandamoony · a day ago
Lily: You have to stop pranking Severus, James!
James: Fine! But I must warn you that this might make me a better, nicer person and that is NOT the person you fell in love with!
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lovingremus · 2 days ago
Sirius: I feel so accomplished today. I haven't spent the whole day in bed
James: you've been lying on the floor for hours
Sirius: I got out of bed though
Remus, lying next to him: you tell him, babe
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incorrectly-mischievous · 4 hours ago
Sirius: there’s a master key and a spare key for the door room. Remus has both of them
Lily: ... why
James: we asked once. We said, “Remus, what if you die? What then?” and he said, “If I die, you all have been dead for weeks”
Sirius: it’s fair
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asthxte · a day ago
james: good morning remus!
remus: shut the fuck up.
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fantastiqueali · 2 days ago
Without A Sound
Tumblr media
Pairing: Dilf!James Potter x Reader
Warning: 18+, Minors dni!, Degradation, Pet names, Age gap (Reader is of age), Cream pie, and Daddy kink.
Word count: 0.6k
Tumblr media
“Dove, come on. Y’know better than that.” 
Pursing your lips close as your body smashes with the front door, struggling to contain the lewd moans that choose to escape your mouth. His hands sealed tightly with your hips, fingernails leaving marks of harsh grips. You only wished to have a decent job as a babysitter. But hell with that, you got more than what you wanted.
Your boss, holding tightly on your hips for support as he slams you against the wooden door, his balls slapping into your raw reddened flesh whilst his trembling cock swells up inside your sugar-coated walls. “Don’t wanna wake up Harry now do we?” he groans with gritted teeth. “If you can’t help yourself I guess I have to stop.” You whined very quietly as he did stop, knowing he had that hot taunting smirk on his face.
“No! Please, don’t stop-!” A gasp caught you off when he pulled you down on his cock, dominating his tip to push that sweet spot of yours that makes you moan and whine like a bitch in heat. “C’mon dove, if you cum f’me without a sound, I’ll treat you like the princess you are.” 
The whispers beside your ear cause a whimper to exit your throat. The tingling feeling of his breath against your skin was sensational. What's more, his hand decided to travel its way down to your tummy who had a bulge poking out just below your belly button. He pushes down on it, groaning at the feeling that his dick can feel his fingers pushing down on it. It roamed more around your area and thus found its way into the small nub that brings an electrical wave to your stomach.
His hips started to move once again whilst his fingers lazily drew the number eight on your clit, whimpers and moans daring to come out. “What would everyone in the neighbourhood think? Your boss mercilessly pounding his cock in you.”
“Don’ care ‘bout them. Want daddy,” you sobbed quietly. James cocked his dick further in, a smirk still visible. “A needy whore you are,” the electrifying tinge on your clit was more immersible than ever. Your legs begin to jerk as you hold on to the door for dear life. 
“Are you gonna cum, sweetheart? Hmm? Can feel- fuck, can feel you choking my cock.” His words were followed by your nods, still trying to prevent loud lewd noises from coming out as the sensitive hearing Harry might wake up from just one commotion.
His hand’s grasp on your hip was digging down more than ever and the immense pleasure from the rub on your clit was too much for you. And the way his cock didn’t stop at your pleads makes you fall more into his touch.
“Please–please–please–please. Ahh, let me come, please!” Your eyes rolled back into your head, your body jerking forward faster than before as you also heard James groan and moan.
“Go, let go of it dove, ahh shit. Come for me.” As if those words were your saviour, you finally let go of that electrocuting feeling, having more vast pleasure come down on your core, as you feel his cock also drunks your velvety walls with his load. He stays inside of you, making sure that you get every drop of his cum and do not waste them.
“You can stay for the night right?” He asks, moving a flock of your hair away from your face. “'m supposed to be home by now, daddy.”
“Too bad, daddy wants to spoil you rotten tonight for being such a good girl.”
Tumblr media
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marauderstars · a day ago
Not Regulus groaning in the afterlife when he watches Sirius die like “oh come on my years of peace and quiet up here are about to be ruined because this stupid fucker lost his balance.”
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brownsugarteabooks · 2 days ago
hear me out. wolfstar. in a howl’s moving castle au. 
catching a falling star and giving a fire demon his heart in exchange for magic is literally the most sirius black thing in the world. also the part where he has a meltdown over his hair. 
and remus as sophie! the werewolf allegory fits so well with her curse. sirius saying the “remus! remus, you are beautiful!” line would have me sobbing on the floor
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we-r-loonies · 2 days ago
i cant stop thinking about starchaser on a date-
like a dumb american milkshake date loll
they would get a strawberry milkshake with extra cream and share it!!!
and they would 100% be playing footsie under the table!!!
and james would walk him back to his dorm and give him a lil peck on the cheek!!!
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my-mood-is-always--no · 13 hours ago
'It wasn't me!' James cried out, exasperated but defensive. 'Whatever happened to Snivellus wasn't my fault!'
'Oh yeah?' Lily said, snarling, 'Then who the fuck punched Sev in the nose?' Remus cleared his throat,
'That would be me.' 
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multi-bookworm · 7 hours ago
Remus: so how’s motherhood treating you?
Lily: fine, I didn’t expect this much crying though
Remus: it’s fine, that’s normal for babies
Lily: what? The baby is fine. I was talking about James
James: *crying holding the baby* I LOVE YOU SO MUCH
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