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multi-bookworm · 2 months ago
Remus: *playing hide and seek*
Sirius: where wolf??
Remus: *crying*
James: dispair wolf :(
Remus: *kisses another dog on head*
Sirius: *gasps* affair wolf!
Remus: *breathing*
James: air wol-
Remus: stOP!
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comfortablynumb · 4 months ago
I fucking love what this fandom has done with Pandora Lovegood. I can’t list all the popular head canons so I’ll just list a few:
- She was best friends with Regulus Black. Just like how James and Sirius acted like brothers, Pandora and Regulus treated each other like family.
-I’ve also seen the joke that Pandora was Regulus’ first kiss, because they were always hanging around each other and everyone already thought they were dating. But, the kiss was super awkward and they decided they were way better as friends.
- She was a pure blood and was either a member of the Lestrange family or the Malfoy family, but ended up getting disowned.
- After being bullied by a bunch of kids in Ravenclaw, Regulus and Barty Crouch jr adopted her and let her sit with the Slytherins at meal time, even if they end up losing house points because of it.
-She’s the one who comforted Barty through his unrequited crush on Regulus.
-And she comforted Regulus when James started dating Lily.
-Despite being seen as an idiot, she was incredible at Charms, and both her and Regulus were skilled in Defense Against the Dark Arts. She achieved the highest marks in their year. (And she always let Barty cheat off of her).
-She was also incredibly stubborn and had no problem putting Regulus and Barty in their place if they stepped out of line.
-Although hatstalls are incredibly rare, two occurred during their first year. Regulus was a slytherin nearly placed in hufflepuff and Pandora was a ravenclaw nearly placed in slytherin.
-She was a seer and, after finding out that Regulus was planning on destroying a horcrux, she begged him not to because she knew he would die.
-She made Barty Luna’s godfather.
-Luna’s full name is Luna Regulus Lovegood.
-She found the locket and Regulus’ note.
-She dedicated the rest of her life to learning how to destroy horcruxes. The spell that killed her was one such attempt.
In conclusion, I would literally fucking die for her and this fandom is amazing.
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ashesandhackles · 2 months ago
The Marauders Map scene in POA: Verbal Fencing Between Snape and Lupin
I kind of made a shitpost about this a while ago, but I decided to actually analyse now. *Puts on gloves*
The fun of having Harry-centric third person POV is rereading the books and seeing things with context of what we know. The particular scene I am pulling up is classic veiled fencing between adults, while Harry remains clueless.
Tumblr media
Snape discovers that Harry has been going to Hogsmeade illegally (thereby making his job of protecting him harder - as he says: "Everyone from the Minister of Magic downward has been trying to keep famous Harry Potter safe from Sirius Black. But famous Harry Potter is a law unto himself. Let the ordinary people worry about his safety! Famous Harry Potter goes where he wants to, with no thought for the consequences")
He gets him to empty his pockets and sees the parchment we know as Marauders map. Once he tries to get the parchment to reveal it's secrets, the map insults Snape.
As though an invisible hand were writing upon it, words appeared on the smooth surface of the map.
"Mr Moony presents his compliments to Professor Snape, and begs him to keep his abnormally large nose out of other people's business. "
Snape froze.
Given that he reacts to the first insult, I am inclined to think he recognised the names. Since Marauders were openly calling each other by their nicknames in Pensieve memory, it's not a stretch to assume he knows. And then he calls Remus, supposedly on the pretense that since the parchment is full of Dark Magic, and Lupin is the Dark Magic expert as DADA teacher, he would recognize it. But the readers know that the actual Dark Magic expert is Snape, not Lupin, so it is clearly an interrogation that was borne from him recognizing the names.
"You called, Severus?" said Lupin mildly.
"I certainly did," said Snape, his face contorted with fury as he strode back to his desk. "I have just asked Potter to empty his pockets. He was carrying this. "
Snape pointed at the parchment, on which the words of Messrs. Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs were still shining. An odd, closed expression appeared on Lupin's face.
"Well?" said Snape.
Lupin continued to stare at the map. Harry had the impression that Lupin was doing some very quick thinking.
"Well?" said Snape again. "This parchment is plainly full of Dark Magic. This is supposed to be your area of expertise, Lupin. Where do you imagine Potter got such a thing?"
Snape tries to see if the map gets a reaction out of Lupin, but Lupin immediately has defaulted to a "closed expression". To prod Lupin further, Snape makes a veiled accusation that Lupin gave Harry the map to lure Harry out of school and into possible danger. As we know from end of the book, Snape believes that Lupin and Sirius are working together: "I have been telling Headmaster again and again that you have been helping your old friend into the castle, and now here's proof". We see him relaying these doubts to Dumbledore in the chapter after Sirius's Halloween break-in - that he thinks it's impossible to get inside without help, a conversation Dumbledore shuts down in front of Percy Weasley.
Tumblr media
Thereby, in this scene, he is implying that Remus is working with Sirius to lure Harry out of a safe space by handing him their old invention as means. A fact Remus immediately cottons to. He confirms this when Harry asks him after the scene:
"Why did Snape think I'd got it from the manufacturers?"
"Because. . . " Lupin hesitated, "because these mapmakers would have wanted to lure you out of school. They'd think it extremely entertaining. "
To deflect this accusation as well as to cover for Harry in front of Snape (who Remus has a poor opinion of as an authority figure - as established in Boggart scene), Remus goes for a feigned Deer in Headlights approach:
"Full of Dark Magic?" he repeated mildly. "Do you really think so, Severus? It looks to me as though it is merely a piece of parchment that insults anybody who reads it. Childish, but surely not dangerous? I imagine Harry got it from a joke shop --"
Snape, angry, presses the accusation further:
"Indeed?" said Snape. His jaw had gone rigid with anger. "You think a joke shop could supply him with such a thing? You don't think it more likely that he got it directly from the manufacturers?"
Remus goes so hard into deflection that it is almost comical:
"You mean, by Mr. Wormtail or one of these people?" he said. "Harry, do you know any of these men?"
"No," said Harry quickly.
"You see, Severus?" said Lupin, turning back to Snape. "It looks like a Zonko product to me --"
Tumblr media
Ron comes in at this point and confirms Remus' story.
And then he accidentally slips up:
"Well!" said Lupin, clapping his hands together and looking around cheerfully. "That seems to clear that up! Severus, I'll take this back, shall I?" He folded the map and tucked it inside his robes. "Harry, Ron, come with me, I need a word about my vampire essay -- excuse us, Severus --"
After pretending the entire scene that he knows of nothing of the map and it's probably a Zonko product, Remus has a Freudian slip of: "I'll take this back, shall I?"
Snape is not having a good time in most HP books, but POA is especially a book where he is having a No Good Very Bad days.
For more reading on traits touched upon here, read this meta by u/metametatron4 [Remus Lupin: Canon vs Fanon]
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I love the ideia that James didn’t change and mature for Lily and that he did it for Sirius
Because it makes the story so much better
He didn’t become a better person to win a girl
He won the girl BECAUSE he became a better person
James matured a lot because during the summer Sirius moved in after witnessing terrible things in the Black Family House and arrived at the Potter’s scarred for life. Needless to say that the poor boy was traumatized
Quickly James realized that he was all the family that Sirius got left and that he had to be there for him and had to make sure that Sirius was alright
.And taking care of Sirius meant sometimes calling him out when he was acting out and crossing the line, stopping Sirius from doing self destructive shit and making sure Sirius knew that he always had a home and a shoulder to cry on
So in doing that James grew up a lot during the summer and in the beginning of the next year he was a new version of himself. He didn’t even run around Lily trying to get her attention because he realized that if she was at least a little interested she would have said yes a while ago
So he just stopped focusing so much on being the center of attention (but off course he still enjoyed a huge party after a quidditch victory) and started focusing on other things. He was just studying more, doing pranks with his friends, looking after each and every single one the marauders and beginning to prepare for the war that was coming.
James began to always make sure that no pure blood asshole was bullying muggle borns (especially the younger ones), he was always making sure that Remus was resting enough after the full moon, that Sirius wasn’t doing anything too dangerous and that Peter had more faith in himself
And by doing all of that he finally caught Lily Evans attention
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aurithearmy · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Yep, you guessed it. Yet another Jily doodle. Sorry, I just can’t get enough of them.
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stargazedmoony · 7 months ago
sirius: our mother’s the devil
regulus: sirius! don’t talk like that, you’re insulting the devil
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looopylupin · a year ago
Sirius: why I would fuck a demon? simple: the status. Imagine you and your friends arriving at the gates of hell, they’re all crying, scared to death and you just walk into the arms of your sugar demon. Legendary
Remus: it’s 3am!?
James: no, no. he’s got a point
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antlered-pluto · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hogwarts ~ 1978 ✨ 🍫 
I haven’t been able to draw in a little while, so thought I would draw everybody’s favourite werewolf to get back into the swing of it- because I will never not love Remus John Lupin. This colouring style is sort of new for me, and I’m really pleased with how it came out! (I guess this means I have to do a marauders series, huh?)
Find more of my art here 
[ please do not repost without permission and credit <3 ]
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moonlightdancer26 · 16 days ago
There is really no canonical evidence that the marauders called each other moony, wormtail padfoot and prongs all the time, instead of them being their "secret nicknames" or something. If they used them all the time, wouldn't Snape have recognised the names when the map was insulting him in PoA, and not called Lupin? I don't think it's that unrealistic that they'd have other nicknames as well.
We see them using those nicknames openly in SWM:
A gang of chattering girls separated Snape from James and Sirius, and by planting himself in the midst of this group, Harry managed to keep Snape in sight while straining his ears to catch the voices of James and his friends.
“Did you like question ten, Moony?” asked Sirius as they emerged into the entrance hall.
“One: He’s sitting on my chair. Two: He’s wearing my clothes. Three: His name’s Remus Lupin . . .”
Wormtail was the only one who didn’t laugh.
“I got the snout shape, the pupils of the eyes, and the tufted tail,” he said anxiously, “but I couldn’t think what else —”
“How thick are you, Wormtail?” said James impatiently. “You run round with a werewolf once a month —”
“Put that away, will you?” said Sirius finally, as James made a fine catch and Wormtail let out a cheer. “Before Wormtail wets himself from excitement.”
Wormtail turned slightly pink but James grinned.
Sirius snorted. “I don’t need to look at that rubbish, I know it all.”
“This’ll liven you up, Padfoot,” said James quietly. “Look who it is. . . .”
Sirius’s head turned. He had become very still, like a dog that has scented a rabbit.
“I wouldn’t go out with you if it was a choice between you and the giant squid,” said Lily.
“Bad luck, Prongs,” said Sirius briskly, turning back to Snape. “OY!”
We never actually see teen!Marauders call each other anything other than their nicknames in SWM.
If they used them all the time, wouldn’t Snape have recognised the names when the map was insulting him in PoA, and not called Lupin?
H-he did recognise the names, that’s literally why he immediately called Remus in the first place.
He basically accuses Remus in front of Harry:
"Full of Dark Magic?" he repeated mildly. "Do you really think so, Severus? It looks to me as though it is merely a piece of parchment that insults anybody who reads it. Childish, but surely not dangerous? I imagine Harry got it from a joke shop --"
"Indeed?" said Snape. His jaw had gone rigid with anger. "You think a joke shop could supply him with such a thing? You don't think it more likely that he got it directly from the manufacturers?"
And he also froze:
"Moony presents his compliments to Professor Snape, and begs him to keep his abnormally large nose out of other people's business."
Snape froze. Harry stared, dumbstruck, at the message. But the map didn't stop there. More writing was appearing beneath the first.
It’s obvious that he did know about the nicknames.
He also understood Harry’s message in OoTP and who “Padfoot” was. Although, I think it’s more likely that the Order as a whole used Padfoot as some sort of code-name for Sirius, but it’s still worth mentioning.
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that-bi-multifandom-mess · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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1971marauders · 5 months ago
Bella Luna (part 16)
part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9, part 10, part 11, part 12, part 13, part 14, part 15
Warnings: mentions of underage drinking, sex - no smut (ah, yes! we are there already)
Pairing: young!Remus Lupin x reader
Words: 4,298
Summary: You spend your first full moon running out with the marauders; you host your first Gryffindor party, and you have your first night with Remus.
A/N: Guys I'm pretty sure this is the chapter a lot of us had been waiting for, so please enjoy it! Also, I once read this drabble and it's just part of my daily life now, so I really wanted to include it. Credit to the creator!
Tumblr media
“A stag?! Well, that’s a relief, I guess. I looked down at my hooves and for a moment thought I was a cow or something.
“Oh, you are a cow, alright. Just not in your Animagus form.” you mocked, James grabbed his pillow and threw it at you.
You had all gone back for a nap in the boys’ dorm during your free period; the previous night had been a rough one and you could barely keep your eyes open anymore.
Remus had told all of you how the night had looked like from his perspective and described all of your animagi forms in detail.
James had transformed into a honey-coloured stag, with long majestic antlers; Sirius was a shaggy tall black dog with large paws and floppy ears; Peter had turned into a mousy brown, fat rat with curious little beady eyes and long tail; as for you, you had taken the form of a small white arctic fox with big ears and a fluffy tail.
“Pete, no offense, I mean rats are alright and all but, your tail is a bit…” started Sirius
“S’wrong with my tail?”
“Well… I don’t know it’s just…”
“Yeah, I agree the tail is a bit off-putting” you agreed “Sorta looks like a slug”
“More like a worm, really” James chimed in.
“Oi! You’re one to talk, you coat rack!” Peter shot at James, as you let out a cackle.
“Oh, yeah and you can laugh because you look like a stuffed animal, right?” said James, looking at you, still flushed.
“I look like a stuffed animal!?” you retorted, throwing the pillow back at James.
“Haha! or a pair of fluffy slippers!” added Sirius.
“At least I don’t look like a dirty old mop!” you shot back, making Remus guffaw with laughter, clapping his hand on his leg.
“Oh, shut up Mr. Werewolf McWerepants!”
“You lot know what makes me more excited about this whole thing?” started Remus when he got his air back “giving you all stupid nicknames based on your animal-self, just like you did me!”
“Oh, HELL NO!” complained Sirius.
“Oh hell yeah, Lassie!” Sirius scowled and fell back on his bed as the rest of you laughed.
“I wouldn’t laugh yet if I were you, Bambi and Mickey” he turned to James and Peter.
“Oh yeah? what about her!” Sirius pointed
“What about her? she’s a beautiful white fox, there’s no possible way to make fun of that” said Remus, leaning back and pecking your lips.
“Oh, sure there is” said James, “why, she’s Mrs. Foxie McWerewolf!” the other two boys howled a laugh.
“Oh, come on!”
“You can’t even deny it, Y/N!, you know you’re just dying to be Mrs. Moony, here!”
“Oh, the McWerewolves!! they’re so precious!” mocked Sirius
“Aren’t they just!”
“And you lot realize eventually they’ll have tiny little cubs!” added Peter
As much as you tried, you couldn’t help but to let out a chuckle, while Remus held you by the waist and hid his head behind your back.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The days passed, and the five of you wouldn’t miss a chance to vex each other with new nicknames, more and more ridiculous each time. It got to the point where you were all calling James “Rudolph”. Of course, it had been Remus’ idea.
“Rudolph’s not even a stag, you moron, he’s a reindeer!” he bit back at Remus
“Oh, please you’re closer to being a reindeer than I am of being a moon!”
That last week you were calling Sirius “Toto”, he was calling Peter “Speedy Gonzales”, and Peter was calling you "snowflake", which you didn’t really mind.
You also didn’t miss a chance to say “good boy” every time Sirius got an answer right, and “bad boy” when he got scolded by a professor or got detention, eliciting snorts and hidden laughs from the boys.
James, by the way had spent a whole week walking into people, tripping, and knocking things over; his glasses had crashed during the night of the transformation, and he had waited for his parents to mail him new ones.
One morning you woke up in Remus’ bed (you had been sneaking over to the boys’ dorm since that night), and found the boys gathered around James’ bed.
“S’going on?” you asked, approaching the boys and yawning.
“Ooooh, let’s have Snow try it!” suggested Peter.
“Try what?”
Sirius stood up in a second and handed you a handful of clean parchment.
“What’s this rubbish?” you asked, unfolding the paper.
“Just try and read it” asked James.
“I can’t read it, there’s nothing here”
“Exactly” continued James, “just try a spell on it”
You frowned but went to get your wand and pointed it to the parchment; the boys followed you around the room, eyes glued to you.
When you said the spell, some letters started appearing on the map.
“Well, go on” encouraged Sirius.
“Messrs. Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs…” you started reading, looking up at the boys, understanding the quote was referring to them, “bid a good day to Ms. Y/L/N, and urge her to shower and fix her hair, lest she’d rather continue getting confused with a ghoul. HEY!!!” you complained as the boys doubled over with laughter.
“Go on, keep reading!” said James.
“Yeah, I don’t really know if I want to…”
“Awww, c’mon, love! It’s just a bit of fun” asked Remus. Only then did you continue reading.
“Mr. Padfoot would like to point out he is quite charmed to make Ms. Y/L/N’s acquaintance; he had never before met a talking stuffed animal” you lifted your gaze, unamused, to meet Sirius’ laughing face. “I’m guessing this is you?”
“You are correct, Mrs. McWerewolf”
You looked back to the map and kept on reading.
“Mr. Prongs kindly agrees with Mr. Padfoot, and would like to add he is delighted to have a snuggly blanket as a friend” Yeah, ok I think I get it, congratulations, you manufactured a parchment that insults anyone who tries to read it”
“Oh no, darling!” disagreed Sirius, handing you a small piece of parchment. “Try it again, except this time tap the parchment and say those words”
You gave Sirius a doubtful look, still did as he told you.
“I… I solemnly swear that I am up to no good”
The parchment’s writings started changing again and the ink moved around to form a different message this time:
“Messrs. Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs, Purveyors of Aids to magical Mischief-Makers are proud to present. THE MARAUDER'S MAP”
You then opened the parchment and saw Peter’s Scribbles and drawing of Hogwarts make their way into the map, with the tags of different names that moved all over.
“It-It’s the map! It’s your map, you finished it!!” you exclaimed, quite amazed “guys, this is genius!!”
“That’s not all, love. Now tap it again and say this” instructed Remus, handing you a different piece of parchment. You read the parchment, tapped the map, and said: “Mischief managed”.
Instantly, the whole thing disappeared and went blank again.
“It worked!!!! Properly this time!!!” cheered James, as the other three whooped and clapped.
“Yeah, one time it insulted us while we were trying to erase it!” mentioned Peter. You let a giggle out and looked over to the three boys.
“Guys you… congratulations. For real this time! You are all truly amazing”
“C’mon, now Y/N/N, don’t go soft on us! It wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for you.” said James, shaking you softly by the shoulder.
“Yeah, Y/N, you’re our girl” added Sirius.
“Wait…” interjected Remus.
“You know what I mean!”
A big and tight group hug followed, and you had never felt luckier to be surrounded by that particular group of idiots, and your boyfriend.
“So… the 'marauders map', huh?”
“Oh, yes! you know your name's not in it, but you are every bit of a marauder as we are” Sirius cleared out.
“Well, I’m honoured”
Tumblr media
Another couple of weeks went by, and the night of the full moon finally arrived. Remus had already gone to the hospital wing to be escorted to the Shrieking Shack as usual.
Meanwhile, the four of you waited for the common room to be emptied so you could get under the cloak and make your way to the Whomping Willow.
Once you were near it, you all ran out of the cloak, too excited to keep walking slowly and silently.
Sirius and you were racing to the entrance of the tunnel, while Peter transformed and pressed down on the tree’s knotty branch to paralyzed it.
“Oh, yeaaah” sung Sirius, “whomp me now, daddy!!” James laughed just before he transformed.
“You are seriously disturbed, you know that?” you told him, transforming yourself right after James, followed by Sirius, and you all crossed the tunnel that leaded to the shack.
When you arrived, Remus was there, sitting on the floor, looking paler than usual and breathing heavily. Padfoot jumped onto the bed and Wormtail climbed up a chair. Prongs walked up to the window, and you ran and threw yourself on Remus’ lap.
Yes, he looked tired, he looked like he was in pain; but he was also sporting the brightest smile he ever had.
“I can’t believe you guys are here!” he said, stroking your soft hair and scratching your ears.
Prongs walked over to him and nudged his shoulder with his nose.
“Yeah, mate. Thank you,” said Remus.
Outside, a dense cloud drifted in the sky and uncovered the full moon at its highest; it shone down and lit everything outside the window.
You looked worriedly at Remus as he closed his eyes and, holding his side, got on his knees. You had jumped off his lap, but kept close to him, caressing his hand with your nose, while he started grunting.
Padfoot was next to you in an instant, and he used his head to push you behind Prongs; Wormtail was already there and climbed up to Prong’s head.
Remus continued grunting and then let out a long painful cry, as you noticed his frame was starting to change: his arms and legs had gotten broader, and hair was growing out of them; his hands and nails had elongated, so they turned into long clawed paws; two pointy ears had grown out of his head, and a short snout grew out of his mouth. Just as he had fully transformed, he let out not a cry, but a long chilling howl.
You felt your own fur stand on the back of your neck, and looked over to the rest of the marauders, who were cowering behind Prongs, not letting Moony out of their sight.
The wolf stood still for a few moments before it shot his head up and looked straight at you with an intense pair of golden eyes. You could see big fangs that peeked out his mouth as he noisily breathed in and out.
You made to take a step towards him but felt Padfoot tug on your tail. You looked at him and he let out a whimper. You simply shook your body and with a lick to his nose, made him understand it was alright.
You slowly approached Moony, with soft and silent steps of your padded feet. You got so close you could feel his hot breath on your face.
Padfoot whimpered again, as Prongs stomped on the floor and Wormtail screeched desperately. You tried to pay no attention to them, as you stood perfectly immobile in front of Moony. He took a step closer to you and started sniffing you all over with his big snout.
You closed your eyes, nervously, as you let him learn your scent. Before you dared to open your eyes, you felt a big moist tongue lick your whole face.
You opened one eye after the other and saw Moony’s ears had relaxed. He was now facing you playfully and trying to catch you with one of his paws.
As soon as you understood what was going on, you let out a funny screamy bark and ran all around the shrieking shack, climbing on the bed, passing under the chair, and finally circling Padfoot, who was now also approaching Moony along with Prongs.
The five of you were playfully nudging each other, but stopped when you saw Padfoot at the door, and he barked loudly to get everybody's attention.
You all looked to him and followed as he went out and through the tunnel.
What the hell was he doing? Wasn’t that dangerous? What if you ran into someone?
Still, you followed him and came out the whomping willow, and then you kept running down the hill. You could see them on your peripherals, sometimes the dog, sometimes the stag, sometimes the wolf. And the rat ran faster than everyone and came out from under your feet. You let out a laugh, that came out like a raspy screechy sound.
You ran so fast; the grass was merely a blurry carpet under your feet. The moon shone over the grounds and was reflected on the Black Lake like it was a mirror.
Padfoot ran past you, and you saw his tongue flopping to the side of his mouth. The air was hitting your face, but it didn’t feel cold; it felt like you were gliding. You were gliding under the magic of the full moon with your best friends, and Moony paired up to you, giving you a golden stare before he looked up and howled carelessly. You had never felt so free, so full of possibilities, so full of life.
A couple of months went by, and James and Sirius had organized a victory party in the common room, after Gryffindor’s win at quidditch against Ravenclaw.
“So Hufflepuffs are bringing the food, Ravenclaws are in charge of music, and Slytherins are…”
“Slytherins are invited?” interrupted Sirius
“Yes” answered Remus dryly
“Not all Slytherins are arseholes, you know” you added “especially not the ones who actually accepted the invitation”
“Alright, alright, no need to bare your teeth”
“As I was saying, Slytherins are in charge of drinks”
“Have I mentioned how much I like Slytherins” Sirius added.
The girls caught up to you after dinner, and together all of you tidied up and got everything ready, as little by little students from all houses arrived at the common room.
Marlene’s record player was blasting from a corner, and tons of records the Ravenclaws had brought, were scattered around on the tables and chairs.
A seventh year Gryffindor girl had conjured extra tables for all the food the Hufflepuffs had brought, and another one for the drinks the Slytherins had procured.
Upbeat-y rock music was playing while you walked around the crowd looking for your friends. From where you were, you saw a group of people standing around a nervous and jittery James, on whose shoulder Lily was resting her arm. James’ eyes locked yours for a moment, and you wiggled your eyebrows, nodding towards Lily. The boy’s face turned a deep scarlet to match his tie. You couldn’t help but to laugh.
You kept on walking and saw another group of familiar people next to the fireplace; Marlene, Dorcas and Peter were there, but there was no sign of Sirius or your boyfriend.
You made your way to the drinks’ table and poured yourself a little Dragon Barrel Brandy. How had the Slytherins got their hands on it? you had no idea, but they had come through.
“Nice party” you heard someone call you from your back. You turned around and saw Regulus Black in front of you, wearing his quidditch sweater, and looking more relaxed than you had ever seen him.
“Regulus, you made it!” you said giving him a quick hug, he patted your back and retreated his hands back into his pockets.
“Of course. I wanted to see you” he smiled lazily at you. You thought he was already a little tipsy.
“Oh! well, here I am” you answered, fairly timidly.
“Can I… pour you a drink?” he asked as you downed your brandy.
“Umm… you know I probably shouldn’t, but… alright”
He took a bottle of Daisyroot draught and poured some on your cup.
“This is quite gentle” he said as he handed you the drink with that same smile. “So, how are… things?” he asked, already rolling his eyes at himself.
“Things are great!”
“And with Remus?” he asked, now taking his turn to chug his drink, and immediately pouring himself another one.
“They’re good!” You nodded and smiled a bit awkwardly “They’re… great, actually. Merlin, Regulus, I-I…”
“You love him” he completed. An involuntary smile crossed you face, and you looked down.
“Is it that noticeable?”
Regulus gave a lopsided smile and scratched at his neck.
“Well, either that or I’m just a really good observer. Which, you know, I am" he said, and then placed a hand on your shoulder "I’m glad. I really am. You deserve all the happiness, Y/N. And I never told you, but that day when he… broke my nose, I was convinced he deserves you.”
“Oh, Reg, I’m sorry…”
“Oh, don’t be. I would’ve punched myself too” he said, with a sort of sad smile.
You looked around and your eyes connected with Marlene’s; she looked at Regulus and then back at you. You shot her a stiff smile and widened your eyes.
She wasted not a second and made her way over to you two. She truly was wonder woman.
“Little Regulus Black!” she greeted, throwing her arm over Regulus’ shoulder. He stumbled a little.
“Hi, Marlene” he answered, nervously.
“Aren’t you just looking dashing!” she gave you a funny little look, which you took as your cue to escape from there.
You turned around and across the room you saw Remus, laughing whole-heartedly along with Sirius. Both were holding drinks in their hands, and something told you that wasn’t Remus’ second, or even third one.
You smiled widely as you noticed how happy he looked.
Almost as if you had summoned him, his eyes shot up to you, and he smiled even wider, starting to lip-synch to The Beatles’ “Oh! darling”. You looked at him as he started approaching you, never ceasing to dramatically sing, play air guitar and dance along to the music.
“YEaaaah, go Moony!” Sirius cheered, calling the attention of everyone in the vicinity. You saw for a fleeting moment, the jealous look on several girls’ eyes.
Remus finally made it to you and with one strong arm pulled you close to him and kissed you square on the lips.
There was a collective whooping and whistling, which Sirius had only been to happy to lead.
“Well, hello there, miss Y/L/N” he slurred, still holding you and rocking a little to the music.
“Hello yourself, Mr. Lupin. Aren’t you looking chipper tonight?”
“Am I!”
“You are! Did we… umm, maybe have one too many drinks?”
“Pfff! darling I’m just getting started here! Did you know there’s chocolate liquor?”
You unsuccessfully tried to hide a laugh.
“I had heard of it, yes”
“Well I… hadn’t” he replied with a silly little smile plastered on his face.
“Oh no… how many did you have?”
“I don’t know, I stopped counting after the tenth one” he said, and bursted out laughing.
TEN?! and he was barely tipsy… boy could that man hold his liquor!
“I think we’d better sober you up some”
You led Remus to a chair and fed him, while trying to keep a drunk Sirius from slipping him any more drinks.
After a while Remus was completely sober, and already starting to pour himself another drink.
There was a collective chorus of “Sweet Home Alabama”, which Remus happily joined, holding you by the waist.
You went to get another drink, and saw James sprawled out on the big sofa, completely passed out. Lily, Marlene, and Alice were chatting cheerfully next to him.
“What the hell happened to him?!” you asked, running to check him up.
“Uuuh, yeah… we might’ve given him a bomb…” answered Marlene, while Lily lowered her gaze and hid behind her cup.
“What the devil is a bomb?” you asked, but Marlene averted your eyes. "Lily?"
“Umm, I don’t quite know, really. That Zabini bloke makes them. I do know there’s both fire whiskey and gin in it”
“Lily!!!” you scolded, trying to shake James awake.
“I’m sorry! I didn’t know it was going to hit him that hard!
“Lily, he gets dizzy from drinking his milk too fast!” you replied. “I’m going to get him something, pleeease watch over him while I’m gone?”
“I will. Y/N I’m sorry!” she yelled while you ran up to the boys’ dorm, were you kept Remus’ first aid kit.
You knelt down at your boyfriend’s trunk and started stirring around to look for some aspirin and essential oils you knew would pep him up.
You heard a click from the door’s knob and the music faded a bit. Remus had entered the room.
“Hey beautiful, Lily told me you were here”
“Oh, hey Rem. Yeah, they knocked James out with a drink”
Remus let a laugh out his nose and he crouched down next to you.
“Regulus gave him a potion, love. He’s feeling better already” he said standing up and offering you his hand to help you up.
“Good! I’m glad. So, y-you saw Regulus”
“Oh, yes we talked a bit” he said, giving you a funny look and taking a step closer to you.
You felt a cold sweat cover you whole. You still didn’t know what page they were on.
“You did? What about?”
“Oh, you know, this… and that, and… you”
You heart skipped a beat, though you didn’t know if it was due to what Remus had just said, or because of the uncommonly hungry and seductive look he was giving you.
“Me? Whataboutme?” you spat, taking a step back as Remus took another one forward.
“He said you told him something”
“Yeah, well I-I-I imagine I have told him a good deal…”
“Something about me” he said with one last step forward. The back of your legs bumped with the bed so you couldn’t back away anymore. You were looking for mercy in Remus’ greenish eyes and he softly took your hand.
“So you… you love me?” he finally said, looking down at you as he displayed an amused smirk. You looked down at your feet and felt Remus grip your hand tighter.
“Maybe…” you answered, finally looking up back at him. He was smiling even wider now. “Do you love me?” you asked back.
“Maybe” he replied.
“What are we going to do about that?” you asked.
But he didn’t answer, he suddenly took you in his arms and kissed you almost desperately.
You took your hands to rest on his shoulders and gripped tightly as he lifted you off the ground with ease and gently placed you on his bed, hovering on top of you before you sat up and, just a tiny bit roughly, switched places so you could straddle him. He took in a sharp breath and gave you a daring look, still smirking.
“Oh, it’s like that, isn’t it?” he asked, letting his hands wander up and down your thighs as you lowered your hands and undid his tie.
“It is, apparently” you answered, not even knowing where the cheekiness was coming from.
Remus connected your lips again as he let you take his shirt off and reveal his ever-broadening chest peppered with scars all over. His hands ascended through your back, scrunching your shirt up as you leaned to kiss the scars along his neck.
You heard his breath shudder and a second later he was ripping your shirt off, sending the buttons flying all over the place. You looked back at your shirt, now on the floor.
“You’re going to be sewing that, Lupin”
He let out a laugh and held you closer, trying to memorize the feel of your weight on his thighs, the warmth of your body in his, the taste of your tongue against his lips, the smell of your hair.
He lifted you up a little to place you back on the bed and supported himself over you with his forearms.
He stared at you for a moment and gave you another smile; a different one this time. It was tender, sincere, and full of love.
“I do love you, Y/N. I love you like fucking crazy” he told you and pressed a light kiss on your nose.
“I love you, Remus. And I always will”
Remus went back in for the kiss; this time it was slow, tender, and passionate. He wasn’t rushing it, he was savouring the moment, softly caressing one of your thighs with the tips of his fingers.
You slithered your hands to undo his pants and felt his hand shudder on your leg. He traveled his lips all the way from your lips down to your collarbone. He straightened himself slightly and lifted his hand to trail the scars across your chest and press small kisses to them.
You agilely wiggled yourself out of your skirt and Remus lifted his head.
His eyes danced all over your face and your body, he looked at you like you were some fantastic, magical creature and he just couldn’t believe his eyes.
He gulped, moving his shuddering hand to your waist, and locked eyes with you.
“Love” he started in a shaky, hushed voice, “are you sure you want this?” he asked, stroking your cheek lovingly. You couldn’t stop yourself from smiling as you felt the pure loving energy from him fill your soul.
“I want you, Rem” you answered, lifting your hand to trace his somewhat chapped lips. He kissed you hand and went back in to kiss you on the lips.
He intertwined his fingers with yours and whispered a last “I love you” in your ear. You felt him become a part of you as you threw your head back and allowed yourself to completely become his.
Tumblr media
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multi-bookworm · a month ago
Remus: hey Jamie
James: hmm?
Remus: can you help me. There's this really scary, really MEAN monster under my bed :(
Sirius, on the bottom bunk: look, I'm soRRY I TOOK THE LAST PIECE OF CHOCOLATE!
Remus: no you're not, you like to see me suffer like this. You're a monster!
James: pads how could you!
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comfortablynumb · 5 months ago
I decided to morph the marauders fancast with the most popular art of the characters on artbreeder and I can’t tell if this is awesome or cursed. P.S. Andrew Garfield’s eyebrows made remus look like a Batman villain.
Aaron Taylor Johnson + Dev Patel + Fanart = James
Tumblr media
Ben Barnes + Fanart = Sirius
Tumblr media
Andrew Garfield + Fanart = Remus
Tumblr media
Dane DeHaan + Fanart = Peter
Tumblr media
Karen Gillian + Sophie Skelton + Fanart = Lily
Tumblr media
Timothée Chalamet + Fanart = Regulus
Tumblr media
Louis Garrel + Fanart = Snape
Tumblr media
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unasked-for-opinions · 3 months ago
harry potter is a pick-me girl. “oh i have NO friends and weird magical stuff happens to me, no one at home understands me and i’m just DIFFERENT and a WEIRDO. i go to a secret magical school that no one can know about and a dark wizard tries to kill me every year but i, an eleven year old, fend him off with my insane magical power. i WOULD do well in every class if it weren’t for the fact that my teacher HATES me. i’m so quirky haha.”
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hp-imagines-07 · a year ago
3 Overprotective Brothers and 1 Lover
James Potter x Fem!Reader
Universe: Harry Potter; The Marauders era
Type: just loads of fluff, funny and a little bit of angst if you squint really hard
Summary: The Marauders have always protected you from other boys because they don't want for you to be heart-broken, but what if James has a different reason? What if he doesn't want for you to date because he wanted for you to date him?
Request: YES|no - "hey, can i request 47 with james potter? thanks for considering! 💓" @tomsobriens​ thank you for the amazing request
47 - "Why were you like that?" "Like what?" "Looked like you were... jealous." "And what if I was?"
Warnings: making out (?), cursing probably, jealousy? idk, warn me if i missed anything :)
Song: xxx
Word Count: 2.9K
Posted: 23rd of December 2020
A/N: ok, i love the concept of a jealous James :,) aaaand, i am SO sorry it took so long for me to write it!!!!! i hope you all like it, but i don't think it should be put as one of my best pieces..... n y ways, love you all and have a good reading!!
My Others Accounts: @imagines-07​ (Principal Account) | @cm-imagines-07​ (Criminal Minds) | @stit-imagines-07​ (Stranger Things & IT) | @mcu-imagines-07​ (Marvel Comics Universe) | @obx-imagines-07​ (Outer Banks)
Tumblr media
To say that the Marauders were the best best-friends you could have was kinda questionable.
Yes, they were the perfect company at the good moments and the bad ones. Yes, they were always there if you needed them. And yes, they loved you to death. But were they perfect? No, they weren't.
Because every single time a boy would look at you differently, they would become the scariest they could just to scare the poor boy away. At first, you tried to talk them out of it, saying that you could make your own decisions and deal with the consequences of them, but they just said that any boy was decent enough to be with you.
Did you believe them? No. But did you keep insisting that they should let you take care of it by yourself and be the stubborn girl you grew up to be? No, again.
It was a bad thing that, while they all were seeing girls, you couldn't even talk to a boy that they would be on the way. You felt like your big and overprotective brothers were your best friends, that was weird and annoying, but they had good intentions with it, they didn't want to see you hurt and you were ok with it.
Well, you were just fine with having 4 overprotective brothers, until, in your sixth-year, you had been crushing over a Ravenclaw boy for months already, he was always so kind to you and he was so handsome that, when he asked you out on a date in Hogsmeade, you accepted. But the problem was that the boys were arguing with you, they didn't want you to go on the date with him - which was the worst thing they could've done, because all of them had dates to go on the weekend and were ok with the idea of letting you all alone while they were having fun with girls, but you couldn't go on a date and have fun with another boy.
To say that until now you didn't go on dates before was a lie, you've managed - with the help of the girls - to go on more than just a couple of dates without your friends knowing, but you wanted for them to know about this one because you didn't just want to go on a date with him or snog a little at an empty part of Hogwarts, you were liking him and wanted for him to be your boyfriend. But did this serious talk work? Of course not.
You were just so pissed with them, that was the worst fight you ever had with anyone and they were feeling so bad with themselves, that they didn't even go to their dates, because they were constantly trying to find you around Hogsmeade. You haven't talked to them for days and they were looking for you to apologize about what they did, but when they did find you, they wished they had gone on the dates…
You didn't tell them where you and that filthy boy (in Sirius' words) were going, so they looked for you in all the stores they could find, there was just one place missing when it was almost time to come back to the castle, The Three Broomsticks. Remus wanted to slap himself by not thinking of the most obvious place for dates in the first place and ran with the other boys to the place that you had to be.
They were so focused on looking at the inside of the crowded establishment that they completely missed the couple kissing at one of the benches just the outside. Just when they were looking around that Peter looked outside, noticing a girl with the same outfit you were wearing earlier and the same [y/h/c] hair that you've had in different haircuts along the years the Marauders have known you.
Wormtail narrowed his eyes at the couple kissing and widened his eyes in the realisation that, yes, that girl was you.
"G-Guys..." Peter said while repeatedly hitting Sirius' arm, getting the attention of all of them. "I think I just found Lil' [y/n/n]..." He said carefully and pointed at the kissing couple just outside through the window with his head and his eyes glued on them.
Remus' eyebrows almost touched his hairline in surprise, Sirius' jaw was almost on the floor, Peter was still staring like there was some kind of a monster in front of him and James felt his blood boil with anger and jealousy.
No, no, he's not jealous. He's just angry that his best friend is kissing someone else- someone! Not someone else, just… someone.
Before they thought of going outside and ruining everything, the four Marauders watched the couple stop the kissing and look at each other with huge smiles on both faces. All of them focused on how your eyes were shining with happiness and your cheeks lightly painted in pink from the cold weather, the loving kiss and the blush from when the boy put a strand of your hair out of your face and behind your ear.
They all felt so guilty that they were selfish enough to take away so many moments like this because they were there, being 4 overprotective brothers to an independent woman, who could take care of herself just fine.
James' stomach fell to his feet with the sight of your stunning smile being caused by someone else and not him, but he didn't feel the need to cry - even with his heart clenching - because you looked happy and that was what mattered to James. Did he want for you to be happy with him? Oh, how he wished for you to be happy because of him, but he didn't need to be the reason. He needed you to be happy and it didn't matter with who.
But did it stop him from being bloody jealous all the times you appeared with your new Ravenclaw boyfriend during the next month? No, it didn't.
If someone, at any moment, said the name of your boyfriend, James would shut up and stay mad for the rest of the day. Everyone noticed how he was so not happy about you dating someone else, but what could they do? Stop you from being happy? No, they wouldn’t do it with either of you.
Sirius even asked for Lily's help, so they could go on a date and see if he would forget about you just for a couple of hours, but it didn't work. Nothing seemed to work with James, maybe their efforts weren't good enough, or maybe James didn't want for them to work, maybe he wanted to be suffering about you, maybe he wasn't ready to let go of his feelings just yet.
But the day you appeared in the common room, with a serious expression and looking at the floor, the Marauders could tell that something was wrong just with the way your feet were hitting the floor without making any noise - you usually walk around hitting your feet on the floor with the melody of the song you had in your head at the moment - and the way your shoulders were down.
"Lil' [y/n/n], is everything ok?" Remus was the first to ask and you just softly nodded, sitting at the couch between James and Sirius.
"Hey, love, you don't look ok," Sirius said and turned around to sit facing you and laid a friendly and warm hand on your tight. "did something happen?"
You gulped loudly while the boys were sitting in silence, just waiting for you to be ready and tell them what happened for a woman, always filled with happiness like you, be in this depressing way.
"I-It's just..." You started but stopped to sigh and Sirius squished your tight, silently telling you to calm down and you gave him a small smile as a thank you. "Elijah" your ex-boyfriend "forgot to meet me again at the library, I waited for him for 2 hours and when I noticed he was not coming, I decided to confront him about it, but I had to look for him first." You started and James looked at Sirius with wide eyes that gulped nervously, already knowing how this was going to end. "One of his friends said the password to the Ravenclaw common room for me and I went to his dorm… I think you know what Ava was doing there." You finished with a sigh.
Sirius and Peter looked scaredly at each other because they thought you would start to cry and not even after all those times they've seen you cry before, they would never get used to it. It scared the hell out of them to see you, the strongest person they've ever seen, let yourself be so vulnerable in front of them. While Remus was staring at you and trying to get the slightest hint of what you were feeling out of your expression, and James was seeing red.
How dare Elijah cheat on a girl so worthy of happiness and love like you? You've given everything of yourself since the first day of your relationship, but he'd never done anything beside snogging and lying to you. All James wanted to do now was to punch Elijah until he couldn't feel his lips or nose anymore and had both of his eyes completely black. James' hands clenched in anger, his eyebrows furrowed and his face got all slightly painted in red, just like his vision.
None of the boys noticed how angry he'd gotten, just you, with your gaze on your lap, that saw by your peripheral vision how his hands clenched. You looked up at his angriness-filled-face and, when his eyes met yours, James felt like all the anger had been ripped off of him and all he cared about was you. His hands grabbed yours in comfort and held them in his lap, and James looked at you, waiting for the moment you would break and hold you the way you needed and deserved.
But it didn't happen.
All the boys were looking at you, waiting for the moment the first of multiple tears would fall, but it never happened.
"[y/n/n]?" Peter started, looking at you with a confused and concerned face. "Why are you not crying?" The same second the question fell off his lips, Remus’ hand slapped his arm by the stupid and inappropriate question.
"I don't know..." Your voice was so low that the boys looked back at you to make sure you said something and that it wasn't just a trick from the ambient sounds (like the fire at the fireplace and the distant footsteps from the dorms). "I'm not hurt enough to cry, I think. Or I just don't feel like it..." You shrugged. "I don't know."
"Well, then… When can we murder him?" Sirius asked with a serious expression and low voice, making Remus try to contain a laugh but failing and everyone following soon after.
James' took a moment to admire you, he felt like the time had stopped when you threw your head back in laughter and his heart skipped a beat with the beautiful way you looked when happy. This made James want to make you happy all the time, to make you laugh at every chance he gets…
"OK, but now seriously, when should we?" Sirius asked again after a heavy sigh.
"Never, Sirius, I don't think he deserves another punishment..." You said with a funny air filling your words and the boys looked at you confused. "What? Are you going to tell me that losing this hell of a woman is not enough suffering?" You joked while pointing at yourself.
"No, I can agree with you on that point..." Sirius said chuckling at the way that they didn't need to do much to make you happy and giggly again.
"Same here!" Moony raised his arm and a hugeous smile broke in your face when all of them raised their arms with Remus.
"Thank you, boys… I don't know what I'd do without you." You said looking at their eyes, one by one, with James being the last one and shivers ran up and down his spine uncountable times in just the mere second your eyes connected.
"Always." James simply said and held your hands tighter in his big ones, holding eye contact for a little bit too long… Remus, Sirius and Peter looked at each other with the same expressions and they didn't need to share a word to feel the tension thick in the air.
All it took for you and James to look away from each other with burning cheeks was Peter's sniff.
It's been exactly 4 days.
4 days since you broke up with Elijah.
And 4 days since James has been exhaling happiness from every single part of his body.
It's been so much time that anyone had seen James this happy that it was even weird to see his face lightening up whenever your name was mentioned in a conversation or when you walked inside the great hall and he felt some relief when the only person he saw beside you was one of the girls or Sirius - as you two shared most of the classes.
To say that anyone hadn't noticed was a lie because every single person in Hogwarts could tell that the break-up was a true miracle for James. His happiness was the only thing anyone could see looking at him.
But, oh, as Sirius and Remus looked at the boy sitting at the other side of the table, they felt like it has been months since they saw James with the same expression he had right now…
James had his eyebrows furrowed, his lips in a frowned pout, his eyes were fixed on something - someone, actually - and his fingers were white with the pressure he was holding the polished silver cutlery in his hands (Sirius was afraid that blood would start dripping from his palm with the strong grasp).
Moony and Padfoot looked at each other with confused faces and as an instinct, their heads moved to where James was hardly staring at. Sirius' eyes widened when he saw you talking to Elijah.
Looking back at the boy in front of them, who was almost having smoke coming out of his ears, Remus and Sirius fastly realized everything. Why James had always been the most overprotective over you, why James always hated the most the idea of you dating someone, why James didn't want to participate in any pranks during the weeks you were dating Elijah, why James' smile dropped every time he saw that you weren't alone, why James had been so happy those 4 days after the break-up…
James was in love with you.
You sighed loudly while sitting in the space beside Prongs and looked over at the boys. The different expressions in each of their faces with the dead silent made you confused and your eyebrows frowned while you tried to capture their eyesight but all you got were Remus and Sirius staring at James, who was finding his food really interesting to play with.
"Why were you talking to him?" Prongs muttered just when you opened your mouth to ask what was happening and you had to take a second to understand what he had said. "He cheated on you, [y/n]." He said a little louder this time and dropped the fork he was holding at the plate, turning his torso around so he could look at you. "He didn't deserve to change glances with you anymore, why were you talking to him?"
"I was returning him the flowers he left at my dorm this morning, trying to apologize..." You answered slowly and spoke each of the words cautiously. "I was telling him how he shouldn't try to talk to me anymore because I won't give him another chance." You finished and your arms in front of you.
James gulped loudly in shame and looked down at his food again, taking one bite of the chicken. You narrowed your eyes with the realisation and scoffed with a smirk growing up in your face.
"Why were you like that?" You asked playfully and uncrossed your arms so you could put your right elbow on the table and rested your face on your hand, looking at James at your left.
"Like what?" He grumbled back, trying to ignore Sirius and Remus on the other side of the table looking at the two of them.
"I don't know..." You pretended to think with your index finger slightly hitting repeatedly your cheek. "It looked like you were… jealous." You finished and smirked at James, who had now both of his cheeks in a shade of pink.
"OK… A-And what if I was?" He said back while trying to not trip over the words.
"Then you'd have to take me on a date before..." You got up, only smirking more with the vision of James being even more flustered - if it was possible - and bent down just enough so your breaths were fanning against his ear. "Meet me tomorrow, after class, at the Black Lake. Don't forget the food." You whispered with your angelic voice and James gulped loudly.
"I-It's a d-d-date, then?" James asked when you got away from him and you just winked, turning around and walking out of the Great Hall.
Oh, you would surely be the death of him… 
@brithedemonspawn​ @cheapglitter​ @weasleysmuchh​ @missmulti​ @writtenbypics @littlemaladaptivedaydreamer​ @dralf0yy​ @buff-bork @rd155 @seppys-return-to-madness​ @luciferedits​ @old-soul-young-mind​ @pxtrickhxckstettxr @sleep-i-ness​ @marauderswhisperer @liberty01 @gweaslvy​ @weasleytwins-41 @siriuslysirius07 @turtlepad​ @ilovewinter101​ @monimillion​ @simonsbluee​ @smokey102​ @aberette13​ @yourbloodyqueen​ @loverboyreid​ @eeshea @susceptible-but-siriusexual​ @weareloserstogether​ @queenofthepouges​ @gracielou0518​ @lukedetails @kiwi-sloan​ @wonderful-writer​ @666cookies​ @kateriinabovos @mflufflion​ @zzzzzcakes​ @mysticalmalfoy​ @lostaurorax​
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Tumblr media
A post-Hogwarts, pre-Avada Kedavra James Potter sketch.
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stargazedmoony · 5 months ago
sirius: has anyone seen my boyfriend?
james: remus? yeah, he’s beautiful
sirius: what?
james: what?
lily: yeah, what?
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siriusly-a-jedi · 5 months ago
So in ‘The Philosopher’s Stone’, Fred and George were enchanting snowballs to hit Quirrell’s turban, so they were hitting Voldy in the face with snowballs.
Can you imagine how they would’ve felt when they found that out? Imagine they go up to Harry like:
“We know you defeated him as a baby and survived the killing curse and all that, but we hit him in the face with snowballs and didn’t die.”
James looking at them from the afterlife like:
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spencerreidcanchokeme · 7 months ago
the marauders had one last “hoora”,before the war got really bad they knew it would be the last for a while, but they treated it as if they were still at hogwarts planning more mischief.
they listened to queen and bowie, laughed and had some drinks, reminisced in old memories, brought up embarrassing stories, always celebrating the fact that james finally got the girl
teasing moony and pads for it taking them so long to realize that it was always more than just friends
but they knew that this one would be the last for a while, so at the end of night, it was tearful goodbyes and making promises that no one knew were bound to be broken
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accio-slytheringirl · 6 months ago
This picture, that’s it.
Tumblr media
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