#the model liked it so much he asked to take it home 😭😭😭
aspiring-thembo · a month ago
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ranszn · 27 days ago
any soft rindou hcs? 😵‍💫🥹🫶
Tumblr media
an — hello anon, I have only the best soft Rindou hcs for you >:) rindou being canonly the second best boyfriend in tr leaves us with so much content am I right, brightly proofread <3 tried my best bc I’m not too good with these </3 lmk if you want more 😭😭😭😭
Tumblr media
despite being so mean and rough with everyone he knows, rindou is the biggest baby and the softest man ever behind closed doors with only you <3
the second he gets home, his whole big bad guy personality disappears in seconds!! he almost automatically gives you the biggest hug and layers kisses all over your face and lips!!! bonus points if you do it back, he’ll turn into a giggling mess
always tells you he loves you when he’s home, he never goes a day without it as long as he comes home safe and in one piece, he feels like it’s a way to make you feel relieved and secured when he comes home after being gone for days or hours
let’s you take care of his scratches or bruises while he tells you about his day and all the crazy stuff he and ran did, half the things you don’t wanna hear cause it’s so brutal- but you still sit and smile while he talks, it keeps him happy
if he’s home early, and bonten needs his brother instead of him, you could bet he’s in the kitchen cooking you either your favorite meal or getting ready to prepare something while you sleep, assuming he wasn’t home
rindou 100% let’s you dye his hair too, say his roots are growing in? oh he’ll come home with hair bleach and dye ready for you to have your fun
also let’s you pick out his suits!!! he has all crazy colors just for you to pick depending on how you feel, doesn’t matter if he hates the color or not, it’s what you think he looks good in
rindou also has an insane amount of hoodies?!?! that he lets you wear 24/7?!?! he thinks you look so cute cause they’re so oversized on you, especially the arms
cuddles cuddles cuddles, he absolutely lovessss cuddling you. he can lay with you for hourrrrrs just sitting there scrolling through his phone with you in his arms, or while watching movies?? He literally could sit there for days with you, not even hours
every morning he’s the type of guy to be like ‘five more minutes’ if you try and get out of bed for work— he just loves feeling your body warmth against his at all times </3 he’s definitely made you late a handful of times though
let’s you paint his nails!! he even has a little box full of nail polishes he lets you pick out once every few weeks if all his nail polish is all peeled off from before
he definitely wears contacts and still needs glasses so he always wears them around you cause he knows you won’t judge or make silly remarks about them, if anything he knows you like when he wears them <3
sometimes, if he’s drunk, he’ll let you do his makeup!! he’ll sit there and be the perfect model for any product you want— even if he’s sober!!! if you buy a new eyeliner, or new lashes, he’ll sit still and let you test anything out on him, as long as it doesn’t stain his face he says !
always there for you emotionally!!!! if you call him while he’s at work and you even sound a tad bit off, he’ll drop whatever he’s doing to find a way home just to make sure you feel better and happy
if you’re a student — he helps you study for exams and is willing to stay up all night with you just to makes sure you don’t stress too much or overwork yourself
if he’s out with his brother or friend’s and see the smallest things that remind him of you, he’s definitely buying it. no matter how small or how big it is, seeing your smile every time he brings something home is worth it <3
overall the best boyfriend you could ask for, really!!!! treats you’re already married <3
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mypimpademia · 23 days ago
— Golden Retriever
Kirishima x black!fem!reader (w they/them pronouns used)
TW: None
Note: came up w pretty much all of this while talking to @mistaas so some creds to them!
⇶ Eijiro Kirishima was the absolute epitome of a golden retriever boyfriend
⇶ Always happy to do anything you want to do, and at anytime
⇶ You wanna go shopping? Go and get dressed, and don't even think about grabbing your own card
⇶ You wanna get manipedis together? As long as he gets to pick your colors!
⇶ He's just so happy to do anything you want to do, especially when it's together
⇶ And, Eijiro is the perfect boyfriend if you're more the of high maintenance type
⇶ Always keeps up with when you get your hair done, and has money ready just for that
⇶ Pre schedules too, calls up the salon or person that does your hair 1-2 weeks before to book an appointment for whatever you need whether that's a retwist, braids, a wig install, etc.
⇶ He's probably better at reminding you than you are at reminding yourself
⇶ And he's always got a nice little date night planned for the both of you, and a good time is guaranteed no matter where you go
⇶ Eijiro also helps invest in your hobbies and passions
⇶ Art, fashion, hair, nails, makeup, you name it
⇶ And if it's needed, he's more than happy to be your model!
⇶ Eijiro is more than secure enough with his manliness to walk around with full beat, 3 inch nails, and a 32 inch jet black deep wave buss down
⇶ Matter fact, he enjoys doing such
⇶ It makes him feel good, and honestly he understands why so many people do it😭
⇶ Eijrio will even do his workouts with it on, and gets upset if he breaks a nail or anything, and whines to you about it
You heard the tread of heavy and familiar footsteps near your bedroom, before the door swung open with a light creak.
Eijiro walked in, sighing from exhaustion from his earlier workout.
"Hey baby, how was your work out?" You asked him, without turning to face him.
"It was good, but..." He responded trailing off at the end.
"But what?" You said, beginning to turn towards him.
"But I broke a nail, and my lace is lifting." Eijrio whined, as you finally got a good look at him.
Your tall, muscly, and almost intimidating looking boyfriend had on a 32 inch jet black lace wig that was lifting in some places, and 3 inch black glitter, red bottom, coffin shaped nails, with the left pinky nail missing.
You were at a loss for words, and ultimately broke out laughing.
"What's so funny?" He pouted.
"Baby, you didn't have to keep any of that on, I told you I was just testing out new methods." You chuckled.
"I know! But I felt pretty, I wanted to keep them on but I guess I cant..." Eijiro huffed.
"Aw baby, I'll do it again whenever I try something else out, okay? Let's get these off you."
⇶ Of course, this can't just work one way, Eijiro wants the same in return!
⇶ Spend some time with him doing what he likes too!
⇶ Play video games with him, it's okay if you don't know how, he'll teach you!
⇶ Help him re-dye his hair
⇶ And if you're comfortable, come to the gym with him!
⇶ You can do your workouts together and he can show you how to use different machines if you don't already know
⇶ Or, at least do home workouts with him or be nearby when he does them
⇶ He'll even let you sit on his back while he does push ups!
⇶ If you're scared of being too heavy, don't be. Because regardless he'll lift you onto his back like you're weightless and start his workout
"It'd take a boulder for me to break a sweat, you've got nothing to worry about babe!"
⇶ Eijiro is also 100% the type to have you hold his legs down while he does sit ups too
⇶ Not because he needs you to hold them down, but because he wants a kiss from you everytime he comes back up
⇶ He will make you his passenger princess
⇶ Eijiros got a habit of stopping by unexpectedly. It's not completely unexpected, he always calls and asks if you're home and if you are he tells you to get dressed then swings by to pick you up
⇶ Your dates are usually planned, so days like these are just for him to drive around and do errands while you sit pretty in his passenger seat with his hand on your thigh
⇶ Stops to get you food of course, and asks if you need anything while you're at the store
⇶ The day full of errands always turn into evenings of him asking you to spend the night, to which you happily oblige
⇶ You help him cook dinner and meal prep, then eat dessert while watching a movie or playing video games together
⇶ Always gets sleepy before you, but can't actually sleep without you, so you follow him to bed where you curl up together and he mumbles about how much he loves you before his words turn incoherent and into soft snores
⇶ Needless to say, a relationship with Eijiro will be the most fulfilling relationship you could ever ask for. Anything you need and want, just say the word. And all he asks for in return is the same energy
Taglist: @silkylious @blackweebtrash @love-hashira-raine @denkisdashi @bigheartlittlelies @haksluvr @luvirenee @jacuzziwaters @niktwazny303 (Send ask or pm me to be added!)
Reblogs & comments are appreciated!!!
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jaeyuzn · 14 days ago
▸ content. idol!heeseung x idol!fem reader , established relationship (gOALS 💅) , chaotic comment sec , reader as IVE’s 7th member , heeseung being head over heels , fluff fluff fluff 3000 , explicit language , an alternate universe where dating in the k-industry is not seen as a scandal or; an au where idols basically have freedom , (+) participation of other personalities (models, actors, athletes)
▸ genre. fluff , instagram!au , idol x idol
▸ notes. lmao i wrote this on a whim but also considering the person who suggested that i write for heeseung next! he's my fav person ever so this came easier to me ngl. anyways love you guys! u can suggest the next member or if u want a part 2 of the members that i already wrote for! 😚
♡゙ click here to open sunghoon ver. !
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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choiyn ﹫vogue_korea 💋💋
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yejitzy i'm so excited for this bb!
aespa_karina this looks cute omg 😭
shinryujin but photoshoot collab when? 👀
y.jungwon noona congratulations on your first solo cover! ❤️
↳ choiyn thank you wonie 🥺 thank you for the visit & support as well 🤍
↳ simjaeyun lmao look ﹫ethan jungwon got here faster than u did
↳ rikiminaj imagine getting beaten by ur dongsaeng/leader
↳ jongseong lol hyung
↳ kimsunoo wonie > heeseung baby
↳ sunghoon lfmao
↳ ethan uNPROVOKED???
vogue_korea ❤️❤️❤️
ethan congratulations my love 🤍
↳ jongseong ratioed
↳ sunghoon (2)
↳ simjaeyun (3)
↳ kimsunoo (4)
↳ rikiminaj (5)
↳ y.jungwon lol
↳ choiyn guys staaaaaaap 😭
↳ choiyn anyways thank you baby 🥺🤍
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choiyn date night w/ my fav person 🤍 ﹫ethan baby i love you 3000 🤧
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ethan i love you more 😚
treasure_jihoon she skipped karaoke nights w/the squad for her date okay miss ma'am 👍🏻
↳ treasure_jeongwoo u just salty bcs she beat u at the last karaoke challenge lol
↳ treasure_jaehyuk 😂
ahnyujin eonnie when is it gonna be my turn 🥲
↳ ive.gaeul she don't have time for u
↳ ive.gaeul but i do
↳ rei y'all r disgusting so i'm just gonna go and bleach my eyes bye
heesbambi look at the way she holds heeseung by the waist tho 😭
engene.dive is it just me or did yn eonnie grew taller??
↳ choiyn i was standing on my tippy toes bcs hee’s vv tall ㅠㅠ
↳ sendme2es ONG SHE REPLIED
↳ heeseung_bunot_era OH DI SANAOL ATE DIBA 🥲
↳ gay4rei alexa play that should be me by justin beiber
ningyizhou cutieeeeeeeeees 😤
↳ choiyn babygirl u are too 😚
↳ ningyizhou back 2 you love 😚😚😚
↳ ethan aYO !?
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ethan we have established the fact that ﹫kimsunoo is better than dispatch
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jongseong what happened with ur date? 😂
↳ choiyn sunoo, wonie and ni-ki found us at han river ㅋㅋㅋ
↳ simjaeyun y'all got found???
↳ sunghoon if i were dispatch i'd hire sunoo-nim 👍🏻👍🏻
welovewonyoungxoxo my parents
rei eonnie can u buy me snacks on ur way home? thnx 😗
↳ leeseo_ive our fridge is full
↳ rei ok and???
↳ jang.wonyo buy us snacks eonnie we love you so much
kimsunoo if u want to hire me as your cameraman just dm me 👍🏻
↳ engene_worldwidefan ILL HIRE U AS MY BF INSTEAD
↳ twerktwerking he don't even know u fam
↳ y.jungwon i told the both of you to just leave them be smh 🤦🏻‍♂️
choibeomgyu as an exchange for dating my cousin can you buy me ice cream ﹫ethan?
↳ txt.taehyun u have money
↳ choibeomgyu ok and??
↳ yeonjunz even i don't ask sunghoon for shit like this and he's dating my sister
↳ txt.soobin beomgyu u ate ice cream yesterday ?
↳ hueningkai y'all are fearless in the comment section fr (😏)
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loveive our very own ﹫ive_official liz and yn were spotted at an art museum today! the dive who saw them got a few photos with the two of them as well! op said the interaction with yn and liz before the picture taking was very cute and funny! apparently liz was wearing airpods on so she wasn't able to hear op calling out to them. yn thought op was calling for another person bcs op used her korean name ㅋㅋㅋㅋ she didn't realize op was calling for them until op waved at them when they were already at another part of the exhibition.
credits to @/jungboo03 in twt!
#ive #ive_liz #ive_yn #dive #liz #yn
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ethan would you believe that these photos are literally 1 day apart? she didn't slay the packing stages but definitely slayed her first ever solo stage! i am just so proud of my multi-talented, beautiful and kind girlfriend ﹫choiyn. i’m so happy to see you bloom up in the stage with your huge passion for performing and music. i hope to perform with you someday 🤍 i’m not supposed to say this but i told you so (a reference to the time when the both of us were just talking about doing solo stages and i told her that i had a feeling she'll get her own first in between the both of us lol) i love you baby! i am so so proud of you!
p.s. i’m cooking us dinner while i’m typing this lol i love you so much my lovely girl <3 i’m so proud of you and i'll always remind you of that <3
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ahnyujin she slayed the performance. there's no other words to describe that perfect performance stage by our very own ﹫choiyn eonnie! 🥳
ive_gaeul we are so proud of you ﹫choiyn ! 😚
jang.wonyo i wasn't there to watch the entire performance but i know eonnie gave everyone a blast 😭 still regretting that i wasn't able to watch it live though 😭😭😭
choibeomgyu i hope me yelling like a little girl with ﹫hueningkai and ﹫yeonjunz wasn't caught by the camera 😃👍🏻
seulgi94 not to brag or anything but she trained at sm with me before 😗❤️❤️
↳ choiyn eonnie 😭
xoxo_taeyong u just earned yourself another herd of admirers yn~ anyways that was a spectacular performance! never expected less from you since day one! 🔥
leejung this is why you're one of my fav student to teach ever! congratulations on a wonderful job bb!
treasure_official this is why she ranked 1st consecutively on the monthly evaluations ❤️🔥 congratulations yn!
enhypen to the new fans, please fall in line behind the back. this is first come first serve situation only 👍🏻😃
↳ choiyn now tell me who posted this 😃
↳ kimsunoo jake hyung
↳ simjaeyun i was cornered
↳ jongseong riki was literally with u wdym??? 🤨
↳ sunghoon riki held him hostage if he didn't posted it
↳ choiyn what's riki gonna do? kidnap layla? 🤨🤨
↳ rikiminaj noona i swear i had nothing to do with this
↳ simjaeyun u threatened to kick my shins and u call that nothing? 🤨🤨
↳ rikiminaj i said nothing 🤨
↳ ethan stop. the both of you seriously 🤦🏻‍♂️
↳ choiyn ﹫ethan???
↳ ethan i shouldn't have commented anything 😐
↳ ethan i love you baby ﹫choiyn ❤️
↳ choiyn 🤦🏻‍♀️
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fairyofthestar · 29 days ago
dance, baby!
words: 2k
genre: fluff, strangers to lovers
requested by: anon
(A/N: the song is actually about the guy wanting to dance with the girl but gets rejected and i think i've written enough sad shit during this week so i changed things up for this one 😭 enjoy!)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
i'm sitting alone, nobody to hold the people in here are crazy faking a smile now, been here for a while now i'm fed up with this, i just wanna go home
in yeonjun's opinion, dances were a bit childish for their age. they were in their final year of highschool, no one has time for dances! everyone should be focused on studying for college entrance exams or gathering the requirements that they need.
yet here he was, sitting on the bleachers with his black suit that sparkled (but not too much), and a red rose pinned on its collar. being an aspiring model, he was that person who one can never expect to wear just a plain black suit. he garnered attention for his outfit, but not enough for someone to ask him to dance.
yeonjun sighed, his head sinking in his palm even more. yes he found dances childish, but he was here anyway so might as well get the full experience of it. besides, he loved dancing and he would look pitiful if he danced alone while everyone had someone (not like he already looked pitiful while sitting alone in the bleachers, spectating the whole scene). 
he wanted to go home.
but damn, that girl set me up with her
when yeonjun stood up to get some punch, he noticed a girl talking to huening kai. kai was a social butterfly, he knew almost everyone in school. 
he watched as you and kai talked animatedly, lightly hitting his shoulder when he said something funny. oddly enough, your outfit matched his. you were wearing a long black tulle dress that had thin straps and a sparkly top, a red rose on your wrist.
you looked stunning and yeonjun wanted nothing more than to get to know you, especially since he's already seen how blinding your smile is. it was a smile that he was sure would take a long time to get out of his mind.
he watched you whisper something to kai and turn to go to another part of the gymnasium and yeonjun hurriedly stood up to approach his friend, not wanting to miss the opportunity. kai saw him stumble towards him, seemingly in a daze. he gave yeonjun a wave, a bit confused why yeonjun looked out of it.
"having fun?" he asked yeonjun and the latter shook his head. 
"do you know her?" he asked, turning his head towards the direction that you went to. kai followed where yeonjun was looking at and spotted you. he smirked.
"(y/n)? yeah we've had the same classes before," 
"(y/n)..." yeonjun mumbled to himself as if he was testing out how it would feel to mutter your name out loud. it felt right, he concluded. "does she have a date tonight?" he turned to kai and finally saw the smirk that was lingering on his face. yeonjun rolled his eyes at this.
kai giggled. "she doesn't. are you interested in her?" he asked, despite already knowing the answer. 
"i think i've found the love of my life,"
"woah, slow down!" kai laughed, raising his hands in front of him. "you might scare her away,"
"i was kidding," yeonjun huffed. "i want to meet her."
kai hummed, thinking. "she told me she'll be right back so just stay here. when she comes, introduce yourself,"
yeonjun gulped. "i'm nervous," he admitted. kai looked visibly shocked by this, his eyes widening and his brows raising up to his forehead.
"never did i think i would see you in such a state. what happened to the cool fashionista yeonjun?" yeonjun didn't have an answer for that because he didn't know what was happening to him as well. 
he's gone on multiple dates yet for some reason, the thought of going on a date with you had his stomach bubbling up in a way that has never happened before. it made him even more curious to know more about you. he wanted to know why he was feeling this way towards you.
"just me set me up with her," yeonjun said with finality, trying to regain his confidence and cool composure. 
dance with me, baby, dance with me, baby let's get lost right here dance with me, baby, dance with me, bae under the chandelier
"this is my friend, yeonjun. you might have heard his name around the campus," kai said, introducing the caramel haired boy beside him. of course you were familiar with yeonjun, he was known for his fashion sense and colorful hair. you had contemplated a few times to approach him yet never found the chance to since you didn't have the same class with him.
you flashed him a genuine smile and yeonjun felt like he was going to melt at the sight. "i'm (y/n)."
"he's got something to say to you. right, yeonjun?" kai turned to him, wiggling his eyebrows. yeonjun looked at the taller boy with a hint of nervousness in his eyes then turned back to you. 
he cleared his throat, hoping it would help him recollect himself. "i was wondering if you already had a date tonight because if not, then maybe i could be the one who'll accompany you to the dancefloor," he managed to say in a voice dripped with honey. he wanted to give himself a pat on the back for not stumbling on his words.
yeonjun's offer made you blush. one of the most popular guys in school wanted to dance with you in such a night where everyone's eyes would be on you? you would be foolish to say no. besides, you always found the boy interesting and this was a chance for you to get to know him.
you bit your lip, trying to suppress a smile. "you wouldn't mind if i steal your friend for the rest of the night, hyuka?" you lifted your gaze towards the brunette who was watching the scene unfold with an amused smile. 
"knock yourself out," he smirked, pushing yeonjun towards you and the caramel haired boy immediately held onto the closest thing that can help steady himself—your shoulders. the action was so sudden and you thought that yeonjun was about to fall as well, so you placed your hands on his arms. you and yeonjun locked eyes, faces burning up at the close proximity and the sudden turn of events. you've only met each other yet were holding each other like this. 
it was like the two of you were magnets pulled together. neither wanted to let go of the other.
"a-are you okay?" you managed to stammer and yeonjun nodded. maybe you were imagining things but you could swear his eyes drifted from your eyes to your lips. you gulped and bit your lip at the thought. 
as amused as kai was at the scene, he wanted to hurry things up before the both of you were permanently stuck in that position (though he was sure neither would complain), so he cleared his throat in an exaggerated way, hoping that it would snap you out of your little bubble. it worked and yeonjun immediately scrambled to step away from you and your hold, ignoring the disappointment that he felt at the loss of touch.
yeonjun scratched behind his ear, a sheepish smile on his face. "sorry about that," he apologized and you shook your head and waved your hand as if to say it was fine. 
he then offered a hand and slightly lowered his body as if he were asking the hand of a royal. "may i have this dance now then, (y/n)?" you giggled and nodded, taking his hand in yours. he placed a kiss on top of your hand before fully standing up and you felt your heart accelerate at the action. his plush lips were very soft on your skin and it made you wonder what it would feel like to have them against yours. 
you both made your way to the dancefloor, eyes not leaving each other for one minute. as you placed your arms around his neck and his hands found their way to your waist, yeonjun was sure that this was going to be the best night that he's ever had and he hoped that this connection you have managed to form would last outside of the extravagantly decorated gymnasium. 
the song switched from a slow R&B track to an upbeat one which made the crowd start whooping. every person on the dancefloor started letting loose and dancing without a care, even the people outside of the dancefloor. you turned to look at the people surrounding you, a chuckle leaving your lips as you watched them flail their limbs and sway their hips to the rhythm. 
"as much as i love holding you close like this, we're currently sticking out like a sore thumb," yeonjun whispered in your ear which made you startle a bit. you giggled, switching your gaze towards him with a nod. "you're right, i think it's time for us to sit this one out," you teased, letting your arms fall beside you.
yeonjun narrowed his eyes at you with a playful smile. "what do you mean 'sit this one out', we're dancing with them!"
you laughed and shook your head. "no thanks, i'm not good at dancing like that. i could barely manage during the slow dance."
"well you managed to not step on my foot, so that means you were able to manage well," it was now his turn to laugh, squeezing your waist. you rolled his eyes at him, your smile never leaving your face.
"i'm going back to hyuka. i'm not embarrassing myself like this," you turned from him, about to walk away. yeonjun didn't know where his sudden boldness came from, but he found himself wrapping his arms around you from behind to prevent you from leaving. 
your face flushed for the nth time tonight as you felt a warm body pressed against you, the familiar cologne you were slowly becoming addicted to flooding your nostrils. yeonjun placed his chin on your shoulder, his face slightly turned towards your ear. "you won't embarrass yourself on the dancefloor. i'm here with you and if you want, i'll be ten times more embarrassing so you won't feel that any attention would be on you. i'll make sure you'll have fun and feel comfortable the whole time," he softly said, voice once again dripping in honey.
if there was one thing you learned about yeonjun tonight, it was that he was one charming guy and it was hard to resist his charm, especially once he lets his voice drop one or two octaves. it made butterflies erupt in your stomach. 
you turned your head towards him and you were inches apart. at this point, you were sure that yeonjun could see how flushed your face was even under the colorful and flashing lights. you didn't speak for a while, entranced by his gazed. "what are you doing to me, choi yeonjun?" you mumbled out, though you didn't really mean to. 
yeonjun coyly smiled at this. "good things i hope?"
"very good things," you smiled. "shall we go back to dancing?"
yeonjun's smile widened and he let go of you, pulling you back to the dancefloor with him. if this was with any other person, you would feel like it was the worst decision you could have done tonight but yeonjun didn't make you feel like that at all.
he stayed true to his words, moving in ways that you didn't even understand how one would do, a goofy smile on his face. you had to cover your face a few times from laughing too hard. he managed to make you dance freely as well, albeit not as crazy as him. the scene was perfect.
suddenly, yeonjun pulled you by the waist and towards him. you boldly placed a hand on his chest and he bit his lip at this. "you're doing things to me too, (y/n)," he said, slightly out of breath. you smiled, pressing yourself closer to him.
"good things i hope?" you asked and he grinned at the familiar words. 
"very good things."
Tumblr media
☆ taglist: @nyangjjunie @ifwtyun @peachy-yabbay @soobpricity @mystiicturtle @ttaekkb0kk1
☆ if you want to be in my taglist, please tell me in my asks !!
☆ requests are open !!
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honeystwiggypeach · 3 days ago
Idk if you do angst to fluff if not just delete this but if you do can I request fem reader with bokuto where paparazzi takes pictures of him and some celebrity woman (super model athletic what ever you want) looking like they were kissing but really wasn’t and y/n see it’s getting really hurt and talks to bokuto about it but he pushed aside her feelings saying she being dramatic and that’s the life of dating a famous athlete and y/n gets really hurt and leaves for couple of days (like to a hotel etc) and bokuto is devastated and try’s to apologize to y/n for saying all that (if you can’t see bokuto being this way you can pick whoever you thinks fits)
Going public!
Bokuto x reader(angst to fluff!)
Tumblr media
Ok it was a debate on wether I’d leave it as Bokuto or write it as Oikawa both would seem to act this way, both for different reasons though…this may also take me a second to write so!! Anyways idk how to actually write angry reader so very sorry if it’s bad and sorry for how long this took😭
Tw~ angst to fluff, cursing, cheating accusations, angry Bokuto, gossip magazines, reader experiences heartbreak over miscommunication, arguements? Idk how to tag this so just proceed with caution and let me know if I missed anything!!
Tumblr media
It was on a day where he was supposed to be coming home, he shouldn’t have been getting out of a limo with some girl, he shouldn’t be kissing on her? He should be coming home to you. Obviously distressed after Akaashi had sent you the article all you could manage to do was curl up on the couch and cry, it hurt so fucking bad to see the love of your life be with someone else.
Everything had been going so well, your relationship was going amazing, you’d just bought a pent house together and he’d been telling you the night before about how much he missed and loved you…but that must have been a lie if he was so willing to be with another.
When he came home, he was tired, nothing like he normal was, normally he’d be overjoyed to see you practically jumping on you but he simply walked off to the bedroom shrugging off his jacket not even bothering to talk to you.
You could practically feel your heart breaking, you wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt maybe it was the angle, maybe he just had jet lag, but every time he got caught in scandalous photos before he’d be quick to call and explain things to you, even when he’d have jet lag he’d still walk up to you and hold you tight, and he was always in a cuddling mood when he was tired…something was wrong he only got like this when he was stressed and nervous.
You cautiously walked to the bedroom hearing him yelling at someone on the phone before shouting whatever and hanging up before he swung open the door.
“What’re you doing?” He asked you, and Bokuto normally would never ask you for a reason to see him.
You looked up at him with watery eyes, “are you cheating on me?” You ask him already fucking terrified of what his response will be.
He stares at you like it’s been the silliest question he’d heard, “I just uhm saw a photo and it looked like you kissing that model.” You whisper trying to fish the phone from your pocket.
“This again? Are you serious y/n?” He asks, and you know he’s probably just agitated but it makes you want to break out in tears, “I’ve told you a million times I’d never cheat on you, I love you a lot, what’s it gonna take for you to believe me?” He asks and in your mind it sounds a lot more offensive than he means it.
You show him the photo pointing at the caption asking him if it was true, “honestly y/n “ he sighs out “I think you’re over reacting, you know that it’s always going to be one scandal after another I told you, you can’t let these get to you” he tries to get you to see it the way he does, but he’s not doing good with his words, he’s trying to make you not take those photos so seriously especially when he knows it’s just photo after photo that’s going to break you’re heart which it’s only worsened by the fact that so far you’ve denied any offer at going public with your relationship that he’s made.
“Overreacting?” Yoh practically gasp out, “I’ll show you over reacting.” You tell him pushing past as you throw clothes into a suit case, that night was the first of three you’d spent in a little hotel room.
Maybe Bokuto was right and you were slightly overreacting, because you do know that he will always be in scandals and you can’t take them to heart or you’ll fall apart everytime he looks at you, but in some sense you wish he’d validate your feelings as well. The he went about telling you was horrible.
But two days later, Bokuto is knocking on the door, “baby?” He calls out, “Hinata told me you were here, can you let me in please I want to apologize.”
You roll your eyes as you sniffle a little, “no go away Bokuto” You huff.
“Baby please” he practically whines still knocking, “I’m really sorry I shouldn’t have said that”
You open the door and Bokuto practically falls forward before catching himself.
“I’m really sorry” he tells you as he squeezes you, “I shouldn’t have said it like that but it hurts to see you continue to get hurt by the magazines, when we all know no matter what I say they will still continue.”
“Maybe we should go public than” you mutter into his chest and he pushes you away with his arms wide smile on his face as he pulls out his phone, “don’t get me wrong though I’m still a little upset with how you phrased it.” The both of you giggle as he peppers your cheeks with kisses in apology.
Tumblr media
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— an empty home | myg, kth
Tumblr media
❥ TITLE | 𝓐𝓷 𝓔𝓶𝓹𝓽𝔂 𝓗𝓸𝓶𝓮
Tumblr media
—🎧: ghostin by ariana grande
Tumblr media
SUMMARY |  although forced to marry by his family, taehyung tries to make his marriage work only to later distance himself and, in turn, breaks isadora’s heart. isadora finds comfort in yoongi, a model who doesn’t believe in commitment until he finds himself falling for her.
✧ PAIRING | model!yoongi x oc, businessman!taehyung x oc
✧ RATING | 18+ mature
✧ GENRE | angst, smut | arranged marriage!au, infidelity, love triangle
✧ WARNINGS | fuckboy!yoongi falls for the girl, cheating, emotional cheating, mature sexual content, implied protected sex, implied oral sex, kissing, fingering, talk of isa’s virginity, crying, feelings of guilt, (yes isa sleeps with both men on the same day but give the girl a break, she’s confused and in love 😭)
✧ WORD COUNT | 5.2k
✧ CREDIT | thank you @eerieedits​ for another beautiful banner & matching divider!
— AUTHOR’S NOTE | this is an old fic I wrote a little over two years ago. i added and deleted some things and it’s also about 2k words longer, lol. this story might not end the way you wish (or maybe it will) so, if you can’t read angst, it’s okay, this just might not be the story for you. a reminder that this story is fiction and in no way am i glamorizing cheating. i am simply writing from situations i’ve experienced. i do hope you enjoy reading this fic!
Tumblr media
Life for Min Yoongi was exciting, just as it was. No commitments, no messy feelings, and never sleeping with the same woman more than once kept his life uncomplicated. He always made sure to pick the type of woman who seemed less likely to get emotionally attached. That’s how he preferred it. It’s why out of all the women he could’ve taken with him back home that night following the fashion show after-party, he chose her.
She was a fucking vision, and he had to have her.
She sat at the bar, sipping on what he assumed was a cosmopolitan—he preferred whiskey these days—and the dress she wore did things to him. Plunging neckline showing her supple breasts and a slit that stopped a couple of inches away from the apex of her delicious thighs. And the gleaming rock on her ring finger coupled with the loneliness she emitted told him everything he needed to know.
Isadora wished Taehyung cared enough to have accompanied her to the Louis Vuitton fashion show they were both invited to attend. Still, as always, he left before her eyes opened in the morning. It had been that way for months now, and she didn’t understand why when, in the beginning, it seemed like they could love each other. Isadora cared for him so much and found herself falling for him with every sweet word, heated look, and burning touch whenever they made love. She’d still get goosebumps all over her body, remembering how he made her feel. It was agonizing not having his beautiful eyes searching for her in any room she occupied.
The woman was startled as a male voice she didn’t recognize caught her attention, “Excuse me?”
“I apologize; it’s pretty loud in here. I asked if I could buy you another drink—if that’s alright with you, of course. My name is Min Yoongi, by the way.”
Isadora stared at the man, quite entranced by his pretty features. She recognized him as one of the models from the runway. She remembered thinking his eyes were stunning. The man was dressed impeccably in another Louis Vuitton outfit that suited his body perfectly. He wore a white collared shirt underneath a dark tan suit jacket, which had a belt cinching his tiny waist and was tied exactly how you’d tie a goreum on a hanbok.
She was still staring at him, and although Yoongi ignored the feeling, it made him nervous. It was very rare for anyone to make him feel that way.
“Unless you’re waiting for someone and I’m being a bother. I’m sorry I’ll go—”
Isadora impulsively wrapped her hand around his wrist, “No. You don’t have to leave. I want the company,” the model smiled at her and nodded, taking the seat beside hers. “My name is Isadora Reyes,” she crossed her leg, the slit from her deep ruby dress parting and showing her thigh as the dimmed lights from the chandeliers danced across her olive skin. He couldn’t take his eyes away from her. “A pleasure to meet you.”
Yeah, the infamous fuckboy Min Yoongi didn’t stand a chance, and he still had no idea.
Their conversation was light and easy and flirty. Yoongi’s attention was on her the whole night, and Isadora couldn’t ignore how seen it made her feel. Isadora had offered to buy him a drink instead, and who was he to deny her anything? The night went by too fast, and she hated the idea of going back home to such an empty place.
It was like the man could read her mind when he asked her if she wanted to go to his place. Isadora froze for a second, looking down at her ring as her thumb mindlessly messed with it. Of course, he sensed her hesitation.
“I won’t ask. I promise,” Yoongi’s eyes carried a softness she didn’t see before, and that alone made up her mind to leave with him.
But what Yoongi wasn’t counting on was the way she would make him feel in just one night. He found himself craving her every touch—that he would be the one falling for her. Day and night, his thoughts were full of her. He yearned to drown in those gorgeous eyes as he fucked her until his name was all she could utter.
He hated himself for developing these feelings. He’d been with countless women—his career as a model made that easy—and yet, the one woman he desired couldn’t be his.
“I want you to stay,” he said one night as he kissed her naked shoulder. It’d been months since their affair began, and it became harder and harder to keep their feelings from overflowing. It became harder for Yoongi not to ask questions when she’d wake up in the middle of the night crying. He knew well why and because of whom. He wished she’d forget about the other guy and give him a chance instead.
She sighed and got out of his bed, leaving him feeling cold once again, “Yoongi, we’ve talked about this before. We can’t—”
“I know, Isa. I know. We fuck, and nothing more. No strings attached, right?”
Isadora didn’t answer and busied herself getting dressed to avoid looking at him. If she had, she would’ve climbed back in bed with him and to hell with everything and everyone else in her damned life.
She wanted him like she needed air to breathe but, she couldn’t tell him that. After all, she was a married woman, and she had to go back home.
Funny how lately she felt more at home with Yoongi than she ever did with her husband. That man was practically a stranger to her in her own home. He was never around and, when he was, it was to take a shower and then leave again.
They were only married because of their families. It was ‘business’ as her father loved to remind her.
“Love will come after. As you both get to know each other, you’ll start to fall in love. You just have to try, sweetheart,” he’d told her that the same day he bombarded her with the news that she was marrying a stranger.
The wedding wasn’t huge, which is how Isadora preferred it. Still, her father made sure to invite influential people and one of his trusted friends from a magazine company for exclusive photos of the newlyweds.
Taehyung was extraordinarily handsome, and he was nice to her. In the beginning, she felt like she could fall for him, but after a couple of months, things started to change. He stopped touching her, and she saw less of him every day.
She knew he resented her; she wasn’t dumb. She noticed it in the way he sometimes looked at her. He never insulted her verbally or even raised his voice at her. He just simply wouldn’t come around. The man was like a ghost. She almost preferred he would at least yell at her. Instead, he just ignored her, which hurt her more than anything else he could ever do to her.
It’s not that Taehyung wasn’t attracted to her. She was beautiful and intelligent, and she was sweet to him. The problem was that he didn’t choose her. He was already in love with someone else when his father made him marry Isadora, and because of that, the woman he loved moved away. He never heard from her again. It was like she never existed.
So, even though he was aware that it wasn’t Isadora’s fault, he still resented her for it. He resented her, even more when he realized that after only a couple of months of being married to his new wife, he might’ve developed feelings for her. It was that easy to fall for her. So easy that it made him question his past relationship and if he was ever in love with his ex. But he didn’t choose Isa, and he couldn’t bring himself to accept it.
Aside from everything, Taehyung indeed was a good man. He sometimes felt guilty treating Isadora the way he did. Leaving her alone every day ate at his conscience, so, one evening, he brought home a puppy, hoping the cute ball of fluff would keep his wife company.
Isadora’s father was an important man in the fashion industry, but he’d fallen into debt because of bad decisions and gambling habits. He owed money to many people, which he couldn’t pay off independently.
That’s when Mr. Kim, Taehyung’s father and a longtime friend of Mr. Reyes, came in and took advantage. Mr. Kim proposed a deal—he would help Mr. Reyes pay all of his debts and keep his little problem out of the press in return for his son marrying Isadora and letting Taehyung run the advertising branch at the fashion company. The Reyes family was very well known and respected for their timeless designs in the fashion world. An essential last name the Kim family always wanted to marry into.
And Isadora had to be the one to pay the price for her father’s mistakes.
Tumblr media
Isadora and Yoongi knew that what they were doing was wrong, but they couldn’t care less once they were together. What they had was passionate, natural, and all-consuming. Yoongi had never experienced such strong emotions for someone before. Isadora thought she felt something similar for Taehyung at the beginning of their marriage, but he made sure to let her know—with his actions—that he would never feel the same way about her.
Isadora was an expert in denying and hiding her genuine emotions when she was hurt, and Taehyung had hurt her deeply. She’d rather drown in the attentions and affections Yoongi gave her to keep that pain from rising to the top again. Try as she might, there were occasions where memories of being with Taehyung crept into her mind while having sex with Yoongi. Those were the times when she felt guilt taking over her because she knew Yoongi was falling in love with her, but she just couldn’t stay away from him. She hated herself for hurting him even if he said she wasn’t.
Yoongi never imagined wanting someone so bad it hurt. His friends always told him that he would fall for someone so hard he wouldn’t know what hit him one day. He was never that type of guy.
But they were right.
Yoongi made love to her even when he fucked her. He pleasured her in ways she had no idea was even possible. There was no part of her body he left untouched when they were together.
He adored how sensitive and responsive her body was to him. The little noises she’d make when he ate her out, flicked her clit with his tongue, and then sucked on it until her moans echoed throughout the room.
He loved what a whimpering mess she became underneath him.
Isadora loved how vocal he got when she rode him, how his girth filled her up so well that her eyes rolled to the back of her head. The way his chocolate eyes bore into hers as he made her cum. The way his abs felt as they rippled underneath his skin when he thrust inside of her.
The gasps and moans they pulled from each other were sinful. Yoongi fucked her in every which way he could, cock buried deep inside of her, pulling out and slamming back into her until they both came undone.
Yoongi wanted her to belong to him just like every beat of his heart belonged to her. He was sure Isadora loved him. The man saw it in the way she looked at him. He loved knowing that he was the only one that could make her feel that way. That she lost herself in him as he did in her.
They loved each other without ever saying those three words.
Because they knew that saying them would change everything and changing everything meant that someone would get hurt in the end.
Tumblr media
As Isadora made her way inside her empty home, her phone buzzed with a new text message from Yoongi.
It was a photo of Yoongi with his adorable puppy and a text that read, I’m sorry for tonight. Come back to me. We miss you.
Isadora stared and smiled at the photo. She was so distracted she didn’t hear the footsteps getting closer, and as the woman turned around to get back inside of her car, she bumped into a hard chest. How the hell hadn’t she heard the crunching of dead leaves under his steps? The autumn leaves were literally all over their driveway.
“Going somewhere?” Taehyung asked with an unreadable expression on his face.
“Um, no. I was going to check if I locked the car,” she lied, her heart rate speeding up.
Her husband continued to stare at her, taking in her pretty features—beautiful deep brown eyes, long lashes, and long curly hair. He made her nervous whenever he looked at her like that. She could never tell what he was thinking. Everything was a mystery with Taehyung, whereas, with Yoongi, everything was easy. Well, almost everything.
Taehyung moved aside to let Isadora pass and then went inside the house without another word to her. She sighed, her heart beating so fast it left her confused as to why.
She decided to text Yoongi and let him know she wouldn’t make it back to him tonight.
As he turned on the shower and let the hot water run down his back, Taehyung thought about how nervous Isadora seemed when he bumped into her outside. Was she scared of him? He was hardly around; of course, Isadora would feel uncomfortable around him. But he had a feeling she’d lied to him a couple of minutes ago.
He didn’t know Isadora well enough, but he was good at reading people, and in his wife’s eyes, he could see she was hiding something.
Those beautiful eyes. Innocent, except in bed. In bed, they became sinful. Taehyung’s cock began to swell at the memories from a few months ago with her, the feel of her warm body against his. The way her velvety walls felt around his cock. She transformed into a confident woman who loved being pleasured and loved to pleasure in return.
He was curious about the woman he married. He was attracted to her, and he could tell that she felt the same about him in those short moments they shared in the beginning. He couldn’t deny his feelings for her any longer.
Tumblr media
“Yeontan, stop being a brat. I’m going to bed, and you can’t sleep in here; as cute as you are, I won’t allow it,” the puppy tilted his head to the side and let out a tiny bark, making her giggle at the animal’s antics.
Taking him in her arms, Isadora opened her bedroom door to let him out. She gasped at the sight of Taehyung—shirtless and just showered—outside of her bedroom door. His eyes widened at the sight of her in just a towel that barely covered her body, but he composed himself rather quickly.
“I’m sorry for startling you; I was just about to knock when you opened,” he explained.
She lowered Yeontan onto the floor, and Taehyung softly chuckled as he watched the cute dog scurry away.
“Do you need anything?” Isadora could barely concentrate on what she said with his perfectly toned and naked chest right in front of her.
“Yes, can I come in?” Taehyung asked, and she answered with a nod. He suddenly felt nervous, but he knew it was the right thing to do.
Isadora waited patiently for him to begin talking and wondered why, after all this time, he wanted to have a conversation.
“I’m sorry,” her husband finally let out.
She furrowed her eyebrows. That’s the last thing she expected to hear from Taehyung.
“Sorry about what?” Isadora asked, fidgeting with the bottom of her towel. Taehyung walked towards her bed and beckoned her to sit next to him. As she did, the towel slid up her thighs a bit, and he noticed. It took everything in him not to reach out and touch her soft skin.
“About everything. Making you feel like all of this is your fault when it’s not. It has never been—leaving you alone for so long. Hell, I even got you a dog to make myself feel better about not being around. How selfish is that?” Taehyung shook his head and let out a long sigh.
He moved closer to her, taking her hands in his. Isadora’s heart raced as his scent hit her and his eyes searched for hers. Taehyung was usually hard to read—he knew that—but he tried to let his walls down and be sincere with her. She noticed a vulnerability in his eyes that she hadn’t seen since the first time they were together—her first time.
“Why now? After all this time, why talk to me now?” She heard her phone vibrating on the nightstand but ignored it.
“Because I was scared. We were both forced into this. I never imagined my life going this way. I was supposed to be in love before I got married, not the other way around,” Taehyung stood up and began pacing.
“And you don’t think I was scared? I was terrified! I married a stranger. I wasn’t sure how you would treat me,” she felt her chest tighten with emotions she thought she had forgotten, buried deep down, but they all came rushing back up. “I always imagined my first time with someone I was in love with—someone who loved me back,” she whispered.
Taehyung stopped pacing and glanced back at her, his mouth agape and eyes wide, “Your f—first time?”
She lowered her eyes and nodded, “You were my first,” she confessed.
“You were a virgin when we...”
“You didn’t notice?” She asked.
“I mean, it felt like it, but I wasn’t sure. You didn’t bleed. Oh my God, I—” he sat beside her again on the bed, feeling horrible.
“Not every woman bleeds their first time, Taehyung,” she scoffed.
“I know, it’s just... Fuck. I’m so sorry. That must’ve been terrible for you,” he couldn’t even look at her. But his eyes snapped back up to her face when he heard a soft chuckle.
“It wasn’t. You were sweet and gentle with me. So what if I wasn’t in love with you when we first had sex? You still made me feel good. It was consensual. You never forced me into anything. I wanted to, and I had promised myself I would try to make our marriage work. I even thought we were falling for each other, but then, you just stopped showing up. Did I ever do or say something to make you hate me?”
God, he couldn’t take the look in her eyes. The sadness was lying just beneath.
“I could never hate you. I’m the one at fault here, not you,” he gently stroked her cheek. Just that small action made her realize that maybe her feelings for him were still there. She’d suppressed them because he’d broken her heart when he distanced himself from her. She couldn’t help it; she leaned into his touch.
“What do you mean?” Isadora asked.
As much as he wanted to keep that part of himself from her, she needed to know. He was ashamed, but he had to be honest with her. He needed to fix whatever he’d broken.
“Before I married you, I was already in love with another woman,” he confessed.
“Oh,” it was all Isadora could say.
“When she found out I had to marry someone else, she left. She was heartbroken, and so was I. Two months later, you and I got married, and I tried forgetting about her by being with you. But after some time, I...”
“You what?” she asked impatiently.
“I’m ashamed even to tell you this, but you deserve the truth. As you know, I stopped coming around. I stopped having sex with you, talking to you. I distanced myself because I just couldn’t be near you. Everything was just so fucking confusing. I’m sorry, I—I went to clubs to meet women, but I—"
It stung hearing it, but she wasn’t surprised. It hurt because it wasn’t her Taehyung wanted when he was all shewanted in the beginning before meeting Yoongi. He could have any woman he wanted; hell, they all probably fell at his feet wherever he went.
“And did you finally forget your ex while fucking all of those women?” Isadora’s bitter tone didn’t go unnoticed by Taehyung.
“I wasn’t trying to forget her, Isa. I was trying to forget how I felt about you.”
“I—I don’t understand?”
“I thought I was in love with my ex, but how could I—if it were true, I wouldn’t have fallen for you as fast as I did, right? And I didn’t sleep with any of those women I met. I just couldn’t. In the end, all I wanted was you. I think I’ve wanted you since the first time I kissed you.”
Her eyes widened at his confession,” What?”
“I think I’m in love with you, Isa. I think I’ve been in love with you for some time now, to be honest. I just didn’t want to accept it.”
“Why not?”
“Because my father chose you for me, and he did it for selfish reasons. I wanted to spite him by making him see that it would never work between us, so I distanced myself from you. But I already had feelings for you, and all I did was hurt you in the end. I’m so sorry,” his warm hands held her face as his forehead rested on hers.
“I wish you would’ve told me how you truly felt, Taehyung. This is all such a goddamn mess. You have no idea,” she sighed.
Taehyung nodded, “I know. I wish that too, and you don’t know how badly. What I did is unforgivable, and I’m not telling you all of this now to make excuses. I handled everything poorly, and in trying to get back at my father, I hurt the person I cared for the most.”
Taehyung slid closer to her, his big eyes searching hers, searching for a tiny bit of hope. Isadora’s heart, body, and mind were at war with each other at that moment. Taehyung’s natural scent aroused her, which she had to admit she missed. Her heart was pounding so hard at his last words that she wondered if he could hear it. Isa’s mind was also with Yoongi with every buzz of her cellphone, which was still going off every few minutes.
Taehyung was so close she couldn’t think straight, “Tell me I’m not too late, please. Tell me that I can still make it up to you. That I can make you happy from now on,” his thumb caressed her bottom lip, causing goosebumps all over her body.
“Taehyung...” she whispered his name. All that did was make his cock twitch in his sweat pants. She couldn’t deny that she was still very much attracted to him after all this time. If she were honest with herself, she missed him. She missed what they could’ve had if he’d only given himself the chance to try as well.
“Can I kiss you?” He asked as one of his hands held the back of her neck. His dark eyes drank her in as he waited for her consent.
It wasn’t fair for him to ask her that. Not with how weak she felt for him right now. She should say no. She had feelings for another man. But Taehyung was her husband, and she loved him too. Isadora knew she needed to figure things out. Saying no would be the right thing to do, but, of course, her body wouldn’t allow it. “Yes,” she answered with a shuddering breath.
His lips enveloped hers in a searing kiss that left her breathless. She felt conflicted.
He lifted her a bit with an arm around her waist and laid her on her back. She moaned as he deepened the kiss. Taehyung sucked on her bottom lip and then let go to look at her. He was panting, his cock straining in his sweats for her.
“Can I touch you?” Isadora knew precisely where he wished to touch her. This time, she didn’t even have to think about it.
She was breathtaking. Her olive skin was silky smooth under Taehyung’s fingertips as they traced her collarbone. Taehyung couldn’t believe how he survived so long without touching her—without the visual of how her gorgeous dark eyes transformed as he pleasured her. How could he have been so stupid to let his father ruin something that could’ve been so good from the start?
Isadora was too far gone. She spread her legs spread for him, and he took that as permission to slide his hand underneath the towel still wrapped around her. She was so wet, his fingers slipping into her folds to find her clit. He rubbed at her swollen nub, still kissing her while her muffled moans echoed throughout the bedroom. Taehyung unwrapped the towel away from her body until she was completely exposed to him.
He nipped at her jaw, then kissed his way to her neck until he reached down her breasts, tongue circling her erect nipple until he sucked it into his mouth. She gasped at the feeling of it and then cried out when he slipped two fingers inside her pussy.
Taehyung couldn’t take his eyes away from her. The way her face contorted with pleasure turned him on so much. Taehyung kept pumping his long fingers in and out at a gentle pace, hooking them to find her spot. Her moans grew louder as he kept tapping it with each expert stroke. Once again, her cellphone began buzzing, but she was so close to her orgasm.
She gazed into his beautiful, big brown eyes as he pleasured her. God, he was gorgeous. Isadora never thought she could feel this way with him again—that he’d have her coming undone for him so quickly.
“That’s it, baby, cum for me. Let me see you cum all around my fingers. Let go for me,” Taehyung’s deep voice growled next to her ear.
“Oh fuck!” Isadora cried, her walls clenched around his fingers, her walls sucked them in greedily as she came undone, chest heaving and body trembling underneath his touch.
“So, fucking beautiful,” he murmured against her soft but swollen lips, going right back to kissing her. Taehyung couldn’t get enough of her mouth, her taste.
Isadora’s phone wouldn’t stop vibrating, which Taehyung had noticed the whole time. Before reaching for it, he kissed her once more.
“Here, someone has been trying to reach you all night,” he smiled at her, but she didn’t respond. That’s when he noticed tears welling up in her eyes. “What’s wrong? Did I hurt you?”
Isadora turned over on her side and started sobbing, worrying Taehyung, who had no idea what was going through her mind. All he could do was rub her back quietly and wait until she was ready to talk. After a few minutes, she sat up and covered herself with a blanket, wiped away her tears, and looked up at him.
“I haven’t been honest with you, and it’s killing me right now,” she got off the bed and went to stand near the window where she could watch the sudden downpour and lighting illuminating the dark sky as she told Taehyung the truth.
He could see the pain on her face from the window’s reflection, which scared him.
When she explained everything to him about her and Yoongi, she readied herself for Taehyung’s angry words. They never came. Instead, he stood and walked towards her. As he reached to cup her face, she winced. The hurtful look in his eyes when she did that told her she’d misunderstood his action.
“Did you think I was going to hit you?” He asked, his voice almost cracking. It hurt him deeply that she’d ever thought he’d hurt her.
“I’m sorry, I don’t know why I reacted that way,” she bit her lip nervously.
He shook his head at her apology, “No, it’s okay. You don’t know me, and that’s my fault. I will never put my hands on you to hurt you. Please know that I’m not that kind of person. Also, I’m not angry with you. I practically abandoned you, you were lonely, and you had no one.”
Taehyung looked defeated, hurt, disappointed, “I’m already too late, aren’t I?” She didn’t answer him right away, and he took that as an affirmative. So, he turned around to leave her room.
She wanted to stop him, but her feet wouldn’t budge. Everything she was feeling at that moment overwhelmed her. It’s not like she could turn off her feelings for Yoongi like a switch but, she also couldn’t keep denying that she always hoped Taehyung would come back to her and make their house a home—that it wouldn’t feel so empty anymore.
Realization hit her that it’s always been him.
“Wait!” She shouted, stopping Taehyung in his tracks. He turned around to face her. “I have feelings for you too. They never left. I was just so hurt and angry with you that I tried not to feel anything anymore.”
Taehyung felt relieved to hear that. His chest swelled at her words.
“Do you think you can give me another chance? Start over and get to know one another as we should’ve in the beginning?”
“Yes but, you have to give me some time. I have to talk to Yoongi about so many things. Taehyung, you have to understand, I love him too, and I can’t just disappear on him without a word. He doesn’t deserve that,” she was just being honest but, hearing that she loved another man hurt. He started to feel a new emotion because of this whole situation; envy.
He envied the man who’d made her happy all the months he didn’t. He envied that this other man got to know parts of her that he should’ve gotten to learn instead.
Isadora watched as his hands balled into fists. She knew she was asking for a lot, but she needed to take care of it in her own way. “Fine. Take all the time you need. Talk with him. Tell him whatever you need to tell him. But, know this,” he lifted his wife’s chin and kissed her lips tenderly. “I’m not going to stop fighting for you. For as long as it takes, even if it’s for the rest of my life, I’m going to keep making it up to you.” With that, he walked out of Isadora’s bedroom, leaving her speechless and aroused all at once.
Isadora was caught in the middle of two extraordinary men. She was not looking forward to making such a difficult decision. From the very beginning, she knew someone would get hurt. Someone always did in situations like this. It wasn’t going to be easy but, she had to do it anyway.
She had to choose.
Tumblr media
copyright © 7deadlysinsfics | no copying, reposting, translating, or modifying my works
Tumblr media
@chaoticbisous @joonfolder @thekookiecorner @juju-227592 @theonlysoph @swish0fish
@cece5 @fan-ati—c
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visceravalentines · 17 days ago
Hi hellooooo!!😭😭😭💖💖💖 You absolutely do NOT have to write this but uhhh some Bo comfort please? Y/N has been working a LOT and is either at their workplace or in their room, music blasting and functioning through life but is not... THERE with the Sinclairs, if you get me. Tensions and worries rise but then one night Y/N is found in Bo's doorway, looking Out Of It - exhausted, upset - and essentially uses him as a gigantic teddy bear? Lies on top and squeeeeeezes him 'til he grunts. It's the most interaction they've had for weeks💔
If you have anything you want then please please send it in😭😭😭😭
Erika thank you for requesting this, it did me so much good to write it. 💚 We all need some Bo lovin', that's just facts.
Bo Sinclair x GN!Reader
1.3k words
No CWs, just fluff and comfort. Reader does eat at Bo's behest, if that counts as a warning.
It was funny, how you somehow missed the signs every time. 
Overworking yourself was a bad habit you fell into again and again. It wasn't hard to do; you liked your job even though it wasn't perfect, and the exhaustion never seemed to set in until you were on your way back to Ambrose. And it was so easy to scavenge through the fridge, curl up in bed, disengage entirely. 
Your boys checked on you, of course they did. You'd pull off your headphones and smile at them, tell them about your day in vague detail. But it took such effort to relive it all. It was easier to shrug and characterize it all as "fine." 
You sensed their concern. Lester tried to convince you to take a drive with him after work. Vincent wanted you to sit and model for him. Even Bo tried to coax you downstairs to watch trash TV together. You politely declined every time. You were tired. You just wanted to stay home. Maybe next time. Maybe tomorrow. 
The days ran together and your sense of time dissolved. Friday night found you curled around a pillow, blasting metal, staring into the middle distance until your phone died abruptly. 
It was like breaking out of a trance. You hadn't even realized your battery was low. With a sigh, you plugged in your phone, sat in silence for a minute. 
It was very silent, as a matter of fact. What time was it? You couldn't check your phone. 
You crept into the hallway. The house was dark. Everyone had apparently gone to bed but you. 
Well, almost everyone. 
There was a dim light coming from under Bo's door. Sometimes he was up late reading. It hit you, suddenly, that you didn't know what book he'd been into lately. As a matter of fact, you weren't sure what any of them had been up to. You felt guilty for being so checked out. If he was up, maybe it wouldn't hurt to peek in and talk with him for a minute. 
You knocked lightly on the door. "Come in," he called softly. "'S that you, darlin'?"
"It's me." You pushed open the door, leaned against the frame. 
Sure enough, he was propped up on two pillows with a paperback in hand. "What are you doin' up?"
"I was just…in my room. What time is it?"
"Almost 2:30. You weren't sleepin'?"
You shook your head. 
Bo furrowed his brow. He was rough on books and flipped the paperback rather forcefully facedown on the bed beside him to save his place. He laced his fingers together on his chest. "No offense, but you look like hell."
You heaved a sigh. "Bo…I feel like hell."
"You been workin' too much."
"I don't know, I don't feel like it's been that much…."
"Honey, I ain't seen you in days."
You laughed once in disbelief. "How can that be, we live in the same house."
"You tell me. Every time I talk to you it's like talkin' to a reflection of you. Lester asked me if I thought you were sick, said you didn't even want to go out to the lake with him 'n Jonesy yesterday."
You felt heavy and hollow at the same time. "I…I mean, it's not that I didn't want to go, I just…." You swallowed hard. "...I don't know."
Bo looked concerned. "You ain't been yourself for a bit. Got us all worried."
"I'm sorry…I don't mean to worry you…I-I guess I just…I've just been…." Your throat tightened and you looked at him desperately, begging him to understand. 
He unlaced his fingers and opened his arms. "C'mere, darlin'."
You shuffled over, climbed on top of him, buried your face in his chest. His arms were warm and solid around you, his hands familiar. He was sturdy and safe, your Bo.
"I-I don't know what's wrong," you whimpered. 
"You don't gotta say anythin', sugar. It's okay." He pressed his lips to the crown of your head. "I missed you."
You wormed your arms underneath and around him, squeezed him tightly, tighter, until he huffed out a low grunt and tapped the small of your back. "Easy, killer," he wheezed. "What y'crushin' me for?"
"I just need you close," you mumbled. He squeezed you back. "Closer."
Bo kicked the blanket off his feet and wrapped his legs around yours. "How's that?"
"Can you just absorb me?"
"Lemme see." He flipped you to the side and rolled on top of you, went limp to press his full weight against you until you slapped at his chest. "What's the matter, I thought this is want y'wanted."
"'S my name."
"Sorry darlin', this is what happens when you starve me of attention. Just can't help myself."
"You're gonna kill me!" you gasped.
"Nah, I ain't never killed nobody."
Your fingertips found the edge of his book and you flung it off the bed. His jaw dropped. 
"Well, now I gotta kill ya."
You giggled and he buried his face in your neck, blew a raspberry, held you down as you tried to squirm away. He was ticklish in a particular spot on his ribs and you dug in mercilessly. Bo's whole body jerked and he grabbed onto you for balance.
"Now don't you start with me."
"I'm paying attention to you!"
"You're gonna be payin' for somethin' here in a minute." You tried desperately to poke at him and he pinned your arms to your sides with almost no effort. "I don't remember you bein' so weak."
"When's the last time you ate, darlin'?"
"I had some crackers not too long ago."
He gave you one of his trademark withering stares. "What are you, a bird?"
You rolled your eyes. "Bo."
"Don't 'Bo' me, c'mon. Let's get some food in you."
He rolled off the bed and led you down to the kitchen. "What d'you want for an appetizer?"
"An appetizer?"
"Yeah, I'm cookin' you a four-course meal real quick."
"It's three in the morning."
"Do I look like I care?"
"I'm not even hungry."
"Look, I know you ain't from around here, so I'll cut you some slack, but we don't say those words in Louisiana." He was already pulling out dishes. "You best tell me somethin' or I'm gonna start throwin' stuff in this pot with no rhyme or reason and it ain't gonna taste good and you still gotta eat it."
"How about those potatoes you made one time? The really good ones?"
"Mmm. I can do that."
"Can I help?"
"Sure, only if you tell me 'bout work." He shot you a look. "I mean really tell me, none o' this 'it's fine, it's fine' bullshit." His imitation of your voice was high-pitched and whiny and he smirked when you glared at him. "Y'sound just like that when you're blowin' me off, darlin'."
You rolled your eyes and slowly started recounting the details of your last few shifts as you chopped potatoes. Despite all assumptions to the contrary, Bo was an excellent listener, and it was cathartic to empty your head of all the stress and bustle of your job. 
Once the potatoes were fried and ready to eat Bo divided them between two plates and you sat next to him on the couch, one leg hitched over his. 
"You're callin' in sick tomorrow," he said matter-of-factly. 
"I don't know if - "
"I do know. We need you. They can last without you for a day."
You sighed. "Alright. You're right."
"Usually am."
"These potatoes are delicious. You're a good cook."
"Go on, tell me more nice things about myself."
"If I squint like this your head doesn't look so big."
He laughed and elbowed you. "'S good to have you back, darlin'."
You smiled at him, hair disheveled, sprawled on the couch in his pajamas, taking care of you like he always did. God, you loved him. 
"It's good to be back."
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luxaryllis · 3 months ago
Hi! Can i have a headcanon for obey me brothers when they visit mc's homeland as tourists?
Obey Me! Demon Brothers Visiting MC's homeland
Tumblr media
Note: Oh hello! Yes, of course! But you didn't exactly specify exactly WHERE you wanted the MC's hometown is like or something. So I will try my best to make it as vague as possible; but I might model it a bit after my own homeland in some parts. Also, for this, I made COVID not really exist or be a big problem in the world, so if you didn’t want that, feel free to request again, and I’ll change it or make a new one! So I hope that's alright! Also, please note that I’ve only finished Chapter 16; and haven’t played Obey Me in a while, so some things might be inaccurate. If there is anything inaccurate, please tell me, though!
🦚 He planned this trip.
🦚 He also asked MC what are good tourist spots and places to visit.
🦚 We’re also going to assume that MC’s guardian allowed MC to go also; or MC lives alone-
🦚 We’re also going to assume that the place MC lives in has room for everyone else
🦚 Lucifer would also make sure that the other brothers also did all their work (or it was summer break or something-)
🦚 He would also make sure everyone packed properly
🦚 He also had to make sure that Beel wouldn’t all the snacks they prepared-
🦚 Now, I’m not entirely sure if they have IDs for the human world, so let’s assume that they don’t; and thus, can’t get in a hotel.
🦚 So MC lets them stay in their place
🦚 Now Lucifer has to make sure his brothers aren’t doing anything too chaotic-
🦚 Like stopping Belphie from sleeping in nearly every surface of MC’s place.
🦚 And stopping Beel from emptying MC’s fridge
🦚 And stopping Mammon from possibly stealing and/or selling MC’s belongings-
🦚 And- yeah, I’m sure you get it.
🦚 ANYWAY! Let’s skip when the brothers visit a tourist spot!
🦚 Now, I’m trying to make this as vague as possible, so I’m sorry if this seems like it’s missing something-
🦚 So anyway, you guys chose a time where the tourist spot place is less likely to be crowded.
🦚 So when you guys get there, there aren’t so much people.
🦚 Lucifer is the one just sightseeing the place
🦚 He’s also most curious about the ones that have some type of history, like a monument, or an old temple, or something similar.
🦚 He’s also the one reining in or making sure the others don’t cause trouble.
🦚 So other than sightseeing for a bit (maybe asking some of the locals, or anyone in charge of the place about the history or some trivia about the spot), the trip becomes a bit more like him babysitting his brothers-
🦚 Poor guy.
🦚 I mean, he was at least able to get some souvenirs and other stuff for the brothers, and Diavolo.
🦚 Diavolo definitely begged ordered Lucifer to bring home some souvenirs from MC’s homeplace.
🦚 Overall, a bit of a chore sometimes, but he very much enjoyed!
💳 He wanted to know more about MC and their homeplace wanted get more money.
💳 Our little tsundere really wanted to know more about his best friend 😭
💳 Anyway, he wanted to get as much souvenirs for himself, Luke, and his crow familiars.
💳 He has probably asked MC about their homeland/country/town a lot before.
💳 So he probably knows quite a bit about MC’s homeplace.
💳 When they were staying in MC’s place, he wanted to sleep in MC’s room.
💳 Y’know, like he usually would do back in the House of Lamentation.
💳 This is only if MC is okay with it though-
💳 If they say ‘no’ very seriously, he knows when to stop.
💳 Just please promise him that you’ll pay him with compliments
💳 Anyway, if he finds something that seems of value in MC’s house, he would probably ask about them
💳 Since I sort of think that Mammon wouldn’t want to sell away that might be very important to MC, I’m going to say that if it isn’t so important to you (like if its something you don’t use, or need), he will take it.
💳 Lucifer stops him, though...
💳 When going to the tourist spot, the first thing he does is look around and take some pictures.
💳 He may or may not have stolen or took something from some people-
💳 He also drags MC around asking about some things.
💳 Mostly the ones that seem very valuable or shiny-
💳 He causes a bit of trouble, but Lucifer stopped him before it got too much.
💳 But overall, he very much enjoyed the trip!
💳 He has a lot of pictures taken too.
💳 Most of them were of MC and him, the tourist spot, and some were sent from Asmo.
💳 He definitely wants to go to MC's homeland again!
🎮 MC probably bribed him by telling him that he can play arcades or games from MC's homeland-
🎮 Or MC forced him out of his room.
🎮 Or someone threatened him or something-
🎮 However you did it, you did it, and our cute little gamer boi is now out of his room and in your house.
🎮 He immediately asks you where your games are.
🎮 Y'know, like your Switch, your PS5, or whatever-
🎮 Either way, have them or not, he still plays whatever game he can find-
🎮 If you don't have games, or weren't allowed to have them, he'd pull out his computer/laptop/device and have you play games with him there.
🎮 How did you get him to go with you guys to a tourist spot?
🎮 Anyway, he's definitely the reason why you guys had to choose a time when the tourist spot is least populated.
🎮 So when you guys got there, Levi was mostly at his phone/DDD.
🎮 But he did take a few pictures of things he found was interesting.
🎮 Or things that remind him of things from a certain anime or game he knows.
🎮 He didn't necessarily enjoy leaving the House of Lamentation, or his room; but he did sort of enjoy spending time with MC and his brothers.
🎮 I'm sorry this short in comparison to the others-
🎮 I might add in some more stuff afterwards when I get more ideas for him.
📚 Satan was a bit excited to visit MC’s homeland.
📚 He also asked MC about their homeland a lot too.
📚 He’s also read lots of books about it too.
📚 So he most likely knows a lot about MC’s homeland.
📚 He also wants to visit a library from MC’s homeland, and possibly buy any books he’s interested in.
📚 If MC’s hometown has lots of cats, or has a cat shelter, or you own cats, or your neighbor owns cats; he’s automatically going.
📚 In MC’s house, he takes a look at the books MC’s might have.
📚 He also goes out (with MC’s permission, of course; not Lucifer’s, though) to visit any cats he might find in the place.
📚 He also visits libraries or book stores to get a book to possibly buy.
📚 When at the tourist spot, he looks around and asks the people in charge, or locals about the tourist spot.
📚 He also takes some pictures of any cats (or animals), or historical things there.
📚 He also causes trouble in the way that only Lucifer would be affected-
📚 Lucifer also stops him from doing so.
📚 Satan very much enjoyed the trip and would love to go back again.
💅 He also wanted to visit MC's homeland
💅 To get to know MC more.
💅 Also, to hopefully see if MC has any relatives or friends they can hook him up with.
💅 And he also wants to see the fashion of MC's homeland.
💅 And the current trends of the times, even though he's probably updated on it.
💅 Lucifer had to stop Asmo from over-packing.
💅 He's one of the most excited too.
💅 When they get to MC's place, the first thing Asmo does is ask them what products they use for skin and hair care routines.
💅 If MC doesn't use any, Asmo will go shopping with MC to get them some stuff.
💅 I'm not sure if demon cosmetics are safe or work on humans-
💅 But if MC does, Asmo goes and evaluates all of them to make sure they make MC look as beautiful as they can.
💅 When arriving at the tourist spot, Asmo takes a LOT of pictures.
💅 He takes pictures with/of the locals, the tourist spot, the scenery, the people in charge of the tourist spot, of MC, his brothers, and himself!
💅 Asmo also does flirt a lot little with some other people there.
💅 Lucifer stops him from going too far.
💅 Also, Asmo does ask MC if they can hook him up with anyone they know.
💅 Afterwards, Asmo feels a bit content and would definitely want to go back as well.
💅 By the time they get back to Devildom, Asmo's phone/camera is full of pictures of MC, his brothers, and different parts and memories of their trip.
💅 He sends them in the House of Lamentation groupchat.
💅 And he sends some blackmail pics of some of the other brothers to Satan-
💅 But you didn't need to know that-
🍔 This baby is very excited to spend time with his brothers and MC.
🍔 He's also excited to learn more about MC's homeland.
🍔 He also might have overpacked-
🍔 Lucifer had to stop him from putting too much food in his luggage/bag.
🍔 When they got in MC's place, Beel got hungry and, by unconscious instict, went to the fridge and nearly emptied it-
🍔 When Lucifer stopped him, he felt very guilty and apologized to MC with his cute puppy dog eyes.
🍔 To apologize, he makes a little snack for MC with the food left.
🍔 He took little break while making the snacks to eat some food from a bag of chips Lucifer or Belphie packed.
🍔 The food tastes good, so you forgive him (you better)
🍔 When you guys get to the tourist spot, he immediately goes to a restaurant or a food stall/tent.
🍔 He does pose for the pictures being taken hehe.
🍔 In the end, Beel very much enjoyed having fun with MC and his brothers.
🍔 What a sweetheart 🥰🥰
💤 Doesn't he hate humans-
💤 I've said this before, and I'll say it again: I've just finished Chapter 16.
💤 So I don't know what happens after.
💤 So I'm not entirely sure of what I should do...
💤 So, I'm going to assume that he sort of sucks it up, for Beel (and for MC)
💤 So, when they get to MC's place, the first thing Belphie does is sleep.
💤 Also, I don't think he'd be entirely excited to go to a tourist spot-
💤 The brothers are a bit afraid that he might go on a k/lling spree.
💤 So they also chose a time when there aren't much people in the tourist spot.
💤 Belphie does a bit of sightseeing; I'm pretty sure Devildom doesn't have a sun, so he's a bit bothered by the sunlight (if it's daytime)
💤 He does make a bit of conversation with Beel (maybe MC, and some of the other brothers), but he doesn't interact with the other people there.
💤 Belphie also knows a lot about the human world, so he might know a bit about the tourist spot you guys are visiting.
I'm so sorry if some of them were short, I might add in some other things when I edit this and think of other ideas-
Constructive criticism and comments are also very much appreciated 😊😊
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kankuroplease · 11 days ago
Sakura tattoo shop au headcanons?
Piercer by day, model/influencer/student by night
Contemplating becoming an EMT because of Rin’s influence or joining Tsunade in the backroom medical services (it’s a little unethical, but her clients need help too). Both require her to finish schooling, which she’s working on
Does whatever she wants and is generally an open minded person
Can afford her own place but a free room with her two friends, Naruto and Sasuke, is too good to pass up on.
Any creep trying to mess with her will have to deal with them and the view is amazing in Sasuke’s penthouse. It’s just one bonus after the other
Biggest downside is they do judge the guys she sees (not so much the girls. She has fine taste in women)
Will take her phone to look at their profiles and swipe left for her 9/10 times AND she’s fairly certain Sasuke has tailed a few of them.
Dated Sasuke for a period of time and ended things on good terms. She’s still worried about him and his other “job” and tries to make him feel as normal as possible when he’s actually home by asking how his day was, challenging him to some video games, etc..
Put a bird feeder on their balcony after she noticed Sasuke bird watching and is delighted that he seems to enjoy it. Not so much that it’s brought in massive crows that take over the whole space, but he likes them so that’s fine. A little eerie, but fine.
House alarm. Naruto can and will sleep in/over snooze his alarm, so she makes sure to wake him up. She’s not opening alone.
Listening ear. Sasuke, you beat the shit out of someone again? Have you tried talking to them.. oh, negotiations are not your thing. How about he come meditate with her for awhile 😬 Naruto handing out the boyfriend experience yet again? It’s just sex. You like Shikamaru and need to stop sowing wild oats before he takes you off his roster, Naruto 😭
Buys condoms for the house and leaves them by the door. It may seem weird to others, but she just doesn’t want anyone catching anything and they can’t miss them there. Go nuts, but use protection.
No one ever knows how she’ll show up to work in terms of her hair because she gets new extensions and/or wigs from photoshoots.
Has pierced Naruto and Sai’s penises and doesn’t get why the other guys cringe at the thought. They like it, their partners like them, what’s the big deal?
Also pierced Nart’s younger sister’s nipples, Yamato and Sai’s tongue because they lost a shop bet, redid Kakashi’s healed-over self done ear piercing, gave Naruto a smiley to compliment his grin, and gave Ino a Christina. Basically if she knows them it’s a 50/50 chance she has either; offered a piercing she thought would look nice or has seen them naked.
Takes her job very seriously and wants everyone to feel comfortable with her and to learn how to properly take care of their piercings and tattoos before they leave the shop. It’s a must
Flirts with Shisui because he flirts with her. Everyone thinks they’re being serious, but really, it’s just them having fun.
Has asked Shisui to look out for Sasuke. She knows he’s got a good heart and will do what he can for him.
Aces pop medical trivia from Sai who only started reading the textbooks because Sakura brought hers with her to work
Gives Sai pop dating trivia too because he’s not going to ruin his relationship with her bestie, Ino. She’s invested 😭
Because she spends a lot of time at the front desk, she sees all the street happenings and will call everyone to the window if something good is happening (hey, look! Yamato is with that hot biker guy again!) or pull out her bat and go if something bad is happening.
Is currently in the early stages of talking to Gaara. She met him at an expo and they hit it off well. Naruto thinks it’s awesome because he loves Gaara and his tattoo work. Sasuke is more perplexed than anything, but that’s on Sakura.
She loves teasing him a little because he blushes so easily and it’s fun/refreshing. She’s pretty sure Gaara wants to be official, but he’s going to have to ask her first 😌
If she’s not hanging with the boys, she out with the girls, especially Ino. They often go shopping together or nail dates where they fill each other in on the latest gossip
They also go to the gym and go out a lot as they both enjoy having a good time socializing and dancing. If it’s just a casual hangout, they’ll go to Ino’s place and munch on snacks while binge watching shows.
Basically, when Ino’s in town, it’s going down.
Her other girl friend is Hinata, who she met thanks to Sasuke. Their friend dates are a bit more luxurious? She can’t just go anywhere she could be easily recognized thanks to her family business, so it’s always some place upscale and owned by the Hyuga or Uchiha
Honestly she feels like a princess when they hangout because of how much spoiling she receives from Hinata. She wants to bring Ino on the yacht? No problem. She doesn’t have anything to wear to the event? Hinata will call her stylist Natsu and will have no less than 5 outfits to choose from by the day of the event.
She does refuse some gifts from Hinata as there is no way she can own them without some serious questions being asked. It breaks her heart a little because she knows gift giving is Hinata’s love language, but she can’t just take a super exclusive bag or expensive piece of jewelry
But she’ll gladly accept one of her hand made knit cardigans or knit hats 😊
Loves babysitting for KakaObiRin. Their house has every, no food is of limits, and their kids are so well behaved (for the most part). Plus they over pay 👀
She will never stop thinking they’re the cutest triad ever. Rin being modest if not downright bashful about their relationship, Kakashi genuinely smiling when he talks about either of them, and Obito being the proudest man alive about having both of them (she also thinks he’s silly for worrying about Kakashi’s clients hitting on him, the man is a professional and loves Obito and Rin. There’s no way).
Can’t pass up a claw machine if it has a cute stuffie or trinket. She has dumb luck and uses it willingly when it comes to them. She did get stuck in one as a child once, but that’s neither here nor there
Took up Muay Thai classes throughout her childhood and takes annual self defense classes, so she’s not too worried about going out alone
Is down to try almost any silly game Naruto comes up with. Like trying to catch popcorn in her mouth from across the room or seeing who can slide the furthest
Gave herself a really terrible strawberry tattoo on the bottom of her foot out of boredom on day
Practices makeup looks she’ll never wear outside the house JUST because
Nosy, what about it? Give her the info, she’s very interested.
Donates blood when she can and encourages the others to do the same
Hates dealing with hangovers (who doesn’t lol) and will try her hardest to avoid them, so she only drinks a little.
Actually terrible at managing her social media, it’s such a hassle and she lives for the here and now more so than putting on a show for others/being trapped in a phone.
Uses her middle finger freely if someone deserves it
Tumblr media
To answer this, she wears whatever she wants to (including raiding Naruto and Sasuke’s closets) and she’s gifted clothes to promote, so her style is a bit chaotic/all over the place. she mainly wears Streetwear/Techwear outside of work.
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seanfalco · 7 days ago
#4 kissing on sofa, foreheads pressed together, breathy, soft tender with Billy? 😭 I love my soft boy
Tumblr media
[ gif credit - @/vousnavezrienvu ]
Plus One
Billy Delaney x f!Reader
Word Count: 3k
Tags/Warnings: fem!reader, reader wears a dress, jealousy/insecurity, misunderstandings, some snogging
Tumblr media
“Alright everyone, looks like our time’s up for today. Thank you models, you may dress! Don’t forget I want to see your sketchbooks”
Startled by your professor’s voice, you glanced at the clock above the classroom door. You’d been so hyper-focused on your study, you’d completely lost track of time. Packing up the sketch pencils and erasers left scattered along the tray of your easel, you took a moment to look around the room at your classmates’ work, admiring certain details and making mental critiques.
Wiping your hands clean, you checked your phone, finding a message from your boyfriend—I’m outside. Surprise!—and sure enough, when you raised your head, you found Billy waving at you, waiting just outside the door.
“Hey, what’re you doing here?” you exclaimed, grinning at him brightly as he stepped into the room, weaving through the students already hurrying out.
“I got off work early, thought I’d surprise yeh and walk you home,” Billy replied, flashing you his winning smile as he hefted your oversized portfolio case to carry.
“What a pleasant surprise,” you replied, beaming back at him. “How did you know I was missin’ that gorgeous face of yours?”
“Oh, just a guess,” Billy teased, slinging his free arm around your shoulders. “Probably had somethin’ t’do with how much I missed yours.”
“It should be illegal t’be that smooth, y’know?” you joked, bumping against his side as you walked.
“So it’s workin’ then, is it?”
“Most definitely.”
Billy huffed a pleased laugh and you walked on in silence for a bit until he spoke up again. “So, uhm, what’re you doin’ next weekend? Got any plans?”
You made a show of thinking before grinning playfully. “None that doesn’t include you. Why?”
“Well, I uh, it seems I’ve been invited to a weddin’ and I was hopin’ you’d like to accompany me,” he said, searching your face hopefully as he drew his bottom lip between his teeth.
“Yeah, o’course, you’re my girlfriend,” Billy exclaimed as if it were obvious, bringing a bright smile to your face.
“I’d love t’go with you,” you answered, already mentally going through your wardrobe for the perfect dress to wear when a thought occurred to you. “How formal are we talkin’ here?”
“Well,” Billy paused to huff a soft laugh, “knowing Inca, she’ll probably be expecting everyone t’be dressed to the nines.”
“Evening gown it is then,” you laughed, glad for an excuse to go shopping.
“Were those real doves?” you exclaimed, still trying to wrap your head around how over the top the ceremony had been as you walked into the reception hall on Billy’s arm.
“I told you,” he chuckled, “Inca’s taste tends to veer toward th’extravagant.”
“You’re not kidding,” you agreed, wondering how much this wedding must have cost, the reception just as elegantly decorated as the church had been. Everywhere you looked were softly flickering candles, gilded portraits, and fancy glass ornaments, the large ornate ballroom resplendent in reds and blacks, complete with a large ice statue in the shape of a swan taking flight in the middle of the room.
“So, how do you know the bride and groom?” you asked as you found your seats, your table near the front where the wedding party was camped at. Before Billy could answer, a familiar face plopped down next to you and Billy chuckled.
“Speak of th’devil,” he said, gesturing to Alfie who surprisingly (or maybe not surprisingly) was dateless—he and your friend on a bit of a break. “I met them through dear Alfred,” he explained and Aflie’s brows rose as he turned to face you.
“Whut now? What’d I do?” he asked, reaching inside his jacket to pull out a tiny silver flask, his eyes flicking questioningly between you and your boyfriend.
“y/n was just asking how I know Inca and Jason,” Billy explained and Alfie ohhh’d, nodding his head and taking a swig.
“Right, yeah. So, Jason’s my mum’s ex-husband, and—”
“Wait, he’s not your dad?” you cut in, confused, and Alfie recoiled, clearly offended.
“Oh God no,” he exclaimed, wrinkling his nose, his lip curled in disgust. “He’s my sisters’ dad.”
“I met th’whole gang when I was crashin’ with Alfie at his mum’s after we traveled round China,” Billy added and you nodded, finally understanding.
“That’s nice that you’re still so close to your best friend’s family,” you mused as more people arrived, joining the three of you at the table.
Billy began the introductions only to be interrupted by the bride as she swanned over, her husband in tow, trying to keep up. “Irish, you came!” she cried dramatically after greeting the others—a knobbish looking fellow named Tom and a petite middle aged blonde woman she called Yemma, though Jason called Gemma when he greeted her.
“Of course I came, I wouldn’t have missed it,” Billy replied, rising to accept her embrace before shaking Jason’s hand and returning to his seat, his arm slipping nonchalantly around your shoulder, resting on your chair back.
“And who is your lovely friend?” Inca exclaimed, gesturing to you.
“This is my girlfriend, y/n,” Billy introduced and you felt eyes on you from across the table.
Glancing over, your eyes flicking momentarily alway from Inca, you caught Gemma watching you, a strange expression on her face before she noticed your gaze and quickly looked down at her hands.
Frowning slightly, it took you a moment to realize Inca was still talking about you and you gave her your full attention once more.
“You must let me wax you,” she exclaimed matter of factly, studying you thoughtfully, as if deciding which parts of you needed the most attention.
“Excuse me?” you spluttered, gaping at the bride before her husband quickly jumped in to explain.
“Ah y’see, Inca works at a spa,” he exclaimed, wincing—at your expression or perhaps an unpleasant memory involving being waxed himself you couldn’t tell. “Maybe y/n would prefer a massage instead,” he suggested, but Inca was still studying you.
“No, a wax,” she decided, her tone brooking no nonsense.
“O-okay,” you stuttered helplessly, unsure what else to say, when luckily someone across the room seemed to catch Inca’s attention and her face lit up as she called out to them.
“Come Yason,” she snapped, already taking off, “we have more guests to greet!” And just like that, she’d already forgotten about you.
Jason let out a heavy sigh. “It was nice t’meet you. Enjoy the dinner!’ he called before hurrying after his wife.
Sharing a look with Billy, you covered your mouth to stifle your laughter, leaning against his shoulder as you giggled quietly. Again, Gemma seemed perturbed about something before her eyes flitted away. Hastily grabbing her glass, she brought it to her lips and nearly spilled it down her front as Tom startled her, leaning in to ask her to dance, a wide grin on his face that quickly turned to alarm.
Fussing over trying to mop up the champagne that soaked her dress, you didn’t catch the rest of their conversation as Billy tore his eyes from the scene and leaned in.
“How ‘bout you? Wanna dance?” he asked, holding his hand out to you and you took it eagerly, letting him guide you out to the dance floor.
As you swayed to the music, resting your cheek on Billy’s shoulder, his arms around you, you let your gaze wander, taking in the people around you. However, as the first song melded into the next, your eyes found Gemma and Tom—Tom having finally dragged her out to the dance floor. Once more, you caught the older woman staring in your direction while trying to pretend like she wasn’t, and you frowned, stiffening.
Billy noticed the way you tensed in his arms and pulled back to look at you. “Are you alright? Is somethin’ wrong?” he asked, concern filling those large emerald eyes.
Glancing back to Gemma, you hesitated, the words stuck in your throat. You couldn’t seem to shake the feeling she didn’t like you for some reason, but you knew it would sound ridiculous if you brought it up and you didn’t want Billy to think you were the type of girl that got weirdly possessive when any other woman so much as looked at him.
“I’m fine!” you quickly answered instead, flashing him a reassuring smile.
“Y’sure?” he pressed, raising a skeptical eyebrow at you, and you nodded.
“I’m sure. I think I just need to find the restroom,” you murmured.
Billy let you go, but frowned as he watched you walk away, sensing not all was right.
By the time you returned, having taken a moment to freshen up your makeup and give yourself a little peptalk in the mirror, you found Alfie the only one at the table.
“Hey Alfie, have you seen Billy?” you asked, sitting down next to him. He already seemed drunk, and though you were dying to ask what had happened between him and your friend—who’d been rather tight-lipped about it—you held your tongue, not wanting to upset him further and risk him causing a scene.
“He’s other there, chattin’ up my mum, again,” he muttered darkly, gesturing across the room to where your boyfriend stood conversing with Gemma. She was laughing at something he’d said while he smiled at her, and as she half reached out to touch his shoulder, stopping as she realized what she was doing, something in your chest tightened.
“Wait, Gemma’s your mum?” She doesn’t seem that old.
Noticing your expression, Alfie snorted. “She had me really young.”
“Yeah. Yeah, I see that.”
Alfie let out a huff, propping his chin in his hand as he idly swirled the last dredges of liquor around the bottom of his glass. “Still can’t believe th’bastard kissed her that time just t’win a bet,” he grumbled under his breath and you tore your eyes from your boyfriend to gape at Alfie.
“He did what?”
Alfie seemed to realize what he’d said and hastily straightened, backpedaling, his eyes going comically wide. “Y-yes, yes I said that, and as fucked up as that is—”
“How long ago was this?” you demanded, interrupting him.
“It was a year ago, before you’d even met!”
The rest of Alfie’s explanation fell to a drone as you narrowed your eyes, glaring at Gemma. That’s what that look had been in her pale blue eyes—longing—and as much as Alfie insisted it hadn’t meant anything… probably, you couldn’t help but feel there was more to the story. It was obvious by the look on Mrs. Jones’ face that it’d meant something to her.
Scraping your chair back, you ignored Alfie’s pleas to calm down, instead setting off across the room with purpose. Neither of them seemed to notice you approach until you stopped at Billy’s side, slipping your arm around him and resting your head on his shoulder.
“Hey, there y’are!” Billy exclaimed, brightening at the sight of you. “I was just tellin’ Gem-uh–Mrs. Jones aboutcha.”
“Oh, that’s nice,” you murmured, catching Gemma looking flustered, her eyes flicking from your arm linked with Billy’s and back up to your face, offering you a nervous smile.
“Hey, you thirsty?” Billy asked, noticing that you didn’t have a glass in hand and you gave a start.
“Uh, yeah I guess.”
“Great, I’ll be right back,” he insisted, pressing a kiss to your temple that almost made you forget you needed to ask him about his involvement with Gemma.
“Soooo…” Gemma began as Billy walked away, letting the word trail off awkwardly for a moment, a panicked look crossing her face.
“So…” you echoed, rocking on your heels as you waited for the woman to finish her thought.
“Yes, uhm, well, Billy tells me you study art,” she finally managed to get out.
“Yep, I have a show coming up soon. It’s just at the student gallery, but I’m pretty excited,” you answered, your polite instincts kicking in, overtaking the urge to demand what exactly she thought she was trying to pull.
“Wow, that’s-wow,” Gemma exclaimed, her tone somewhat distracted, as if she wanted to say something else and was trying to work up the nerve. “Look, I-I’m sure Billy’s told you what happened,” she began, her words rushing together and voice wavering. “A-about how I probably broke the poor boy’s heart when I chose Tom instead of him.” She paused again to wet her lips, her pale blue eyes finally meeting yours.
“I just wanted to tell you I’m so glad that he met you. You two seem very sweet together and I…I just want him to be happy, even if seeing him here was harder than I expected,” she finished with a sigh before flashing an anxious smile.
The smile you returned, however, was stiff. “Excuse me,” you managed to mutter before walking away, unsure exactly where your legs were taking you.
You faintly registered Gemma’s calling out to you, but you didn’t stop until you were away from the party, even the sound of the music far away and muted. Taking a deep breath, you silently seethed as you paced, trying to wrangle your fly away thoughts and unstable emotions.
If it wasn’t such a big deal, why hadn’t Billy told you about it? Unless… unless he still had feelings for Gemma.
The thought made your chest tighten, emotion washing over you, nearly pulling you under like a strong tide.
Billy’s voice behind you startled you and you tensed as you turned slowly to face him.
“What’re y’doing over here?” he asked, concern worrying the corners of his mouth as he approached you. “I came back with drinks only t’find you’d run off.”
“I-I’m fine,” you lied, attempting to school your expression, though by the look on your boyfriend’s face, he wasn’t burying it.
“Do you still have feelings for Mrs. Jones?” you blurted out, the words tumbling from your mouth before you could stop them.
Whatever Billy had thought you were going to say, that wasn’t it, and for a moment he stared at you as if you’d grown a second head. “No! No.” he responded quickly, trying to make up for his shocked pause, echoing the word firmly.
“Who told y’bout that?”
“She did,” you answered, crossing your arms over your chest and glancing away; Billy sighed, deflating.
“I swear t’you, y/n, I don’t have feelin’s for Gemma any longer,” he said softly, taking a cautious step closer. “I only have eyes for you,” he insisted, a genuine note to his lilting voice.
“Then why didn’t you tell me about this before?” you sighed, desperately wanting to believe him. “Cause it kinda seems like you were hiding it,” you pointed out, collapsing back on the white and gold loveseat behind you, your heels clacking softly against the shiny tiled floor.
“I wasn’t tryin’ t’hide it,” Billy murmured, joining you, his gaze beseeching you as he sat, turning toward you. “It’s true I was still gettin’ over her rejection th’first time we met, but I genuinely liked you. It was th’first time I’d felt like that since putin’ my heart out there only t’be crushed,” he explained, his gaze boring into yours, holding you captive.
“It was you who helped me see that I deserved so much more than clandestine kisses and bein’ hidden away.”
Billy’s voice cracked with emotion and he let out a breath that washed over you as his grasp on your hands tightened, his thumbs brushing over the ridge of your knuckles. “I love you,” he whispered, putting his whole heart into the words, holding it out on a platter for you.
“Please believe me.”
Drawing his lip between his teeth, he held his breath, his eyes glistening in the golden lamplight as he watched you, his whole body tensing in anticipation as he waited for your response.
“I believe you,” you breathed finally, taking Billy’s face between your hands, your nose brushing his as you pressed your forehead to his.
Pulling back only a few inches, Billy huffed in relief, his hands engulfing your wrists as he leaned into your touch, tilting his chin to catch your lips.
“Good, cause I have somethin’ else t’ask you, which I’d been plannin’ t’do before all this came up.”
“Oh? What’s that?”
“I was gunna ask you t’move in with me,” he said, his lips tugging into a sheepish grin as he waited for your reaction.
“Really?” you asked excitedly, your enthusiasm bubbling over before you fought back your grin, eyeing him sternly. “Are y’sure you aren’t just askin’ me that t’make up for earlier?” you teased, barely able to keep a straight face.
“See, I knew you’d think that!” he gasped, laughing, stealing your breath as he kissed you again.
“Really?” you repeated faintly when he finally let you breathe.
“Yes, really,” he insisted, grinning against your lips.
“Yes,” you replied, slipping your arms around his neck. “I’d love t’move in with you, Billy.”
Hidden away from the party in your own little bubble, the moment felt frozen in time, preserved, and you lost track of everything but Billy’s lips on yours.
“Oh thank God, there you are!” Alfie exclaimed, panting heavily as if he’d been running and it took you a moment to register what was going on, drunk off Billy’s kisses.
Billy pulled back, raising an eyebrow at his friend, as if to ask why he’d interrupted you.
“Oh no, don’t mind me,” he huffed sarcastically, radiating indignation, “just the guy who’s been looking all over for you t’make sure everything was okay!”
“Thank you, Alfie, we’re fine,” you replied, flashing him a thankful smile that doubled as a dismissal.
When it became clear that neither of you would be returning with him to the reception, he threw up his hands with a scoff and turned back the way he’d come.
“We’ll be back shortly,” Billy called after him, chuckling fondly before his eyes returned to yours. “Now, where were we?” he asked, his lips curving cheekily.
“I think we were… here,” you replied, leaning back against the armrest as you pulled him back to you by the lapel of his suit jacket.
“Ah right, how could I forget,” he murmured before his lips slotted with yours, picking up just where you’d left off.
Tumblr media
@super-unpredictable98 @salvador-daley
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bumbleklee · 10 months ago
this is my lil headcanons for the clara, isaac, and calla. this isn’t proof read, but i thought about it long and hard🤧
okay so a lil headcanons for the kids and the momma’s girl and the daddy’s girl and overall how they act lol
clara and isaac:
- imma has to agree with Clara, preferring diluc more. That's not saying she doesn’t live for her mother’s attention, but when her father walks through the door she drops everything to be the very first to greet them. she is so honest it’s funny.
- she leaves very special rocks on his desk to speed up his work so he can take her out to play.
- there was definitely a time where she was jealous that the reader got the first morning kiss.
- her and diluc have lil daddy and daughter dates where they go out train or go look at the turtles in the lake (he got her a tortoise and it definitely beat you in her favorite things in the world)
- she tries to stay up late when diluc is working because she wants to say good night to him and have him tuck her in at night.
- she started to learn bartending to help, much to his absolute horror.
- though she likes to be held and play more with diluc, she likes the idea of protecting mommy.
- she likes to make dad proud and protect momma when papa is not home. (look out spiders you have a new villain)
-isaac to me is a momma’s boy though. you can ask and he will say he loves both, but he makes it kinda obvious. he might as well actually be attached to her hip. though he doesn't like to pick favorites per say, he definitely goes running full speed to his mom at all minor inconveniences in his day.
- i like to think as a baby if he wasn't touching skin with mom he was wailing (that’s probably when he made the most noise.)
- that’s not saying he isn’t attached to diluc at all though. he loves being held by diluc and sitting on his lap while he works. i do think diluc lets him because he is the quieter of the two and less fidgety. he wants to help with the business one day and likes to mimic diluc’s actions
- isaac has the habit of tugging on the moms clothes and hair ro get her attention. Sometimes he tugs too hard and starts wailing because he thinks he hurt her. (he ran to his dad and told him he needs punishment much to diluc’s confusion)
-to go with the tugging, he has to hold something from either of them. that be clothes or hands, especially when he is nervous (which is always probably)
-they both crave different things from each parent, but in the end they love them both the same and will sneak into their bed at least 4 times a week.
- i like to think she is a momma’s girl personally. she is brutally honest on what she likes and doesn’t like. that goes for her parents as well.
- she loves all the attention her dad gives her but she is glued to mommy.
- she definitely said mama first and Kaeya did not leave the shared bedroom for a week. (It took her saying dada for him so finally come out)
- she likes taking naps and sleeping with dad, but when she is awake she definitely is clinging onto mom.
- sheis like a lil duckling in a way, always following mom around and helping her. It's extremely funny watching a small girl carry a bunch of folded towels to the bathroom.
- kaeya and her have a small competition on who knows you more, and it was the most stressful quiz imaginable.
- she does love kaeya a lot. she brags to all her friends about how cool her dad is and makes sure he has the cleanest desk to handle work.
- she even made him a sandwich for work and he never ate it because he thought it was so precious.
- she might be attached to her mom, but her dad is her biggest role model.
these made me so unbelievably happy oh my goodness 😭😭 im saving this post and may just incorporate some into the story hehe your brain is so powerful
clara is definitely 💪💥🎉🎀🤸‍♀️🍬 and isaac is 😰🌿🌥🧘🍄🧸
i also like to hc that calla probably said something once like “uncle diluc is cooler than you” and it just took kaeya out for a whole week 💔
(hehe if anyone ever has any hcs for my family au feel free to send them in i love brainrot)
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heartbreakerkid-trap · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
STORY TIME********
Okay so Friday afternoon, I had to go back to the hospital and it was a different hospital it was a little far out but I’m like okay no biggie. I get here I’m hooked up I’m chilling. Everything going normal. Saturday morning, they woke me up telling me to get ready, get clean look presentable I’m like why? And they didn’t tell me. Some other nurse comes in and I’m asking her what’s going on and she says they got some deal or something and they need pictures and stuff and they want me to be the main model. I said okay. I go out and stuff or whatever and it’s a lot of baby stuff I’m looking around, I’m nervous and shit feeling like I done got caught up in some fraud shit and they finna take me out😭😭😭 so anyways I’m taking pictures and shit Bc they are kinda cool. One of the best hospitals I’ve been in. And then they asked my sister to get in the picture too. I’m kinda panicking like…. Yall finna set us up and then it was like a lot of baby product too so I’m like wtf bruh. Or they need some program pictures or something or idk something for money. (I lost a lot of weight don’t talk too much) And so ight cool they all hugged me, shook my head and said thank you and everything I’m like no problem so we go back into my room and everything goes back to normal. The drs being nice and sweet and yk just normal shit. That night they discharged me I’m like man yeo I done got myself into some deep shit Bc how y’all get me, do a shoot and then now I’m leaving???? I said ight fuck it let me get tf before I try to leave a minute later and the police or something outside. So I’m out and I’m going home. I got a call around 4am to go back. I’m like fuck that Bc wtf? And then ppl kept begging me to go. My siblings mostly just was like nah go ahead, Quinn was telling me and shit and then ppl was like they might have caught something that could kill me that they didn’t see before so I’m like man ight. Whole time I’m my way, I’m praying and stuff just please don’t let me go to jail, don’t let me die or something. I get there and I held Khalid for the first time. He was so small and they showed me pictures when he first came to the hospital to be checked up on or whatever, he looked big but when I held him and stuff he was the smallest thing. Ig he had deflated🤣🤣🤣 but nah fr he was little. I love this lil man. Congratulations @nenebanene @quinnsdripp and happy 1st birthday to my son (god son)❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
(Oh for um info purposes this happened…. Last year he’s a yr old today)
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ideks-on-mars · a month ago
Yk i couldve just asked you in dms but HEY WHATEVER . Anywyas got any headcanons of reonsemishira when shirabu is third year and captain whilst the two are in university 🤭
THAT'S OK LMAO when you send asks to my inbox it makes it easy on me cuz I always like to give people credit for their ideas 🤭
Tumblr media
- They already have a pretty strong relationship so that really helps the whole situation
- They FaceTime a lot. Semi and Reon managed to pull off getting into the same university so they usually sit together and talk to Shirabu
- Shirabu is actually taking quite well to being captain. He's pretty good at it.
- He gets stressed an awful lot, due to the fact that Goshiki won't leave him alone and the new first years are too busy trying to kiss his ass that they get in his way
- Plus he's already taking college courses, it's a lot to do. Good thing he's got good ol' vice captain Taichi to help him out
- Semi is holding on for his life
- Trying to balance a band, attending university for a business degree, AND the modeling job he does on the side. It's a lot
- Please someone help him, he's constantly on the verge of jumping out the window 💀
- Reon doesn't have it any easier than the other two 😭
- He's gotta balance out HIS OWN business degree, with his job, AND he does D3 volleyball
- It's a struggle for all three of them to say the least
- Reon and Semi have their own little apartment together <3. They honestly love it. Just them two in their own little world, however they really miss Shirabu
- They have a picture of the three of them together on their bedside table 😪
- Shirabu finds himself to be bored more often.
- He can't just go to the next floor of the dorms and bother his boyfriends anymore :(
- During his first few days in the dorms without thing 1 and thing 2, he lays in bed and sulks. Especially on the weekends
- He's suffering without his baes 😪
- Sometimes Reon and Semi buy snacks from the store that Shirabu really likes just because it reminds them of him
- They're dramatic, ik, but it's cute so let them live
- Shirabu's homescreen is a ft screenshot of Semi and Reon asleep. They both have their mouths wide open, Semi is drooling, and Reon's on the verge of falling over 💀
- When they visit each other, Shirabu prefers to go to their apartment just because he loves the place so much.
- It's like home to him. His two favorite people there. Just him and his boyfriends. In their own little space (*/▽\*)
- He adores it so much 😭
- Semi and Reon are already asking him to move in once he graduates. The medical school Shirabu is aiming for not being far from their own university, it would work perfectly.
- Shirabu is honestly so flattered that they miss him as much as he misses them, but what does he expect? They need their little gremlin with them 😭
- However Semi and Reon do like to come back home every once in a while. Or at least come back to a familiar area. So they come to visit Shirabu too 😙
- Taichi gags every time that he hears them on the phone and Shirabu just glares at him
- Sometimes Semi goes to turn around and say something that will annoy Shirabu but then he remembers that Shirabu doesn't live with them yet
- When they go to see each other the reunions are always very sweet
- Shirabu never knows who to hug first so it's just a matter of who gets to him first. That's usually Semi though because Reon actually cares about not acting like an animal in public 💀
- Semi always spins him and Reon always dips him slightly and gives him kisses all over his face.
- Semi probably tries to make out with him right there in the station. Shirabu and Reon have to knock some sense into him before he embarrasses them 😭
- They go out to little restaurants that they wanna show Shirabu and they catch up
- Knowing Semi, he's probably hanging all over Shirabu. (Reon's probably always holding onto him too tho ngl. They both get clingy)
- "Hold on. You both can have me all you want when we get home."
- Oh? 👀
- "Did you just call our apartment 'home'?"
- Shirabu doesn't think he's ever seen the two of them so giggly
- They keep saying it over and over again. Just giggling and then going "HOME"
- Shirabu's so embarrassed he just sits there and eats his food in shame. Meanwhile the other two are teasing him for being "too cute"
- Once they get HOME (hehe) they definitely just flop over on the bed and watch shows they like
- They like reality TV and cooking shows. Don't ask why they just do.
- Probably like shit like 'The Bachelor/Bachelorette' or '90 Day Fiancé'.
- Idk they're interesting. But Semi and Shirabu get way too into it and get really pissed off when something in the show goes wrong
- They wanna sleep in and just cuddle but at the same time they wanna make the most of their time together, it's hard to decide 🤧
- They'll get up and they'll have a nice breakfast together in THEIR HOME (I'm still not over that)
- They do little things. Just things that they would do back in the dorms. Like go on walks in the park, get ice cream.
- It's nice to do things they used to be able to do all the time. Since their time together is more valued now.
- Leaving is always really sad :(
- Them being so busy, it's hard to see each other. Even Semi and Reon struggle to find time to relax with one another.
- They all hug and kiss and all that stuff and they do the exaggerated wave to Shirabu through the window
- On the way home Semi's probably hanging all over Reon the whole time because he always has to be touching one of them. Reon just huffs and smiles. They just gotta remember that Shirabu's gonna finish high school soon and then they'll all move into the apartment and be a happy lil family :(
- Shirabu's probably so sad on the way home. He texts them when he gets back to the dorms to let them know that he's safe and then he goes and tells Taichi all about his adventures
- The very next day they're going to go back to acting like they haven't seen each other in years but they just love each other
- They're so cute, ReonSemiShira runs through my gains. Thank you for coming to listen to me talk about the cutest boyfriends <3
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zackcrazyvalentine · 7 months ago
Hi!! 👉👈 I was a bit shy to ask. Which one of my ocs would get along with Thais?
It took me a bit to answer this because you have quite a handful of OCs and each of them has a super lovely design!!
Alrighty, let's see!
I added links to Nuit's OC info pages so y'all can read about them, too!
-- --
It's my headcanon Thais takes on the role of big sis for MC (and ADeuce) from time to time!
Of your MCs, she would do her best to help Hana and Yuu Mitsue! I feel like Hana specially will be easy for her to befriend due to the magical girl herself being lively
She would feel out of place with Ivana ngl... it would be very awkward between them, but she'll continue helping Ivana when needed
- NRC Students -
Anker, no doubt!
They both like to lend a hand to others and have a shared interest in writing. He's a sweet guy, I'm sure he will try to ease her nerves when he sees her struggling and stressing when working in the Lounge (she worked there during her first year)
Hey, who knows! He might have been the one to introduce her to Sei, since both of them were lonely while working their shift
- RSA Students -
Oh, I can definitely see her vibing well with Huizhong !!
Perhaps her role back home isn't as heavily important as being an emperor to an entire empire, but she understands his worries of being a good role model for others... and is on the same boat of being mediocre-bad in sports related things
Now, I know you didn't ask for them, but... About my other OCs
Koron looks up to Mrithun, he strives to be that type of cool and capable senpai. Honestly, would go into an internal fanboy moment if they engaged in a short chat
Jet's role model is Colton. I can see my jerk of a boy becoming chill and actually sincerely nice with the Diasomnia 4th year, if he ever directed a simple "hello" his way On the other hand, Jet and Curtis would butt heads A TON
Zion and Fletcher seem like a good match! Fletcher likes programing (and research) and Zion likes to build stuff, maybe they can team up to make the next greatest invention
Tzuriel would ADORE Ru Hao!! He's all for being the center of attention, so maybe they can get along being extra like that lol
Blake I can see being good friends with Fatin. He admires her determination and benevolent, heroic spirit... and, y'know... there's the shared feeling of both of them coming from single parent households
Xeron I can see getting along with two: Huizhong and Elison Huizhong has a shared interest in poetry, they could have writing exchanges so they can analyze the other's pieces and give feedback. Elison... Xeron identifies with him and his frustration about not being able to control his powers. He know it'll be hard to break through and get acquainted to Elison, surely the royal guards his heart as much as Xeron himself does. But he's persistent and will extend his hand to the soon-to-be-king, lend help and teach him some meditation to control what seems incontrollable
Sei vibes with Brice. Kids and his classmates are afraid of him due to how weird he looks. Brice becomes the senpai he looks up to because it was probably him who decided to be his first friend at NRC before Thais came along
WOOOOOOOOOOOH that was a lot :o
Hope you liked my little match-making :3
btw I also love Aurelian, but he's too perfect to hang out with my little weirdos... he deserves better friends fdkfdlgk He sews, Sei likes to embroider things... these two dorks prick their fingers with the needle way too much 😭💗 They could be on the same sewing/stitching club or something, if they weren't from different schools
AND OF COURSE I REMEMBER AUNOY AND LOVE HER SO MUCH AAAAAA!!!!! Thais would love to have some tea with her, even if kitty can't drink tea, just have a nice chat together
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twilight-deviant · 5 months ago
DD #301-303
Think I’ll live-blog reading Daredevil comics here so I don’t annoy my friends with it. lol.
Where did I leave off? *licks thumb like I’m about to flip through a story book* Ah yes, I had just finished #300 because who could see THIS SUBLIME, GRATIFYING PERFECTION and have the strength to go on reading???
Tumblr media
This? 👆 This is one of my favorite pages in all of Daredevil. So you’re saying... Fisk can do every evil against Matt, try to ruin his life, other people’s lives, get him disbarred, destroy his childhood home, leave him penniless, try to kill him and Matt will still forgive him?! Good to know, thanks.
Okay, on to #301. And wait for Fisk’s return.
Love how they always remind us that Fisk is a necessary evil, that the moment he’s gone, it begets a power vacuum.
Tumblr media
Is he bad man? Yes. Is crime worse when he’s not around? I mean KINDA, yeah. It’s lowkey the basis of Daredevil S2. With Fisk in prison, the gangs become more violent. The Irish literally say they’re going to take his former territory.
🌈Wilson Fisk is a necessary evil~
Always like when narration or thoughts describe how Matt “sees” a scene.
Tumblr media
Radar sees a “marred and jagged” body, he hears the dripping blood, tastes/smells the decay of death. Love it. So powerful.
Foggy made a layout for how their new office should go, and he did it as a 3D model instead of on paper so Matt could feel it. 😭
Tumblr media
This man continues to be the #1 best friend someone could ask for. I love Matt, but he does not deserve Foggy lbr.
HNNGH! Series parallel!!!
Tumblr media
Also look what 3D print I just got from Etsy. 🤩 
Tumblr media
Link here if anyone is actually reading this and wants one. lol. Good quality and price, got here quick. I love it. ♥
I aspire to offer people cheese snacks out of a skull.
Tumblr media
Forever disappointed that Ben Urich did not have much presence in the show and barely interacted with Matt. 😔
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Don’t worry, Ben. We see the hypocrisy even if Matt “I can and will break every bone in my body” Murdock doesn’t.
Matthew, are you interested in rephrasing that?
Tumblr media
If you thought Matt wouldn’t try to fistfight fire, you’re wrong.
Tumblr media
The ol’ fire jangles.
Tumblr media
Matt, honey, that’s not just a boo-boo pain. You are literally burning yourself. If you can feel it in your skin, down to your nerves, you are probably melting that costume into your flesh. You will not feel better in a few days.
Oh no, poor baby is still homeless. 💔
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I can’t take this face seriously.
PLEASE rephrase that last part!
Tumblr media
What’s with “Fisk = vice”?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Vice is a weird word. I feel like it hits wrong to describe him. Maybe it’s me, but vice always seems to be treated as a weakness, an indulgence. They don’t know my man’s strength of will, k.
If the Owl has made his bones hollow so he’s lighter and can fly, I mean... break his bones. Easily. They hollow.
Mmmmmmmm, Matt’s chest dripping blood. 👀
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Matt nauseated by the smells and sounds of his own pain?! Where my whumpers at?!?!?!
Bandages will fix everything~
Tumblr media
Oh, NOW you think to ask.
Tumblr media
Disaster man saves the day again. And I think that’s the end of that 3-volume arc.
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one-vivid-dream · 4 months ago
lingerie hcs for kenmochi, kyoya, shirakaba and senda please!!!!!!
I love how everyone is jumping to the Kaito Files train and indulging my brainrot 😭😭 Thank you sm, guys.
Also, the series just keeps on going, doesn't it?
Anyway! Here they are!
Seeing their S/o in lingerie (Senda, Shirakaba, Kyoya & Kenmochi)
Shiro Senda
- You just know this man has been dropping not so subtle hints about wanting to see you in lingerie for a while now and you've laughed it off everytime. Well, little does he know that you've actually been waiting for his birthday to give him that surprise.
- You go the extra mile, get the cutest set you could find: red, lacy, with garters and a cute little choker to boot. Then, you wait until he gets back from the detective agency. His reaction is completely priceless, his eyes wide open, color rising to his cheeks, stuttering over his words when you wish him a happy birthday and ask him if he likes what he sees. It's gonna be up to you to kiss him to calm him down and take him to the bedroom.
- He is what the kids would call "a simp". He'll do anything for you and that includes doing whatever you want in bed. If you ask him to go down on you? He'll do it. You want to suck his dick? Hell yeah, he can also do that. You get on all fours and ask him to go all out on you? Oh, you bet he's doing that too.
- His thrusts are erratic from the get go, but that's just because you've turned him on beyond belief. He lets you know as much, since he has his lips close to your ear and doesn't stop talking for a second. "Shit, your pussy feels amazing on my cock, baby. You're gonna make me burst", "I'm gonna cum so fuckin' deep inside you. Would you want that?".
Yasutaka Shirakaba
- He's as devoted a partner as they come, but he's still a doctor. Sometimes he focuses on his job so much that he neglects everything else, himself included. Coming home late at night, barely even getting some coffee in the morning before kissing you goodbye and going back to work again, not even making time to work out anymore.
- So you take it upon yourself to make the man relax. You almost feel bad, because he comes back late and looks exhausted, but fuck, he's been so busy with work lately that you can barely remember the last time you've gotten any. So you put on the cute satin white nightgown you bought not long ago behind his back and that he hasn't gotten to see just yet.
He barely has time to say "Sweetie, I'm home" when he sees you and his throat goes absolutely dry.
- He's just as devoted, if not more, during sex. Nothing turns him on more than pleasing and admiring you; he gets off on getting YOU off. It takes him a bit to recover from the surprise of seeing you dressed like that, but when he does, he's dropping to his knees and starting to kiss everywhere and to vocalize all his thoughts. "How are you so beautiful? It's unfair", "I love you so much... God, you know just what to do to drive me crazy".
- Hell, he doesn't even want or need to go all the way, he's content with just eating you out until you cum. More than once if you feel up for it too. Like mentioned before, he gets off on getting you off, feeling your hands in his hair and hearing your moans filling the room, with the occasional "Yasu!" here and there. Don't put it past him to come totally untouchable just because of the sight and what he's doing to you.
Kyoya Sadamoto
- This time, it's gonna be him who has the idea. He comes home with new lingerie sets for you to model from time to time. And what can he say, he loves sitting on the bed and staring at your body. It's a true sight for sore eyes, really.
- This time, as usual, the lingerie looks anything but cheap. What little cloth the bra and the panties have is dark blue, with small jewels and metal chains here and there. These aren't rhinestones, you know for a fact they aren't. It sits a bit uncomfortably on your body, but when you let Kyoya know, all he says is "Oh, don't worry. You won't be wearing it for long, I assure you".
- And he is being truthful, but first, you're gonna have to blow him. Crawl up to him on all fours, beg him to take his cock out of his pants and he'll eventually give in (After pretending to think for a bit whether you deserve it or not), his hand in the back of your head setting the rhythm and making you gag and choke on it from time to time. After coming on your face, he's wiping some of his cum away with his thumb, then putting it to your lips and saying a simple "Suck".
- "Such an eager little kitty you are, uh? You want more? Then get up here and work for it" he says, and boy do you comply. You practically jump on his lap, he gets you off of your underwear and tosses it aside as if the jewels on it are worth nothing. Don't think that just because you're the one on top you're gonna have control though; he's going to grope, touch, boss you around, fake complain about you not going fast enough... And if he gets fed up, he's wrapping a hand around your throat and thrusting up HARD. "See? This is how you do it. Though I should've known my little kitty was too half-witted to know, shouldn't I? Sssh, don't worry. Just sit back and enjoy".
Shusuke Kenmochi
- It's kind of a reward this time. For each month he stays sober, you do something to celebrate, no matter how small, whether it's going out for dinner or going to the movies. This time though, you give it a spicier twist.
- He thinks his reward this month is the romantic dinner you have prepared when he comes back home. And honestly, he's so head over heels he doesn't mind (Because when this man falls in love, he falls HARD). He doesn't see it coming when, after you're done eating, you say "I have another surprise for you, actually. Wait here, yeah?". So, wait he does.
When you call him to the bedroom so he can see what you have in store for him, you don't even have to ask if he likes it; it's so painfully obvious that he does. The nightdress is black, lacy, so damn transparent he can see EVERYTHING underneath. You've lost count of how many "Hoooly fuck"s have come out of his mouth, especially when he puts a hand in the back of your head and drops the "Shit, baby, come here".
- Praise. The. Man. He's way more used to degrading and being degraded, called a freak, disgusting, dumb and pathetic, spitting in his mouth or slapping him around (Mostly because of his own feelings of self-loathing and guilt). And yeah, he's into that too, but he would be lying if he said it doesn't make him feel a certain way when you kiss and love and praise him. He told you to "Quit the cheesy shit" at first, but nowadays, even the simplest "I want to take care of you, Shuchi" gets to him. And mind you, you're the only partner he's ever had who has managed to do that to him.
- Your legs thrown over his shoulders and hands pinned over your head by one of his hands has to be his favorite position; he gets to go deeper than he usually would, and you get to have his face close to kiss him, so you both win. Tonight is no exception. If you drop the good ol' "I want your cum inside", he'll be a total goner.
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