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#the office

i just find it so funny greg daniels told david denman he’s being kicked off the office by saying “i need to get romeo and juliet together” like he really does think jim and pam are idiots

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I want to make a theory tree thingy connecting “Community” ©, “The Office” (TO), and “Brooklyn 99” (B99). I’ve noticed connections between all of them.

  1. Young Shirley © was Jada Philbin, Darryl’s daughter (TO).
  2. The main plumber © was Brandon, Val’s boyfriend (TO).
  3. The almost-vice-principle of the greendale air conditioning repair school © was the son working at Prince Paper (TO).
  4. Jeff’s old partner Cash © was Charles Boyle (B99).
  5. Britta plays a radio around the beginning of season 4 © and the song played is the theme song for B99.
  6. Abed says “cool. cool cool.” © and Jake says “cool cool cool cool cool.” (B99)
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It’s always weird to me when, like, you’ve watched an actor play a romantic lead in a tv show or movie franchise for a looong time and then you watch them do a kissing scene or something in another series or movie and you, like, recognize what they do with their hands or how they move their head or whatever and you realize huh that that’s probably something they actually do in real life. It’s bizarrely intimate knowledge to have of a complete stranger

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Toby: Hey, where do I park?
Mose: I’m the valet. You have to give me your car.
Toby: Uh, you know what, I can go park it myself.
Mose: I’m the… I’m the valet. You have to give me your car.
Toby: It’s probably okay…
Mose: Give me your car.
Toby: I think it’s better that I…
Mose: Give me your car.
Toby: It’s a finicky car…
Mose: Get out. Have a good time at the thing.
Toby: It’s a little tricky, you might have to… take…

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if i dont get proposed to like this then Whats The Point

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