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Maybe I am the problem !!!! If I’m gone. Everything will be solved.

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Originally posted by noicesthings

status: OPEN!

how do i request?

  • click this cute little button right here at the top right of my profile!!
  • then, click the ‘ask me anything’ button in the center
  • type out your request and choose whether or not to submit it anonymously!

what can i request?

  • great question! you can request either a fanfic, a list of headcanons, or a set of icons / headers / full layouts!

my fanfics masterlistmy headcanons masterlistmy icons / layouts masterlist

who can i request for?

  • it varies for each thing! here’s what i accept for fanfics and headcanons:
  • ( if there’s a character or ship that you see i am missing but want to request for, send me a message! chances are i just forgot but if that’s not the case i will let you know! )
  • here’s what i accept for icons / layouts:
  • any characters / people in my fandoms list! i will NOT ALWAYS be able to find it for you but i’ll try my best!

what should i include in my request?

  • this also depends on what you’re requesting. here’s a couple sample requests for a fanfic:
  • (include who in the fic, if you have a plot idea, if there’s something you’re uncomfortable with me including, and any information important to the plot / storyline!)

  • here’s a sample headcanon request:
  • (include who you want in the headcanons (relationship with a character or how two characters would be in a relationship) and the genre / ‘plot’ of the headcanons)

  • and here’s a sample request for icons / layouts:
  • (if a specific character/episode/moment of character just state it! if you want me to make a full layout, tell me who you want it based around and what color schemes you prefer / what you like on your headers)

final notes!

  • i do NOT write the following:
  • smut
  • underage x overage character
  • pedophilia
  • suicide / self - harm
  • glorified mental illness
  • incest
  • i also may refuse to write the fanfic if it makes me uncomfortable and you have to respect that please!!
  • MOST of my fics include:
  • swearing
  • inappropriate jokes
  • sometimes dark humor
  • heavy material at points (ALWAYS including a tw)
  • if you request, i will usually do every request within time! just remember i am a minor and i am in school and that’s my main priority. if you’re reading to here, thank you i love u
  • a lot of the time when i’m writing the pronouns are she/her. if you’d like it to be otherwise, SAY SO IN YOUR REQUEST!
  • if you want it to just be a friendship fic, i’ll totally do that!! just let me know!!
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remember when kevin from the office was an unsub on criminal minds


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throwback to the time i watched five seasons of the office in two weeks. 😳

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do you guys consider veep, the office, and the good place have the same type of humor?

i feel like veep is the most offensive, bc all of them (minus gary, catherine, and sue (and maybe amy)) are terrible people and the office people are just a bunch of dummies and the good place is all about trying to do better and be better and help people

my roommate and i are in a disagreement bc i’m ready to check out of veep (we’re on season 3, i’m really trying)

i follow what i call “the kimmy schmidt scale of offensiveness” and when i find myself offended more often than i am laughing it’s time for me to stop

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why do these fit so perfectly 😂

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throwback to the time i watched five seasons of the office in two weeks. 😳

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Guys look I found a lil baby Martin Freeman in Black Books this morning

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Michael keşke benim patronum olsan

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Ed Helms in an interview with Conan on TBS, 2 years ago.

He specifically spotted out the fact that he is NOT a sports lover, infact he hates that it exists and he is jealous about how people who loves sport, tends to have so much of knowledge and can initiate a good conversation; which he absolutely cannot.

This man’s heart is so fuckn’ pure XD

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