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#the old guard

‘Ok, for the sake of efficiency, I go get the olive oil and the detergent, you go get the batteries.’ Nile suggests. 'And we meet right here when we’re done, ok?’

Booker nods enthusiastically, eyes slightly unfocused.

'How many coffees have you had so far?’

'Just one,’ he replies, looking very indignant.

'Mhm. And energy drinks?’ she narrows her eyes at him and he at least has the decency to look sheepish. 'I’m sorry, I didn’t quite catch that,’ she says sweetly when Booker just mumbles something completely unintelligible.

'Three,’ he says louder and Nile shakes her head.

'I swear you’re such a kid sometimes,’ she huffs. 'Now go and please try not to get sidetracked,’ she says and reaches to peck him on the lips.

Five minutes later, he’s balancing the oil and the detergent in one hand and the phone in the other.

'Did you get lost?’

No reply. They’re already late because these three items had been omitted in their initial round of shopping so they had to go in the hypermarket again.

She tries calling him but of course he doesn’t pick up, which means he’s most likely left his phone in the car because that’s where a mobile phone is supposed to be, apparently, not on your person at any given moment, so she resigns herself to having to go look for him.

She’s heading towards the electronics section when she catches a glimpse of light blue gliding up and down the sports aisle.

'You’re never getting energy drinks again!’ she threatens and the idiot glides towards her, a goofy smile on his face.

'These are awesome!’ he exclaims breathlessly and Nile has to tilt her head far back to look at him because from up close he’s so much taller.

She knows the look in his eyes, so she immediately says, 'We’re not getting rollerblades!’

'Why not?’ Booker whines and damn his puppy dog eyes that are boring into hers because she can’t find a reason not to anymore.

'Did you at least get the batteries?’

'Yeap,’ he says, pulling them out of his back pocket to wave them in front of her face. 'So?’

'Take them off, hold these and let me find my number,’ she says, sighing dramatically.

'I love you!’ he declares, crushing her as well and the oil and detergent in a bear hug.

'Yeah, yeah,’ she mutters, face pressed in his chest. She knows he knows she’s smiling.


Snippet #4

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the potential of a joenicky russian doll au is endless……joe as nadia, constantly reliving his 36th birthday……nicky as alan, going through the motions after finding out his boyfriend was cheating on him and subsequently being stuck in his own loop…….quynh & andy, joe’s cool lesbian aunt friends, not knowing what the fuck is going on but being completely on board with it all……..“buildings aren’t haunted, people are”…….the birthday chicken……..

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Set sometime relatively early in Nile’s immortal life but also after Booker gets back into the fold and in addition Andy’s immortal and she and Quynh are happily married immortal wives because I said so.

Nile: *eyes widen with realization, gasps*

Nicky: Nile, what’s wrong?

Nile: All of you except maybe Booker were flat-earthers!

Booker: *howling with laughter*

Joe: Well, actually, Muslim mathematicians and astronomers had made calculations that proved the earth was round, but the other three refused to believe me!

Nicky: You are never going to let this go, are you, tesoro?

Joe: Hayati, you’re the love of my life and my everything, but habibi, you were rather backward, and, as the kid says, a himbo.

Nile: *cracks up because Joe just called his husband a himbo*

Booker: *probably asphyxiating due to laughter at this point*

Andy *cuddling her wife, glaring at Nile and Booker* You two are laughing now, but one day you’re going to be hanging out in space with the next generation and they’ll be laughing at you for not knowing what was outside the solar system, and then you won’t be as amused.

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They’re not exact because netflix’s timestamps are weird. 

0:40-1:10 - dead people (shot)

12:30-13:42 - dead people (shot)

13:42-15:41 - killing people (shooting, swords, axe; very action movie like here)

20:28-21:52 - throat slit

32:33-33:52 - head shot and stabbing

41:50-42:50 - broken bones through skin and limb bent wrong way

49:50-50:05 - hanging

50:50-51:35 - preparing to drown someone

52:05-52:18 - drowning

54:06-56:04 - guts, organs shifting back into place

56:04-58:31 - action movie killing with axe, dead people

1:07:08-1:07:18 - flesh burning

1:13:36-1:14:20 - human experimentation

1:22:43-1:22-53 - shot

1:33:19-1:47:10 - broken bones, head shots, axe kills, lots of shooting and dead people, broken neck

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so I was tagged by @emotionallycompromisedrobots​ to post seven sentences from a WIP, and given that I both 1. have a WIP right now and 2. feel generally good about it, let’s do this:

Someday, Nicolò thinks, they will look back at how long they have been together at this point in time and think it no time at all. Remember Toledo? they will say. Still at the sunrise of our life together. But in the moment, they are young, and that paradoxically makes the years feel long. And those years—only a handful, it’s true, but their lives changed so drastically in a much shorter time, in a moment at the end of a sword—those years have shown Nicolò over and over again how much his Yusuf is a man who loves words, and loves with them. So does Nicolò, in his way; the first time he whispered I love you, I bless God and fate and destiny every day for you, he felt like he was taking a deep breath of fresh air after a lifetime of breathing smoke. But words are so wrapped up in who Yusuf is, in a way that Nicolò both adores and is somewhat awed by.

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One thing I don’t think we process about the Old Guard is that their day to day interactions would be literally incomprehensible to an outsider.

I’m not talking about language (that’s been talked about plenty). I’m talking about how on Tumblr we string three memes together and somehow make the world’s funniest niche joke no one not in this website would get. They are their own Tumblr. They are their own niche jokes.

I’m talking they are hundreds of years of “that one inside joke with my best friend that makes us laugh hysterically when the other just says ‘noodle’.” Why is that funny? Why? Doesn’t matter. They have hundreds of those.

I’m talking about that pop culture reference that is very generationally (or maybe even fandom) specific and they have hundreds and hundreds of those. The slang from 1648. The fandom we have literally no record of but they loved that novel in 1722.

I’m talking about the regional things. You think we laugh when we see “outsiders try to identify Massachusetts words?” They would blow our minds with the regional and time specific slang.

Language is a tool meant to include in groups and exclude out groups and I just…I literally cannot fathom what that would look like, in light of all the influencing factors on the Old Guard.

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Old Guard hc #93

Joe hates the cold. When they’re out and it’s below freezing, Nicky is always rubbing Joe’s cold fingers between his palms, blowing warms gusts of air over them. Or taking his beanie off and shoving it onto Joe’s head, ignoring the small whines of protests. (The flat hair is a tragedy later, but Joe looks adorable with a beanie on.) Or wrapping his scarf around Joe’s neck, making sure to cover the lower half of Joe’s face to block the harsh wind. Or unzipping his jacket so that Joe can huddle in, shivering so hard that Nicky has to bite back the “I told you to bring a heavier jacket, you stubborn fool.” When they’re inside and warm again, Nicky allows himself to nag.

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Been watching a lot of Bojack Horseman and tell me why Booker is Bojack and Joe is Mr. Peanutbutter

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SIN CITY AU: Immortal Husbands (+Nile) - Immortal Wives (+Booker).
Loosely based on Blue Eyes.

The laboratories that were built in the outskirts of the city surely changed everything. Nile didn’t know much about Steven Merrick or his plans, the only thing she knew was that every single person who refused to sell their property to him was eventually found dead. His mother was scared, but both Nile and her brother were convinced on keeping the bar. 

As a struggling artist, Joe couldn’t ask for much. The Freeman were kind enough to let him spend the whole night in their bar, giving him both food and a place to sketch. When he heard about the possibility of them being extorted, he decided to stick around and help them. Everything changed when he saw the man wearing a blue suit. Those eyes… He’d recognize them anywhere.  

Nicky smokes calmly while he looks at me. He lets Keane do the talk and Nile is not giving that bastard a damn break. Both brother and sister are letting him understand that Merrick can go fuck himself. He can do whatever he wants, but they aren’t going anywhere. 

Nicky doesn’t say anything; my hands are shaking. I shove them deep inside of my pockets. It would be so damn easy for him to ruin my life in this very moment. Just tell Keane about the fact that our pasts were once connected. That we used to do this, together. I made it out but he… He clearly wasn’t as lucky. 

None of these pictures are mine, I only edited them. I found them on Pexels, Freeimages and Unsplash (+screenshots).

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SIN CITY AU: Immortal Wives (+Booker) - Immortal Husbands (+Nile).
Loosely based on The Hard Goodbye

When Quynh went missing, Andy left no stone unturned while trying to find her. The only thing she discovered after six long months was that people were vanishing in thin air. Taken from their homes, from their own beds as it happened with wife. The night before she disappeared, she was warm by her side, holding onto her; happy and with a tender smile on her red lips. The following morning, she was no longer there. The sheets were cold, with no trace of violence.

That eventually led her to Booker, a man who lost his wife and his three kids exactly how she lost Quynh: taken away from him from under his nose. 

Booker has been in a jail a couple of times for fraud and forgery. He says that this is not the longest he’s ever been without being with his family. The only difference is that he always knew where they were: at home, safe. The situation is starting to get to him. Instead of asking him to stop drinking, I follow his lead.

I don’t know what to say anymore. I don’t know how to let him understand that I’m here.That was never a problem with Quynh. She could understand everything I wanted to say with just one look. 

I rest my hand on his shoulder. He bows his head forward.
We can’t give up now

None of these pictures are mine, I only edited them. I found them on Pexels, Freeimages and Unsplash (+screenshots).

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Nicky makes sure that Joe, Andy and Quynh can all at least recite the Lord’s Prayer in Latin (and later German and English) as well as the beginning of the catechism. Just in case. Just so they can pass as Christian if they need to. Because they spend time in places where being an unbeliever is as potentially dangerous as being a Muslim and he’s going to do all he can to prevent his brethren from causing harm to his family. 

(It helps a tiny bit in England. Not enough to save Quynh, but Andy knows it could have gone worse. She doesn’t tell Nicky that. His guilt is almost as bad as hers, even if he tries to not show it to her)

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