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✨ Welcome to the fire gaytion ✨


@rangshisimp @ponytailzuko @cloudbends and I are happy to welcome you into our LGBTQ+ friendly atla/lok server! (The lovely art up above is by the amazing @rangshisimp)

This is a place to talk about atla or lok, your favorite characters, your favorite moments, share your art or fics, or even talk about other shows like Kipo and the age of wonderbeasts or the owl house!

Obviously this place is supposed to be safe and inclusive to all, that’s why hate speech, harassing and bullying is absolutely forbidden. All ages are welcome, which means minors will be present, so keep nsfw talk and triggering topics in the dedicated channels! When you join make sure to introduce yourself and tell us where you found the link, then you’ll get access to all the channels!

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Amity Blight || Twenty || Student || Magical

“Let’s see what kind of witch you are!”


Growing up, Amity knew she wasn’t the favorite. Her parents always looked at her and gave her a hard time for not having good grades or not being friends with prestigious people. The children her parents wanted her to hang out were jerks, and Amity hated being around them. Her best friend for a while was a girl named Willow, who was a talented witch and everyone in the Covens knew. But her magic was unruly and not as neat and perfect as others. She struggled to control her powers, and her dads weren’t part of the Emperor’s Coven. Amity’s parents told her she couldn’t hang out with Willow anymore. And after threats and punishment, Amity finally cut her out of her life. Amity started focusing on her studies in school and refining her powers. She would impress the Covens like her parents wanted. She would get noticed by a powerful mentor. She would stop being compared to her older siblings. Amity would become the best Blight that there was.

And her dreams came true when she was thirteen. A member of the Emperor’s Coven, a woman named Lilith, agreed to be Amity’s mentor. She saw potential in her. She saw how powerful Amity could be. Or that was at least what she told Amity. Her parents were impressed, but they still wanted more from her, and Amity continued to try to be the best she could. She was still friends with those awful girls her parents insisted she was friends with, and she had gotten most of their peers to bully Willow. Amity knew Willow could be so much stronger if she had a mentor to help her refine her magic, but because of everything her parents drilled into her, she knew that Willow could never be allowed to have the confidence to get that far. Amity thought life was good but stressful, she was on the path her parents wanted for her. But then one summer, a girl named Luz just appeared in Walt Grove. She became fast friends with Willow and a boy named Gus and at first Amity couldn’t stand her. She seemed to think the magic they were working so hard for was a joke or something; Amity couldn’t figure her out. But as they got to know each other, Amity slowly started realizing why she was so quick to try and shut Luz down. It was the same thing she’d done with Willow. Well, kind of. She knew her parents would never approve of Luz, but Amity was infatuated by her. She even wanted to ask her to a ball the Covens were throwing, but she felt like that was too much, and she knew she would get into so much trouble for bringing an outsider to a Coven meeting. But Luz was so unafraid of everything, and so kind and cool, Amity just admired her so much. And every time Luz left at the end of summer, her heart broke a little.

Now that they’re older, Amity tries to be a little nicer to Willow. It’s easier now that Luz is living in Walt Grove and wants to be friends with both of them, but that also makes it harder. Amity’s feelings for Luz never left. She still fights them every time she sees her. It’s hard, but she does it. Especially since Luz is so close to Lilith’s sister, Eda. She can’t imagine how Lilith would react if she knew her prodigy was friends with her sister, or that Eda would react well learning that Lilith was Amity’s mentor. She was honestly hoping that at this point in her life, things would be easier. One of the things that always calmed her nerves was reading to kids at the library. It was so fun to watch their eyes light up when something exciting happened in the story. Part of her wanted to be a teacher, but she knew the Covens would never allow her to teach normal children. So maybe one day, when she was a full member of the Emperor’s Coven, she could be a mentor as well. But for now, she was still struggling to learn magic, and struggling to balance what felt like three different lives; the life her parents wanted, her life with her friends, and her own private life that she didn’t share with anyone. She felt like she was constantly struggling to figure out who she was for herself and who she really wanted to be. But she’d figure it out someday, maybe even with the help from her friends. She knew she would. She had to.

🌹Opinions on Magic:

She likes it. She has to. It’s a part of who she is and who her family is. The Blight’s have had magic since way back before the war. They’ve been part of the Covens for generations. Magic made her who she is. But sometimes she wonders if that’s a good thing.


Dipper Pines: He always seems to be watching her or asking her weird questions. She’s worried he knows about the Covens; she worries he’s trying to learn more about them. But she’s never let that worry show. She just tries to ignore him and act like she doesn’t even know he exists.

Kaiser Belos: Amity has only met him once at an event her parents hosted. The leader of the Covens. He was a scary man who had more power than Amity had ever seen. He picked who got to be sectioned into which faction of the Covens, from the Emperor’s to the Healers. The Emperor’s Coven were only the strongest and those he felt he could trust the most. Some of the witches in the Covens said he could see into your soul, and Amity believed them. 

Pacifica Northwest: A snobby girl that Amity’s parents want her to be friends with. No, her parents aren’t connected to the Covens, but they’re wealthy and powerful around town. Amity likes her more than some of the other people her parents force her to hang out with, mostly because she feels a kinship toward her. 

Based On: Amity Blight from The Owl House
Faceclaim: Kiernan Shipka
Faceclaim Change: Not Allowed
Availability: Open

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Eda: Alright kiddo, lets go over your checklist before you leave. Pencils?

Luz: Check!

Eda: Papers?

Luz: Check!

Eda: Did you eat breakfast?

Luz: Wha-that’s not on the list!

Eda: I added it to the list. So, did you?

Luz: No…..

Eda: I thought so. Check your pocket.

Luz: *(does so)* Hey, a granola bar! Oh and there’s chocolate in it!

Eda: Yeah, I’m not an idiot. I know how to trick my kid into eating her fiber.

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