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konote-art · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
She's so cool;;;
Pretty proud of myself with the laughing one
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witchesbeforewizardss · 4 hours ago
Runaway Raven (Part 2 of 3)
Part 1
The night soon fell upon them as Eda, Luz, and King continued on their search for Lilith. They weren’t gonna stop until they got her back.
“Do you think we should split up?” Luz asked. Eda looked around at the different trails in the forest, knowing Lilith could have taken any one of them.
“Yeah, let’s do that. Kid, you and King take that path over there, and I’ll go over here. Be sure to keep track of where you’re going so we can all meet back up, understand?”
Luz and King nodded.
“Good. If I need anything I’ll send Owlbert to find you guys. Now break!” The three went their separate ways, hoping they could find Lilith before something else finds her.
Lilith didn’t know how long she had been walking. Her feet felt like they were stepping on a river of thumbtacks everywhere she went, but she didn’t care. She didn’t even want to look at herself right now.
Lilith slumped up against a nearby tree, taking a deep breath. Why did she even do this? What was this going to prove? That she can’t actually live out on her own and that she’s useless without her sister? Maybe. But she wasn’t in the mood to be wrong at the moment. Lilith soon let out the built-up frustration in the form of tears. Even if something did come to eat her, it didn’t matter. Nothing mattered. In fact, being eaten sounded like the only good way out right now. She sat there against the tree for a few more minutes before she finally got up and started walking again, only for her poor knees to buckle up in exhaustion as she fell back to the ground. Lilith could only lay there and hope for something big to just swallow her whole.
She curled her knees up to her chest and waited as the world fell dark around her.
“Do you think we’ll actually find her?” King asked as he sat in Luz’s hoodie. The two had walked pretty far down a couple of different paths, but there still seemed to be no sign of Lilith. Luz stopped walking and sighed in defeat.
“If I’m being honest, King, I don’t think so… she could have gone anywhere in the span of a day. I just… I hate seeing Eda so worried.”
“Me too…” King replied. There was a moment of silence as Luz began to contemplate whether it was really worth it to keep looking. She knew it was selfish of her, but there was no way that her and King were going to—
“Luz, look!” King exclaimed as he pointed at some red spots on the ground. Luz knelt down to take a closer look. They appeared to be faint footprints.
“Is that… blood?...” Luz looked down at the continuing trail of footprints that led deeper into the forest. She had hoped that Lilith wasn’t dead for her sake and everyone else’s.
“Do you really think it’s her?” King asked. Luz shrugged as she got back up on her feet.
“I’m not sure, but anything works at this point. Let’s go!” The two rascals ran down the trail of footprints, silently hoping that they wouldn’t find Lilith dead.
The trail continued for a while until it stopped near a tree. And sure enough, there was Lilith. On the ground and unconscious.
“Lilith!” Luz cried as King scrambled out of her hoodie, the both of them running up to Lilith. Luz was hesitant at first, but she reached her hand to Lilith’s face to turn it towards her. Her eyes were closed, and there were cuts and scrapes on her forehead and near her mouth. Luz remembered the trail of bloody footprints and immediately went to look at the bottom of Lilith’s feet. And sure enough, there were gashes that were actively bleeding. Luz and King both outwardly gasped at the sight.
“What do we do? Is she dead?” King shook Lilith’s arm only resulting in a head tilt and a slight groan from the older woman. Luz gently placed her two fingers on the side of her neck, feeling for a pulse. It was there, but it was dangerously faint.
“She’s barely hanging in there. We have to get Eda.”
“But how? She’s probably on the other end of the forest by now!” King stammered. Luz thought for a moment before she remembered.
“King, climb on!” The small demon did as he was told and quickly climbed into Luz’s hoodie. The girl struggled to carry Lilith in her arms, but she had to act fast. The adrenaline was rushing through her veins like lightning as she ran back through the forest, calling out for Owlbert.
“OWLBERT!... OWLBERT, COME TO ME!” Luz practically screamed. King was soon yelling along with her. They could only hope that the owl would hear them and send Eda to the rescue.
“Hang in there, Lily, your sister needs you…”
Eda ran her fingers through her hair in frustration. Her stubborn sister could have gone anywhere. And knowing her, she was probably starving to death somewhere in the woods, and it was going to take hours, even days to find her.
“Fucking hell!” Eda exclaimed as she leaned against a nearby tree, sliding down in exhaustion. She didn’t want to give up now. This was her older sister for crying out loud. She couldn’t give up on her even if she wanted to.
Owlbert chirped in curiosity as he seemed to be picking up a sense. Something was happening. Something bad. Eda caught on and stood back up.
“Is it the kids? Are they okay?” Owlbert gave a worried expression as he made his way towards the staff, signaling to the Owl Lady that they had to find them now. Eda screwed Owlbert onto his place on the staff as she got on and zipped through the forest faster than she had ever flown before.
Something was wrong, and it was bad.
“Do you think Owlbert heard us?”
Luz and King stopped in their tracks as they heard the sounds of branches cracking and leaves rushing by. And soon enough, Eda stopped in front of them, processing the sight in front of her. She rushed over to her older sister and took her out of her apprentice’s arms. Luz fell to her knees in relief as she explained the situation between breaths from loss of adrenaline.
“We… we found her like that… s-she barely has a pulse… trail of blood, and… called for Owlbert…”
Eda carried the unconscious woman on her back as she helped Luz back up.
“You guys okay?”
Luz and King nodded.
“Good. We’ve gotta head home. Now.” The three climbed onto the staff as Eda wrapped Lilith’s hands around her shoulders. She held her hands tight, never letting go for the whole ride home.
“Please don’t die on me, you little shit…”
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Me introducing my new hyperfixations be like:
Tumblr media
Yes I am hyperfixating on toh
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alphaborkbork · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
"I've never actually broken any of your stupid laws! In front of you!" – Eda
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carmensandiegosbitch · 3 days ago
Y'all are shipping the blonde dude who we know shit about that looks like a Walmart version of Oct*vian with my beautiful wife Eda? What's wrong with youuuuuuuu-
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goldstonegolem64 · 3 days ago
Titans and serpents - Chapter 4 - Goldstonegolem64 - The Owl House (Cartoon) [Archive of Our Own]
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popcornfinder · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Soooo I was looking through some of my older arts to organize them a bit and had found this fanart that I made last year and I was like what if Lilith saw this.
I know she was not this close to Amity, but it was a fun thought that what if she tries to do it to bond a bit with Amity, because she feels sorry for what she had done to her and actually wants to make peace with her.
I regret nothing!
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witchesbeforewizardss · 5 days ago
Runaway Raven (Part 1 of 3)
Part 2
Lilith sat up against the cold wall in her room, the moonlight shining through the window and onto the scratched-up wooden floor. Lilith had only been staying in the Owl House for a week, but she already hated it. Not because of the conditions of the house or the people that lived in it, it was because she didn’t feel like she belonged there.
Lilith knew she wasn’t supposed to be here, she wasn’t supposed to be anywhere. She didn’t deserve a roof over her head after what she had pulled so many years ago. She screwed everyone over, and she needed to pay the price properly.
She needed to leave.
Lilith looked over towards the window, looking out at the evening sky. She could hear crickets outside as she got closer and closer to the window, pushing it open with a slight creak of age. Lilith poked her head out, instantly feeling the cold air on her skin. She looked out at her surroundings to make sure that the coast was clear.
“I can’t leave through the front door, the house demon will see me…” Lilith growled. She didn’t want to use the back door in the kitchen. What if someone was down there? She sighed and took off her boots to reduce sound before slowly climbing out of the window and onto the roof of the front door. Her bare feet hit the hard and scratchy material as she thought about climbing back in and just going to sleep.
No. She needed to leave. Now.
Lilith carefully slid down the roof and onto the hard dirt below. The small rocks poked at the bottom of her feet as she silently cursed herself. She couldn’t turn back now. She took one last look at the house before taking off towards the forest.
“Forgive me, Edalyn…”
Eda groggily walked down the stairs the next morning to the smell of fresh pancakes. Luz would sometimes make them for everyone if she was up early on the weekends. It gave her something to do before everyone woke up.
“Well, you’re up bright and early kiddo… can’t say that for the rest of us…” Eda groaned as she twisted her back, resulting in a chilling crack that went down her whole spine. She sighed in relief as she observed the other people in the kitchen. Luz was just turning off the stove, King was already helping himself to a plate, and… Lilith wasn’t there.
“Hmm… has Lilith come down here at all?” Eda asked, pointing to an empty chair at the table. Luz turned around with a puzzled look on her face.
“Uhh, no, I don’t think so… she might still be sleeping in.” Luz shrugged, scooping the pancakes onto a big plate as King let out an excited giggle.
“...that’s weird, she’s usually up and at ‘em by 6:00… I’m gonna go check on her, just put 2 of those bad boys on my plate, kid.”
Luz smiled. “On it, E!”
Eda made her way up the stairs and towards Lilith’s room. Maybe Luz was right, maybe she was sleeping in, even though Eda was sure that woman had never seen a day of sleeping in before. She knocked on the door a few times, waiting for a reply.
“Yo, Lily, wake up! You’re gonna miss breakfast! Luz made pancakes…”
No answer. Eda didn’t hesitate to invite herself inside, slowly opening the door.
Just then, Eda noticed the open window and the boots that were thrown onto the floor. Did Lilith run away? No, maybe she was getting ready in the bathroom. Eda made her way across the hall to the bathroom, noticing the door was already open.
“Hey, sis, you in here?...”
The bathroom was empty. Eda drew her own conclusions, running back to Lilith’s room and looking out the window. She ran her fingers through her hair as she looked down at the boots on the floor.
“...that smart bitch.” Eda ran down the hallway, practically skipping the whole flight of stairs as she frantically ran around the house looking for her staff.
“Shit, shit, shit, shit, SHIT!” Eda ran into the kitchen, quickly looking around before running back into the living room. Luz and King exchanged a concerned look as they walked into the living room to see Eda running around, muttering every curse word under the sun.
“Where is it? Where is he? WHERE THE HELL IS OWLBERT?” Eda exclaimed as she sprinted back up the stairs and into her room.
“Eda! What’s going on?” Luz shouted from the bottom of the stairs, holding King in her arms.
“I’ve never seen her this frantic before…” King added as he looked back up towards the stairs. They suddenly heard rapid footsteps as Eda ran back down, having changed into her usual red dress. She had Owlbert on her shoulder as she stood in the middle of the living room, looking for her staff.
“Eda, is everything okay?” Luz asked.
“No, Lilith ran away and I don’t know where she is!”
“What?! Why?”
“I don’t know, but what I DO know is that she’s gonna die out there if we don’t get her back!” Eda spotted her staff leaning on the couch and quickly grabbed it and screwed Owlbert on, turning him to his wooden form. She took off for the front door, Luz and King following shortly behind her.
“Hop on, kids!” King swiftly climbed into Luz’s hoodie as Luz sat on the back of the staff and wrapped her arms around her mentor’s waist. Eda looked back at Luz and King as they both nodded in approval.
“Gun it, Owlbert!” The staff flew into the air as Luz let out a yelp of surprise.
“This wasn’t how I pictured my Saturday..."
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I keep seeing things about The Owl House and how magic doesn't work in the Human World, which isn't true.
LUZ'S Magic doesn't work in the Human World.
Lilith literally uses Magic right after Luz's magic fails so it's not 'Magic doesn't work in the Human World.' It's only Human Magic/The Glyphs that don't work in the Human World.
Just a thought I remembered right now.
Also, who's ready for season two already?!?
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confused-gayce · 6 days ago
This will go down in history
Tumblr media
eda: here’s a little lesson in trickery. 
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suki-is-a-queen · 9 days ago
I’m watching owl house and honestly eda is such a mood
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devondeal · 9 days ago
Eclipsa and Eda need to meet. They have so much in common but their personalities are different enough to have such an interesting dynamic.
I mean just look at these funky ladies.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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witchesbeforewizardss · 10 days ago
What if Eda just showed up irl one day and said “it’s pronounced Ada” and then left
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