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#the owl house hunter
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Пора себя уничтожить. Пора мир поглощать. Пора смотреть под углом. Пора эгоизм подключать. Пора с нарциссизмом кончать. Пора перестать всем нам молчать. Пора всё решить для себя. Пора из пепла восстать. Пора жить начать. . . . . PS я автор сея фразы, что появилась на свет благодаря этому прекрасному арту :)
2-ой PS автора арта: Stereoo Scopi
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jessuru · a day ago
Tumblr media
Something different today, this is a concept for an art project. Yes! I'm drawing Hunter for my art project and I'm rly proud of it
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Beloctober Day 19: Evening Dinner
Tumblr media
I wanted to draw something amusing for a change.
@sheltered-uno @breadlesticks
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ahhjaydraws · 17 hours ago
Hunter stans I guess idk /j
Perhaps I'm guilty as well? Maybe yes, maybe not idk lmao. But I think he would be a comfort character I guess. I just love him as a character okay? /gen
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sleepingdeath-light · 2 days ago
Dimension Traveller Headcanons | Hunter [Golden Guard]
Tumblr media
requested by @serenathewolf2
reader can be read as neutral but was requested as female
I struggled a lot with this set of headcanons, so the quality of this may have been impacted by that. So this will likely be reworked in the future.
reader is written through the lens of british fan experiences, so some things may not be necessarily generalisable (if so let me know)
After a long week of strain and school, all you really wanted to do was relax in of your tv and rewatch one of your new favourite series; The Owl House. As of late it become something of a comfort show - but, much to your vocal dismay, it was refusing to play; leaving the screen glitched and flickering whenever you attempted to click on its icon. Though after a while of tinkering with the screen and spamming the buttons on your remote, the programme finally started to play - flickering in and out of blackness before a shrill, loud noise rang out from the tv, knocking you out cold before you could try to stop it.
When you finally woke up you were almost blinded by the bright midday sun, squinting through your exhaustion and growing migraine to get your bearings - and very quickly realising that you were in a very different place.
You were laying on a lightly worn mattress, your head resting on a plush pillow and your eyes covered with a damp cloth
To your right was a balcony full of flourishing plants (though you couldn’t recognise them through your pain)
To your left was a mat and tray, itself covered with fresh pastries and a warm drink that smelled like tea - and that tasted like heaven when you strained to take a sip
Whoever had found you seemed kind, at least, but you couldn’t help but feel slightly unsettled at how you could have possibly gotten out of your room
Though, thankfully, you didn’t have to wait for much longer before you were greeted by a kind, deep voice
“Oh dear, Willow the human is awake!”
… human?
It sounded familiar yet your mind refused to accept the possibility until the young witch hurried into the room and took your cloth from you, ringing it out and placing it in fresh, cool water
“Hey, how are you feeling? You looked pretty hurt when I found you.”
And that was the start of a very interesting, if slightly awkward, conversation wherein you carefully danced around the issue of your entrance to this world whilst Willow and her fathers carefully tended to your injuries.
“Does it hurt when I touch here?”
No, thank you for asking
“Do you remember how you got here? The portal got destroyed months ago…”
I’m sorry, no I don’t
“Would you like some more tea?”
Yes, please, as long as it’s no bother
All in all, they were all incredibly polite and hospitable throughout your recovery:
Willow would bring you her school books and teach you about the magic, culture and history of the Boiling Isles with a warm smile (filling in many gaps that the show had left in your mind)
She’d stay up with you (sharing her room with you throughout your recovery) and talk to you about her day, school, her friends and even ask you about the human world - not caring about your vagueness and passing it off as a result of your injury
Her parents gave you a roof over your head and plentiful fresh, handmade meals that kept you feeling well fed and, oddly enough, accepted despite your differences from the other residents of the Isle (not that you saw them, being confined to their home throughout your stay because of your injuries)
She even introduced you to her closest friends, Luz and Gus, very briefly through the medium of her crystal ball - which led to a number of interesting and fun conversations that were somewhat brief but all equally insightful into the world around you
And Luz was, naturally, quite relieved to know that she wasn’t completely alone anymore (even if your experiences of the human world didn’t match here)
Regardless of that small discrepancy, you still deeply enjoyed your chats with everyone and looked forward to being able to meet with them once you recovered - which seemed like it wouldn’t be too long as all the ointments and potions you’d been given were starting to do their job
It only took you a few short weeks to be back on your feet and back to normal, meaning you were finally able to accompany Willow as she went about her life and meet everyone she told you about (always wearing a hood or other concealing garment, of course).
Of everyone, you and Luz clicked the fastest and seemed to get along the best because of how similar you were in your experience - similar enough for you to almost want to tell her the truth, but something told you it might not be the best idea
She welcomed you into her small class and eagerly taught you all the glyphs she knew, her lessons oddly in depth and useful as you made an array of careful notes
Gus almost immediately started grilling about your life in the human world, comparing it to what he’d learned from Luz and excitedly exclaiming about how “everyone in the human appreciation club will love this!”
Amity was much more cautious around you, almost unsure of how to react and not entirely trusting what you said (not that she was wrong not to) but still treating you with respect as a friend of her “awesome girlfriend” - especially after you commented on how much of an adorable couple they were
Eda was skeptical initially but quickly took to you with open arms and plentiful teasing remarks - practically adopting you as she quizzed you about your time in recovery at Willow’s home
King took much longer to take to you, and rightfully so, but he still treated you mostly cordially for Luz’s sake (with a number of sarcastic comments and jokes at your expense of course - but that was a small price to pay to spend time in this amazing place)
Hooty was… well he was exactly as one would expect; excitable, energetic, eccentric and happy to see you… and loud
Very very loud
Lilith was incredibly polite towards you, but still very distant despite your attempts to get close to her (which she did seem to appreciate in a way)
In a word, you all respected each other as fellow students and gradually started to learn how to trust one another over the course of several weeks
As summer faded into autumn, you found yourself surrounded by a number of new friends and family - people that you wanted to protect and that would protect you in turn. However, not all things are meant to last and your peace was soon destroyed by the appearance of a certain member of the emperor’s coven at Eda’s doorstep.
You knew that they’d already met him, with Luz and Amity frequently recalling their own encounters with him - each told with varying levels of ire, disgust and disappointment
But, still, you hadn’t expected your weekly call with the Owl House residents to be interrupted by his appearance - unceremoniously announced by a chorus of surprised exclamations and Luz’s half worried, half scared voice
“Hunter, what are you doing here? What happened to you?”
Well that probably wasn’t good; not that you had the time to question it before she apologetically and hurriedly ended the conversation to tend to their unexpected visitor
Though that was probably for the best as you’d made a great effort to stay away from the “main plot” out of the fear that you’d make things worse - so maybe you should collectively leave Luz and Eda to deal with that particular… issue
But they wouldn’t let you hide forever and, eventually, Luz messed up and left a call going when she went out to run errands - something you didn’t notice until you heard a distinctly male voice speak up about something you couldn’t quite make out.
The conversation was incredibly awkward and stilted, relying on your own knowledge of Hunter and his desire to redeem himself by gaining the trust of Luz’s friends - and you just so happened to fit that description
Though with time you became less and less awkward around one another and, after a few dozen brief but decently insightful conversations, eventually came to call each other “friends”
By the time you’d been talking for a few weeks you were already starting to consider him a close friend - a notion that was seemingly reciprocated as you agreed to finally meet up in person and accompany him as he ran errands for Eda in Bonesborough
The conversation is light and pleasant, full of inside jokes and genuine compliments that leave you flushed and grinning from ear to ear - all whilst he grins and laughs in return (almost as though he’s hoping you won’t notice the red tint at the tips of his ears)
As you walked you didn’t realise just how close you’d gotten until your hands were casually brushing against each other and you were forcing down any feelings that could jeopardise your friendship - until he grabbed your hand on his own and smiled crookedly at you before looking away and sheepishly rubbing the back of his neck with his free hand
It was nice, comforting even, to spend time with just him - even if you were just out shopping
That outing spiralled into something more serious, with you and Hunter going on weekly dates to test the waters for just shy of two months before you decided to take the dive and adopt the labels of “lovers” - though not without struggle or great contemplation. You even went on dates inside, sharing you passions for various other shows (excusing those that Luz didn’t know by saying they were exclusive to your region or came out after she left)
It was a relationship built on reluctant puppy love, wherein you both trusted each other deeply yet were reluctant to be completely vulnerable and open with each other
Hunter because of his trauma
And you because of the potential repercussions that could result from you being honest about how you came here
But as more and more time passed, and as your relationship became more set in stone, the guilt began to eat at you
Even if you would never go home, they deserved to know the truth - especially if it could give them the upper hand against Belos
So, after a week of hyping yourself up, you asked everyone to meet at the Owl House and you sat them down to calmly tell them the truth of your origins.
Naturally, they didn’t believe you at first - not until you gave them your phone and told them about things that you shouldn’t have known
Then the questions started
“Why didn’t you tell us?”
“How did you get here then?”
“What happened to…”
You answered what you could, but you didn’t know everything and it left you all more stressed than content
Eda and Lilith had fallen silent, almost forlorn and guilty as they mulled over what you said
Luz was stammering, barely able to form a coherent sentence as she scrolled through her character profile - a very upset and angry Amity sat beside her (even if she hadn’t spoken yet, you knew she didn’t trust you completely anymore)
Willow looked slightly crestfallen but still smiled at you and hugged you - insisting that she was just happy you told her now (but you knew it took a lot for her to do that)
King was angry, and rightfully so, stomping around and accusing you of working with the emperor and using them for your own benefit
Gus was asking the most questions - leaving you with a lingering feeling of guilt whenever you couldn’t answer him
And Hunter…
Hunter walked out of the house, his face stoic and not even looking at you as he left - but you couldn’t even be angry with him; he had the right to be angry with you, after all
After your confession it took a while for them to talk to you properly and genuinely again - with only Willow, Luz and Gus being willing to stay in contact with you. Though, even then, it was a very slow and careful process for them to trust you like they did before.
Eda was the first to forgive you, with Lilith following closely behind; recalling their own pasts and recognising your reasoning behind keeping your origins from people
Hooty didn’t really distrust you at any point, but you never really spoke
Amity was next, approaching you with caution and suspicion before insisting that you never lie to her like that again - that she understood your reasoning but you should have told them all earlier
Then was King, who looked at you with a simmering anger but who recognising that you were protecting them - only really approaching you after Luz and Eda welcomed you back into their home
Hunter was the very last to speak to you again, starting off by being short with you and avoiding you at all costs before slowly starting to converse with you again
He still loved you, but he didn’t trust you like he did before - in his mind you should have told him immediately and you had plenty of chances to be honest earlier
So it would take a lot of work to get back to a place where you could be together again
But once you start working with them to take down the emperor, and you start spending more time with Hunter, it would give you the chance to build up a more trusting and open bond with him. And when you get back together, your relationship is stronger together and you’re able to read each other with ease - not that you’d ever lie again, he’s just a bit more cautious and observant than before.
In short, once you and Hunter slowly rekindle your relationship it would be significantly stronger than before and your honesty would bring you closer together. It would be built on a foundation of friendship, honesty and trust that would allow you to be so much more open to one another (both in regards to intimacy and general conversation).
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draw-steve · 2 days ago
Es mejor que la puerta esté cerrada o Eda explotara
Tumblr media
Si desean ver el procedimiento visiten mi canal de YouTube y así apoyarlo, gracias Jeje
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naristhings · 2 days ago
"The Golden Guard takes care of Empror's castle so it all can go with plan
Lives in the dream"
"Goes on the missions bringing all the bounties in
Who is it for"
"Emperor Belos
Carrying out the Titan's will so everyone can see
Look at him working
Darning his socks in the night when there's nobody there
Why does he care?"
"Hunter Wittbane died in the castle and was buried along with his name
Nobody cared
Emperor Belos wiping the blood from his hands as he walks from the grave
No one was saved"
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jess-the-vampire · 3 days ago
Crimson: "me? depressed? I'm the furthest thing from depressed! I mean, look at what I've accomplished. Do you see this?" *shows how clean the living room is while Hunter and Belos just stare at him with concern* "you think a depressed person could do this? No."
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You know that red button game where you’re given the option of hitting a red button and getting a good reward with a bad twist that comes with it and you have to choose if you’d hit the button anyway, just a game that makes you basically think and rate your choice against if other players would make the same choice to hit the button or not?
I always look at crimson in this au and think of his life like that XD
“You get to survive your impending death BUT You’re given 300+ years worth of trauma”
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gogolastarart · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Don't tell me it's not what happened
Saw this meme and thought about them 👀
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evast · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yeah I’m a fan of the owl house, can u tell
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antlerdragon · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
New member of the Bad Girl Coven
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