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#the owl house incorrect quotes
owl-house-incorrectly · 17 hours ago
Luz: Be the bigger person.
Amity: No. I'm 4’ 11” and bitter. YOU be the bigger person!
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novelist-becca · 2 days ago
Lilith: Let's play two truths one lie. I'll start. My eyes are brown, my hair is dyed, and one time I almost got petrified before I left the Emperor's Coven.
Gwen: Right idea, honey, but it's gotta be more challenging-
Dell: Her eyes are green.
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King: Honestly, I am so evil. So full of darkness. I feed off the souls of the living I strike fear into-
Eda: You sleep with a teddybear.
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pizzaboat · a day ago
Luz: Okay. I'm on the way, try not to swear at anybody
King: Fuck you. I'm not an idiot.
Luz: There you go, exactly like that.
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the-goodwitch-azura · 4 months ago
Eda: Luz, I’d like you to meet my partner
Luz: …in crime, or romantically?
Raine: Both!
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hawkspalismen · 3 months ago
Emira: What's the meaning of life?
Edric: Hunter.
Emira: Awww, is it because you love him?
Edric, trying to hold his laugh in: No, it's because life is short
Hunter, screaming: I HEARD THAT!
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agendercryptidlev · 3 months ago
Luz: I told Hunter that his ears turn pink when he lies. Amity: Why'd you do that? Luz: Watch this! Luz: Hey Hunter! Do you hate us? Hunter, Covering his ears: yes! Amity: Oh I get it, Amity: Hey Hunter! Hunter: Yeah? Amity: Do you feel safe at home? Hunter, covering his ears: Yes! Luz: Well that's depressing-
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gatoinbotas · 4 months ago
Raine : Ugh, crushes are so dumb.
Eda: I know. Whenever I’m near the person I like I just start acting stupid.
Raine : But you’re always acting stupid?
Eda: ...
Eda: Yeah, don’t think about that too hard.
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yn-for-president · 3 months ago
Amity: Can I ask you about something that’s been on my mind recently?
(Y/n), putting down the 4th jar of cookie butter: Alright, you clearly have no other options.
Luz: Can I tell you about something that’s been on my mind recently?
(Y/n), putting down the 9th jar of Nutella: Why don’t you just tell your Cotton Candy Goddess?
Luz, blushing: HUH?! Who’s told you?!?
(Y/n):…you’re a very loud sleep talker.
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Amity: The real treasures were the memories we made along the way.
Hunter: I almost died.
Amity: That was my fondest memory.
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novelist-becca · 2 days ago
Luz: Hey guys, what's this secret meeting about?
King: It's not a secret meeting, Luz. *holds up razor* It's an intervention.
Willow: The tips have to go.
Luz: What?! Why?
King: Luz, we're very worried about you, and you look VERY stupid.
Luz: Come on guys! I think they're kinda cool! Retro!
Hunter: No, they're terrible.
Luz: Amity, come on. You dig the tips, right?
Amity: No, I feel like I'm kissing Vanilla Ice.
Willow: *stands up* They HAVE to go.
Luz: *laughs nervously* Ahaha! Alright, you guys got me! I did it as a joke. I got them ironically, pretty funny right? I'm gonna go-
Willow: GET HER!
*everyone struggles to get Luz in a chair*
Luz: WAIT! Before we just chop them off, would anyone like to say some final words?
Hunter: No.
Luz: That was a word, that counts, ok I'm ready.
Gus: Sorry, I'm late everybody, but trust me, it's worth it. Me and Luz are tip buds! *sees Luz* WHAT?
Luz: You know what? I see it. It's bad.
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localdudekisser · 3 months ago
Edric: Baaaaabe no come back to bed-
Hunter: I have work to do.
Edric: But I'll be lonely without you :(((((
Hunter: Aw bub-...wait a minute are you trying to seduce me into healthy sleeping habits?
Edric: Is it working?
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pizzaboat · 4 months ago
Luz: *running towards Hunter with open arms*
Hunter: *moves out of the way*
Luz: Hey, why'd you move?!
Hunter: I thought you were going to attack me.
Luz: I was going to hug you!
Hunter: Why would you hug me?
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reyraccoon · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Camila: Mija this is Disney princess level beauty are you SURE-
Luz: I regret coming back
I need Camila and Amity to meet, I just think it would be neat.
Inspired by a quote I found on @incorrectlumityquotes I would link the post if I could find it but alas I cannot. Check out the whole blog instead. Do et.
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owl-house-quotes · 6 months ago
Gus: *sends Willow a voice message*
Willow, texting: I'm a little busy, is it important?
Gus, texting: No, don't worry just listen later
Willow: *presses play*
Gus' voice message: THERES A FIRE-
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thefreakishmuffin · 4 months ago
Luz: Hunter, no! You can't do this to me!
Hunter: I'm sorry Luz, but I have no other options.
Luz, tears in her eyes: Please...I'm begging you...
Hunter: This is the only way to move forward.
Luz, crying:
Hunter: ...
Luz: ...
Hunter: *places down a wild draw four card*
Hunter: Uno.
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the-goodwitch-azura · 4 months ago
Luz: Ok, maybe playing ‘whose family is most dysfunctional’ wasn’t the best idea we’ve had. Hunter's been crying in the bathroom for an hour. We can’t get him out...
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