#the pain is unbearable
piningbisexuals · 4 months ago
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echo-arctrooper · 6 months ago
“Make me proud Jango”
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lotterycandymag · 3 months ago
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wanderingwisteriaa · 2 months ago
Dex Posts
my queue is set to run out tonight. I may not be able to get more posts in the queue before it does. If this is the case- I am so sorry and I will get to it asap. I am in so much pain today I can barely sit and type this. Thank you for your patience.
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pennielane · 3 months ago
i made the awful mistake of listening to free as a bird today
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velv3tdream · 3 months ago
Remind me to never get my elbow tattooed again 🥵
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igivegoodepiphanies · 8 months ago
I don’t know how much more of this I can take.
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somniumimagery · 4 months ago
….Is it weird that I still mourn the loss of my friendships from four to five years ago?
Because goddamn do I miss a lot of my friends from back then... Fallouts are never easy, and I just wish things could have been different...If I had the chance to talk to them all now, I’d apologize tenfold for what I put them through. I didn’t understand that I had DID back then. I thought it was something else, I was taught that said thing was “right and okay” when it wasn’t-  and that turned out to be a horrific traumatizing lie that nobody should ever go through. It was hell for all of us. I should’ve listened to you all and taken your warnings...
I want to make amends, and my heart aches every time I think of those past friends. Even seeing things that remind me of them send me into uncontrollable tears... 
Every time I see CMYK colors, toons, see incredible art of blue cosmical cats with golden eyes, BATIM fanart, old gravity falls fanart of other au’s, ivory and ebony...
I miss you all so damn much... I am truly sorry for everything. 
You’ll be in my heart forever. I wish you all nothing but happiness and success.
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rodpower78 · 8 months ago
How I’m feeling after watching last night’s episode of The Resident
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I think I’m dying. I’ve been sitting on this toilet for over 30 minutes and the pain will not stop. I never wanted to go out like this. On a toilet.
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dizzzy-hurrricane · 3 months ago
if y’all have any recommendations for period pain please send them bc your girl is really suffering here :(
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idolomantises · a year ago
A shitty racist hentai is getting a tv anime adaption and we haven’t gotten shit for Komi San
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echo-arctrooper · 2 months ago
I’m sending my therapy bill to Timothy Zhan & adding extra charges for emotional distress after the events of Lesser Evil
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heybcd · 4 months ago
I’m sorry heart, I failed you again.
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circesnames · 6 months ago
quick announcement: i got ✨ mysteriously ✨ sick on wednesday, and have been out of commission ever since. i see i have some asks and i will get to them soon. thank you for enjoying my page, guys! love ya, circe. 🖤
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virtual-psychos · 5 months ago
am i about to have a breakdown listening to my soulmate playlist and looking at gojo and suguru fanarts? yes. yes i am.
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i lose a year of my life for every "what could have been" helnik post i see, because it hurts me both physically and emotionally
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pessimisticfvck · 11 months ago
i’m this 🤏🏼 mf close to relapsing
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soupbackpack · 2 years ago
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inkykeiji · a year ago
gooooooodnight (ᴗ˳ᴗ)
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