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#the pics are even better from this shoot
bubblegeon · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
MACHIDA KEITA for Paul Smith [09.2021]
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alyssagisme · 2 years ago
Want more proof that Dandy is real? Look at those SDCC pics!!! More specifically, look at the ones that were in EW. The whole time the gang posed for pics, Andy's hand rested COMFORTABLY on Danai's ass! Not once did she move his hand, nor did anyone else think it looked out of pocket! YALL! Dandy is living the life!!! I just can't... dkfjdlsja;dlkjfakdjf;djf;
If Dandy ain’t legit y’all need to be hitting up AMC for a damn photoshoot! None of the dL couples ever get one but they be the ones wit the most fire smh
Tumblr media
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amazingphilza · 5 months ago
twitchcon :: cc!multiple x reader
fluff , platonic , gender neutral ! some mcyt headcanons if you were to attend twitchcon w them
cc’s included in order: tommyinnit , tubbo , ranboo , wilbur soot , philza , technoblade
cw: kinda lengthy for the minors (i think), not as much for the hags LMAO /hj
Tumblr media
this man is so excited to be at his first twitchcon & being able to hang out with all his best friends makes it a hundred times better
when he isn’t at a panel or doing meet & greets, he’s dragging you everywhere to see the whole convention center (clingyinnit)
he is just so at awe despite this not being his first convention to attend
you’d be surprised he gets tired pretty quickly & stops over to the partner lounge
you both rest for a bit against a wall in a pretty packed hallway despite it being an exclusive area to twitch partners
every time a famous streamer walks by he will yell it out and record it then vlog your reaction, even if they’re surrounded with bodyguards & trying to get to another place quickly
he’d zoom in his camera to their face at a horrible angle and be like
“oh my god it is THE ninja. ninja famous fortnite player, HELLO.”
but he gets completely ignored
then the camera pans out to you, still really zoomed in that the capture is blurry
tommy is so confused, forgetting the bit ninja did on his twitter where he renamed himself ‘ninjainnit’ for a split second
okay tommy isn’t that athletic but he will chase you and the rest of your group down a hallway if he had to
he’d probably find a toy gun from the artist alley/seller booths and shoot you and wilbur with it
but if tommy stumbles across any of the dream team, it’s about to be minecraft manhunt but irl
and he will def play his stream music while walking or smth when he’s bored (or trying to jump dream & sapnap)
oh my god,, now thinking about it he’s probably the one to open like random doors of empty rooms and steal stuff while you film him
like he will take a random empty glass, a bunch of pens, a freebie t-shirt, everything he sees he takes with him and you’re just panic
“tommy we’re literally not supposed to be here, and i’m stuck here filming you. it’s surely a felony in action”
“well, it’s their fault for leaving the doors open! plus this is great content. who’s the dirty crime boy now, HM?”
you’d tell wilbur about this and he’d scold tommy and threaten him with the same pen tommy stole
tommy probably would also drag you some weird event happening outside twitchcon along with tubbo and ranboo
“pokimane is giving out free pizza to everyone if we go to this one restaurant down the street!”
“we are literally gonna get bombarded. have you forgot you’re like three of twitch’s top streamers? i’d rather pay for all of our meals than try getting free pizza from pokimane against all her other fans”
“DEAL! let’s go to five guys then!”
you unfortunately end up paying for all 3 of their meals and picking on their food instead of buying your own
even with all of them making way more money than you, they still happen to be cheapskates
OR tommy will end up getting a burrito from a taco truck, immediately making a mess of himself, then proceed to complain how messy the food is to eat despite knowing what he was getting himself into before even ordering
“shit my clothes are all ruined now!”
“well that’s your fault you got a burrito, as if it’s your first time having one”
“i mean the food is good, i’m not complaining about that but i don’t think it’s that good that it’s worth costing my red and white shirt, im just saying”
Tumblr media
same with tommy, he is so excited
i don’t know why but i imagine him overpacking his suitcase and you making fun of him for it
anyway tubbo has his irl backpack on and streaming EVERYTHING
probably spends a lot of time at a bunch of different booths, checking out all the pointless gadgets he could buy for his stream
you’re the one to stop him from doing so
“okay theoretically speaking, how the hell are you going to even bring it home? which—let me remind you—is across the country for you and not to mention the giant ocean separating america and the uk”
“free ship-pang!!!”
“i hate to break it to you tubbo but there is no way you can get free shipping on a FIVE FOOT PC. it’s nearly as tall as you! what are you even gonna do on it, hack the government???”
the arguments are all lighthearted but eventually you give in and let him splurge over a thousand dollars in different devices he claimed he “needed”
i could honestly see him visiting the beaches in san diego and going for a swim or even renting out a boat to use for a bit :D
also he’d bring benson along with him and taking a bunch of scenic photos with it in them
i have a feeling he’s the type to schedule a spontaneous meet & greet because he was bored & gets in trouble for causing a mob in a certain part of the convention
he’s like “oh god, i did not expect this many of the bois to show up AHAHAH oops”
tubbo would def pull a lilypichu and bring his melodica or ukulele and play themes while following random people/cosplayers
at the end of the day, you’d find his bag just stuffed with crap he either got for free or bought in the convention
“how did you get all that stuff? i was with you all day??? and it’s only the first day of the convention, hello?? it looks like you’ve been collecting as if twitchcon has went on for a week already!”
“HA i have my ways, do not underestimate my powers”
lani would probably tag along for the vacation honestly
like whenever someone comes up to her giving her gifts/asking for pics, you and tubbo would tease her about how famous she is
and i dunno but something about tubbo just gives me this amusement park energy and going to legoland and spending the whole day there since it’s near by and because he can
Tumblr media
he is like a beacon in a sea of people, that’s it .
i honestly just see him causing as much chaos as the other two
ranboo would probably like take someone’s camera whether if they’re streaming or if it’s for the vlog, hold it up high, and point the camera directly above someone’s face
it did not matter how tall you were and if you had platform shoes on, ranboo was a skyscraper next to you
“HAHAH this is how i see you from this height, this is funny”
then he shows you the vid of the recording of him getting like an aerial view of your face
like you see your nose and all your pores and just overall a bad angle to be captured in
i dunno why but i feel like he’d jump scare every person that was cosplaying as his minecraft character from behind for some reason
“ranboo i’m not even remotely dressed as your skin—”
“don’t worry i’m practicing it’s fineee”
“you’re like the height of 2 people combined, i think you will be fine as is. you even intimidated the security at the front”
i feel like if he had his own panel he’d like pull up some undertale song in the middle of it and scare all the people in the crowd
“lore but in real life”
probably would get some matching keepsake with you from artist alley/the booths!
i could imagine like a cute keychain or smth :D
i feel like he’s the type to like randomly volunteer as a participant for those mini events in a booth thinking it would be funny but regrets it the moment he’s on stage
after introductions the presenter is like “okay ranboo, you will be given a random meme prompt above your head you won’t be able to see until after and you will have to make a random face to compliment it!”
and you can just tell by his facial expression he’s just thinking
oh god what have i gotten myself into
what is this game? who came up with this idea?
you’d laugh at him the whole time, even after he’s off the stage and finished with that small fiasco
“that was horrible. never again.”
Tumblr media
wilbur soot
honestly with wilbur it’s slightly more chill
he already experienced twitchcon before so he’s just glad to see his friends again after so long
insists that you explore the convention yourself rather than sticking with him the whole time but you do anyway!
wilbur would probably have like a mini concert and gets you front row seats with the rest of the group
but that doesn’t mean before it that you’re not helping him set up
“y/n please– my amp is so heavy, i can carry it”
“don’t worry! i’m strong” :D
and musically talented or not, he will probably bring you and the rest of his friends up to stage to just vibe and sing a bunch of random acoustic songs
it’s not like some big concert hall stage,, i imagine more like a casual thing w a slightly higher platform from the ground yk?
after spending a long day at the convention he’d also bring everyone across the city to la jolla or smth !
you’d all probably have dinner there and chill, watching the pretty sunset
“this place is really pretty but oh my god im gonna lose my breath hiking up this stupid hill, please slow down”
and wilbur is like ??? because he’s completely fine with his long legs and everything
“just walk faster”
“no, you walk slower”
AHAHAH and for context traversing through la jolla by walking around the town is a bit hard since it’s basically on a bunch of hills (walking up from the beach to a restaurant actually is actually sm work, trust me ive been there)
wilbur honestly doesn’t spend that much time in the actual convention center, he’s probably sightseeing a bit of san diego with you instead
but i could imagine him staying at the tabletop games area playing dnd or smth
“c’mon y/n, come join!”
“uhh i’m not sure, i’m not the best at roleplay and...”
“it’s fine don’t worry!”
he’d pull you in with him and end up enjoying yourself even if it was your first time
and if you’re of age, you’d be wilbur’s +1 at the twitch partner party and make sure mans doesn’t too drunk
if it’s not too late in the night, you two would chill at the beach after the party
it’s just a nice, calming moment after all the loud music mixed with hundreds of conversations at the party
also something about like taking polaroids pictures with wilbur just seems to go hand in hand for me
i’m not sure why but you will be taking lots of pics with wilbur for sure (not necessarily you both in the photo, but of sceneries as well while you’re together!)
Tumblr media
literally a dad on vacation with his children, it doesn’t matter how old you are
need sunscreen? surprisingly has it
want a snack? probably has a small granola bar somewhere in his bag
but same with wilbur, he’s more chill like this isn’t his first time at twitchcon
omg he’d def bring you to the artist alley and just buy a bunch of fanart and stuff tho
“oh wow look phil, someone made a giant poster of the dream smp and shit!”
“holy shit that’s so good what the fuck!”
and he’s like rushing to that artist’s stall to buy a poster or print
idk why but phil seems like the person to know where he’s going all over the convention center
he probably had a copy of the directory map but yk
you just have trouble reading it bc all the signs seem to be misleading to you
nothing really crazy screams out to me of what phil would do at twitchcon besides like go to a few events, spend a bunch of time w his friends, etc
HOWEVER i could see him wasting a lot of his time at the gaming area and testing new games that are currently on the works of being developed
like “woah y/n, this vr game is sick, you should try it out!”
ngl i feel like phil would plan a visit to disneyland for everyone, like he gets the tickets and everything but once you’re at the park it’s free reign, y’all go everywhere with not much of a plan
the minors would try to cheap out phil and pay less than the others even though everyone else fully paid phil back and everything LMAO
ok but if he’s feeling nice, phil will buy everyone cotton candy/pretzels :D
and if you’re not hungry, he’d at least get you a mickey balloon
just in general, best idea phil had for taking everyone to disneyland :D
Tumblr media
surprisingly techno is really calm despite this being like one of his first conventions
but when he finally settles in and gets comfortable, he’s showing the same energy
if you’re playfully yelling, he will yell back
however there’s still those awkward moments that are unavoidable
idk why but something about him makes me think that if you feel tired and want to go back to your hotel room, he’d go with you just to make sure you get there safe
he probably also needs a break from being around everyone else for a moment too LMAO
i could also see him searching far and wide in the artist alley for fanart of himself AHAHAH
walking around with him in the convention consists of someone yelling “BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD” every 5 minutes but you don’t really mind
something about him makes me think he’ll be forced into playing minecraft twitch rivals along with the rest of sbi or smth
and he’s like “oh god, i’m going to be on stage? and people will see my face while i play minecraft?”
“i’m sure it will be fun!”
“i mean i like being competitive and feeding my ego, but i’m not that desperate.. well”
do i imagine techno getting easily tired of being surrounded by a bunch of people and just going back to his hotel room with phil and watching some anime with him? yes
and will you watch even if you have no idea what’s going on? also yes
i feel like after a while of you guys hanging out in techno’s room, the rest of the gang will just slowly join you guys
like eventually everyone is there; you, techno, phil, wilbur, niki, tommy, tubbo, ranboo, etc
and techno is like “wha– where did you guys come from?” because his room is basically packed
and niki could be like “oh we can go if you want!”
then techno just insists that she’s fine “but who let the child get in?” clearly implying tommy’s presence
eventually techno gives in with the company and someone gets a bunch of board games to play from the front desk
lots of yelling and laughing for sure
when it becomes late at night, techno is like half conscious, you’re on your phone, wilbur is staring out the window & enjoying the night view, tommy is passed out on the couch from tiredness, tubbo & ranboo is still wide awake quietly talking, and phil & niki are helping clean up the giant mess
eventually everyone brings themselves to go back to their own room except tommy who won’t budge
you give techno a look and he immediately understands what you were thinking
he rushes to the bathroom to fill up two cups with ice cold water and handed one to you
“on three?”
“okay.. one”
then both of you pour the water on the poor child’s face
he jolts awake and saying a string of curses
“what the fuck techno? y/n too?”
“get out” is the only think techno says that before tommy rushes out with his stuff and you leave right after
a/n: i honestly can’t wait until conventions open up again though,, phil and ranboo were talking about vidcon earlier and omg.
also i kinda want to take in tommy requests but i’m not sure??? it would be both cc! and c! x gn!reader for sure tho. i love writing him to bits but who knows, maybe i’ll only stick to my ideas,, or not. send in a tommy x reader request, might do it, might not, but he’s my fav cc if you can’t tell so! :D (i dunno if i will keep it strictly platonic, but unrequited crushes and stuff are fun to write hehe,,)
edit: let’s hope i fixed all the grammar mistakes LMAO we love writing late at night :) /s /hj
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malfoysstilinski · 7 months ago
mirror pics | draco malfoy smut
draco malfoy x fem!reader
summary: based on a tiktok. draco has other ideas for some poses for your instagram feed.
warnings: unprotected sex, cum-play/breeding kink, fingering, slight mirror sex, praise, choking kink if you squint
a/n: i saw a tiktok of a girl talking about this and i knew i had to write it straight away.
“Draco, please can you take this picture for me?”
The blond glanced up from where he was scrolling on his phone, his back against the headboard of his bed. You were standing in the full length mirror, adjusting the white tennis skirt that you were wearing. His eyes trailed up and down your figure, darkening. Draco sat up, crawling off of the bed to accept your phone.
“What happened to only relying on Pansy for your Instagram photos?” Draco asked, fiddling around until he found your camera app, swiping it open.
“Pansy’s busy,” you replied, moving to stand by the huge windows inside his childhood bedroom and fiddling with your hair so that it fell perfectly. “Besides, you’re not too bad at taking pictures. Just be honest with me rather than saying ‘everything looks good.’”
“But everything does look good on you,” Draco insisted, causing you to roll your eyes and smile as he raised the phone once again.
You changed poses every few seconds as he snapped away photos of you, his grey eyes straining in concentration and his lips slightly pursed. You giggled a little at his expression, causing him to glance up from the screen and smile.
“What?” Draco huffed.
“You,” you replied, “You look so cute when you pull that face.”
“Cute?” Draco huffed, “I prefer hot.”
You raised a brow at him, a small smirk on your face. “Well, you’re both, of course.”
“Hmm, am I?” Draco lowered the phone. “Tell me more.”
Instead of replying, you moved forwards and wrapped your arms around him, tugging him down so that your lips met in the middle. Draco grinned against you, your phone falling onto the bed nearby as he grabbed you by the hips, tugging you as close as humanly possible. You hummed, feeling his tongue gently swipe across your bottom lip.
“I would love to tell you more, but I have pictures I need to take,” you whispered against him.
Draco groaned in annoyance, his hand sliding down your back and reaching to grab at your ass. You squeaked in surprise, his thigh moving between your legs and parting them. You were pinned against the post of his large bed, silver eyes looking down at you, glinting mischievously.
“I think we can easily do both,” he murmured.
Excitement swirled inside you and your underwear dampened as Draco’s hand moved underneath your skirt. He removed his thigh, your legs remaining parted for him as he hooked a slender finger through the waistband, tugging it down. Your head fell into his chest, pants escaping your body.
“Draco,” you whimpered, feeling as though your body could collapse against him.
Draco supported you with his other hand, the hand in her underwear dipping down into her folds and finding that she was soaking wet. He groaned in approval and spread her slick across her, adoring the way that you gripped his arms tightly.
Draco’s bicep bulged as he dragged his finger from your entrance to your clit. He began to rub it at an agonisingly slow pace, listening to the shallow breaths that escaped you. Your forehead was against his chest still, so he gently grabbed your neck and forced you away.
“Nuh-uh,” Draco murmured, not stopping the actions on her swelling bud. “I wanna see your pretty face, Y/N. Wanna watch the way you look when I bring you to the edge.”
“Please, Draco,” you nodded eagerly, feeling the thumb of the hand he had wrapped around your neck begin to trace your jawline.
The blond boy quickened his movements on your clit, his other thumb slipping into your mouth. He nearly moaned when you started to suck around him, your eyes bleary. He rubbed at your bud before he pressed his fingers against your entrance again. Finding you more wet than before, he pushed his middle finger inside of you, watching the way you faltered against him, his thumb retracting from your mouth. He brushed the spit across your skin until he had a hold on your neck again.
"You want another one?" Draco asked, sliding in and out of you with ease.
"Yes, yes," you nodded quickly, your words failing you for a moment or two. "Please, more. Inside me."
"Anything you ask, princess," Draco breathed against your ear as he slid another finger inside of your hole.
You already felt so tight around him, your eyes flickering shut as you squeezed his digits unintentionally. Draco worked to scissor you open better, fingers rubbing your walls and thrusting in and out slowly. Pants were falling from your lips and pretty soon he was adding a third finger and you were gasping, hands slinging behind his neck. Draco let you fall into him for a moment or two, feeling your legs shake beneath you.
His hand was back around your neck as he pushed you against his bed post.
"Eyes on me," Draco instructed.
He began to thrust the three fingers even faster, much to your relief. You squealed when he hit the spot inside you that you loved, your hand reaching to grab his wrist wrapped around your neck.
"Faster," you begged. "Please, faster. Draco.."
And then, all at once, it was ripped unfairly away from you. Draco tugged his hand away from your dripping sex, a smirk on his face as he lifted his fingers up to slip into your mouth. You sucked your juices off of him eagerly, watching him smirk.
“C’mon, let’s get that photo you need,” he whispered.
“I don’t want a bloody photo anymore--”
Draco ignored you, picking up your phone from the bed. He swiped to find the camera again and then sat down on his bed, opposite the full length mirror. Much to your surprise, Draco unbuttoned his trousers and pulled out his hard cock, swollen and leaking with precum. He glanced over at you, raising his brows.
“Are you coming or not?” He said.
In a mixture of excitement and confusion, you wandered over, only for a strong arm to be hooked around your waist as you were tugged onto his lap. You felt him adjust you before you were slowly sliding down onto his cock, gasps escaping both of you. Your head rolled back to land on his shoulder, your back pressed against your chest as Draco gave a couple of lazy thrusts up into you.
“So fucking tight for me,” he whispered against your ear.
You made a moan of agreement before Draco forced you to straighten up and reached around, shifting your skirt. You watched in the mirror as he made sure that you were covered and he lifted the phone. Your eyes widened when you realised what he was doing-- taking pictures of you sat on his cock, although nobody but the two of you would ever know. You managed to relax on him, your walls squeezing at his cock as he wrapped an arm around your waist and rested his head on your arm, his other hand taking the mirror pictures.
“Fuck, Draco,” you whispered, arousal making you wetter than you thought was possible.
He finished taking pictures and then tossed the phone behind him, grabbing you by the hips and driving you up and down on his cock. Your moans filled his bedroom, his fingertips digging into your flesh and his lips connecting with your neck to bite and nibble and suck. He felt huge inside of you, his cock hitting spots inside you that made you realise that this would be over in a matter of minutes.
Sure enough, you were cumming around him maybe three minutes later, his fingers lazily playing with your clit before he bit down onto your shoulder and came, his hot seed shooting deep inside of you. You moaned at the feeling, your eyes fluttering shut as he breathed against your arm, panting.
Soon, he lifted you from his lap and moved you around so you were bent over the bed. He watched his cum slip from your entrance, a groan leaving his lips. He grabbed your phone and took photos as he began to thrust his fingers into your pussy, shoving all of his seed back inside of you.
Then, he reached down to where your panties were around your ankles, and pulled them up to cover you again, pulling your skirt back down. He kissed your back where your oversized shirt had ridden up, his hands sliding up and down you as he pulled you to stand back up.
“You were so perfect for me,” he whispered, taking your lips into his again.
“Draco, Y/N, dinner!” Narcissa’s call made you jump.
“Great. You can sit down there like that,” Draco grinned mischievously, smacking your ass as you turned to leave the room.
Hours later, on your Instagram that night, were the pictures of you standing by Draco’s gothic-like bedroom windows, dressed in one of your favourite outfits and smiling.
On Draco’s Instagram, however, was a picture of you sitting on his lap, earning dozens of comments over how cute the two of you were-- but nobody would ever know what you were actually doing.
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sugawaraxo · a year ago
sex tape
warnings: smut ofc
characters: yu nishinoya, ryu tanaka, tetsoru kuroo, koutarou bokuto
request: Hc of asking your man to make a sex tape with you? With Nishinoya, Tanaka, Kuroo, and Bokuto please! 🖤
a/n: i really like bokuto’s, his was fun to write lol
- with nishinoya traveling all the time because of volleyball, it gets extremely hard not to miss him a lot when he’s gone
- especially when you’re craving his touch 
- most times you’re able to satisfy yourself decently well, but sometimes it’s just not enough
- and porn does absolutely nothing to help you because watching other people fuck just isn’t the same as watching as nishinoya fucks you
- so you get an idea that sparks both yours and nishinoya’s attention
- he’s very excited
“babe, can i ask you something?” you say while you massage noya’s scalp, his head resting in your lap comfortably as you two lay on the couch.
“hm?” he hums, teetering on the verge of sleep at the gentle feeling of your touch.
“what if we made a sex tape?” you question and noya’s head shoots up to look at you, eyes wide with interest.
“is this a joke? like some sort of prank? please tell me it’s not a prank.” he begs and you laugh at his response.
“no, it’s not a prank. i was just thinking about it and sometimes, when you’re away, i get really needy and it’s hard to get the kind of pleasure i’m looking for without you here. so maybe if we make a little sex tape, i can have something to watch and help when you’re away.” you explain. nishinoya stares at you blankly, his brain slowly processing each word you just said. the thought of you getting all needy when he’s not here and touching yourself while watching a video of him fucking you was more than enough to make him and his mini noya very excited. 
“is that even a question? i’m so down, can we do it right now?” he asks eagerly causing you to laugh at him again. 
“i mean, i don’t see why not.” you shrug.
nishinoya props himself up so that he’s hovering above you and he kisses you deeply. your lips always work together so perfectly, synchronizing in a nice steady rhythm. his hands are traveling all over your body in an attempt to get you as aroused as he already is, and it works without a doubt. noya continues kissing you and lightly grazing your sides with his fingers or rubbing small circles on your inner thighs until he earns a moan from you that makes him grin. 
“i know how i want to start the sex tape.” he says confidently.
“grab your phone and start recording.” is his only response. you grab your phone from beside you on the couch and open the camera app, pressing record and waiting for noya’s next move. he slides down your body and effortlessly discards your shorts, tossing them off to the side somewhere. he looks down in between your legs then up at you, you watching him through the screen of your phone. he gives the camera a small smirk before pressing a kiss on the lower part of your tummy, trailing more soft kisses all over your thighs, hips, and waist. he then lightly moves his lips over your core which was only being covered by the thin lace of your underwear. you begin to grow a bit impatient at nishinoya’s teasing, writhing under his gentle yet alluring kisses.
“noya, please.” you whine softly and he looks up at you for a quick second before pulling your panties down and tossing them somewhere unknown. he wastes no time pressing his mouth against your warm folds, licking circles around your clit repetitively. you to let out an airy gasp of his name and he continues to work his mouth around your clit for awhile, progressively sucking and licking more and more aggressively, just so he could selfishly earn more moans from you that make his dick painstakingly hard. and as if his tongue relentlessly moving around your clit wasn’t enough, he sticks two fingers inside of you and curls them upward to hit your spot. 
“holy shit noya.” you moan, reaching your free hand down to grip onto his hair lightly while trying to maintain a steady grip on your phone with the other. he looks up at you and you nearly cum at the sight. his eyes are blown with lust and his face is flushed a pretty shade of pink. you just know this part of the video is going to constantly be on replay when it’s finished. you absentmindedly start jutting your hips against noya’s tongue, a thing you do when you’re about to unravel.
you giving him the clear sign that you’re about to cum is noya’s cue to stop, so he removes his fingers from your soaking hole and wipes his mouth clean as he sits up between your legs. you whimper a little at the cum denial, but you know exactly why he did it.
“wanna see you cum with me inside you.” he mumbles, confirming your guess. 
“me too.” you respond and he smiles down at you softly which makes your heart jump. he pulls his pants down along with his boxers revealing his member. his tip is dripping with precum and you feel your pussy clench as you look at it. nishinoya takes his shirt off before saying, “yours too” and you remove yours aswell. he looks at your now fully nude body and sighs,
“how’d i get so fucking lucky?” he coos and for the second time, your hearts jumps and you can’t help but smile at his words. he presses himself at your entrance, teasing it slowly and you adjust the camera angle so that you can get more of noya’s face and body in it because that’ll come in handy later. he slides into you at a teasingly slow pace, drawing out the loud moan that’s leaving your lips. once he’s all the way in, he looks at the camera and winks before pulling out and thrusting back into you, hitting your spot perfectly. you planned on rolling your eyes at his cockiness, but your eyes end up squeezing shut at the sudden excess of pleasure.
“that feel good?” noya asks, already knowing the answer but still wanting to fuel his ego. you can’t even answer in actual words as he continues to thrust into you deeply, so you just nod and moan in response. he grins in satisfaction and thrusts into you a bit harder, not letting up on wanting to milk you of every moan you could possibly utter. he wants this video to be really nice for you since he feels guilty about being away for so long sometimes. he wants to make you feel so good so that every time you look back at this, you remember how amazing he can make you feel. he reaches down to play with your nipples a bit, making you squirm in pleasure. you use your free hand to start playing with your throbbing clit, not being able to hold back the lewd noises building in your throat. you’re a moaning mess beneath him, shaking and struggling to keep the camera steady as you get closer to your orgasm.
“here, let me take it.” noya says, grabbing the phone from you as he notices you struggling. he focuses it down on you, watching himself go in and out of you on the screen and he lets out a groan.
“noya, i’m so close.” you whimper, your chest heaving heavily as you start rubbing your clit more aggressively.
“good girl, cum for me.” nishinoya coos, making his thrusts sharper and deeper against your g-spot.
a few more thrusts and you’re arching your back off the couch and practically screaming nishinoya’s name. he smirks as you tremble beneath him, the sight completely destroying him aswell. he pulls out of you and cums all over your stomach, grunting and panting while he reaches his peak.
he wipes his mess up with his fingers then places them at your mouth, you sucking all of his faintly salty remnants off obediently and his cock twitches. after getting that all on camera, noya stops the recording and collapses next to you.
“that felt so good.” you sigh before placing a kiss on his cheek.
“it really did.” he replies, returning a kiss on your forehead. “now you can watch it whenever you want. and you better send me that video, i need it too.” he continues, handing you back your phone. you laugh at his statement and give him a quick peck before sending him the video.
you guys definitely watch it that night and go for another round.
Tumblr media
- he would be the one to bring it up actually
- tanaka just enjoys taking lewd photos of you in general
- he’ll come up behind you as you look at yourself in the mirror after getting ready and take a handful of your boob before snapping a pic
- or he’ll have you sit on his lap, facing towards him so he can take a mirror pic of him grabbing your ass like that
- he doesn’t post them or anything, but just likes looking at them every once in awhile
-  he did print out the ass grabbing one and put it on the dash board of his car though
- it makes him feel a sense of security that he’s the only one you’ll pose in pictures like that for 
- and he’s always had the desire to film you guys while having sex, to have a permanent memory of the encounter
- which is no surprise to you
tanaka is balls deep in your mouth, fucking your face at a slow yet rough tempo while muttering all sorts of nonsense as he does so. he’s leaning against the edge of the kitchen counter and you’re resting on your knees in front him, pleasing him the way he loves the most. your eyes are shut tightly as you try your best not to choke on tanaka’s length, them beginning to brim with tears a bit at the feeling of him continuously thrusting into the back of your throat. you open your eyes so that the tears would fall and you could wipe them away. but when you open them, you’re met with tanaka’s phone camera facing down at you and him looking at you with a shy smile.
“is this ok?” he asks, motioning to his phone.
“mhmm.” you hum, your mouth too full to talk.
you think it’s kind of hot being recorded actually. knowing that tanaka will go back and watch this vid countless times the same way you always catch him looking at the nsfw pictures that you two take every so often. it also gives you the motivation to be a little extra with your sucking. you wanna make tanaka weak with moans so whenever he goes back to watch the video, he’s reminded of just how crazy he is for your lips around his dick.
you hollow your cheeks a bit more, moving your wet mouth down his shaft at a teasing pace, maintaining eye contact with him in the process. he throws his head back and lets out a deep groan as your nose touches his abdomen, you completely taking tanaka’s length down your throat. 
“holy fuck y/n.” tanaka pants and you smirk, now circling the tip of his dick with your tongue. you suck the tip gently, remembering to slide your tongue over the slit occasionally which causes tanaka to grip your hair roughly as he moans your name. he watches you through his phone screen, basking in the fact that he knows this will be his favorite video on the planet.  
“i’m not gonna last very long if you keep this up.” he sighs breathlessly, looking down at you through hooded eyes. it’s taking every bit of his strength not to just release in your mouth right then, because you look so destroyed on his cock. there’s saliva and precum on your swollen lips and rolling down your chin in thin clear strands, your face is stained with the tears that spilled from your eyes whenever you took tanaka’s full length down your throat, and your hair is a little messy from tanaka instinctively gripping it whenever he feels his tip hit the back of your throat. it’s definitely a sight to see, a sight that has tanaka teetering on his edge. you’re about to try deepthroating him again, but he pulls you off by your hair and gestures for you to stand up.
“bend over the counter.” he grunts.
you get up and rest your stomach on the edge of the cold counter, bending over for him. he lifts one of your legs, placing it on the counter while you maintain balance with the other still planted on the floor. now your cunt is fully exposed to him and both of you shiver, you at the feeling and him at the view. tanaka makes sure he has a decent camera angle before thrusting into you. no teasing, no gimmicks, just straight to it. your body lurches forward a bit, tanaka is not taking it easy on you today and you don’t mind at all. his eyes are glued to your ass on his phone screen, watching it bounce every time he thrusts into you.
“fuck.” he moans, the grip that his free hand has on your hip growing a bit tighter. you’re whimpering with each thrust, each and every one of them hitting that spot that makes you feel dizzy. if anyone were to speak to you right now, anything you tried to say would sound like a bunch of babbling. that’s the power tanaka’s cock has over you, and he absolutely loves it.
“you ok down there baby?” he asks but you can hear the smirk he’s carrying in his tone. you say nothing, just continue to let your sweet, loud moans bounce off the walls of the kitchen. tanaka pulls you up so that your leg is still lifted on the counter, but your back is pressed flush against his body. he switches to the selfie camera and sets the phone down, resting it against a vase on the countertop so that both of you are in view.
“i want you to cum like this, ok?” he says and you nod eagerly in return. he begins thrusting into you again, placing tender kisses on the sides of your neck while his hands roam all over your body. you watch him on the phone screen, he looks just as fucked out as you do which makes you pulse around him. you move your hand down to your clit, knowing that neither of you would last much longer. tanaka slows the speed of his thrusts, but increases the precision as he aims directly for your special spot. 
“oh my god ryu, i’m gonna- fuck, you’re gonna make me cum.” you moan, throwing your head back against his shoulder and he looses it, just as well as you do.
he pulls out of you and cums all over your backside, some dripping onto the floor as you use the counter to stable yourself from your weakening legs. he kisses your shoulder before reaching down to grab his phone and stop the recording. then he grabs your hips and turns you towards him and plants a gentle kiss on your lips.
“that was insanely hot.” he says as he uses the back of his hand to wipe the sweat from his forehead.
“you’re telling me.” you sigh, still shaking slightly from your orgasm. he cleans up the mess he made on the floor with a paper towel, then makes his way back over to you and picks you up bridal style. 
“well let’s go shower and maybe we can record another one while we’re in there.” tanaka smirks and you shake your head as you laugh.
i guess that’s what happens when you have a boyfriend with high stamina.
Tumblr media
- like tanaka, kuroo would initiate it
- kuroo loves to take pictures and videos of you to show you off
- like he’s definitely one of those boyfriend’s whose instagram has more pictures of their partner than themselves
- he just thinks you’re so cute and wants the whole world to know you’re his
- but he doesn’t want them to know what you guys do behind closed doors
- so those pics and videos stay private, for his and your eyes only
- but he definitely loves taking them while you guys are in the heat of the moment
- is 100% the type to fuck you while watching your own sex tape
“kuroo, i’m kinda in the mood to ride you.” you say bluntly to your boyfriend who is sitting across from you on the couch. he pulls his phone away from his line of vision so he could look at you, searching for any signs of a joke in your expression. but you’re dead serious.
“i mean, what am i supposed to say to that? no?” he smirks that infamous smirk of his and you have to force yourself not to roll your eyes.
“just wanted to give you a heads up is all.” you say, climbing your way over to him and straddling his lap. he lays his phone on his chest and his hands instinctively find their way to your thighs, rubbing the smooth skin gently. 
“hm, go for it. i’m all yours.” he grins then lifts his arms above his head as if permitting you access to his body. you smile down at him amusedly, desire eating away at you as you process his appearance. he’s shirtless, so his muscular build is on full display for you to inherently drool over. he’s wearing a pair of shorts made of the same material sweatpants are made out of, the fabric loosely resting on his hips dangerously low now that you’re sitting there and unintentionally pulling them down a bit. he catches your wandering eyes and chuckles at you.
“you know you can look and touch, right kitten?” he teases and you allow yourself to roll your eyes at him this time.
“sheesh, can i not just admire my hot boyfriend?” you huff jokingly before rubbing your hands up his chest and down his torso tenderly. you don’t fail to miss the slight blush raising over the bridge of kuroo’s nose which makes you smile.
“only if you let me admire you back.” he says, tugging at the hem of your shirt as a signal for you to take it off. you do, bringing the piece of clothing over your head slowly, quite literally feeling kuroo’s gaze burning through you the entire time. once your top half is just as naked as kuroo’s, he starts massaging your boobs lightly and you let out a sigh at his touch. he moves his hands down your sides and over your thighs, letting them rest there again while rubbing his thumbs over your now tingling skin. 
“can’t wait to watch you fuck yourself on my cock.” he groans as he scans over your entire body with eager eyes and a flush of heat runs through your body. 
“yeah?” you question, beginning to roll your hips over his clothed shaft. his breath hitches and he picks up his phone that’s still laying on his chest.
“mhm, i’m gonna record it. so put on a show for me.” he grins and you feel a surge of arousal flow through you. you pull off the only piece of clothing you have left which is a simple pair of underwear, and pull down kuroo’s bottoms just enough so that you can get what you need. you grind your damp cunt against kuroo’s now hardening member in an attempt to get him fully erect. it works with ease, him getting hard for you in just a matter of seconds as he watches you desperately rock your hips against him. 
you reach down beneath your body, grabbing his length and giving it a couple strokes before placing his tip at your center sinking down on him and feeling every inch stretch and fill you up perfectly. you let out a shaky breath and kuroo holds back a moan by biting his lip harshly. you begin to set a steady pace for yourself, lifting your hips up and letting them fall back down slowly enough for you to get used to kuroo’s above average size. you sturdy yourself by placing your hands on his chest, now picking up the pace of your movements. 
“you’re so hot.” kuroo groans as he reaches down to grab your ass before giving it a harsh spank. you wince at the pain, but also moan at the pleasure from him massaging the cheek afterwards. you lift yourself a bit higher off of his length and sink back down quickly, causing you and kuroo to moan in unison. you continue this, lifting your body all the way up to his tip and then crashing back down to take all of him inside of you, making you both just a jumble of moans and pants. 
“fuck, turn around. i wanna see that ass.” kuroo smirks and you follow his order. your now facing away from him, reverse cowgirl style, while he teases your hole with his tip. he has a firm grasp on his dick as he rubs it against your glistening folds, admiring the view in front of him.
“you ready?” he asks.
“mhm.” you hum. you move your hips around, eagerly waiting to feel him fill you up again. he chuckles at you before pushing himself into you, thrusting a couple times before letting you take the lead again. you start bouncing your hips up and down his shaft and kuroo nearly passes out. watching you ride him with your ass on full display for him is testing his strength, but he pushes through. he grabs onto your ass tightly and guides your hips to move at a bit of a slower pace.
“jesus, fuck.” kuroo moans, his grip on his phone faltering a bit as he begins to feel overwhelmed with pleasure. he tightens his grasp on the phone and starts fucking into you, matching the movements of your hips. 
“yes kuroo, just like that.” you sigh, throwing your head back at the sensation. 
“touch yourself, i want you to cum first.” kuroo breathes and you do as told. you rub your clit as you continue to grind on kuroo’s cock, meeting his thrusts halfway. 
“mm, kuroo-” is all you manage to get out before you’re trembling and moaning, your core pulsating as you orgasm.
“fuck.” kuroo pants as he pulls out of you, giving himself a few tugs before spurting warm cum all over your ass. you two sit like that for a few seconds, letting yourselves regain stability. once you feel as though you can move again, you turn around and lay on kuroo’s chest. he’s still recording so he flips the camera to face you guys, lifts your chin, and presses your lips together lovingly.
“probably the hottest one we’ve recorded yet.” kuroo says after ending recording.
“yeah?” you laugh at his enthusiastic expression.
“mhmm, because you’re the star of it.” he smiles. 
Tumblr media
- he comes home from practice and finds you waiting on the bed naked with your already recording camera set up on the side table
- babie is FLUSTERED
- like he just stands in the doorway, mouth gaped open, as if he’s too scared to walk in
- he’s seen you naked numerous times but you still take his breath away every time
- he’s so adorable 
- finally snaps out of his trance and joins you on the bed
bokuto removes his shoes and climbs into bed with you. the contrast between him being fully clothed and you being completely naked makes both of you blush a bit.
“what’s all this about?” he asks with a quirked eyebrow, scanning your entire body which makes you tense under his stare.
“umm well, i was thinking about it and i thought it’d be really hot if we made a sex tape.” you explain.
“you wanna make a sex tape?” he questions.
“i mean yeah. it’ll be nice to have something to look back-”
“say less.” he cuts you off and practically tears off his shirt. you giggle at his excitement, already knowing that he was probably going to react this way. within the next few seconds, you aren’t the only naked one anymore and your eyes trail down bokuto’s body. just like how you never fail to amaze him, he never fails to amaze you. the way his toned muscles flex whenever he moves makes all your heat rush to your core. 
“the view’s nice huh?” he teases and flexes his biceps a bit.
“shut up.” you laugh, “but yes, it is.”
bokuto grins at your compliment, then cups your face in his hands and captures your lips with his passionately. your lips mesh together effortlessly, as if you guys were made to kiss each other. bokuto deepens the kiss by swiping your bottom lip with his tongue, alerting you that he’s about to insert it into your mouth. he does just that and you let out a breathy moan that shoots right down to his dick. he hardens at your noises, kissing you deeper just to earn more. you could honestly kiss bokuto for hours. the way he always makes you feel like you’re the most fragile and precious thing he’s ever touched when he kisses you makes you feel overwhelmingly loved. though today’s makeout session is unfortunately cut short when bokuto pulls away and flips you over onto your stomach as if you weigh nothing. you let out a gasp, a little startled by the sudden force.
“sorry babe, i just really need to be inside you right now.” he admits and you laugh a little. you prop yourself up onto your elbows and knees, preparing for bokuto to insert himself into you.
“mm, look at that. all pretty and perched up for me.” he groans, rubbing your exposed cunt with two fingers. you tense at his light yet arousing touch, desperately wanting him to do more. as if he read your mind, he inserts those fingers inside of you at an antagonizing pace. you move your hips back in an attempt to speed up the friction but instead he pulls his fingers out and rests his hand on your ass.
“be” he spanks one cheek, “patient.” he finishes as he spanks the other. you whine at the stinging yet pleasurable pain and bokuto smiles sadistically while entering his fingers back inside you at a much faster rate. you moan as you watch yourself on your phone screen. you intentionally set it up using the selfie camera so that you could watch as bokuto fucked you senseless on the screen, and boy are you glad you did that. the smug look on his face while he fingerfucks you and thrusts into his own hand makes you clench around his fingers, craving something a bit bigger than the two digits.
“please just fuck me kou, i need it.” you moan. bokuto tries to pretend he’s not flustered by your words but is clearly taken aback. he could be the dominant one all he wants, but it’ll never change the fact that he goes completely weak when you beg for him.
“yeah? you want me to fuck you?” he grins, pulling his fingers out and replacing them with the tip of his painfully hard member.
“mhmm, please kou.” you hum, knowing that begging gets you anything you want with him. this instance just further proves that statement because he begins pushing into you at the same antagonizing speed he moved his fingers at. but you can’t complain since it helps a lot with getting used to his size, because he most definitely does not have the smallest tool in the shed. he continues slowly pushing his way in until his lower abdomen is pressed against your ass, his cock buried deep within your tight hole.
“fuck, you feel so good.” he moans. you glance at your phone to see what he looks like and his head is thrown back, eyes shut tightly and mouth open slightly. your body tingles at the sight, pleasure is written all over his expression and you love it. he pulls out of you and thrusts back into you with brute force. his favorite thing to do ever since he learned that it makes you scream. he pulls out of you exceptionally slowly, waits a short second, and then slam back into you relentlessly. your toes curl at his his little trick and you bury your face into a pillow in an attempt to muffle your loud moans of his name and plenty other profanities. he does this a few more times, smirking at the way you’re completely falling apart beneath him, then takes a break and fucks you at a more steady pace. though he’s no longer pounding into your sweet spot, his tip is still brushing against it and your head goes fuzzy with pleasure.
“you fuck me so good kotaro.” you moan into the pillow, gripping the sheets around you tightly.
“only the best for my pretty girl.” he smiles “here, turn over. wanna see your face.”
you flip over onto your back, now looking up at bokuto who’s smiling down at you lovingly.
“beautiful, so beautiful.” he coos, rubbing his thumb over your cheek softly. your heart drops into your stomach. you know you probably look a hot mess right now. makeup ruined from you shoving your face into a pillow, face flushed from the immense pleasure, and hair a bit messy from it all. but he still thinks you’re the most beautiful girl in existence and your heart almost can’t take it.
“can’t wait to make you cum.” he finishes and without any warning, he grinds his hips into you smoothly yet assertively. he has a tight grip on your hips as he rocks into them and you are just about losing it beneath him. you’re gripping onto his biceps, surely leaving bruises that’ll form by tomorrow. but he doesn’t mind whatsoever. he loves seeing you all fucked out as he pounds into you, sputtering all sorts of moans and lewd words here and there with each thrust. he can tell you won’t be able to hold on for much longer, so he brings his thumb to your clit and rubs small and quick circles on it. he matches the tempo of his thrusts and watches you turn into a blabbering mess at his touch.
“fuck kou, jesus christ. i can’t-you’re gonna make me-oh my god-i’m gonna-“
you’re grip on his arms gets a bit tighter as you succumb to your forceful orgasm. your eyes roll back, your back arches off the bed, and you swear your vision goes dark for a few seconds. bokuto can almost never get a full thrust in after seeing you cum and this is no exception to that. as soon as he sees you come undone, he pulls out of you and releases all over your stomach with a rich moan of your name.
“i came so hard i went blind there for a second.” you admit and bokuto busts out laughing.
“shit sorry. not really though.” he shrugs, collapsing next to you.
“hush. i’m just glad we got that all on camera. i’ll definitely be watching that soon. speaking of, can you hand me my phone?”
bokuto reaches over to grab your phone of the nightstand and you stop recording.
“twenty minutes of gold content.” you say as you look at the length of the video.
“wanna make it twenty more?”
“say less.” you reply smugly.
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erodasfishtacos · 24 days ago
not smutty but have you seen the “can you get me some pads” texts ? i imagine that with your harry’s
yn: H, what time around you coming home tonight?
h: Business dinner until about eight, everything okay?
yn: Can you swing by the store and grab some tampons on the way home?
h: Sure dove, how are Ivy and [redacted] doing?
yn: Babies are good, Vee bossed her around all day and bubs loved every minute of it.
h: Are you okay?
yn: Never been better.
h: Sweetheart…
yn: I’m bummed I got it.
h: Just means more late nights of trying, my heart.
yn: i ran out of pads at your house 😑
h: i picked up more - check the bottom left drawer in the bathroom.
yn: I owe you, thank you
h: tell me, puppy
yn: i love you 💕
yn: grab me tampons on the way home and not those fucking super jumbo ones that don’t even fit
h: ☹️
yn: what
h: are you on your period
yn: yes?…
h: no baby 😞
yn: omg h, we’re not even trying
h: still hope it sticks though
h: blowie later? 😏
h: please? been thinking about you all day at practice and your tits
h: mama?
h: send me a pic, like em when you’re on it. your nipples look puffier and tits are bigger.
yn: omg are you not at practice?
yn: I’m guessing you got your phone taken by coach
yn: you’ll get a little something if you bring home ice cream too 😚
yn: can you pick up tampons?
h: where are you? you’re suppose to be here in ten minutes for this meeting, brat.
yn: i started getting cramps so i decided to stay in bed
h: you were a major part of the plan…
yn: please, it hurts so bad
h: you like when it hurts
yn: if you don’t bring them, I’m ordering the guards to shoot you on site
h: you act like i wouldn’t win that shoot out
yn: please baby
h: fuck fine
yn: can you stop and get me pads
h: yes
h: are you bleeding
yn: yes and the answer is already no
h: why can you never just be an obedient little mate, spread your legs, and let me lick into you
yn: you’re sick
h: I am going to bite you as soon as I get home then I’m going to get between your thighs
yn: you can fuck off dickula, we’re going to watch a movie and cuddle
yn: I can practically hear you hissing through the phone
yn: hiiiiiii
h: what
yn: i need tampons
h: no
yn: yea
h: no, you’re texting me from right downstairs because you’re being pissy. come up here and ask me then ill think about it.
yn: you were being a douche
h: i told you i didn’t want to watch Moana for the fifth time this week
yn: and that’s rude
h: get your ass up here please, i miss you
yn: will you get me tampons?
h: course, if you get you’re cute little bum up here right now
yn: never mind niall is going to take me to get them
h: FUCK NO. im coming down now.
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ptersmj · 4 months ago
through the lens
Tumblr media
w/c: 2.3k
warnings: swearing and mentions of blood (all fluff tho!)
summary: yours and peter’s date night doesn’t go as planned, thanks to his “little” accident and mj’s photography project
a/n: it’s been a minute but i’m back! for now lol i promise i’ll be way more active when exam season is over <3 this was based off the lovely pic above taken by the even lovelier zendaya and i hope you enjoy these… let’s call it random workings of my mind
“hang on, can you come closer?” mj instructs you, you promptly stepping towards her. “is this good?” “great,” she affirms and squints behind the camera. “smile really big on the count of three, okay? one, two, three!” doing as she says, you give mj your cheesiest grin with your eyes squeezed shut and all. she snickers while snapping the moment on her polaroid.
mj asked you to be her subject for a photography project. you’re happy to do it, although it’s super last minute. like, barging-into-your-room-and-begging-you-for-help last minute. she was supposed to turn this in days ago. lucky for mj, her teacher was feeling generous and gave her an extension.
you have to work fast because of mj’s deadline and your plans with peter. he’s coming over for a movie marathon and cuddles right about now. well, he’s actually running a tad bit late. that’s typical peter for you.
“just a couple more, and then you’re free,” mj informs you while shaking out the polaroid. “this is honestly pretty fun, you know.” you glance at the photo she’s holding with an eyebrow quirked in surprise. she captures you well. “what made you choose me?” “no one else was free on a saturday,” she snorts and tosses the picture in a pile with the rest.
your mouth falls agape. “i’m not free! peter’s gonna be here in…” you check the time on your phone, much to your dismay. “he’s a few minutes late, but still. i have things to do, too.” a smirk sets on mj’s face as she gets ready for the next photograph. “relax, y/n/n. i was kidding. i’m sure spider-dweeb will be here sooner than you know it.” sighing lightheartedly, you take a seat on your bed.
“don’t call him that,” you shake your head. mj throws her own head back to the ceiling. “ugh, but that was a good one,” she insists, you only humming. “it’s better than penis parker, at least.” “nah, i like the alliteration,” you laugh out and earn a giggle from mj. “you’re lucky parker doesn’t have super hearing, or does he?” winking, you hit a pose for mj. you’re looking at her over your shoulder with smolder eyes.
“ask him yourself, after you get this shot.”
the two of you continue messing around with her polaroid until the film is almost gone, and peter has yet to arrive. you’re starting to worry. you aren’t sure where he could be.
he doesn’t patrol on weekends unless it’s an emergency, and he would’ve told you if there was one already. he’s never this late without sending a text, either. it’s almost an hour past when date night should’ve started. on the other occasions peter has gone off the grid, they didn’t end well.
“i’m freaking out, em. do you think he’s in some kind of trouble?” you ask mj, pacing around your bedroom. she offers a sympathetic shrug. “maybe he just ate some bad yogurt. remember last time?” being the dummy he is, peter once scarfed down an entire tub of vanilla yogurt before he realized it was expired. no one heard from him for days. he didn’t show up to school or answer any calls.
may ended up inviting you over and explaining he’d gotten a stomach bug, which you then tended to him for the rest of. the story was so amusing, and so peter.
“may doesn’t buy him dairy anymore. why do you think he always raids your freezer?” you bring your fingers up to rub your temples. “the kid can empty ice cream cartons in one bite,” she agrees, silently cringing. her curiosity piques at the fact. “is that also a power?” “who cares?” you nearly shout, your fingers curling into fists. “what i wanna know is if peter is fucking okay.”
on cue, there’s a knock at your apartment door. you and mj exchange looks of urgency, both rushing out of your room to answer.
mj follows you through the hall and stands by your side while you fumble with the lock. when your door pulls open, ned has his hand raised to knock again. “ned? what are you doing here?” you don’t give him the chance to speak. “have you heard from peter? he was supposed to be here a while ago, but he never showed.” rather than answering in words, ned takes a step aside.
the sight you’re met with makes you gasp. peter peeks out from behind him, cuts and bruises littering his flushed face. he gives you a lopsided smile.
“you have your answer,” mj murmurs to you and eyes ned curiously. he lets out a nervous chuckle. “here he is.” you push past ned and practically jump into peter’s arms, your hug bone-crushing. “peter, oh my god! are you okay?” wincing, peter hugs you back by your waist. his chin rests carefully on your head.
“hey… i’m alright, baby. still pretty sore, though,” he sucks his lower lip between his teeth. you take the hint to loosen your grip on him. “i was worried something bad might’ve happened to you. i… i guess i was right.” your tone softens, you threading a hand in his curls. they’re completely disheveled from whatever went down with him.
ned heads inside to catch up with mj, the two of them letting you have a moment alone.
“someone’s got a spidey sense of their own, huh?” peter tries to lighten the mood by joking. it doesn’t work, a frown still evident on your face as you try to untangle his once soft locks. “baby, everything’s fine. i just… had a little accident is all. no big deal,” he reassures you and moves in to peck your lips. you’re so shocked that you dodge the kiss.
“little? your whole face is black and blue, pete!” you tug on the white collar of his button up, peter letting out a shaky breath. your other hand comes to rest on his cheek, touch gentle. “how’d you get like this?” he licks across his lips shyly and sets his hands on your hips. “see, on the way over there were these bad guys who-“
“no there weren’t,” ned cuts in, scoffing at the beginning of his friend’s story. peter shoots him a warning look over your head. “yes there were, ned. you weren’t even there!” he catches mj glaring at him before he continues. “don’t listen to him. anyway, i had to fight them because…” when he trails off, you stroke your thumb across his cheek, avoiding any wounds in the way. raising both eyebrows, mj speaks up.
“because why? go on, parker. i’m intrigued,” she encourages him. everyone can tell peter is lying except you. the question really is, what’s he lying about? he gulps down his spit, pulling your body against his for comfort. “take your time, peter. we can wait,” you say only for him to hear. his love filled eyes meet yours, and he nods. ned huffs at the dramatics unfolding before him.
“dude, you’re making this way worse than it actually is. just tell her!” he demands, mj cocking her head to the side. peter’s gaze flits between the two of them. “tell me what?” you wonder softly and tilt his chin, willing him to look at you again. “i… i…” peter’s shoulders slump, his voice lowering in defeat. “there weren’t any bad guys.”
“of course there weren’t,” ned confirms. “no shit,” mj adds. exhaling, you wait for your boyfriend to further elaborate. “what really happened, then? be honest, pete.” peter lets go of you so he can come into your apartment properly, you shutting the door behind him. he scratches the back of his neck as he fills you in. “ok. um, me and ned were hanging out.”
ned is attempting to stifle a laugh for some reason, which mj elbows him for. you take one of peter’s hands. “yeah?” “we were at my place, and… you know those really slippery steps on the sixth floor?” peter pauses for someone to answer, playing with your fingers. “the ones flash almost wiped out on once?” mj questions in amusement. he lets a quiet chuckle out. “good times. yeah, those.”
his gaze averts to the ground, you listening on. “so, i was walking ned out on my way over. we were talking about spidey stuff-“ “as per usual,” mj mumbles to herself. ned raises his hands in defense. “—and i told ned i could always stick my landings. he didn’t believe me.” you playfully roll your eyes, seeing where this is going. “so… i, uh, decided to show him,” peter finishes off.
“i did a, um, backflip. tripped and fell down the flight of stairs,” he finally admits to you, putting his other hand on top of your intertwined ones. “clearly, i was wrong.” his bloody face is now red from humiliation. “you didn’t trip, dude. you freaking summersaulted!” ned corrects him and bursts into laughter he’s been holding back. “idiots, both of you,” mj simply remarks.
“that’s it? why didn’t you just say that?” you almost laugh yourself. groaning, peter rests his forehead against yours. “because it’s embarrassing! i wanted you to think i’m a tough guy or whatever.” placing both hands on his cheeks this time, you nuzzle your nose against his. “you don’t have to be a tough guy to impress me, babes. you’re kind, smart, funny. makes up for you being such a klutz.”
peter cracks a grin, easily capturing your lips in the kiss he didn’t get to before. it doesn’t last long because mj gags and ned whistles at you. you’re both giggling when you pull apart, peter kissing the tip of your nose for good measure.
“you really mean that?” he checks, tucking back a strand of hair from your face. “of course. i have a thing for himbos,” you tease and poke at his bare chest. his eyes widen. “how about i get you some ice and you find our first movie?” you’re already off to the kitchen, beaming at peter. “date night’s still on?” he happily plops down on your couch, mj showing ned her pictures from earlier.
“as soon as those two get out of here,” you call loudly enough so ned and mj hear you. “yeah, yeah. we’re leaving,” mj deadpans, shoving the photos back into her portfolio. peter glances over at it curiously. “what’s that for?” “photography project,” she says and gets an idea. “i have some film left. y/n took up most of it… you losers want the rest?”
while mj coerces her way to a higher grade, you put some popcorn in the microwave for your movie marathon.
“well, i could use a new lockscreen. i’m in!” ned quickly concedes. him and mj both give peter hopeful looks. “i’m not!” he protests, squishing one of your pillows against his chest. “with my face looking like… this? forget about it.” mj walks over to him and places her portfolio on the coffee table. “what? those gashes are gnarly… in a good way, i mean,” she promises.
“painful, too,” peter murmurs. “y/n, hurry up with that ice!” mj demands, grabbing the polaroid camera from its string around her neck. you wave her off. “what i’m saying is, they’ll look sick in my portfolio.” mj forces a smile, ned looking at her weirdly. “uh, what’s the theme of your project again?” “freestyle, baby,” mj casually replies.
peter comes up with a condition that could persuade him. “if you say please, i might consider it,” he concludes, mj perking up. “please be in my project. pretty please?” she instantly requests, ned pursing his lips from behind her. peter rubs his chin. “y/n, what do you think? should i?” you pipe in from the kitchen. “yeah, so she’ll leave my house.”
“you heard the lady. i’ll do it,” peter gives in. all but squealing, mj gestures for ned to sit. “this’ll only take a few minutes. you guys are really saving my ass.” ned gets comfortable next to peter on the couch, who wants to see how far mj will really go. “aw, we are? i believe that calls for a…” ned catches on. “it comes after please…” mj picks up her camera with gritted teeth. “thank you, morons. say cheese!”
that’s the only warning peter and ned get before they’re blinded with the flash. ned does a toothy grin as he leans into peter’s side. peter musters up the best smile he can, hair a mess and cuts burning pink on his face. satisfied, mj snatches the photograph as it pops out.
“pleasure doing business with you two,” she states, you joining the three of them in the living room. you set the popcorn on the table and give peter his ice pack. he presses it to his cheek, kissing the back of your hand. “send me that!” ned reminds mj, helping himself to your bowl of popcorn. she salutes him.
“there’s my star. what do you say, y/n? wanna take one more really quick?” mj suggests, already holding up her polaroid. you take the other cushion next to peter, your head on his shoulder. “can peter be in it with me? since he’s in the modeling mood tonight.” he wraps an arm tightly around you. “let’s do it, sweetness.”
eagerly jumping in front of you two, mj crouches down to get a better angle. “on the count of three. one, two, three!” the camera clicks, and you surprise peter by laying a smooch on one of his cheeks. he’s holding the ice against his other, genuinely smiling for this picture. ned coos at you, mj showing off her work when it dries.
“how adorable,” she says sarcastically but means it. peter nods at her in appreciation, his lips brushing the side of your head. “what can i say, you’re a pro,” you compliment mj. “come on, em!” ned cheers through a mouthful of popcorn.
tonight was an unexpected and exciting mess, even if your date night did get crashed.
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Goldrush (Taylor Sloane/ Reader)
Tumblr media
Hello everyone!
Venturing out from Wanda/ Leigh to provide you all with, drum roll please... fluff! Taylor Sloane fluff to be specific! Loosely inspired by Taylor Swift's "Goldrush".
Summary: Social media influencer were shallow. You couldn't stand them... So why were you letting this one get close to you?
It took all you had to bite back the groan of annoyance when you stepped foot on the beach. Your little hideaway had been discovered and you weren’t sure if you’d be able to find peace there ever again if it was going to be full of all these shallow ‘influencers’.
“Nothing is sacred anymore.” You mumbled to yourself as you carefully pulled out your vintage Olympus OM-1. Your most prized possession.
As you began to prepare the film a commotion caught your attention. You turned your head to see someone approach a small group of obnoxiously loud people. It looked like the person was asking to take a picture with a blonde in the group. The sight immediately lost your interest as you turned your attention back to your film.
You were scouting to see if you would be using this location for your future photoshoots. That was your priority. Not the obnoxious people who wanted attention.
Carefully brushing away the sand, you wandered over to a manmade trail of rocks that lead out into the serene ocean. The sun gleamed brightly on the water and tinged it with an ethereal glow. A beautiful sight if you slowed down long enough to take it in. You kneeled so you were at eye level with the rocks, aligning the camera so it was could capture the sight, the cold water gently lapping against the soles of your worn-out converse.
Just as you had set up the shot a sharp cough made you jump, almost making you drop your camera into the water. The interruption alone made you clench your jaw in annoyance as you turned to find the source of the sound. Your eyes meeting with the blonde from earlier, a fake smile on her face. It was clear she was one of those ‘influencers’.
Beautiful but empty. An illusion of beauty.
“Can I help you?” You mumbled.
The plastic smile never wavered. “You’re a photographer.” You stared at her blankly, waiting for the question. “Can you take a picture for me and my friends? We’d ask someone else, but you’d probably be a little better.”
“Sure.” You eventually replied flatly, taking the phone she held out. The group arranged themselves against the light, so they’d all be washed out, but you didn’t say anything. That wasn’t your problem.
As soon as you lifted the phone they all stopped bickering and began laughing as if they had just heard the funniest joke . Several peace signs showing up among the group.
Fake, you thought to yourself as you took the photo. You then handed the phone back to the blonde, fiddling with the strap of your camera that was slung across your chest.
The woman immediately handed the phone back to you, making you furrow your brows in confusion. “We’re washed out. Do you mind taking it again, but like… better? Maybe try getting lower.” You bristled at the comment. The charming smile she flashed you was something you were certain got her whatever she wanted.
You almost denied the request just for the satisfaction. “Sure.” You mumbled again, crouching ever so slightly to take the picture again.
“Do you mind getting lower?” She questioned.
Before you could stop yourself, you made a face. “What? Like in the sand?”
“Yeah, that’d be perfect! Thanks.” You bit the inside of your cheek to stop the sarcastic comment that was threatening to fall from your lips. As you kneeled down in the sand you heard her whisper to her friends. “It’s cute, an amateur photographer being able to take pictures for me. She’s probably just nervous.”
The comment made your blood boil. That was the issue with all these influencers. They thought they were god’s gift to the world. That’s why you refused to work with them.
Without paying any attention, you took the picture and marched over to the woman. “Just so you know, I have no idea who you are. Have a nice day.” You said in an overly cheery voice, shoving the phone back into her hands.
The woman sputtered slightly in surprise, but before she could say anything you hurried away, clutching the strap of your camera tightly. You needed to find new places to shoot at.
As much as you tried to avoid all the places that the social media influencers went, you couldn’t help but go to this small café that they had infiltrated. It was on the edge of the coast, close enough that the ocean breeze swept through your hair as you read by the open window.
You had become such a fixture in the shop that the owners had come to expect you at least twice a week. Today was no different as you absently picked at the chocolate croissant that the owners granddaughter had eagerly given you.
Even the little girl had become familiar with your presence (mainly because you let her play with your older cameras when you were around).
Just as you were about to turn the page, the stillness of the café was interrupted by the sounds of exaggerated laughter. You refused to look up, you knew the type. They’d be gone as soon as they got their pictures anyway.
“Excuse me?”
You looked up to see two women standing before you, one the blonde from the beach. You were surprised to see she actually looked a bit uncomfortable when she saw it was you. “Yes?” You replied, placing a finger in your book so you wouldn’t lose your place.
“Do you mind switching places with us? This spot would make a better picture.” The other woman batted her eyelashes flirtatiously.
You couldn’t help but smile in disbelief. “You know what? Sure.”
The squeal that came from the other woman’s lips made you wince. “Perf! Let’s go get our stuff, Tay.” The other woman walked off as you turned to gather your things, it was time to leave. You had a photoshoot early the next morning anyway.
“What are you reading?”
Not looking up, you began packing your things into your backpack. “Middlemarch by George Elliot.” You replied. As much as you were sure this woman was vapid, you didn’t want to be rude. Even if the aftermath of her comment still prickled under your skin.
“What’s it about?”
Curiosity got the better of you as you finally turned to face her, eyeing her skeptically. “It’s about marriage, idealism, self-interest, hypocrisy, political reform… It’s a masterpiece in my humble opinion.”
The woman’s eyebrows raised interestedly. “You sound passionate about it.” You shrugged. It was your favorite book, but she didn’t need to know that. “My names Taylor.” The same charming smile she wore on the beach made a reappearance and you tilted your head in response, not impressed.
“Y/n.” You supplied.
There was a brief moment of silence in the air, Taylor’s smile wavered slightly. “About the beach, I think I came off as kind of a bi-”
“Tay! Let’s take a pic of our coffee. The beach in the background will be adorbs.” The other woman interrupted. “Do you mind?” She asked you, gesturing to the space you were standing in front of.
You pressed your lips together, shaking your head. “Not at all. It’s all yours.”
As you passed Taylor you made eye contact, she looked like she wanted to say something, but you had already walked away. Playfully you ruffled the hair of the owner’s granddaughter on the way out. You were so occupied by the way the young girl eagerly showed you the pictures she took that you didn’t notice the eyes that were watching you with interest.
The movement around you faded as you focused on the controlled chaos that surrounded you, the people all living their own lives. Your fingers itched to capture these unsuspecting moments of beauty. Of the elderly couple holding hands on a walk, of the two friends laughing over a picture they had just taken, of the children playing catch with their dog. Of- your peace was interrupted when someone stepped into your line of vision.
You fought the urge to groan. “Are you following me?”
Taylor raised the bag in her hand, smiling slightly. “No. I was actually on my way home from the farmers market.” You squinted at her slightly, unsure of what that had to do with you. “I think we got off on the wrong foot yesterday.”
“What makes you say that?” Your paused slightly. “Do you think it’s because I’m an amateur photographer that’s nervous to be around you?” You asked with a mocking pout.
Her face flushed. “I didn’t mean to sound so…”
“Stuck up?” You offered flatly.
Taylor nodded slowly. “I swear I’m not… that type of person.”
You chuckled as you began packing your things. “Yeah, for some reason I don’t buy that.” When you stood you noticed how close she was to you. Your breath faltered slightly because you were certain you’d never seen eyes more beautiful in your life. “Why do you care? You don’t even know me.” You grumbled stepping around her.
Her footsteps followed you as she fell into step beside you. “I don’t know, you seem different than anyone I know.” You huffed in amusement. That was probably certain. “Let me show you I’m not as bad as you think I am.”
“You see, as intrigued as I am by that offer I think I’ll pass. I’ve seen your type.” You quipped, glancing at her out of the corner of your eyes. “I have an amateur shoot that I need to get to anyway.”
She groaned. “You’re not going to let that go, are you?” You shook your head. There was a brief pause. “Can I have your number?”
A short chuckle fell from your lips. “Seriously?”
Taylor nodded and held out her phone. “Get coffee with me this weekend and I’ll prove you wrong.”
You had to admit, the persistence was admirable, you’d even say cute. “Fine.” You took the phone and put in your number. “I really have to go.”
“See you this weekend. Same café on the coast.” Taylor said as you turned to leave.
When you arrived at the café you were greeted with warm smiles as the owner offered you a tea, and raised eyebrows when you requested two. You rolled your eyes at the suggestive waggle of eyebrows you received as you walked the teas over to a table in the corner.
Glancing down at your watch, you couldn’t help but frown. 12:05. It was five minutes passed the agreed upon meeting time.
A sigh fell from your lips when another fifteen minutes passed. You mentally berated yourself for allowing yourself to hope she wouldn’t be what you thought she was. Not even a moment later you heard the chime of the bell, indicating someone had entered.
Like a whirlwind, Taylor came rushing in just as you stood to leave. “Y/n.” She hurried over to the table. “There was an accident and they stopped the freeway. Like… completely stopped it. We literally just sat there for twenty minutes. I was supposed to be here at 11:50.”
Despite yourself you couldn’t help but be amused. “Taylor.” Her eyes were still a bit wide when she met your gaze. You enjoyed the authentic emotion she was showing. “It’s fine.”
“I’m not making a good impression, am I?”
You shrugged playfully as you took a seat again, Taylor taking the seat opposite of you. “You could be doing worse.”
Taylor pushed a hand through her hair. “That’s not very reassuring.”
Again, you shrugged. “I never said I was trying to reassure you.”
For a moment she just stared at you then burst out laughing. You couldn’t help but duck your head at the sound. “I’m glad you aren’t. It’s refreshing.” She admitted when her laughter faded away.
“What? Honesty?” You chuckled as she nodded. “I hate to break it to you, but if authenticity is refreshing, you should probably reevaluate the people you surround yourself with.”
Her hands fiddled with the tea cup that you slid over to her. “Yeah, well, we can’t all be contrarians.” She retorted back.
Her words peaked your interest, you raised an eyebrow. “Did you just call me out?”
The smirk on her lips made you fidget in your seat. “How’s it feel to be on the other end?”
You nodded approvingly. “Touché, Taylor... Touché.”
“I read that book you told me about. The Middlemarch?” Your eyebrows raised in surprise. “I liked it.”
For some reason you couldn’t help but feel skeptical. “Did you really like it?”
Taylor nodded. “Yes, I did!”
“Okay.” You accepted her words as you took a sip of your tea. “Why?”
The woman sitting across from you faltered slightly. “Why?” She repeated back to you.
Your brows furrowed. “Yeah... Why did you like it?”
For a moment you watched in amusement as Taylor looked around the café as if it would hold the answers she was searching for. “I liked the characters?”
The response came out in the form of a question and you couldn’t help but feel entertained. “You know, you don’t have to pretend around me.”
Taylor’s cheeks flushed, seemingly bothered by you not believing her. “Okay. I hated it.”
You couldn’t help the boisterous laugh that fell from your lips. “That’s better!” You exclaimed. “Tell me why.”
“It’s just so pretentious and dull. I thought my eyes would fall from their sockets if I had to read another page.” She admitted flatly, her eyes shimmering with confusion when you smiled back at her.
“That’s what I like to hear!” You said encouragingly.
Taylor let out a disbelieving laugh. “What? I just insulted your favorite book.”
You nodded enthusiastically. “I know. It’s amazing.”
“You can’t be serious.” She mumbled suspiciously.
You leaned across the table slightly. “I am, and you know why? Because you’re finally being authentic.” Silence. “Look, Taylor, you don’t have to like this book because it’s my favorite or because it would make your followers think you're intriguing if you did. Ignore what everyone else is telling you to think because none of it matters. The way I see it is, you can lie and pretend to like what everyone says you should like and be miserable OR…”
Taylor leaned forward a bit as well. “Or?”
You smiled. “Or you can be honest and say when you hate something and talk about what you love instead… and be happy.”
Taylor’s breath hitched slightly and for a moment she just stared back at you. “Show me.”
“Show you what?” you questioned curiously.
“Show me how you see the world.”
For a moment you considered her words, your heart racing in your chest. “Well let’s start with this small little coastal town.” The invitation was wordless as you stood and offered her your hand.
Her hand twitched for a moment as if she was silently debating with herself. The smile she gave you when she finally took your hand took your breath away. You rolled your eyes at the way the owners watch you walk out of the shop hand-in-hand.
“Babe.” Taylor whined quietly.
You raised an eyebrow in surprise. Smirking when you finally processed the word. After dating for a few weeks the term of endearment was new. “Babe you say?” You teased lightly.
Her cheeks flushed red. “When I asked you to take a picture of me, I meant with my phone not on film.” She mumbled, ignoring your question.
You decided you wouldn’t comment on it.
Just like you wouldn’t comment on the way she’d develop the film herself just like you taught her. You wouldn’t comment on the way she'd smile when they developed just right. You wouldn't comment when she would say how much better the picture looked on film… And you definitely wouldn’t comment on how endearing you found every single thing she did either.
“Taylor, everything looks-”
“Better on film.” She finished with a playful eyeroll. “I know. You probably tell me that mmm… at least once a day.”
Laughing quietly, you held the camera up to your eye, so you could focus the shot. “Only once a day? I’m going to need to step it up.”
Taylor shook her head lightly, her eyes twinkling from your antics and her lips forming into the beginnings of a genuine smile. You took the shot.
That was an authentic Taylor. No peace signs and fake smiles. The real Taylor was all twinkling eyes and crooked smiles. You had never seen a more beautiful sight.
And when she wandered over to press her lips tenderly against yours, you were sure you’d never felt anything more beautiful either.
Taylor surprised you. And you fell for her. Fast.
Four months with her and you were certain you were ruined for anyone else.
She was something your heart had never expected.
“Babe?’ you hummed distractedly. “Babe!”
You blinked rapidly, refocusing on the world around you. “Yes?”
Taylor’s laugh drifted into your ears and you smiled at the sound. “I was asking if you’ve seen my Eagles shirt?”
“It was hanging on the door.” You mumbled. “Wait. Don’t you mean my Eagles shirt?”
She pecked your lips to avoid answering. “Thanks, babe!” Taylor winked and ran over to the door, pulling the shirt over her head. “Anything on the agenda for the day?”
You began getting dressed. “I have a photoshoot where they’re giving me complete creative freedom. Then I’m meeting with my manager since I have a few more offers to shoot a couple different things.”
A soft noise of excitement fell from her lips. “Everybody wants you.” She padded across the room, her arms draping around your shoulders. “And I have you.”
The smile on both your faces made it almost impossible to kiss, but you didn’t let that stop you.
The movement around you faded out as you looked over your camera, feeding the film into the machine serenely. You had no idea who you were shooting today, but the company who booked you was very eager to work with you and let you have complete creative freedom. Complete creative freedom meant film for you. Not digital. The thought alone excited you. “She’s here. Are you ready?”
You looked up at your assistant after you were sure your camera was ready. “Did they water the rose bush?”
“Yes. I still don’t understand why you wanted a rose bush. We’re in the middle of a desert.” Your assistant mumbled.
“Double vision in a rose bush. An illusion… Because of the dessert. The beauty is an illusion?” You explained, rolling your eyes when you saw your assistant bite back a smile. “Shut up. Where’s this person?”
A small tap on your shoulder answered your question. “Looking for me?”
When you turned around you were met with the sight of a playful smirk on familiar lips. You squinted at her teasingly, hiding the surprise of seeing your girlfriend here. “Are you following me?”
“You’re the infamous photographer that this company was telling me about?” Taylor questioned back at you, feigning confusion.
You sent her a sarcastic smile. “No. I’m just an amateur that’s here to take pictures of you. I’m so nervous to be working with you!” You said mockingly.
Taylor groaned, the act falling away almost immediately. “That was a year ago. Before we even started dating! Are you ever going to let me live that down?”
“Hmm…” You pretended to think, your finger on your chin. “Nope.” You quipped back, popping your lips on the word.
You began walking away, smiling slightly when you saw Taylor fall into step beside you. “Maybe I’m nervous to work with you.” She said softly, taking your hand in her own and pressing a light kiss to the back of it. “After all, everybody wants you.”
“What a coincidence because I will only ever want you.” Before you reached the set-up, you turned to face her, pressing your forehead lightly against hers. “Tell me about something that makes you happy.”
Her soft breath fanned over your lips and the smile she sent you made your cheeks flush. “Well... She hates the sand but loves the beach. She practically lives on the coast she’s there so often. I sometimes need to call her out on her contrarian shit, but… I’ll never find a love as pure as her.” Her words were quiet, but sincere. Authentic. “Tell me about something you love.”
“She loves to sing to songs on the radio even if she doesn’t know the words, she dances like a goof when she’ s drunk, but she claims she doesn’t when she’s sober. Hmm… She steals my clothes.” Taylor giggled, and you couldn’t help but smile. “And more importantly, she’s also stolen my heart.” You mumbled, her lips connecting with yours almost as soon as the word left your mouth.
After a moment you pulled away, noticing your assistant walk up to you both. You turned to face her. “Never mind about what I said earlier. This beauty isn’t an illusion... and she never will be.”
That's all folks! And you all thought I couldn't write happy endings. Well, anyway, I hope you all enjoyed since this is fairly different from what I usually write.
Please let me know what you think because as always, thoughts and comments are always welcome!
P.s. Should I make a general tag list?
(P.p.s. if the Gerri stealers are reading this... rude.)
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1kook · 11 months ago
attachment: 1 image
— jjk x (f) reader
Tumblr media
summary; But for Jungkook to initiate some sexting, nevertheless sexting at 1pm on a Saturday, when you were at work and you were almost positive he was supposed to be on stream right now? Unheard of, you had to mark this down somewhere. warnings; sexting, dick pics, dirty talk?, phone sex, vivid depictions of jungkook being just so sexy bc its true, rating; mature (18+) misc; mentions of youtuber kook 🥰, he’s just horny, stupid selfie trends (see here), he’s a little whiny but so hot v.v  wc; 4.6k 
notes; I've had this in my drafts since april 😐 n then i was like maybe we should actually finish this so i started n then last night i hit another follower milestone!!! so then i rlly forced myself to finish this bc i was so 🥺🖤👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 anyway enjoy lmk what u think its not proofread bc uhhhhh yeah 🤩
Tumblr media
You’re at work when it happens.
It’s sometime between your usual listless thoughts of what to write for your weekly reflection papers for some course, and your trip to your store’s pharmacy to bother a coworker. Your phone vibrates in the pocket of your work apron. You’re normally pretty good at ignoring the sound, most of the times it’s just a classmate asking for help on homework or Jimin lamenting his love life, so you’ve grown used to ignoring the tiny vibrations, stocking a quarter shelf of different cooking oils before something in your brain tells you to check your phone.
You already know it’s not something grave, but that thought alone means nothing at the sight of the tiny jungkook♡ that appears at the very top of the list of notifications. Your boyfriend’s texts tended to be wildcards, never following a certain routine or alluding to any specifics. He could send you a long paragraph on how much he misses the scent of that one shampoo, the one you’d briefly run through last year because your usual brand was out of stock, with a ten point explanation on why you should switch back to it. Or two word, caveman sentences that drove you crazy because you never understood what exactly he wanted when he’d send those nondescript “munchies dip” texts.
You unlock your phone, clicking to the messenger app instead of directly on the notification. Hopefully the preview will give some warning on whether you should invest in this conversation or not. You hated the read receipts on messages, choosing to ghost conversations as you pleased, but Jungkook had wiggled his way into your phone one afternoon and specifically turned them on for his chat with you, and you’d never turned them off since. So he knows if you choose to ignore Attachment: 1 Image at 1:43pm exactly, and he'll pester you about it until you respond.
You contemplate it all for twenty seconds. It could be a variety of things, you guess, but the only way to find out is to actually see with your own eyes what he’s up to this time. He knows better than to distract you at work, is usually really good at waiting until your shift is over to spam you with messages. For him to send you something now, only a few hours into your shift, is uncharacteristic of him.
But you glance down the aisle anyway, taking note of some elderly woman you’d helped a few minutes prior and another teenager aimlessly walking around, probably looking for the snack aisle. You inhale and press down on your chat with Jungkook.
It takes you a moment to make out exactly what the image is, twisting and turning your phone around as you fight to see it without raising the brightness. It’s only when your eyes finally adjust to the dark screen, the faint beeping of the check-out registers fading into the distance, that you realize it’s a shot of the front of his sweatpants.
“Hm?” you murmur, getting brave enough to pinch the image between two fingers, zooming in until you’re able to decipher a multitude of details. For one, there’s a Flaming Hot Cheeto stain on the hem of his sweatpants, the same one you’d accidentally put on there a few weeks back and haven’t been able to wash out since. Then there’s that huge palm of his, tattoos and all, rested carefully against his thigh. It’s veiny and thick in all the right places, bringing all the attention to his knuckles, which you guess is what he was going for when you consider the centerpiece of the image—his hardened dick straining against the grey material.
There’s no text attached to the message, no snapchat font slapped over the image, so you wonder what exactly he wanted you to do with this information mid-shift. Well, realistically, you know exactly what he wants, but that doesn’t mean you won’t clown him before getting there. After all, Jungkook was seldom the naughty texter; sexting annoyed him, he would whine, because he would do all that and not even get to feel the true pleasure of sex, of being inside you. You’ve dabbled in it here and there, but it never went as perfectly as it did in pornos. He’d drop his phone and forget it, or you would straight up ignore the damn device as you went all in on yourself.
But for Jungkook to initiate some sexting, nevertheless sexting at 1pm on a Saturday, when you were at work and you were almost positive he was supposed to be on stream right now? Unheard of, you had to mark this down somewhere.
you what’s this about?
You decide to play it safe, because as exciting as the image of Jungkook at his computer chair, cock hard and angry at the thought of you, fluffy hair ruffled in that way you adored, jaw twitching and tightening as he touched himself, moaned deep and rough and just how you liked and—
As nice as that image was, for all you knew this vague message was Jungkook sending you a picture from a week ago to purposefully fuck with you at work.
jungkook♡ what time u get off? jungkook♡ miss you bad baby
Your stomach flips, and it takes everything in you to not squeal and bounce between the shelves like a toddler on a sugar rush. Here was your boyfriend, the cutest, sweetest boy, sending you dirty pictures of himself and telling you how much he needed you. Yes, YOU, not some random on the street, or someone else in a club, Jungkook needed pleasure and that pleasure could only come from you.
You glance back down the aisle again, checking your surroundings for the second time that day. You’ve been standing here, stock cart empty for a little over five minutes now, so it’s probably best to change location lest your manager come barking down your neck. You send one quick text before heading off for stock again.
you 4pm :(
Your phone dings again just as you’re leaving the stockroom, but you decide to check it once you get to the hygiene aisle you need to work on next. Still, the prospect of Jungkook having texted you has you walking with a skip in your step, one your coworker teases you about when you pass by her.
jungkook♡ fuck jungkook♡ tell me what panties youre wearing jungkook♡ please ?
You bite your lip, stopping yourself from smiling at the tone you’d picked up from his message. There was no doubt he’d been riled up for a while now, and you wonder if he sat through his usual Saturday morning streams with his cock hard, pushed against the edge of his desk like you knew he did when such things happened. The thought has you nearly fumbling with a bottle of aloe vera.
you seamless black thong you the one you bought me at the last vs sale
Briefly, you wonder if you should have lied and told him you were wearing that red lace set he’d given you last Valentine’s Day, the one he’d bought with his first big YouTube check. But the beauty of being in a relationship with someone like Jungkook is that you could have told him you were wearing grandma undies and he’d still think you were the most beautiful person to grace the planet.
jungkook♡ mm jungkook♡ tiny ones u ruined last time?
You set your phone down, speed stock a row of sunscreen like you’re on some shelf stocking national competition, before daring to text Jungkook again. Your cheeks are still warm, and your hand tightens dangerously around a bottle of shaving cream.
Before you can formulate some response, he’s sending another one in.
jungkook♡ u soaked those jungkook♡ came fast that day jungkook♡ want u so bad
Your cheeks burn, a little embarrassed that he remembers such details. As with all Victoria’s Secret panties, they were, like Jungkook said, extremely thin. You pause, shift your stance just barely, but you’re definitely wet. Not terribly so, but with this fabric, you’d start to notice it sooner than with others.
you mm you makin me wet bunny
It’s not a complete lie, but knowing Jungkook this is exactly what he needs to hear to get that competitive streak going. You shake your head to clear your thoughts, stocking another section of men’s shaving cream. It takes longer for him to message you back, and you wonder if he got off fine on his own. If it’s over now, at least he provided you with some distraction midway into your shift.
When he texts you again, you’ve almost completely convinced yourself he’s finished, so the Attachment: 1 Video that appears on your lock screen throws you for a loop.
It’s a short clip, no longer than ten seconds, but it has you scrambling to lower the volume on your device as some unsuspecting mother of two wanders past. You flash her your practiced smile, the same one you give all the store’s customers. Not like your boyfriend is jacking it off on your phone, shallow pants filtering out from the speakers.
You turn your phone over carefully after she leaves, try to at least pretend you’re still doing your job as you play the video again.
Sweats are gone, but boxers remain. Legs deliciously exposed, thick thighs with muscles that ripple when he moves. Shirt pulled up just slightly to showcase that broad expanse of tummy, cute belly button and defined abs that tighten with each glide of his palm over the outline of his cock. Your mouth fills with drool at the sight. He was so hot.
Your brain hasn’t even processed it yet, all your energy directed towards your clenched pussy, when he shoots another text.
jungkook♡ im so fckin hard jungkook♡ wanna kiss yuo every where baby jungkook♡ come ove r soon ??
Shutting your eyes and counting to ten doesn’t help ward off the sudden wave of horniness that consumes you, but it does remind you of the job you’re supposed to be doing now. You shake your head, as if the image of Jungkook’s dick throbbing beneath his boxers, low voice in your ear, will magically disappear. It doesn’t, and it plagues you even more when you begin stocking a section of sunscreen, numbly instructing yourself on what to do next. Shaving cream, sunscreen, lotion next, you repeat.
It doesn’t help.
Two minutes later and you’re scrambling for the phone you’d hastily tucked into your apron pocket, tapping your passcode in until your messages with Jungkook are pulled up again.
you after work you promise
Your head is absolutely spinning, the coil in your stomach too tight for you to try and be a functioning member of society. Something in you says to sneak off to the bathroom and call him, but your boss is a little bit of a prick when he wants to be, thinks you take too many bathroom breaks as is.
Speak of the devil and he shall appear. A curt call of your name has you whirling to face your shelves again, phone tightly pressed against your ribs like maybe it’ll melt into your skin and he won’t see it. At the same time, your sudden fright has you scrambling to turn it off, fingers sloppily pressing against the buttons, hitting the volume like seven times before you eventually feel the familiar click that signals it’s off.
Your boss disappears shortly after, and with his sudden appearance having made every hair on your body stand, you find yourself now slumping against your stock cart. Jesus, that man was a handful to deal with.
The paranoia sticks for a little bit, has you stocking shelf after shelf like a robot until you finish the entire row of hygiene products, back stiff from bending over so much. It’s only when you return to the stockroom ten minutes later that you dare take your phone out again.
A pleasant surprise awaits.
It would appear that during your haste to hide your phone from your boss— Jungkook’s scandalous messages and all —your frantic hands had done something else. A fuzzy picture on your end, a blurry display of lotion bottles you had stacked just before your boss’s impromptu appearance, with no words to accompany them. Normally Jungkook would have ignored that; you frequently sent accidental messages like this, butt texted him, he says.
But there’s something about Jungkook’s horny brain that makes him do stupid things, makes him blow up your phone with a series of question marks, call you four times, whine and fuss in your message thread, and eventually, send you probably the oddest image to date.
jungkook♡ ??? jungkook♡ ????what is that jungkook♡ baby please jungkook♡ I don’t get it ??
jungkook♡ Missed Call (4)
jungkook♡ baby jungkook♡ what does it mean jungkook♡ please ur drivign me insane jungkook♡ jsut wanna hear yuor voice jungkook♡ fuck please just
And then, there’s another one of those cursed Attachment: 1 Image messages.
You shouldn’t be as surprised as you are. You’ve been dating Jungkook for a few months now, know he had that sort of unique personality most college dropouts turned YouTubers do. But every now and then the absurdity of his actions makes you question him still, makes you wonder what exactly goes on in that pretty head of his to warrant such ideas, makes him balance a bottle of body lotion on the thick outline of his cock like this.
Unlike the first few images, this one was taken in front of a mirror. The blinding fluorescent light in his bathroom paints him in a stark color, has every inch of his pretty face on display for you. Rosy cheeks, dewy skin. Perfectly swollen cock straining beneath his grey boxers, curved up against his hip. Shirt pulled up, finally freeing that expanse of muscles on his abdomen, cute little belly button on display once again. The red material is pulled up to his mouth, pearly white teeth biting down on the fabric, and he’s got this flushed expression on his face.
But the real star of the show isn’t his chiseled abdomen or sexy expression, but the sheer hardness of his dick that lets him balance a bottle of body lotion over it, like a fuckin’ shelf or something. He’s so hard, dick so full beneath his boxers. So big too, the little boxers pulled taught around said engorged cock and thick thighs.
Your brain says to laugh, to tease him for being such a clown even when he’s horny as hell. He won’t take it to heart, will probably laugh along with you and you’ll add it to your still growing list of funny memories.
But your caveman libido says call him, so that’s what you do, ducking down behind a new shipment pallet with a squeak as the phone rings. It only lasts four seconds before he picks up, voice breathy and low, but it sounds so loud in the silence of the stockroom.
He doesn’t even let you get a greeting in. “You like my picture, baby?” he husks. It sounds like he’s right there, right beside you, speaking into your ear. Your pussy throbs at the way he sounds. Paired with the picture from before, it has your body tingling all over.
“What the fuck is that?” you hiss, trying to not let the sudden overflow of arousal leak into your words. Jungkook chuckles.
“What?” he huffs. There’s the brief sound of shuffling, the scratchy noise of his phone presumably being pressed against his shoulder. “I’m so hard, baby,” he sighs before you can pretend to reprimand him any further. “Fuck— you, can you just talk to me?” he groans, and the disgusting sound of him spitting into his palm fills your ear.
Your face feels warm, eyes nervously peering across the stockroom like your boss will suddenly appear now of all times to rip you from this important phone call. The anxiety and arousal mix weirdly, have your leg bouncing but every new movement sends a shock up your aching cunt to your chest, and then out to the tips of your fingers.
“You shouldn’t be doing that when I’m at work,” you murmur hurriedly, moving to nervously bite at your finger. Jungkook moans softly.
“Uh huh,” he says.
The air conditioning turns on and you nearly jump out of your own skin. “Kook,” you stress, frazzled by your own burning arousal and the fear of being caught. Like you said. Weird mix. “I— not when I can’t respond.”
He shudders on the line. “You’re responding now,” he points out. You hate when he’s right. Before you can defend yourself, define what a proper response is in this scenario, he’s beating you to the punch. “Baby,” he whimpers, voice so airy yet low, makes your eyes roll into the back of your head, back unconsciously arching. “Couldn’t stop— fuck.”
Your mouth feels dry, all and any form of lecturing fading from your thoughts as you become consumed in Jungkook’s little whines and whimpers. He talks smoothly, a modern day Casanova, and it’s certainly because of that cult-like harem he’s gathered on YouTube. Teenage girls who kiss his ass, tell him he’s cute and dreamy. Make his ego so big.
But then he gets horny and can barely contain that lisp you tease him about, shivers and melts when you put his cock in your mouth. “Couldn't what, bunny?” you mumble, voice drawn tight because now you were really horny, and it was all his fault.
The nickname makes him mewl prettily, your speaker suddenly going scratchy as he fumbles with his phone. “C- Couldn't stop thinking about you— your mouth,” he admits, and now you’re certain he’d sat through that Saturday morning stream like this. “T- Tits,” he adds, lisp slipping through. “Fuck.”
You bite your lip, eyes fluttering shut as you remind yourself now was not the time or place to get yourself off. But, well. That didn’t mean you couldn’t get him off. “Sat through your stream like this?” you murmur, circling your kneecap with a trembling finger as if it’ll ward away the raging lust in your abdomen. Jungkook confirms with a breathy moan. “Had all your little fans wondering why you ended so early.”
He groans. “No,” he chokes, voice hot from how much it wavers. “They— I lied,” he confesses out of nowhere, “s- said I had a doctor’s appointment.”
You muffle a giggle into your palm. “Naughty,” you tease. “Too hard to do your job.”
“Just,” he cuts off, voice feathery. He sounds so close and you haven’t even said anything of substantial value yet. “Tell me,” he says quietly, “what to— mmh, what to do.”
A smirk consumes your features. You try to hide it, but there’s no one here anyway so you’re left grinning at an unpacked box of dental floss like a madwoman. “Why?” you inquire playfully, bask in the sad little whimper he responds with. “Shouldn’t you know how to make yourself cum?”
Another groan of frustration, desperation seeping into his tone when he speaks again. “Baby, please,” he begs, and it feels good. Feels nice to have this big YouTuber begging for you like this, whimpering your name like his doesn’t appear on the top 25 most viewed. “Like when you— ah — when you tell me… what to do.”
Your body feels hot, thighs pressing together with each whimper that falls from his lips. “Okay,” you concede, and he audibly moans in relief. “Tip first,” you instruct softly, eyes defocusing as your brain slowly starts to manifest the image of Jungkook spread out on his bed. Thick thighs, grey boxers pulled taught around them, fat cock between his pretty hands, inked knuckles squeezing around his member. You swallow. You can tell exactly when Jungkook does as you say because another muffled moan fills the speaker. “One finger,” you remind him quickly, head spinning from the mere memory of his dick. “Run it… run it over the slit, bunny.”
“Nngh—“ Jungkook sputters. You can only imagine the face he’s making now, the bottom lip he’s bitten raw by now. He does it a lot; it’s a nervous habit. But as sexy as it looks when you’re in bed, you know he has sensitive lips because of it, bleeds easily if he’s too harsh. You have half the mind to remind him about it now, but then he’s hurriedly gasping out for more. “And, and then? Wha— what then, baby?”
He sounds so sweet, melodic voice dripping with honey. “Touch your balls,” you say a little breathlessly. “Don’t squeeze,” you add, “just roll your palm over them.” Your palm squeezes against your thigh, as if it’s remembering the feel of his body, the soft skin between his thighs when you’re down there. He gets so jittery, thick thighs nearly crushing you if you drag him along too much. “O- Other hand on your cock,” you stumble, thighs squeezed together. “Stroke yourself just like I do, bunny.”
Jungkook complies. “Just like you?” he mumbles, suddenly sounds farther away. As if he’s dropped his phone off to the side. “Fffuck,” he grunts, “m- mouth is so pretty.”
“Hm?” you inquire, so consumed with tampering down your growing arousal for a second that you miss his sentence.
Jungkook’s breath stutters, and for a moment you’re met with the wet squelch of his cock in his hand. And then, “pretty mouth… make me— make me wanna see you cry.”
You bite your lip. “Why,” you say tentatively, finally caving in with a hand fluttering over the front seam of your jeans. Not a question, more of a gentle nudge for him to spill his thoughts.
“Be- Because,” he cries, fucking into his hand. He sounds closer and closer. You have to wonder just how long he had been riled up. It’s been a while since his first message, he was probably desperate by now. “Y- You’re so nice,” he cries, and the sentiment, though oddly out of place, makes your heart squeeze with adoration for the boy on the line. “Wanna be,” he groans, “wanna be so fucking mean to you, baby.”
The sudden change of tone makes you choke on a moan, hand pressing against your mound like it’ll somehow penetrate the thick material of your jeans and give you the sensations you crave. As it stands, it’s a muted feeling you get instead. When your hands fail, his voice compensates. “Fffuck, don’t you— don’t you think about it too?”
Admittedly, no.
Jungkook had always been a gentleman in bed. Always cared for your needs before his own, went out of his way to make you feel pampered and adored during your most vulnerable moments. Contrary to what his online persona might say, he was a good boy. Sweetest boy you knew, touched you like you were made of glass.
So to suddenly learn of this dream— fantasy? kink? —of his that you would certainly enjoy equally as much, well. It made you whimper into your palm, eyes worriedly flickering toward the stockroom’s entrance.
“Why?” you whisper, feeling like a broken doll repeating the same phrase over and over again. You’re suddenly aware of how hot everything was. Your polo felt sticky against your spine, apron too tight, jeans too stuffy. How long had you been hiding in here for? You don’t even know. Hopefully your absence on the floor had gone unnoticed.
Jungkook pants into the line; everything sounds so sticky and wet on his end, hand undoubtedly working away at his cock. “Shit,” he curses, doesn’t really answer your question until you prod a second time. “I- I like it,” he stammers. “When you… fuck, when you look small.” He elaborates before you can even ask, breath heavy and drawn out. He was so close. “When your mouth… when it hurts,” he says, thoughts a scrambled mess. “Like when you— when you cry because my cock is— it’s too big for you.”
A blatant ego boost you’ll ignore for now. Not like you can focus on too many things right now anyway. “Your cock is big, bunny,” you agree softly instead. Your legs feel cramped from crouching so long, so you push yourself to your feet. Except then you’re made aware of how fucking wet you are, panties soaked from the phone call with your boyfriend. You shift and they stick to your folds, make you release a shaky exhale that Jungkook doesn’t miss.
“I— you’re wet,” he says boldly, and this time your meek confirmation isn’t a lie. Jungkook grunts. “Fuck, baby, I—“ cut off by his own whiny cry, probably bucking into his hand like a madman by now. “Wanna, wanna kiss you everywhere,” he says, a call back to his earlier message. Your legs feel like jello. You want him to kiss you everywhere too— lips, tits, cunt that is dripping for him now.
“I- I’ll be over soon,” you stammer, feeling like you’ll pass out if he carries on any further. He sounds so good on the line, soft pants, rough growls. You can’t possibly listen anymore, not when you’re so wet and horny in the middle of your shift. “Just,” you pause, can’t get the image of his pretty cock out of your mind. Every blink makes it more vivid, reminds you of the vein on the underside, the exact shade of the tip.
“What?” Jungkook hisses, voice higher than usual, parts of it lost under the rapid movements of his hand. “Tell me, baby, tell me what to do,” he begs hoarsely, “I’ll do it.” Sounds so desperate and needy, two seconds away from busting all over his hand.
You have to lean against the wall of the stockroom to ground yourself, remind yourself you’re not in the same situation as Jungkook and can’t cum in your pants like a teenager. “J- Just cum,” you choke, eyes fluttering shut.
He must’ve been waiting for that command, because the second the words leave your throat he’s filling the line with breathy groans and cries as he comes all over himself, probably ruins his t-shirt. The sounds have your hips unconsciously bucking forward into nothingness, the frustration of not being able to cum with him manifesting in the form of a tiny little sob. Luckily, he doesn’t catch it.
When it’s all said and done, he’s left panting into the receiver, flooding your speaker with breathy sighs that only make you more and more aroused.
“You’re terrible,” you frown, cheeks flushed, body tingling. You flip your wrist over and check the time; it’s been about sixteen minutes since you disappeared from outside. Sixteen minutes of listening to Jungkook touch himself and moan and whine and whimper. Tease you with new possibilities you had never considered before. And now he’s satisfied and you’re not.
Jungkook chuckles, low and tired. The sound shoots straight to your cunt. “Come over after you shift,” he says, as if you’re not planning to fake a severe case of the flu right now in order to get off early and run to his bed. You only had a little less than two hours of your shift left anyway. Not like they paid you well to begin with. Jungkook shifts, releases one of those saccharine groans as he probably snuggles into his bed, all sweaty and worn out. “Want you to fuck my face, baby.”
You frown, counting to ten to calm yourself down. Another few minutes of listless conversation, and you hang up. Your body feels featherlight, a little woozy as you make your way back out into the floor.
Nothing has changed. Customers pour in and out, your boss scolds you for a display you didn’t do, and life inside the store drags on. No one knows that you’re soaking your panties to hell and back, Jungkook’s soothing moans in your ear. Life goes on.
you shift ends in 20
jungkook♡ sweet jungkook♡ got your seat ready jungkook♡ Attachment: 1 Image
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No Strings Attached
A commission for the lovely @hearteyes-candyskies, hope you like it bby! 💕
Bokuto Koutarou x female reader
TW Age gap, power imbalance, manipulation, toxic behaviour, nsfw(ish)
Three months ago, you would have laughed at the very idea of having a sugar daddy. 
Then again, three months ago you were still living with your boyfriend and had a steady paycheck coming in every week. You can blame losing the latter on bad luck and an asshole boss, but the former-
You knew your relationship with your ex was far from perfect, but coming home from losing said job to find him buried balls deep in your next door neighbour was a bit of a slap in the face. 
Needless to say, in the space of a few days you were out a job, a boyfriend and an apartment. Which, somewhat inevitably, led to you being six wines deep, slumped over your best friend’s bed, sobbing over the wreckage of the life you’d built, suddenly ripped out from beneath you.
You can’t really remember whose idea it was, only giggling drunkenly between yourselves as Misuzu set up your ‘sugar baby’ profile. “Shh, no this is gonna be great,” she’d said, hitting at the hands that tried to grab back your phone. “Meet some hot rich old dude, ride a little dick, let him shower you in cash; all your problems? Poof, sorted!”
And even with the heady, rose tinted haze of your wine fuelled inebriation, you knew that it was just a joke, a bit of stupid fun born more out of an attempt to cheer you up than a viable plan to get the tattered remains of your life back on track. Calling some old creepy dude ‘daddy’ and pretending to love him (not to mention the whole letting him fuck you thing) just for a little money wasn’t exactly your idea of a good time.
Plus, you were fairly sure that you weren’t what most people had in mind when they thought ‘sugar baby’. It wasn’t ever meant to be anything serious, just dumb, drunken fun with your friend.
So when you woke the next day a little after mid morning with a head full of regrets and a pounding headache, the last thing you expected was to find a message from BigDaddyKou82 waiting for you, better sense told you to ignore it.
Honestly, you didn’t really want a sugar daddy, your love life was enough of a mess without throwing in a power imbalance like that.
You should have ignored the message, deleted it or shot him a quick reply politely explaining that you weren’t interested so you could put it out of your mind, and you would have-
If Misuzu hadn’t caught sight of the message first, snatching the phone out of your hand with a gleeful shriek. 
If you’ve learned anything in these past months, it’s that Bokuto Koutarou doesn’t do anything by half measures. So when he tells you he’s booked dinner for the two of you at an upscale restaurant in the city, you should have expected the package that’s hand delivered right to the door of your shitty little apartment. The dress is beautiful, expensive - though you could tell that just from the elegant matte black box wrapped in golden ribbon it arrives in. It’s exactly his style; short, revealing and just dancing along the edge of impropriety, not that that’ll bother him in the slightest. 
But it is gorgeous, and loathe as you are to admit it, it flatters you well.
It’s not the first time that he’s bought you clothes, your tiny closet’s almost overflowing with pieces he’s gifted you. He likes seeing you in the things he’s bought, sometimes a little too much, you think. But you’ve learned it’s better just to go along with it - he gets this wide eyed, beaming grin whenever he sees you dressed in the pretty things he’s bought you, and the sight of it never fails to make your cheeks heat, warmth curling in your stomach. 
The dress was not unexpected. The soft, lacy lingerie that comes in the accompanying box, on the other hand - that was new.
And of course, you barely have time to unwrap your gift when your phone flashes to life, an incoming call from the man himself.
“D’ya like it?”
The giddy excitement in his voice is unmistakable, and if you close your eyes you can picture the look on his face - golden eyes all hooded and hungry, that glittering, eager grin he wears when the two of you are out in public but his mind’s occupied with all the filthy, wonderful things he wants to do to you the moment you’re alone. 
Not that he’s ever that patient. 
“Um, it’s…” Fingers tentatively reach into the tissue paper, pulling the sheer, lacy bra out, warmth blossoming in your cheeks. The matching panties - a tiny scrap of lace held together with bows and thin black straps - really aren’t much better. Like the dress, the lingerie is clearly well made, probably cost more than your weekly rent, and the delicate set is arguably gorgeous (you can’t even argue his taste), but–
“You’re gonna wear it for me tonight, right, baby?” 
It’s not really a question; of course you will, because you always do. You would have thought by now that you’d be used to the gifts he showers you in. 
“Yeah, but Kou, you really didn’t have to spend all this money on me. Dinner’s enough,” you tell him, setting the lingerie back down. 
Dinner, and everything else for that matter. 
A chuckle echoes down the line. “But I like spoiling my girl. Like buying you pretty things,” his voice dips, “like tearing ‘em off you afterwards, too.” 
And despite all the apprehension curled up inside of you, a shiver of excitement runs down your spine. 
“So…” Misuzu pushes, leaning across the countertop with her chin resting on her palm and looking entirely too pleased at your discomfort.
“He… asked me to meet him.”
Her eyes widen, sparkling in delight as she gasps, “For dinner?”
“For a drink - one drink,” you clarify. You elect not to tell her that he’d initially tried to sway you into dinner, and it was you who’d talked him down to a drink. Truthfully, you’d probably feel more comfortable getting coffee, but meeting at a bar was fine.
One drink, and if things got awkward or he turned out to be a creep you’d be out of there in a heartbeat. 
“Oh my god!! My baby Y/N, all grown up and manipulating old, lonely men for money. I’m so proud,” she wipes a fake tear from her eye and bursts into a fit of giggles.
A crinkle appears between your brow as you frown at her, “He’s not even that old,” you grumble, “and it’s not like that. You know it’s not.”
“No?” she asks, her lips curling into a teasing smirk. “You know, for somebody who was so against me messaging your soon to be sugar daddy, you sure move quickly.”
She laughs at the glare you shoot her way. “You were the one who started this.”
“Mhm, and you were the one who didn’t stop it. Funny that, don’t you think?”
She looks like the cat that ate the canary; smug, glittering amusement written all across her face. And you hate, more than anything, that she’s right.
Because you’d meant to put a stop to it the moment you managed to wrestle your phone back from her. Afterwards, you’d blame the lingering hurt of having your heart broken, the insecurities and bitter humiliation that plagued you, the feeling that you weren’t good enough to stop your boyfriend from straying for making you so pathetically vulnerable and desperate for approval - but when you opened the chat instead of the sleazy come on’s you expected, his first message makes something inside of you flutter, warm and pleasant.
Holy crap, you’re beautiful.
Not exactly a sonnet from Shakespeare, but you can’t remember the last time any guy, much less your ex, called you beautiful. 
It didn’t exactly hurt that instead of the aging, creepy looking letch you were half expecting, the profile picture showed a rather fit, attractive man in a crisp, black suit with silvery grey streaked hair and an easy grin. Of course, it was a fifty-fifty chance that the pic wasn’t even him, or if it was then it was outdated or heavily edited, but it was enough to make you pause.
Enough to make you… curious, if nothing else.
But ridiculously attractive or not, you weren’t going to lead him on. If he wanted some pretty, simpering thing to fuck and throw money at, to call him daddy and be his sweet, obedient little girl - that wasn’t you. You’d explained that you weren’t really sure if this was your thing, that you probably weren’t what he had in mind, but surprisingly he hadn’t been put off by that.
Well what’s the harm in finding out for yourself? Maybe you’ll like it more than you think ;)
There were rules, when you started - lines you both agreed wouldn’t be crossed.
First and foremost, while it wasn’t exactly a conventional relationship - at least, not the kind you were used to - it was still a relationship of sorts, and there was an expectation of honesty in lieu of absolute exclusivity. You’d tell him if you were seeing anybody else, and Bokuto would tell you the same. Considering sex was on the table, it made sense.
You swore right from the beginning that you wouldn’t allow yourself to become financially dependent on him - you knew all too well that relationships were fickle things to begin with. That kind of dependency was half the reason you were in this position in the first place, and you wouldn’t - couldn’t - let that happen again. That didn’t mean that the arrangement wasn’t transactional. After a few initial meetings that went better than you expected, the two of you came to an agreement; a nice little sum of money he’d deposit weekly in your account in exchange for you being there when he wanted you. Dinner dates, skype calls when he’s travelling, spur of the moment weekends away in expensive hotels - whatever he wanted... within reason.
The thing is, despite his flaws - the little funks he gets into, his immaturity despite the age gap between you, the way he clings to you, mopes if you don’t pay him the attention he wants - you genuinely like Bo, he’s oddly endearing. Loveable, even. He reminds you a little of a puppy; eager for affection, bright and boisterous with boundless energy (and enviable stamina). He’s sweet and adoring and funny and he has this uncanny ability to make everything else fade away when you’re with him, to make you feel like you’re the only woman in the room, beautiful and perfect and entirely his-
But that didn’t make him your boyfriend. 
You weren’t lovers, and whether it was in two weeks or two years, you both knew this arrangement had an expiration date. And because of that, there were no strings attached. At any point, either one of you could end it without an explanation - no questions asked, no feelings hurt. 
Truthfully, you don’t know an awful lot about Bokuto’s line of work, only that his position within the company is senior enough that he can move around his schedule pretty much as he wants, leaving him free to see you whenever he likes. 
Which wasn’t a problem when that was once or twice a week. 
“Sorry, Koutarou, you know I can’t. Maybe tomorrow?”
The petulant whine that echoes down the phone fills you with an odd sort of  guilt. “Why not? You said no on Friday, too,” he pouts. “I miss you, baby. Wanna see you again.”
You shove down the faint, flickering unease that nudges at your gut. You’re not his girlfriend, and you find yourself wondering whether or not he sometimes deliberately lets himself forget that.
Nibbling at your bottom lip, you frown, “I told you I have work today. It’s too late for me to try and find someone to cover my shift, and if I call in again-”
You can kiss your job goodbye. You’re already on thin ice with your boss, and it’s not like new waitresses are hard to find these days. 
“Well… what time do you finish?” he asks, his voice thick with dejection, as if he already knows what your answer’s going to be.
You bite back a sigh, “Late. I’m on close again.”
The short silence on the other end of the phone is deafening. “… I’ll come pick you up afterwards.”
This time you can’t stop the soft sigh that escapes, “Kou, I’m gonna be exhausted, I won’t be any fun to be around.”
“Still wanna see you. You’re always working,” he grumbles. “Feels like you don’t have time for me anymore, baby.”
Slowly your eyes flutter shut, and you take a deep breath. It always comes back to this. “I need this job, baby. We’ve talked about this… I’ll see you tomorrow, okay? I have the whole day off, I’m entirely yours.”
“All mine, hm?”
You smile, “All yours, promise.”
He hums in acknowledgement, not entirely happy, but temporarily placated. “Fiiiine. But I’m holding you to it.”
As if you expected any less. “I have to go get ready for work. I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?”
“I’ll see you later,” he promises, and you hang up a moment later. 
When he said that, you assumed that both of you were on the same page as to what ‘later’ meant.
Three hours into your shift, you hadn’t expected to return from the kitchen to find a grinning Bokuto lounging in one of your booths.
“He asked for you specifically when he came in,” one of your coworkers tells you, shooting you a playful wink. “Didn’t know you were into silver foxes, Y/N. But I can’t say I blame you, he’s hot!”
“Yeah, thanks,” you mutter distractedly, glancing over your shoulder to check your manager wasn’t watching before making your way over.
The smile on your face is tight as golden eyes flicker towards you. “Bokuto,” you begin quietly, “what- what are you doing here?”
An odd look passes across his face at the use of his family name, but the smug grin remains. “You said you had to work tonight,” he says with a cavalier shrug, as if that explained everything. 
“Yes, because I’m working! Kou, I need this job, I can’t-” you break off with a huff, darting another glance over your shoulder. Thankfully, your manager’s busy berating your co-worker for a screwed up order and hasn’t noticed your absence yet.  
Taking advantage of your distracted state, Bokuto reaches across the table to take your hand in his, his thumb stroking back and forth along the back of your palm. “Hey, hey, relax. You’re here to work, I get it, baby. I’m just here for some food, cross my heart,” he swears, drawing an imaginary X over his chest with his finger.
Gently tugging your hand back, you ignore the hurt little pout he gives you. “So you decided to drive twenty minutes across town just to eat here?” you ask, trying to keep the exasperation from colouring your tone. 
He shifts a little in his seat, cheeks flushing a dusty pink under your narrowed stare. “… Well, maybe I wanted to see my pretty girl, too,” he admits, “But I swear I’ll be on my best behaviour!”
Somehow, his words don’t fill you with confidence, but what are you supposed to do? Kick him out? Snap at him for coming despite the fact you told him not to? Taking a deep, steadying breath through your nose, you force yourself to relax. Bokuto’s not hurting anybody by being there, and so long as he keeps his hands to himself, so long as he behaves, it won’t be an issue.
He’s a paying customer, and you’ll treat him just like you would anyone else who walked through the restaurant’s doors.
Yet despite trying to reassure yourself of that, you can’t escape the niggling sense of unease sitting in the pit of your stomach. Even if he’s the perfect gentleman tonight, the perfect stranger, you’ve worked hard to keep your boring day to day life and the one you’ve created with him in nice, neat, separate boxes. Bokuto hasn’t met your friends or your family and outside of Misuzu they don’t have a clue about your arrangement with your attractive if somewhat clingy benefactor.
You don’t want them to know.
Him being here threatens that - it makes you nervous.
But you’ve been with Bokuto long enough to know that you can’t tell him that without hurting his feelings, and you definitely don’t have the energy to deal with that tonight. It’s a conversation for another day.
Instead, you allow a small smile to tug at the corners of your lips, “You know the food’s pretty average here, you might be disappointed.”
Bokuto grins again, mischief sparkling in those golden eyes, and your traitorous heart skips a beat. “Yeah, don’t think that’ll be a problem,” he leans in closer, “I’m far more interested in what’s for dessert.”
Warmth floods your cheeks as he snickers. 
For the most part he keeps his hands to himself, but you can’t quite bring yourself to relax when you can feel those golden, hungry eyes burning a hole into your back as you move around the restaurant serving other customers.
You pretend you don’t see the scowling glower he sends to the harmless office-worker who spends a good forty five minutes flirting with you every time you go over to check on his table.
Bokuto orders enough food to feed a small army and stays until close, leaving a more than generous tip on his way out. 
It goes without saying that he waits for you to finish up. The moment you slip out the door, calling out one last goodnight to your coworker, he’s on you, pushing you up against the brick alleyway wall, hiking your legs up over his hips as his mouth attacks yours, greedy and eager, swallowing up any and all protests you might’ve had.
He doesn’t take you home like you ask, but back to his penthouse suite, and neither of you get much sleep that night.
You’re halfway through washing your hair a few days later when your shower head splutters once… twice… and stops completely. 
A blockage in the plumbing, your landlord informs you rather apathetically. It’s affecting the whole floor and it’ll take at least a day or two to get somebody out to fix it properly, leaving you without running water for the entirety of that time.
In hindsight, there were at least three other people you could have (and probably should have) called first, but he’s already answering the phone before the thought even occurs to you. 
And then it’s too late to backpedal. You find yourself grateful that he can’t physically see the way you flush and fidget, pacing around your living room as you awkwardly try to explain the reason you’re calling at ten in the morning. 
“Would, I mean, i-is it okay if I come over to use your shower? Just for this one time, mine kind of got interrupted this morning.” 
God, from the way you stutter, stumbling over your own tongue, you’d think you were asking him to marry you. You’ve spent the night at his countless times before, but asking for a favour, even a small one like this - maybe you’re toeing an unwritten line in the sand? Bokuto isn’t with you because he loves you, he’s with you because it’s mutually beneficial for both of you, because of an agreement. 
He wants fun, easy, not you saddling him with minor inconveniences. Calling to ask him to come save you, albeit from something as mundane as a lack of access to a functioning shower, feels like something you’d ask your boyfriend to do. 
Not your sugar daddy.
But just as you’re about to backtrack and apologise for interrupting his morning, he speaks. “What d’you mean? Just come stay with me till it’s fixed.”
He says it with such certainty, as if it’s the most obvious solution and for a moment you’re stunned into silence. “A-are you sure? I don’t want-'' Don't want what? To be an inconvenience? A problem? “I don’t want to be in the way,” you finish lamely.
Bokuto just laughs, “Don’t be stupid, baby, of course you won’t be in the way. Just swing by the office and I can give you the keys. Or I can just get you another set made? I don’t know, we can figure it out later. I’ll see you soon, ‘kay?” 
And you have to admit, as apprehensive as you were stepping into his penthouse alone for the first time, showering in Bokuto’s fancy ensuite bathroom (which you’re fairly sure is bigger than your actual bedroom) is a hell of a lot nicer than doing it at home. The lotions he has are all expensive brands with french names you’ve never even heard of before, but they smell amazing and they leave your skin feeling all soft and silky. Even the shampoo he’s bought for you to use is far nicer than the one you have at home, though you’re secretly pleased that its scent’s similar - your favourite, actually. 
Did he buy them knowing that or was it just a coincidence, you wonder. You never thought to ask. 
Without work, or Bo for that matter, to occupy your time, you decide to take advantage of his gigantic TV, opening up Netflix and settling into his ridiculously comfortable couch… 
… And wake, a few hours later to the feeling of fingers carding through your hair and a pair of lips pressing against your cheek. 
Bokuto’s home, you realise with a start, and there’s drool on your chin. Face burning with embarrassment, you hastily wipe it away with the back of your palm and try to sit up, only for Bokuto’s hand to wrap around your wrist, halting you in your tracks.
“No, don’t get up, baby,” he says, easing down onto the couch beside you and shifting your head onto his lap so he can continue threading his fingers through your hair. “I like coming home to this.”
Still half asleep, curling up and nuzzling further into those warm, thick thighs of his, you miss the intensity of the adoration burning in golden depths as he coaxes you back to sleep.
The two of you are in bed, your cheek resting on his chest, his arm slung over your waist and knuckles brushing idly along your side, when Bokuto breaks the comfortable silence. 
“Move in with me.”
You tense in his arms, heart skipping a beat. For a split second, you’re almost positive that you misheard him. “I-I’m sorry?” You push yourself up onto your elbow, turning your head so that you can look at him properly.
But Bokuto doesn’t miss a beat. “Move in with me,” he repeats, golden eyes bearing down on you.
The expression on your face is frozen halfway between disbelief and hysteria, and you’re staring at him, waiting for that stupid grin to break across his face, for him to laugh and tell you how ridiculous you look, because of course he’s joking.
He’s joking, right?
“Koutarou,” you begin slowly, “Wha- I don’t… Why would you want me to move in with you? We barely- I mean, we’re not…” 
He shrugs his shoulders, “Why wouldn’t I? It makes sense. My place is bigger and nicer, and I like having you here with me. Feels right.”
It feels right??
“I-I can’t just move out of my apartment, Kou.”
His eyebrows knit together, and he huffs, “Why not? It’s a shitty apartment.”
“That’s not the point!” Knocking away the hand that reaches for you, you push yourself all the way up until you’re sitting properly. “I don’t want to move.” 
Owlish eyes narrow, a flash of irritation sparking. “Why not? It makes perfect sense for you to move in here with me. You wouldn’t have to work at that stupid job anymore for one,” he huffs. 
“Bokuto, I’m not going to quit my job,” you mutter. “We’ve talked about this.”
“Why, though?!” he explodes. “You don’t need the money, I’ve told you I can take care of you, whatever you want, baby, name it and it’s fucking yours. You don’t need to work and you don’t need that shitty little apartment!”
Like a crystal glass slipping from numb fingers, the fantasy you’ve convinced yourself you’ve been living shatters into a thousand jagged shards in the space of a single breath.
Oh, how naive you’ve been. How fucking stupid.
Squeezing your eyes shut, you inhale deeply, “Kou, that’s not-”
Strong fingers grip your jaw, and your eyes shoot open as he tugs your face back towards him. Your breath catches in your throat, heart hammering painfully against your ribs. His eyes are wide, pupils blown out, but it’s the intensity in his gaze as he stares at you, the blank expression-
“I love you.”
39 missed calls. 72 unread messages. 
Flowers, bouquets of roses, peonies and chrysanthemums piled up by your door between boxes of chocolates and other gifts you won’t bring yourself to open. 
Wide eyed, Misuzu gingerly steps over them, holding two steaming mugs in hand. “Holy fuck,” she murmurs, and for the first time since this stupid, awful mistake began, there’s not a trace of mirth to be found. “Y/N, I…”
But she doesn’t have the words, and you can’t blame her. 
“He told me he loves me,” you sigh. “He asked me to move in with him and told me he loved me, and I grabbed my clothes and all but ran.” You still can’t get the image of Bokuto’s face out of your head, the raw, aching hurt swimming in his eyes as you all but stumbled over excuses in your haste to get out of there. But he didn’t lift a finger to stop you, didn’t say another word.
He just watched numbly, hunched over against the headboard as you fled.
There’s a short beat of silence between the two of you as she sets down the drinks and collapses into the chair beside you. “And… do you love him back?” 
Exhaling loudly, you drop your face into your palms. “I-”
You like how he makes you feel beautiful, the filthy, wonderful praise he lavishes you in when the two of you sleep together, the way he touches you, fingers and mouth so eager to please as his cock fills you, inch by delicious inch.
You like being adored, treasured, and you liked Bo, but… you don’t love him.
That was never on the cards, that wasn’t what your relationship was.
Every line he ever crossed, every boundary he toed, you keep replaying them again and again over and over in your head like a never ending loop. You hadn’t even wanted this whole stupid sugar baby relationship to begin with, and every step of the way he was the one to coax you forward.
And you let him, swallowing down your doubts and your insecurities each and every time. You let him think that this was something else entirely… 
How had you not seen this coming?
“No,” you admit.
The hand that takes yours is soft, and when you glance over with eyes beginning to burn with unshed tears, Misuzu squeezes it gently. “Then end it. Walk away.”
And with your head on her shoulder, her arms wrapped loosely around you, you type out a short message to Bokuto. No strings attached and no questions asked, you’d promised each other that much when you’d started this mess. You wonder if it still holds true. 
I’m sorry. Clearly we were on different pages and want different things. I didn’t mean to lead you on or for things to go as far as they did, but I can’t do this with you anymore. 
You send it and block his contact, and when the tears come and painful sobs rip their way free, Misuzu holds you tight and murmurs soft reassurances. It’ll pass, all breakups hurt.
A week after your ‘breakup’ you get a notification on your phone that money’s been transferred into your bank account. 
For a moment, you think that maybe it’s an accident, a recurring transaction he’d simply forgotten to cancel (you doubt he’d even notice) until you click into the transaction itself.
It isn’t the sum itself that startles you - twice the usual amount - but the short note attached in the description.
I need to see you. Please.
You transfer the money right back into his account.
Without your weekly supplement from Bo, it doesn’t take long for you to come to the realisation that your current salary just barely covers rent and your bills, and if you want to eat anything other than two minute noodles in the foreseeable future, you’re going to need either more hours, or a second job. 
Thankfully, the timing works out well. When you go to your boss with your most winning smile to try and convince her of your plight, she simply shrugs and agrees, having had to let one of the junior staff go only a few days before. The one catch being that instead of working a mix of morning and afternoon shifts with the occasional closing thrown in, you’re now exclusively on close, five nights a week, Tuesday through Saturday.
Mostly, it doesn’t bother you. The shifts are long and you always leave feeling aching, drained and barely human, but usually it’s quiet enough, and so long as you can get the last few lingering customers out early enough, the actual close runs pretty smoothly between you and the other staff. 
It’s not what you really want to be doing, but you’ve learned to make the best of it. This is adult life, and for the first time since high school, you’re supporting yourself entirely. It might not be the greatest job in the world, and there are absolutely days when you just want to throw in the towel completely, but there is a slight pride to that fact. You don’t need anybody in your life to coddle or support you, you’re figuring this shit out as you go along.
You just wish, sometimes, that you could do that without having to work until the early hours of the morning.
On paper, the kitchen closes at midnight and the last customers are supposed to be out within half an hour of that. Then, between yourself and another server, you can usually get the restaurant tidied up and closed a little after one. 
You knew right from the moment you clocked on that tonight wasn’t going to be one of those nights. The girl who’s supposed to be on close with you called in sick and your boss hasn’t bothered to replace her.
It’s not the first time you’ve had to close by yourself, but it’s still a pain, especially when the last few customers take forever to finish up and leave. 
One of the kitchen staff offers to stay back, his bag slung over his shoulder, hand already on the door handle but you just shake your head with a tired smile. 
“Nah, I can handle it. Thanks, though,”
To his credit, he doesn’t immediately take the offered out. “Are you sure?”
“Yeah, I’ll be fine. See you tomorrow.”
Without any help, it takes almost twice as long for you to finish up, and it’s a little after two when you finally flick off the lights and lock the doors.
Your feet are killing you, and all you can think about is sinking into your bed at home, burrowing into your blankets and sleeping for a week straight-
“Hey, baby.” 
Leaning against the hood of his car, arms folded across his broad chest and eyeing you with an unreadable expression, is Bokuto. 
The tiny hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. 
There's nothing inherently threatening about him being here, but it’s the middle of the night, you haven’t seen him in almost two weeks and you don’t need to glance around to know that the car park’s empty. There’s nobody in sight.
Just you and him, and the few feet of distance separating you. 
“K-kou, what are you… what are you doing here?” 
He smiles at that, the way his name slips from your lips, but only for a fleeting second. It fades, and a cold, uncomfortable feeling settles in the pit of your stomach. 
“I missed you, y’know?” He pushes off the hood and takes a step towards you, “You didn’t call me.”
He’s always been bigger than you, towering over you looking like some Adonis with those rippling, powerful muscles of his. You used to like that strength, squealing in wicked delight when he’d hoist you up with a grin, hands gripping your thighs, squeezing your ass, your back shoved up against the wall so he could drive his cock deeper into ‘his pretty fuckin’ pussy’. 
But that was then. 
You’ve never been scared of his strength. Even that morning in the apartment, he didn’t lash out, didn’t scream or yell, he just… shut down. He wouldn’t hurt you, you know that.
That doesn’t stop you from skittering backwards like a frightened little bunny, your back hitting the wall.
The very moment you do, you watch as his eyes widen in surprise, hurt flashing for a split second-
-before they darken, his face twisting into a scowl, and you can’t escape the feeling you’ve made an awful mistake. 
Dread creeps its way up your spine, tightening like a vice around your chest, making it hard to breathe. Your brain is screaming at you to run, adrenaline surging through your veins, but even as your heart races and your breathing spikes, you can’t seem to move your legs.
It wouldn’t make a difference even if you could - with your back up against the literal wall, Bokuto and his car blocking your only escape route, you’re trapped; a fact that hasn’t escaped either of you.
Paralysed in fear, you can’t so much as twitch as he takes another slow, calculated step forward.
Desperately, you open your mouth - to try and placate him? To apologise? Scream for help? - but all that escapes is his name in a choked, breathless whisper. 
As he stares at you, he almost looks regretful.
Almost, if not for the grim determination resolving like steel in those golden eyes of his. “I love you, and I know you love me, too,” he says, closing the gap between you. “I’m doing this for us, baby.”
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luvmiaa · 5 months ago
𝐚𝐨𝐭 𝐛𝐨𝐲𝐬 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐚 𝐛𝐥𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐬/𝐨
Tumblr media
this includes eren, levi, armin, connie, and jean
reading: black!fem!reader
genre: fluff
a/n: decided to bring this back while I’m redoing my page so don’t mind
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
━ 𝗘𝗿𝗲𝗻 𝗝𝗮𝗲𝗴𝗮𝗿
Y’all would definitely a power couple, the ones that rule the internet
You know those cute ones you find on Pinterest? That would be y’all, definitely De’arra and Ken vibes
Eren would be such a teaser, he would tease you like all the time, and definitely a tickler no matter how many times you tell him to stop
Every time you feel insecure about trying new colors or different hair styles, he’s gonna always convince you to do it
You would literally debate on big chopping your hair and he’ll convince you to go for it cause why? You’ll look beautiful no matter what
I feel his favorite old movie would be boyz in the hood
Randomly, he would scream that “RICKY!!” line like all the time
Eren would definitely let you braid his hair or let you try cute styles you find
Oh and you would do the style on yourself just to match and take pics, POWER COUPLE TINGZ 🥰
Eren would not take wash day seriously for his life 😭 mf would add either too much or too little of deep shampoo or keep splashing water around the shower, meanwhile you’re trying to deep condition your hair
Don’t worry, he’ll apologize after you beat his ass (you barely won though)
Tumblr media
━ 𝗟𝗲𝘃𝗶 𝗔𝗰𝗸𝗲𝗿𝗺𝗮𝗻
Y’all would definitely be one of those rich couples
You know those rich aunties that are living their best life in bora bora while sipping mimosa? That’s y’all
You and Levi would live in like a mid-size mansion or a beautiful penthouse that has a nice view
Y’all bed is nothing but fine black or royal blue silk
All you two both know is Chanel, Dolce and Gabana, Prada, Givenchy, Armani, the list goes on
You two don’t know the broke life, y’all wouldn’t even dare to touch or enter the Gucci store
Only the fanciest restaurants for the fanciest couples
Wash days would turn into a bubble bath with you laying on Levi’s chest and him washing your hair for you while you’re sipping wine and ranting on about anything
I KNOW Levi be giving some bomb ass scalp massages, feel like his fingers were sent from Heaven
Now when it comes to actually getting your hair done, he’s running background checks and doing the utmost to make sure your hair tech isn’t a scam
Let someone talk about his beautiful wife, him AND your security guards are beating their ass
Now if y’all had a kid, WHEW CHILE 🚶🏾‍♀️
I feel like the world would try levi and give him a bad ass baybay kid (hopefully y’all know what I’m talking about 😭) or a prissy kid with his attitude
Either way, the kid is getting their ass whooped from either you or him
Now don’t get me wrong, he would be very overprotective of his kid and only accept THE FINEST for his kid
Tumblr media
━ 𝗔𝗿𝗺𝗶𝗻 𝗔𝗿𝗹𝗲𝗿𝘁
You two would be those cute aesthetic couples, more so on the soft boy/indie vibes
You guys would have picnics dates like allll the time, of course, you don’t mind since this gives the chance to appreciate and learn more about one another
Everyday Armin would give you a fun fact he learned about us black folks, sometimes the fact would even shock you
Armin would definitely be a fan of the Black Panther Party
Wash days would just be him helping you and soft music playing in the background
Armin would take the time to do deep research about our culture
Your family would love him so much, he would always get snatched up by either your baby cousins or aunties every time you bring him to the cookout
Every time you get your hair or nails done, he’s always there next to you, chatting up a storm
The girlies in the salon shoot a glare cause of course they’re mad they didn’t bag a loving boyfriend like Armin
If he’s not there, he’s FaceTiming you or asking for pics in the end
Sometimes he’ll go above and beyond and wear outfits to match your new do and take pics
Every time you’ll feel down or not yourself, he would buy you small gifts like flowers or your favorite food to make it better
If that doesn’t work, he’ll let you sit or lay on his lap and listen to you rant, even if it’s about the most trivial thing
Tumblr media
━ 𝗖𝗼𝗻𝗻𝗶𝗲 𝗦𝗽𝗿𝗶𝗻𝗴𝗲𝗿
You two would be those goofy couples that roast each other all the time
You would say a minor thing like his shirt is inside out and he’ll joke about something about you, now y’all going back and forth till one of y’all almost die from laughing
You ever wonder why your bonnets go missing? It’s because of your boyfriend
The mf would walk around the house wearing it likes it’s nothing and misplace it
Until one day you catch him wearing it
You: Connie why are you wearing my bonnet?
Connie: They’re cute and I think I look good with them *insert lightskin face*
You: Boy give me my shit back, no wonder I keep losing them
Your biggest hype man EVER no matter what
You could just be washing the dishes in an oversized t-shirt, shorts, and a bonnet and he’ll hype you up
He just loves seeing your beautiful face 🥰
Now when you get your hair and nails done, he’s definitely showing you off, especially on Instagram
He’s taking multiple pics and multiple stories like a photographer and you’re out here feeling good about yourself
Tumblr media
━ 𝗝𝗲𝗮𝗻 𝗞𝗶𝗿𝘀𝗰𝗵𝘁𝗲𝗶𝗻
Y’all would a chill couple, those couples that just mind their business and love each other
Every once in a while you guys would update social media, barely though
You two definitely do y’all skincare routine together and take cute pictures
Super indecisive whenever you ask him what color or hairstyle you should try next
At first, he would be nervous to ask you to help wash your hair but washed over it and decided to ask you, of course, you said yes
Just like Levi, Jean definitely gives one of the best scalp massages EVER
Except his massages would send you to sleep and you’re just laying on his chest, lightly snoring, while his fingers work magic
I feel like he would talk about having a kid of his own a lot. He would be so happy to have a mini mixed him running around (not to the point where he’s fetishizing though)
Dates with him would mostly consist of something chill like visiting an aquarium or staying home and watching movies
Jean would definitely have thousands upon thousands of questions if you were to show him a black movie though (especially a tyler perry one)
At this point, you would have to tell him to write his questions down so he wouldn’t interrupt
Tumblr media
shoutout to anon cause this was my first ever request
decided to bring it back while I’m redoing my page
not to brag but it was my second biggest post also
bye babes, drink your water, stay hydrated, and remember that you are the baddest bitch on the planet 🥰 no matter what ANYONE says
𝐌𝐚𝐭𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐰 𝟓:𝟔 💗
Tumblr media
© 𝟤𝟢𝟤𝟣 𝗂𝗓𝗎𝗄𝗎𝗌𝖽𝖾𝗄𝗎. 𝖺𝗅𝗅 𝗋𝗂𝗀𝗁𝗍𝗌 𝗋𝖾𝗌𝖾𝗋𝗏𝖾𝖽
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ks-dreams-fantasies · 5 months ago
Can you write one where the reader surprise vinnie on his bday like the readee said that she cant go to his bday bc of something
Tumblr media
*Pics not mine*
Birthday boy – Vinnie Hacker
Sooooo… I decided to turn this request into a smut 👁👅👁  If you are not comfortable, don’t worry you can read the first half of the story before it gets to heated. I got carried away, sorry 😬 Hope you enjoy it still
Author’s note: In this story, both the reader and Vinnie are of legal drinking age, and the pandemic is long over
Warning: Smut 🔥
Word Count: 1.9k (not proofread)
‘’ I know you’re disappointed Vinnie, I am too, but we’re not done filming yet” you said to your boyfriend over the phone. You had been away to Canada for the past month, shooting for a movie with other young actors. You loved your job, but being away from the people you loved the most, was difficult.
“Can’t you take a couple of days off?” He asked almost whining
“It doesn’t work like that Vin” you sighed, you knew he was sad “I’m sorry, I’ll make it up to you, I promise” you continued, smiling softly, even though he couldn’t see you.
“I just miss you, and the fact that you won’t be here for my birthday sucks” he huffed “I know it’s not your fault”
“I miss you too” you said before getting interrupted by a knock on the door. “I have to go baby, we’re getting ready to film, I’ll call you later, I love you”
“Ok, I love you” he responded before you hung up, making your way to set. Tomorrow was your last day of filming before a two-weeks break. You hadn’t told Vinnie, wanting to surprise him for his birthday, since it was a last-minute decision from the movie director. You were stocked to go back to L.A to see your friends for a few days. You had decided that for Vinnie’s birthday, you would plan a nice trip away from everything, just the two of you. You had talked with Thomas and Mia, knowing you could trust them with your secret. They had kept you up to date on everything, including the party schedule.
You would see him in only two days, and you couldn’t wait to be near him. You missed everything about your boyfriend, his hugs, his kisses, his voice, his laugh, his touch, oh how you missed his touch. A month away from each other wasn’t an easy task since the both of you were always together. He hadn’t had the chance to come visit you on set since he had a bunch of contracts and projects to work on, himself.
The day finally came for you to go back home to Vinnie, and you couldn’t be more excited. He didn’t suspect anything since you had called him that morning, wishing him a Happy Birthday.
“Thomas said you sent me a package, but I’m not allowed to open it till later tonight” he had said, loving that even though you couldn’t be with him on his special day, you had still thought about sending him something.
“I believe you can wait a few more hours” you had smiled, looking at him through your phone screen. The FaceTime call lasted for another fifteen minutes before you had to go
“Ok baby, I’ll call you back later tonight so we can open your gift together, have a good day, I love you”you had said looking at the time, knowing you had to leave soon to make it to your flight in time
“I love you too (Y/N)” he smiled fondly at you “See you tonight” he had said
“See you tonight” You had chuckled, before hanging up. He was on for a big surprise and you couldn’t wait to see his reaction.
You texted Mia when you landed. The plan was to sneak you into the house without him noticing, so you could get ready. The boys had finished working out, your boyfriend going to take a shower before the party started. It was the perfect time to go in, following Mia to hers and Thomas’s bedroom.
“I’m so glad you’re here” she said excitedly “He’s going to be so happy to see you (Y/N)” she continued, jumping up and down. “I’ll let you get ready, people are starting to arrive” she said before exiting the door.
You decided to scroll through your phone for a bit before getting ready for the party. Vinnie had just posted a new TikTok of him in the shower, like always, but that was enough to make you melt at the sight of him.
To: Mon Amour❤️👅
Still on set, just saw your TikTok. 👀
How can one human be so handsome 😩 it’s not fair
He had responded soon after, making you smile, while making your way to take a shower as well. When you got out, you could already hear the music blasting downstairs, indicating the party had started. You finished getting ready and texted Thomas to distract your boyfriend while you went to join the girls in the living room. You made sure to stand close to him and his friends, but still far enough to observe him without him noticing you right away.
“Vin, that girl’s been looking at you for the past ten minutes man” Jordan had said, smirking as he saw you on the other side of the room
“Yeah and?” he answered, shrugging his shoulders not turning to look at the girl in question
“She kind of look like (Y/N) if you ask me” his friend had retorted, making the birthday boy stare at the group of girls, spotting you immediately, almost running towards you, smiling widely at the sight of you.
“Is that really you?” he asked, his eyes wide and mouth still agape, you chuckled, pulling him into a hug
“Happy Birthday baby” you murmured in his ear, leaving a kiss below it, the action making him shiver.
“I can’t believe you’re here” he responded, hugging you tightly, before detaching himself a little bit to stare into your eyes. He had this ability to make you melt just by looking at you. He moved his face closer to yours, kissing you passionately. His lips were soft and demanding, he wanted more, and you knew he had missed you as much as you’d missed him.
“Get a room you guys” Michael said, passing the both of you, making you laugh against each other before detaching yourselves. He grabbed your hand, leading you to the beer pong table, where Connor and Calvin were playing and drinking.
It had been an hour since you reunited with Vinnie, and you were still near the beer pong table, talking and laughing with the others. He couldn’t take his eyes off of you, scared that if he did, you would disappear. His arms were around your shoulders, staring at the way your mouth was moving while speaking to Michael and Alex.
“Hey yo Vinnie, you’re still with us?” Alex had said, making your boyfriend diverted his gaze towards him, sipping on his red solo cup
“Yeah” he chuckled lightly “Sorry” the boys laughed at him, knowing damn well he was only paying attention to you.
“You’re up next birthday boy” you said, nodding towards the table, where two team had just done playing. You all moved towards the beer pong table, Vinnie playing with Michael and Alex playing with Kouvr. You stayed next to them, watching the scene in front of you. Vinnie was having so much fun, laughing and drinking with his friends, he would often take a glance at you to make sure, you were ok. Alex and Kouvr were losing, Michael laughing at them and Vinnie getting almost every shot he took.
You got lost in the moment, just admiring him, and the way he looked extra good tonight. Even under his white t-shirt, you could see every muscle of him flex. His large hands grasping the ball before shooting it into the cup, making him celebrate the victory with Michael. He caught you staring at him and came right back to stand in front of you.
“Everything’s ok baby?” he asked you, smirking, knowing what it did to you. After a few seconds of silence, he took your hand in his, as you followed him upstairs. He led you towards his bedroom, but you were surprised when he went in and continued walking towards the connected bathroom, closing the door behind you. You stood there, leaning against the counter, Vinnie taking a few steps closer to you, standing centimeters away from your face. His lips found yours quickly, taking control of your mouth easily, your tongues dancing and battling together, Vinnie deepening the kiss. You didn’t realize you were holding your breath until he pulled away, and redirected his kisses on your neck, sucking on the sensitive skin, making you let out a small moan.
“Fuck, I missed you (Y/N)” he murmured against you, pressing his lower half to your aching core. Your hands travelled to his hair, tugging lightly, something you knew he loved for you to do.
“I want you Vin” you whispered in his ears, making him grunt, before he turned you around quickly, making you both look at your reflection in the mirror. You could feel him get impatient, as he pressed his hard member against your covered ass. One of his hands rested on your hip as the other slid down your back, forcing you down into a bending position. You reached down to the end of your dress, lifting it up, for Vinnie to get a better view. He ran a hand through your hair, fisting them, grasping and pulling them gently. A loud moan left your lips at the action, making you back up into him, as he started to grind into you, over and over again.
“V-Vinnie” you mumbled, as he snaked his hand slowly into your damp underwear, making you let out a sight of satisfaction. His skillful fingers found their way to your dripping fold, spreading your arousal on the rest of your needy core. Vinnie kept a steady pace, pumping in and out of you, making you scream in ecstasy. You had been craving his touch for a month now and you couldn’t contain yourself anymore.
“Fuck me already” you said, wanting to feel more of him than his fingers. He bit his lips at the sight of you, begging for more, before yanking your panties down your legs in a quick motion. He unbuttoned his pants quickly, making them drop to the floor, his erection springing free on his covered stomach. He pumped himself a few times, before lining himself at your entrance, your eyes meeting his reflection, your pussy throbbing at what was about to happen. He grabbed your hips, pushing all the way in, your broken moans filling is ears, feeling your tightness around him.
“You’re so tight” he whimpered as you moaned, reaching back to grab onto him. He began to piston his hips harder against yours, making you yelp out in pleasure and surprise, feeling your orgasm approaching. His hand laid a hard smack on your ass, as you bit your bottom lips, trying to contain your moans. You could feel Vinnie’s trusts getting sloppier, indicating he was close as well.
“I’m so close” he almost didn’t hear you. His hand trailed down the front of your body, snaking his fingers down your swollen clit, rubbing it perfectly to bring you over the edge. Your legs started shaking, Vinnie pumping in and out of you, as he rode your orgasm. You clenched around him and the action was enough to make him cum, himself, spilling his loads into you, groaning loudly.
Once you were done, he helped you clean the mess the both of you had made, laughing lightly as you both got dressed.
“Best surprise ever” he said, smiling as he kissed your temple.
Thanks for reading
Hope you liked it, let me know what you think
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nialls-flute · 3 months ago
3:1 - B. Barnes Imagine
NOTE: this is my first time writing for bucky or sebastian stan in general so feedback is appreciated! please let me know if you like this and if you'd like to see more. THIS DOES CONTAIN SMUTTY UNDERTONES TOWARDS THE END, MINORS DNI
TAGLIST: I just added sebastian stan/characters to my taglist form so if you already filled it out before just message me and I'll add you to this one.
three times bucky was clueless with technology and the one time he used it right
Tumblr media
Despite spending most of his less-than-average life inside of a giant freezer and aging up to triple digits—if we’re speaking technically, your boyfriend still gained many physical benefits compared to most men his age. For one thing, he is still alive and breathing—a huge accomplishment, if anything, maybe even a record. The physical appearance and athletic ability he still maintained were not a downside either. As far as anybody is concerned, James Buchanan Barnes appears like any other millennial/super-soldier/metal arm-bearing person.
With exception to the fact that the man himself can’t even call you on your phone without needing assistance. That sentence is way less sad when taking into account that he was not alive for the upbringing of touch screens and AI’s, which happened to be waiting everywhere around the complex to aid him and his various, enigmatic asks, such as:
“My phone died. How do I revive it?”
“What did I win a free iPad for?”
“Friday, what does the word ‘bih’ mean?”
Once speaking the last one, he is left unanswered, and Friday is alerting you in the living area moments later.
“Y/N, Mr. Barnes is needing your assistance with a text you sent. He would like a definition of the word ‘bih’ but I cannot find it in my dictionary.” The AI asking for your help in babysitting Bucky on his phone earns a snort from you.
“Thanks, Friday. I’ll go help him.” You heave yourself up from the couch cushion and march towards his bedroom--technically, it is both of yours now. After reaching the entrance, a smile crawls onto your lips at the sight before you. The hefty Miriam-Webster English dictionary splayed open on your lover’s lap as he flips through pages, reciting miscellaneous words his eyes land on in search of the one from your message.
“Big, bin, bio…” Seconds later, he is slamming the book shut and tossing it aside. A loud thud resounds across the room as you watch it land on the hardwood floor. When you glance back up to announce your presence to Bucky, you see his gaze already transfixed on you. A quiet huff comes from him, and his eyes avert from your figure in the doorway, his cheeks becoming tinged with an opaque red. It was no puzzle that the sergeant despised calling for help, even on the minuscule tasks, like how to turn the flash of his camera off or define a slang term unbeknownst to him until your message was delivered to his phone.
“A little birdy told me you needed help.” You cross your arms over your chest, leaning against the doorframe with a satisfied smirk. You were one of the few and trusted Bucky had learned to open up to in the time that you have come to know him. No matter the issue, or how long it took for you to wear down the stubbornness on his tongue, the plea would sound eventually.
“I just don’t know what this word means.” He grunts. “Is it a typo?”
A line of giggles fall from you at his hopelessly confused expression--eyebrows furrowed, pupils appearing lost in thought at this simple “code word” he couldn’t crack. It made you want to swaddle him in the softest blanket and cuddle him until eternity.
“That’s because it’s not a real word,” you begin through laughs. The scrunch on his face only deepens in its perplexity. “‘Bih’ is short’s short for bitch.” You shrug. His mouth parts in revelation.
“So think I’m a…” he turns his eyes down to the pixelated string of messages…”thick female dog?” You snicker.
“‘Thick bih’ is a compliment, Buck. It just means I like your body a lot.”
“Oh...thank you?” He casts his eyes up at you once more, quirking a brow.
“You’re welcome.”
“ that you’re here. I emailed you a photo.” He shoots a wink in your direction. Almost as though you two had traded faces, the confused look transferred over to your wrinkled forehead and tilted head.
“Oh...okay. I’ll check it later.”
You thought nothing of it, and let his statement slip your mind. It was not until later that you decided to scan through your emails with Wanda, who mentioned something mission-related in your inbox that she demanded the two of you look at and study. As you skimmed through to find it, you deleted several junk emails and starred some important ones. When you landed on the electronic mail your boyfriend mentioned earlier and clicked on it, your breath left you at the large photo of his considerably-sized girth.
“Woah! Woah!” Wanda squeals, reaching her hand up to shield her eyes now tainted with the sight of your man’s junk. The early afternoon comes back into your mind, with you against the doorframe, Bucky throwing the dictionary and demanding a translation of your text, and the wink he threw at you.
Of course, the wink. It should have been obvious what the intentions behind his email were at that point, but then again it really shouldn’t have. Because who sends nude photos over email?
“Oh my god,” you breathe out, now wearing red cheeks. You turn to face Wanda who is already out of her seat and facing away from the computer screen, calling back to you in a desperate scurry to her room, “We’ll just talk later!”
“Bucky,” you enter the bedroom with a growl minutes later, a rather great contrast to what you were feeling earlier in the day.
“Hey, doll. Did you ever open my email?” He was seated on the edge of the bed, eyeing something on his phone. He quickly pockets it, allowing you his undivided attention.
“Yeah, and Wanda had something to say about it too.” The comment came out through gritted teeth, but he deciphered every word. His blue eyes enlarged, petrified.
“She was with you? Wh-why’d you let her see it?” He almost squeals in his fit of mortification. Serves him right, you think to yourself. He won’t have to face Wanda and apologize to her later.
“I didn’t know when you said “picture” earlier you meant a nude! Who sends a dick pic over email, Bucky?” Silence follows your outcry until his deep voice pipes up moments later.
“Is that not normal?” He is fiddling with his fingers, clenching his teeth in anticipation of your answer. Which is an expected:
“No.” The man in front of you turns feeble, wearing a humiliated face that turns your insides to mush. The twenty-plus minutes of lashing you were practicing in your head on your walk to the room disappeared as he turns his face down.
“I’m sorry, doll. You know I’m not good with this stuff.” A sigh exits your lips as Bucky is approached by your consoling figure. You take a seat beside him on the bed and a comforting hand takes place on his metal shoulder, with you leaning your head down on the flesh one, closest to you.
“I know, Buck. Just warn a girl next time...with more than a wink.”
“In 1943 that was considered a warning.” The two of you chuckle.
“You know what, better yet...” your hands are flying to his pocket before he can stop them. He barely utters the question before you’re fingertips are tapping across the screen.
“Hey, what’re you--”
“You should really put a lock on this thing.” You chuckle. “A thumbprint, passcode...something.”
“You can do that?” His ludicrous question has you fighting a roll of your eyes. Shaking your head, you wait a few moments for the application to install on the device, and smile triumphantly when the neon yellow square pops up on his home screen. The white ghost in the middle of the icon stares back at him when you place the phone back in his hands.
“There you go.”
“What is this?” He clicks the app to find out for himself, only to be met with the options of logging in or creating an account.
“An app that’s appropriate for sending nudes.” Shivers trail down his spine from your whisper against the shell of his ear. He hums, admiring the screen for a few seconds and taking no further action to make an account.
“You need help, don’t you?”
“It’d be appreciated.”
Tumblr media
Since that encounter, your significant other has learned the basics of social platforms and how to properly exploit each one for his needs. Ignoring the one week where he discovered Snapchat filters and send photos of himself in every single one nonstop, the most common one you two have grown to use is the messaging application. It was efficient and easy for him to understand.
Until he, much like when he used Snapchat, discovered something new. And that something new was emojis. After receiving a Snapchat notification from him, which could no doubt be holding either a photo of him with the dancing weiner or his actual one, he shot you a text message from across the compound.
did you see my chatsnap? 🌚
You chose to disregard the blatant, incorrect name and reply:
yes, buck. I get notifications
what? it’s just a moon 🌚🌚🌚 see?
I can see it’s a moon Bucky. Why did you choose that one?
It’s nighttime. and I’m smiling. It fits.
It’s creepy is what it is
It’s just a moon! 🌚
🤦‍♀️ that’s not what I meant
it’s not my fault you’re scared of the moon, y/n 💅
You chose to change the subject then, no longer holding the desire to stare at the infamous “molester moon” or bucky’s new use of emojis in a sassy manner
please tell me the snap you sent isn’t of the dancing hot dog again
I could tell you that
but I’d be lying if I did.
🌝 I think this one's my favorite
Tumblr media
The third time Bucky struggled with the new-age doodads surrounding him, his rage was at an all-time high. But his reaction is justifiable after discovering it was purely out of fear.
“Do you know what the weather’s gonna be like tomorrow?” He mumbles as the two of you were longing on the bed, his head resting comfortably in the crook of your neck and shoulder.
“Not sure, why?”
“Was thinkin’ we could go to that café. The one with the jukebox.” His head bounces with your body as you let out a few light laughs.
“Because it’s the one piece of technology you can actually use?” He pulls away from you defensively, a frown smeared on his face.
He whines out. “I am not that bad with technology?” You roll your eyes and reach for your phone on the bedside table, clicking the button on the side.
“Hey Siri, what’s the weather look like tomorrow?” You ask aloud, cueing Bucky to furrow his eyebrows.
“Let’s see...the weather tomorrow—“ you were unable to hear the rest of the AI’s sentence due to the sight of Bucky springing out of bed and tugging the set of sharpened knives from his pants.
“Whose there? Who the hell said that?”
“I think the complex may have been hacked. Come on, let’s go get Bruce o-or somebody.” He stutters out in a panic, tugging your body behind him in a protective manner. Siri was still activated on your phone, which was now lying on the bed.
“I’m not quite sure I understand—“
“Who the hell are you?!” He demands in a loud voice.
“Bucky, Bucky…” you rest your hands on both his shoulders, urging him to calm down. “It’s just my phone.” After the quick reassurance, he feels his shoulders slump.
“Oh...oh…I knew that.” He puts his knives away, following you as you crawled back into bed. Before fully getting beneath the covers, he sheathes himself of his trousers and top, leaving him only in a pair of boxers.
“Sure you did.” You reply.
“I did.” He insists, before covering both of you with your comforter. Before succumbing to a much-needed rest though, he reaches over and grabs a knife left on the floor, tucking it beneath his pillow.
Just in case.
The following morning, Bucky is no longer paranoid that the complex was hijacked and broken into. Rather, his mind was on a package he ordered online (AND ALL BY HIMSELF, a large victory if you ask him) that, according to the tracker, is one stop away. When you peeked your eyes open to admire him beneath the covers basking in the morning glow, his mischievous smile lit something warm inside you.
“What’s got you so smiley?” You yawn through languid blinks. He only responds with a shrug, aiming to keep the box a secret.
“Big day ahead, why don’t you go start us a shower. I’ll meet you there.” He smirks, blue eyes flashing with something cunning. At this point, you were even more curious.
“Big day? I thought we were just going for coffee?”
“When I’m with you, it’s always a big day.” His raspy voice is sly, metal hand even slyer as it glides up and down your hip.
“Alright Barnes, you win. See you in a minute.” You press your lips to his for a short few seconds and heave your body up from the bed to venture to the connected bathroom. As soon as you crack the door behind you, Bucky leaps from his spot in the sheets and nearly stumbles to the ground, his foot getting tangled in part of the bedding. He wastes no time scurrying to the front door, nearly nude and praying to God nobody would cross paths with him. Seeing the package laying on the doormat in all its glory--Bucky swore he heard angels singing hymns from above. Taking it into his grip and hustling back to his room took little-to-no time. When he slipped inside of the bathroom, he found you removing your hair from the messy knot you threw it up in the night prior, the rest of you bare.
He dropped his boxers and followed you inside the transparent cube, soon to become fogged with the warm steam and your panting breaths if he is lucky enough to pull another round from you.
Spoiler alert, he got lucky. Twice.
Whilst getting dressed, he halts your attempt at wiggling on a pair of leggings.
"I have a surprise for you." He says, waltzing over to the package he haphazardly threw on the bed in his eagerness to join you in the shower. The package lies in your hands seconds later, Bucky delivering you a nod as permission to tear it open. Once you do, your jaw unhinges at the packaging.
The small, pink sex toy stared back at you in all its glory. You could only muster a few blinks at it, wondering how your boyfriend managed to deliver this to himself all on his own yet still strains himself in trying to change his profile picture.
"Wha--how..." you are at a loss of words, to say the least. His piercing blue eyes grow dark at the sight of you holding his surprise.
"It's a big day today, because..." he snatches the packaged toy from you, beginning to open it, "you're gonna wear this out for me today. And I'm gonna control it." Your eyes grow big at his explanation before they dart to the now unpackaged vibrator.
"There's no remote." You point out, and gasp as Bucky holds up his phone for your eyes to see. The application which connects the controls of the vibrator to his phone stares back at you dauntingly.
"Figured I'd give this wifi-powered one a try. But, you know how I am with technology may take awhile for me to get the hang of it," his tone is sultry as he mumbles, and it sends chills through you that directly target your privates. His eyes bore into yours, still holding that look of playfulness from earlier.
"Finish getting ready, doll. I'm ready to take this thing for a test drive."
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satnin-darling · a month ago
Drabble | Alarm (m) | Kim Taehyung, 3.3k
Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
Summary: Following BTS' current schedule, you managed to make your free time coincide with Taehyung's. Now, the pressing issue was that you didn’t want to be late for work because it was difficult to wake up after *ahem* the evening beforehand. Still, Taehyung waking you up was admittedly better than the military bugle alarm that you were used to 🥱🥺
Warnings/Tags: RATED M (18+); for language, smut (fem-reader; hand-job; cowgirl/riding; marking/scratching; spanking; penetrative sex; multiple orgasms); fluff (🥺🤧)
Taehyung’s current Weverse interview pics and a youtube compilation of his Daegu satoori inspired this lol and these drabbles are slowly turning into its own series lmao, specifically "Taehyung-as-your-boyfriend" 😈😏
If you want to read the series it's @4:23AM :]
“I’m right here you know,” Taehyung said.
You gave him a look that was meant to convey annoyance. Something along the lines of ‘It’s my phone, I can do whatever I like’ but instead, you appeared bashful, as if you were caught doing a crime. It was an innocent one though. You were just catching up with all the content after a busy week of work and there was already a back log, which was (objectively) completely harmless. Taehyung’s face dominated your screen, namely his pictures from his recent Weverse interview. You remembered those sunglasses. He had gotten his own pair after the shoot, and he got you the same so you could be matching.
“I know you are,” you replied, scrolling down further. He wasn’t about to stop you from snagging some stellar edits from ARMY on Twitter. Just then, you saw Taehyung with the arms of the sunglasses dangling from his lips next to him wearing a fur coat from the interview that came before.
“Do you still have those sunglasses? I haven’t seen you wear them,” he said, moving from where he was laying to force his head under your arm. The duvet slipped from his body, revealing his tanned skin. He felt warm as he rested his head on your chest. You adjusted yourself so that your arm wasn’t suffocating him, making you hold your phone with one hand.
“Yup. It’s getting warmer now, so I’ll get the chance to wear them soon,” you replied, thinking about how they were on a shelf back at yours. There weren’t many opportunities to wear them out since you liked working from home.
“I wish we could go out together,” he said, nuzzling into you even more. You felt your heart twinge at the thought. You knew what he was asking for remained in the realm of wishful thinking.
“Me too,” you replied. You imagined going on dates together, holding hands in public, and wearing matching accessories. Holding back a sigh, you distracted yourself through the torrent of pictures that appeared as you refreshed the tag.
“Do you like my hair colour there?” He asked. Now, you were staring a picture of him with the sunglasses on, legs crossed on the floor, surrounded by vinyl’s of the artists that he liked to listen to.
“I do,” you said, craning your head so you could sniff his tame brown hair. It smelled fresh and light. Admittedly, you didn’t miss the perm, it was adorable for the time that it served but you couldn’t run your fingers through them as easily. They were too wispy.
“Jungkook finally got the piercing,” he said after you had scrolled down to another edit. It was of all of the members and coincidentally, you had zoomed in to where Jungkook was spray painting ‘BTS’ on the wall. On his right brow was the bar, which was previously a sticker.
“He actually went ahead with it?” You asked, remembering how he had made a whole show of peeling the stickers off in front of you not too long ago. Taehyung nodded, draping his leg over your body, caging you in. The duvet had fallen away now, but you were warm enough.
“He was tired of sticking it on and off and he made me come back so late in that shoot,” Taehyung muttered. His voice was half muffled because he had pressed his face right by your breast.
“How come?” You asked, but the answer was gleamed as you saw someone tweet that he only left the studio only when he finished.
“Oh,” you said. Taehyung nodded, exhaling a deep sigh.
The final refresh on Twitter garnered much of the same images and Taehyung had gently prised your phone from your hand, placing it under the pillows. You smiled as he raised himself, settling between your legs, his brown hair brushing against your forehead.
“I missed you,” he murmured, his voice barely a whisper. You wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him down till your lips met. You tasted his lip balm, your tongue teasing his bottom lip.
“Missed you too,” you replied, mouth opening as his tongue slipped in. There was an ebb and flow to work; the conventional routine had weekends free but Taehyung and BTS operated on a different mechanism. Every hour was used and breaks were few and far between. He had managed to come back early this time after a couple of interviews and you were able to make it to his to make dinner and eat it together. It’s a miracle that it was before midnight and you were both in bed, well, it was 11:59PM according to your phone.
You moaned softly, feeling his hand cradle your face while the other slotted itself behind your knee, spreading your legs wide. You tugged at his brown locks, nails firmly scraping up his scalp, enjoying the way he groaned against your lips. You smelled lavender and tasted strawberries. All Taehyung. He had hovered his clothed erection against your core, grinding his hips ever so slightly, pressing against your slit.
“Taehyung…” you moaned, coming up for air as he pressed his head in the space by the crook of your neck.
“Mm?” His voice echoed against your skin and you felt it in your core. His lips were ghosting along the column of your neck, kissing it every so often, his tongue snaking out, wetting the surface. Your breath grew heavy, your body arching up into him.
Was he going to make you beg?
You bucked your hips, your other leg coming up to wrap against his lower back. He raised himself up, your arms settling on his chest as he gauged how flustered you had gotten. He was on his knees, placing some distance with his erection straining against his underwear between you, as if he wasn’t bothered about it at all. He was looking at you, the elegant shape of his eyes held the deep brown pools the drew you in. There was a noticeable flush that coloured his honeyed skin, his lips wet and parted.
Fuck, why was he so attractive even when he was just doing nothing?
“Don’t you have an early start tomorrow?” He asked, wedging his knee between your legs. Clenching your jaw, you exhaled through your nose sharply.
“Yeah. So?” You asked, teasingly grinding your clothed slit along his knee. He smiled, the kind of open mouthed smile that suggested trouble. But you were here for it. Taehyung could always give it as well as he said he could.
“Don’t want you to be tired at work tomorrow,” he murmured, leaning down, licking along the skin of your neck, making you gasp. How considerate. His knee had pressed itself firmly against your pussy, the scant fabric of your shorts not doing much to quell the desire that was rapidly making you lose your mind.
“It would take a lot for me to slip up,” you reassured, your hands going to his back, which was warm, almost hot. It was the truth. You worked hard and played hard. You gently ran your fingers along the muscles of his back, which were firm. Taehyung was kissing along your jaw, back to your lips, and you moaned as he kissed you deeply, smiling as you squirmed beneath him, his lips so soft and inviting. All yours.
“I know you’re good, but you forget who you're with,” he replied, his lips hovering over yours.
At least he backs himself.
“Do your worst,” you taunted, but you didn’t give him time to prove himself as you had other plans.
In one fell swoop, you tugged his underwear down, clawing at his ass, pulling him close. In the same breath, you grasped his hard cock, causing him to gasp and shiver above you. Smirking, you dragged your hand up, opening your palm to spread the pre-cum that pooled at the head of his cock, using that to lubricate the length of his cock.
“F-fuck,” he moaned, his voice so deep, so needy. You moved faster knowing that you could give it as good as you got. Taehyung pressed his forehead against yours, his eyes trained on how you moved rapidly, moaning with him as he thrusted into your hand. You carried on, your breath coming in shallow pants, feeling just as flustered as he was, not caring if the muscles in your arm burned. You saw how the muscles in his abdomen tightened, the way his jaw jutted out as he followed the movements of your hand. Soft hisses emitted from his lips, so pliant from your ministrations. Fuck yeah, keep going, he groaned. Your pussy clenched at the sight, so wet that your underwear was soaked. Taehyung kissed you, muffling his moans as your thumb settled on the head of his cock, rubbing it slowly relishing in how he shuddered from the slightest of touches. You teased him further, sliding your tongue against his, sucking it, his deep groans spurring you on. You adjusted the pressure, grasping his cock firmly, driving your hand up and down, twisting your wrist expertly, doing everything that made him succumb to you.
“Ah s-shit,” he grunted, his hips thrusting abruptly as he fell apart just like that. He moaned against your lips, his breath coming out in stuttered pants as thick spurts of his cum hit you, painting your shirt - or rather his. Some made it to your chin and your bottom lip, as he pulled back, you licked it, moaning at the taste of him. You pumped your hand over his cock, making him balk to your touch until he hissed, grasping your wrist to halt your movements. You pouted.
“Fuck, get on top of me,” he commanded, panting as he pushed his fingers through his hair. Without answering, you slipped out of your borrowed shirt (his) and then your underwear. Taehyung’s eyes were only on your pussy, the way the fabric had dragged your juices down, snapping at your inner thigh. He was still impossibly hard and his cock twitched as you made your way to him. He had turned over so he was on his back. He knew like the back of his hand. As you lifted your leg over him, his hands found their way on your waist, holding you firmly, your pussy just inches away from his cock.
“Where is it?” You asked, and he groaned as you settled over his cock, running your pussy along the hardened length, making it wetter. He stuck his arm out, his gaze only leaving you briefly as he tugged the drawer of the side table open. You clenched your pussy, knowing that was able to feel that, since his fingers dug to your sides, his teeth cutting his bottom lip at the fact that the drawer wasn’t cooperating.
“Ah dammit,” he sighed, using more force but it was stuck. You were rubbing your hands over his chest, rocking your hips teasingly, wiggling it every so often as he struggled to grab a condom as they spilled in an arc, tumbling on the floor. He was tugging so hard that you had to lock your thighs so that you weren’t bumped forwards. You held back a laugh as he cursed the living daylights out of the nightstand.
Right before you offered to help, his fingers finally got a foil packet, and he wasted no time in tearing it. You raised yourself on your knees, as impatient as he was, and when the condom finally rolled over his cock, you held it, running the head along your folds. His hands were on your waist, his eyes on how his cock slowly pushed itself inside your pussy. You moaned as your hips descended down till you took all of him in, feeling his legs jerk beneath you from how tight and wet you were.
“Fuck,” he said, sounding in awe as you held your breath at the feeling of him filling you up. You settled your hands on his chest, pressing your tits together as you folded your legs, using the power in your thighs to move up and down, slowly at first, bracing your hands against the headboard. His hands dropped to grip your ass, kneading the soft flesh, parting it as you arched your back.
“Ah fuck, Taehyung,” you hissed, as if you were getting used to him all over again. Was it always this good?
“Fuck, you feel like a dream,” he groaned, and you ground your hips, your clit rubbing against the hard planes of his body, your juices spilling past your pussy, slick against your inner thighs.
“Oh fuck,” you moaned, picking up the pace, slamming your hips down, your thighs were burning but the pleasure overtook it. You were so wet that it was audible, mixing with your sighs as Taehyung raised his legs, making you claw at the headboard, your body tipping forwards. Your body jerked as you pushed your hips up and down, your pussy tightening around his cock, so slick that he nearly slipped out. You used the headboard, spreading your fingers, pushing back against his shallow thrusts, you moans slipping past your lips, echoing in the walls of the room. The harsh slap of skin against skin rang in your ears as you plunged your hips down, looking at Taehyung as he struggled beneath you, the way your pussy tightened around his cock, combining the sensation along with the punishing pace. His hand came down on your ass, once, twice, three times, the sharp sting making you yelp each time. He gave it good and hard, just how you liked.
“Shit!” He grunted, his lips latching onto your nipple, his teeth nipping it gently, tugging it, his tongue roving the hardened bud to soothe. You shivered, your hold on the headboard slipping slightly, so you raised yourself up, changing the angle and reasserting yourself. You looked at Taehyung’s blown out pupils, the way his mouth fell open as your pussy enveloped his cock, your thighs widening, your arousal reflected in the low light.
“Fuck, you’re so amazing,” he moaned, his hands settling on your hips, spurring you on. You threw your head back, a sheen of sweat forming on your skin, moaning wildly as you reclined and grasped his knees, rolling your hips so furiously forgoing any thought of the ache in your muscles. His hand leaves your hip, grasping your tit, his elegant fingers pinching your nipples, rolling the bud, tugging it harshly, making you half delirious as you snapped your hips even more.
“T-taehyung,” you gasped, feeling his other hand snake down, down till you felt his thumb rub your swollen clit, unrelenting and putting just the right pressure - just how you liked it. That’s it, fucking give it to me. Your pussy tightened around his cock, the way his words rolled of his tongue in that Daegu satoori, fuck he just knew. You whined as his thumb began to rub your clit, spreading your juices before he abruptly sat himself up, his other hand leaving you tits to settle on your lower back. He grasped the base of your neck, kissing you deeply and muffling your cries as you chased your high. You wrapped your arms around his neck, everything was so hot, your skin was covered in a sheen of sweat, his scent lifting from his skin, everything coming into a heady mix.
“F-fuck,” you gasped, your breath stuttering as you tore your lips from his. You were so close and Taehyung looked at you, his mouth falling apart, his features crumpling from the pleasure as you rode him with such force, letting you do what you liked. Your hips were moving at such a speed that the pleasure overtook the ached from your muscles. You felt the familiar tension unravelling and you ran your fingers along his hair, tugging the brown locks, your nails dragging along his scalp, forcing a deep groan past his lips. Fuck, you feel amazing, he groaned, the same Daegu satoori that deepened his voice, so unfair. Your mouth hovered over his, your moans morphing into desperate pants as his fingers dug into your hip in a bruising grip, leaving your clit.
“You’re gonna cum for me?” He snarled, pressing his face against the crook of your neck as you rammed your hips down, keeping still as your pussy throbbed, in quick, rapid pulses, massaging his cock in your tight heat.
“F-fuck yes,” you gasped, your orgasm crashing down on your body that your muscles shook. You held onto Taehyung, locking your thighs, raising yourself at an angle using your calves as a base. Your breath left your lungs as the aftershocks assaulted your body, spreading from your clit all along your limbs. He thrusted his cock, over and over into your abused pussy, the wet squelch so lewd that you moaned, your clit absorbing the force. You gushed over his length, wet and viscous juices, a new wave of arousal, the air in the room thick with the smell of sex.
“Taehyung! Fuck!” You cried, your body succumbing to the overstimulation as he grunted against your skin, his hand pressing against your back as he used you to chase his euphoria. Each time he thrusted upwards, your felt the bundle of nerves sending shockwaves and tremors along your body. The pleasure peaked, setting all your nerves alight as you ran your nails down his back, forcing a low groan from his lips, his voice so deep that you felt it in your core.
“Fuck… so… fucking… good,” He snarled, taking you down with him as you yelped, his back hitting the mattress as he rutted into you. His hips rammed upwards, his cock throbbing so hard that you felt everything, your head spinning from the pleasure that assaulted reigned over your body. You kissed him, swallowing his groans as he slammed his hips up once more, causing you to whimper.
“Fuck!” He all but screamed as he came, his cum swelling the latex in rapid spurts. You clawed the sheets next to his head, moaning lowly as you pressed your body against his as if you couldn’t get close enough, trapping the heat, your skin slippery from sweat. Taehyung kept his arms around you, caging you in as your hearts thumped against your chest, the ringing in your ears evident as you tried to recover. You shivered as he grasped your hips, moving it up and down, slowly, spreading your juices even more. You clenched around his cock, completely spent, letting your weight settle over him as he hissed, kissing your neck, the pleasure surging through you both.
There were no military bugle, just someone saying your name over and over, piercing your hazy consciousness. At present, you were unable to open your eyes, your limbs felt heavy. There was a hand on your back, slow expansive circles over your skin.
“It’s morning,” Taehyung murmured, kissing the skin of your back. Was it? Already?
Your senses were still thawing and your body was still dormant. The sheets surrounding your body were so soft, sleep was the priority, not waking up and starting the day.
“Two ‘ore ‘inutes,” you replied, burying your face into the mattress, stretching your body like a feline. Taehyung’s hand wandered upwards, sweeping your hair to one side. He said your name with patience.
“You’ll be late for work,” he said. That had your eyes snapping open, raising yourself up from the confines of the duvet suddenly. You saw Taehyung next to you, dressed in a shirt and shorts whilst you were still very naked.
“What time is it?” You asked, arranging your hair even though it was probably better after a shower.
“5:00AM,” he replied, his hand going over yours as you hung your head in relief. There was still time. Then, you raised your head, realising that Taehyung, who normally slept like a log, woke up before you to be your own alarm.
“You didn’t have to wake up so early,” you said, feeling bashful. Taehyung shook his head, his hair falling over his eyes. You reached forward to push it back, cupping his face, he looked at you, mirroring your own shyness.
“I wanted to,” he replied.
Other drabbles (m)
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luci-in-trenchcoats · 10 days ago
Imagine...J2 Doing A Shoot For You
Tumblr media
Pairing: Jensen x photographer!reader x Jared (J2 x reader)
Warnings: language, implied future smut
“Male model sons of bitches,” you mumbled under your breath as you caught a great picture of the boys in their suits looking surly as fuck. You’d never get over the fact of how damn good Jensen looked in maroon. God you were going out and buying him a freaking new shirt right after this shoot. Then there was Jared in that tight and slim blazer that showed off just how damn lean and strong he was. Jensen had always been more solid but recently he’d gotten absolutely jacked for his Soldier Boy role, bigger than you’d ever known him to be. Meanwhile Jared was taking the opportunity of working from home in Austin more to lean out and just one touch of his bare torso sent shivers down your spine.
Being sandwiched between the two of them normally was the death of you. Being sandwiched between them now? Jensen holding you, Jared pressing against your back, the two of them caging you in, raw strength and power just fucking radiating off of them. 
You barely remembered they were standing there in the hot sun until you snapped out of your daydream, Jensen rocking back and forth on his heels. You caught a few candid pics before they noticed and went back to posing for you, listening to you instruct them of how to stand and what moves to make.
“Alright can you guys sit up on the ledge over there? I want to get a few family ones for just us while I got everything set up,” you said.
“Only if you sit in some of them,” said Jared. You gave a thumbs up, letting them situate themselves before you took a few. You set the camera on the rapid timer and joined them, taking a seat between them before they started sharing you back and forth, both in a big pair of laughs before the timer clicked that it was off.
“I think that’s good enough for today. I’ll go through them and send you guys some of the best ones to add to your portfolio’s,” you said. 
“The benefits of having a professional photographer for our girl,” said Jensen. He kissed your temple when you went over to your camera and made sure it was all set before turning it off. He lingered and you glanced up, Jensen leaning over and brushing his lips against your ear. “Don’t think we didn’t notice you staring. Like getting to play dress up with us don’t you?”
“Maybe I do, Ackles,” you said, Jensen humming to himself.
“Behave or we won’t tell you what to do later on,” he said, oh so lightly tickling that spot on your neck that drove you insane. You turned into it, Jared wandering over and smirking. “Always putty, isn’t she?”
“Damn right she is. Even more so when she gets to take pictures of us,” said Jared, brushing his thumb over your lips. “Down girl. We’ll play at home. Maybe even wear these matching maroon shirts you seem to love so much.”
“Fuck me,” you breathed out, Jensen sliding a hand down, dipping under the band of your underwear. He pulled away at the last second and you whined. “No.”
“Gotta change and pack up your gear before the weather rolls in,” he said, pulling back with a devilish smile. He grinned as he walked away and back towards the SUV where his other changes of clothes were. You batted your eyelids at Jared but he shook his head.
“Sooner we clean up sooner you get what you want,” he said. “We’re so stealing these shirts by the way.”
He pecked a fast kiss to your cheek and took off with Jensen, leaving you staring at their backsides as they walked away.
“Damn. I might need to take a few more pictures of you two in those matching shirts and some tight little boxer briefs just for myself.”
“Better hurry up, Jackles,” called Jared. “Sounds like Y/N wants to do another photo shoot at home.”
“Only if I get to take some pictures too,” he smirked, looking back over his shoulder.
“Male model sons of bitches,” you mumbled, rolling your eyes but smiling none the less at what the rest of your day had in store.
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wazzupmrstark · 6 months ago
the method || th x reader
A/N: was i inspired by those pics?? maybe
Summary: taking method acting to the next level
Warnings: swearing, light smut (18+)
Word Count: 2.4k
Tom’s breath was hot on your face as he panted in your ear, hips thrusting to meet yours. You moaned out, and grasped at the sheets on the bed with one hand, while the other came up to his head to pull on his curls.
You jerked your head up, and made eye contact with Jonathan, the director who was muttering something into his mouthpiece. You sighed and flopped back onto the bed as Tom rolled off of you onto the other side, chest rising and falling dramatically as he tried to catch his breath.
“Are we in trouble?” you whispered
Tom cracked a smile and pushed sweaty strands of hair out of his face. “I dunno, do you think we are?”
“I can’t imagine that he called cut in the middle of the scene for a good reason,” you said. “You haven’t even cum yet.”
“Well, if this was real life we would’ve stopped rolling like fifteen minutes ago,” he joked.
“I think you’re giving yourself too much credit.”
“Fine, twenty minutes ago.”
You laughed and let your head rest up against his shoulder, letting your mind wander as you both waited for the director to prompt you. You’d shot several sex scenes in your acting career- as a woman in Hollywood it was an almost unavoidable chore- but this one felt different, though you couldn’t put your finger on why. The production standards were the same. Small studio, intimate setting. Only a few crew members were present to make it less awkward. Lines, blocking, everything memorized. But why wasn’t it clicking? Usually by now you’d be wrapped and onto the next scene, but this one had already lapsed its scheduling block and pushed everything back by at least an hour.
The chemistry between you and Tom was undeniable, at least according to everyone around you. They told you so all the time. Had they been lying to stroke your ego?
“This isn’t working,” Jonathan said to the both of you as he approached the bed. “You’re too stiff.”
“Sorry-” Tom started to apologize, but was immediately cut off.
“Not you.”
You stared up at the man above you, eyes wide with embarrassment.
“Fuck, I’m sorry.”
“You'll get it,” he assured you. “Just don’t get so in your head about it. You’re overthinking it when you need to be in the moment.”
You pursed your lips and nodded. He was right, you realized. You had a tendency to overthink things, and Jonathan had picked up on it during the first week of shooting. It’s why he was always pushing method acting on you.
“That way you don’t have to think twice about it,” he reasoned, “because then you are the character.”
You’d mulled over his suggestions, but decided against it. You’d acted your entire life without method, you wouldn’t need it now. Thankfully, Jonathan was a patient director who recognized your natural talent. He didn’t force the method on you and bend you to his will, though you suspected he was tempted to. Instead, he was willing to work with you to get you to open up and push your boundaries without crossing them.
“Okay, I’ll try.”
“Do you need a break?” Tom asked softly.
You shook your head no even though you were on the verge of tears. The scene wasn’t working because of you and everyone on set felt like they had to baby you because of it. God, you hoped no one would start a rumor that you were hard to work with. People in the industry talked, and you still had bills to pay.
“Let’s go back to those first few shots and take it from there,” Jonathan said and clapped to get everyone’s attention.
“Are you sure you’re good?” Tom pressed again as he situated himself on top of you for the reset.
“I’m fine,” you assured him and set your jaw.
You were determined to get it right this take. No holding back.
You heard Jonathan call action somewhere in the background and prepared yourself for the feeling of Tom’s lips on your neck.
As soon as he pressed a kiss to your jaw you arched up against him and gasped. Tom fumbled, caught off-guard by your reaction and nearly lost his balance. You kept going though, and let your eyelids flutter shut as if you were in the throes of pleasure.
“Oh, Scott!” you moaned his character’s name lowly, a whimper at the edge of your voice. “Please don’t stop!”
Tom continued to rock his hips forward like he was properly fucking you and cursed under his breath, rattling off his line shakily.
“You like that, baby?”
“God, yes!”
Your head fell back onto the pillow, leaving your collarbone exposed for Tom to mark up like the script called for. When his teeth sunk into your skin you whined desperately and took that as your cue to pull his hair. As the scene went on, you instinctively wrapped your legs around his waist, pressing his body closer to yours. 
If the studio lights weren’t so hot on your skin, you might have been able to convince your brain that this was actually happening. Your body, on the other hand, was already sold on it. Every time his pelvis connected with yours your pussy clenched hopelessly around nothing. You felt the familiar ache of emptiness start to grow as the cameras continued to roll, making your performance all the more authentic. You hoped Tom couldn’t feel the pulsing, but you were right up against his abdomen. There were very few layers in between the two of you, which made any sort of arousal hard to hide.
It was then that you realized you weren’t the only one who was trying to hide your state. Even though both of you were donning modesty garments, the hard thing pressing against your inner thigh was unmistakable. No big deal, though. You were a professional. These things happened.... sometimes.
You glanced up at Tom to see that his eyes were screwed shut in concentration. His jaw was clenched tightly like yours had been at the top of the take and his muscles were tense with anticipation. You took another moment to admire him like that before continuing with your line. 
“Harder,” you begged.
“Fuck, y/n,” he grunted coarsely in response, replacing your character’s name with your own.
Both of you froze in place, staring at each other in shock. Jonathan called cut and Tom was immediately off of you, apologizing profusely.
“Y/n, I’m so sorry. I don’t know what happened, it just slipped out-”
“It’s okay!” You reached out to comfort him but he flinched away from your touch. 
“I’m so sorry,” he apologized again, “about... the other thing too.”
“Tom, don’t worry about it. It happens.”
“I am worried about it,” he mumbled. 
You chuckled lightly. “I can tell.”  
His cheeks were burning red and he wouldn’t meet your eyes. You wished there was something you could say to make him feel better, but before you could try the production team was on top of you both to touch up your makeup and adjust the props. 
“That was great guys,” Jonathan exclaimed, clapping Tom on the back. “There’s a lot we can use from that take, and we can dub over the last part if we need to, no worries.”
You cringed internally as you watched Tom swallow his pride and nod. 
“Thanks, mate.”
Jonathan turned to you. “Alright, let's do some shots for the oral scene and then come back to this one in a few.”
All of the sudden, your chest tightened with anxiety and your hands began to sweat. They wanted to do the oral scene right now? 
“I thought we were shooting that on Friday,” you blurted out.
“We switched it to today and moved today’s other scenes to Friday, since we’re already here and behind schedule for those,” he explained. “Is that okay?”
You smiled tightly. “Perfect.”
“Atta girl. So Tom, you can just lay on your stomach with your head in between her legs- I assume you know the drill. And y/n, lie on your back towards the end of the bed there. Do you know your lines?”
“I think so.”
“Good enough. We’ll stop if we need to, but we’re already short on time so we should get started.”
Tom stood from the bed and stretched his arms over his head, rolling his neck as he walked around to the other side. 
You pressed your legs together nervously, wishing you’d had a chance to freshen up. Your co-star’s head was about to be down there in a matter of seconds and you hadn’t had any time to assess... the situation. You had probably already soaked through your nude thong, that was embarrassing enough, and if there was a smell? You would die on the spot. You took a deep breath and tried not to think about it, reminding yourself that you and Tom were professionals. There was an unspoken agreement that anything that happens on set stays on set. 
The familiar static of a megaphone crackling to life jolted you out of your thoughts. “Remember, these shots take place right before the main love scene, so nothing needs to change. Keep that same energy from the last take, okay?”
You gave Jonathan a thumbs up and Tom did the same. The sounds of the crew shuffling around faded into the background as he knelt on the bed in front of you. He looked up at you and gave you a look as if to ask is this okay? You gave the tiniest nod and braced yourself for his touch. With permission granted, Tom put a hand on either one of your thighs and waited for his cue. 
He was uncharacteristically quiet. It was usually impossible to get him to shut up in between takes, but you could tell he still felt bad about what had happened a few moments earlier. You smiled softly and put your hand on top of his to try and reassure him. You weren’t sure whether or not it helped, and before you could say something to him Jonathan called action and he was back in character. Funny how the crew always seemed to get their shit together at the worst possible time.
You watched as Tom leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on either of your thighs before spreading them apart and burying his head between them. The camera panned up to your face to record your lines along with some moans for good measure. Tom licked rhythmically at your skin where your thigh met your pelvis to simulate the pace of the sex, keeping time for the both of you like you were performing a dance number. 
“Scott, I’m close,” you panted, just barely remembering your line. 
Tom groaned in response, sending a shiver down your spine. You were trying not to writhe around on the bed too much, but it was proving to be difficult. Tom’s nose was quite literally pressed up against your clit and every time he moved his head your vision went a little blurry.
Thankfully, the sequence was almost over. You yanked on Tom’s hair as if to get his attention.
“I want you.”
He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. “Like...?”
“Yes, idiot. I want you to fuck me.”
“Don’t have to tell me twice,” he said and kissed you passionately. 
His nose was wet and you could taste your arousal on his lips. Fuck. It was time to move to another country and change your identity. 
“Cut! That was perfect guys! Get ready for the next sequence.”
“You’re wet.” Tom whispered as soon as you broke away from the kiss. It wasn’t a question. 
“This whole time I thought it was just me, but it’s not, is it?” 
You shook your head slowly, heat rising to your cheeks. “I’m really so-”
“Don’t be.” He winked. “It happens.”
You smacked his shoulder. “Fuck you, Holland.”
“I’d rather you do it.”
“I can tell,” you quipped back.
“You’re one to talk,” he said with a smirk and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. 
“Whenever you both are ready,” Jonathan yelled impatiently. 
You and Tom traded sheepish looks and got back into position. You wondered how much of that the mics had picked up. It was probably better not to think about it.
The ache had turned into a dull throb by the time Tom was back on top of you, and it took everything in you not to grind up against his thigh as he situated it in between your legs. 
“Go ahead,” he said, as if he could read your mind. 
“Go- what?” 
He shrugged as if it were a completely normal thing to offer. “If it, you know, helps make the scene more believable.” 
“Are you sure?” 
“Only if you’re comfortable with it, of course.”
You swallowed hard and nodded, eager to relieve some of the pressure. You barely registered Jonathan shouting action in the distance. You were already too busy discreetly grinding on Tom underneath the covers.  
“Fuck, darling, you’re soaked,” he said, voice strained. It wasn’t one of his lines but it’d work. 
“All for you, Scott.” Tom.
The bed creaked as you arched your back and let out a pornographic moan, earning a few more dirty words from your scene partner. You looked up at him and bit back another moan, not wanting to overdo it. He just looked so fucking hot like this. His eyes were a couple shades darker than normal, gleaming with lust, and he was smirking confidently like he’d just won a gold fucking medal.
He leaned down closer to your face so that the mics wouldn’t pick up what he said next. “Can I finger you?”
“I-I want more,” you admitted. “I want you.” Tom raised an eyebrow. “Please?”
“Should we give 'em a show?” he whispered in your ear. “Go full method?”
“Don’t call it that.”
“Why not? That’s technically what it is.”
“Oh Scott!” you cried towards the camera before turning back to him. “Fine, but don’t tell Jonathan about this.”
“I was planning on posting it to my Instagram story, actually.”
You rolled your eyes. “I wouldn’t be surprised if you were accidentally live-streaming this right now.”
“You think you’re funny, huh?”
“I do.”
“Well I-”
“God, just fuck me already,” you hissed and pulled him into a kiss. 
“Don’t have to tell me twice.”
a cheesy ending as always :)) lmk if you guys want a part two with actual smut!! and lmk what you think in general i always appreciate feedback!
forever tags:  @mischiefmanaged49  @bookingbee @cloverrover  @captainbuckyy @perhaps-he-schnapped  @awkwardfangirl2014 @the-queen-procrastinator @tastingthestarz @sleepybesson@everythingbooknerd  @sunshine96love @bitchymathematician @livingincompletesilence @melsbooktrash @tommy-holland  @fizzy828 @spider-slutt @theamuz @nedthegay @astroasethic @stuckonspidey @darlingtholland @sgtbookybarnes @tinyplanet-explorers @nightinthewoods @gen-tlehoe @devin-marie-12 @r-wooooosh @definitely-not-black-cat  @hell-yeah-peter-parker @itssnowingandimstuckinside @relise-thefury @osteporosis @legendsofwholock @starsholland @peterunderoos-blog @fuckyeahomerun @nobelwarriorheroes @delicately-important-trash @thwip-it-real-good @claryfray101 @softholand @tomhollandseverything @cool-ultra-nerd @jillianaholland @dinasaur36 @londonspidey @hanlons-wp @moon-390 @parkerstylesperalta @httpchrisevans @screeching-student-unknown @almondholland @murdermornings @honeymoonlover @tomshufflepuff @aikaterrina @noisyzineeggsbandit @5sos-microwave @quackson-love @smilealways19 @quackeroos @wolvesofthewinter @mukesnugget @itsjusttor @lovewolfspirit @love-sick-blues @quaksonhehe @biebsmylife95 @a-disappointing-teen-author @justanotherusername80 @b-buckys @sunkisseddreamerr-blog @hufflepuffprincess24 @princessxcryxbaby @tinyyoungblood @holyfrickfracks @amii-nyc
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quirklessthot · 11 months ago
kinktober: day 3 | nudes [dabi]
Tumblr media
warnings: 18+
word count: 1.1k
a/n still going strong with day three! (p.s. you canNOT tell me dabi wouldn't pull this shit)
⤿ kinktober masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You’re sleeping peacefully in your bed, dead to the world, until the loud ping of your phone receiving a message wakes you. Groggily, you crack open your eyes and feel around blindly for your phone. You bring it to your face and turn on the display, instantly regretting having the backlight on so high. After nearly getting blinded, you can make out the words on the screen.
[unknown]: u up?
The contact might be listed as ‘unknown’, but you know exactly who would wake you up with a text like this at 2 am. Your phone pings again.
[unknown]: its dabi
You know.
Heaving a tired sigh, you roll your eyes but answer anyway, thumb lazily tapping on your onscreen keyboard as you yawn and hug your pillow.
[You]: I am now. What do you want?
His reply is almost immediate.
[unknown]: my dick is so hard right now
Seriously? Could he be more of a fuckboy right now?
Apparently, he could, because his next message is a shaky picture of his hand wrapped around his hard dick. It’s a terrible quality photo if you’re being honest: the lightning is bad, there’s no finesse and most importantly, you didn’t ask for it. A 3/10, overall.
[You]: That’s rough, buddy. Goodnight.
The next few pings come in quick succession. Great, he’s double-texting.
[unknown]: babe
[unknown]: c’mon
[unknown]: dont b like that…
[unknown]: pls?
Your eyebrows raise almost to your hairline. You didn’t Dabi even knew the word ‘please’ existed. He must be really desperate.
[You]: Well I’m not sure what you want me to do about it? I don’t even know where you are…
The next message almost has you throwing your phone.
[unknown]: send me a pic of ur tits
“You’ve got to be shitting me…” you mumble into the quiet darkness of your room.
[You]: I’m not giving you nudes Dabi.
[unknown]: i gave u sum!
[You]: I didn’t ask for a picture of your dick!!
[unknown]: :(
Such a simple emoji shouldn’t fill you with so much remorse but a part of you knows how hard you find it telling Dabi ‘no’.
One picture and that’s all he’s getting.
You hike your shirt up to tuck it under your chin, nipples instantly pebbling under the cool night air. You angle your phone and snap a picture, making sure to keep your face firmly out of the frame. It’s a little dark – you’re too tired to get up and turn any lights on – and it’s not exactly the sexiest pic you’ve ever taken but he’ll have to make do.
Your thumb hovers over the send button before you take the leap and press it, wondering in the back of your mind just how much you’re going to regret this.
It takes a while for him to respond and you hate how antsy it’s making you. You’re on the metaphorical edge of your metaphorical seat as you wait. Does he like it? He’s the one begging for nudes at two in the morning, he’d better like it!
[unknown]: fuuuuuk babe
[unknown]: wish i was thr
[unknown]: hav u suck m e off
[unknown]: cover thse perfct fukin tits in my c um
That’s more typos than usual, and it’s probably not because of his usual laziness. You greatly suspect he’s multitasking.
The thought of Dabi pleasuring himself to a picture of you has warmth spreading through your body. You squeeze your thighs together as you type.
[You]: Yeah? What makes you think I’ll let you
[unknown]: u’ll let me
[unknown]: cuz ur my prefect lil cumslut
[unknown]: isnt that right ?
You mutter a curse under your breath as your hand finds its way between your thighs. Images of you gagging on Dabi’s cock flash in your mind, the most recent rendezvous – from about a week ago. You can almost feel the heavy weight of his girthy cock on your tongue. You subconsciously lick your lips as your hand speeds up.
Another message.
[unknown]: busy?
You can almost feel the smugness radiating from that single word. Groaning, you ignore his taunt and put your phone down to continue rubbing yourself over your underwear, making sure to put most of your focus on your little clit.
Your phone pings again.
[unknown]: i kno ur touchin urself
[unknown]: u wet for me baby?
You whine and nod your head before remembering that he can’t actually see you.
[You]: Yeah, I think I soaked through my panties
[unknown]: hm not sure i believe u
The horny haze you’ve unexpectedly found yourself in has you thinking you need to send him proof and you reach over to flick on your bedside lamp, bathing the dark room in warm, artificial yellow light. Settling back down, you quickly snap another photo and send it to Dabi.
This one is focused between your spread thighs, underwear pulled taught over your mound and leaving little to the imagination. The sizeable dark patch is hard to miss.
[unknown]: fuck i wish i could call u right now so i can hear those cute little noises you make when u play with urself
[unknown]: guess I’ll have to make do with pics huh?
Taking the hint, you quickly roll down your underwear, discarding it somewhere onto the floor, and take a picture of your cunt, lips slick and shiny with your arousal.
As you wait for Dabi’s reply, your hand slowly slides between your thighs. A shiver runs through your body at the feeling of your slippery, heated skin under your fingertips. Focusing tight, slow circles over your clit, you begin rocking your hips, already lost in pleasure. Too impatient for anymore teasing, you slip two fingers inside, arching your back and gasping at the delicious stretch.
You alternate between fucking yourself on your fingers hard and fast and feverishly rubbing your clit, sometimes giving your pussy a firm, teasing spank – just the way Dabi likes to do when he’s knuckles deep in you. You’re so wet you’re beginning to make a mess but at this moment – right on the precipice of pure bliss, you don’t care.
It only takes a few strokes and you’re falling over the edge, entire body spasming as you cry out. When you fall back onto your pillow, you let out a deep, pleasured exhale, fully satiated.
The last photo you send is of two of your fingers inches away from your bare cunt, glossy with your slick - a few strands are connected from your soaked digits to your puffy, swollen lips. Seconds later you get one of Dabi, shirt pulled up and spent cock lying on his stomach, white traces of his cum all over his stomach and chest.
Still on cloud nine from your orgasm, you get up to clean yourself up. When you lie back down in your bed, you pick up your phone to shoot Dabi a quick text.
[You]: Ok, I have to admit that was fun but you’re going to delete those, right?
Read 2:27 am
[You]: Dabi?
Read 2:28 am
[You]: Dabi. That’s not funny…
Read 2:28 am
[You]: DABI!
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daydreaming-in-letters · 4 months ago
Pairing: August Walker x fem!reader (3rd person)
Word Count: 4,233
Warnings: soft!August, a little angsty, vaginal sex, unprotected sex, breeding, cream pie, dirty talk, language, emotions all over the place
Summary: Imagine August doesn't kill Hunley in MI6, giving Ethan enough time to catch up with him before he can reach the helicopter. Bringing him back to the safe house in London, Ethan has a little surprise waiting there for August.
A/N: I'm not gonna lie, I loved writing this. Because as much as I swoon for August's dark side, I also like to see him being a protective softie with this lady. Hope you do too...
Also, this is mainly @demivampirew's fault for posting all those soft Daddy August pics.
Dividers by @firefly-graphics
If you like my story, you are very welcome to like, comment or reblog. Please don’t copy, repost or share my work on other platforms.
Tumblr media
“Fuck!” August roared as he heard the helicopter pull away. How could this have happened? The plan had been impeccable, meticulously engineered down to the last detail. And yet, here he was, gun pointed at his head and Hunt kneeling on his back triumphantly.
However, the fact that Lane would travel to Kashmir without him for now, wasn’t really his problem. A little hiccup, at most. A plan as perfect as theirs always included a backup strategy and there was still plenty of time to get to Kashmir early enough to rejoin the mission.
What actually bothered him was the shit-eating grin on Hunt’s face. Did he really think that catching him would change anything? He of all people should know that he couldn’t expect any help from Walker. In the end, it might even be possible for Lane to accomplish their mission without August’s presence, so why should he consider ruining that by ratting out Lane and the Apostles?
But then, with only one sentence out of Hunt’s smug mouth, he realised that, despite all the planning, the tables might have turned on him at last.
“Come on, Walker. There’s someone who’s dying to see you.”
Tumblr media
She had no idea where they had brought her. Maybe some place in England, judging from the accent of the man who was sitting in the chair across from her. He had been very polite and attentive the whole time, probably trying very hard not to screw up his job: keeping her inside this room.
Not really a tough challenge, considering the other guy had locked the door from the outside. An escape through the windows wasn’t an option either as they were both bolted and barred. But then again her assumption was that ensuring her stay here had only been the minor task they had set him up with. That had become somewhat clear as soon as he had started to talk.
And he hadn’t stopped for a long while. Going on and on about August and his secret life as a terrorist, listing all the horrible things they assumed he was responsible for. When he had been finished, he had only stared at her for a long while, obviously waiting for some kind of reaction on her part. But she wasn’t willing to grant him that satisfaction.
He was about to become desperate, she could tell by the haunted look in his eyes. Just as much as she could tell that they were trying to get her onto their side. What they didn’t know was that it wouldn’t work. There was only one person who had her loyalty and nothing this Englishman, or anyone else, told her could ever change that. But obviously he hadn’t realised that yet, and so he tried one last time to appeal to her reason again.
“I don’t get it. You’re telling me you still love him after everything I just told you?”
Poor guy. He sounded even more desperate than she had assumed he’d be.
“I do.”
“Why?” His face turned into a display of disgust. She couldn’t blame him for his lack of understanding, she hadn’t expected him to comprehend anyway. Hardly anyone could.
“Your asking the wrong questions.” His eyebrows shot up in surprise. “We do not get to choose who we love. We either do or we don’t. There is no reason for my love for August. It’s unconditional.”
He needed a moment to process her words, but she could see that he was about to come up with some kind of retort when the muffled noise of agitated voices seeped through the door and pulled his attention away from their conversation.
Quickly they became louder, mixing with heavy footsteps on the wooden floor and when they heard someone attach a key to the lock, the man shot up from his chair. It was just a reflex that made her jump to her feet as well, but it didn’t even take a second before she found a gun pointed at her face.
“You stay there, Miss Y/L/N, or your boyfriend will be very disappointed when he finds you with a hole inside your pretty head.”
She obeyed his wish promptly, freezing in place before, with a look of utter disdain, she snarled, “You mean my husband. And that’s Mrs Walker to you.”
Her guard gawked at her, the door and the men on the other side suddenly forgotten. A wolfish grin formed on her beauteous lips.
“Oh, don’t be so surprised. I thought you knew what you were dealing with when you abducted me from our home in the middle of the night.”
“But - “ was all he managed to say before the door flew open to reveal the man that had introduced himself as Ethan Hunt earlier, accompanied by another, rather beefy man who dragged a furious August into the room. It wasn’t his face or body language that gave her husband away though. Actually he looked rather unfazed by the whole situation. But his eyes, well, his eyes spoke a completely different language altogether. They were dangerously dark, scanning her intently, probably for injuries of any kind, before he settled on staring daggers at the pale man who was still pointing his gun at her.
“Benji?” Hunt looked at him in irritation. “I’m sure you can lower your gun now. Miss Y/L/N is our guest after all.”
“You mean Mrs Walker, Ethan,” her guard quipped, enjoying the puzzled faces of his colleagues while he took down the weapon.
“Well, well. Aren’t you a fast learner, Benji?” she praised him with her silky smooth voice. “Although you might want to work on that mocking tone of yours.”
Shooting August a quick look, she couldn’t help but notice the amused twitch of his lips, just for a second, before his expression fell back to his neutral poker face as if nothing had ever happened.
“Come on, let’s give them some space,” Hunt called off his men. And with a look at August he added, “It’ll take a few more hours before the transponder activates. Until then you should get some rest and make your farewells.”
Finally seizing his chance to get back at the woman, Benji sneered at Walker while he made his way over to the door to follow the other two men outside. “And you better make them good. Who knows if you’ll ever see her again.” And then the door fell shut and they were alone.
August didn’t even wait for the footsteps to fall away before he opened his arms to invite her into the safety of his embrace. And in the blink of an eye, she was there, pressed up against his chest, so soft and warm, eliciting the most wonderful fragrance he knew, the scent of equilibrium and home.
“Did they hurt you?” His voice was quiet and calm, but his arms tightened around her from the mere thought.
“No, as long as you don’t count chewing my ear off with their talking,” she mumbled into his shirt, coaxing a huff from his lungs.
“What did they say?”
“Well, let’s just say it would be easier to tell you what they didn’t say.”
Her own words made her giggle, but when he didn’t chime in, she looked up at him, worry clouding her otherwise so sparkling eyes.
“Look, angel, I’m not gonna lie to you. Most of what they told you about me is probably true. And if you despise me now, that’s fine, I can understand.” A deep sigh fell from his lips as the thought of her hating him broke his heart. He could see that she was eager to oppose, but he silenced her with a single look. “Just promise me one thing, okay? Never forget that there are always two sides to every story.”
There was nothing more to add to this topic, on his account because he didn’t want to drag her further into this mess and on hers because no matter how much she was going to hear on this affair, it wouldn’t change a single thing about her feelings for August.
“You look tired, princess,” he observed, cupping her face with his big hands.
His concern made her even softer for her bear of a husband. “I missed you, Augie. And you know I can’t sleep when you’re gone.”
Fondness washed over his face, gradually replacing his anguished expression. “You really should have learned to sleep without me by now.”
“It’s not only that. I was worried as well. After the way you said goodbye,” her voice began to tremble at the memory, “I wasn’t sure if you’d come back.” Her last words were only a gravelly whisper as tears began to blur her vision.
“Shh, no, don’t cry, baby. Remember what I promised you? As long as my heart’s beating,” and he waited for her to join in and finish the sentence together with him, “I’ll always come back to you.”
“Exactly. I’ll always come back. Always.”
And to seal his vow, he pulled her face up to his, meeting her halfway in a kiss that left no doubt about his intent to keep that promise. Feeling his soft lips slant along hers, she leaned into him, hugging him tighter around his middle as the familiar warmth filled her from head to toes. He was here, still with her, the agonising uncertainty of the last weeks nothing more than a distant reflection in her subconscious anymore, washed away by the intensity of his sheer presence.
Reluctantly he pulled away, his thumbs caressing the apples of her cheeks.
“Come, angel, you can use a little rest.”
She could feel the need to disagree arise as he led her over to the spacious bed, but there was never any arguing with August. He wouldn’t have that, especially when he was right. She did need some rest, although she didn’t want to sleep, afraid to miss the last minutes she might ever get to spend by his side.
Laying down first, he opened his arms to offer her the most comfortable resting place of all and with a sigh she sank down against him. In an instant his arms wrapped around her like a massive pair of wings, engulfing her in his warmth. There had never been a better way to make her feel secure than his tight embrace. It was heaven on earth and her heart clenched from the realisation that she would have to give this up again in just a few hours of time.
He must have felt her tensing up against his body, his hand cupping her head to soothe her troubled mind.
“Sleep, darling, I can feel the exhaustion in you.” He pressed a loving kiss to the crown of her head. “Trust me, everything is going to be fine.”
“I trust you, August, you know I do,” she mumbled against his chest. “But I’m worried for you. Isn’t there a way you can work around this?”
Now it was him who tensed up. “Work around this?” And there was something alarming to the tone of his voice that made her pull away from him. “Do you have any idea what those people are capable of?”
Seeing the anguish in her eyes only increase, he regretted his words instantly. Why did he have to say that in the first place? He was such an idiot sometimes. If only there was a way to make it up to her, make her feel safe again.
“Maybe we can trust Hunt and his team. They seem rather good at what they’re doing.” She hadn’t wanted to suggest that, but after she had sensed the unique touch of fear in her otherwise so bold husband, she would have clutched at even the most repulsive straw there was. She needed to be strong for him, she knew that. But how could she, sensing the risk of a mission about to go wrong for the first time since she had met him. And as she looked into his tormented eyes, her vision already started to blur.
“I know it’s the last thing you want to do, but maybe if you helped them, they could protect you, Augie.”
A deep sigh filled the strained silence. Mimicking her posture, he propped himself up on one elbow, his hand reaching out for her. Slowly, he leaned his forehead against hers, closing his eyes to muster the courage to put the one thought he didn’t even dare ponder into words.
“Oh, princess, it’s not my safety I’m worried about.”
“What if they could protect both of us?” She wasn’t willing to give up just yet. “We could go away, August, just like we always wanted to.”
He envied her for the way she always tried to hope for the best, his sweet little angel. But what was even more astonishing was the fact that she somehow always managed to plant the seed of hopefulness inside of him as well and before he knew what he was doing, he heard himself say, “I’ll think about it, okay?”
This was all she was going to get, there was no doubt about that. But she had at least opened that door for him, now it was his turn to either walk through it or close it again. But judging from the desperate kiss he had started to engage her in, chances probably weren’t very high that he would opt for the safe way out.
She could feel how the thought of losing him crept into her, filling her with an overwhelming darkness until she slung her arms around him like she was about to drown. Clutching his shirt tightly in her fists, she pulled him closer, deepening the kiss until she could feel the black fog that clouded her mind clear a little.
With a gasp she parted from him, while their laboured breaths wandered back and forth between their mouths as they both refused to pull away.
“Do you remember what we talked about the morning you left?”
A soft smile spread across his lips as he recalled the memory he had so often revisited since he had last held her in his arms.
“I do.”
“Be honest with me. No matter how you decide, there is still the possibility you won’t come back to me, right?”
Bracing himself to tell her the truth, he opened his eyes, but as soon as he met hers, he just couldn’t bring himself to say it. He wanted to be honest with her, he really did. He had always been and he knew that she wasn’t some fragile doll who couldn’t deal with it. But even if she were, she would still deserve to know. And yet he just didn’t find it in him. In the end, it didn’t really matter anyway because his silence already spoke volumes to her.
“Do you think we could try?”
“What? Like right now?”
She nodded, biting her lip in embarrassment. She knew what she was asking of him and that making love to her probably was the last thing he felt in the mood for at the moment, but this might be their last chance. The only chance they would ever get to create life.
“Are you sure? They might be watching us or at least listening in.”
“I don’t give a fuck who can hear or see, August. In a few hours I might lose you forever and I won’t let anything or anyone stop me from making the one person that means the world to me feel my love.”
With a growl he pressed his lips to hers again. He loved her, so much, loved the innocent angel she was in his eyes, but every now and then, she let her feral side show, turning into his fierce queen, and there was nothing that completed him more than the moments she joined him in his madness.
The next moments flew by in a haze of passionate kisses, deep and dirty, while clothes were shed in a frenzy, lips and hands exploring the newly exposed surface of their bodies eagerly. It was only the touch of her silky smooth skin against his own that made him stop. Looking down at her, eyes sparkling in the gloomy light of their luxurious prison cell, he felt his heart almost burst with affection.
“What is it, my love?” Her voice was heavy with worry as she gently cupped his cheek.
“Nothing, it’s just…I - ” he stammered helplessly in the face of his deep emotions. “God, I love you, princess. You’re everything to me.”
She was, no doubt about it. And he couldn’t wait to unite with her in a way they never had before. A startled grunt escaped his lips as he could feel her hand wrap around him, guiding him to the promising heat that was more than ready to welcome him inside.
“I love you too, Augie,” she moaned while he slowly sank into her, making her feel every ridge and every vein in the process. Her tight little pussy usually needed a moment to adjust to his size, but as his hips halted to grant her a minute, she eagerly ground her pelvis against his, her fingers clutching his cheeks firmly to press him even deeper into her.
“Look at you. So greedy today,” he smirked wickedly, before he yielded to her needs and took up a slow pace, going as deep as he could. She had been about to hit him with a saucy reply, when a languid role of his hips sent her mind spiralling out of control, her head falling back into the pillows as a wave of pleasure washed over her. Seizing his chance, he dove down into the crook of her neck which she so invitingly displayed for him. Attacking her velvety skin with his mouth, he made sure to leave a souvenir as he stimulated her favourite spot.
She moaned his name in sweet despair, sending a shiver down his spine. And he knew what she wanted. He always knew. Under different circumstances he wouldn’t have given in to her this easily, but who knew how much time they had left. And so he sped up his hips, taking her deep and hard, just as she liked.
Immediately, she cried out in pleasure, digging her fingertips almost painfully into his biceps in dire need to ground herself, to stay with him and not black out during the best part. His formerly restrained groans and grunts became louder now, wilder, telling her reliably about his nearing high.
“I’m gonna come, princess. Gonna put a baby inside of you. Make you swell.” He growled fiercely, holding back one last moment while she could already feel him grow an impossible inch wider inside of her. “Fuck, you’re gonna look so beautiful.”
And then he let go, giving her everything he had, filling her to the brim, so eager to leave a part of him with her in case he wouldn’t make it back.
She writhed in the feeling of his warm seed inside of her, images of her growing belly planted so graciously inside of her by his words. And then she saw him, holding their baby, cooing soft words while there was a tenderness to his eyes she had never seen before.
“Oh God,” she keened as the image took her over the edge, his loving lips pressing down on hers to muffle her cry. Slowly coming down from his own high already, he watched her as she gave herself over to euphoria. She always was a sight to behold when she was wrapped up in ecstasy, but this was something different. A rapture so pure and uncorrupted that he started to doubt someone as tainted as him could have invoked it, but when she opened her eyes that held so much love for him, the nagging voice inside his head fell silent.
For a short moment, they just stayed like this, gazing into each others eyes without another word. There was no need to speak, everything they needed to know clearly written in the other’s face. He could feel her shudder when he finally dissolved their union and he pressed a tender kiss to her forehead to ease the emptiness he left behind.
Laying down next to her, he pulled her back against his chest, his arms securing her to his body. Carefully he covered them both with the sheets and it didn’t take long before his heat began to lull her in.
“Go on, princess, close your eyes. Let sleep find you like your body tells you to.” His voice was so deep and calm, luring her further into slumber. “You’ll need to learn to listen to it more closely now.”
And the last thing she noticed before she gave in to her needs was his hand that came to rest on her belly, caressing it softly.
The icy chill of abandoned sheets woke her in the morning. It must have been quite early judging by the soft pink light that covered the sky, making the clouds look like cotton candy. But time didn’t matter now. He was gone. Again.
Listening into the silence, she thought she had heard his voice, somewhere far away. Probably just her mind playing tricks on her. But then she heard it again, a little louder this time, firm and angry, and she hurried to get up. Wrapping herself up hastily in the white cotton, she looked over at the door. It would have been useless to try and get out of here, that much was clear. And so she went over to one of the windows, offering her the view over the inner courtyard. Two cars were parked there, obviously ready to leave and it seemed she had gotten here just in time as the team left the house and walked over to the black SUVs. Benji and the beefy man, whose name she still didn’t know, marched over to the first car, while Hunt and a woman she saw for the first time today walked over to the second vehicle and between them - August.
He looked tired, but that didn’t make his strut less sure, a determined expression on his face, as far as she could tell from the distance. He was about to get into the car, when he must have felt her eyes upon him, his gaze finding her at the window immediately.
For a second he just took her in, before a flicker of remembrance lit up his face. Smiling up at her reassuringly, his hand dipped down to his abdomen, tapping it gently. To everyone else this might have seemed completely nonsensical, but to her it meant so much more, a gesture of hope, a promise to come back to her and the new life that had begun to grow inside of her.
And when she mimicked his gesture and caressed the supple flesh of her tummy through the sheet like he would have done if he had been with her now, his smile grew wider before he vanished into the car.
She watched them pull away, but instead of the utter despair she had felt yesterday, there was a newfound peace inside of her, a feeling of certainty that everything was going to be alright in the end. She could still see him, smiling up at her and she knew that he could feel it too.
“Good luck, Augie,” she whispered into the empty room, jerking heavily as the harsh clicking of the lock broke the contented silence. Clutching the sheet tighter to her chest, she turned around to face the door. As she had expected, she found herself confronted with the unreadable expression of Alan Hunley.
“Mrs Walker,” he addressed her firmly, but there was also a certain softness to his voice, “you might want to get dressed.” And when he went on, he shot her an impressed smile. “I don’t know how you did it, but your husband agreed to cooperate, on the condition we will guarantee your safety.”
She could practically see August, demanding her security, and the thought warmed her heart. “Will you protect him too, like you promised?”
As his answer didn’t come right away, she could feel herself go dizzy, reaching out for the windowsill behind her. They couldn’t have betrayed her like that, could they?
“You know how much I despise your request, right?”
She nodded, eyes still trying to focus while she fought hard to hear him clearly above the white noise that rushed inside her ears.
“Good. But a deal is a deal, and I intend to keep my word. You have twenty minutes to get ready before we need to leave.”
And with that he was gone, not even awaiting her reply. And she was thankful he left so quickly, as she could feel her legs give out underneath her weight. With a gasp she sank down to the floor, tears streaming down her cheeks silently as her heart had already understood what her mind still needed to process. He would come back to her. He had promised to, as had they. And not only that. He had chosen her and their future together above anything else, unconditionally, just like she had done when she had agreed to Hunley’s offer.
Sequel Part 1
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Tumblr media
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summary: jeon jungkook has it all: the looks, the fame, the money, the women. being considered the sexiest man in the industry, he finds no complaints about the way his life is going nor does he find any reason to apologize for the way he approaches it. he is a force to be reckoned with - until he meets you.
pairing: stripper!reader x idol!jjk
genre: (18+) strip club/nightlife au, post grad au | fluff, angst, smut
words: 3.3k
warnings: cussing/mature language, mentions of alcohol consumption, not much since it’s a wholesome chapter honestly, oc and kook are like mom and dad
note: ‘liquid courage’ jjk mini series releasing mid-april and ‘drunk texting’ knj mini series releasing june (will follow the same kind of scheduling format as liquid courage)! stay tuned! 
tags: @brightcolorsoffendme @min-nicoleee @eggbutnotyolk @ra-mun-e @miinoongi @jimidol​ @ppeachyttae @thebeebi @bluesharksandfish @kooafraid @liriaus​ @thisartemisnevermisses​ @ggukkieland​ @preciouschimine​ @sunniejinnie​ @cypheruby​ @cyb3rbab3​ @masterlists101​ @awhnamjoon​ @redhedhoseok​ @wooya1224​ @taeismydeath​ @jikookiekosmos​ @un2-verse​ @aynsx​ @wearenot7withu​ @knjeuphoria​ @bringitseijoh​ @unicornbabylover​ @itz-ally​ (closed!)
Tumblr media
You hop on one foot as you and Kai walk towards the elevator, trying to throw your other heel on while rushing out of the apartment. You finally slip into it, getting the strap around your ankle before standing and smoothing down your red-colored midi dress.
"Is hyung coming?"
"He'll try to make it, he had to shoot something early this morning." Kai nods as he fiddles around with his graduation cap in his hands.
"I hope he comes, I want him to see me walk across the stage and get my diploma." Kai smiles as he looks out the window.
"Damn, do you love him more than me now?"
"Ehhhhh, it's a high possibility." You pinch his side. When the theater finally comes into view, there are a bunch of security guards directing cars into the parking lot and showing families how to park properly so it doesn't become a chaotic mess. You and Kai head out of the car, his friends instantly spotting him as they walk across the lot. You stand back observing how fucking cute they are, group-hugging each other and excitedly yelling about college.
Fucking coooollege! Cheers to the years! Besties for the resties!
Like, seriously? Can it get any fucking cuter than that? You snap as many candid photos as you can, giving Kai one last hug before he has to part ways to sit with his class during the ceremony. You sit alone, some of Kai's friends' parents waving to you and saying their hello's from their seat. This is what it must feel like to be a parent of a high school graduate, a soon-to-be college student. You were immensely proud, words couldn't even explain. Throughout all the hardships, Kai has carried himself well throughout school and kept himself steady. His grades were beyond good, and his teachers had nothing but good things to say about the kid. He worked hard, and gracefully. He worked to get a full ride to the college of his dreams, with his best of friends by his side. Later, he'd be celebrating this milestone together with his good friends. You were excited to see that go down.
You were happy, he was happy. You had never seen Kai so happy.
Part of you was hoping Jungkook would make it to the ceremony, but you had already accepted the fact that he would be too busy with all this tour promo and filming they've been having to do. You couldn't blame him though, this was just part of who he was and what he came with.
The ceremony starts off pretty slow, with the school choir singing while the graduates are walking down the aisle one by one. You take pictures of Kai with that huge, adorable smile of his before he takes his seat on the stage in between Beogmyu and Soobin. The majority of the ceremony is filled with speeches - ranging from the principal, to the class president, to the valedictorian and another guest speaker. You swear you could see Kai falling asleep, and you know damn well that's because Kook kept him up going round after round on Smash Bros again. When they finally start with announcing the graduates one by one and handing out diplomas, you make sure to get yourself ready to come to the aisle to get a good pic of Kai when he gets his diploma. You squeeze through the people sitting in your row and crouch down so that you're not in anyone's way. You scream like no one else is around when Kai's name is called up, taking all the pictures in the world when he makes his way over to grab his diploma. You get one good picture of him facing you before he's looking up at the upper deck and waving with a huge smile on his face.
"Hyung!" He waves happily. You turn to look up, confused since no one had been allowed on the upper deck. You blush seeing Jungkook with his guards around him, waving back and giving him the thumbs up.
"Oh god." You chuckle, hearing whispers in the crowd of Jungkook being present while you make your way back to the seat.
[y/n] 11:36am: i thought you were busy today, babe? lol
[jungkook] 11:37am: i mean i am, but thats not gonna stop me from coming to the graduation. you think i'd miss this?
[y/n] 11:38am: i— you're so frustratingly cute.
[jungkook] 11:39am: now you know how i feel baby.
[y/n] 11:39am: thank you. he's gonna be suuuuper happy about this. he was hoping you'd see him walk the stage today.
[jungkook] 11:40am: wouldn't miss this for the world. gotta head back to the studio right after they flip their tassels though.
[y/n] 11:40am: that's okay.
[jungkook] 11:41am: come upstairs, gimme kiss real quick.
You couldn't say no to that request, especially not when there were still a couple of students to get through before they'd stand to flip their tassels and take their last class photo. You quickly brush past the guards in front of the doors that could lead people to Jungkook upstairs and hurry up the steps. Jungkook is still standing, watching the rest of Kai's classmates receive their diplomas. He turns to you with a big smile on his face, his arms already open and ready to engulf you in a tight hug. You take in all of his scent as he gently squeezes you against his body, planting a kiss on top of your head before slightly pulling away to lift your chin and kiss you on your lips. He gives you a cute, toothless smile as his thumb continues to caress your chin before pressing his lips against the tip of your nose.
"God, just seeing you makes my day so much better."
"Thank you again for coming." You smile up at him, your arms still wrapped around his tiny waist.
"Of course." Suddenly, the theater is roaring with the students screaming and clapping. Your eyes widen, signaling that it's time for you to head back downstairs to grab a picture of your little brother with his class.
"Shit, okay. I'll see you guys tonight?"
"Sure will, beautiful." He pulls you by the wrist to quickly kiss you again before he lets you rush down the steps to get your picture. He smiles watching you wave for Kai to look at the camera. Kai does as he's told before he gives Jungkook one last wave. Kook laughs and returns the gesture before he's making his way back downstairs with all his guards so he can head back to the studio to finish up what he needs to do with the boys.
After the ceremony, you end up outside, taking picture after picture of Kai with his friends. It's never-ending, especially when their parents join in and start asking for them to stay put so they can get one more picture - but we all know one more picture, isn't actually one more picture. Yeonjun's mom invites you and Kai to eat with them at a nearby restaurant, which you willingly accept since Kai is damn near about to hop in the Choi car himself without hesitation.
The meal with the Choi family is pleasant, and you really, really appreciate how they've always welcomed you and Kai with open arms no matter what. You had no issues with them, and they were definitely the next people in line you could trust to take care of Kai if you weren't around. After you part ways [legit having to pry Kai away from Yeonjun even though he'll be at Kai's party tonight], the two of you head home to shower and take a fat nap. The both of you are so, so exhausted from being up early and having so much adrenaline from the graduation hype. Plus, the added bonus of a food coma hitting the two of you tough.
Jungkook finishes filming for Run BTS in the afternoon and finds it unusual that he's coming home to a quiet apartment. He peeks his head through Kai's door to see him knocked the hell out on his stomach, then walks into his room to see you cuddled up in fetal position under the covers. He smiles to himself as he quietly shuts the door and makes his way over to the bed.
"Babygirl." He says softly, running his hand through your hair.
"Mmmm." You moan under the sheets, your head barely peeking over them.
"Damn, what did you two do after graduation?"
"Eat. A loooot." He laughs watching you stretch a bit. "What time is it?"
"It's close to 5PM."
"Ugh, I should go check to see how the room is doing upstairs." He shakes his head even though you haven't opened your eyes.
"No, keep sleeping baby. I'll make sure everything's good for the party."
"You sure?"
"Yeah, it's cool." He kisses you on the forehead. "I'll wake you two up later."
"You're the best."
"Mmm, say it again." He says lowly near your ear, pressing small kisses against your temple repeatedly.
"You're the best, babe." You repeat, snuggling back deep into the covers. Jungkook smiles from ear to ear as he stands to make his way upstairs to all the party/conference rooms he took you to for your first date. As much as he wants to cuddle you and lay down with you, he knows you've been tired balancing the tour prep and Kai's graduation plans, so he figured he could at least do his part to help make sure it's going smoothly.
He heads upstairs to see the party people he helped hire getting straight to work. Kook made sure to reserve a pretty big room for Kai's party since he mentioned he wanted to invite most of his classmates. The DJ is setting up in the middle of the room, the decorations and the photo corner is getting set up, and the private room off to the side for you, Jungkook and the boys to stay in was getting prepped as well.
"Hey, how's the food coming?" He says, greeting his good ol' chef friend.
"Good! We're almost done, we'll get them set out in the next half hour or so." Jungkook nods.
"Thanks, my guy."
"Any special requests for your lady?" Jungkook chuckles.
"No, that girl will eat anything. We should be good." Jungkook lets him get back to work and directs the party staff to fix the balloon arches accordingly.
"Yo?" Jungkook answers the call on his phone as he starts to make his way back downstairs.
"Aye, what time is the party at?" Namjoon asks.
"In like.." He looks at his watch. "An hour or so."
"Okay, we'll be there. You two need anything before we get there?"
"No, not really. Everything should be good from here on out. Thanks, though."
"I hope Y/N isn't stressing."
"Oh trust me, she's not." Jungkook snorts. "I'll see you in a bit."
"Sounds good." Joon ends the call first. Kook sees you're still asleep and he's a little wary about waking you up because he wants you to get rest. However, he knows you also need time to get ready because you hate being rushed. What person likes to be rushed? Shit is probably one of the most annoying things.
"Baby." He says softly in your ear, gently shaking you awake.
"Time already?"
"Sorta? I just know you like to take your time to get ready."
"You're sweet."
"What was I earlier?" He pretends to think. "Something about.. being the best?"
"Ugh, quit playing Jeon Jungkook." He laughs as you start to pry the sheets off of your body to get up. "Can you wake up Kai for me please, babe?"
"Yeah, I got it. You get your cute ass ready." He smacks your covered ass before making his way to Kai's room. "Yoshi, wake up. Party time!" You chuckle from the room hearing Jungkook call him Yoshi. Apparently, Kai likes to fuck around on Smash Bros by picking Yoshi from time to time, and ends up beating Kook a couple of times.
"Party time?"
"Party, party, yeaaaaah!"
"Yeaaaah!" Kai follows along sleepily, still in the process of waking himself up to get ready. It takes the next hour for all of you to get ready, Kai rushing his way upstairs due to his excitement to see his friends and classmates. His boys have already arrived in front of the doors, making you smile at how they do their usual group hug.
"Hiiiii Y/N." They all smile and wave shyly.
"Hey, congrats boys!" You make your way and hug every single one of them, Yeonjun melting in your arms as he tries to hold himself together. Jungkook catches on and starts to chuckle to himself because he's definitely been there before. Cute, little boy crushes.
"Oh shit—crap, it's Jungkook." Yeonjun immediately stiffens and retracts his arms.
"Hey." Jungkook nods and smiles. "Congrats!"
"Ohhhhh shit, oh shit, oh shit." Soobin says. "I don't know what to say."
"A 'thank you,' maybe?" Kai gives him a look. "Okay, come on, let's just go inside. You guys are embarrassing." Kai pushes them into the room, the dj already blasting food, finger foods and desserts all ready off to the side.
"Damn, what the fuck?" Jungkook says. "I didn't know they were all that tall?"
"They're tall-tall." You nod, making him shake his head.
"Old man." You playfully shove him as you walk into the room to greet the rest of the Bangtan boys, who were all looking clean and dapper. You had yet to grab dinner or coffee with Jimin, but he tried his best to make things less awkward in the mean time.
Quick reminder, though: it still doesn't mean you're keeping him close.
The night goes on pretty quickly, with a lot of Kai's classmates trying to woo their way to the Bangtan boys through the glass wall. All these college freshmen acting bold as hell. Jungkook steps away from your side for a minute to play Jenga with Taehyung and Jin and Kai has been too busy all night, partying with his friends and being a little flirt [along with Kook calling him in to take shots every now and then like the bad influence he can be], so you decide to step out onto the balcony outside of the private room to get some fresh air. The night is perfect— it's not too hot, not too cold. Just the right warmth under the moonlight. You looked out at the view, content and happy with where things were at. You would have never imagined you and Kai would be here, but if this is how things were meant to fall into place, then so be it. You were gonna take it and run with it.
You loved where everything was at. Your brother at his peak, your relationship soaring high. Your career—
"Y/N." You hear the sliding door open and close, seeing Jimin step out. "What are you doing out here alone?" He comes next to you.
"Just taking a breather."
"You okay?"
"Yeah, good as I can be." You give him a small toothless smile.
"I'm sorry we haven't had time to really meet up, it's been crazy lately."
"I know, it's okay. You don't have to apologize." He slightly cocks his head to the side to look at you.
"I do have to apologize, for a lot. And I know it's going to take awhile for you to get past that, but I want you to know that I am sorry and that I mean every bit of it."
"I appreciate it, Jimin."
"We should still make time to get coffee or dinner though so we can get to know each other better."
"I agree." You give him a small smile again.
"You must be really proud of your brother." You chuckle.
"Honestly, words can't even explain. He's doing the damn thing. He talks a lot about looking up to me when I look up to him. Literally." Jimin chuckles.
"That's sweet. You two seem really close."
"He's my other half. My ride or die."
"You know—" Jimin looks back out at the view. "Jungkookie has been incredibly happy since he's been with you. He's been completely different, towards everybody. Just happier, more comfortable, everything."
"That's good to hear." You give off a small laugh. Shit, at least you were hearing it from someone else. Speaking of Kook, he finally turns away from his game of Jenga to see you and Jimin speaking out on the balcony. He observes for a bit, drink in one hand while his hand is dug deep into his pocket.
"Should we be worried?" Jin asks.
"No." Jungkook laughs. "That girl would never hurt a soul."
"But Jimin—" Jin points towards you and Jimin.
"He's been trying to reach out to her."
"I guess that's good right?"
"I mean, yeah. It's really all I could ask for. I told her to take her time with it though." Jin nods.
"What about you?"
"Eh, we've gotten into fights before. We'll be fine. I'm not going to be the first to initiate that either, though. I don't think I was wrong for what I did."
"I hear you." Jin sips his drink. "Well, all that matters is that you're happy right now." Jungkook traces the rim of his cup with his finger before looking back at Jin.
"I love that girl." Jin's eyes widen.
"Oh shit?"
"Oh shit." Jungkook nods in agreement.
"Have you said it to her yet?"
"Are you planning to?"
"Yeah, I think so. I just don't wanna scare her, you know? I don't want her to think I'm moving too fast with this." Jin shakes his head.
"I don't think so. If you feel that way, then you feel that way."
"What if she doesn't feel the same way?"
"Well, then you just give her time. But with the way she is with you, I highly doubt that's the case. Just as she's important to you, I'm sure you've become really, really important to her and Kai." Jungkook nods.
"You'll be good, you weenie."
"Shut up."
And so the rest of the night carries on, the newly dubbed college freshmen danced until they couldn't anymore. They party until the very end, Kai having to drag his feet back downstairs because of how tired [and tipsy, pretty sure] he was. You and Jungkook thank the party staff for cleaning up and getting the place tidied after everyone has left, Kai already back at the apartment all showered and straight to sleep after the day he's had. Jungkook swings his arm around your shoulder, your hand loosely intertwined with his as you walk into the apartment. You kick your shoes off to the side while Jungkook continues to be flirty, his hands pulling you by the waist just so he can press light kisses along your jaw and neck from behind.
"You have fun tonight, babygirl?"
"Sure did, I'm beat." You chuckle as you lazily waddle to the room. "What about you?"
"Yeah, I did. It was nice to see Kai and everyone celebrate such a huge milestone together."
"It's cute huh?"
"Yup." Jungkook nods as he watches you begin to wipe off the makeup on your face and get ready for bed. You quickly glance at how weirdly he's just staring at you, even though he's done this time and time again. Tonight feels a little different, but you can't pinpoint what it is.
"What is it, baby?" You ask him.
"Nothing, love. I just like looking at you." He scratches his head nervously. You swear you've seen that same nervousness peak through before, but you're not sure why. Quite frankly, you just brush it off because Jungkook doesn't seem to make a big deal out of it.
"Hm, okay." You hum as you brush past to get to the closet. "Hurry and get ready for bed so we can cuddle." You whine from inside of the closet, making Jungkook chuckle.
Shit, he thinks.
Just fucking say it, Jungkook.
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