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#the point of this dumb joke is that they both try to copy the other’s love interest
ablazenqueen · a month ago
Five Easy Steps to Impress Your Crush
A Guide by Evan Buckley
Step 1: Figure out what he likes with *very subtle* prodding.
Tumblr media
Step 2: Find out the secret to his heart is math and suppress the sudden urge to cry.
Tumblr media
Step 3: Pretend you know math.
Tumblr media
Step 4: It’s too late, he already knows too much.
Tumblr media
Step 5: Try again?
Tumblr media
+ bonus
Accept the fact that you suck at math. At least you’re cute.
Tumblr media
(A Guide by Eddie)
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whats-her-quirk · 9 months ago
Surprise, Sometimes, Will Come Around
zeke jaeger x reader 18+ warnings: explicit sexual content, zeke being a creep, age difference, praise AND degradation, hair pulling, masochism, face fucking, unprotected sex, blood, biting, light dumbification wc: 5.7k a/n: Big thanks to @present-mel​ for the thirst and the best line in this whole piece. I’ll go sit in the corner now.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It’s five minutes until close and almost everything in the record store is already shut down. The music, half the lights, and even the security cameras are off, besides the one pointed at the front door. You’ve counted the drawer twice already but you can’t close out the register because Zeke just. Won’t. Leave.
You hoped that he’d get the hint as the store got progressively darker and quieter, but he’s still hovering at the record bins, flipping through the R’s with those long, spindly fingers of his. It’s against company policy to ask a customer to leave when they’re still shopping because god forbid you lose a sale when your store is already having trouble staying open in the age of Spotify. Besides, Zeke spends a fortune here just about every week. If your boss found out you chased him away it might be your job on the line. You lean on the counter, tired and hungry and bored out of your mind, hoping he makes up his goddamn mind soon.
“Ah, shit.” You glance up to see Porco looking exasperated at his phone and running his hand through his slicked-back hair.
“My brother’s car broke down. I gotta go pick him up.”
“You can’t leave, you’re the only manager here.”
“He’s on the side of the highway at night. That’s dangerous. Besides, you’ll be fine. Everything’s basically done.” You’d argue but he’s already locking the door and tossing you the key. “Just don’t let anyone else in and lock up again when he’s done.”
You know this is against the rules. You’re not supposed to be alone in the store without a manager present, but if Porco’s ok with it, you guess he’s the one that’ll get in trouble for this, not you. “Fine, whatever. Hope your brother’s ok.” Porco winks at you and does a dumb little two-finger salute before he disappears out the door.
You jump when you turn around and Zeke is already standing at the counter with a stack of at least ten records.
Everyone who works here knows Zeke. On your very first day, while Bert was still teaching you how to run the cash register, he sauntered in and started scanning the bins upon bins of vinyl. You tried your best to pay attention to what Bert was showing you, but you found your eyes wandering back to the blonde as he pulled records, flipped them over a few times, and then either tucked them under his arm or put them back with a look of disgust on his face. It was annoying, yet also weirdly fascinating how he wore his approval, or lack thereof, so plainly on his handsome, slender face.
When Zeke was ready to check out, more than forty-five minutes later, Bert had asked if you wanted to give it a go. You did your best to keep your eyes down, not wanting to seem like you were, ahem, checking him out. He’d chuckled when you screwed up and punched in your employee code wrong, and when you accidentally scanned the copy of On Avery Island by Neutral Milk Hotel he was buying twice. He didn’t act bothered one bit, waiting patiently to hand you his credit card, his hand brushing yours when you returned it to him. You bagged up his records, not wanting to be caught blushing, and handed them over.
“Thanks,” he said before leaning in to get a better look at your nametag, which you realized was pinned just above your left breast. He read out our name with a sweet, honeyed voice, letting it roll off his tongue before bidding farewell to Bert and strolling out the door.
When Bert sighed, you started to apologize for all your mistakes during the transaction. “I’ll get it better next time, I promise.”
But he shook his head defensively. “Oh, no. Not that, you’ll get the hang of it. It’s just...that guy, Zeke. He comes in here all the time.”
“Oh? So you know him?”
“Kind of.” Bert’s eyes shifted to the side. “Just, uh, watch out for him, ok?”
“What do you—” Before you could say anything more, Bert cleared his throat and started explaining what to do if someone wanted to put a record on hold for pickup.
Bert’s reaction itched at the back of your mind for almost a week. Zeke seemed nice enough, and he was patient when you messed up at the register. But Bertolt didn’t seem like the type to merely be distrustful of someone for no reason, as cautious as he was. What was he so worried about? You spent hours wondering what Zeke possibly could have done to warrant such a warning.
The next time he came in, you got a closer look.
Instead of stopping at the New In section by the door, this time, Zeke made a beeline to where Pieck was seated on a tall stool, one crutch by her side, reorganizing a row of CDs that someone had gotten completely out of order while browsing. She didn’t look up much while Zeke talked to her, just kept shelving the CD cases and nodding occasionally. Zeke hovered a long time, poking at the CDs next to her when she stopped responding, until finally heading back up front to the record bins and painstakingly picking out a few new additions to what you had to imagine was his large and impressive collection.
You busied yourself emptying the trash can underneath the counter while Porco helped him at the register. The two chatted easily as old friends, talking about a local band gig they were both planning on checking out that weekend. As Zeke’s total went up, you replaced the trash bag, and dug out a new roll of receipt paper because you knew the printer was running low. When you ran out of things to do, you leaned against the back wall, looking on as casually as you could at the exchange.
With his haul bagged up and tucked away, Zeke headed for the door, but not before grinning at you and bidding you goodbye by name.
It wasn’t long before Pieck dragged her stool back behind the counter and plopped down at the register, Porco taking her place out on the floor before she even asked him. You gave her a few minutes, waiting until she leaned her elbow on the counter and dropped her hand into her chin to ask the question that had been bothering you for days.
“So that guy that was talking to you,” you started, and Pieck looked up half-expectantly. “What’s his deal?” It was the most non-committal way you could think to ask; you didn’t want to imply anything.
“Who, Zeke?” You nodded, and she shrugged. “He’s a regular, comes in all the time. Acts nice, but he thinks he’s king shit. Kinda creeps on all the female employees, too. Just don’t encourage him.”
That was one way to read the vibes you were getting from him, and the attention he piled on you and now Pieck. But he wasn’t like the creeps you knew back in school, the ones who used sleazy lines on you right out of the gate or groped your ass at parties. Zeke was, for lack of a better term, kind of charming, even if the warning sirens were going off in your mind every time he looked in your direction.
“What’s he, like, 30?” He was certainly older than you, but he was so good-looking, it made it hard to tell exactly by how much.
“Something like that,” Pieck answered with a sigh before picking up a magazine and browsing through the pages.
She obviously didn’t want to talk about it, so you dropped the subject. You get the feeling that maybe there had once been something between them, maybe an awkward breakup that Pieck wasn’t comfortable talking about while she was on the clock. Even if you had more questions, you had to respect that.
That was just over a month ago. Since then, you’d seen Zeke a few more times, but you were careful to keep him at arm’s length despite his generally friendly demeanor. He could definitely get annoying if he got to talking about music, but you’d been given no real reason to worry. If Porco is ok leaving you alone in the store with him, how bad could he really be?
Zeke leans both elbows on the counter, pushing his hips out behind him and arching his back to stretch with a slight groan. You ignore it and set your hand on top of the stack of records. “This it?” you joke dryly as you start to scan the barcodes.
Zeke snorts at the jab, but takes it well. “Yeah, been thinking I need to cut back a little.”
“Please don’t, my boss would be devastated.” You’re feeling a little delirious after a long day, loose-lipped as you just try and get this shift over with. Zeke merely chuckles in response.
You swipe each cardboard sleeve over the scanner in the counter, perusing the covers as you go: Oasis, Pavement, Sleater Kinney, old Green Day. So he’s definitely a 90s guy, if you couldn’t tell by his ripped black jeans and faded flannel shirt, unbuttoned over a tee with flaky lettering that’s barely holding on to the fabric.
Maybe it’s because you’re so tired and hungry, but you don’t think before you say, “You must have a pretty impressive collection at home.” You wish you could suck the words back out of the air, but it’s too late; Zeke straightens up on the other side of the counter, ego already stroked.
“Last time I counted, I was hovering around 600 albums. But I’ve been collecting a long time.”
Though you’re curious exactly how long he’s talking about, you pause in surprise when you reach the Radiohead album on the very bottom of the stack. You know Pieck warned you not to encourage him, but with how high and mighty he can act, you sincerely can’t pass up the opportunity to take him down a peg. What could it really hurt?
“600 albums and you don’t already have Ok Computer?” You hold the sleeve up in front of you after you scan it for emphasis.
Zeke snatches the album from your hand to turn it over in his own. “Of course I already had it. But I let my kid brother borrow it, and he fucking scratched it. At least you had a replacement in stock. Sometimes I’m surprised at the records this place doesn’t have.”
“Ah.” You pull back, disappointed that your attempted burn was unsuccessful. The transaction is coming to a close anyway, and you want to get out of here and get something to eat. You give him his total, just over $200, and he hands over his credit card.
“I gotta hand it to him though, at least this was the one he wanted to borrow,” Zeke muses. Whether the statement is directed at you, you’re not sure. “People like to say that Kid A is their best album, but it’s not. This is.”
His statements are so sweeping, so full of pretension you can’t help but scoff. “Seems like you just have a vendetta against anything that came out after ‘99.”
That has Zeke clicking his tongue as you pack his purchases into a bag for him. “Quite the contrary, actually.”
You hand over his purchases and wait for him to head for the door. Instead, he stands there, hand to his bearded chin, sizing you up from behind thick wire frames. This should really bother you more than it does, the way he’s raking his eyes over you, but something in your gut twists, hoping that whatever he’s looking for, he finds it.
He goes on in that nonchalant tone, like he’s not really speaking directly to you but at you. “You look about my brother’s age, maybe you know him. You go to school around here?”
“Mmhmm. What’s his name?”
“Eren Jaeger.”
You did go to school with Eren. He was always so loud, and always getting into fights; you couldn’t possibly not remember him. You decide not to mention that part. “Yeah, we graduated together.” You hadn’t seen him in the two years since. Not that you were close.
“Small world,” Zeke says, as if you live in a major metropolitan city and not a decent-sized suburb. Regardless, his eyes are still on you, and you start to fidget under his gaze. It seems like he wants something, but he’s not saying it.
“So, anything else I can help you with?”
Zeke hums, crossing his arms in front of his chest. He rolls his neck, taking his sweet time and not moving his feet from where they’re firmly planted. It’s like he knows you’re not supposed to ask him to leave. You could probably get away with it, gently leading him to the door and telling him it’s closing time, but you don’t. For some godforsaken reason, you realize that you’re waiting for what he’s going to do next.
Finally, he speaks again. “So you really like Nirvana, or did you just like the t-shirt?”
You look down, suddenly self conscious about the yellow smiley face ogling back up at you on the front of your black t-shirt. It’s not what you expected, you’ll give him that. You were waiting for him to ask you for your phone number, or what you’re doing tonight, not questioning the legitimacy of your fashion choices. “Yes, I listen to Nirvana.” You cover the hint of insecurity with an edge of sass, not wanting to crumble in front of him.
Zeke shrugs. “Just wondering. A lot of kids your age don’t listen to that kind of stuff, girls especially.”
Your eyes narrow on his face. “You don’t have to call me a kid. I’m in my twenties.”
He rolls his eyes dramatically before tilting his head down, regarding you over the top of his glasses. “You are twenty, if you graduated with my brother.”
“Same thing.”
“Is not.” He looks so smug as he scoffs, grin never leaving his face. “So what else do you listen to, missy?”
Your heart races when he addresses you so casually, like he knows you when he really doesn’t. Personally, you think you have great music taste, but the way he asks makes you feel so small, so naïve even when you’re not. Your cheeks heat and you avoid his gaze, looking down instead at your scuffed Converse that’s currently coming untied. “I don’t know. A lot of stuff.”
Zeke sets his bag of records down on the counter. “Yeah? Bet I could show you a thing or two.” His eyes light up then with the glimmer of an idea, and he plucks a record out of his bag: Interpol. “Heard this before?”
“Hmm.” He turns on his heel and starts walking toward the back of the store.
“H-hey, where are you—” You clamber around the side of the counter, following him down the center aisle of the store.
“I’m gonna play this. Sound system’s in the back room, right?”
“Yeah, but you can’t—”
He waves you off before reaching the door to the back room, where you keep boxes of paper towels and cleaning supplies. “Don’t worry honey, I’ve been coming here since before you were in high school. The owner knows me; he won’t mind.”
Something tells you that’s not entirely true, that your boss would probably draw the line at letting a customer mess with the sound system, especially after closing. But Zeke’s so assured, your mouth dries up. You can’t bring yourself to stop him.
In the dim light of the back room, with its cinder block walls and naked light bulbs, the stereo that’s hooked up to the speakers throughout the store sits on the corner of a sturdy table where most of you eat your lunches during your breaks. Zeke fiddles with the stereo and gets it turned on, then he pulls the vinyl out of its sleeve and places it on the old turntable on top. You watch dumbly from his side as the record starts to spin, and with a long pointer finger, Zeke lifts the needle and drops it carefully, precisely at the edge of the record.
You lean your ass against the edge of the table as the speakers, one of which is located just above the door outside the back room, crackles to life. A heady guitar riff slowly fades in; you like the song already, damnit. Zeke turns to you, arms crossed again. “And I’ll have you know that this came out in 2002, thank you very much.”
Warmth builds around the back of your neck. It’s embarrassing to have him turn your comments back on you, but there’s a charm to the way he does it, an almost-sweetness in his voice that makes it feel like he’s both joking and not joking at the same time. “Impressive.” It’s the only comeback you can think of, the word rolling off your tongue flatly.
Zeke shoves his hands in his back pockets and takes a step toward you, then another. The song continues to play as he closes in, trapping you between him and the table that’s digging into the backs of your thighs. Your breath hitches; your upper body leans back, but he stands right in front of you, legs mere inches from yours. “Impressive,” he echoes thoughtfully. He leans over you, tilting his head to the side, and you reflexively sit up a little straighter. His eyes flesh down once and then back up. “Think you could impress me?”
You don’t know, but you want to find out.
You use the table to push yourself up, sticking out your chest and crashing your lips into his. Zeke smiles into the kiss, his hands leaving his pockets and coming up to cup your face. He tilts your head to the side and holds you in place as he opens his mouth, tongue snaking out past his teeth to lick at your lips. You open for him without a fight, welcoming the warm muscle into your mouth. He tastes like mint gum and cigarette smoke.
The repetitious melody of the first song fades away, and only a second of silence passes before the next song fades in with a swimming guitar hook that you can feel in your chest. Zeke kisses you harder, tongue pressing in and slurping at the back of your mouth. You arch your back, trying to find a more comfortable position for your craning neck. You wrap one hand around his wrist as the other notches in at his waist, trimmer than you would have guessed under that t-shirt.
His kisses continue, urgent and enthusiastic, pulling back with wet smacks only to dive in again over and over. His mouth, his taste—they’re intoxicating, but your neck really starts to hurt. When you squeeze his wrist and whimper, Zeke finally relents, removing his long fingers from your jaw. He bites down on your bottom lip before pulling back, a string of saliva breaking between the two of you. His eyes don’t break contact as he scoops behind your legs, lifting you onto the table before slotting his hips between your thighs.
He covers your lips with his as he speaks again. “You ok, honey? I think you can do a little better than that.” You sigh as he pushes your knees farther apart and presses himself against you. The bulge in his pants is hard against your crotch despite what he says, but you’re not satisfied. You’re desperate to please him, ready to give him whatever he wants in order to prove you’re the good fuck he wants you to be.
You throw your arms around his neck, fingers dancing up the back of his neck to the closely shorn hair at the nape. You scrape your nails through his velvety undercut, knuckles curling and pulling at the roots when you reach his longer blonde locks. Zeke hums into your mouth, and your stomach flips at the encouragement. You clench your fists, pulling harder as he gropes at your ass and thighs, dragging you closer to the edge of the table.
“Yeah, honey, just like that,” he mumbles in the space between breaths. You sigh and pant as he squeezes into the tender flesh of your thighs, hard enough that you think he might leave fingerprints behind. When his mouth veers to your neck, sucking a dark bruise just above the line of your collar, you know you’ve been marked, and you hope it’s out of approval. Will people be able to tell that he’s touched you? Would your coworkers look at you the same way if they knew that you were able to please him?
The faint thrumming of the music from the speaker outside the door is a dim reminder that you’re still at work, that you can definitely get in trouble for doing this. You could even lose your job. You have Porco’s key, but Pieck has one too, and what if she stopped by right now to pick up a forgotten sweater or a book she left behind the counter? It’s unlikely, but not impossible.
But what’s louder than the music and the buzz of worry in your head is the way Zeke groans when you pull him in by the hair. The way the saliva squelches when he wraps both his lips around your tongue and sucks. The way he draws in a sharp breath and grinds his hips against yours, pressing his erection against your clothed core. Your apprehension is buried under the sweet sounds of his pleasure and yours, mixing together in a dirty cacophony trapped in that little cinder block room.
There are too many layers of clothing between you, you decide. You release your fingers from Zeke’s hair, trailing back down his neck to the collar of his checkered flannel shirt. Slipping your hands inside, you feel the shifting of his shoulder blades as he rubs over your hips and your lower back. You pull at the fabric, working it down his shoulders, wiry but broad underneath his tee, which is incredibly thin and clingy.
Zeke chuckles through his teeth. “Impatient little girl. You want me that bad?”
“Yeah, I want you.”
He shudders, eyebrows raised. “You’re more of a slut than I pegged you for.”
Despite his words, he shrugs out of his outer shirt before ripping his tee off over his head, desperate as you for more contact. You add your Nirvana shirt to the pile on the floor as you admire him, compact with muscle down his arms and torso that makes your mouth water. Without thinking, you reach for his belt buckle.
“What are you gonna do when you get in there?” he asks as you work at it, amused to no end, so you know you’re moving in the right direction.
His belt dangling, you pop the button on his jeans and tug the zipper down, finding dark green boxer briefs and the sumptuous imprint of his cock pointed up toward his hip. You lick your lips before answering. “Hand job?”
Zeke scoffs. “I’d rather you suck me off, but I’m sure we can figure out something.”
You bite your lip as you reach under his waistband, but you’re ashamed of the way you moan when you wrap your hand around his shaft and pull it out. It’s a nice size, thick enough and long, pretty and blushed in color. You pump him a few times, his head rolling back with a sigh, but it’s not enough. The longer you look at it, the more you want it.
“I’ll blow you,” you offer as you twist your wrist around the head, drawing a sharp breath from Zeke.
“Good girl. Now lie on your back.” He twirls his finger in the air, motioning for you to spin around on the table. You comply; at least this will be easy on your knees.
As you let your head dangle off the edge of the table, which is at a great height for him, your ass is pressed against the wall. You lift your legs and bend at the knee, bracing your feet against the cinder blocks. When you’re as comfortable as you’re going to be, you open your mouth for him, sticking out your tongue to help guide him in.
Even upside down, Zeke’s sharp features look incredibly handsome, nose and cheekbones highlighted by the glasses that sit atop them. He’s kicked off his boxers completely, and he strokes himself a few times as he positions himself above you.
He smiles devilishly, green eyes glinting. “Look at you, panting like a bitch in heat. I knew you wanted my cock in your mouth.” He guides his tip to your tongue, and you cover your teeth and start to suck, eager to taste him. Before you can, he pulls back. “Good thing you have me here to show you what you really want.”
You’re not above begging at this point; not if it’ll get his cock into your mouth faster. “Please, Zeke.” He smirks at you once more before guiding himself into your waiting mouth, his eyes fluttering shut as you close your lips around him.
You lave over him with your tongue first, wetting the silken skin so it slides past your lips as he thrusts softly in and out of your mouth. He feels incredible in your mouth, heavy and slightly musky as he fucks into your face. You forget that your hands exist until he grabs you by the wrist, pulling your arm up so he can spit directly in your palm. You moan as he places your hand at his hilt. He hisses as you wrap your fingers around him and squeeze, and it only makes him thrust harder into your throat.
“Mmmm, oh honey. Suck harder, come on.” Zeke groans as he uses you, pistons his hips hard enough that you feel it in your feet. You do as he says, slurping around his cock while you twist your tongue. His hand wraps around the base of your throat, and you wonder if he can feel himself inside you. You gag on his length and tears fill your eyes, pushing him farther toward his peak. As his pace quickens, you moan and jerk against him with your fist, doing everything you can to increase his pleasure as expletives fall from his mouth.
“Fuck, fuck, cockslut,” he spits as he lurches suddenly, a shock of bitterness shooting down your throat. You choke and sputter as he milks himself to completion, still half-hard as he pulls himself out of your mouth and you gasp for air.
Your eyes flutter closed, and you rest your hands on your bare stomach. You feel your breath heaving, your stomach filling and releasing over and over. Zeke helps you spin around length-wise on the table, but you feel dizzy as the blood rushes out of your head. You cover your eyes with your forearm until the room stops spinning. You half expect him to disappear then, but when you open your eyes, he’s still standing next to you.
“Hey,” you breathe, unsure of what else to say.
Zeke’s hand ghosts up your leg to the waistband of your jeans. “You ready for more, honey?” He hooks two fingers underneath the denim, teasing at the elastic of your panties.
The honest answer is that you’re not sure, but the louder part of your brain, the one that’s gone completely animalistic, wins control of your mouth. “Yeah.
Zeke undoes your button and zipper, and you wriggle out of the tight jeans, pulling your panties off with them. You don’t care that your bare ass is on the lunch table, not when Zeke is sticking two of his fingers into your mouth, wetting them before swirling over your clit. You squirm as he works you over, dipping between your folds before plunging inside you. His thumb rests on that sensitive little button as he rubs his deft fingers into your plush inner walls.
“Love this tight little pussy,” he says, more to himself than to you, but you twitch and clench on him anyway. His thumb taps your clit, sending a jolt through your core with every touch. Your toes are just starting to curl when Zeke pulls out, leaving you whimpering at the emptiness.
You sit up on the table, slick drooling out of your cunt. Zeke leans down to wipe his hand on his button down before lifting the lid of the turntable and flipping the record over. “Can’t do this without a little ambiance, can we?” You nod dumbly. You hadn’t even noticed the record stop playing.
All Zeke has to do is walk back to you, a little awkwardly because he’s hard again, and you’re wrapped around him. You throw your legs around his waist, claw your fingers into his chest. In only the carnal sense, you want him. You want him badly, and now.
“Please, please, just fuck me already,” you whine.
Zeke chuckles. “Well, if you want it that badly.”
You should ask if he has a condom, but he probably doesn’t. Whatever. It’s incredibly stupid, but you don’t give it another thought as Zeke reaches down and coats himself in your wetness. You slide forward to the edge of the table, slouching down on your elbows to give him a better angle, and let your head loll back, waiting.
“You know, you look real pretty like this.” He says it through his teeth as he slides himself into your dripping pussy. Inhibitions gone, you’re greedy, locking your ankles behind his back to push him in faster. It takes him by surprise, perhaps for a few seconds, before Zeke hoists up your legs and starts to pound into you. His thumbs dig into the fold between your leg and your crotch. You writhe underneath him as he skims over that often ignored patch of skin. Your nerves jump and twinge under his touch, like shocks to your system.
You’re not going to last long; you can already feel your climax twisting in your stomach as Zeke plunges in and out of your little hole. The wooden legs of the table scrape back and forth against the floor, the table rocking with your body and banging obscenely against the wall. Sounds you’ve never heard tumble from your lips, feral moans trading off with high pitched whines when he changes the angle of his hips and finds your g-spot.
Breathy grunts turn to growls as Zeke bears down, crushing your hips under his hands as he focuses on that little spot that makes you scream. Instinctively, you sit up and reach for him, clinging to him like your sanity. Your hands hook over his shoulders, and as your cunt starts to clench, so do your fingernails. You tear into Zeke’s back, scratching at his shoulder blades as you try to hold on to what control you have left.
“Harder, baby,” Zeke growls, his voice rough and strained as he slams you on his cock. “You wanted this, didn’t you? Wanted me to fuck you like a whore, right? Then show me. Show me how bad you want it.”
You scream and press your nails in deeper, and you feel the sickening snap of his skin breaking under some of your fingers. His skin is hot, steaming with sweat, his hips railing madly into you like its some kind of race. Zeke’s holding his breath, exhaling in laborious puffs when you scrape your nails down his back and then back up decorating either side of his spine with raised, burning welts. He gives one more sharp thrust, and you bite down on his shoulder as you cream around him, the last thread snapping loose.
Zeke groans in his throat as you squeeze him. Your legs shake and drool runs out of the sides of your mouth and down his bicep. His cock pulses inside of you, ready to blow, and you can’t find the words to tell him where to cum. He doesn’t stop pounding until the last possible second, making you squeal as he pulls out and releases between your stomach and his own.
You pant together as you come down. The record has stopped again, but the speakers crackle faintly with static from the turntable. You lie back on the table, neck and shoulders hitting the wall, and Zeke collapses on top of you. Sweat and cum mix on your stomach, making his body slide against yours with every breath. From where he lies on your chest, you can see the crosshatch of bleeding scratches down his back, your own handiwork like a mural on his skin.
Eventually Zeke rises, but he doesn’t kiss you. He gets to work cleaning you up, pulling a roll of paper towels from a cardboard box against the opposite wall. Your hips roll as he wipes away the evidence of your tryst, leaving you with only that dark hickey and the smell of sex as your reward.
You pull on your clothes in a daze, your stomach growling and empty. You remember how hungry you are as you reach for a spray bottle of cleaning solution and the paper towels to wipe down the table. As you finish, Zeke switches off the stereo and puts a hand to the small of your back.
“You hungry? I’ll take you to get something to eat.”
You’re unsure if you should say yes. You aren’t even positive if you want to sit across from him at a table, or ride in his car, because either means that you’re going to have to talk to him about god knows what. You aren’t sure you want to chance anyone seeing the two of you together; you don’t even have anything to cover the hickey on your neck. But what was done was done, and after he’d already been balls deep in you, you figure, what could it really hurt now?
“Ok, sure.” It’s the least he can do.
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armycandy10 · 2 months ago
House of Memories || 2
Tumblr media
Sano Manjiro “Mikey” x f!Reader
Word Count: 2.3k
Genre: Childhood Friends to Lovers, Angst, Fluff
Warning: Nothing as of yet. Spoiler Alert.
Synopsis: In which you look back at all the memories you’ve had with Mikey.
Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3
Tumblr media
Numb, your mind whirls as you try your best to process everything that’s happening right now. But the muddled commotion from behind you along with your rapidly beating heart only makes it harder for you to concentrate. With a raised hand, you try to reach for his hand but it seems as if you’re too far away, or maybe your sight is just getting a little too hazy.
Suddenly, you feel someone’s heavy hand land on your shoulder.
It breaks you out of your stupor, lungs suddenly filling up with oxygen and your eyes clear, the tears flowing freely down your cheeks once again as you look up at your companion.
“Let’s go, before they catch us.”
Tumblr media
“Are you sure that you’re Manjiro’s little sister? You look too pretty to be related to him.” You point out, taking a seat beside the little blonde by the door of the dojo as you quickly take a swig from your bottle, perspiration rolling down your temple and neck, making stray hairs cling to your skin. You give a pointed look at Manjiro and Keisuke, the latter trying his best to force Manjiro into training with him.
Turning back to your new found friend, she only gives you a shy nod before taking a quick glance at the two boys. “Yeah, at least,  that’s what mum told me. She didn’t really tell me anything else before she left.”
Emma shuffles in her seat, moving a few inches closer to you as you offer her a few fruits that your dad prepared for you. “Here, have some, before the other two steal them.” Sneakily hiding the plastic container between your small bodies, you start making small talk with Emma, curious as to how she lived before she was sent to the Sano Household.
“So, you have another brother? Must be so cool, I only have 3 older sisters. I never get to see them though since they’re always busy.” You reply to Emma as you hand her another piece of orange. “They’re all working and studying somewhere else while my younger brother is with my grandma all the time that’s why I’m always here.”
Nodding, Emma starts talking again but gets cut off when Manjiro and Keisuke make their way to the two of you, their shouting causing you to aggressively turn around to shout at them, but before you even had the chance, Manjiro uses his hand to cover your mouth.
“This is my sister, her name’s Emma.” Manjiro tells Baji, a proud grin on his face as he watches his friend’s eyes glimmer.
“Woah, that’s a foreign name right?” The dark-haired male asks, his eyes shifting between the three of you. Nodding, you turn your head to Emma who seems to be a little uncomfortable with the new attention.
“Don’t mind them, they’re both dumb anyways, they’re like Shinichi-nii.” You whisper, hoping that your little comment will at least try to make her less uncomfortable. Seeing a small smile on her face, you take this as an achievement, happy that your social skills didn’t fail you.
“Yeah, his hair is dumb too.” Emma adds which made you let out a snort.
Turning back to the two who seemed to have thought of something, you silently watched, which made Emma copy your actions.
“Well then, my name is Edward, you can just call me Ed.” Baji exclaims, a smirk on his face making the little fangs show. Snorting at the name, you’re about to make fun of him but Manjiro cuts you off, a haughty look on his face as he stares at Baji.
“Really? Then call me Mikey, short for Michael.”
Cringing, you let out a short chuckle while the other two started talking in broken English, both of them losing it at their own jokes which only made you laugh harder. “You two are so stupid, it’s unbelievab-” You stop as soon as you heard sniffling from behind you. The other two doing the same as the three of you now watch Emma crying on the side, knees pressed to her chest as she tries her best to hide her face.
“Mum must’ve hated me so much. That’s why she left me here. She said she’ll come back once she’s done with whatever she was doing, but now, I know that she won’t. She forgot about me.” Emma sobbed harder, making you panic.
Pushing Manjiro, you gestured for him to do something but he only shrugged his shoulders and pushed you instead. “You do it, you’re a girl too.”
“But you’re her brother!”
“I don’t know anything about girls!”
Glaring at your idiotic friend, you huffed before approaching Emma, doing your best to have a reassuring smile but it only made you look constipated. “Uhm. it-it’s okay, Emma, we’re… we’re here for you. I can be your friend, or - or a sister, yeah. We’re family, right?” You nervously announce, hands awkwardly rubbing her back as you look at Emma then back at the other two, both of them frozen on the spot. “Go get Shinichi-nii.” You whisper but you froze when Emma suddenly pulled you into a hug, her face buried onto your neck as she sobs onto you.
“Don’t call him… please.”
Eyes widening, you hysterically called for Manjiro to not call Shinichiro. The blond, already almost out of the dojo, quickly stops which makes Baji collide onto his back. “What? Are we gonna call him or not?”
“Just... tell grandpa I’ll skip practice for a bit. I’ll stay with Emma until she calms down.”
They nod at you before heading back to the other side of the dojo where practice started once more. “Let’s stay here for a bit, okay?” You gently tilt Emma’s head towards you, hands shaking a bit as you carefully wipe her tears off of her cheeks. “Big sis Y/N is gonna take care of you.”
That made Emma smile softly, nodding a bit before hugging you again, face back to your shoulder, but now, instead of tears, you can feel her smile on your skin.
“Thank you.”
Tumblr media
Groaning, you slowly open your eyes, arms stretching as you let out a yawn.
Looking around, you noticed that Emma wasn’t in the room anymore, instead, you’re faced with Shinichiro who’s crouching down, a smile on his lips as he carefully lifts you off of your sitting position. “Good morning, had a nice nap?" He chuckles as he walks the two of you out of the room, the sun now starting to go down. “Your mum called, said that you should stay the night here since they won’t be able to come home tonight.” Shinichiro explained as he shifts you to the side, his arm acting as support in order to not drop you.
“Oh… where’s Emma? How long was I sleeping?” You mumble, still a little sleepy from your impromptu nap.
“She’s with Manjiro, I think he’s helping her practice, you wanna go to them?” Nodding, Shinichiro lets out a chuckle before starting to head to where he thinks the other two were. “Wakasa and Takeomi are in my room, wanna say hi first?”
With that, you immediately nod, eyes now wide open as you excitedly fix your hair and check if you had any drool on your cheek.
Making his way to his room, Shinichiro opens the door before setting you down, watching as you immediately make your way to his friends, arms wide in an attempt to hug his friends. The other two stands up at the sight of you, amusement filling their eyes as they watch you bound up to them.
Takeomi takes you first which makes you pout for a bit until he gives you a hug. “Hey little Y/N."
“Hey hey, Omi-nii~” You place a chaste kiss on his forehead before he sets you back down in order for Wakasa to greet you as well. Turning around, you jump into Wakasa’s slightly unsure arms as he slowly gives you a hug, a barely visible smile on his lips where a lollipop stick sits in between.
“Hey doll, want some chocolate?” He offers you a small chocolate bar which you enthusiastically take after being set down on the floor, hiding the treat in your pocket so that you can share it later. He pats your head as you let out a grin.
“Thanks Waka-nii. I gotta go, I need to find Manjiro and Emma.” Bidding them farewell, you run out of the garage, unaware of the little chuckles that the three male shared.
“You think her crush on Wakasa’s gonna last ‘til she’s older?” Takeomi asks as he takes out a cigarette, sitting himself on the couch.
“I think Manjiro’s gonna lose it if she does, probably gonna kick your ass when he grows older.” Shinichiro laughs, taking his place in front of a bike that he took home from the shop in order to fix it himself.
Rolling his eyes, Wakasa lets out a scoff at his friends as he takes out the empty lollipop stick and throws it at the trash can, a cigarette quickly placed in between his lips. “For all I know, she’s the one who’s gonna be kicking my ass along with Manjiro’s.”
Tumblr media
Peeking at the slightly open door, you watch as Emma tries to kick Manjiro’s hand which was in front of her, a challenging but irritating look plastered on his face as he mocks Emma’s kicks.
“C’mon, you can do better than that. When I first started practicing, I could break wooden planks with just one kick.”
“Shut up, you cried when I accidentally hit you on the arm, I didn’t even kick you that hard.” You butt in, now fully opening the door as you made your way to where they placed their water bottles. “C’mon Emma, wanna share this chocolate bar? I got it from Waka-nii.”
Emma sits beside you, her eyes shining as you give her half of the chocolate bar.
“Hey, that's not fair, you said that you’ll never tell that story again!” Manjiro bounds towards you, his signature pout plastered onto his face as he instinctively holds out his hand for a piece of chocolate. Rolling your eyes, you split the chocolate that you have in your hands and gave him half of it, quickly plopping the chocolate into your mouth as the three of you silently ate the chocolatey treat.
Once you finish the chocolate, you turn to Emma. “Hey, wanna come with Manjiro-”
“Call me Mikey”
Turning to you, Manjiro shows off a smirk. “Since I’m now Emma’s older brother, I decided that I should have a foreign name like hers too, that’s why, from now on, call me Mikey.”
“That’s such a stupid na-”
“Just call me Mikey!”
“Fine fine! Emma, wanna come with Mikey and I to the park tomorrow? We’re gonna meet up with Baji to play.” You ask Emma, putting extra emphasis on Manjiro’s new name in order to irritate him but he only lets out a proud grin. Rolling your eyes, you look back at Emma but she only gives you an apologetic smile.
“Sorry, but Shinichiro told me that he’s going to take me out to get some new clothes ‘cause I didn’t bring enough.”
“Oh, that’s fine, but, since you’re gonna be buying clothes tomorrow, you should definitely get these pants that I had mum buy for Manji-”
“Mikey and I.” You huff out, glaring at Mikey who only turned away from your glare.
“Hmm? What kind of pants?” Emma asked, now standing as the three of you start making your way back to the house in order to be on time for dinner.
“You’ll see.” You proudly say as you open the door to the house.
Tumblr media
“These are the pants that you were talking about?” Emma holds up your star-printed pants while you proudly stand in front of her, only wearing your shirt and underwear.
“Yep! I saw Baji wearing it the other day and I asked his mum where she bought it! Then I asked my mum to buy the same pants for Mikey and I, great isn’t it?” You ask her as you take the pants from her and start putting it on. You don’t notice the grimace that Emma had on her face when she looked at the pair of pants again.
“Eh, it’s not really my typ-”
The door bursts open, showing an annoyed Mikey who’s wearing the same pair of pants along with a shirt that looks like the one that you’re wearing right now. “Hey, c’mon, we’re gonna be late.”
You look up from fixing your pant leg, a smile making its way to your lips as you see your best friend wearing the clothes that you gave him last night. “Alrighty then, bye Emma, we’ll see you later!” You wave at her goodbye before running out of the house with Mikey, shouting your goodbyes to both Shinichiro and grandpa.
It takes the two of you a few minutes to make it to the Baji household, but once you’re in front of the door, you only had to knock twice before the door swings open, revealing Baji, wearing the exact same pants as you and Mikey are wearing. Clapping your hands, you let out a laugh as you pull Baji and Mikey to your side your arms on their shoulder as you smile at baji’s mum.
“Aww, you three look so cute!” Baji’s mum exclaims as she takes out a camera and motions for the three of you to hold still. Quickly taking a few shots, she lets out a laugh before bidding the three of you farewell. “Be careful, ok? Be home before lunch, okay Keisuke? And the two of you, make sure to stay safe on your way home later!”
“Okay Baji-san! Bye bye!”
Mikey and Baji quickly pull you away, their hands holding onto each of your own as they gives each other subtle glares while on the way to the playground.
Tumblr media
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decaffeinated-demons · 6 months ago
Demon Boys (and undateables, if you'd like) reacting to a gen z MC casually saying "I'm gonna kms" because of a minor inconvenience (as gen z does) (p.s: sorry if this is something that makes you uncomfortable)
Fuckin' Mood
CW: Suicide mention, fatalistic humor, cussing humans, cussing demons
Brah I'm Gen Z I was sent to therapy for saying exactly this shit (granted I ended up being severely depressed and was passively idealizing so it was good I got sent when I did but still lmao)
"I'm gonna fuckin' kill myself." His head whips around so fast it's a wonder his neck doesn't snap.
He's looking for signs of danger, or emotional distress, and instead finds you staring at the broken tip of a number two pencil.
"Why would you say something like that over something so trivial as a pencil??" He tries to hide the dismay in his voice.
It does not subside when you look him dead in the eye and say, with more seriousness than he saw you address Belphie murdering you with, "Because God wants me dead and he can't do it himself so he's trying to make me do his dirty work."
Anyone who happens to be in the room with you two is sworn on penalty of death to secrecy and denial that they ever heard The Morningstar Himself make such an unattractive and undignified noise as the snort he couldn't hold back
"While I...can appreciate the interesting perspective, I think it best you not make these kinds of 'jokes in the future. If someone hears and thinks you're being serious, not only will it reflect badly on the viability of the exchange program, but it also calls my validity as a guardian into question."
"Rich coming from the supposed guardian who's nearly killed me on like three seperate occasions."
You know what? Being put in timeout? Worth it for the blush that managed to rise on Lucifer's cheeks.
"Well I guess if I fail the test and I don't want to deal with the Lucifer-Lecture I know where the nearest cliff is. Bet I can reach it before he finds me if no one snitches-"
You aren't even talking to him, you're just talking to the demon that sits next to you in Potions and Alchemy, but Mammon is already scooping you up and tearing out of class and heading straight for Lucifer's office while sobbing.
"Look MC I know Lucifer's lectures blow and grades are stressful but I already have enough trouble keeping other people from killing you don't make me protect you from YOU too, that ain't the solution-"
He's like half a second away from tackling down the Student Councilroom's door by the time you get him to listen to explain that you weren't actually gonna throw yourself off a cliff.
"But- but you said you-"
"Yea I was joking. If I was actually meant to die anything but a natural death quietly in my sleep sometime in my nineties I would have bit it back when I cheated in that TSL quiz with Levi."
He doesn't leave your side for the rest of the week and he tells his brothers to kiss his ass if they bring it up.
You didn't even say it out loud you literally just sent a photo to Levi's phone of a collage consisting of a stack of pancakes, a plate of spaghetti, an electrical outlet, and a chocolate cake and captioned it 'can't wait to stick the nearest fork into all of these'.
Ten seconds later he's keysmashing into the chat WHILE running down the hallways WHILE screaming
He beats down your door just to find you grumbling about spilling water on the floor as you wipe it up and then you're being grabbed and shaken like a box of shake'n bake.
"OMG YOU CAN'T JUST SEND SOMETHING LIKE THAT DO YOU REALIZE HOW WORRIED I WAS THAT WAS SO UNCOOL-" Wow, even when freaking tf out he'll shorten to acronyms.
He's already shoving links to human suicide help sites into your face and he's only like two or three seconds away from dialing a hotline up his own damn self by the time you yank the phone out of his hand and explain your macabre sense of humor.
Once he actually understands then a monster has been unleashed and he'll do the exact same goddamn thing
"Tell my Ruri-chan collection I committed die."
"Do you think anime car decals will also stick to coffins?"
"You think if I pay this place they'll use my ashes to make a unique Ruri-Chan figurine and my ashes can be her season 3 tiara's diamond centerpiece?"
Ya'll doin' the brothers a Heccin' Concern™
Ironically enough the chillest besides Belphie.
He handed you your notes after faux-grading them to prepare for when you'd actually have to hand them in and you took one look and said, "K, I'm gonna kill everyone in this room and then myself."
Every demon in the study room made themselves scarce immediately because this WAS the human that made pacts with the Avatars- one of whom was present and could easily be commanded to do exactly that.
"Now why would you go and scatter our study group like that? Peer reviewed notes are a fair deal harder to complete with no peers."
"Satan I'm gonna kill myself."
"After you finish these notes."
"Bet those bookshelves are tall enough that a fall from the top would end my suffering."
He doesn't even bother looking up from his book and you pout before returning to your work.
He doesn't look up from his book for the rest of the study session actually.
That's because he's frantically looking up "how to tell if a human is overdramatic or suicidal" and chewing through scientific articles like copy paper and it isn't until he hits an article on fatalistic humor that it kind of clicks and he stops sweating enough to turn Death Valley into a river.
There's the sound of a shoulder accidentally hitting the doorframe to his room, books dropping, and then- "My kink is asphyxiation but it isn't satisfying until I actually fucking die."
He screams like a banshee that dying is not a kink until you interrupt with, "It's only not a kink if you're a coward."
And that just sets him off because he is the king of kink and he knows what kinks are more than you ever will and he has never met someone who's kink was actually dying
"You've never met them because they all got to live out their kink" Finally he gets you're teasing him but he still tears up anyways, insisting that you not speak like that because his poor heart can't take it and the stress will give him wrinkles
"Beauty is pain so dying will make me prettier than you."
Well now he just has TWO reasons to keep you alive
"Hey Beel, you gonna need the toaster today?"
"No, why??"
"Because someone kicked ice under the fridge and it melted and I'm wearing socks and I stepped in it so I'm gonna go run a bath and reenact bugs versus bugzapper on a summer night."
Okay look Beel isn't DUMB but it still takes him a few seconds to connect the dots on what the hell you even mean- and then he's choking on a quadruple bypass burger as you dig through the fridge for a can of soda.
"Why??! Who hurt you?! Was it one of my brothers?! Has someone been mean to you at RAD-?!?" He's gripping you and sobbing and you actually feel rotten for forgetting that these demons probably don't know how to tell if you're actually considering kicking your own bucket or not.
You thought Mammon clung to you and got overprotective?? Beel blasts him out of the water- for about a month he'll constantly make sure that all the knives you use are dulled, you don't bring anything sharp into the bathroom, he moved any and all medications you might have into Satan's room so the blonde can keep tabs on them.
Poor baby- pls don't joke about killing yourself around him he can't take it
"Hey Belphie, you think if I got a good running start out of the attic window I could escape this mortal coil?"
Honestly you think fuckin' Belphie of all people would get off his ass enough to react beyond the initial "What?"
Nah. He'll ask to join you. Or humor you. Or both.
"If you prefer not risking surviving you can find Asmo's bondage rope hidden in the third hidden compartment on the right side of his vanity."
"I have more class than hanging myself with Asmo's fuck ropes."
"Well you could always try tie dying Diavolo's suit to a rainbow, bet Lucifer would get mad enough to snap your neck."
"Oh hey why can't I just ask you?"
"Nah, tried it once, wasn't super fun."
Cue literally every single other brother staring between the two of you in horror over the dinner table. Asmo's the one that speaks up first, a fork hovering over a bowl of ceasar salad.
"Do you really have to discuss such morbid stuff? Right in front of my salad?"
You stare at Asmo for three seconds before Belphie speaks up.
"Can we kill HIM using the fuck ropes?"
"Hey Barbatos, I'm gonna fuckin' commit permanent exhale you want anything from the afterlife?"
"I'm afraid I'll have to pass."
You aren't talking to him, you don't even know he's there because he's eavesdropping.
How could he have let his favorite exchange student get to this point? Was his plan doomed to failure? He had to fix this stat-
Barbatos wakes you up at like six in the morning the following day and you spend said day shepherded around his fuckin carousel of vacation hotspots that he just has lying around. The beach, some mountains, a forest, and when that's done with he hauls you up to the human world to a zoo and fills your entire day with asking which animal you think matches the people you know the most (Spoiler: you tell him that if he had an animal form you'd bet anything on it being a red panda and he has to work not to scoop you up in a big warm hug right then and there)
"So what's with the sudden vacation day?"
The question hits him out of left field and you laugh as he accidentally drops his drink back to the table, leaving his goofy little swirly straw dangling from his mouth as he stares at you.
"...I wanted to make you not want to kill yourself."
You choke on your own drink and after hacking up both lungs and a kidney you ask where he got the idea you wanted to kill yourself.
The earnest sadness in his eyes makes you feel horrible for even joking about it when he tells you.
"Aww Diavolo...Panda, I don't. I just have a ridiculously morbid sense of humor and a dramatic streak as wide as your shoulders."
He's kind of similar to Mammon or Beel- but instead of a sudden spike of concern that fades overtime, he just has a new default, and always sends a text at least once a week to make sure that any fatal jokes are staying in the realms of dark humor and nothing more serious.
"Hey Barbs, do I happen to get killed by some freak accident in the next few minutes?"
"No? Why do you ask-"
"Aww guess I gotta do it myself." He looks at you like you've grown a second head. He's flipping through all his most recent memories to see if there were any warning signs he was negligent to, he digs into the past to see if you've ever been treated for depression, even spies into the most likely future to make sure you don't commit your final sin- then he's being shaken out of his time scanning.
"Yo, Barbs, I was just trying to joke about not wanting to submit a mid semester report to Lucifer." A hesitant smile is spread to try and mask your concern and he released a breath he didn't realize he was holding.
"Pardon me, I was lost in thought. It was...a joke?" You nodded and half-assedly explained that depression and nihilism had become something of a trend of humor up in the human world, then went on to talk about the humor of your generation in general, and by the time you were explaining the concept of deep fried Bean Memes he was fully relaxed again.
Like half a day later you get a nearly indecipherable picture that you THINK is a picture of Lucifer at his desk and surrounded by paperwork with the caption "DAy 15337 OF LOOKING FOR THE FORBIDDEN BEAN RECIPE" and you got kicked out of the student council room for abruptly spitting out a mouthful of soda and howling with laughter, which was totally unfair because Barbatos was avoiding your gaze and maintaining himself like he hadn't just sent you the most absurd, three-layer deepfried meme you've seen since you came down here.
He won't say out loud he much prefers these abstract memes versus you threatening to kill yourself.
You swore as you accidentally tore a hole in your notes with your eraser and without missing a beat, looked at Simeon. "Hey is it still a sin to end your own miserable existence or can I at least get into Heaven long enough to tell Michael where he can shove a cactus?"
Simeon was normally very hard to read. Right now cannot be counted as "normal".
His face is red at the implication of you telling an Archangel (especially MICHAEL), have some explicit relations with a cactus, and yet his eyes are glued to your face in horror at the idea you might be considering snuffing out the beautiful light of your soul before it was your time.
You pretty quickly caught on that suicide humor wasn't on Simeon's list of favorite jokes.
You had to sit through a thirty minute lecture and by the end you were torn between swearing to never do it again or tell Simeon to his face that the lecture made you consider the pros versus cons of lobotomy via pencil eraser.
You wisely chose neither and just said you understand.
He keeps a sharp ear out, and now you have to make sure he isn't around before cracking another of your 'jokes' otherwise he'll have you by the ear and drag you out for another "Life is a blessing not to be wasted" speech.
Please don't tell him these jokes lmao.
Okay but really, another eavesdropper. You truly did not mean for Luke to hear you when you looked at your most recently graded demon biology assignment- which you received a D+ on, and promptly muttered, "I'm about to send myself up to God's door in a handbasket."
Oh lord the poor creature cries
You spend like the rest of the entire day trying to gently assure Luke you didn't mean it without letting him know that making such grim jokes is an integral part of your entire sense of humor and the thought of death is no more serious to you than the idea of Lucifer riding a pink unicorn.
It takes a hot second and a half to convince him that it just slipped out and that you weren't actually contemplating anything on your life. He still insists on spending the rest of the day with you. To protect you from demons, definitely not because he's scared you were lying and if he took his eyes off of you he might lose his best human friend in the world.
Like Diavolo- not quite an extreme jump in concern, but more like a heightened awareness- he asks at least once daily how you're feeling and assuring that if you ever feel upset that you can come to Purgatory Hall and talk to him about anything.
Honestly just like Levi.
"Fuck. That's it, I'm lodging a complaint against the universe in person this time, for real." Over a papercut, really?
"MC wants to speak to the manager #UltimateCouponHunter... Sent."
Levi just smoothly rolling out that levelheaded response from the other side of the room without even looking up from his D.D.D. clued him in on it being some kind of joke, so he told himself that was all he needed to know.
...but okay, just to say he knows, what about it is funny?
You take the opportunity to demonstrate on some random demon- and the reaction you get for it?
Solomon understands.
Good lord you and Solomon are going to give Asmo a single gray hair. Maybe even two.
Hell, Solomon takes it a step further and will actively pretend to be dead, and get you to pretend as well, and then rope whatever poor sod you two are hanging out with into sending it to the brothers and Diavolo as well.
"Think we took it too far?" Lucifer looms over you two, holding his D.D.D. which displayed a picture of the both of you floating face down in a pool fully clothed, captioned "Doing Hot Person Shit too hard, retiring from life"
"Yea probably. Wanna make a suicide pact-"
Literally Lucifer hangs you both (And poor Mammon, who you convinced to send it in the first place) from a ceiling fan above the dinner table and leaves you until curfew hits.
Hey, at least he left you hanging right side up.
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lacheri · 6 months ago
11:29 PM, 4/20
pairing: stoner!Eren and fem bodied reader
content: smoking/drugs, dumbification, finger fucking, penetration, porn without plot, minors DNI
summary: eren's been trying to fuck you for years now, and he's got a different angle to play at this time. all it takes are a few pretty words and free weed.
wc: 3.5k
notes: happy 4/20 lmfao i wrote this in two hours and i'm posting this unedited and half asleep
Tumblr media
‘Rolling up, you sliding through?’
Your phone illuminated brightly against your face as you held your phone above you, your bed’s soft comforter brought up to your chin. You bit your lip, contemplating Eren’s invitation. Your eyes glanced to the clock in the corner of your phone screen, blinking a couple of times. ‘11:29 PM’ it read back.
‘Pleaaaase, 4/20 is almost over ):’ Eren had resorted to double texting, and you sighed, his battle easily won. You tried to believe it was fought hard, but you knew perfectly well that you were wrapped around Eren’s pretty little finger. He called, you answered. Simple as that.
‘I want a blunt all to myself for this Jaeger. I’m literally in bed right now’ you typed back quickly, clicking the off button on the side of your device, begrudgingly throwing your blanket off your body as the heat escaped. You gazed down at your attire, sweatshirt and sleep shorts bundled up to your form, and you sighed once again. Eren was going to have to accept you like this, because there was absolutely no way in Hell that you could fathom throwing on real clothes this late at night.
‘What’re you wearing? Send pics’
‘Eren I’m LITERALLY!!! On my way to your house right now’. This boy was going to be the death of you, or at least whatever brain cells you had left.
Fuzzy pink slides adorned on your feet, hair thrown up in the messiest ‘neat’ bun you could manage, you pocketed your keys and wallet. You grabbed your bookbag in the corner of your room full of paraphernalia, knowing well by now that Eren was too lazy to buy bongs or bowls, and made your way out of your home, locking the front door on your way out. You hit the unlock button on your car, throwing the bag in the passenger seat and set out for your late night journey.
It wasn’t uncommon for your best friend to hit you up so late, in fact it was Eren’s peak hours for hanging out. He never genuinely inconvenienced you, just an annoyance because every single time you got that invite text or call, your head would have just hit the pillow beneath you, sleep on the horizon. Traffic was the best at this time too, you would reason on the way there, virtually no cars on the road, turning your usual twenty minute ride into a ten minute one.
When you rolled up Eren’s driveway, you could see the dark red lights of his bedroom through the upstairs window on the front of the house. You picked your phone out of your pocket, texting a quick ‘I’m here’. You grabbed your bag, slinging it over your shoulder and climbed out of your car. By the time you made it to his front door, Eren was swinging it open, a goofy smile on his face.
“Just us tonight?” you asked, referring to the lack of cars in the driveway as you glided through the entryway.
“Yeah, feeling greedy. We haven’t hung out just us in awhile,” Eren smirked, leaning back and letting his eyes travel down your spine as you slid by him. He reached and pulled the door closed, locking it quickly and following quickly behind you.
You spent most of your nights here, knowing the pathway to Eren’s room. You jogged up the stairs, oblivious to Eren’s eyes trained in on your bouncing ass in your loose fitted shorts. His bedroom door was wide open, and you navigated over clothes thrown haphazardly on his floor to his unmade bed. You bounced as you sat down, hitting the mattress with your full weight and unzipping your bag, picking out your favorite bowl. Eren lifted the corner of his mouth, clearly amused at how at home you had made yourself.
“Comfy?” he asked, a teasing tone to his voice as he joined you on the bed, rolling tray and jar of bud in hand.
“Mhm,” you hummed, eyeing Eren’s hands as they set quickly to work. His grinder sat on the bed behind him, and after picking out a few clusters of green from the jar, he reached behind him and popped the top off, going through the motions of getting prepped for the smoke session. “What’d you do today?”
Eren shot you a dumb founded look, “It’s 4/20, what do you think I’ve been doing all day?”
You rolled your eyes, throwing your hands up in surrender, “Just making a joke, asshole.”
He chuckled, extending his hand out so you could pass him your bowl, packing it not long after. Eren looked around his mattress for a lighter, eyebrows drawn together as he couldn’t find one. You smirked then, extending the black lighter you had packed in your bag, and Eren smiled gratefully. He flicked the lighter once it was in his possession, pointer finger resting over the choke as he placed the pipe to his lips, inhaling deeply as the fresh green turned to ash. He lifted his long finger off the choke hole, removing the pipe as he held the smoke in for a few seconds, eyes instantly glazing as he exhaled.
Eren was one of those smokers that the second he had a hit of weed, it was written all over his face that he was high, even if he wasn’t. When Eren picked up the habit in highschool, his parents knew instantly what the boy had been doing during his “study sessions” with his friends. Now that he was an adult and moved out of his childhood home, Eren was pretty free in his indulgences, no longer carrying around eye drops to try and help him appear as innocent as possible.
After his second hit, Eren passed you back your bowl and lighter, coughing lightly as he exhaled, “What about you? What’d you do today?”
“Not much, spent all day watching documentaries and smoking my vape,” you laughed lightly, positioning the pipe to your own lips.
Eren’s eyes drank in the sight of your pretty plump lips as they wrapped around the tip of the pipe, fingers copying his as you bent your finger over the choke. The lighter ignited after a single flick, warm colored flames illuminating your face. It was like Eren was watching you in slow motion, but it was always like that with you, even when he wasn’t high. He could see the fire in your eyes as they focused downwards to your actions, and Eren felt his mouth go dry. You pulled the bowl away, making eye contact with him as the smoke exited your lips, licking your face as it traveled towards the ceiling on your exhale.
The two of you made small talk as you passed the bowl back and forth, Eren making a face once the bud was dead. He packed another bowl, repeating the rotation until that one was dead. The two of you thoroughly fried, he put the pipe on his bedside table and leaned his back against the wall by his bed. You mirrored him, resting your head on his broad shoulder as the two of you enjoyed each other’s company.
“We should make edibles this weekend,” you suggested, fingers playing with the drawstring of your hoodie. “Maybe invite the group over and get zooted and play a game or something.”
“Zooted?” Eren snorted. “I haven’t heard that word in years, grandma.”
You shot Eren a glare, which he began to laugh at, “I’m hip, okay? Zooted is making a comeback.”
“Stop trying to fit in with the youth, Myrtle,” he teased, wrapping his arm around your waist to tuck you into his side. “Man, if I was only 50 years older.”
You lightly elbowed his side, “You wish you could bag 70 year old me. I’m a fucking catch.”
“I wish I could bag you period,” Eren confessed, probably for the hundredth time of you knowing him. “How come you’ve never let me take you out?”
“Because, you’d just fuck and dump me and then I wouldn’t have a plug anymore,” you pouted, purposefully snuggling in closer.
“Is that what you really think?” he asked seriously, positioning his neck to the side so he could look down at you.
You looked up, centimeters apart from his face, “That’s what you did with all the other girls.”
“But you’re my best friend,” Eren frowned, taking his hand and pushing your hair behind your ear. “I wouldn't do that to you.”
“Don’t know if I wanna’ really find that out,” you smiled sadly.
“C’mon, let me prove it to you,” Eren licked his lips. “Fuck me, right now, and I’ll take you out tomorrow.”
You felt a pulse in your pussy suddenly, gulping spit down as you broke the eye contact, “I don’t know ‘Ren. We’ve been friends since highschool, what if it makes things weird?”
“You can’t look me in the eyes right now and tell me that you’ve never thought about it, about us,” his voice was a hare above a whisper. “Because I think about it all the time. ‘Is why I hit you up all the time, I like you stupid, I always have.”
This confession was so different from all the other ones. Eren was practically begging to let him in between your legs on a weekly basis, ever since you had met him. Never once had he been this honest though, so genuine sounding about his feelings. He had a point as well, you thought about being with him all the time. You were always at his house or going out somewhere together, you spent all your free time with him, of course you would have feelings for Eren.
“If,” you started, your eyes blinking rapidly as you returned your gaze to his red ones. “I say yes, and things are weird after, we’re going to pretend like this never happened and we go back to being friends.”
Eren’s lips crashed into your’s, any and all hesitation rolling off your body as you eagerly returned his kiss. His other arm circled you, bringing you in somehow even closer to him as your hands grabbed both of his cheeks, feeling the flex of his jaw as you smashed your lips together. Eren’s hand traveled under the hem of your sweatshirt to the small of your back, guiding you to sit in his lap. Legs on either side of his hips, your tongues slipped through the both of your lips, meeting in the middle.
Maybe it was the high, maybe it was Eren, but the throbbing in your cunt only expanded as Eren smoothed his hands all over the middle of your torso. They traveled up to the swell of your breasts, free from a bra, cupping both tits in his large hands. His thumbs slid and teased your nipples, hardening instantly under his touch. You arched your back, pushing your chest into his palms even more, your hips flicking as he tweaked your nipples between his fingers.
You both moaned into each other’s mouths at the roll of your hips, feeling Eren’s dick harden fast underneath your clothed center. Eren had been wearing a pair of thin grey sweatpants, leaving not much to the imagination while he was in this state. You felt his lips scrape against your bottom lip, pulling it into his mouth and sucking gently. He released it, a string of saliva linking to the two of you together.
“I’ve been imagining this for forever,” Eren’s eyes were glazed and deep red when you met his gaze. “I just never thought this would happen.”
“I’ve been wanting you too,” you admitted, your dirty little secret exposed.
He smirked at your confession, hands still toying with your breasts. Silencing you once more with his passionate kiss, he moved his hands downwards and to your back until he met the waistband of your shorts. He easily slid under the hem, gripping your ass in his palms, kneading and spreading you apart. You felt your pussy flutter, the indirect contact sending you into a deep pit of arousal, your senses heightened greatly.
It was like Eren could read your mind, and his fingers traveled to your spread cunt over his lap, running a finger over your slit over your panties. You whined, pressing your hips down to achieve a greater pressure from his hand, in turn allowing your wetness to seep through the cotton of your panties. Eren chuckled against your lips, reading your body language loud and clear. He pushed the fabric aside, allowing his knuckles to brush directly into your folds. You moaned into his mouth as he spread your arousal around your vulva. When his thumb bumped against your clit, you felt your patience snap entirely.
“‘Ren, need your fingers, now,” you panted, eyes half lidded as his kiss traveled to the underside of your jaw.
“You got it, baby girl,” he hummed into your skin. There was no resistance as he pushed his middle finger into your opening. “Fuck, you’re fucking soaked. This all for me?”
You couldn’t find your voice, nodding and whining out as he pumped his single digit into your pussy. His touch was slow, deliberate, trying to memorize every single ridge and flutter of your walls as you pulsed around him. Eren’s mouth was dry, dick hard and throbbing, completely lost in the feeling of you sucking his finger in deeper. He couldn’t comprehend the fact that his cock would be replacing his fingers soon, finally fucking you like he had imagined for years now.
His middle finger dared to pull out, and you let out a desperate whine, thinking that was his plan. You gasped in relief and pleasure as his ring finger pushed past your entrance, clenching tightly on his fingers. Eren found solace in this, perceiving your flutters as permission to go finger fuck you at an ungodly pace. He positioned his wrist as a more comfortable angle, and his fingers pumped inside of you at the speed of light.
Your eyebrows came together, mouth hanging open as you squeaked and whined, Eren’s other hand finding purchase on your jaw. He squeezed your cheeks together lightly, forcing your lips to pout as he maintained direct eye contact with you. His own lips hung open, and you could see your reflection in his blown out pupils. It only enticed you more, you looked heavenly. Eren couldn’t have worded it before himself if you had verbalized this, whole heartedly agreeing with you.
“You’re so tight,” Eren groaned out, his hand leaving your chin and slipping two fingers in between your lips. “Suck, baby.”
You did as you were told, Eren’s fingers slowing to fuck up into roughly, hitting your sweet spot over and over. Your tongue circled around his knuckles, lips vibrating on his fingers as your moans were silenced. Eren was thoroughly enjoying himself, seeing you completely under his control like this. You were putty in the palm of his hands, literally.
He slid his fingers out of your cunt so suddenly, feeling the gush of your arousal against your inner thighs as his hand left your shorts. His other hand fell out of your mouth, moving back to your jaw as you felt the wetness of your spit spread across your face. Eren brought the hand he was fucking you with to his own mouth, and you were practically drooling at the sight of him sucking your pussy juices off of his fingers.
“Delicious,” he cooed after he pulled them from his lips. “Just like I always imagined.”
You took this as your opportunity to remove some of your clothing. You tugged your hoodie over your head, tossing it on the floor. Eren followed suit, removing his own white t-shirt and reattaching his lips to yours. You tasted hints of yourself, not at all repulsed, in fact the exact opposite. You tasted sweet, tart but sweet.
You pushed yourself away from Eren, scooting off his lap in order to tear off your shorts and panties. Eren mirrored you, almost ripping his pants and boxers off as he slid them past his thighs and ankles to the floor. He remained in his seated position, eyes swirling and fingers twitching at his sides as he watched your crawl back to him. You placed a sloppy kiss to his lips before turning your body around, placing your feet on the mattress on either side of his lap. Sat in a full crouch now, you grabbed Eren’s cock, pumping him a few times with both of your hands in a screw motion. He moaned from behind you, his own hands gripping your ass cheeks to support your frame.
You guided Eren to your hovering pussy, teasing your clit, soaking him in your dripping heat. He cursed underneath you, his right hand moving to your hip as you lowered yourself on his length. Eren groaned loudly as the feelings of satisfaction and relief flowed through his body, his own heightened senses taking over. You moved to rest on your knees when you felt Eren bottom out inside of you, a string of moans and whimpers leaving your lips. You arched your back and Eren leaned back more, eyes stationed on your beautiful round ass.
“You’re so fucking hot,” he ran a hand up to the back of your head, untangling your messy bun so your hair fell free down your back. “C’mon baby, bounce on my dick.”
You lifted your hips, slamming down to his pelvis urgently. It was so overwhelming, the feeling of his cock filling you to the brim making your brain empty. Your eyes screwed shut, mouth hanging open dumbly as drool coated the swell of your lips. You bounced again, and Eren yanked your hair back as he watched your pussy stretch around him, close to snapping and drilling into you as he saw the creamy ring form around his base. You were a moaning mess, unable to think clearly as your body took over. Pushing all your weight into your knees and palms resting on Eren’s thighs, you fastened your pace, ass bouncing every time Eren’s fat tip brushed up against your cervix.
You felt the sharp sting on your cheek and heard the resounding slap of his hand on your right cheek, tears springing to your eyes, “Fuck, Eren, you feel so good.”
Taking your hips into his strong hands, Eren was finally at his brink as he thrusted hard up into. You yelped, letting yourself go limp as he slammed into your cunt at a dangerous pace. He was in full control now, fucking you into a stupor.
Your hand left it’s home of his thigh, traveling to your aching center to rub your clit. Eren’s position was perfect, rubbing the underside of his shaft against your g-spot. When you opened your eyes, you could see his toes curling, legs flexing and twitching. He wasn’t going to last long, your pussy putting him under a spell. You circled your clit with your pointer and middle fingers, throat raw from all the noises escaping you. All you felt was Eren, all you could hear was Eren, he was filling your entire being up, replacing any and all thoughts they may have lingered in your brain.
“Gonna’ cum,” you whined, fingers moving even faster.
“I’m so fucking close, fucking cum baby,” Eren growled, thrusts desperate and becoming irregular.
You stilled above him, a breathless scream heaving from your throat as you gushed around him. Your pussy clenched so tight, and Eren couldn’t hold back. Because as empty as your brain was, Eren was in the exact same state as he shot his thick load into you, filling your tight cunt up with his cum. You milked his cock, walls convulsing in your mind blowing orgasm. Black spots appeared in your vision when you realized you had forgotten to breathe, you took a deep gasp of air.
You were a panting, sweaty mess hovering over him. Eren was in awe, watching beads of his white seed leak out of your center. He’d worry about the consequences when his brain could comprehend what had just happened, but for now, the deep primal urge of filling you up was sedated. Eren didn’t think he could’ve imagined fucking you for the first time any better than this. And when you finally lifted your hips to release him, he felt a wave of sadness, your beautiful pussy no longer surrounding him.
“Did you, oh my God, Eren,” you lifted your hand in front of you, seeing the creamy white of his cum smeared on your fingers. “You came inside of me?”
“Sorry, baby,” he caught his breath as you turned your head over your shoulder to glare at him. “I’ll buy you Plan B in the morning, promise.”
“I’m on the pill, but still,” you huffed, letting the anger leave you as you realized Eren would take responsibility. “You didn’t know that.”
Eren laughed without humor, “Oh well, at least I know for next time. Now c’mere, wanna’ hold you while I roll a blunt.”
Tumblr media
LACHERI © 2021: all writing content belongs to LACHERI. I do not allow reposts or translations. this is my only account.
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tsukki-bear · 8 months ago
𝙩𝙤𝙪𝙜𝙝 𝙡𝙤𝙫𝙚
シ 𝘵𝘴𝘶𝘬𝘪𝘴𝘩𝘪𝘮𝘢 𝘹 𝘧𝘵𝘮 𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘥𝘦𝘳
Tumblr media
⚠︎︎𝘸𝘢𝘳𝘯𝘪𝘯𝘨𝘴: 𝘤𝘶𝘳𝘴𝘪𝘯𝘨, 𝘵𝘳𝘢𝘯𝘴𝘱𝘩𝘰𝘣𝘪𝘢, 𝘣𝘶𝘭𝘭𝘺𝘪𝘯𝘨, 𝘵𝘴𝘶𝘬𝘬𝘪 𝘣𝘦𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘱𝘭𝘢𝘺𝘧𝘶𝘭𝘭𝘺 𝘮𝘦𝘢𝘯 𝘵𝘰 𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘥𝘦𝘳
𝘴𝘶𝘮𝘮𝘢𝘳𝘺: 𝘵𝘴𝘶𝘬𝘪𝘴𝘩𝘪𝘮𝘢 𝘪𝘴 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘰𝘯𝘭𝘺 𝘰𝘯𝘦 𝘸𝘩𝘰 𝘤𝘢𝘯 𝘣𝘦 𝘮𝘦𝘢𝘯 𝘵𝘰 𝘺/𝘯
𝘸𝘰𝘳𝘥 𝘤𝘰𝘶𝘯𝘵: 1.2𝘬
𝘳𝘦𝘲𝘶𝘦𝘴𝘵𝘦𝘥 𝘣𝘺 @mexicanmartian
Tumblr media
"hey! tsukki!" yamaguchi called, running to catch up with his best friend, "you know y/n that sits in the back of the class? well, we started talking today and he's really cool! i invited him to sit with us at lunch."
"who?" tsukishima asked, not recognizing the name.
"l/n. y/n l/n." yamaguchi replied, "he sits in the very back. he's really shy but once you get to know him he's great!"
tsukki searched his brain for any memory of the boy that yamaguchi was talking about. then it hit him, tadashi was talking about the cute boy in the back that never talked and always had his head down unless he was copying something from the board. tsukki smiled softly to himself as he listened to his green haired friend's rant about y/n's interests. maybe this y/n wouldn't be so bad to be friends with.
once they made it to the lunchroom, tsukki and yamaguchi sat in their usual seats. before long, the boy that tadashi had been telling tsukishima so much about was hesitantly walking towards them. he sat in front of the two boys, waving shyly. tsukki felt his heart leap softly, but immediately shook it off. he never was great at dealing with emotions.
"hey, y/n! this is tsukki! he's my best friend. he's mean sometimes but don't take it personally. he's like that to everyone." yamaguchi smiled.
"i'm not mean. you're just dumb." tsukishima replied nonchalantly.
"see?" the freckled boy gestured to his friend, making y/n giggle.
a couple of months passed and the three boys were practically inseparable. both tsukki and tadashi had helped y/n gain a lot of confidence. he had become almost as snarky as his tall blonde friend. everytime tsukki said something mean to him, y/n always had an amazing comeback up his sleeve. tsukishima had fun playing with him. he made it a lot more entertaining than yamaguchi.
"hey, pipsqueak, where are you going?" tsukki asked as they walked out of their classroom together.
"shouldn't you know my schedule by now, dumbass? i'm going to math." y/n playfully rolled his eyes, earning a light shove.
"i gotta go to the bathroom. see ya later, bitch." tsukki patted y/n's head, messing up his hair.
"cunt." y/n said quietly, smiling as he walked to his locker.
the boy had had a crush on kei since he first saw him. he was just so cool and confident, not to mention cute. y/n was just too shy to tell him. besides, tsukki never showed any interest in him beyond friends. y/n hated how his heart fluttered when they were together.
"hey, (dead name)." an unfamiliar voice spoke from behind y/n as he gathered his books.
turning around, he was met with two boys from his english class that he had never even spoken too. how did they find out? y/n transfered schools so that no one would know. how did they possibly find out?
"huh?" y/n tried to reply in a natural confused voice.
"we found out all about your little secret. lots of your old friends have loose lips." one of them said.
"what's your point?" y/n's voice was getting shakier.
tsukishima had came out of the bathroom and caught a glimpse of the two boys walking over to y/n and decided to listen in. he was confused, but waiting for y/n to defend himself just like he always does.
"my point is, you'll never be a real man. you're a girl and you can't change that." the other boy added.
y/n felt tears flood his eyes, trying his hardest to fight them away he answered them, "cant you just leave me alone?"
the two spoke some more but y/n didn't hear what they were saying. he was in disbelief that they had found out and trying to fight away his tears. tsukishima saw that his friend wasn't defending himself and the tears that were welling up had started to fall down his cheeks. the blonde boy felt his blood boil all of a sudden and he needed to protect y/n. stomping over to the three with a menacing look, the bullies backed away.
"leave him alone, you asshats." tsukki said angrily, yet calmly.
that was all it took for the boys to scramble away. y/n tried to wipe his tears away so that tsukki wouldn't see them, but he couldn't keep them from falling again. tsukki sighed and shoved both of their books in y/n's locker before taking his hand. he pulled the boy behind him, taking him to the volleyball club room.
"tsukki, we can't just skip class. i'm fine. besides, i'm not supposed to be in here." y/n protested as tsukki closed the door.
"you're not okay, y/n. you're still crying. i've never seen you like that. you always have a snarky comeback. what were they talking about anyways? what did they mean you'll always be a girl?" tsukki asked curiously.
"i'm trans, tsukki. i might as well tell you know since apparently everyone seems to fucking know. i switched schools for this exact reason and yet it somehow still caught up with me." y/n paced back and forth as he ranted.
tsukki stopped y/n by pulling him into a hug. he was caught off guard by the sudden affection but being in kei's arms made all of his worries fade away. tsukki felt as if his heart was melting as his friend clung onto him, crying into his shirt. he had pushed away his emotions for so long but he didn't think he could push them away anymore.
"don't listen to anything they have to say. you're more of a man then they'll ever be. you're such an amazing, funny, smart, handsome boy and i love you, y/n. i want you to be my handsome boy." tsukishima said before he even had time to think.
y/n looked up at him with teary eyes, "really?"
"yes, y/n. now say you'll be mine before i die of embarrassment." he replied, fighting the urge to kiss y/n right then.
"of course, tsukki! i love yo-" he was cut short by tsukki crashing their lips together.
"shit, i can't believe i forgot my phone in-"
tsukki and y/n separated only to see sugawara standing in the doorway. kei shoved y/n away in a panic, making y/n huff. sugawara chuckled softly and walked in.
"i forgot my phone in here. who's this, tsukki?" the older male asked as he walked over to where his phone was laying.
"uhh, this is y/n." tsukishima answered.
"your boyfriend?" suga questioned.
"yeah..." the blonde said hesitantly.
"nice to meet you, y/n. i'm koushi. i'm really surprised that he managed to get a boyfriend. you mean you actually like him?" the third year joked.
"i'm not sure why, if i'm being honest, but yeah. i do." y/n responded.
"alright, well, have fun kids!" suga waved as he walked out.
tsukki and y/n looked at each other, bursting into laughter. y/n threw himself back into tsukki's arms, wanting to stay there forever. the two swayed back and forth gently as they embraced each other. it would be worth skipping class, even if it meant getting detention.
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tanzaniiite · a year ago
can i request the trend of tiktok “the faster you get to me the more kisses you get!” with tsukishima, akaashi, bokuto and hinata? 🥺👉👈
w/ tsukishima, akaashi, bokuto, hinata & iwaizumi
Tumblr media
requests: OPEN
warnings: talk of pee and poop in iwaizumi’s
a/n: of course you can! thanks for the request! 💓 (also the trend is used more as a prompt than it is as the main focus whoops 🤡)
Tumblr media
i added iwaizumi bc he was requested in another ask so i just merged the two. my character limit is still four max!
Tumblr media
who gave him the right 🥵
the salt lick himself
this dude is annoyingggg
you already knew what his reaction was gonna be,, so why bother?
welll you just wanted to be like all the other tiktok girls 👉🏽👈🏽
you wait until you see tsukki and yama walking out of the club room and towards you
you’re bracing yourself for the embarrassment
“babe! the faster you get to me, the more kisses you get!”
no shit, he stops in his tracks. yama’s just looking at him like ‘what you finna do?’
you know what he does? turns around and starts walking in THE OTHER DIRECTION
you are… baffled
when finally catch up to him, you’re pouting
“dude, what the hell?”
he glances at you, then flicks your forehead dummy hard
you’re triggered, “did you just flick me?”
this snarky mf is now laughing at you
btw yamaguchi is very uncomfortable rn
tsukishima the leans down, bean pole headass, and kisses your forehead
“sorry i don’t do dumb tik tok trends”
“it’s not dumb! you just didn’t want to kiss me”
he looks at you with an unimpressed look, as if saying, ‘we both know that’s not true’
alas you’re still pouting
yama: “haha this is me, see you guys tmmr” *leaves in awkward*
tsukishima knows your not gonna stop acting like a baby until he gives you what you want
he sighs, walks a couple feet away from you, pulls out his phone and starts recording
“say the thing”
“the trend thing. say it”
your eyes light up so much and tsukki smiles a bit
he’s so soft for you uwu
“the faster you get to me, the more kisses you get!”
because he’s a tall boi, it only takes him a few steps to get to you but when he does, he kisses you hard
like damn, okay sir
when he pulls away you’re flustered asf, he chuckles and stops recording
Tumblr media
this poor boy wouldn’t know a tiktok trend if it punched him the face
i hate to say it, but he’s a boomer 😔🤘🏽 just like dadchi
he’s at your house picking you up for a date and your sibling is bombarding him with questions
when you come out, akaashi is like ‘oh thank goodness’
you smile at him, then wack your sibling in their side
“stop bothering him you weirdo!”
“what we’re just having a nice lil chat”
you shake your head and start to walk away but your sibling is holding akaashi back, giving him the typical ‘you hurt her, i kill you’ speech
now you know your boyfriend is great when he’s under pressure but.. this is new territory for him
you remember a trend that you saw a while back and decide to do it now
you know keiji wants your family to like him, so he’ll be conflicted between going to you or staying and listening to your siblings speech
it’s perfect really
so you pull out your phone and start recording
“baby! the faster you get to me, the sooner we can go on our date and the more kisses you’ll get”
my guy just blinks, “it is getting late..”. plus he’s not opposed to the kissing part so he starts to walk towards you
“hey! i’m not done talking to you”
‘that’s true, it would be rude of me to walk away mid conversation… if you could even call it that’ he thinks
you laugh slightly, you can practically see the gears spinning in his head
“keiji come on we don’t have all day”
“don’t you walk away from me”
akaashi sighs loudly. the longer he spends talking to your sibling the less time he has with you. if he walks away, he’s at risk of your sibling hating him. he’s stumped.
suddenly he turns to your sibling, “sorry l/n, we can continue this discussion later. y/n and i have a date that’s very time sensitive. i apologize”
he then walks to you and grabs your hand before walking off
“y’know my crackhead sibling was just mess with you right? you could’ve just walked away”
“i figured, but that’s still rude”
ugh we stan boy who has manners
“so.. um, may i get a kiss now?”
omg he’s so cute i love him 🥺
you grin and pepper his face with a bunch of kisses, making him blush slightly
Tumblr media
tbh you don’t even need to ask, this dude is infatuated w/ you
he’ll run to you any day of the week
but what had happened was.. y’all were on a date and bokuto went to go get ice cream
but that was like 15 mins ago and you’re just sitting on the park bench looking like a fool
and ngl you were a little worried bc bokuto is so easy to distract you’re thinking he fell into a pond or something
so you go to look for him and tbh it doesn’t take long cause cmon,, it’s bokuto
he be loud asf
n e ways, there he is in all his glory playing with a German Shepard who looked like it was trying so hard not to bite him
the owner looked nervous asf but was probably too nervous to say something social anixety be like that
bokuto spots you and waves at you frantically
“hey babe! look at this dog! it’s so cute!”
ugh bless him
you send the owner an apologetic look and turn back to bokuto
“it is cute but i think you’re aggravating it.. i don’t want you to get bitten. let’s go”
“it won’t bite me!” *to dog* “right? you’re too good to bite me, yes you are, yes you are”
*inhales* this stubborn kid, so now you got to think of a new tactic
you suddenly remember that bokuto is affectionate x1 mil
he would never miss a chance to be smothered in love
this was as good a time as any to do this trend and save your bf in the process :))
you whip out your phone, “hey baby? the faster you get to me, the more kisses you get”
when i tell you his head SWIVELED
the dude is an owl confirmed 🙌🏽
literally almost trips trying to get to you, now he’s looking at you like an excited puppy ready for pats
the owner gives you thankful look and leaves
bokuto is still staring at you, waiting for his smooches
so you deliver 😌 you grab his face and kiss all around and place a final kiss on his lips
bokuto looks so happy, like he’s smiling so wide rn
all hail tiktok it rly be saving your stupid boyfriend
Tumblr media
my bby 🥺
he loves you so so so so much
hinata will do anything for you yes anything
and the feeling is mutual, but sometimes you cannot comprehend what goes on in that mind if his
like,, you could not, for the life of you, understand why he ran into MOVING TRAFFIC
let me tell you what happened
so you were shopping with your friends (and just to clarify y’all were a strip where there’s a bunch of stores on each block)
you guys were just casual walking and then your friend pointed out that it sounded like someone was calling your name
you looked around and there was your orange fuzzy bouncing up and down on the other side of the street
too cute i swear
you smiled and waved, “hi baby!”
“wait until i get across this street imma kiss you so hard!”
cue your friends gagging
you giggle and decide to reference a tiktok cause why not?
“the faster you get to me, the more kisses you can get!”
b-but he thought you were serious
so yes he ran into the middle of a busy street
you are traumatized, paralyzed with fear if you will, you thought your boyfriend was going to die right in front of you
when he finally reached you, you scolded him mother hen mode activated
“why the hell would you do that hinata?!”
uh oh, you used his last name.. not good
“but you said–”
“i was joking!”
oh. now he’s embarrassed and sad bc you’re mad at him
at least he thought you were until you grabbed him and hugged him tightly, “don’t ever do any dumb shit like that again, okay? you scared me”
“i won’t,, but since i did risk my life, can i get a kiss?”
Tumblr media
i feel like y’all have a relationship where you guys can be mean(?) to each other w/o getting offended
so you guys are at your house watching Netflix together and he suddenly gets up and leaves your room
“where are you going?”
“gotta piss”
istg i hate the word “piss” but IK he says that instead of “pee”
n e ways you resume watching the show but your bf’s been gone for like 10 mins
you go to the bathroom and knock on the door, “hey, you good in there? it doesn’t take 10 minutes to pee”
you hear him groan, “fuck off”
and then,, it all clicks, “are you constipated?!”
now you’re laughing your ass of bc what the fuck
“don’t clog my toilet nasty”
“y/n i swear to god if you don’t leave me alone–”
“what? are you gonna fling your doo doo on me?”
you finally stop teasing him and go back to your room
you send him a text, ‘still constipated? 💩’
‘breaking up w/ you is looking mighty tempting rn 🥴’
‘rude 🤧 but hey, the faster you poop, the more kisses you get’
this dude left you on read
and didn’t return until 20 mins later
“damn i know my bathroom stinks now”
“shut up and give me my kisses”
you raise an eyebrow, “i– you took 20 mins”
“okay.. did you want me to get up mid shit and come to you?”
you don’t why but that shit had you cackling, you reach up and pull him close to you
you give him a couple of pecks and a deep kiss
aww he’s smiling 🥺
“i love you my lil doo doo machine”
he pushed you off your bed
Tumblr media
tanzaniiite © 2020 — all rights reserved. do not repost, modify, or copy. do not plagiarize. thank you.
Tumblr media
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justcourttee · 8 months ago
Can we have betrothed daminette: marriage contract part 2?
Aha, yes. I wasn’t ready for it to be this popular. After much waiting, I bid you the second part. 
A Marriage Contract- Pt 2
“Bruce Wayne, I demand a meeting with you, right now!”
Marinette didn’t mean to kick in the manor’s door. She was usually so good at controlling the extra strength her kwamiis offered, but after the hour she spent with the League, she had run out of patience.
“Woman, let go of my hand. You cannot begin to comprehend the situation you are getting yourself into-”
Before he could even finish his sentence, Marinette felt his hand ripped from her grasp. Immediately, every hair on her neck stood up as she ducked, the sound of a shot echoing through the entryway. With a flick of her wrist, she threw her horseshoe, waiting for a clatter that never came.
“Who are you and what business do you have with Bruce Wayne?”
As slowly as she could, Marinette lifted her hands to show that she was unarmed, calling off Kaalki in the process. The sound of the weapon being reloaded caused her back to stiffen. Obviously, they didn’t care if she was armed or not, she was simply a trespasser.
“I am his future daughter-in-law and I ask that you point that gun in another direction. You could do some serious damage to my precious face if you hit me at this close of range.”
A second passed, then another, the silence completely deafening. Marinette took it as her sign to turn around as her ears strained for any movement. Moving from her crouched position to a standing one, Marinette glanced over her shoulder, trying to get a glimpse of her attacker.
“You’re trying to tell me that you’re engaged to this little demon? Yeah, right. Try again princess, I won’t be asking again.”
Cool metal pressed against her temple, blocking her view of the man. Was he Damian’s bodyguard? Did Bruce care enough to at least hire a mediocre hitman for his child? The thought made her chuckle.
“What’s so funny? You losing it babe? Most people don’t laugh seconds away from their deaths.”
“It’s just funny to me that Bruce Wayne would hire a half-rate meatshield for his assassin son.”
Before he could even respond, Marinette already had him on the ground, her knee between his shoulders, the gun clattering seconds later. Getting a better look, she decided he couldn’t be much older than them. Maybe 23, 24? And his hair..
“What’s with that dumb white streak?”
“Are you with the fucking league? Don’t be cheeky with me princess, who are you? Thalia’s new prodigy? They couldn’t have me or Timmy so she had to go for the next dark-haired, light eye child she could find? God, she’s just as bad as Bruce.”
“Thalia?” Marinette’s eyes scanned the room for Damian only to find him crouched behind her, tying the man’s shoelaces together. “That’s your mom, right?”
He simply grunted in response, his eyes laser-focused on knotting the laces as tightly as he could.
“To answer your question shitty-hair, no. I hate that woman. Something about her screams evil overlord, but it could just be me and my new engagement.”
He tried to squirm underneath her grip, but it only ended in her knee driving further into his back.
“Jason, you had one job. That was to check out what caused the sensors to go off. So, when I ask my next question, I want you to think very carefully about your answer.” A baton bopped Marinette’s head before she could even lookup. “Why are you being straddled by a schoolgirl?”
Her whole face flushed red as she launched herself from the man, backing up several feet before halting. Jason sat up slowly, the smirk on his face ebbing on her growing blush.
“What can I say Dickie boy? I adore being a bottom.”
Marinette tried to refute him, but her voice caught, the embarrassment causing her to shut down. At this point, she simply wanted to melt into a puddle, her knees already wobbling. Just as she was sure that they were going to give out, a hand found its way to the small in her back, pushing her back to a standing position.
“Tt, how crude Todd. I would appreciate it if you could treat my fiancee with more respect. I realize this is a lot to ask your peabrain to comprehend, but I am hoping it is simple enough that even you could understand.”
“Wait, she wasn’t lying? She really is your-” Jason attempted to stand quickly only to realize the handiwork Damian had left him earlier. He let out a small groan, his middle finger shaking as he directed it toward where they stood. “Fuck you, demon child.”
Damian simply admired his free hand as if inspecting it for any germs he could have acquired in those mere few minutes. His other hand remained on her back casually as if he realized that removing it would give her the same fate as Jason.
“Moving past Todd, I believe that she asked for a meeting with my father. Do you leeches happen to know if he is here?”
Dick’s mouth gaped as if he was searching for whether he should be offended or not, his eyes scanning between the two of them.
“Well, it took months to convince Alfred to take a vacation and this is how you two handle security in his absence? I believe I may have to cut your paychecks.”
A hand landed on Dick’s shoulder, causing his entire body to stiffen. The poor boy looked so close to laughing or crying, Marinette wasn’t sure which would come first.
Marinette felt as if the air in the room had magically stiffened. Was it always this hard to breathe or was this just the effect of two stubborn men standing so close? Either way, she wasn’t sure she could handle much more.
“Are you Mr. Wayne? Damian’s father?”
It was as if a switch had been flipped. Gone was the intimidating man and in his place was a smiling gentleman, offering his hand in greeting.
“That, I am. And who might you be?” He gently grasped Marinette’s hand, ignoring Damian’s swatting as he gently raised it to his lips, pressing a small kiss on her knuckles.
“Uhm, My name is Marinette Dupain-Cheng. I am the guardian, level Alpha, first in line for the position of Supreme Master of the Order of the Miraculous.” Her weak knees vanished as she stood tall, Damian’s hand falling, his strength leaving with him. “Hours ago, I entered a contract with Thalia Al Ghul, ruler of the League of Assassins to marry her son as a political settlement ensuring the safety and prosperity of both parties.”
The entire room silenced, their movements rigid as they all assessed her with a different view. She thought she had prepared for this, after all, you couldn’t bust into someone’s house and announce your engagement without a little judgment. She was woefully mistaken.
“Well, at least I’m guaranteed grandkids now. I was starting to get worried about the lot I have.”
Dick and Bruce chatted idly about whether they would have girls or boys and where they should book the wedding reception for. She was pretty sure she heard an estimate of approximately 500 people just on Damian’s side. This wasn’t what she was prepared for, this wasn’t what she came here for.
“St-stop it!” The men quieted down, both of their stares returning to her. “I didn’t come here to make wedding plans and talk about grandkids.”
“Then what did you come here for?” Marinette wasn’t sure if he was faking the confusion, but it only seemed to fuel the rage she had forgotten.
“I came to hear to get an idea of what kind of father doesn’t notice that his son has been kidnapped by his psycho of a mother. We are barely 18. At least I’m assuming. This is the first time either of us has met one another. You have yet to ask a single question of me, simply taking my word on who I am and what my business is. Don’t you want to know about who your son signed his life away to?”
She hadn’t even realized how much her outburst had taken out of her until a gentle hand returned to the small of her back, steadying her swaying body. Reaching over, Marinette gripped Damian’s shoulder, finding her sense of balance once more.
“I am only 18 sir. I barely have graduated from lycee. I had a whole future that I had planned for myself. I had finally broken through the last barrier that was standing in my way, I was set to leave Paris behind and next thing you know, I’m being summoned to a code red meeting only to be shoved in a room with your son, and that dictator. I don't even know what Damian is sacrificing but here you are acting like it’s no big deal. I-I-”
Bruce took a step forward, crouching until he was just below her eye level. Gently, he reached out, his finger brushing away the silent tears slipping down her face. Marinette grabbed her face in a panic, pulling back her hands to find them soaked.
“Marinette, right?” Bruce waited for her to nod, her voice seeming to fail her for a second time that day. “It’s not that we don’t care. We realize how serious this situation is. I’m sorry that I couldn’t have gotten there in time to stop this, but we will find a way to nullify this contract. I’m sorry if we came off as insensitive, it’s simply the way we help Damian deal with trauma. He doesn’t communicate as well as you do and it takes some joking and egging on until he’ll finally snap and talk.”
Damian huffed beside her, his eyes locked on the tears that stained her cheeks.
“I know it seems impossible right now, but I received a copy of your contract minutes after it was signed. I already have my best legal team, men and women I can trust looking for any possible loophole that won’t result in either side losing here. For now, all we can do is plan according to Thalia’s timeline and act as if we aren’t forming a trump card. Do you think you can do that?”
“I-uh-yes sir. I’m sorry sir.” Bruce chuckled softly as he slowly stood back up, straightening out his suit jacket.
“Don’t be. It takes a lot of courage to stand up to not one, but both of your fiancee's parents. If you change your mind about wanting to nullify your contract, I think you would make a perfect addition to this family. After all, we need someone to keep Damian in check so he doesn’t run around signing away his life every five seconds.”
“Tt, you act as if I had a say, Father.”
Marinette wasn’t sure where it came from, but a giggle bubbled up in the back of her throat, slowly spilling out into full-blown laughter. She was sure it sounded hysterical based on the looks the men surrounding her gave her, but she didn’t care. It felt so good to relieve the stress that had been piling up over the past few hours.
It wasn’t long before Dick was whisking her away, insisting on giving her a tour and setting up her room, Damian trailing after them, insisting that Dick removed his hand before he lost it. As they sat down for dinner that night, bygones already forgiven and forgotten, Marinette couldn’t believe that Damian had this whole other side caring for him, especially after meeting the League.
It really made her wonder just what had this contract signed her into.
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onceuponastory · 9 months ago
a tiny piece of heart - billy hargrove x reader
Tumblr media
Plot: Billy hates high school dances. He thinks they’re stupid. Especially the one in Hawkins. Y/N has dreamed of going to prom for most of her life, and she refuses to let her best friend’s cynicism stop her now...even if she wishes he was going with her....or alternatively, Billy Hargrove has more of a heart than most people think he does. Warnings: Some mentions of violence and blood  Notes: This is my first ever Billy Hargrove fic, so I hope you like it! I also write a fic for Dacre’s character Nick in The Broken Hearts Gallery called Coming Back Home, so if you want to read more of my writing, you can read it here! Also, just because I write for Billy, doesn’t mean I’m excusing his actions in the show. This is set during season three, but Billy’s not flayed. Tag List: @shinydixon​, @baker151910​, @got-to-love-a-badboy​, and @thesundrop​. Let me know if you want to be added!
Leaning against her locker, Y/N sighs, reading over her chemistry notes. A familiar figure sidles up to her. She doesn’t even have to look up at him. She knows exactly who it is. “Hey gorgeous.” Billy Hargrove whispers in her ear. She’d be lying if she said she didn’t enjoy how it felt to have her incredibly attractive best friend calling her gorgeous...but she also knew that he said it to every girl that he tried to fuck, so it kind of lost its charm after the first few times.  Besides. There’s no way he actually meant it. He had the pick of any girl in the school, there’s no way he’d go for someone like her. She ignores him, and continues to read over her notebook. “What, don’t I even get a hello?” He fakes being offended. Sighing, she looks up at him. He’s in his trademark denim jacket, with his shirt barely buttoned up. He looks incredible. Even if there was no way in hell he’d be interested in least, in that way, that doesn’t mean she can’t look...right?
“Hey Billy.” She tells him, before going back to reading. Billy scoffs.
“What are you doing? What’s so much more interesting than me?” He asks, trying to peek over her shoulder.
“Hey! Stop it, you dick.” She scolds, pulling the book closer to her chest. She can see people walking by looking at the pair of them curiously. She didn’t blame them. The two of them made an odd pairing. She’s the shy nerd, and he is...well the opposite of everything she is. To be honest, calling Billy Hargrove her best friend still felt weird, but ever since Billy and his family had moved in next door to her family, she couldn’t help but make friends with him. Especially when he snuck out their first night in Hawkins and climbed through her bedroom window because it was so dark he got confused about which house was his. After she got over the fright of seeing her new attractive neighbour in her bedroom, the two of them started talking, and realised they had more in common than they thought. Also, because his mere presence terrified most of the other students in Hawkins High, she knew Billy didn’t really have much choice in the friendship department, so that’s probably why he kept hanging around with her. But on the plus side, it meant people didn’t bother her, because they knew they’d have her almost six foot, denim clad and mullet wearing best friend to deal with. And besides, she didn’t care what people thought. She and Billy were happy (at least, she was) so that’s all that mattered. “I’m revising for our chemistry test on Friday.”
“Ohhh riiiiight.....thaaaat.” Billy trails off, and she raises an eyebrow. She knew exactly what that meant. “I forgot. Oh well.” He shrugs. And there it is. “Who needs chemistry anyways?”
“I do, if I want to be a doctor.” Billy scoffs.
“You’re such a goody two shoes Y/N. It’s....” She braces herself for what feels like an insult. “It’s...quite admirable actually.” 
“I’ll take that as a compliment.”
“You should.” She’s about to fire a witty comment back, but is stopped by a familiar voice greeting: 
“Y/N! Hi!” Nancy Wheeler walks up to her. “Hi Billy...” She gives him a small wave. Given Billy’s...history with Steve, Y/N didn’t blame her for being apprehensive around him. That’s another reason why she knew people judged her and Billy’s friendship. He could be...unpredictable to say the least, and she honestly didn’t blame people for wanting to avoid someone like that at all costs. She just wished the others got to see the side of Billy she did. The one who laughs at all her dumb jokes, the one who picks her up in his camaro and takes her to the diner for a burger and fries each week, the one who plays her his AC/DC and Led Zeppelin records, sings along, and fondly tells her every little detail he can about the songs. Billy Hargrove was a complex individual, and she was glad to be his friend. And if that’s all she was destined to be, she’d still be happy with that.
“Hey Nance, what’s up?” Y/N smiles.
“Not much, just studying for this chemistry test is killing me.” She groans.
“Same here. I really need to ace it if I have any hope of getting into college.”
“You will. You’re so smart. Oh! Right, I was gonna give you both....” She rummages around in her bag. “One of these!” She passes a flier to both of them. “I gotta go meet Jonathan. See you in history Y/N.” The two wave as Nancy disappears down the hall.
“Prom?” Y/N and Billy say at the same time, looking at the flier.
“We’re going right? It’s-”
“No way in hell am I going to a stupid-” Both of them cut each other off. They stare at each other, blinking for a moment. 
“You don’t wanna go?” She asks. Billy raises an eyebrow at her.
“You do?” He chuckles. “Y/N. Babe. I know I do a lot for you, like watch your chick flicks, but one thing I don’t do is school dances. Especially prom.” Part of her feels deflated. To be honest, she didn’t expect him to be enthused about it, but prom is something almost every girl, herself included, dreams about, especially going with the person who means the most to her in the entire world. And for her, that was Billy. 
“I just thought...” She begins, trying not to let him hear how disappointed she is. Thankfully, her saving grace is the school bell. “I better go. I’ll see you later okay?” She asks, not even waiting for an answer. She can feel his eyes burning into her as she walks away. She felt stupid. Both for even asking him in the first place, and for expecting him to say yes. She should’ve known someone like Billy Hargrove would hate school dances. But she still hoped he’d go with her, so they could have a great night together, or it’d be like it is in the movies, when the guy realises his best friend has had a crush on him for as long as she’s known him, and that he likes her too....that last one may be a bit much, but whatever. Sighing, she reaches her classroom, and takes her seat. 
Almost immediately, an epiphany dawns. If he didn’t want to go to prom with her, she’d just go herself. Even though that’s not what you’re meant to do, she knew she definitely wouldn’t be the only one without a date. And besides, most of the school judged her for being best friends with Billy anyway, so going to prom by herself wasn’t the worst thing she could do. She wouldn’t let his cynical attitude ruin the one night she’s been looking forward to ever since she started going to high school.
She was going to make it the best night of her life, Billy or no Billy.
~~~ Two Weeks Later
“So. Are we going to the movie theatre tomorrow night? There’s that new-”
“Nope, sorry. Can’t.” Y/N cuts Billy off, shutting her locker. “I’m going prom dress shopping with Nancy and some other girls, and then we’re going to get KFC together.” Billy frowns.
“You’re seriously going to this prom?”
“I seriously am.” She turns to face him. “And I don’t care what you say Hargrove.” He looks confused, but says nothing. She almost says something in return, but someone comes up to her before she can.
“Uh...Hey Y/N.” Christopher Johnson comes up to her. He was in her history class, and he was kind of cute. He was on the basketball team with Billy and Steve...and that was about as much as she knew about him. She had only spoken to him a few times in the past, mostly just light pleasantries. 
“Hey Christopher.” She smiles, and Billy grunts a hello. “What’s up? Need a copy of the history assignment?” He shakes his head.
“Actually, I was wondering if you’ to go to the prom with me?” She hears a noise behind her that sounds like a mixture of Billy choking on his soda, or snorting. “That is...unless you already have plans to go with Billy.”
“No!” She and Billy respond, talking over each other again. “Um....” She takes a second to think it over. Yes, she was still holding out hope that Billy would change his mind and go with her, but given how close prom was at this point, there was better chance of teaching a pig to fly. She decides to live while she’s young. “Yes, Christopher. I’d love to go to prom with you.” Billy scoffs, but she ignores him. Christopher’s face lights up. 
“Awesome! I’ll pick you up around seven?” He asks, and she nods. “I’ll in touch to sort stuff out. Bye!” He waves and disappears down the hallway as the final bell rings. Billy and Y/N walk out of the school in silence towards Billy’s camaro. Y/N frowns. Billy’s never usually this quiet. Once they get in, the silence is only broken by the sounds of Van Halen coming from Billy’s radio. 
“Are you okay?” Y/N asks suddenly. Billy scoffs again. “What?” Still nothing. She huffs. “For god’s sake Billy, just tell me what the fuck is wrong with you. You can’t expect me to be a mind reader.”
“Christopher Johnson? Really?” He replies, raising an eyebrow. Y/N feels the anger rising within. He refuses to go to prom with her, but thinks he has every right to judge her date? Hell no. Before she can say anything however, Max skates up and clambers into the car.
“Hey guys.” She says, buckling in. 
“Hey.” Y/N and Billy say at the same time, looking over at each other once they realise. That makes Y/N even angrier. He better stop doing that. Billy doesn’t say anything else, and roars the camaro out of the parking lot. The trio sit in silence for a while, and Y/N can see Max’s perplexed face in the rearview mirror.
“ everything alright with you two?” She asks.
“Oh it’s nothing Max, your brother is just being a grumpy shithead because I’m not going to the prom with him.” Y/N states, knowing that calling Billy Max’s brother would piss him off. Sure enough, Billy snaps his head towards hers.
“I don’t give a shit that you’re not going to the prom with me. I told you weeks ago that I didn’t give a shit about going. What I do give a shit about is that you’re going with Christopher-fucking-Johnson.” He hisses his name angrily.
“Okay? And so what Billy? You don’t want to go to the prom, that’s fine. But don’t think you have any right to judge me or my date. It’s better than going alone and you know it.” She huffs, leaning against the window. “And besides, he’s a nice guy! Also, you have no right to judge me and my choices when you’ve tried to fuck every girl in our entire year.” He scoffs at that again, and she clenches her fist angrily. “Stop fucking scoffing at me for god’s sake! I’m going to the prom with Christopher and that is final.” Thankfully, the camaro pulls up outside Billy and Max’s house before she can say anything else. “Thanks for the ride. See you Monday. Bye Max” She states, grabbing her bag and getting out of the car. Slamming the door, she walks off in the direction of her house.
“Did you see what she did to my car?! I swear if she broke something...GOD she drives me crazy sometimes.” Billy groans, slamming his hand on the steering wheel.
“You’re such an idiot.” Max says from the backseat, and Billy snaps his head over to her. 
“Hey! You better watch your tone, shitbird.” He warns, but she continues regardless. 
“Prom is the one thing a high school girl has to look forward to in life. No idea why they look forward to it, but whatever. And Y/N obviously wants you to take her to it, you idiot.” Sighing, Billy leans back against his seat. “You’re honestly telling me you don’t like her? I’ve noticed the way you look at her when you think she can’t see you.” Billy snaps his head back to her again. “What, Billy? You’re honestly telling me that you’re not mad because Y/N isn’t going to the prom with you?”
“No! I’m not actually. I told you that I don’t give a shit about prom. I’m mad because Christopher is an asshole, and she’s just going to get hurt. And I thought I told you that my love life is none of your business?” Max shrugs and walks into their house, leaving Billy alone in his car. He looks over at Y/N’s house. Part of him knew he should go over and apologise, but a larger part of him, the stubborn part, decided against it. She’d find out soon enough that Christopher was an asshole, and Billy would be right there to tell her that he told her so, and that he was in the right for choosing not to get involved with prom. But yet another part of Billy, the one part of his heart that wasn’t blackened and cold, the part that stored all the love he had, knew that was a horrible way to treat someone, especially his only friend in the entire town of Hawkins Indiana. Sure, there was Tommy and some of the other guys he hung out with, but he knew they could just as easily dump him for someone else. But Y/N...Y/N wasn’t like that. She was sweet and she was genuine. She dealt with all of his bullshit, even cleaned him up when he got into fights, and listened to him rambling on and on about all the bands he loved. She deserved a much better friend than him, that’s for damn sure. Y/N was right, of course. He had no right to judge her and her choices. She always was right.
And he knew that Max was right too. He was being an idiot. It was obvious that Y/N just wanted to go to have a good night at prom, even if he wasn’t going to be there. And maybe Christopher was a good guy after all, maybe he was the Prince Charming, or whatever the hell it was, that Y/N deserved. And if he wasn’t, Billy would deal with him. Because that tiny part of his heart, the one full of warmth for the two women in his life that Billy Hargrove loves: his mom and Y/N L/N...wanted Y/N to be happy. And as much as he wished and hoped that she would be happy with him, or at least feel the same way for him as he did for her....he hoped who ever she ended up with treated her like the queen she was. If they didn’t, they’d have him to answer to.
Three Weeks Later: Prom Night
Billy sits in his room, listening to his records and smoking a cigarette. Tonight was the night of the prom, so he knew Y/N would already be there, dancing her heart out. Although he still hated the whole idea of prom, he’d be lying if he said he didn’t wish Y/N was dancing with him instead that night. Suddenly, Max bursts into his room, skateboard in hand. “Hey! I thought I told you-”
“Billy, that’s not important right now.” She interrupts him. “I was just skating by Y/N’s house, and I bumped into her mom, and she told me to tell you that Y/N’s date still hasn’t showed up, so she’s been sitting alone all night. She’s-” Billy’s already up and almost out the door before Max can even say anything else.
“I’m going to fucking kill him.” He hisses. He storms out of the room and almost makes it to the front door before Max catches up to him.
“Wait, stop! What about Y/N?” And then he stops. Max was right. Y/N, who had dreamt of this night her entire life, was probably sitting alone, no doubt with her heart broken. And even though Billy hated school dances with a passion, he knew what he had to do. 
“Max?” He asks. “Do you know how to tie a tie by any chance?”
Y/N sits on her couch, staring at her feet. Her father is watching some crappy tv show, whilst she’s trying not to break down in tears. Billy was right. Of course he was. She was so stupid. Stupid to even think Christopher would even show up for her. It had been two hours now, and he absolutely wasn’t showing up. She had said she’d go herself and she wouldn’t care about being alone..but come on, every girl dreams of going to prom with someone. And when you get stood up, you’re not exactly enthused to still go, are you? She just wanted to take her stupid dress off, put her pyjamas on and crawl into bed with some ice cream. But just as she’s about to give up hope, the doorbell rings, and she jumps up, stumbling in her heels. “I’LL GET IT!” She calls, dashing to her front door. He was probably late because he got held up...or got lost! But, on opening the door, she sees the person she least expected to see. Billy’s dressed in a button up shirt (that he actually managed to button up fully), black suit pants, a tie that’s pretty uneven, and his denim jacket on top. For a moment, Y/N thinks he looks like a strange waiter, but she doesn’t even care.
“Billy?” Her voice is full of relief. 
“Hey gorgeous.” He smiles, causing butterflies to fly in her stomach. 
“What are you doing here? Come to say I told you so?” She sniffles, and he shakes his head.
“Don’t be silly. I’d never do that. And what does it look like?” He smiles. “I’m taking you to prom.”
“Billy...” She sighs. “You don’t have to do that. I know you hate these things.” He shakes his head again. 
“That might be true, but I know how much you’ve been dreaming about this night. And with everything you’ve done for me...I thought it was only fair I made your dream come true.” Her heart swells at that, because even though he put on this tough facade like he didn’t care about anyone else...Billy Hargrove cared about her. He cared enough to almost put on a suit and take her to something he hated. He holds out his hand. “And besides, I thought I deserved a look at how gorgeous you look in your dress.” She giggles at that, and he twirls her under his arm. “You look just like that princess in that movie we watched. What’s her name?”
“No...I think her name’s...Y/N?” That makes her blush hard. He really could be a charmer. “So...your highness. Your carriage awaits.” He gestures towards his car. She takes his hand, and he leads her towards the camaro. As Billy sets off towards Hawkins High, Y/N feels her nerves rising slightly. She was about to walk into prom with Billy Hargrove. Usually, she didn’t care what people thought about them hanging out, but this? This was different. This was all she’d ever wanted...and now it was here, she was worried it would be ruined. Like she’d pinch herself and the dream would be over, and then she’d be back to just being Billy Hargrove’s best friend. Or he’d go to prom and his head would be turned by someone else, someone prettier or sexier than her. “You alright?” Billy asks, peering over at her.
“Are you sure you want to do this?” Her voice is timid, and she feels stupid for bringing this up again. Billy already said he was okay with it, but here she was, asking him again. Sometimes she wished she was as confident as Billy. Billy didn’t give a shit about what anyone thought about him, and she needed to be more like that, she felt. “Billy, I mean it. If you’re uncomfortable, that’s okay. We can do something else. Maybe-”
“Dressed like this? I think we’ll look out of place everywhere but prom.” He responds, and she finds herself laughing at that. “But seriously. It’s fine. I told you. You’re owed at least one dance tonight, and I’ll make sure you get one.” She leans back into her seat, feeling more comfortable. Billy soon pulls up at the high school, and opens her car door for her, helping her out. “Ready?” He asks, offering her his arm. She takes a deep breath.
“As I’ll ever be.” She replies, linking her arm with his. Almost as soon as they walk into the gymnasium, everyone’s head turns to look at them both. She can hear snippets of people’s conversations as they walk past them.
“Is that..Billy Hargrove?”
“In a suit?!”
“She charmed the school’s slut. Didn’t think I’d see the day.”
“He must really want to get into her pants if he’s doing this.” Then suddenly, she sees Billy’s blue eyes staring at her. A blue that looks like the calm sea after a storm. It was fitting, actually. He gives her arm a reassuring squeeze, one that makes her feel better. Undeterred, they both walk towards the dance floor, and soon hear:
“Y/N! Hey!” Nancy walks up to them, followed by Jonathan. “Oh...hi Billy. Didn’t expect to see you here, honestly.”
“Hey Nancy.” He smiles. “You look...nice.” Nancy looks slightly perplexed by that, but she thanks him anyway. The teens stand around awkwardly for a moment, until the intro to You Shook Me All Night Long by AC/DC starts playing. Billy’s face lights up immediately.
“Wow, they actually play good music here?” He asks, sounding seriously amazed. Y/N starts giggling. “Come on! I owe you a dance, don’t I?”
“Yeah, but I thought you meant-” She begins, but Billy takes her hands and pulls her into the dance floor before she can even finish her sentence. Most people are still looking at them weirdly, but Billy pays no attention to them, and starts dancing with her. He also starts singing along. “Come on Y/N! Sing the chorus with me! Just like we do when I play this on vinyl!” He grins. She shakes her head. “Hey. They’re staring at us already, might as well make it a show. And besides, how is this any different from when we sing along at my place?” He whispers. He was right of course. It was crazy how comfortable Billy made her. Even in a crowd of her classmates, he made her feel like nobody else was there.
“Okay, but I’m pulling you up for an ABBA song, just to be fair.” Billy throws his head back and laughs at that. 
“I guess I deserve that.” She nods. “Ready babe?” He asks.
“You...shook me all night looooong!” Billy and Y/N sing at the top of their lungs. 
“God, we’re probably going to be kicked out of here for our bad singing.” She says to him, laughing. Billy fakes being offended.
“How dare you! I am an excellent singer. And besides, there’s nobody I’d rather get kicked out of prom with.” He winks. He takes her hands again, and starts spinning her around at top speed as they both sing the chorus.
“This is...such a bad decision! I’m...wearing heels!” She laughs, completely out of breath. She can feel the stares of her classmates burning into her back, but she’s never felt more alive than she did in that moment. The song soon fades out, and Y/N stumbles into Billy’s arms. He gently holds her as they slowly stop spinning. Billy wraps his arm around her, and she and Billy walk off the floor silently. 
“Wow, that was....” Nancy begins.
“Great!” Jonathan grins. Nancy smiles. 
“...Yeah, he’s right. It was. You two make a great pair you know.” Y/N looks over at Billy, still grinning, still breathless, and full of love for her insane best friend. 
“You’re right. We do.”
Later that night, Y/N sits alone on the bleachers, watching the other dancers. She and Billy had been dancing for most of the night, and she was exhausted. Speaking of the devil, Billy walks up to her, holding two cups of punch. He hands her one. “Do I want this?” She asks, sniffing it. He fakes being offended again.
“Y/N, are you suggesting that I would spike the punch at my own high school prom?” She raises an eyebrow. “...Okay, that’s fair, but no. Totally fine, I promise you.” Still curious, she takes a sip as Billy sits down. Surprisingly, he’s right. It tastes totally fine. “Tommy’s spiking it now though.” He laughs, a classic mischievous Billy Hargrove laugh, the one he does before he does something he’ll get into shit for.
“Of course.” She scoffs. Billy Hargrove really was predictable....But she wouldn’t want him any other way. “Ugh, I’m exhausted.” She groans. “And fucking starving.” 
“Me too. Wanna get some burgers?” He asks.
“I thought you’d never ask.” He takes her hand, and pulls her up, leading her out of the gymnasium. As they approach the camaro, the pair hear:
“Y/N! There you are!” She recognises the voice immediately. It’s Christopher. Billy clearly recognises it too, as she feels him tensing beside her. The pair turn to face him. “I came to get you, but you were- Oh. I see.”
“What? I waited on you for almost three hours, and you never showed, so Billy took me instead.” Christopher laughs at that.
“Yeah I bet he did. Bet I know why too.” He winks. “Hey Hargrove, once you’re finished with her, let me have a go, eh?” Before Y/N can even react, Billy charges forward, and punches Christopher in the gut. She can’t even tell who hits who after that. She only realises Billy gets hit a few times. The pair continue until Christopher falls on the ground, with Billy leaning down and staring at him.
“You listen to me.” He hisses. “If you ever come near her again, you’re going to need a fucking body bag when I’m finished with you. Got it?” Christopher doesn’t reply, and Billy kicks him. “Got it?!” He screams.
“Woah, woah, woah, Billy! Chill!” Y/N orders, pulling him away.
“Okay! Okay! I’m sorry!” Christopher responds. Y/N pulls Billy towards the camaro before he can do anything else. 
“Hey, what the fuck?” Billy frowns. “I just saved your ass, and you pull me away?” 
“Yes, you did, and I appreciate it, but you don’t need to BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF HIM!” She hisses. Her eyebrows furrow together once she gets a proper look at Billy. “You’re bleeding.” She states. “Come on.” Once they reach the camaro, she opens the passenger side door and shoves him in as best as she could. “I’m taking you home to take care of you.”
“Wait...why are you driving?”
“Because I don’t trust you to not run over Christopher. And I don’t trust you behind the wheel usually, let alone after being hit in the head.” 
“What? No, you...” But before Billy can finish his sentence, Y/N is already in the drivers seat, and putting the car in drive. “ car.” He says weakly.
“Oh shut the fuck up about your precious car, Hargrove. A little blood on your seats isn’t going to be the end of the world. And I’ve driven it before. It’ll be fine.” Billy leans back in his seat, slightly slumped. He gazes over at Y/N as she drives. She really was beautiful. Especially now. He’d never seen her be so...authoritative before. It was kind of sexy. Soon, the pair reach Billy’s house, and Y/N stops. Opening his passenger door, she helps him up and into the house. 
“Hey! ...Oh my god.” Max gasps when she sees Y/N with her arm around her older half brother, who has blood pouring from his nose. 
“Max, can you get me a wet cloth, some paper towels, and some ice please? Thanks.” Y/N tells her, walking Billy to his room and putting him on his bed. Max soon follows with what Y/N asked for. Sitting beside Billy, Y/N delicately touches his nose.
“Ouch. Fuck.” He hisses, turning away from her.
“Billy. I’m trying to see if your nose is broken.” She responds. 
“No. It’s not broken.”
“Wow, thanks for your expert analysis, Doctor Hargrove.” Max laughs at that joke, and Billy looks over at her.
“Max. Do you mind leaving us alone?” He asks, teeth gritted. Max rolls her eyes and leaves the room. Y/N continues to look over Billy. He notices her biting her tongue a little as she focuses. It was cute. 
“Okay, I think your nose is just bleeding, and not broken. I also think you’re gonna have a nasty shiner tomorrow, but just come and see me in the morning and I’ll give you some concealer to cover it.” He screws up his face at that, and she rolls her eyes. “Yes Billy. Makeup. It’s either that or let everyone see you got your ass kicked a few times.”
“...Okay. I’ll take the makeup.” She smiles at that.
“Good. Now, to stop your nose bleeding, I need you to pinch your nose here....” She moves his hand up to his face, and he does as she asks. “And bend down.” She tells him, gently moving his shoulders down. She also puts some ice on his nose. The pair sit there for a while in silence, as they wait for his nose to stop bleeding. “Also...” Y/N breaks the silence. “...Um.” She stammers. “Once it stops...I need to...look at your chest. In case you have bruises.” 
“...Right.” The two go back to their awkward silence. Because it was awkward. She was about to see Billy’s bare chest, for the first time ever. She was going to be closer to him than ever before. And Billy was going to have the girl of his dreams running her hands over his chest. ...But although they’d never tell the other, both of them wanted it. Soon, the bleeding stops, and Billy sits back up again. Y/N moves herself and her hands closer, but stops when she gets to his tie.
“You okay with me doing this?” She asks. Billy can’t even say anything, but he nods. “...Okay.” Her hands shaking a little, she undoes Billy’s tie, throwing it beside them on the bed. She then moves onto his shirt buttons. Her hands shaking even more now, she struggles with the top button, but Billy takes her hands gently, sending shivers up her arms and down her back. 
“...Let me.” He whispers, before unbuttoning his shirt, discarding it beside his tie. Y/N takes a moment to take in the sight before her. Her hot, shirtless best friend is sitting right in front of her. And he has ABS. Gulping, she moves even closer, and glances back up at him, wordlessly asking his permission to continue. Billy nods. Softly and slowly, Y/N moves her hands around Billy’s chest and waist, occasionally pressing into the skin to check for tenderness. Once she reaches his abs, her face flushes, and Billy chuckles softly. “Go on. It’s okay.” He whispers. Gulping, she runs her fingers along his abs. “” He says, his voice husky. “What’s your diagnosis?”
“’re fine. You don’t need to go to hospital. At least...I don’t think so, maybe a proper checkup by a professional would-” Chuckling again, Billy cocks his head to look at her.
“God, you’re stunning.” He whispers. Frowning, Y/N turns to him. 
“Did you just say...that I’m stunning?” She repeats. Suddenly, she laughs. “Okay, you’ve definitely been hit in the head too many times. Maybe I should take you to the hospital after all.” Billy puts his hand on hers, stopping her.
“No....I’m serious. You’re stunning. I’ve always thought you are.”
“Y...You have?” She responds, and he nods. She looks slightly startled by this revelation, but Billy continues.
“Seriously Y/N. You’re smart, you’ kind, and god, you’re stunning. I know I’ve probably fucked a lot of girls in my time...but I just want you. Sometimes I wonder why you still hang around with me. Especially tonight.” He sighs. “I mean, look. I spoiled your night by getting into another fight. And here you are. On your prom night, taking care of me, when I don’t deserve it.” Laughing, she shakes her head.
“Billy. Stop. You said it yourself. You saved my ass tonight. And you’re my best friend. Of course I’d take care of you, no matter what night it is. Actually, you’ve saved my ass twice tonight. You saved me from being stood up, and kicked Christopher’s ass when he talked shit about me. You might be slightly insane, sure I’ll give you that, but I know that there’s a heart in there somewhere, Billy Hargrove, and I’ve been lucky to witness it first hand. It may be tiny, but it’s there. And you’re asking me why I keep you around?...Because I love you, you dumbass.” Billy blinks at her for a moment, in shock. Finally, he speaks.
“...In love with me? Like...properly?” He asks. She nods, smiling.
“Yes. I’m properly in love with you, Billy Hargrove.” He smiles back at that.
“Good, because I’m properly in love with you too, Y/N L/N.” He replies, before gently kissing her on the lips. For a moment, she’s confused, like she’s still in a dream. But as he moves her hands around her waist, she realises this is anything but a dream. Her hands move up to his hair as the kiss deepens. It was strange, in a way. On the one hand, Billy Hargrove was the kind of guy who could break your face without a moments thought...but with Y/N, he was so gentle and tender. It was nice. The two break apart at the sound of Billy’s bedside clock. It reads midnight.
“Well...I better go. Don’t want to turn into a pumpkin or something.” She says. “I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?” She asks, pressing a kiss to his lips. “Love you.”
“I love you too.” Billy repeats, still in shock that he gets to say that to her. Kissing him again, Y/N gets up and leaves the house. Billy sits on his bed, still slightly in shock. That tiny part of his heart, the one full of love, felt like it had grown at least three sizes that night...yes, like the Grinch’s. He was so full of love, he wanted to run over to Y/N’s house and kiss her all over again. But he knew that had to wait til morning. Smiling, he lays down on his bed. He finally felt loved...and it was a great feeling. 
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floreatcastellumposts · 5 months ago
Can I ask how you developed the hc of your James, his personality in particular? Most JSP fics paint him as a playboy, quidditch extraordinaire womanizer but yours is much more lovable and less intimidating to me. Your James seems like someone I would be able to be mates with! He seems so down to earth its endearing. In romance fics its imp to me to like the male lead but with playboy JSP I just can't but your James..well I think I have a crush on him!
Thank you! It's important to me that I like the male lead too!
My thoughts are a bit scattered but I'll try my best to organise them. There are three elements to developing a minor canon character for me - what I want, what is rooted in canon, and what has happened.
What I wanted
A Jake Peralta type who falls in love with a close friend but both of them are too dumb to realise it. An auror who makes life difficult for Harry. There are certain plot needs like this that meant I needed to shape the character around them, though naturally characters often take an uncontrollable life of their own. The original plan was for JSP and Hazel to be based on Jake and Amy and certain similarities still remain, a flavour of b99, if you will, especially through things like "apt description of your sex life", but they remain a jumping point/inspiration rather than a true copy. Realistically, I just wasn't immersed enough in the b99 fandom to properly replicate either personalities, and I suppose looking back thats a good thing as both characters ended up more appropriate to the world they're in.
I should also note that James and Hazel are not based on my husband and me, but that inevitably as I am writing about love and I love my husband very much, I sometimes find on reading back that James feels very familiar to me! Many of my husband's jokes find their way to James's dialogue too - especially things like him always calling Rowan different types of tree. Extremely Mr Flo.
What is rooted in canon
We have so little to go on in canon for JSP, but what is there can be interpreted in lots of different ways. This is my interpretation of it and it does not mean that other headcanons or portrayals are wrong.
The other thing to consider is the canon portrayals of other characters that would have influenced James. He has been raised by his parents and the wider Weasley family, and he is descended from James and Lily Potter. Though the debate of nature vs nurture is eternal, some behaviours and traits should repeat for him to feel authentically part of the family, without him feeling too much like a clone. More on this later.
'James, give it a rest!'
This says to me that he is a bit of a wind up merchant, enjoys baiting people (especially Albus), and has a tendency to not know when to stop. Naturally this is when he is a child, so we can expect things to have improved somewhat (and it was the source of inspiration for the one shot Suspension, which is a turning point for him), but I like that core sense of humour to be there, and I use it as an important way to connect him to Hazel.
I think that it can also be rooted in the Weasley side a la Fred and George, who was consistently see baiting Ron and Percy, and Ginny too, to an extent.
With a slightly cocky look over his shoulder at his younger brother...
Look, it's right there. Cocky. There has to be some element of arrogance to JSPs character. But I wanted it to be different to the kind of arrogance that we see in his namesake - their situations and upbringings are different, so of course they won't be the same. James the 1st was an only child, brought up by older parents brought up in relative anonymity - he is secure and sure of himself and thus often entitled. JSP was brought up by a large extended family, under the glare of the press, with parents that are in their own way damaged. He is arrogant in some ways, whether through nature or nurture, but there is also a very real insecurity there. Like Ron, he battles to find his place in the large family in the shadow of so many war heroes.
'Not every day,' said Albus quickly. 'James says most people only get letters from home about once a month.'
Another check in the wind up merchant category. Very Fred and George vibes. It also hints, to me, that James is popular. Yes, perhaps he is just giving that impression to Albus, but I still think it says something that James can claim to speak on behalf of most people.
'We wrote to James three times a week last year.'
I feel like that is actually quite a lot! Teenage boys at that age often have very little to say to parents. This was my first hint that James is very family orientated - and that makes sense given that Molly Weasley is his grandmother and Harry has probably waxed lyrical for years about how lucky they all are and how important it is to love one another.
'And you don't want to believe everything he tells you about Hogwarts,' Harry put in. 'He likes a laugh, your brother.'
This absolutely solidifies my wind up merchant theory, and so I feel confident in writing him doing things like not mentioning who his dad is and trying to goad Hazel into complaining about him, lying about speaking French, just generally being an annoying shit.
Indistinct figures were swarming through the mist, into which James had already disappeared.
I think there's something in this action of running off into the crowd without a word. There's a confidence, excitement and element of hyperactivity there. In canon, the Weasleys all pretty much stuck together at Kings Cross, at least at first. Even when Fred and George went off, they expressly said it was to go and find Lee. It also says a lot that the rest of the family aren't worried or wondering where James is - they're totally used to him being slightly out of control.
James had reappeared; he had divested himself of his trunk, owl and trolley, and was evidently bursting with news.
'Teddy's back there,' he said breathlessly, pointing back over his shoulder into the billowing clouds of steam. 'Just seen him! And guess what he's doing? Snogging Victoire!'
He gazed up at the adults, evidently disappointed by the lack of reaction.
OK. A few things.
1. He is shocked at this news but others are not. Certain things regarding love and attraction clearly go over his head. Perhaps he does not recognise subtle flirting or when two friends should obviously just kiss...
2. He is soooo invested. This is exciting news to him. He ran back to the point of breathlessness to tell them all. He is not so cool that he pretends to be above it all or not care. I feel like his namesake would play it cool, this is a Weasley thing.
3. This boy straight up announces this to the whole family. He doesn't just whisper and snigger about the gossip to his siblings and cousins. He comes and loudly announces it to his parents, aunt and uncle.
4. He is disappointed by the lack of reaction. I feel like this suggests he enjoys being, or wants to be, the person who is in the know and who can create a bit of drama.
'Our Teddy, Teddy Lupin!'
Aww ❤
'I asked Teddy what he was doing-'
What did you think he was doing, u lil dumbass?
But seriously - the shock encapsulated in this short sentence.
'You interrupted them?' said Ginny. 'You are so like Ron-'
This. This sentence probably underpins most of my characterisation of James. You are so like Ron.
Look, I know that this could be solely referring to the fact that he interrupted them and Ron canonically interrupted Harry and Ginny. I get that it's a call back and that could be all there is to it.
I don't care.
I just love that 'you are so like Ron-'. Can't you just hear her exasperation? Don't you just feel that this is something that is said to him often?
Personally, I love to embrace this idea that James takes after the Weasley side and is a lot like Ron. I feel like this fits quite nicely with traits I already established and is a good guidance for slipping in other random things, like being an enthusiastic eater and his patterns of speech. His habit of both being often insensitive yet also very caring and sometimes mothering is reflected in James. I've also always noted Ron's trait of pretending he's above it all regarding things and people he loves, to the point where he is quite negative about them, but when it comes down to it he is very loyal and has deep family ties, so I draw from that too.
'Yeah!' said James enthusiastically. 'I don't mind sharing with Al - Teddy could have my room!'
He clearly really likes Teddy, which is wonderful, and given the age gap I think Ted probably fills that cool older brother role for James.
But I think even beyond that, James is offering to give up his own space which, even if not entirely serious, is quite remarkable for a teenage boy. I think this does show an inherent kindness and a strong family connection.
...permitted his mother to kiss him, gave his father a fleeting hug...
This is so typical teenage boy, it's a fun image. But, again, it does show a close family bond beneath the desire to look cool.
I should also add that some of the way I write James is informed by Cursed Child. I'm not going to go into it because I really hate discussing it on Tumblr and the huge amounts of negativity that come my way when I mention it, but the way he was portrayed on stage was energetic and cheerful and I really warmed to that, and how the Potter family were shown to be very physically affectionate with one another. That's all I'll say on it.
What has happened
When writing, I think it is important that characters are affected and changed by things that happen to them. Harry and Ginny as parents are shaped by their own experiences and notions of familial love, and the way they parent, interact with the press, and talk about their own experiences will shape James too. I do have a meta somewhere going into this for each child. In addition, James's own experiences, like his suspension, like watching his father nearly die, shape and develop him too.
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onlydreamofmysoul · 11 months ago
The new (and last 😭)sweater weather chapter put this situation in my head and I don’t have the talent to make it real:
How would Remus react after he learns he can be a player on the team? and how does the rest of the team react? and how does the media react? and what does Sirius say? and what is his first game like? And what does Jules and his family think? AND AND AND ????
Of course u don’t have to do anything and I adore your writing just thought I would share some of my frantic ramblings.
I’m getting lots of ones like these! My brain has been spinning with so many ideas but one that stuck with me were Remus’ old superstitions.
Characters and their wonderful world by @lumosinlove
Half Sheer Dumb Luck
Calf stretches before thigh
Remus just stared at coach Weasley.
“I’m sorry, what?”
“We’d like to offer you a place on the team.”
Remus wasn’t sure he could trust himself to blink, never mind talk. “Is this a joke?”
Arthur stepped forward, his face calm and reassuring. “Remus, no, of course not. I’m your friend. I wouldn’t do that to you. We, all of us, the organisation, the team, we’ve reviewed your tapes. We’ve seen you play. And we want you on the team.”
“The team knows.” It was a statement, not a question. 
Arthur nodded.
“Sirius knows.”
He nodded again.
“This is real?”
Arthur smiled as he nodded this time. “As real as me standing here right now.”
“I’ll have to be ready.” Remus’ hands were shaking. “There’s so much to do.”
Coach stepped forward and placed his hand on Remus’ shoulder. “Yeah, there is. But I don’t think there’s a better man up for the job.”
“Oh my god.” Remus thought his knees were going to give way.
Arthur grinned and pushed Remus away from him lightly. “Now go talk to your boy. Not being able to tell you has been killing him.”
Remus nodded and walked away in a daze. Sirius was right where he left him, chatting to Thomas and Noelle. He smiled when he saw Remus.
“He… he wants me to join the team?”
Thomas let out a whoop. “Loops knows!”
The tent went up in cheers but Remus could only see Sirius.
“Is.. Would that be okay for you?”
Sirius frowned, pulling Remus right up against his chest. “Would that be okay? Oh my love, there’s nothing in the world that I would love more.”
Remus laughed, tears beginning to pool in his eyes. “I’m going to be on the Lions.”
Sirius kissed him, slow and filled with love. “You already are.”
“I’m going to have to train non-stop.”
“I’ll help you.”
“You’ll train over the summer?” Remus asked disbelievingly. Sirius kissed his forehead, then his nose and finally his lips. “I’ll do anything for you.”
The rest of the team then decided they had enough waiting and piled on, a massive group hug in the middle of the wedding reception, Remus right in the centre.
Two bottles of water on the bench.
“Mom, I have some news.” Remus said over the video call, his voice shaking. He could practically see his mother looking at his hand to see if there was a ring.
“It’s not that mom jeez, can you grab dad and Jules too?”
Remus waited until they were all together for him to speak again.
“So, the Lions organisation found my old tapes.” He began, “They started looking after they saw me play at family skate.”
Jules was just listening, bouncing in his seat waiting for Remus to get to the point. His mother looked concerned, but his father looked, almost knowing.
Remus swallowed, wishing he could tell them in person - he and Sirius were visiting next week but Remus needed to tell them in order for it to feel real. He was glad he was sitting on the couch at home, he needed some sense of normality.
“I’ve been asked to join the Lions.”
“I don’t understand. You already work with the Lions?”
“No mom, not as staff. I’ve been asked to join. As a player.”
Julian let out a whoop so loud Remus might have heard it without a phone. “Re, did you say yes? You had to say yes, please tell me you said yes!”
Remus laughed, nodding his head. “Of course I said yes.”
Hope promptly burst into tears and there was a definite pool forming in his dad’s eyes.
“Oh Re,” His mother breathed, “Oh my darling this is so, so wonderful.”
“No one deserves this more than you.” His dad was saying. “I am so proud.”
“Re does that mean I get to come to all of your games! Oh my god, you’ll be famous! I mean, you’re already famous, but you’ll be more famous! Re! You’ll be rich!”
Remus burst out laughing, looking around at the ridiculously large house he was in already, “I don’t think I need the money Jules.” While his mother rolled her eyes.
Julian gasped as another thought flew into his head. “Remus! I need to get your jersey!”
Sirius walked into the room, and perked up, “Oui! We need your jersey Re!”
Remus covered his face with his hands. “I don’t even have a jersey.”
“Yet.” Sirius corrected, curling up next to him and kissing his cheek. “You don’t have a jersey yet.”
Right foot first to step onto the ice.
“Es-tu prêt?” Sirius asked as they stood outside the locker room. Remus took a deep breath in.
“Ready as I’ll ever be.”
The clamour of the locker room was deafening, but Remus wouldn't have it any other way.. He nearly cried laughing when he saw that Nado and Kuny had decorated his new stall with pictures of Sirius, all copied and printed from social media with edits of Sirius shirtless and captions and endless heart-eyed emojis. He hugged Leo who was in the stall next to him and when he sat down to lace up his skates, he relished the feeling that he was part of the team. Because he was part of the team now, really and truly.
He met the new PT - Dorcas, with whom he knew he’d become fast friends. He also set about telling her all the ins and outs of working with the boys, their little superstitions, their tells when they were lying about their injuries. She just smiled and thanked him and told him to kindly fuck off and enjoy his first day, he could tell her all this another time.
The boys made a big show of letting Remus be the first out onto the ice (After you my good man) and while Remus rolled his eyes and smacked the back of a few heads playfully (Finn, Thomas and James), this was the moment he had waited for all of his life.
Right foot first, he stepped onto the ice.
Pasta and marinara before home games,
“Loops, what are you doing? I told you I would cook before your first game!”
Remus smiled and tilted his head up to kiss his boyfriend, placing both hands on his chest. “Baby, I love you, but you can cook precisely three dishes, and this isn’t one of them.”
Sirius pouted. “Your mom is teaching me.”
Remus nodded, “I know, that’s the only reason you can make those three dishes.”
Sirius shook his head smiling but he kissed Remus, nipping his bottom lip playfully.
“Are you nervous?”
“You’ll be incredible.”
“And if I’m not.”
Sirius kissed him. “If you’re not well then,” Sirius shrugged with one shoulder, “Then you try again next time. What was it a wise man once said? You always have more than one shot.”
Remus scrunched his nose. “That makes me sound like an old man.”
“A sexy old man.” Sirius commented and Remus just groaned. “Oh my god get out of here.”
Chicken and broccoli before away.
“Ha!” Sirius exclaimed when Remus walked into the kitchen and stopped short at the sight of his boyfriend cooking. “Je prépare le dîner ce soir.”
“... You don’t know how to make this one.”
Sirius put a hand to his chest in a wounded gesture. “You think I would give you food that is not good on a game day? Mon loup, how little faith you have.”
Remus felt a smile playing on his lips. “So you’ve magically learned how to cook?”
Sirius shook his head. “Non, that wouldn’t be magic, that would be a miracle. I have however, been taking lessons from your mother. Secret face-time lessons, when you’re out. I’m getting quite good.”
“You’ve been taking secret fact-time cooking lessons from my mother?”
Sirius nodded and held out a spoon for Remus to try. Remus dodged the spoon and kissed him instead. “I love you.”
Eggs morning of, pancakes after a win
“So,” Remus said, stepping into the locker room. “Who’s up for some pancakes?”
The roaring affirmative made Remus laugh before a warm weight barrelled into him.
“Hi Jules!”
Jules had taken to wearing both Remus and Sirius’ jersey at the same time to games, because he apparently couldn’t choose a favourite. He alternated between which one he wore on the outside. Today, it was Remus’, with LUPIN splashed across the back, the number 6 bold in the centre.
“Can I come get pancakes too?”
Sirius appeared behind Julian and threw him up into the air before setting him back on his feet, Jules giggling the whole time. 
“We could never get pancakes without my favourite Lupin!”
“Hey!” Remus protested, but he looked at Julian’s set of jerseys and smiled. 
“I suppose you can have two favourites.”
Finn, walking by, cupped his hands to his mouth. “Preach!”
Drag the puck around the crease twelve times.
“Hey Loops, are you coming to stretch?”
Remus smiled at James. “I’ll be over in a second Pots, I just have to do something first.”
James nodded and went to skate away before pausing. “Wait!” He looked at Remus sheepishly. “Blue?”
Remus shook his head fondly. “You’re so lucky I knew you’d ask for that.” He said ducking to grab a bottle of blue Gatorade he had taken from the kitchen for exactly this purpose. “Love you Fruit Loop!”
“Not as much as me, I hope.” Sirius commented as he stepped out onto the ice. “You coming?”
Remus shook his head. “Just gotta, you know.”
“Skate around the crease twelve times.” Sirius smirked. “I thought you weren’t superstitious.”
Remus flushed a dark red. “I’m not! But I’m not going to risk it either!” He laughed when he realised Sirius was teasing him and pushed him away lightly.
“Oh shove off, you can’t say anything.”
Sirius just continued to smirk at him as he skated backwards. “Love you too.”
Remus looked around the packed stadium as the anthem played and he pressed his star necklace to his lips. Looks like he had another tradition.
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moldisgoodforyou · 4 months ago
the screenplay
hello i am splitting these up tried to put them together but wasn't working
one scene wonder !!
wordcount: 2k short n sweet
Sophie had been begging for months now to see the project Rafe had been working on for one of his classes, especially with how often he added to it. He was constantly jotting down notes in his phone when he thought of something to add - at dinner, when they were hanging out, or the second he’d wake up. He’d always shift to the side whenever she tried to peer over and see the screen, nudging her aside.
All she knew was that it was for his screenwriting class in his minor that he took in the spring, and she swore she’d never seen him so invested in school before. He kept editing it after the class finished, working on it a little throughout the summer, but finished it before he went out to see Sophie in Spain.
When they were back to school in mid-August, she’d mainly forgotten about it - until the end of the month, when he strolled into her room and dropped a bound stack of papers on her desk.
She glanced up from her planner, confused. “Hello to you too, Rafe Cameron. Did I know you were coming over?”
“No, I invited myself. It’s done.”
“It?” She picked up the papers and read the first page. It read “UNTITLED,” BY RAFE CAMERON. Once she realized, she lit up, grinning at him. “Is this what I think it is?”
He flopped onto her bed and locked his fingers behind his head, glancing over with a grin. “Dunno, what do you think it is?”
“Your screenplay? Can I read it?”
“Yeah. Go ahead. It’s only twenty minutes or so, just a short film, so don’t expect too much, but.” He shrugged. “You can read it.”
She beamed and moved to the bed to read, facing the opposite of him. As she read, he was buzzing with nervous anticipation, trying to look over when she laughed or grinned at the page, or when she bit her lip - she’d just nudge him away to finish it. When she finished, setting the papers down, she raised her eyebrows at him.
“Do you like it? Is it okay?” He asked eagerly.
Sophie beamed, nodding slowly. “It’s familiar.”
He rubbed the back of his neck, embarrassed at being caught. “Is it?”
“I mean -” She laughed, running her finger over the main girl’s name, Sloane. “If you were trying to be more subtle, you probably wouldn’t have used my middle name here. Where’d the guy’s name come from?” She cocked her head curiously, hoping to make him blush yet again.
“Uh.” He scratched his head, giving her a sheepish smile. “My middle name’s Asher, actually.”
A grin spread across her face, slowly. “You told me you had no middle name.”
“No, you asked if I had a middle name, and I said no. I have two. Asher and Clifford. Clifford’s my mom’s maiden name.” He corrected, fishing out his driver’s license and handing it to her, with Rafe A. C. Cameron on it.
She glanced it over, then glanced back at him with a teasing smirk. “Rafe Asher Clifford Cameron. That is the most pretentious name I’ve ever heard -”
“Hey!” He nudged her shoulder. “Watch it, that’s your boyfriend you’re talking to.”
“My boyfriend, who wrote our love story into a screenplay.” She beamed as he blushed even harder. His character had confessed his crush on the girl to his friends much sooner than she began to give way, something she’d always suspected for a while, but never confronted him about it.
He tapped the bound pages again. “Did you make it to the end? You missed my favorite part.”
“Yeah, I finished reading…” She furrowed her brow and flipped back through to what she thought was the end, then one page further. There was a dedication inscribed to her in the middle of the page: “inspired by a true story. for my favorite.” She bit her bottom lip hard, tearing up a little.
“Oh. Rafe.”
“Is that okay?” He took the screenplay out of her hands, gently setting it aside, and rolled on top of her to kiss her, slow. “I know it’s kind of cheesy, and you don’t really do cheesy. But I figured you played a part in this just as much as I did, so I wanted to give you some credit.”
“It’s perfect.” She reached up and threaded her fingers through his hair, smiling as she kissed him back. “My sweet boy.”
“Keep your voice down, you’ll ruin my rep.” He joked, laughing when she scowled and bit his lip gently in retaliation. “Hey! Hey, play nice.”
“Did you get an A?” She asked, kissing him again with a little more heat behind it. “Can I keep it?”
“Not sure yet. Yeah, I bound that copy for you, it’s all yours.”
“It’s really good, Rafe. I’m serious. I know I don’t know about movies like you do, but the writing, the directions - I’m really impressed.” She complimented, loving the way he looked away out of embarrassment and blushed red. “You only started this in April or something, right?”
“Uh...yeah.” He lied, rolling off of her to look up at the ceiling when she narrowed her eyes to catch him. “Okay, fine. Um, you know that navy journal I carry around? I’ve been writing notes in there.”
“But I’ve seen you with that since last December.” She furrowed her brow, confused. “We didn’t say I love you for months after that.”
He shrugged, casting her a grin as she climbed onto him and pressed her head to his chest, snuggling close. He wrapped his arms tight around her, tracing patterns on her back lightly. “When you know, you know, I guess.”
“You sap.” She accused, poking her finger against her chest. “My character’s a bitch for the whole first quarter of the screenplay, I can’t believe you wrote that in.”
He laughed, tugging gently on the ends of her hair. “Asher argues right back, I guess it’s how you look at it. The character growth is important, though, they can’t just fall in love like that without conflict. Rule number one of storytelling.”
“Are you gonna produce it?”
“The screenplay? Nah. Well, I don’t know, my professor picks two out of the ten and then we produce them in the spring semester. He did, um, encourage me to enter it in some contest for students, so I submitted it recently, but yeah. Doubt he’ll pick it though.” He dismissed himself easily.
“Hey.” She flicked his chest. “Be more confident. I want someone really hot to play me. Like Megan Fox-caliber.”
He snorted, rolling his eyes. “Yeah, okay. I’m sure she’s in the film department’s tiny budget.”
“You have money.” She pointed out, smirking, and leaned up to kiss him.
“Not hire-Megan-Fox money. Besides, you’re hotter.” He met her lips first, shifting so his leg fell in between hers.
“We both know that’s not true, baby.” She raised her eyebrows, skeptical.
“It is true. You’re fucking gorgeous.” He kissed her again, hard, smiling against her lips. “Prettiest girl I’ve ever seen. 10/10, would bang.”
“Thanks for the Yelp review.” She giggled and rolled her eyes simultaneously. “For the record, I always thought you were hot, even if you were arrogant and annoying when we were growing up.”
“I’m glad we waited, both of us.” He threaded his fingers through hers and kissed the tip of her nose. “If we had just one hate fuck and then you got over me I think I’d be so sad.”
“You wouldn’t get over me?”
“I haven’t been over you since junior year of high school, sweetheart.” He pointed out, making her blush bright red.
“What happened with Brooklyn then?” She asked point-blank, feeling bold.
He scowled, pressing his hips against hers. “Do we have to talk about her? Because I have other ideas for topics of conversation. Literally anything else.”
“We don’t have to, no. I’m just curious.”
“I dunno. Good timing, I guess. It kind of started out of convenience, knowing both our families would get along, then turned into a little more.” He shrugged, teasing his thumbs over her hip bones and along the hem of her shirt. “Longest mistake of my life.”
“Hey. You didn’t know she was going to end up that way.” Sophie frowned, then her frown gave way to a smug smirk. “It’s fine, I was sleeping around back then anyways -”
“You’ve slept with one other person, Sophie -” He started with an exasperated sigh, laughing when her jaw dropped in indignation. “Technically, your body count is just two.”
“So’s yours!” She retorted, sitting up on top of him and crossing her arms.
“No. Still four.” He corrected. “And I’d like both of ours to stay that way.”
“So that’s a no to a threesome?” She teased, punctuating her question with a roll of her hips.
“If you think I’m letting another person touch you like I get to, you’re delusional.” He scowled, gripping her hips a little tighter to keep her firmly in place. “I don’t even like other guys looking at you at the bar.”
“You’re too jealous.” She chastised with a flip of her hair. “People are gonna look at me. I’m hot. Bangable, in your words.”
“First off, I was joking, and I’m pretty sure I did not say bangable -”
“You absolutely did! Might as well have called me a slut -”
He raised his eyebrows at her teasing tone, unamused. “Why, do you want that? ‘Cause if you do you can just ask.”
“No.” She pouted, moving off of him.
“Where are you going?” He reached out for her, tugging at the hem of her shirt. “C’mere, I want to snuggle.”
She smiled, endeared by the 6’3” boy in her bed asking to cuddle. “Okay. Just that though, we have that dinner reservation soon, the one downtown.”
He grinned when she crawled back into bed. She looped her arm around his waist, spooning him, and he sighed contentedly. “I’m so excited for those fancy drinks.”
“We can make fancy drinks at home, y’know. Just buy the alcohol and we can try it.” She nudged her nose against his neck, making him flinch and wiggle away for a moment.
“Not the same. $18 cocktails in the fancy glasses just hit different.” He flipped over so he was face to face with her and rested his arm over her waist, scratching little circles on her back.
“Mm.” She closed her eyes but gave him a nod. “Are you gonna order a dumb whiskey drink again then drink half my fruity drink?”
“You like whiskey.” He protested. “We were sharing.”
“Free alcohol is free alcohol.” She replied, her voice taking on a sleepy tone. “How fancy do I have to be for this place?”
“You can just throw on a dress.” He continued to scratch her back, loving her little hums of contentment. “We can take a nap before we go. Twenty minutes. You can do eyeliner and lipstick and whatever in the car.”
“Ideal.” She murmured. “Rafe?”
“Yeah, angel?”
“I really love that screenplay. You’re very talented. I mean it.” She squinted one eye open just so she could see his blush and shy smile.
“Yeah, well. I had good inspiration. Thank you, Soph, that means a lot.” He reached out and stroked his thumb over her cheek as he reminded himself how lucky he was to be with her.
“Always my favorite.” She whispered, leaning forward to peck his lips and cuddle closer into him. “I’m gonna sleep.”
“I love you too.” He murmured back. “Sweet dreams.”
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poppy-in-the-woods · 7 months ago
Hollywood Whore
Tags: roleplaying, smut, female reader insert, Kells being a Wild BoyTM, bad puns.
Rating: M
Word Count: 2920
Author’s note: This is dedicated to my friend @triplexdoublex​ who encouraged me to write this when I told her the idea.
Tumblr media
Your mother always told you not to date a musician, but you didn’t pay attention and went to date Machine Gun Kelly, or, as you knew him, Colson Baker. You were a photographer and had devoted your life to follow him through his tours, taking amazing pics of the places you visited, the people you saw, and of course, him performing.
But recently he had been somewhat distant and sad. Every time you asked him what happened, he dismissed the question, assuring you it was nothing.
“Colson, I’m not dumb, I know something’s off,” you told him one day, after he told you he was fine yet again, when it was clear he was ruminating something. “Please, babe, talk to me,” you insisted, caressing his cheek.
“You’re gonna think I’m insane,” he finally said, looking at you. “Or that it’s silly.”
“I solemnly swear I will keep an open mind,” you promised him, putting your free hand over your heart. “You know you can talk to me about everything.”
“I… I kinda miss being young and wild,” he said. “Don’t get me wrong, I love you, and I love the life we have together but… sometimes I miss those times.”
“Maybe… maybe I can do something to help you with the nostalgia,” you said.
You bit your lip.
“You know what we talked about last Sunday?” you began, somewhat insecure of how to present this to him.
“Yeah, roleplaying in bed and stuff.”
“Maybe we could do that,” you said. He looked at you a bit confused. “I mean… we could pretend that I’m not your girlfriend, just another anonymous fan, and you invite me to your tour bus, or whatever, and we have sex.”
“You would do that for me?”
“Babe, I’ve done a lot of things for you,” you reminded him. “If me pretending I’m a groupie… sorry, a fan, makes you happy, I’ll gladly do it.”
“What did I do to deserve you?” he asked looking at you in awe before kissing you.
“You must have been a very good person in a past life,” you joked.
“Haha, very funny!”
You kissed him again, slowly, sensually.
“Think about it, okay? I can be whoever you want me to be. I can play the flirty girl, or maybe the innocent one, if you prefer it that way.”
Later that night, when you were lying next to him, half asleep, he whispered something into your ear.
“I said I think I know what character I want you to play,” he repeated, a bit louder.
“Okay, tell me, wild boy.”
And he told you. You might need to buy some clothing and accessories, but otherwise it was totally doable for you.
 The day of the concert (a pretty small performance at the Whisky), you were between the fans as one more, with your ticket and your merch. You were wearing purple underwear, a red tartan skirt, white knee-high socks, red Converse, and a t-shirt with the BINGE logo. You had also put on a white hairband, pink sunglasses, the XX necklace and you were sucking on a lollipop (or as he called them, a sucker).
At the meet and greet before the concert, he signed your copy of the album, and complimented your t-shirt.
“What’s your favourite song from Binge?” he asked.
“Hmmm… LATELY, definitely,” you said, smiling.
“And from Tickets?”
“Play this when I’m gone,” you replied. “I know, I’m a sentimental fool.”
He said nothing, but winked at you; you giggled like a schoolgirl and waved him goodbye. You almost could feel him staring at your ass as you went away.
Later, you smiled at him when he appeared in the stage, sang with the public and danced to all the songs. It was kind of a new experience for you, as you used to be behind a camera at his concerts, capturing everything. But you enjoyed being just an attendee to the show, with no other duties than to enjoy.
After the concert finished, Rook approached you.
“Yo, Machine Gun Kelly wants to see you,” he said. You nodded and followed him backstage. “I don’t know what are you guys playing, but have fun, I guess?” he whispered right before opening the door to the dressing room.
He was initially facing in the opposite direction of the door, but turned around when he heard it opening and closing behind you.
“You’re not the beer I ordered,” he joked.
“Sorry, no.”
“You really are something, huh? Don’t act all innocent with me now, I’ve seen how you looked at me,” he said, getting closer.
You backed up until you felt the wall against your back. He put his arms on either side of you.
“I… I think you’re very attractive, that’s all” you said, looking at his feet.
He grabbed your chin and tilted it upwards, forcing you to look at him in the eyes.
“Don’t be so shy, baby girl, you won’t be judged here.”
“But I… I’m sure you will judge me when you know…”
“When I know what, baby? C’mon, don’t be so shy with me,” he encouraged you.
“I’m a virgin,” you finally said. “I’ve been saving myself for you,” you confessed.
He took your wrist and put your hand over his chest.
“You want this?” he asked. You nodded. “Well, you can’t have it, baby girl, I’m a free spirit. But you can have this instead,” he said, putting your hand over his crotch. “How that sounds to you?” You nodded again, feeling him growing hard under your palm. “C’mon, use your words.” You shook your head, pretending to be too embarrassed to speak, and bit your lip. “Say it, baby. I don’t bite… too hard.”
“I want it,” you whispered.
“Hmm, I didn’t quite catch that. What did you say?” he asked.
He was having so much fun with the situation it made your cheeks red. But then again, that was the point of the whole charade, wasn’t it?
“I said I want it!” you exclaimed. “I want you to be my first,” you added, giving his erection a light squeeze. He gave you a wicked smile.
“So, you’re giving me your virginity… what am I supposed to do with it?” he jokingly asked.
“Destroy it,” you said, looking at him in the eyes again. “Fucking destroy it with your…”
“With my what?” he asked, interrupting you as he began to kiss you all over your neck and jaw.
“With your…” you tried to say, but he interrupted you again with a kiss. Your hand travelled from his crotch to his shoulder, and you rested it there, while your other hand caressed his arm. “With your big, thick cock,” you finished.
He spun you around, slamming your back against his chest, and while he restrained both your wrists with one hand, the other snaked under your skirt and inside your panties. You bit your lip, suppressing a moan when you felt his fingers explore you, lightly caressing your labia.
“You’re so wet already…” he whispered into your ear as he plunged a finger inside you. You moaned. “You’ve been thinking about this all the time since the Meet & Greet, haven’t you?” you nodded, moaning again as he inserted another digit and began moving them in and out. “Naughty girl!”
“Please, Kells…!” you whined. The combination of his erection against your ass and his fingers working his magic inside you was driving you crazy. “Fuck! I want you.”
“You want to come with me to my hotel?”
He had booked a room in a nearby hotel, just for the occasion.
He took his fingers out one last time and brought them to your mouth.
“Taste yourself, baby girl,” he commanded. You obeyed, sucking his fingers clean of your juices. He let go of your wrists, and you turned around to look at him. “You sure you wanna do this? There’s only one first time,” he said, cradling your face on his hand.
“Every other man should know that they’ll always come second place. I’m yours, and I’ll always be,” you said.
“Such a devoted fan…!” he sighed.
He kissed you one last time and took your hand in his. He briefly stopped at the green room, where the others were waiting for him to finish his weird rendezvous.
“Rook, I’m gonna go fuck this pretty little thing, so start the party without me,” he told his drummer. You tried to hide yourself behind him, acting embarrassed, but all the boys had seen you.
“Okay…?” Rook said, half confused, half amused.
You heard the others laugh as you two made your way to the back exit. He had a car waiting there, and you sat with him on the back while a chauffeur drove to the hotel. You were making out the whole way, his hands and lips all over you, yours trying to take all of him while staying in character. It was harder than expected to slowly get bolder, but you were enjoying it.
At the hotel, he took you to the room as quickly as possible, his hand on your lower back all the way, daring to give a squeeze to your butt now and then. You faked a startle and giggled every time.
Once in the room he wasted no time. He picked you up and began kissing you, all while walking to the bed. He let you go and took off his shirt. It reminded you of the first time you had seen him like that up close and personal; you reached to touch his chest, feeling his heartbeat under your palms.
“You’re so handsome…!” you sighed, looking at him.
He grabbed your hands and lowered them until they were resting over the elastic of his pants. You nodded and pulled them down like he wanted, his underwear following swift.
“What? Are you scared, baby girl?” he asked jokingly.
“It’s quite big,” you said, looking at it directly.
“It’ll fit, I promise.”
“Okay… but maybe be gentle? At least at first. Remember that I have never had a penis inside before.”
“But have you sucked a dick before?” he wanted to know. You shook your head. “Would you like to try?”
You began sucking him, using your hand to stimulate what you couldn’t fit in your mouth; no virgin would be able to deepthroat. He rested his hand on your head, grabbing a fist of hair as your free hand gave some attention to his balls.
“Oh, baby girl, like that… yeah, like that…” he moaned. “You’re pretty good at this, are you sure it is your first time?” You briefly took him out of your mouth to nod and continued sucking. “Are you sure you haven’t practiced?” he insisted, amused.
“Not with a real penis,” you said, still pumping him in your hand. He arched an eyebrow interrogatively at you. “With a popsicle. But it was much smaller.”
“And colder,” he joked.
“Yeah, that too,” you smiled at him.
“How do I taste?” he asked, tilting his head.
“Salty, but not bad. I kinda like it,” you confessed.
“You’re so sweet… and you’re wearing too many clothes. Come here.”
He kissed you again, undressing you with swift fingers. Soon you were only wearing your panties, which had a darker spot very visible at the crotch, where your wetness had start to pool. He slid them down slowly.
“You know, I quite like the Sphinx look” he commented, looking at your naked body.
“The what look?”
“You know, a Sphinx cat… a bald pussy,” he laughed.
“Oh!” you laughed. “That’s clever!”
He pushed you over the bed, retrieved a condom from the nightstand, and put it on his length. You licked your lips, expectantly, legs open for him.
“You ready for me, baby girl?”
He kissed you, pushing you so your back was against the mattress. While still kissing you, he introduced two fingers inside you, pumping them in and out slowly, just to make sure you were ready for him. Once he was sure, he took his fingers out, prompting a moan of complain on your part, but they were soon replaced with his penis. He lowered his head, sucking at your nipple as he lined with your entrance and began to slowly push in.
“Fuck, you’re so tight!” he muttered, his hot breath against your skin.
He waited a moment to let you adjust to him and began to thrust. It took a pretty big chunk of your willpower not to move your own hips in tandem with his, but a virgin wouldn’t know how to do that at first.
“How does that feel, baby girl?” he asked, kissing your ear.
“Fucking amazing!” you exclaimed, clinging to his back as you began to tentatively move your hips too.
“You’re a fast learner!” he laughed. “Wanna try riding me?”
You changed positions, with you now riding him, his hands on your hips to guide your movement.
“I could fuck you for hours, baby girl,” he said, biting his lip.
“Oh, Colson…!” You moaned, throwing your head back. He stopped you dead in your tracks. “Sorry! I… I shouldn’t have called you by your real name!”
“Not, it’s okay. I just wasn’t prepared to hear you say it. But I like it. Say it again!” he ordered, slapping your buttock.
You accelerated your movement. One of his hand left your hip to slid between your bodies, caressing your clit, making you moan louder.
“Does that feel good, baby girl?”
“Fuck yeah! But don’t you wanna know my name?” you asked.
“I’m a Hollywood whore, baby, I don’t ask names,” he joked.
“Can we change positions, please?” you asked after a while. “My legs are killing me!”
“You’re having quite the workout,” he laughed. “Okay, let’s change, but I’m gonna fuck you hard,” he warned you.
“Do as you please, I’m yours,” you said.
He pushed you against the bed, your back to him, your hips resting on one side. He entered you again, kissing you, his body pressing against yours as he fucked you roughly. You began touching yourself as well, multiplying the pleasure.
“You like this, huh?” he asked, nibbling at your ear.
His thrusts began to become erratic, and you knew he was close. You turned your face to him, searching for his lips; he bit your bottom lip, and grunted as he came. Seeing him come undone that way was enough for you to also reach your climax; he kept lazily thrusting till you were completely done.
“Fuck, I needed that!” he said as he got out of you.
“Can I use the bathroom?” you asked, sitting up.
“Suit yourself,” he said, gesturing at the door.
You went into the bathroom, closing the door behind you. You splashed your face with cold water and looked at yourself in the mirror. You were used to have hot sex with Colson, but that was a different kind of hot, and seemingly a success.
When you left the bathroom, he was sitting on the bed, doing something on his phone. You rested your back against the door, just gazing at him. He was especially pretty to watch with tousled hair and only partially covered by the sheets. He looked at you and smirked.
“You should go everywhere like that, baby girl,” he said.
“I’d be arrested for indecent exposure, or something like that,” you replied, sitting beside him on the bed.
“Speaking of arrests, how old are you? I mean, I didn’t just fuck a minor that looks older, right?” he asked.
“You should have asked that before, don’t you think?” you pointed out. “But don’t worry, I am officially twenty-two.”
“Officially?” he repeated, apprehensive.
“Well, it’s past midnight now, so… happy birthday to me!” you said, snuggling against him.
“Happy fucking birthday to you!” he laughed. “Did you like your birthday present?” he asked, hugging you.
“I loved it! Can I stay the night with you?”
“Of course! I like waking up with a bitch by my side,” he said, biting your ear.
“Fuck you!” you said, the playful tone of your voice not matching your words at all.
“But you just did, baby girl!” he joked. “Does that mean you want round two?”
“Maybe… Or maybe I just want you to eat me out…”
The alarm clock woke you up at 10:30 AM. You turned it off and turned to see Colson by your side, still asleep, with an arm around your waist. You kissed him all over his lips and neck until he woke up.
“Colson, wake up!”
“Five more minutes!” he groaned, covering his eyes with his hand.
“Okay, but let me remind you that we have to leave the room before noon or pay another night.”
“Yeah, yeah…” he said, sitting up.
“Did you have fun last night?” you asked.
He looked at you, caressing your face.
“Lots of fun,” he said, leaning on to briefly kiss your lips.
“I can also play another characters if you want to,” you said.
“Oh, yeah? Like what?” he wanted to know.
“I can play a policewoman who arrests you for being too sexy,” you suggested, grabbing his wrists like you were cuffing him. “You’re not getting away this time, Mr Gun! You’re going straight to the horny jail!”
He laughed and kissed you.
“The things you do for me…” he sighed. “I fucking love you,” he added, resting his forehead on yours.
“I love you too, Colson.”
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tender-rosiey · 7 months ago
HI I LOOOOVEEE READING YOUR WORKS <33 can i please request hcs of dazai meeting a genderbend of him??? like y/n has the same sense of humor as him, very flirty, extremely smart (there's more to his personality but he's extremely hard to figure out so)... idk if it's been done before, and if you can't write it its totally fine!! :P
*reads all of your work again while twirling hair*
❥ Dazai a meeting a genderbend of him
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ᴀ/ɴ: EEEEE I AM SO GLAD YOU LIKE THEM 🥺 I hope I did justice to your request and that you like it, enjoy! 💘
Tumblr media
Utter chaos
Embodiment of
Prepare for trouble
Make it double
Now may god be with the ADA because no soul is going to be spared
For example
Atsushi went “oh there is two of them now.”
You guys vibe with the suicidal jokes
BUT Dazai genuinely gets concerned because he knows the meaning and depth behind said jokes
So whenever you do guys joke he would then whisper to you a small “are you okay, belladonna?”
And he needs some real assurance that you are indeed feeling okay
He won’t accept anything half-asked
He really appreciates it when you do the same
Ends up smiling when you ask about him
You guys have pick up line battles continuously 🙄
And just pick random humans on the street and see how much you can fluster them and who flusters the most or fastest
Same thing with wits
Who can figure it out faster? Who will trap the little shit first?
All that stuff
Now let’s get deeper into things
Whenever someone from the both of you feels particularly overwhelmed to the point the mask falls
The other will be there and even though you don’t know how to deal with your emotions yourselves
Surprisingly you know how to comfort each other
And Dazai in particular is really good with words with you
“It’s okay, you can let it all out.”
You know the quote dazai said?
“Evil expects evil from others”
In my perspective
I think it’s “everyone expects evil from others”
Which brings me to the point that you guys didn’t have any ounce of trust towards each other back then
And you had the right to
Who knows who and when will someone betray you
Now back to dumb shit
Kunikida is done with both of your bullshits
YAY 🤸‍♀️
He has two people to scold
And breaking two times the pens he already broke with dazai
Atsushi is now trying to save two people from trying dangerous shit 🤸‍♀️
Everyone else is pretty much alright with you 👌
So yeah
you guys tease the living hell out of chuuya together
Yes chuuya now suffer
Tumblr media
copyright © 2020 tender-rosiey
do not copy or plagiarize or you will be reported
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cherry-hyejin · 8 months ago
『you’re dating him but he’s not your bias』
reaction fic; NCT Dream
A/N: this is nct dream’s reaction to realizing your bias is not him (and you’re a couple). gender neutral, got way too deep at some points and was NOT meant to be this long. enjoy.
note that english is my second language and i speak mixing slang, accents and spellings from 3283928 places so i did notice there’s practice written with both s and c down there so
just dont mind it pls
also, today’s photo theme is dream looking cute in low quality shots.
𝓖𝓮𝓷𝓻𝓮𝓼: fluff (♡), angst (❆), comedy (☼), crack (⍢).
𝓦𝓪𝓻𝓷𝓲𝓷𝓰𝓼: lots of swearing, my tough love for the neos, one mention of cheating that doesn’t actually happen, a couple of mentions of alcohol and drinking, some violence hidden in metaphors, me being chaotic, it got a bit more angsty and darker than i intended, but we do have all happy endings.
word count: 6.8K
pairing: nct dream members x reader ( includes mark, renjun, jeno, haechan, jaemin, chenle, jisung)
disclaimer: the characters in the story below do not reflect real people or present real facts. this is purely fictional, and you may not copy, change, translate or repost my work in any way. all rights reserved © cherry-hyejin 2021.
*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:
Tumblr media
oh, poor baby
i feel like he would be a little heartbroken 
just a little
not so much if it’s someone from dream, because they’re his little brothers, but if it’s one of his hyungs from 127 or wayv,,,,,
boy might cry
he’s not super dramatic about it or anything but i don’t see him as being super confident about himself
so he might think like
“do they think he’s cooler than me?”
and it’s silly, yes, he knows
but it’s just something that pops up in his mind sometimes when you bring him up
so for the sake of this fanfic let’s pretend you’re johnny biased
because gods know i am
at least when it comes to 127
mark would be divided into fanboying with you and being like “YO, HE’S THE COOLEST GUY ON EARTH OH MY GOD I’M SO GLAD YOU AGREE”
“a h”
<gives you a little tiny smile to cover up the sound of his heart breaking>
would constantly try to get closer to you when johnny is around, and just
showing off in little (kinda dumb) ways
complimenting you
being even more whipped than usual
like yes he’ll give you all of his watermelon slices just please don’t look at johnny like that again
i think johnny would kind of play into it with the whole “imma steal your s/o” thing
and he doesn’t do it to make mark jealous or hurt
we know he’d rather get hit by a train than ever actually upsetting his son on purpose
but we also know he’s johnny
so yeah he might call you lil pet names (beautiful, cutie, you get it)
just to see you giggle 
(and see your soul leave your body)
might say he’s taking you out for dinner when he’s just driving you to get more ice cream for a movie night with the gang lol
and winks
expect a lot of winks
anywhere and anytime
which makes mark sometimes feel like he’s intruding???
and that you appreciate johnny more than him???
he genuinely doesn’t understand how you can date him and still not have him as your bias
don’t you like, love him above everyone else or smth lol
his “showing off” phase eventually fades tho
now every time you hang you with the boys and johnny is around, he’ll be a bit more distant 
he thinks he’s giving you space to interact with his friends but he’s just shying away from competing with one of his favourite people ever
and it’s a competition that Does Not Exist™
but he’s not 100% aware of that
and you’re not that dense 
so ofc you notice
and you wait till you two are alone to talk to him, and he BEGRUDGINGLY admits that you being johnny biased makes him feel kinda small and unimportant
he’d never try to make you change your bias or anything
he just needs reminders that he’s your #1 boy sometimes
which is fine by you
and by him
cus now it’s you calling him pet names all the time
and hugging him
and kissing his cheek
and praising his work
and blowing kisses from across the room
and just telling him straight up that no matter what, you’ll always go to him
(not that you ever had any chance with johnny lmao)
Tumblr media
wym donghyuck is your bias lol
literally are you fucking kidding him
don’t get me wrong ok
everyone knows renjun loves haechan
they’re bffs and could not live without each other
but at the same time,,,
what is wrong with you
who did he choose as his s/o gods help him
if it was jeno, or mark, or jaehyun, or winwin, or kun, or lucas, or yuta, or taeyong, or ten, or,,,,
literally ANY of his other members
he’d understand your point and be like “ok fine”
but haechan???? hmmm bestie no
he’s not gonna throw a fit
not after the first time you told him anyways
and he just whined very loudly after having laughed for 5 minutes thinking it was a joke
<flashbacks of that one time he had to sing the ottoke song with haechan on weekly idol>
if you don’t know that iconic scene, renjun had a whole ass meltdown in 3 seconds while yelling “aAAAAAH JINJJAAAAA” and getting ready to punch the living shit out of hyuck
for no reason other than the fact that it’s haechan we’re talking about and injun’s little body is filled with rage
would probably try to act all cool about it and be like “i don’t mind” but bruh does he mind
and it doesn’t help that haechan is such a little shit about it
he doesn’t even flirt with you
he just
constantly reminds renjun that he’s your bias—not him—and then constantly praises himself over you
“ah, y/n~ did you choose me as your bias because i’m the best vocalist? or was it because i’m the best dancer? mAYBE IT WAS BECAUSE OF MY OH SO BROAD SHOULDERS—”
(pause for injun to punch him)
and ok in the beginning it was funny seeing him all worked up but now it’s just annoying to be in the same room as these two
haechan won’t let either of you live
and renjun just wants to
so it eventually gets to the point where you’ll talk to renjun and jeno will talk to hyuck cus even the other dreamies are tired of it
except maybe for chenle, he always laughs his ass off when they start bickering
your conversation goes something like “oh my god renjun i’m literally dating you, i don’t like haechan better or anything you little pile of fury”
while jeno sits hyuck down in front of him and jaemin and just
“bro why are you like this”
no but renjun would apologize for going overboard with his protectiveness and jealous energy because he’s not generally like that
he’s angry all the time but never about something involving you, you know
he tries his best to treat you like the royalty you are
but something about hyuck being your bias makes him feel a bit like a castaway???
he’s very creative and as an artsy kid myself i know we’re very prone to feeling left out because we’re just different from the others
so he’d think maybe haechan really has a better voice
or better dancing skills
or he looks better
he is taller than injun after all, and has broader shoulders, and his hair is all fluffy and—
the whole thing just made him insecure about things he had settled with himself long ago
he was fine with being him
but not so much when it came to that
i don’t think you two would fight over it cus tbh i think renjun would really only get with someone who can be very understanding of him
and i think hyuck would actually apologize to renjun too
not when everyone’s around but like, maybe after dinner or something and he just needs to feel like they’re besties again
hyuck never meant for things to get out of control
he just really likes both injun and you as his friends, and aside from skinship his most prominent love language is,,,
he was really just trying (very poorly) to grow closer to the person his best friend loves so much—you—because renjun is SUCH a big part of his life it would just feel wrong to not be good friends with you as well
don’t tell them i said this but they hug it out
injun strikes me as someone that could take a bit of time to bounce back from something that hurt his pride or his sense of belonging
and his way of healing and bonding is just,,,
sure, keep being haechan biased, but also please read with him
and talk about his fantastic animal creations
and watch those buzzfeed unsolved alien theory videos because he really wants to discuss it and maybe even draw what he thinks the aliens look like
hyuck tones it down, you make sure renjun knows you like him for him, renjun starts to (secretly) appreciate hyuck’s talent along with you...
and now let’s take a moment to imagine the minute you watch their latest mv with injun by your side
and yes okay the first thing you see is CLEARLY how good renjun looks because holy fucking shit he’s an angel (and i’m clearly not renjun biased)
but then,,,,,,
(there’s always a haechan high note, just look for it)
and ok maybe he did scream a bit with you because of how good it all sounded
and you know what, it works out perfectly bc you two are my new otp and you were meant for each other
but we do have to mention the eventual happening of chenle saying like “oOoOoOoH y/N wErE yOu dRoOliNg oVeR hAeChAn AgAiN” after a special stage
and then you, injun and hyuck all attempt to choke him
i’m kidding
or not
Tumblr media
ah, lee jeno
aka samoyed boi
yes i do call him that no i will not stop
everyone is always writing jeno as being super protective and literally about to burst a lung if someone else ever does as much as look at you
but i just 
don’t see him that way
he’s a taurus and from what i know about taurus they can be v v jealous, yes, but they mainly seek comfort
so he’s fine with you biasing jaemin
as long as you’re not ditching him or anything lol
and ok, imma be 100% honest here even if it sounds like literal no fun (jenojaem wink wonk)
jaemin doesn’t flirt with you
not any more than he flirts with
every other breathing creature
he’s really only platonically interested in you, never remotely romantic or anything lol
on the other side, he is in love with jeno
basically, if jaemin is your bias, jeno is his
so nothing really changes
we know how nomin are, okay
they hold hands, they stare deeply into each other eyes, they nearly kiss at least once every time they go live
it's just them
you gotta respect it bruh
i know this is the most boring reaction ever so let’s create the one (1) instance where jeno would actually dislike that you bias someone else
i think he would feel a bit hurt if you seemed to be more supportive of jaemin’s work than his
and it’s not something big or on purpose
it’s just something like going with him to a recording session but not going with jeno because you have homework
or after a very busy practise day going to praise jaemin first
even if it’s just three words
“you did good”
and then you’re going towards him, he’s gonna feel like maybe he doesn’t deserve your praise as much as nana????
i actually feel like, among the dreamies, jeno is the least confident one when it comes to his performance
he knows he’s not an awful rapper or anything but i think it can be a bit too much, being around such bright and huge presences like the others while his nickname literally means “no fun”
his members are just so loud and full of energy most of the time
and sometimes he just really needs to be quiet and observe in silence 
(yes i do know he’s chaotic and a crackhead, i’m just saying as we know he can be a bit introspective)
so what if you just
stopped seeing him?
did he become invisible to you?
did you finally fall for jaemin’s beautiful smile and stupid pick-up lines?
he’s not gonna let it show that he’s affected, though
earth signs are nearly always the ones to “stay strong” because we have this image that people are relying on us???
so we do what we do
bottle everything up and overwork ourselves bc we only got two modes
1. chill, super balanced and down to earth (ay for the pun)
2. please make us take a break we’re literally about to cry if we work for one more minute but we can’t allow ourselves to fucking take it easy
so yes you’ve guessed correctly, we’re going with 2
jeno is going to go so, SO hard on everything he does 
literally every single activity you can think of from dance practice to photoshoots to cooking for the dreamies
he stays up later than usual to get that one tricky move in the choreo just right
he works out more because he thinks he has to look absolutely perfect for when they shoot the mv
jisung asked for ramen? he’s making it but you bet your ass he’s spending over 40 minutes just chopping so
but he’s doing it anyway for the reason being that it just has to be the Best™
and it’s not like he’s competing with anyone else to be diligent
this is just about being better than he was and showing himself—and maybe you—how painstakingly hardworking and driven he can be
maybe then you’re gonna acknowledge him as much as you acknowledge nana :((
writing this is making me downright sad, jeno is so underrated and unaware of his power UGH
and i need to point out this is NOT about making you change your bias from jaemin to him, this is solely about having you recognize his efforts, even if you already do
if you just thought jeno was like going off in work because it was asked of him to, jaemin would DEF notice and talk to you about it
turns out it’s a habit of jeno to go extra hard sometimes and he needs someone to make him take a break
so it goes down like you breaking into the practice room when jeno and jisung were practising
the first reaction is confusion
the second is oh hey babe how are you
third is
a-are you dragging jeno and his bag out of the door while screeching at jisung to order pizza and doughnuts for everyone??
yes you are and i’m proud of you
so jeno is still confused and making those cute “hUh” noises he does omg i love him so much
and you’re just rambling about how much of an amazing artist he is, and you love his voice, and he’s a fantastic dancer, and his expressions and gestures are on point, and he takes such good care of the dreamies and
he’s perfect
and he knows jaemin must have talked to you, and he feels so vulnerable to have you know how on edge he’s been
baby boy just needs some rest
and that’s exactly what you give him, with a bath full of those fancy bath bombs and flower petals and candles at your house/apt
then a quick sheet mask while you massage his shoulders and keep saying how much you genuinely admire him
the mask might be ruined cus he started crying out of exhaustion
after that’s been done and you’ve hugged for at least like 5 min nonstop, you head over to the dorms, where hyuck was in charge of setting up a blanket fort while mork and nana gather board games, jisung gets the food and chenle
well chenle just had to make sure jisung doesn’t forget to order for someone and doesn’t break like 10 plates trying to set the table lol
this is way longer than the others so imma wrap it up
make it obvious and loud that you see and respect jeno’s hard work and he’ll be alright again
and maybe make those game nights a weekly thing when possible, it would make him very happy
he’ll never again feel sad when you praise jaemin cus now he’s sure he does enough, and above all, he is enough
Tumblr media
haechan = full sun
why would you ever bias someone when you’re dating the goddamned sun
does not understand
but also does not care that much
actually, one out of two really depending on who your bias is
if it’s one of the members he has that tom/jerry relationship with, prepare for so
and clinging
donghyuck please stop screaming about doyoung not deserving to be your baby’s bias, it’s 2 am
on the other hand, if it’s one of the (few) members he,,,
adores with all of his heart and is not afraid to show it
ex: sungchan, jaehyun, taeil and yang2x
then you can bet he’s going to be right beside you whenever you feel like throwing a fit because he’s just so handsome and talented
i’m going to write you as being mark biased ok? ok
i honestly don’t know if he’d feel more jealous of mark or of you
he loves you both
a lot,,,,
and he really doesn’t like it when mark blushes when you compliment him
and he doesn’t like it when mark literally just walks past you and you trip over your feet because bro tf u doing, that’s some embarrassing shit
lowkey done with you two
or don’t, he’s fine either way (cue crossed arms and staring at you from across the room until you come give him a kiss)
“he’s pretty cute but i’m cuter right baby”
pouty pouty pouty if he ever feels neglected
will be so fucking annoying lmao i can’t write haechan, i love him but i do understand why renjun is always trying to beat him up
he’d be a show-off in a different way than mark because he can be so petty
will take every chance he gets to pull a one-liner
will sing everything he has to say just so you know he can hit those high notes
what do you mean dream doesn’t have a schedule today
oh man, he could swear they did
because that is the sole reason why he’s wearing his most expensive clothes and shoes + makeup to walk around the dorms, yes
no he doesn’t want to impress you
shut up
will text you like every single fancam he sees on twitter
and are they mark’s?
lol no, they’re his
he is so genuinely trying to make you a member of his sunflower cult 
<whispers> “tell me i’m your bias” 
“donghyuck what the actual hell why are you standing at the end of my bed in the middle of the night like a fucking demon child”
he really wants to act all cool and composed but he wants to be your bias so fucking bad
he’s a bad bitch all around and just does whatever
cus haechan privilege
and he tends to not care about what people say and think???
bc he knows he’s lee donghyuck
he’s fully aware of the effect he has on people
but you
not biasing him
naw, he can’t take it
will do anything and everything he can to make you say, JUST ONE TIME, he’s your bias
then you can go back to loving (his) mark
so for your sake, for his sake, for mark’s sake
just give donghyuck what he wants
i can promise he’ll keep being an ass no matter what you do
like yeah did you just buy him coffee and his favourite cake? well that’s sweet but iS HE YOUR BIAS YET
“aw babe thanks so much for taking a bullet for me but now please say i’m your bias”
if you still don’t do it, it’s time to be extra petty
will actually drop you for mark
his logic is something like: he can’t be your bias? pity, so he’s just gonna date him instead
and mark is mark so he has no idea what’s going on
everyone in 127 and dream finds this absolutely hilarious cus suddenly donghyuck seems to be doing his best to win over mark’s heart and i mean more than usual???? and he’s treating you like his bro????
<you leaving the dorms to go to uni or smth so you go to hyuck for a goodbye kiss> “no can do, i’m committed”
“i’m your partner”
“no that’s mark”
it’s not 100% a joke when i say i can see him getting down in one knee to propose to mark while making eye contact with you to
assert his dominance
and mark is just
what HAHAHA”
and you are so done, i’m so sorry you have to go through that bby
i don’t think there’s another way to fix haechan other than just admitting he was your bias for an era, or a comeback or something
like yeah with the other dreamies before him it’s bonding + healing time bc i wrote it all kinda angsty (lol sorry) but with donghyuck
“will you stop this if i say you were my bias during reload era”
“mark wasn’t in dream that era tho”
“yes i know”
i say he’s gonna take what he can get and now things can finally go back to normal
with the exception that something else comes along with hyuck being satisfied with you biasing him
he just has a full pass to fanboy over mark now too
what am i talking about?
new 127 mv is out
you: watching it beside haechan and going off about how pretty mark looks
him: going off even harder bc he’s whipped too
this is what a happy couple looks like 
but now i pity mark because he has you two idiots fanboying over him irl
Tumblr media
nana is just such a chill and fun guy
i can’t see him being actually jealous or anything if he finds out you bias someone else
and so the two of you become insufferable together
bitch, i’m telling you
he (ur bias) is not gonna have one peaceful day ever again in his entire life
cus you know the thing jaemin does where he just looks at someone doing some random shit and goes “oOoOoH sExY”
yes that thing
he’s doing it to your bias 
and you’re doing it too
and your bias probably wants to run away to some very far away land
i’m not gonna write this whole thing as if you bias him but let’s just imagine
two fully grown people
pilling on top of poor, poor park jisung playing games on his phone
i genuinely think he would avoid being around you two at the same time
cus individually he can handle it
like yes y/n please let me go this hug has lasted for about 4 minutes now
or oh hi jaemin hyung my cheeks hurt when you pinch them that hard
but when you two are together
a power couple not bc you two are v confident or some shit but bc you can and will be extremely affectionate towards anyone that comes too close
and now let’s talk about how it would be if you biased jaehyun
jaemin loves jaehyun
they’re 2jae
2jae are soulmates
therefore,,,, it’s also kinda hellish but in a different way???
bc 2jae are on the end of that spectrum about the neos that know how in love the entire world is with them
they’re too powerful
they’re aware of their charm and they do everything they can to rub it in our faces
so the flirting between 2jae and you would be insane
and i mean insane
insane as in even johnny is kinda disgusted tbh bc
they’re doing a photo shoot with the 23 of them for some shit, idk don’t ask me
and of course, you had to tag along
but oh my god you three, please stop calling each other sexy/hot in weird voices now, the staff is staring
there are def rumours the 3 of you are a poly couple lmao
jaehyun denies everything on social media (throwback to saying “no way lol” when we asked if he REALLY slept in the same bed as jungwoo)
but every piece of content there is of you and jaemin or you and jaehyun or just them is so ridiculously flirty
you can bet there are compilations on youtube like 
“y/n being in love with 2jae for 8 minutes heterosexual”
ok i was having way too much fun with that, moving on
i don’t think he’d ever be actually upset about you biasing someone else
he trusts you and treasures you a lot so he doesn’t see the problem in you also appreciating another one of his members
bc gods know he does
he’s a bit in love with everyone so why shouldn’t you be too lol
one time he would feel a bit blue because of it???
i think it’s possible he’d turn pouty or whiny or just kinda needy (not in a bad way, he just misses you) when he’s like
done with people
and needs some time away from everything
we know he’s an introvert, even if he acts very, very loud around the boys and it’s honestly just a matter of time until an introvert grows tired of being around humans
it depends on each person, of course, but there’s a 99% chance every once in a while he’ll start to feel too drained
and he’ll need a break to get his energy back
jaemin would probably want you around even when he feels like that, though
i see you being such a big source of comfort for him in a relationship
he enjoys taking care of people so please take care of him too
and for just this one day don’t talk about your bias that much, or don’t leave nana to go over to him to chat
and just cuddle him a lot
that will make him a smiley baby again
and then things are back to how they normally are
and by that i mean most neos hiding from you because they’re scared 
i don’t have a lot to say aside from that so let’s think about the neos that would be the most intimidated by your shared thot aura
dotae would be confused in different ways lol
taeyong would be just ????????????blush/awkward smile/hahaha??????
and doyoung might actually ask what is wrong with you
<points to jeno and his s/o> “why can’t you be like them”
mark would laugh-scream and slap his knee into oblivion whenever you two are cornering him
but then go super shy and be like “dUDE DON’T DO THAT”
resident confident gay jungwoo would rejoice in the attention and make so many goddamned jokes
a literal comedian i love him
i think sicheng and renjun would be on the same wavelength of repugnance towards you lol
chenle would deadass call you weird and tell you to leave him alone
shotaro and kun might faint (or kun will panic-scold you)
taeil is as confused by affection as usual (have you seen the face he makes when haechan kisses him LMFAO he’s smiling but like wondering wtf happened on the inside)
ten is not very amused but might play into it
yangyang: that’s disgusting, man (cue flashbacks to that live with renjun after the from home stage where renjun pretended to lick his hand and slick his hair back,,, catboy injun,,, you know the one)
xiaojun and hendery are such panicked gays they just turn to stare at whoever else is around and make that “help” expression like they’re on the office
haechan is haechan, kinda doesn’t mind it
jeno is used to dealing with this at this point
lucas and yuta love the attention but while yuta will flirt right back lucas is just gonna smile and try to jop his way out of there while screaming
sungchan will go hide behind haechan and say “hyung they’re being dumbasses again”
this turned into ‘how would nct react to you and jaemin being super flirty together’ and i’m not sorry
Tumblr media
chenle is so fun to write i love him lmao
okay so
he doesn’t strike me as the possessive type with anyone other than jisung (bc i swear he can be a bit jelly towards his bestie but i think it comes with sungie being the sweetest bean ever, he’s just protective)
he’s such a ray of sunshine and witty jokes and dolphin laughter i love him
back to the plot
he literally couldn’t care less about you biasing someone else
b u t
i will say there’s an exception
this exception is tall, kinda lanky, very awkward and born on the 5th of february
you’ve guessed it, it’s jisung
i think most of the time he’d tease THE SHIT out of you for it because c’mon
you had 22 chances not to mess up
and you still somehow ended up biasing jisung? lol do better next time
and this is not me and chenle hating on jisung, please—
he’d just find it funny that your bias is his best friend and
hold the fuck up
your bias is his best friend
i think after realizing that he would lowkey try to keep you two apart because he’s somehow jealous of both????
and if he can’t help it then you can bet your ass he will be screaming all along
it’s his sweet, dummy jisung
with his sweeter and dummier y/n
what is he going to do
probably has a mini-breakdown with kun because like he’s always wanted you two to get along bUT NOT LIKE THAT
kun will just sigh like the tired father he is and pet his back while saying “there, there”
and a genius idea is going to come to chenle’s mind
you know the teasing thing?
well it’s upgrade time
he’s gonna turn into such a try-hard with tmi and embarrassing shit you two have done
and he’s not trying to stop you from being friends
he just wants you to like
know who you’re befriending
bc i think since he’s really really close to jisung, he doesn’t want you getting closer to him bc you like his idol side alone
and he doesn’t want jisung getting close to you just because you’re his partner either
if you had high hopes for each other and ended up kinda falling face-first into the ground bc it was nothing like you had imagined—
he’d be so broken
because he loves you so much :((((
so like, if you can get past the teasing and annoying barrier he’s putting up, he’ll be more than happy to have two of the most important people in his life being buddies
so get ready for it
if you’re the type of person to go batshit crazy when you drink, oh boy, oh boy
so you and the dreamies are just having dinner when lele feels like it’s the perfect time to disclose some of your drunken adventures
“hey y/n”
“yeah babe?”
“remember that time you got really really drunk on vodka and candy and wanted to call your mom”
“chenle the hell don’t talk ab—”
“but then you tried using the microwave as a phone”
“or that other time you were equally as drunk and watched the make a wish mv and cried because you noticed the height difference between xiaojun hyung and lucas hyung”
yeah so now’s the part you get up to chase him around the dorms and try to land a kick
he likes doing that when it’s just the three of you though
so picture this
movie night the girls boys
chenle would 100% pick the most terrifying horror movie he can find so that he could see jisung clinging to whoever’s closest to him
and then right before a jumpscare, he’d whisper like
“why don’t you do that thing you were doing while you slept last night”
(honestly, i’d be mildly scared if i heard lele say this with no context at all)
and then the jumpscare happens and jisung is nearly fainting and crying at the same time
but chenle is laughing
and trying to get out what he wants to tell you between wheezes
“he-he” <dolphin wheeze> “hE WAS SINGING CHEER UP BY TWICE WHILE SLEEPING” <more wheezes>
and look this is just gonna go on for weeks until you and jisung are over it
and stop being weird and awkward around each other
lele needs you two to be bros ok
so be bros
once you do adapt to being pals with your bias i think chenle would take the teasing down a notch just to make you more comfortable
and like he’s so happy now the three of you can hang out and there’s just no tension
happy chenle is the thing i love the most i swear to gods
and if you don’t adapt to it?
i honestly think he’d be pretty disappointed, cus it means to him one of you isn’t ready to fully embrace the weirdness within????
and like what u scared of
jisung is a weirdo, what about it, so are you
either that or he’d think you’re maybe being judgemental
so yeah please accept jisungie and your dumbass boyfriend
then everyone can be besties
i love thinking about the three of you as just this hellbound chaotic trio
because chenji already wreak havoc wherever they go as the two of them
but now that you’re coming along,,,,
no neo would escape from your pranks ever again (and even members of other groups lmfao watch out sehun, i’m talking to you)
and it’s so incredible infuriating in a good way that it just turns to be endearing
you’re cute as fuck so no one gets actually mad with the shit you pull????
which is dangerous, someone should really keep an eye out on the three of you 
we don’t need sm to be on fire
well we kinda do cus they’re pretty bad but not my point
i said somewhere above that chenle would tone the teasing down but i don’t mean he’d stop
bc c’mon guys
he’s chenle
no limits here
but sorry, i really cannot write jealous!chenle cus his heart is just too pure and filled with joy for him to be jealous for real
last scenario?
chenle after a comeback stage: ya y/n, i was gonna ask how was my performance today but you were probably more focused on jisung’s arms right
jisung is choking on water somewhere behind you
Tumblr media
it’s maknae time <plays i.n’s maknae on top>
i don’t mean to picture jisung as being like
ridiculously innocent or just downright naive because i really dislike it when people do that
he’s a literal 19 yo and jaemin himself has said he’s not as innocent as we think lol
i do see him as being quite new to all things love 
i think you’d probably be his first partner and with first relationships comes a lot of other firsts
first kiss maybe, first time holding hands, first time being jealous….
first time being jealous, yes, focus on that
i don’t think jisung would be aware that like
you not biasing him is even a possibility
cuz you’re dating
doesn’t that come along????
ah poor baby i love him
if you biased chenle i think he’d be just
disgusted and weirded out but okay?? you do you i guess???
he’s comfortable enough with lele to not feel intimidated
but if it’s another member
ESPECIALLY one of the oldest ones
i think it would be a blow straight to his confidence 
you biasing ten, kun, taeil, taeyong, doyoung or johnny and maybe yuta would make him feel a bit hesitant and concerned
his first thought would probably be that you don’t like being with someone as young as him
and who knows, maybe you’re even younger than him, maybe you’re the same age, but what if you actually like older guys??
what about him then???
and jisung doesn’t mean to feel so worried and insecure, ok, pls understand where i’m coming from
first relationships normally take like a very long time to build trust and acceptance of the other person’s feelings bc it’s literally a whole new world for you
and that goes extra hard for jisung because he is so fucking whipped for you it’s still hard to believe you like him as much
and it absolutely does not cross his mind that you’d cheat on him with your bias, GODS NO
he really respects you and his hyungs 
so no, never
that’s not a thing that can happen
but you realize you’re too good for him and maybe see he doesn’t fit your ideal type?
well, yes, that’s what he’s thinking
probably goes straight to chenle or renjun (he talks about renjun so much asjahj) to vent and ask for advice
i think they’d be surprised to see what’s going on inside his pretty little head because it’s so obvious for everyone that you just adore jisung
and they do tell him that
however, i don’t think it would completely calm his nerves, and again, this has nothing to do with not trusting you
it’s just that
his hyungs are so cool…
would probably try to mirror your bias (i’m saying it’s taeyong for the sake of what i’ve imagined ok) and like
grasp onto some of his qualities?
so in his mind taeyong is: nice, sweet, caring, amazing, perfect, smart, perfect, sexy, mature and did i mention perfect
i can see him trying some new rap styles that mimic tyong’s a bit???
like would lowkey learn his raps from cherry bomb and superm’s one and listen to recordings frequently to pick up on how taeyong does it
i think he’d also just change the way he acts in general to dodge a bit from his maknae image
so now he tries to speak with a more formal-ish language and learns random facts about things you like to seem more intelligent???
“good morning y/n, you look as beautiful as one of voiello’s paintings today :]”
“wait i thought that was a pasta brand”
he’s just trying to show you he can be mature and serious if you want him to
long story short, he’s not acting like himself (not that he’s childish, he’s just out of it) and you don’t like it, so you ask about it and wait for him to feel comfortable with sharing
when he does talk about it breaks your heart so much :((
you’re going to need some patience to try and show him you’d choose him, and not your bias, even if you had the chance
they’re completely different people and you love him BECAUSE he’s jisung, not for any other reason
please reassure him so he can go back to acting like his authentic self, i think it would be such a relief for him too
your words and affection are obviously enough for him, but if it ever happens that he feels especially low and insecure again, it would help if your bias talks to him too
and taeyong wouldn’t have a problem with it
actually, scratch that, taeyong probably knew what was going on all along
he just has that motherly 7th sense (ay) that is even more acute with the dreamies cus like 
127 has him, wayv has kun, but dream has…
the dreamies
and that, my friend, is terrifying
anyway he’d come to talk to jisung asking like “what’s wrong buddy :(“ and sungie would be a bit ashamed because it sounds so silly when you say it out loud
of course tyong wouldn’t judge him, and he just really has to tell jisung what is it you and he are always talking about
it’s him
“when they come around to talk and hang out here it all goes back to you, jisungie. they can’t spend one second without mentioning your name
it’s so cute; it’s always like ‘oh jisung would love this’ or ‘jisung likes it that way’
so please be kinder to yourself and let yourself see that they’re in love with you, not with me and not with any other member they ever mention”
jisung would feel 10000000% better
and smiley
and giggly
and oh my god do you really talk about him that much
would just go over to your house immediately and hug you, burying his face on your neck from behind you
and not let go
ever again
the whole situation just teaches him a lot about accepting your love for him and not questioning it 
shut up i’m not crying
final notes: this was my first work after the humanity series and it was so fun lol i think next up is probs gonna be an ideal type scenario for ot23 (but if i really write it i’m gonna post it by subunit and its gonna be way shorter than this, don’t expect 23K words at once lmao)
if you’ve enjoyed this fic please consider reading my humanity series, which is a zombie apocalypse au with kun <3
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l4verq · 6 months ago
remnants (3) | r.d
ransom drysdale x reader
in which you have to protect ransom drysdale because he has the same face as steve rogers, your ex who’s gone back to peggy.
warnings : mentions of panic attacks
lmk if you wanna be added to the taglist 💗
Tumblr media
*not my gif*
“rock, paper, scissors, shoot!”
your eyes frantically looks around the outstretched hands, each holding up a rock.
bucky yells a cry of victory while you groan, glaring at your hands holding up ‘scissors’.
ransom rolls his eyes, “you guys hate me that bad?”
upon arriving to the hydra base after a long, long road trip, ransom grumbling about the music, sam screaming about how marvin gaye remains superior, you just couldn’t seem to catch a break.
because of course, you’d lose in this stupid game of rock, paper and scissors and of course, be forced to stay back with ransom in the car while sam and bucky scoped out the base for “any traps”.
“alright, we’ll be back in a few,” sam puts on his goggles, “but if we’re not-.”
“then we run.” ransom interrupts, pointing at you and him.
you have to bite back a smile seeing sam’s unamused face.
“then we go see if anything’s wrong.” you correct ransom, giving him a look.
“actually, no. he’s right, just run.” bucky ponders over it.
ransom scoffs under his breath and looks at you.
you’re smiling sof-
wait, were you actually smiling? at what that shaggy dude just said or more precisely, repeated?
“we’re obviously not running. it was a joke.” ransom clarifies, glancing over at bucky.
bucky’s vibranium arm locks in place, returning ransom’s stare, air getting unnecessarily tense.
they just look dumb, atleast to you.
sam claps his hand, “ok, so no one’s running. let’s go.”
he deploys red wing, the scarlet gadget humming off into the sky.
bucky gives you a nod, trailing behind sam, headed towards the entry door.
an awkward silence ensues, crickets violently chirping in the moonlit night.
“how’s your hand?” ransom clears his throat, adjusting his stance.
he’d been meaning to ask since yesterday but he just.. couldn’t.
“been better.” you flare your sore hands in front of you, tilting your head.
even though there weren’t any external wounds, you knew all of the damage was inside, lurking behind layers of flesh.
“so, you really did break your hands to get out of the chains?” he questions, eyebrow quirked.
“if you put it like that, i sound crazy.” you cross your arms, leaning against the car next to him.
he chuckles, a loud - almost obnoxious - sound that startles you a little.
steve never laughed like that, even when he did, it always felt like he was holding back, had his guard up.
“y/n, do you copy?” sam’s voice crackles in your ear, courtesy of the ear comm.
ransom springs to his feet, hand on his ear.
he’d asked for an ear comm as well to which everyone respectfully declined.
but after two hours of whines and grumbles about why he wants one, bucky practically flung that flesh coloured, pea sized gadget at him.
“we’re here.” he barks a little too loud.
“yea, we can hear you.” bucky mutters, annoyance laced in every word.
“you can speak normally.” you inform ransom, who flashes a thumbs up with a “got it.”
“there doesn’t seem to be mu-.”
static takes over, cutting sam off, you and ransom both flinching at the sudden blare in your ears.
you immediately cock your gun, reach into the car to pull out a flashlight and hand it to ransom.
“stay behind me.” you order, “we’re going through the back.”
“is there even one?”
“let’s find out.” you grab a flashlight as well.
you’re light on your feet, with careful, calculated steps.
ransom.. you couldn’t exactly blame him, he’s just a normal guy.
a normal guy who’s made it his goal to step on every single fallen leaf, producing this god awful crunching sound in the dead of the night.
“a little quieter?”
he starts tip-toeing, stumbling around.
you walk round the building, well what’s left of it.
it’s in bad shape, the entire building, hanging on by decaying bricks covered in mold.
it looks like it might’ve been around 3-4 stories high but it’s impossible to know now.
“there it is.” you whisper, flashlight pointed towards a door labelled EXIT.
on closer inspection, the knob is broken, only a hole where it used to be.
the hinges creak as you push the door open with ease, uncertain how the door didn’t fall right off because it was barely holding on.
gun in hand, flashlight on top, left foot forward, supporting your dominant one, just like you’ve been trained.
“this is how people die in movies.” ransom whispers, peeking inside the dark room.
you glare back at him, shushing him.
he clamps his forefinger and thumb together, dragging it along his lips, pretends to lock it and hands you the key.
“just search for a switch.” you mutter, looking straight infront again.
you aim your flashlight around, taking small steps inside.
you damn near jump out of your skin, finger already curled around the trigger, ready to pull when you whip around.
“sorry.” ransom mumbles, hands trailing around the wall, looking for a switch.
“i nearly shot you!” you whisper yell, lowering your gun.
the light flickers on, your eyes nearly blinded by it.
you look around, vision slowly adapting to the lit up room.
it’s a workstation with sewing machines?
the red, white and blue bits of cloth catch your eyes as you inch neare-
“y/n!” ransom shouts, but it’s distant.
too distant.
“yea, i’m here! i fell.,” you groan in pain, “somewhere. be car-.”
“fucking hell.” ransom curses, rubbing his shoulder, writhing in pain on the ground.
you’d be screaming at his stupid ass if only you weren’t doing the same, all feelings in your left leg lost.
“didn’t you see me fall?” you grit your teeth, clutching your leg.
he moans, slowly rolling over to his face.
“great! we’re both stuck here.”
you crane your neck to look up at the crack of light at the top, maybe a good four stories from where you’re sitting?
it was a miracle neither of you plunged to your death.
your hands fumble around the cold ground, feeling for your gun when you hear it.
a low, gentle whirring but it’s definitely not red wing this time.
you frantically scramble to your feet, left leg screaming in anguish even at the slightest pressure.
your hands reach out and this time they land on something hard.
something cold, much like the ground itself with ridged lines and creases.
it’s the wall.
but you could’ve sworn it wasn’t there before...
“the walls, they’re caving in.” you breathe out, instinctively backing away.
the familiar dread building up in your heart seemed to dull whatever pain resided in your leg.
“hey! get up.” you hop towards him but he brushes you off with a wave of his hand, still squirming in pain.
the whirring stops abruptly, along with the walls.
“bucky? sam? can you hear me?!” you yell into the ear comm, only to hear distorted sounds.
your eyes are adjusted enough to see the space between the two walls has decreased significantly.
ransom pushes his body off the ground with his shaky arms, slowly getting on his feet.
“am i crazy or did the wall move?” he breathes out, touching it.
“yea,” you exhale, closing your eyes shut, “yea, it did.”
your ears perk up at the familiar voice.
“down here!” you yell, not sure if your voice can even be heard from where you are.
then like music to your ears, a familiar scarlet buzzes towards you two.
“sam!” you wave your hands at red wing hovering over you two.
his voice crackles “we’re trying to shut the whole place down, we’ll get you out.”
“the walls-.”
the whirring starts again as if reminded about what it needs to do.
red wing bumps against the contracting walls, falling into a heap of metal next to your feet.
you limp closer and closer to ransom, the wall centimetres away from your back, both of you realising the only way to have more space.
he pulls you into his chest, his good shoulder around you.
tears well up at your eyes, the crippling feeling sneaking in again.
these endurance tests are meant to help you get over your fears and phobias.
steve’d lied.
the endurance tests didn’t work.
because you were struggling to breathe, air hitched in your throat.
“it stopped, the walls.” ransom can barely move his body around, back hitting a hard boundary whenever he tries to.
balled up fists hanging desperately onto his clothes, you’re sobbing now, a hysterical mess.
the air only seemed to thin out more and more, your lungs straining for oxygen.
he watches in horror, the tiny space filled with your desperate gasps and whimpers.
you’re having a panic atta-
think, ransom.
what calms you down?
“you know, sometimes i look up at the stars at night when i can’t sleep.” he blubbers out, heart racing.
anything to just get you to stop trembling like that.
“i just lay in my bed - i have this window on my ceiling - and i look up at it.”
he’s unsure as he continues.
“reminds me of the glow in the dark stickers i had back in fourth grade.”
and of his fleeting childhood.
“did you have those? the $1 a pack with all the crazy fonts?” he whispers in your ear, tapping your back for an answer.
you manage a small nod, biting down your quivering lip.
who didn’t have those ugly stickers that seemed to fall off the very day you put them up.
“take a deep breath, can you do that for me?” he cooes, wincing when he brings his other shoulder around you.
he’s pretty sure it’s broken.
“c'mon, i’ll do it with you,” he pats your back, signalling you to inhale.
so you do.
you focus on the pace of his chest rising up and down steadily, willing yourself to do the same.
it was kind of working? whatever he was doing.
with those arms around you, whispers of sweet nothings in your ears, mediating your breathing.
until the whirring started again.
a/n : ohshsjsnssjsteysys pt 3 finally uppp :)))
tags : @readermia @inmate-marmalade @randomsevans @xoxabs88xox @thebadassbitchqueen @mypalbuck @natrushman3000 @townwitchbitch
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haechanhues · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
pairing : enhypen x reader (mostly platonic but can be open romantically) 
genre : friendship tingz (is that a genre?) social media. bullet points. 
warnings : swearing a bit and slightest mention of sex like once or twice. some are longer than others. 
summary : these are your friends. cherish em. love em. pick on them. make connections. 
Not too long before ENHYPEN’s new comeback, are you all excited? 
Tumblr media
You met Heeseung when you were younger - he was playing with three lizard toys and you had wanted the pink one and so, being the nice kid he was, gave you the green one instead 
Has been your best friend ever since 
You once stepped on a broken glass bottle and he cried more than you did 
When you were waiting for your dad one afternoon after school (your dad was always ridiculously late) you both made a long handshake that you couldn’t remember the next day 
You’ve caught him trying to act cute multiple times by making eye contact in the mirror and he yelled at you for judging him 
Ramyeon addict 
Everywhere you two go 
There’s ramyeon in his bag 
You’ve kissed each other a couple of times 
Never done it again 
Thought about it once, and then fed yourself and that thought disappeared 
You’ve had some stupid fights 
eg who has to pick up the rubbish on the ground 
Serious fights 
Past partners and their boundaries 
Why you ate his leftover ramyeon he was saving for a ‘special occasion’ that special occasion being Friday night 
Tumblr media
When you became friends, Heeseung was jealous of him and thought Sunoo was trying to take his best friend away from him 
Twitter demon 
Sweeter in person
Always running around and trying to sell you off 
‘Do you know of a Y/N Y/L/N? Well you’re absolutely lucky because she’s absolutely single, hit her up’ 
Got you two both cute matching character PJs 
You both co-own a Tik Tok account 
too be honest you’re just a featuring act at this point 
One time you were sick for a week and he had made a video on all the stuff you missed out on 
Because he gets sick often, you buy him a lot of thick blankets, clothes and always get him jackets because you’re worried he’d get sick 
Literally the bane of your existence on Twitter 
He gets away with it though and he knows he will (him and Niki) 
Tumblr media
The other boys get jealous of how nice you are to him 
Comes to you for daily cuddles 
Sometimes doesn’t get it 
The baby knows how to guilt trip you 
But when you want cuddles, he’s suddenly too cool for you 
Teaches you swear words in Japanese to say to Jay and the other boys 
Uses your email when he thinks it’s spam or for his own orders so you had to make another email 
People always ask if he’s your little brother 
You’ll both be bored one day and sit side by side on the floor 
He’d offer his airpod for you to listen and you’d both be red in the face trying not to giggle at try not to laugh videos you two are always watching
Both go to the movies together
You’re paying
He always gets the biggest size even though he can’t finish it
‘It’s a popcorn party’ 
Always throws the leftovers on Jay or Sunoo
Whatever he wants, he gets. 
You’re his best friend. No shit you are. He loves you. He really does. 
Tumblr media
Always squeezing his cheekies 
Your girl friends always ship the two of you together (NO) 
They saw him in the background of your video call
You take a lot of photos together 
A Yes-Man when it comes to your ideas and is literally the hype man you want 
Lost a bet to him and so he signed you up for a soccer tournament where you’re not exactly good but you’re decent 
You do a lot of planning together but you don’t really execute it unless Jungwon, Heeseung or Jay are involved 
Tend to bump into each other when you walk side by side
Heeseung refers to you both as Thomson and Thompson from Tin Tin because you’re both really smart 
But he makes you act dumb 
And he reassures you a lot 
Got you waxing strips because you wanted to try it and accidentally got it stuck on the hair of the back of your neck and so, being the nice boy he is, did it to himself 
His eyes watered :( 
But it was funny :) 
Always bringing you out into the world more so you don’t cramp up inside 
Tumblr media
He’s a little mean to you - all in good fun of course
You go to him for advice about this boy or girl you’re talking to 
Don’t tell him but you love talking to him 
About his day 
Ideas for a new movie 
About this new boy/girl you’re talking to 
Sometimes you feel distant from him in comparison to the other boys 
You always go for little walks with him every now and then 
One time he grew out his hair purely so you could play with it 
In his sleep you drew cat whiskers on him with eyeliner 
When you moved into your own apartment, he was the only one that could help out and collapsed on your bed and stayed the night with you 
Again : people asked if you were dating 
Once again : No 
Should really write a FAQ and just staple it to your forehead 
When the washing machine is full at yours, you both take your washing to a laundromat and chat away - you get pizza delivered to the laundromat and scoff it down so the others don’t catch you out - you both turn to each other to wipe the crumbs off and spray perfume on your clothes - for the memory box he writes it down on the receipt
Always full of laughs 
Never a dull moment 
Can just chill together or do something mischievous and fun 
Tumblr media
Accidentally confessed that you’d f*ck him if you were the last people alive on Earth and he’s never let you live it down
Made a collage of all the photos you have on your phone and others and his mother wanted her own copy to hang in her living room 
‘Can you wear this?’ 
Always trying to style you when you go shopping because your fashion sense isn’t up to par apparently 
You always catch him taking selfies and always clown him 
Argued about the shape of an elephant nose once 
Said your apologies with snot running down your noses 
When you made up and came out of the room, Heeseung and Jungwon mimicked elephant noises 
Spams you with celebrities that pop up in his feed that he knows you like 
You don’t like to talk about it  but once when you were doing a speech assignment, you had to hold his hand to refrain from crying and he rubbed his thumb over the back of your knuckle and didn’t let go until class had ended and you were more relaxed
Although you kind of sort of like to make fun of him 
He’s always the first one to look after you if you needed someone 
The type to message you if you were doing okay 
Can’t look at you when you’re crying so awkwardly has to angle his head the other way and comfort you without looking 
Tumblr media
A lot of past 
At first you both had crushes on each other (he was the last to join your friendship group, tall, handsome, really kind, always wanted to make him smile) 
Considered the Dark Ages 
Jungwon likes to rehash the memory every now and then when your guard is down 
For your birthday he gifted you a stool so you can ‘grow’ 
That ruffled your feathers 
Always the one to make short jokes when in your opinion you’re not even that short 
Tried to teach you how to ice skate but was slightly disappointed you knew how to stay upright 
Girls tend to give you their numbers and little notes made for Sunghoon because they’re too shy 
He’s super comfortable with you. You always make sure he’s included and make sure his voice is heard and he’s not being taken for granted. 
You checked him out once and he caught you. 
‘You’re blushing.’
Jungwon laughed cause he sees and knows everything 
Silently protective of you - one time a guy tried to ask you out and he laughed like 
ha ha ha 
until he left 
tells everyone it’s your birthday on the wrong date so you’re getting your birthday wishes a month earlier. 
also gets the freebies because apparently it’s your anniversary every other thursday. 
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rexsjaigeyes · 10 months ago
Din Djarin x female reader
Words: 1.4k
Warnings: suggestive content
A/N: Everyone knows Din’s name in this, so idk just play along because it made it easier to write this way. Also yeah Fennec and Boba are more friendly in this than they should be, just roll with it; the point is that they’re all comfortable with each other.
Tumblr media
You loved your newfound companions, but sometimes you swore they got on your nerves. Not necessarily in a bad way, of course, but in a way that made you roll your eyes or make a face at their antics. Fennec and Fett always seemed to find a way to tease you lovingly, but you hated the way it would make you turn red. The worst part was that they only ever wanted to make you blush when you were with Din.
The most recent example had been when Fett jokingly asked why you never called him by his first name when he had told you time after time that you could. Of course, you had stuttered a little, not expecting him to add that only Din called him “Fett” and you had just subconsciously copied the name from him. To your horror, he didn’t stop there, even though Din was standing right beside you, listening to the whole conversation.
“Now that I think about it, you both say a lot of similar things.” Fett smirked when your blush deepened, but you were so embarrassed that you couldn’t even tell him to cut it out.
Fennec immediately joined in on the fun, listing off all the terms you had subconsciously picked up from Din. If it wasn’t such an embarrassing situation, you would have been amazed by her ability to pick up on such little details, but you were too busy wishing you could crawl into a hole and be left alone. She rattled off more terms, and you tried to deny the fact that you talked more like Din that you realized.
They had teased you practically all day about that. Even as the four of you were on a mission, Fett and Fennec would pause to list yet another thing that you had copied from Din and they snickered to themselves as you blushed. Din could probably sense how embarrassed you were though, because he turned to you while they were laughing and brushed his hand against yours ever so slightly. At first, you thought you imagined it, but then he brought his hand back and slowly trailed it up your arm until he reached your shoulder.
Offering you a reassuring pat on the shoulder, you heard him whisper, “It’s alright. Don’t listen to them.” He said it so softly, and your heart skipped a beat from how attentive he was.
It was like the two of you were in your own little world, unaware of how Fennec and Fett laughed at their own stupid jokes. But unbeknownst to you and Din, they had caught the little gesture Din made to you, and Fett gave Fennec a knowing smirk.
Even though it was mortifying to constantly get teased in front of Din, you adored the way he always stood up for you. But sometimes that meant that their teasing would redirect to focus on Din. You secretly liked when that happened because he’d turn into a sputtering mess when they would mess with him. You liked to imagine that maybe the strong, intimidating Mandalorian was blushing beneath his helmet. Din was the strongest person you knew, but you also knew that he could be as shy as you were sometimes. That was probably why the two of you got along so well.
As time passed and the four of you became more comfortable around each other, it became a running joke that Fennec and Fett were the jokers in your group while you and Din would glare or grumpily complain that their teasing wasn’t funny. Eventually, you loved how you’d grumble about something Fett said and Din would chuckle softly from the corner; just the soft sound of his carefree laugh made your stomach do flips. With all the fun that the four of you had, you never thought that one day their teasing would change your relationship with Din for the better.
You entered the cabin of the Slave I and heard Din muttering softly to himself as he tried to fix a piece of his beskar. The shiny armor had recently been banged up in a fight, and he was eager to fix the dent in his breastplate.
“Dank farrik,” he grumbled, and you cleared your throat softly so that he knew you would be sitting in the cabin with him.
Admittedly, you’d been walking on eggshells with him lately; he had been in a bad mood for several days now, and not even Fett’s dumb jokes seemed to cheer him up.
“Can I help?” You offered hesitantly. You wanted to help Din somehow, but you weren’t sure how receptive he would be to your offer.
Unsurprisingly, you noticed him tense up and he turned to you as if you offended him. “I can do it myself,” he whispered harshly, and you rolled your eyes at his attitude.
“Oh don’t mind him,” Fett chuckled as he entered the cabin, having overheard the way Din spoke to you. “He’s just grumpy because he hasn’t gotten laid in months.”
“Fett!” Din quickly looked up from his breastplate and hissed at the other Mandalorian.
You couldn’t help but snort at the situation. Din was visibly shaking from either embarrassment or rage, but it only seemed to fuel Fett’s teasing even more.
“What?” Fett’s smile grew and he leaned back in his seat beside you, enjoying the way Din looked completely unamused. “We’ve all noticed how pent up you’ve been.”
Din stood abruptly, trying to look as intimidating as ever, but Fett didn’t flinch. You’d never admit it out loud, but you knew out of the two Mandalorians, Din would always be considered the baby of the two.
“Maybe you’d like someone to help with that,” Fett continued teasing him. You stifled a laugh, not wanting to also become a target of Din’s anger. But Fett quickly turned to look at you and gave you a wicked grin as if you would soon regret laughing at Din. “Yeah, maybe this little lady can help you out, Din.”
Your eyes widened, not expecting Fett to suggest something like that. Your cheeks flushed and you were sure this was the most embarrassed you had ever been in your entire life. You stuttered, trying to brush off his suggestion, but it looked like Din was even more embarrassed than you were. Before he could start a fight with Fett, the other troublemaker of your group conveniently entered the cabin.
“I’m sure she wouldn’t mind,” Fennec added to the conversation nonchalantly, as if she was talking about something as simple as the weather. “All she ever talks to me about is how much she adores Din.”
Din whipped his head around to gawk at Fennec’s calm confession, and you swore your heart stopped beating. “What?” He asked quietly, as if he was unsure that he heard her correctly.
Fett must have sensed how mortified you were beside him, so he nudged your shoulder and told you, “It’s alright, darling. Din likes you too. He talks about you all the time.”
Din cursed, yelling Fett’s name in anger and you wished you could have seen Din’s face beneath his helmet. He rushed towards Fett, but you got up and stepped in front of him before a fight could break out. He looked down at you as you placed your small hand on his broad chest.
“Is it true?” You asked him softly. You felt his breath hitch before he nodded shyly. Smiling, you felt yourself finally relax. “Fett, Fennec – do you two mind leaving us alone for a moment?”
You turned to see the older Mandalorian smirking at you before he winked and left the cabin with Fennec. Finally, you and Din were alone and you felt his tension melt away when you rubbed your hand on his chest lovingly.
Neither of you needed to say anything in the moment; you were just glad to finally know that he had feelings for you too. Din rested his hand on your waist and pulled you closer to his chest. His touch felt protective, and you sighed when you thought of how you never would have known how he felt about you if it wasn’t for the two idiots you had picked up along your journey.
As if he sensed your thoughts, Din chuckled softly before breaking the silence. “Do you think they planned that little confrontation?”
You laughed, hiding your reddening face in Din’s chest and allowing him to squeeze you tighter. You nodded in agreement and joked, “I guess we owe our thanks to those two matchmakers huh?”
Din tag list: @sirianisrock @okilover02 @peppywitch @emesispo @roxypeanut @angelbbyy420 @basslinedweller @celestial-vomit @yourbucky084​ @sabakunoai​ @madame-marilyn​ @firstofficerwiggles​
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Wait a minute, Patton and Logan might be vulnerable to the memory loss, but doesn't Logan at least already know that's a risk? Logan is smarter than we Whispers are, Vee, and weren't he and Patton part of a conversation about Twilight Bridges earlier, anyway? Shit, I don't recall perfectly... If Logan remembered such a risk, then I'm sure he would have something planned to accommodate for lost memory or he'll still be here in the Feywild trying to come up with something. I don't know how to accommodate for time displacement, but memory is the thing I'm most worried about right now, so...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
      “It’s random,” Virgil gasps, eyes wide,
      “Forgetting your memories of the Faewild is a minimum! They could forget they ever met me, or even Roman— They could forget who they are!”
      Virgil curls in on himself, hands framing his head and tugging his hair, trembling like a leaf. He curses,
      “They aren’t even going to remember what they’re supposed to be doing, much less where they are or how they got there! They’ll wander right back into her hands, and then she’ll have all three of them, and I won’t be able to do anything because they’ll be scared of me!”
      Virgil is breathing fast, and those telltale yellow sparks are flickering in his eyes like fireworks. Roman scoots closer to Virgil and holds his hand out. Not touching him, but hovering nearby. He smiles softly, trying to look reassuring,
      “Hey, don’t say that! Like they said, I’m sure Logan has a plan~”
      “But what if he doesn’t?! What if he forgot?!” Virgil heaves through shaking breaths, “I forgot, and I’m me! I-I was too tired to warn them before they left, I never should have let them leave!”
      Virgil pounds his fist on the table so hard the empty dishes rattle. He shakes his head,
      “Fuck! If I wasn’t so useless I could have just gone to get her by myself and none of this—”
      “Don’t you dare!” 
      Virgil’s teeth snap shut with a click as he finally looks over at Roman. Roman sighs, reaching a little closer to him. When Virgil doesn’t flinch away, he dares to brush Virgil’s hair out of the way and get a better look at his face.
      Tears are streaming down Virgil’s cheeks. Roman gives him another soft smile, copying that gesture he had given to Logan before — swiping his thumb against Virgil’s cheekbone, wiping away a few tears. Virgil stops dead in his tracks, not even breathing, surprised and seemingly enthralled by the touch.
      “That’s my friend you’re insulting.” Roman soothes. 
       That seemed to be the wrong thing to say, by the way Virgil’s expression falls again. Virgil tugs his face away, shoulders hiked up to his ears and tears still flowing. 
      “Not for much longer.” He grumbles, though his tone seems to have less bite when Roman can see the tears in his eyes,
      “You’ll forget everything, too, once we leave this place. And you’ll hate me for nothing all over again, just like on that damn boat. All of this is for nothing.”
      He already sounds so resigned to it, it’s making Roman’s stomach churn. He frowns,
      “…Do you really have so little faith in me?”
      “Roman, you know it’s not about—”
      “Atatat, hush! I will not forget this place, I simply refuse to~” Roman pouts, “And, even if I do, I could never hate you! Not after all that I’ve learned!”
      “You’ll forget what you’ve ‘learned,’ Roman, that’s the point.” Virgil scoffs, wrapping his arms around his knees and pulling them to his chest. Roman shakes his head, determined,
      “Nope, no way!” Roman huffs, speaking in his loud, bold ‘hero’ tone he uses when he wants to show off as a paladin, “There are some memories that can’t be taken away. My brain might forget, but my heart won’t, and that’s what matters!”
      “That’s not remotely how that works.” Virgil whines into his arms. Roman scoffs, 
      “It is too! ‘Muscle memory’ is a thing, and the heart is made of muscle, you literally just taught me that~” Roman grins, playing it up a bit to try and calm Virgil down. Roman knows his ‘rousing speech’ has the desired effect when Virgil snorts — he got a laugh, even if it was small.
      “You can whine about it all you want, but you aren’t getting away from me now, Stormcloud~” Roman nods resolutely, “Even if I do forget the details, I will find my way back to you! What sort of man would I be if I didn’t?” 
      Virgil tries to hiss at him, but Roman can see a subtle ease start to work its way back into his posture. So, Roman continues,
      “And, regardless,” Roman smiles, his tone gentle and genuine, “You know there’s no guarantee they or I will lose our memories. It’s more likely that we’ll remember everything before we came here, at least, which means no one is going to forget you. And, there’s even a chance we’ll remember everything!”
      Virgil sighs. He still looks nervous, but it seems like most of the fight has left him — either because of Roman’s help, or because he’s just too tired to keep it up. (Roman hopes it’s more the former, but he’s honestly just glad he doesn’t look so panicked.)
      “But, still, Logan forgetting his time here is the problem.” Virgil shakes his head, “The closer the memory is to his departure the more likely he is to forget, and we had the conversation about Annie right before he left.”
      It’s more than likely unintentional, but the way Virgil is looking up at Roman with big, puffy eyes, his pupils blown out and rimmed with a pink glow, is pulling at Roman’s heartstrings in the most indescribable way. Roman can only imagine it’s a silent plea for comfort, and finds himself raising his arm to reach for him before he consciously realizes what he’s doing. 
      Virgil just eyes him for a moment, like a stray cat waiting for the other shoe to drop. He shuffles in slowly, huddling against Roman’s side. Roman drapes his arm across Virgil’s back in return. When Virgil doesn’t protest, Roman snakes his arm around Virgil’s side to pull him close.
      Slowly, with some encouragement, Virgil lets his head rest against Roman’s chest. Roman can’t bring himself to care that Virgil’s crying into his shirt; he’s crying less now, and his warm weight is snuggled pleasantly into Roman’s side, and there’s still a slight buzz of alcohol in Roman’s system, and Roman honestly doesn’t care about anything right now.
      “Hey, now, there’s a thought! Logan also knows how to write, and never goes anywhere without that little blue notebook strapped to his hip!” Roman grins, “If he finds himself missing details he’ll check it, and I just know he had the forethought to at least write himself a note. —Hell, he probably didn’t have to! Logan obsessively records everything that happens to him in that silly log of his, he’s a massive nerd!”
      Virgil is silent for a second.
      (Roman waits with bated breath for whatever his next worry is, ready to find some dumb way around it, no matter how long he has to stall with silly jokes to think of one. Like he said before, he very much does not mind talking, as long as Virgil will listen; he can almost imagine it like a fairytale hero, laughing and joking as they dance around some evil creature, waiting for the time to strike.)
      (Okay, maybe the metaphor doesn’t fit perfectly, but it makes him smile anyway.)
      Virgil twists in his grip, curling closer and planting his face securely in Roman’s shirt. He mumbles something into his chest, quietly, as if embarrassed about it.
      “Ah… What was that, darling?”
      Virgil mumbles a little louder, still muffled by Roman’s chest,
Tumblr media
      Roman just keeps laughing, because he genuinely can’t help it. His sides and his face both hurt, but he can’t get himself to stop. Virgil growls at him again,
      “There’s still a chance he forgot to do that before he left, though! Or that he doesn’t check it in time, after he crosses.” Virgil frowns, looking more afraid than anything, 
      “Knowing Logan, if he realizes he’s forgotten something, he’ll just turn right back around to find out what it was. He won’t skip an opportunity to go sleuthing around… And even if Logan ends up handling everything, what if Patton gets worried when he doesn’t see you with them, and turns back into the forest before Logan can stop him?! Then they’ll be separated, and—”
      “Logan will check his book first if he thinks his memory has been tampered with, I’m sure of it. And wherever Patton goes, I’m sure he won’t leave Logan behind! What with all the twilight crossings around, I bet they’re holding hands~” Roman smiles after he finally gets ahold of himself, between the scattered half-laughs he still can’t manage to shake yet. He looks down at Virgil, giving him the warmest look he can muster,
      “You don’t sound as sure anymore, though. Are you asking because you really believe these things will happen,” Roman reaches over with his free hand to tuck Virgil’s hair behind his ear, letting his fingers brush his cheekbone again, “Or because you’re just generally nervous, and want to air out a bunch of random possibilities?”
      Virgil hums for a moment, distracting himself by soothing out the wrinkles his hand left in Roman’s shirt instead of answering (which feels very nice but Roman is trying not to focus on that right now). After he’s stalled for a few minutes, he sighs,
      He’s pouting, like Roman’s just made him give up some sort of secret. Roman feels something warm surge in his chest like a tidal wave, and distantly realizes he wants to kiss that pout off of his face. He wants to kiss Virgil’s nerves away more than he’s ever wanted to do anything — or, at least, anything his tipsy brain can currently remember. 
      He won’t — not in small part because he is frankly intimidated by the intensity of the feeling, but mostly because they both are, again, tipsy, and his Mama didn’t raise a fool — but Gods, he’s nearly floored by how badly he wants to.
      Instead, he offers another of his dazzling, princely smiles, and sighs,
      “Well, let’s try to get our minds off of that, then. …Have you thought of any more questions?”
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Roman helps Virgil get over some of his fears regarding Logan and Patton’s mission, and seems to be getting more comfortable with the idea of initiating physical affection!
((UPDATED: If you missed the blog announcement, check it here!))
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