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#the promised neverland

With every bit of my heart I dearly hope and beg of you to watch the series, “The Promised Neverland”. I genuinely, and I mean is, was left speechless at the end. The characters in the emotions that they go through, the emotions that you go through, are so real and so vivid. Maybe it’s just because it touched on something very dear to me myself but- please. Watch this matserpiece.

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“We’ll even change fate” .

These kids mean the whole world to me .

This story is a gem and I’m so thankful to the artist and the writer that brought it to life and most of all I’m so so grateful to have had this in my life in a time when I really needed it and could absorb its teachings.

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Ok so this is just my opinion ofc

So yo not to be mean or anything but like…….Emma in The Promised Neverland is v annoying-

Like you can’t??? Take everyone??? With you???? That’s a fools wish and you want to even if one is a traitor???? Just because u grew up w them? Look thats dumb as hell. I know she’s the v happy “sacrifice to save everyone” character but like. Cmon dude

@sadamericanorca i can tell you will v v much disagree w me

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TPN spoilers

Wait but isn’t the ending kind of parallel to the beginning… I might be overthinking this, but see how at the start when they Norman and Emma find out about the harvest, Emma is worried about her family while Norman is worried about himself.

Fast forward to the end, how everyone is angry/annoyed/upset with Emma losing her memory, and it scares her. She’s worried for herself (she evens shields herself for a small panel), and then Norman, in absolute relief, says, “Thank goodness, you’re alive and healthy.” He wasn’t worried for himself and how much he’s lost with Emma’s memory gone, but instead he was concerned for how Emma was this entire time

I dont know man, i just love them a lot

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