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ogromnaya-davilka · 2 days ago
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jimmyunsolved · 2 days ago
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their reunion scene....
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billy-crudup · 2 days ago
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heroisblue · 2 days ago
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i know for a fact they would not leave each others asses if they dated during camp, dylan would not leave ryan alone ever
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lostcryptids · 2 days ago
lol this might be obvious to everyone but i just noticed a thing with the quarry werewolves, i think the deal with them is the longer they're infected the less human they look.
like silas is the one in the game who's been infected the longest and he has the most wolflike face, pointed ears, and more of a muzzle with long fangs
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and caleb who was infected second longest looks a little more human but has the pointed ears and animal nose and teeth
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and then u look at the most recent werewolves and they have human shaped ears and a flatter face
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so idk. it seems like if they had been infected for longer, like for years, they would lose the less human look of their wolf designs
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trashytiegs · a day ago
We joke about Dylan hiding behind Kaitlyn who is half his size, but here he literally almost sacrifices himself to save her from werewolf Emma.
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anastasia-kisselyushkina · 2 days ago
omg how good he is 🙄
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becomeunsolved · a day ago
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travis hackett doodles (featuring laura and max being a couple in the bg)
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fayalluree · 2 days ago
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Introvert x extrovert couple heheh
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lacteaway · a day ago
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quick Travis between commissions BACK TO WORK
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freuleinanna · a day ago
the quarry as john mulaney quotes! yes it was inevitable
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emma (as Theater Coach™)
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needsmorewlw · 2 days ago
now they're dating dylan goes out of his way to desensitize ryan to his humor. they'll be cuddling and he'll say some shit like "toothpaste is just bone soap" and wait for the light to visibly leave ryans eyes
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strawberry-dumdum · 2 days ago
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Hackett counselor memes pt 2 (pt 1)
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pheeefly · 2 days ago
i never knew just how much i needed Tall And Scared & Short And Badass duo in my life before dylan and kaitlyn ngl
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aspendvd · a day ago
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The beloved RadioHeads <3 i literally spent hours on this it’s like 2 AM rn and i just finished!! i know the shopping cart is janky pls i tried so hard i gave up at the end- BUT I STILL LOVE IT!!
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hackettsqueery · 2 days ago
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Still wanna share my earbuds?
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campbellstruts · 2 days ago
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Made a thing ❤️🫶🏻🩸
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amberpriceenthusiast · 2 days ago
Fun canon (not canon) fact about the quarry:
Dylan/Ryan and Laura/Max go on double dates all the time now
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jell0buss-37 · 2 days ago
hi again! could i get some headcannons with how the counselors would be with the following scenario:
reader is wearing white shoes and it’s starting to rain so the ground is getting all muddy and reader doesn’t want to stain their white shoes
thank you <3
Clean shoes (Hacketteer-
Headcannons x reader!)
AAAHHHHHH I LOVE THIS IDEA SO MUCH!!! I couldn't decide which I like more, so I decided to just post all of the counselors! I hope you enjoy!!!
Would totally carry you.
Bridal, piggyback, fireman, he WILL carry you.
Makes him feel valiant, and he will very cheesily say, "Fear not, my sweet, for I shall save you and your wonderful slippers from peril!!!"
You'd hold the umbrella while he carries you through the rain to wherever you need to get to.
Would probably end up falling, or slipping, but he would make sure that you landed on him, and not the mud, just so you can stay clean.
You both would laugh about it later while drying off and drinking cocoa ❤️.
Would probably suggest waiting out the rain, and probably ask someone or go himself to get you another pair to walk around in, while holding your nice shoes for you.
Would suggest to wear them when it's nice and dry out, and there's less chance of getting them dirty.
He'd tell you little ghost stories while you waited though!
Would also tell you about his home and everything, and listen to you talk about your home.
When the rain finally picks up, and you got a different pair to walk in, he'd carry your nice shoes for you, holding them tightly to his chest, and making sure nothing gets on them.
"Oh.. now see, those are the freshest pair of kicks I've ever seen. We just simply can't have those get ruined, now, can't we?"
Will make jokes, until he realizes that your serious and actually really like the pair, and immediately he'll come up with a solution.
Will just give you his shoes. That's it.
You guys most likely are in the radio shack while it's raining, and he also most definitely has a pair of slides or flip flops that Mr Hackett left in there with all the other storage stuff he put in there.
So he'll hide your shoes away in like a little cubby he has in there, probably for papers for the announcements.
He'd completely shield you from the rain, spreading his arms with his hands tucked into his pockets over you, so it looks like a giant tarp is hanging over you while you walk through the rain lol.
Once the rain let's up and it's all dry out again, he'll just casually give them back to you when you go to visit him in the morning.
"Here ya go, kept them nice and safe for ya!"
Would give you two plastic bags to buy over them.
Knows you really wanted to wear them and break them in probably, but also didn't want them to get dirty, so the best way to do both is to just cover them up.
"Woah, (Y/n), loving the drip!"
Would totally tease you about them, but in a loving way.
Giggles everytime you take a step because of the sound of the plastic rustling around.
After the rain let's up and it gets dry again, you take the bags off, and she jokes about how you finally set them free.
Would just walk around barefoot in the rain tbh.
She has a sort of carefree attitude, so things like that don't really bother her.
But she realizes how much the shoes mean to you, so she'd just walk around barefoot with you.
After putting the shoes somewhere in a safe place, she kick puddles at you.
You guy's would play in the rain for a while, just having fun without a care in the world.
When you guys are done, you'd clean yourselves up and just sit and watch the rain for a while.
Would honestly also be the type to carry you.
But not in the goofy way like Jacob.
More in the Soft Boy™ way.
Would tie the laces together and throw them around his neck, and carry you piggy back style across the mud, setting you gently on the porch steps and handing you the shoes.
Of course he'd look dazzling with the rain drops in his hair, and he'd also shake it out like a dog, making you laugh at his silliness.
Once the rain let's up, he'd still offer you piggyback rides, saying "it's still too muddy, your perfect shoes will get soiled!"
Oh yeah, she DEFINITELY has a couple rain jackets with cute little rain boots to match.
She'd let you borrow her frog ones, with the raincoat to match.
She'd let you leave your shoes at her cabin, and you both would also probably play in the rain.
She has a couple of doodles of you in the rain, as well as an adorable little sketch that she'd never show anyone.
She'd also probably wear her strawberry rain boots and jacket, because let's face it, she's a strawberry girl 🍓🍓🍓.
Once the rain let's up and everything, if you asked her to do some doodles on your shoes after a while of having them and they get a bit worn out, she'd draw little frogs and strawberries on them.
Ever had a bridge made for you before?
Well get ready, cuz it's gonna happen.
Would find every piece of cardboard, crate, log, etc. You name it, it's going to become a bridge.
Is already the type to lay his jacket over a tiny puddle for you, so being honest you kinda saw this coming.
Would hold your hand and keep you steady on the makeshift bridge while walking beside you in the mud to make sure you don't fall.
If a piece of the bridge were to break or move away, he'd simply hoist you over the gap and set you down on the other side.
Once the rain and mud let's up, everytime you where your clean shoes around him, he gets a proud look on his face.
"I did that :)))."
Most likely the most insensitive one out of the counselors.
"Why not just wear them? They're most likely going to get dirty anyway."
She doesn't really get it, as she also isn't very materialistic, and if something isn't used for it's practicality, then what is it for???
She'll realize that the pair of shoes actually mean something to you though, and just give you her shoes to wear. She's also super prepared, so she probably already has an extra pair with her.
If you do get them dirty somehow, she'll probably be more annoyed and upset about it than you.
Will also buy you a new pair.
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fayalluree · 2 days ago
Lazy and rushed BUT yall know the vine
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