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Reading the scene where Blue and Noah hang out at Monmouth and they kiss because she can kiss him without killing him and she realizes what she can’t ever have and then he fades away was like having an ice pick shoved slowly into my chest

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I’ve finished trc so now comes extensive fan fiction reading.

What I’m looking for and need help with finding is Blue finding out about Pynch.

Idc if it’s long or short. Angst or fluff I just need it.

So if anyone knows any PLEASE tell me because I tried to find one of AO3 but didn’t know what to search.

Also literally every fic I’ve read is good?? Like are trc fans just super good writers or??

AND I read two pynch tickle fics SO CUTE. Omg

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I’ve been thinking about doing a reread of The Raven Cycle books for a while now and I think the time is ripe for it. I’m fortunate in getting @etalice​, @ivylinkin and @lettersbyelise to do it with me as a buddy read. For all of us except Elise it’ll be a second read. (we’ll be mindful of spoilers)

Anyone up for joining us? The plan is to start on 01/02 so we can wrap up whatever we’ve been reading right now. As to how we’ll do it… I haven’t thought that far ahead LOL If anyone has any ideas how to run this, do let us know. I’m thinking we can have a fortnight for each book.

The Raven Cycle is a YA urban fantasy tetralogy with an ensemble cast (incl. queer characters) and very interesting magic. I fell head over heels for the first two books back in 2014 and am very keen to see how I feel about the books now.

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im sorry but this literally reminds me of that one kid in ur class that INSISTS on embarrassing u in front of everyone everyday by saying that u want to do something u dont want to- BAHAJSNDJJ

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I have presented Ava Kavinsky, Phoebe and Eugene Jiang.. now I give you Willow Jane and Athena Helen Gansey-Swan.

Twin girls with two completely different personalities and yet so much alike. Willow is more Skov. Witchy, punk and baggy clothes and not a care in the world. Athena is more Gansey, put together, awkward when facing someone she likes, more skirts and button ups and uniform.

Willow plays guitar

Athena gets good grades

You hurt one, you get the other.

While different, they still are sisters at the end and best friends

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Confession time: All For the Game is by far my favourite book series, I just say it’s The Raven Cycle because I don’t want to have to explain the plot of aftg and have people judge me 

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whoever wrote this headline has read the raven cycle and knew exactly what they were doing

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