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#the raven king
starsailores · 2 days ago
palmetto state fox merch that just has "milf (man, i love foxes)" written on it
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Adam parrish really went "what is love? Asking for a friend"
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phantaloon-books · 2 days ago
andrew minyard listens to emo and punk music because i like emo and punk music, and it might have started ironically but the books are set in the high point of emo culture so you can't stop andrew from going to warped tour (and yeah he's gay as fuck for gerard way, and neil gets him a black parade jacket and then the party poison outfit) and maybe that's how andrew lets himself feel a little more over the small things in life without having to stand over a too tall building or letting his walls down to neil or bee or aaron
i love seeing andrew having soft hobbies like baking or drawing, but i want andrew to fucking headbang to bring me the horizon and stuff, let him scream his little heart out in frustration with hundreds of souls that understand that need too <3
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winterxjxsmine · 2 days ago
the worst two people at communication have a relationship with the best communication
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neilmfjosten · 2 days ago
Neil: Why are you mad?
Andrew: Nicky made me leave the bowling alley.
Nicky: You were trying to bounce the balls??
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clxec · 22 hours ago
TRC fandom thinks Adam Parrish is a sweet soft boy forgetting that this kid murdered a man, framed another man for some of the vilest crimes known and is also portrayed to be the coldest, most ruthless of all them.
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