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#the rebound guy :')

hmm. I partly agree. the chemistry between sarah and marc really wasn’t there, for sure. I mean, it was there a /little/ bit. it’s sarah michelle gellar, after all, she knows how to make things work. but I don’t think that briley was ever written to be endgame or lasting or epic. I think it was definitely written as a foil to bangel and as a result of bangel. angel left because he wanted buffy to have the life he thought she deserved and wanted for her. so, what does she do? she dates a human! amazing! and he goes to college and is as normal as they come. until… wait a minute he’s in the MILITARY??? HUNTING??? DEMONS???? WHAT!!!! lmao ok i’m just being dramatic but anyways. he is definitely the polar opposite of angel. angel lives outside the law, riley enforces it (just in a different way). angel answers to literally no one (except maybe buffy, and later tptb) and riley is designed to take orders. riley was safe for buffy. even after she found out that he hunted demons and wasn’t the regular joe guy she thought he was, he was safer bc he was human and bc I think she knew she couldn’t be hurt by him in the same way angel hurt her. but briley’s relationship feels one-sided, especially in season 5 but there’s evidence of it in season 4, too. buffy wanted to be over angel so she tried doing what he wanted for her and what she perhaps thought she wanted: date a normal, boring guy. I don’t think buffy ever respected riley in the same way that she respected angel and I think right there was why their relationship would never work.

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