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lanternsjordan 10 hours ago
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the-abyss-of-fandoms 4 months ago
Webtoon releases happy, laid-back Jason:
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@littleredwing89 (just thought you should see this 馃槉)
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jasonsthunderthighs 8 days ago
Robin!Jason: Teach me to fight!
Bruce: You don't fight with these. *Makes fists* You fight with this. *Points to his head*
Clark: Your son has been head butting the others.
Bruce: *Nods sagely* Just as I taught him.
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regulusrain 2 months ago
Hmm... The batfam influencing each other behavior-wise. Like you know when you spend a lot of time with someone you kinda copy some of their mannerisms? Yeah that.
When Damian is really pissed off, he swears exactly like Jason, crime alley accent and all.
When Jason is supremely unimpressed, he makes this "tt" noise that Damian does.
(also with all the languages everyone speaks here there's no chance that they don't know how to swear in, like, ten languages, and some of the swears are of the i have no idea what that means but I know it's a swear SO category)
Tim and Jason are the only ones who manage to successfully raise an eyebrow like Alfred does, you know the one that speaks volumes.
When Cass smiles real wide, one of her eyes almost closes - that's a thing she picked up from Dick.
Steph and Jason both have this habit to snap their fingers when they're thinking, and for the love of god they really can't figure out who did it first.
Tim shrugs exactly like Bruce does.
Cass and Jason both are super good at moving silently but they can't figure out if it's because of their abusive childhoods or assassin training.
Bruce and Jason both sort their books by color. (I know Jason wouldn't do that, that's why I think it's funny)
Dick is shit at cooking, but what little he knows he learned from Jason.
I don't know much about Duke, but he drinks the same brand of tea as Damian.
Alfred taught Jason how to drive but the thing is, when it's not for an official thing Alfred drives likes a getaway driver, that is to say... Kinda recklessly. Jason is worse, but when he says that Alfred taught him, no one believes him, which is frustrating at first but then becomes a private joke with Alfred.
May add more, feel free to add!
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666mistyday 14 days ago
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and he has done nothing wrong ever in his life
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howtheworldcouldb a month ago
Jason Todd, placing explosives against what is definitely a load-bearing wall: 鈥淓very wall is just a door you haven鈥檛 made yet鈥
Conner Kent, standing right next to him and nodding: 鈥淵ou get it鈥
("Bruce, do something about that."
Bruce, who hasn鈥檛 even managed to hammer common sense into Kal-El: 鈥淣o.鈥)
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pinepickled a month ago
I just realized what really rubs me the wrong way when people use Bruce's "everyone deserves a second chance" schtick to shit on Jason.
It comes in 2 parts: 1. Jason was the one to teach Bruce this lesson, and 2. Prove it then.
Jason proved to Bruce that the Penguin, as he was at the time, could be rehabilitated. It was Bruce who was suspicious, Bruce who threw the Penguin back in jail and made it so the woman he loved could never see him again.
But what has Bruce proved to Jason in this regard? Jason doesn't want him to kill just anyone. He knows Batmans work is done best when he doesn't kill, at least for the Penguin and Mr Freeze and such. He wants Bats to kill the Joker.
Most people say it's because the Joker killed Jason, and yes while this is a big part of it, its also because Batman has never proven he could make a better man of the Joker. Bruce had his chances, he could have done it while Jason was dead, but he didn't. Joker is still the murderous rapist who ruins lives without remorse. Jason is still the kid he killed. Batman is still the man who let it happen.
So, Bats says the Joker deserves a second chance? Prove. It. If at the very least, Bruce could prove he could stop the Joker for good in a non violent way, Jason would back off. He wants to reconcile with Bruce despite the fresh, gaping wounds of being murdered and forgotten still weighing on him. If Bruce could substantially rehabilitate the Joker, he would have a chance with Jason without having given up his morals at all.
But he can't.
So Jason continues to kill and give the man the finger, because at the end of the day, it isn't Jason who failed if the Joker still lives.
It's Bruce.
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babybird-batfan 2 months ago
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thattimdrakeguy 3 months ago
Robins - It sucks. But how many are surprised?
Tim Seeley can鈥檛 even get their origin stories right. Which for this specific project should鈥檝e been the first thing researched.
Tim Seeley gave Dick, Tim Drake鈥檚 spiel about Robin AGAIN, because this isn鈥檛 the first time Tim Seeley has gotten this wrong--months apart, but he just never cared to correct himself on an inaccuracy and double downed on it. Not a thing good writers do.
Tumblr media
Like come oooon. He鈥檚 such a bad writer for the Robins. It鈥檚 like he did the research a few years ago but couldn鈥檛 remember it well.
It鈥檚 like baby鈥檚 first fan fiction, not from a guy who鈥檚 worked for the company for years. Why does DC set their standards so low? If someone showed me this, they were a fan let鈥檚 say, and this was their first fan fiction. I鈥檇 be proud of them and give them pointers on what they got wrong. Like which trait belongs to which Robin and such. They鈥檙e just starting after all.
But this...this guy is a veteran writer now...this is embarrassing. I feel embarrassed reading it. Second-hand-embarrassment is this thing鈥檚 tone, and not on purpose...
Wasn鈥檛 Robin Dick鈥檚 mother鈥檚 name for him? And here they got Dick saying he didn鈥檛 know who made it. (Though, maybe they mean as an actual sidekick? But I feel like that should be specified given the name and the role have two different origins as far as I鈥檓 aware.)
Tumblr media
It鈥檚 all written like Tim Seeley was given a summary of the Robins and looked through a few things but didn鈥檛 know for sure where what traits belonged. When...he鈥檚 worked with the company for years, and has even written all of these characters previously.
Like straight up Tim Seeley said Tim Drake DEMANDED to be Robin. I don鈥檛 think Tim Seeley researched Tim Drake AT ALL.聽
(Unless he鈥檚 still under the belief that Tim still has his New 52 origin--but he鈥檇 have to be so blind to stuff happening as he worked for that company for that to happen. But I guess regardless that鈥檚 just also adding to that second-hand-embarrassment thing I was talking about.)
Tumblr media
Tim Drake went to Dick for DICK to be Robin again, and only chose himself to be Robin after Dick wouldn鈥檛 do it. He didn鈥檛 go in there DEMANDING for it cause it was his dream, it was his dream, but that鈥檚 not why. It鈥檚 literally written as so in Tim Drake鈥檚 origin. I think he even says out loud he didn鈥檛 come to them asking to be Robin.
Then Tim Seeley acts like Jason LIKED doing crimes and was a bad kid. When he became Robin because HE TRIED STOPPING A CRIME AND BATMAN SAW THAT AND ADMIRED IT.
Tumblr media
And the story is so cheesy, and thinly written on top of that. It鈥檚 idea of deep would embarrass even children if they鈥檙e self-aware enough. I don鈥檛 see any one going away like聽鈥淥oooh, the character!鈥, because they鈥檙e all so flat. They go around saying their issues...but the issues don鈥檛 actually match the characters. Tim Seeley just started randomly applying stuff to them.
I feel a series like this, is only good, and what I think it鈥檚 actually trying to be, if it鈥檚 a character study. But you HAVE to legitimately know and understand the characters to do that. Tim Seeley doesn鈥檛 seem to understand these characters at all besides the thinnest of traits.
The main reason I can鈥檛 say what they did anything wrong about Damian? Cause all he says is聽鈥淚 WAS BORN TO BE ROBIN鈥. He鈥檚 just one trait--鈥漚sshole鈥, which I get is a common Damian trait, and probably his main one to most, but that鈥檚 so one dimensional, and they are all. That鈥檚 more of a trait then Tim or Steph get I guess. But when I can鈥檛 complain a lot about him, is because he鈥檚 just so barely written at all is just horrid. Tim Seeley sort of does that thing where he gives Damian a childish interest that鈥檚 so random again (in this case chocolate cereal. Which isn鈥檛 much, but isn鈥檛 he specific about his diet? It鈥檚 one of those things that are so small, but still just show enough that Tim Seeley isn鈥檛 the man for this kind of job. Like why even bother doing something so small you should be able to tell right away isn鈥檛 right?), but I guess it鈥檚 his way of being endearing? When to me it鈥檚 just like--dude, just write the characters as they are. Stop being weird about it. They have their own personalities, stop randomly adding stuff and swapping it, it doesn鈥檛 work.
Tumblr media
I guess they do say Damian鈥檚 the only one that thought of Robin as a training thing but...Dick did too lol. That鈥檚 why he took Robin away from Tim, who did not think of it as a training thing. Which contributed to that whole awkward piece of comic that everyone makes out to make at least one of them (most often Dick) a villain. (Not saying Dick should鈥檝e done it, but, anyone that acts like he鈥檚 a villain needs to rethink what a villain is.)
Steph they treat like she was given the role, and not just--literally asked for it and only got taken abroad to make Tim jealous (or something to that effect, cause it was around then the writing in the Bat-Family really got bad. Batman stopped being a caring figure, and just an emotionless freak). It鈥檚 a bad storyline I know, but from what I鈥檝e been told, that IS what happened. Like they say Tim demanded it--when he only asked cause Dick wouldn鈥檛 and he was the only one there, but won鈥檛 say Steph did--when she鈥檚 the one that actually DID demand it. But...why?? I think Steph lied to Cass about what happened--but that鈥檚 not what actually happened. Bruce didn鈥檛 choose her. It鈥檚 like when Dixon would act like Tim didn鈥檛 go right to Bruce鈥檚 face, and was chosen randomly instead.
Tumblr media
Tim Seeley even gave Dick the Dungeons聽and Dragons references, when Tim Drake is the one who played that game. Tim Seeley has no idea who鈥檚 interests go where going off of this.
Weirdly enough on the art side of it though, Tim Drake is the only one I think is drawn well--which is a positive in it鈥檚 on way, but not really, cause that still implies everyone else is drawn bad.聽
Actually no, I looked back at it before I nearly hit聽鈥減ost鈥 and I take it back. It really depends on the panel. The artist gave them all these weird tired eyes that I just do not like.
In costume they鈥檙e fine, but they second they鈥檙e out of costume they鈥檙e...just weirdly drawn. Imagine the most basic white girl, and that鈥檚 how they drew Stephanie. Jason they make look psychotic (is he okay with what happened now or is he not? I feel like they went back and forth on this). Dick is just--they just drew him really weird.
It鈥檚 not good art, that鈥檚 all I can really say.
I know some people say it鈥檚 all up to the artist what they look like, but honestly, there really was a time they tried a lot harder to be consistent, while keeping it in their own art styles. They just stopped caring a while ago, and that鈥檚 about it.
They brought back my favorite Timmy Drake costume! Which is cool to me...but if it鈥檚 the only place he鈥檚 wearing it...then it doesn鈥檛 really fit continuity wise, which sadly makes it鈥檚 inclusion, as much as I like the costume, not good. I can鈥檛 pretend otherwise, cause that wouldn鈥檛 be very honest of me.
Like look at it like this, the writing regardless of the characters is really bad, it鈥檚 thin and messy, it gets no where till the last few pages, it seems to try and be deep but fails miserably, and spends too much on an opening fight scene that isn鈥檛 particularly exciting, the characters are written totally inaccurately making the point of the comic to begin with null, and the art is sloppy at best. It is just a horrendously put together comic. That鈥檚 the simplest way I can say it.
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getouttaherebatman a month ago
with the latest comic developments it really feels like the writers have forgotten why Jason's anti-heroism resonated with so many people originally.
for me, Jason is someone who grew up in a system that he knew didn't care for him and never would. when you grow up in a way where you personally get to see the cracks in the justice system and get to understand that it's not geared in a way to help people without an abundance of money and time, it literally fills you with so much rage.
whether Jason is right or wrong with how he appoaches that (ex: killing) is irrelevant. Jason understands what victims crave, and that's security. you're always going to be scared that the person who hurt you is still out there unless you know for sure that they're never coming back.
Jason doesn't believe in the justice system. he doesn't. he knows how it fails people and he knows it's broken and he knows that the comfort and security that people crave is rarely accomplished through the legal system, because it was never designed to support marginalised peoples. it was designed to protect property and it shows.
i cannot believe they put those words in his mouth.
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megalopolus 5 months ago
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eldest batkids
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omgbelleoftheball a month ago
Every time I see Jason Todd I just want to give him a hug 馃ズ I mean just look at him
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Isn鈥檛 he huggable or what 馃ズ
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the-abyss-of-fandoms 8 months ago
Me: Men ain't sh*t.
These mf's show up:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Me upon seeing these men:
Tumblr media
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jasonsthunderthighs 7 days ago
*Tim and Jason are tied up together*
Tim: You don't think they're actually goin to kill us!?
Jason: Hmm..
Jason: *Looking down* Ah. Rookie mistake, should've tied my legs.
Tim: Huh?
Jason: *Starts to easily get up with his legs, getting up to his feet* Ali oop!
Tim: Hey! Do I even weigh ANYTHIN to you?
Jason: No. It's like holdin a couple of grapes. *Starts running away with Tim still tied to him* Let's go!
*Finally finds Dick*
Jason: Dick!
Dick: Jason! *Looking around* Where's Tim?!
Jason: *Turns around to show Tim* He's right here.
Tim: Hey.
Dick: *Trying not to laugh, putting his hand on his leg with his other hand showing one finger* Pfft!
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regulusrain a month ago
One thing that would be funny about Kyle/Jason (be it romantic, friendship or hey-you're-a-pain-in-my-ass-but-i'd-jump-in-front-of-a-bullet-for-you) is that their world-saving stuff with Donna (Btw their team being called cosmic mistakes will never get old, I fucking LOVE that name) has been, like, erased/forgotten from the time-line right? So all their interactions would come out of fucking nowhere for everyone else involved. Like, from outsider pov, one day they would barely know each other's name and the next there would be teasing, references to things no one else (except Donna) knows about, and that special kind of familiarity that involves fighting together like a well-oiled mechanism. And it would be weird for everyone and I'm all for that!! Also Kyle and Jason would be the kind of friends that attack each other on sight, but like, playfully. Kyle lands right before Jason and Jason just shoots at him, lightning-fast, except he's missing Kyle by a hair on purpose. And Kyle doesn't even bother with trying to dodge because he knows Jason wouldn't shoot him (and once, dodging actually put him on the path of the bullet, so yeah no) and in retaliation Kyle launches a colony of bat-constructs at Jason who barely bothers to bat (ha) them aside because the worst they'll do is flap their wings in his face (which, yknow, helmet) and the banter.... "if it isn't the universe's worst best bat! Where have you been?" "excuse me, bitch-lantern? What about where have you been?"
So anyway I'm just a sucker for Jason-Kyle dynamic and that's it.
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666mistyday 3 months ago
Jason Todd Headcanons
As much as he likes cuddles, he can't actually go to sleep when you are tangled together, it makes him feel trapped, so he falls asleep holding your hand.
Its more of a herbal remedies type of guy, will avoid medicine unless its a serious thing or the last resort.
If he is on an important mission he will ask you if you can dye his streak and his domino mask is a bit wider under his eyes to cover that scar, doesn't wanna get recognized
Even if he is super tired when he comes home always takes a shower, cant sleep feeling dirty and sweaty.
Gives super thoughtful birthday gifts
Won't ever ask you to patch him up, you just take the bandages out of his shaky hands and finish it up for him, the kiss in your forehead means "thank you".
His love language is cooking.
Is touch starved, but won't ask you to touch him verbally, he just lays his head on your lap, that means "play with my hair".
If you grab the sides of his head or caress his cheeks before kissing him, he's gone.
Always offers you his arm when you are walking in public, not much into pda.
His hands and feet are perpetually cold.
Uses reading glasses.
He is a 6'3 super buff guy and he knows it, when he is in an environment with mostly women and children he makes his body language to appear less intimidating, would cross the street if a girl is walking in front of him late at night, do anything in his hands not to be perceived as creepy.
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howtheworldcouldb a month ago
I hate when people go down the 鈥淎rtemis and Jason are dating鈥 route. No, Artemis picked up a stray, murderous kitten and decided he was just enough of an asshole to keep.
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secondgenerationnerd 2 months ago
Bruce: *about鈥ny of his sons really* I have a 24 year old genius with a smartphone and a problem with authority.
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lovelytarou 2 months ago
饾悳饾悺饾悶饾惈饾惈饾惒 饾惏饾悽饾惂饾悶
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
character 鈥 jason todd
genre 鈥 fluff
word count 鈥 886
summary 鈥 bored at one of bruce's parties, jason couldn't get his eyes off of a particular guest. before the night ends, he'll make sure he'll put a smile on their face and have the best dance of their life.
note 鈥 purely self-indulgent stuff because i've been on a jason todd brainrot for days now and i just had to write him !! so sorry if i didn't get his character right, this is my first time writing him. and, i also did some adjustments on my writing and the format! n e ways, enjoy!
Tumblr media
he's been staring at you the moment you entered the room. you didn't seem to notice the numerous heads that turned whenever you passed by, or the eyes that followed you longingly from afar.聽
or in this case, you haven't noticed jason todd stealing glances at you from across the room, admiring your face and the clothes you wore for tonight's ball.聽
as soon as speeches were made and the audiences clapped, the band played a song and everybody dispersed in the middle to dance with their partners.
jason saw you standing in a corner all by yourself, sipping your cherry wine while smiling and respectfully declining anyone who offered to dance with you.
taking a big gulp of the same wine he's nursing, he skillfully made his way over to you, dodging moving bodies that are dancing to the beat of the music, almost crashing on a staff or two. finally, he's only two steps away from you.
鈥渉ey, didn't think i've seen you around here before.鈥 he smoothly struck up a conversation.聽
your head turned to the deep voice that spoke and almost spilled your drink to notice that one of the infamous host's sons came to talk to you. it was jason todd in all his glory 鈥 dressed in black tux and a red shirt underneath, you noticed he wasn't wearing any tie with a few buttons popped open on the top. his hair is neatly styled but a few stubborn white strands fell in front of his face.
your breath caught in your throat. he was ruggedly handsome.聽
鈥渙h! yeah,鈥 you chuckled nervously, 鈥渢his is my first time attending the party. i gotta say, it's pretty impressive.鈥
jason couldn't agree more. bruce always outdone himself when it comes to parties and balls like this, and tonight is no different.
鈥渉ow are you liking it so far?鈥 jason raised his eyebrow, idly swirling what's left of his drink in his glass as he slowly walked closer.
鈥渦m, pretty great. lots of people. great wine鈥︹ you trailed off.
he nodded. he can clearly tell you're bored out of your mind in this party. who could blame you? he's been attending these parties for years and it's always the same old thing.
鈥渄o you wanna dance?鈥 once again, you were brought out of your stupor because of this fine man in front of you. with such an enticing offer, how could you refuse?
with a nod of your head, jason offered his hand to you, leading you both to the middle of the dancefloor.
carefully placing your hands where they need to be, jason took a step and you followed. it was clumsy at first but you didn't even need to worry when you heard jason chuckle 鈥 clearly amused by you and your efforts, before leaning down to whisper in your ear.
鈥渄on't worry. i'll lead and you follow. trust me, okay?鈥 with another feeble nod, you let your partner sway you to the beat, heart pounding rapidly inside your chest as you stared at the boy in front of you.
鈥渕y name's jason, by the way.鈥 he said after a beat, turning you on the other way.
鈥測eah, i know you.鈥 you smiled apologetically before saying your name.
鈥渟o, y/n, what do you think? am i a great dancer?鈥 the corners of his lips lifted up in a smirk, the hold he has on your waist bringing you close to him.
鈥渋 don't know, jason鈥︹ you teased him by pretending to think, 鈥測ou have to prove it better than that.鈥
he raised both of his eyebrows as if to say, oh so that's how it's gonna be?
鈥渋'll show you 'better', sweetheart.鈥 he winked and as if on cue, the music changed into an upbeat one and before you know it you're catching your breath trying to catch up with jason and his impressive moves.
who knew he could dance like that?
he spun you around, and you swear you got dizzy 鈥 exhilaration and the adrenaline are the only things keeping you upright.
you ended up with your back pressed against his chest, feeling his heart pounding through your clothes the same way yours did and for a moment, you turned your head to his, only a hair's breadth away - catching his eye and you both shared a breathless laugh.聽
your eyes landed on his wine colored lips, licking your own in anticipation. you seem hypnotized, finding yourself being pulled into him even more. but before you could get any closer, the music stopped and jason pulled away with a cocky grin.
after dancing, jason thought he'd give you a break and led you to an empty space where the both of you can have some privacy.
鈥渨as that 'better' enough for you?鈥 you heard before you saw the smile on jason's lips, from where you're almost crouching down from exhaustion.
jason had caught two new glasses of wine and offered one to you. you took it gratefully from him and downed it unceremoniously.
鈥渇ine, you're the best dancer ever. are you happy now?鈥澛
鈥渘ot if we get to know each other first and you let me take you out on a date.鈥 jason sipped his wine.
鈥渁s long as we get to dance like that again. then why not?鈥澛
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Jason Todd. The Red Hood.
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