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#the red queen series
hhmmmmmmmm thinking about whisper maven as a concept
Too much
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I’m a little uncomfy with how much of the rq fandom makes maven out to be this like “hot, sexy, bad boy” as if he’s not just a traumatized 17 (barely 18 by the end) boy. Like yeah obviously I can’t really police you making nsfw content of him but come on y’all r just horribly misrepresenting his character
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souliloquyyy · 9 days ago
Kind of back from my hiatus. I’ve finished my last homework assignments, but I still have another week of classes. So I’m not quite done with school, but I will be back on Tumblr now. Though I’m going to try my best not to spend too much time on here. I don’t want to waste a bunch of time scrolling endlessly like I used to do. I want to get a couple books finished by the end of the year. Maybe try to get something published?
I’ve started two new projects since I went on hiatus. One is (tentatively) called Sleeping Empire, and it’s basically Lethal Love with better worldbuilding. I haven’t decided if I’m giving up on LL or if I’m going to rework it, but it’s at least temporarily shelved, so SE is currently my only medieval fantasy enemies-to-lovers project. And then I have a whole cast and setting for another novel (series?) but no main plot. The working title for that is Bellamira. I’m thinking it’s going to be a dark academia cross between The Raven Cycle and Harry Potter. But that’s definitely subject to change.
In other news, it’s 5 months into the year and I’ve read one (1) novel. So I’m going to the library after class today and I’m going to get SO MANY books and then I’m going to do nothing but read for 3 weeks.
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throneofhavilliard · 10 days ago
fictional characters as random textposts i found on pinterest
Manon Blackbeak
Tumblr media
Feyre Archeron
Tumblr media
Jude Duarte
Tumblr media
Cardan Greenbriar
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dorian Havilliard and Chaol Westfall
Tumblr media
Percy Jackson
Tumblr media
Mare Barrow
Tumblr media
Kenji Kishimoto
Tumblr media
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amandaklwrites · 21 days ago
Top Ten Favorite Book Series
And here’s another Top Ten in my series! This one is about book series that I have read in the past, or have been reading over time. Of course, these can change over time, but I know all of these will be very important to me. So, here they are, in no particular order! 
1. Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas
Tumblr media
I loved this series since I first discovered them. I know not a lot of people like them, or at least aspects of them, and I do understand some problems with them. But I had found the first two books when I had moved in with my boyfriend at the time, and I fell absolutely in love with them. The last book came out when during my last year in college and I didn’t complete any homework for like a week. I love these books because of the important themes she had written, and there were a few scenes that made me cry, especially in the last book. I loved the friendships and complicated characters she created.
2. Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo
Tumblr media
Again, I found this series around the time I had discovered Throne of Glass. But they were all out already, and I actually met Leigh at a book event for the last book. I loved this series more so for the darkness of its tone, and the Darkling is my favorite fictional villain, hands down. But I remember being so amazed while reading this trilogy because I had discovered I could write dark, dark stuff if I wanted, and it fed that part of me.
3. Gemma Doyle Trilogy by Libba Bray
Tumblr media
I read this trilogy in high school, and I remember loving it so much. So I recently did a reread and I loved it just as much. I liked the tone, the characters, the settings and the magic. It has always been that stuck out to me, and I’m so glad I had found it when I did.
4. The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare
Tumblr media
This series had changed my life, honest to god. Surprising to most, I hadn’t been a big reader growing up. I read some stuff (most Narnia, Spiderwick, Alice in Wonderland, etc), and I could never find the kinds of books I had always wanted to read. I was a sophomore in high school when I was looking through my local small bookstore, and I saw the cover of a young man in Victorian attire (my favorite time period forever!), and I remember reading the back and I was instantly intrigued. And I fell in love with it. Not only did it spark my reading as a teenager, helping me find the genres and stories I liked, but it had been with me through important times. When I had been through an awful depression that led to an attempted suicide my junior year, I was reading this series. I remember reading the second book that year in my yearbook class, and I read through class, which annoyed one of my guy friends that I sat with. When I finished the last book in the hidden classroom behind a class I was a tutor for, I cried. I sobbed as I read the epilogue, and I remember just staring at the wall for the rest of that time. This series broke and remade me, and I think it has huge influence on me personally.
5. Sands of Arawiya duology by Hafsah Faizal
Tumblr media
I just read this series a couple of months ago, and my god, did I love it. I loved the world, the characters, the deep, meaningful friendships. This one surprised me in so many ways, and I didn’t want to stop reading it. I loved it so, so much and it’s important to my heart.
6. Red Queen series by Victoria Aveyard
Tumblr media
I see mix reviews on this series, especially the later books. But I personally loved them. I loved the adventure and magic system and my god did I love the twists. Maven Calore is probably one of the most interesting characters I have ever read. I loved how complicated and destructive it was, and the war tactics and plots were great.
7. An Ember in the Ashes series by Sabaa Tahir
Tumblr media
My god, Sabaa knows how to make really, really complicated situations for characters. Talk about torturing your own characters. And I think that was what I learned from these books, as a writer myself. She made strong, powerful characters and threw them through hell, to see where they came out. But I loved the way they wrapped up, the arcs of the characters, the beauty of their closeness. It’s just a beautiful series.
8. Lady Sherlock series by Sherry Thomas
Tumblr media
This is just a fun series. It combines some of my favorite things—women detectives, Victorian England, mysteries, and Sherlock Holmes. But I love that Sherlock Holmes is actually a woman. They’re great books that put twists on the original books and I adore so much about them.
9. Stalking Jack the Ripper series by Kerri Maniscalco
Tumblr media
What a great series! I loved these more with each book. I love Audrey Rose and Thomas Cresswell, as lovers and as partners, so much. But they are both intriguing in their own ways. And I adored how Kerri used different historical/pop culture aspects in her books—Jack the Ripper, Dracula, Houdini, and the Devil in the White City. They are great mysteries with loveable characters and I love it so much.
10. Well Met series by Jen DeLuca
Tumblr media
Now, I love this series for just dumb (but personal) reasons. First of all, I haven’t found many romance books that I like. I find most of them too silly and cheesy. But I didn’t have that case with these. I found them hilarious and fun and heartwarming. But second of all, they’re set a Renaissance Faire! We have a Renaissance Faire that comes every year about thirty-forty minutes away from where I live, and I have been going every year (you know, except for last year and probably this year) for thirteen or fourteen years. It’s important to me, and it marks time for me. So, that’s why I love these.
Runner Up: Amelia Peabody series by Elizabeth Peters
Tumblr media
This is a wonderful series. It spoke to my love of mysteries, but also Egyptology (I almost went to school for archaeology/Egyptology!). I love that Elizabeth Peters was an archaeologist, that gives a real-life feel to these as well. Plus, like you know me, Victorian period! I think Amelia Peabody is one of the greatest female leads, and I think the romance/love between her and Emerson. It totally reminds me of Evie and Rick in The Mummy, so if you love those movies, check out these books. I haven’t finished the series yet, but I think I’ve gotten halfway through, and I love them so much.
I love all these books, way too much probably. They all have a special place in my heart and yeah... I love them. I’ve said that so much haven’t I? 
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lilyharvord · 23 days ago
favourite thing about rq? :)
ONE THING???!!! You’re gonna get multiple ma’am cause I have no control. 
1. Anything and everything Marecal. There’s a reason they are pretty much the only ship I write exclusively for. I get that people think their relationship is “boring” but that is just another word for domestic to me and I love how potentially domestic they are. (I mean come on, they cuddled for a whole book) They’re entire relationship is honeslty... so healthy in my opinion? While they do chose things over each other, they do so in a very realistic manner, and at the end of the day, they come back after being apart because they realized that they really truly love each other. Also, their initial meeting is the most iconic YA ship meeting of all time. She tried to ROB HIM and then just straight up ADMITTED TO IT? ICONIC. I mean that just kills me every time. And don’t even get me started on that line in war storm where he says “I thought of you before the end. I saw your face in the water.” VICTORIA COULD HAVE ACHIEVED THE SAME EFFECT IF SHE KICKED DOWN MY DOOR AND SUCKER PUNCHED ME IN THE FACE . Dear god Cal did not have go around inventing love like that. 😩 I mean the entire Harbor Bay scene in War Storm still owns my entire heart. SHE WAS PRAYING. MARE BARROW DOES NOT PRAY, but she was praying to Iris’s gods to bring him back even though she was still furious with him for what he did. COME ON. THEY INVENTED LOVE OKAY? 
2. Farley/Evangeline: badass women = me likely. And that’s on periodt. Just kidding I have so much more to say about them. So let me get one thing straight, YA does not let girls be “bitches”. They have to at some point apologize to the MC for being the way they are. But in RQ I LOVE how unapologetically bitchy Farley and Evangeline are allowed to be and NO ONE holds it against them. Also, they are given the chance to be vulnerable. I also just love it when female characters who have been hardened by their life are allowed to melt around the people they love and feel safe with. 🥲
3. Cameron. This girl deserve a point all her own. I cannot tell you how sick and tired I was of reading books with 16 year old characters looking up to the MC with googley eyes while rainbow shoot out of their asses because the MC can literally do no wrong. But then Cameron came along and lordy lordy let me tell you that little sarcastic shit became my whole world. She took one look at Mare Barrow and said: “Just because you’re bedding a princling doesn't make you queen of the heap” and I was with her from that moment forward. Also? Such a realistic character. She’s 16? OF COURSE SHE DOESN”T WANT TO BE IN A FUCKING WAR. So of course she's going to be bitter and see the true issues that the other characters have just ignored the whole series. TBH, she is the characters that points out that this shit is low key HORRID and I love that she gets to do that. 
3. Chapter 22 to the epilogue of Kings Cage lives in my head rent free. That’s all I have to say on that. 
4. Almost every character is grey. There is no morally “right” person. They are all  complex and they all make mistakes which is just such a breath of fresh air. 
5. There are no unnecessary sex scenes. I’m looking at you Sarah Janet. If there are sex scenes in Red Queen they are fade to black moments, and they forward the relationships of characters. They’re not having sex to just have sex, they’re doing it because it pushes their relationship or their character arcs in a direction or... in the case of Marecal in War Storm, shows how they are struggling to complete their arcs and figure out their relationship (but poorly do it because War Storm was a shit storm)
6. The covers are gorgeous. I will die on the hill that glass sword is the prettiest cover, and kings Cage is the ugliest (and War Storm is on thin fucking ice, it only slides by because the background color is pretty)
7. Mare Barrow as an MC in general. Listen the girl is unapologetically a fuck up sometimes. She gets called out for it, and she also atones for her fuck ups. She apologizes to Cameron, and even pushes her out the door so she can be safe. The girl is allowed be an 18 year old girl okay? I was a stupid idiot at 18 too, I could not imagine being a sort of rebel figure head at that age? Also can we talk about that for a second too? Mare is not LEADING the rebellion, there are people she has to answer to, and she does question them which is wonderful. She is a figurehead, but even then, she isn’t that much of one. I just love that? She’s allowed be scared, angry, bitter, in love, furious with the man she loves, happy, depressed, I mean she gets to FEEL and she responds to her mistakes that she makes. Anyway. Yeah Mare Barrow is wonderful. 
And thats all I have to say about that as of right now. (: 
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I think the reason neurodivergent maven clicks with me so much as a head canon is because of how much what elara does to him feels like being forced to mask. Mavens development of usual skills is slow, but elara forces them to be faster, forces him onto the same level as the “normal” kids. He doesn’t really get people and yet, again, he is forced to by his mother. He gains an understanding of how people work and how to get what he wants from them, but it’s a very detached perspective. He hasn’t really got friends, because he has absolutely no idea how to genuinely connect with someone. TLDR is basically just Elara forces him to act how she thinks is “normal”.
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maven could only have gotten the arc that I think is satisfying if cal was the villain
that is all goodnight
(edit: ok to clarify cal wouldn’t be the main villain. maven would get his little villain arc until like. book 3 book 4 and then cal would be. cal)
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canon mareven, especially after the third book? gross! I don’t like it! he’s not a good dude!
mareven but with my personal version of maven that I like to pretend is canon? good. I like this
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ok ok update on the thomaven playlist. it’s by no means done, but here it is nonetheless. I’ll probably add songs and maybe remove some, we’ll see, but either way. thomaven Spotify playlist
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