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#the red sneaker theory
This is just me, but a toe joint? I don't get how or why they would affect someone to need different shoes or how they walk? So I'm wiggling my toes to try and figure it out xD Your the bird expert, and I know nothing medical, care to explain why if its not to much trouble? please and thanks!

It might seem small, but small abnormalities can effect someone quite a bit! Lots of people have to get custom shoes due to small mutations in their feet, and even though losing one joint doesn’t seem like that big a deal, it’d still change someone’s stride.

We don’t know which pinky toe joint quirked people lose, but regardless, it would probably make their pinky toe shorter and less flexible. That doesn’t seem like a big deal, but your toes help spread out your weight and help you balance, as well as define your general foot shape. If your pinky toe is shorter and less flexible, than you’d want a different shoe shape, and your weight distribution would be slightly different.

Now, as I mentioned in my post, it’s not a huge change. It’s not like, going to be incredible obvious if someone doesn’t know what to look for. But, particularly for anyone doing highly demanding physical activity, or activities that require a high level of foot useage/flexibility, such as hero/villain work, not having the right footwear could seriously fuck up someone’s feet. ‘Hence the need for shoes designed for those two toe joints.

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wait does this mean someone is just mass producing red shoes with black laces & white bottoms for quirkless people,,, someone really likes that color scheme huh

I’d imagine that it just happened to be the color scheme of the one mass produced brand of shoe that’s both for quirkless people, and can also be used during highly taxing activities like hero work. Athletic shoes in general are more likely to be brightly colored, so the red/black/white design kinda makes sense with that in mind.

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I recently had a life changing revelation, and it’s about these stupid red sneakers Izuku and Tomura wear. 

Going all the way back to the start of the series, let’s recall something we learned in the first chapter;

Quirkless people have an extra joint in their pinky toes.

That’s how the doctor at the start knows Izuku is quirkless vs a late bloomer or someone with a quirk waiting to be triggered. People with quirks don’t have an extra joint. This joint is also something developed fairly young. As far as we know, gaining a quirk later in life wouldn’t change the status of this joint. So, if you’re born quirkless, then you’ll have that extra toe joint for the rest of your life, even if you get a quirk later.

Now, it’s a fairly minor trait to have. It wouldn’t be super obvious to anyone else unless they’ve got a person’s x-rays or for some reason they’ve spent a really long time staring at feet. But having an extra toe joint would probably effect a person’s feet/stride. Not drastically, but enough that someone would likely be uncomfortable in shoes designed for someone with only one toe joint.

And here’s the thing, unfortunately, that’s going to be most shoes. Quirkless people are in the minority, and getting progressively rarer, with young quirkless people being highly uncommon. Not only that, but people who are quirkless are seen as weak by society at large. So, if someone whose young and quirkless wants something like athletic shoes made for standing up to the work of a hero/villain, their options are going to be quite limited. Odds are there’d only be a few affordable brands out there.

Which brings me to Izuku and Tomura’s matching red sneakers. Now, I’ve seen some people say that their matching sneakers are a hint towards the Dad For One Theory, and while on the surface that makes sense, if you think about it for a minute, it doesn’t quite add up. Both Izuku and Tomura have undergone design revamps and are well past the age/influence where AFO would have anything to do with their shoe choice.

Yet there they are, wearing near identical sneakers for every single outfit. Almost as if they don’t have any other options.

And it was awfully convenient for All for One that the grandson of his enemy just so happened to get a highly destructive quirk that manifested suddenly and in such a way that it left him traumatized and easily influenced into becoming a villain. Or maybe it wasn’t convenient, and there’s a reason Tomura wears shoes so similar to that of our formerly quirkless protagonist.

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