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Guys. Hes taken over my blog. It’s offical.

I have done i t…

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Banda me nació una idea de Gotham, si, si, soy re-friki pero no me importa ekisde. (aquí el dibujo de uno de mis villanos favoritos de DC cómics)


El Acertijo uwu mi bb precioso

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Please, Go All the Way Chapter 3 (Burton-schumacherverse riddlebird, fem!pregnant!Oswald)

Chapter 2

Warnings: some sensory overload, slightly sexual content

It had been a few weeks since their last outing and Oswin had yet again summoned Ed to her home. As soon as he let himself in Oswin was grabbing him by the wrist and pulling him upstairs.

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if one day⠀

the voice in my⠀

head just disappears⠀

🧨 inspired once again by Cameron Monaghan‘s Jerome Velaska and Jeremiah Velaska ⠀



your unofficial DC Filipino character representative.♥️

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Oswald: Why can’t you just say “I love you”?!

Oswald: Why- why do you have to make me jump through hoops?


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[Ed in the Narrows starting to get into a fist fight]

Lee: Bite them Ed! I’ll hold your…

Lee: Uh.

Lee: Idk you’re probably broke as hell.

Lee: I’ll hold your remorse.

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Reverse Robin Musings upon The Riddler

aka Edward Nygma, B.Eng., M.S. (Nerd Shit)

What do the Robins think about their adversaries? Tune in to find out!

Robin I

  • Ooh, you like the color green too!
  • It’s my favorite
  • A riddle? Okay!
  • I got the answer!
  • What did I win?
  • Meanie
  • I’m telling Batman

Robin II

  • Hey nerd
  • I don’t respect you
  • You’re basically a white collar criminal
  • Can’t do shit
  • Hey, I got a riddle for you
  • What’s green at night and black and blue in the morning?
  • You!
  • :D

Robin III

  • Okay so Batman’s like three minutes behind me, so we can chill till he gets here
  • Sure, I can do riddles
  • Several riddles later…
  • This is fun
  • I liked that bit of code you wrote to hack the commissioner’s computer btw
  • You’re welcome
  • Oh Batman’s here now
  • See ya

Robin IV

  • Hey nerd
  • Why’re you crying
  • I learned this great new kick routine yesterday
  • I wanna try it out
  • Stay still

Robin III again

  • Hey Eddie
  • Aww, you missed me
  • Sure, we’re can hug it out
  • I got you this notebook
  • So you can write down all your riddles

Robin V

  • You dare to besmirch the noble color green by cladding your worthless body with it
  • I shall dye your suit red
  • With your blood
  • No I don’t want a riddle you worm
  • Prepare to do battle
  • Stop crying
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I’m back!

And even more fabulous than before! Since my old outfit was too battered and tattered, Oswald provided me with a little welcoming gift. I have to say, he has STYLE!

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I think Riddler and Scarecrow could really bond over video games. Edward seems like the type to enjoy the puzzle aspect of many games, and perhaps Jonathan overheard from Harley about the newest horror game and he goes to Edward, the only other person he knows who plays video games, and asks about it. This ends up with a trip to the local game emporium and soon enough they’re setting in front of Edward’s 4K Television playing the game.

Jonathan prefers when Edward plays and he advises him where to go and what to do, it’s his sadistic nature that often gets Edward eaten by zombies, and it’s also fun to watch him squirm in the dark while being chased by various demonic creatures. The two end up having a lot of fun playing together, and it’s one of the only things they enjoy doing together.

Soon enough, Edward has a big collection of horror games ranging from a rare PS3 with PT Installed, to Silent Hill and Resident Evil.

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