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#the rolling stones
upsettiespaghettiea year ago
spotify playlists for very specific moods
the windows are wide open and it's a rainy day
sadness, but make it fashion聽- you're crying,, but your mascara is waterproof and you're wearing a ball gown
the windows are wide open and it's a breezy summer day聽
I feel quiet today聽-聽songs that don't demand attention, they just kind of sit there and let u make of them what u will
maybe I can wake up cheerful if I listen to the right songs
uh oh, this feeling again聽-聽the midpoint of a film. the protagonist feels defeated, and the plot slows as they sink and reflect.
my friends have all gone to uni and i miss them
a sudden rush of sentimentality聽-聽those rare moments when u feel as though ur so full of happiness u could burst. and the feeling is so delicate and so electric all at once
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tangerinehoneyy6 months ago
Tumblr media
Mick Jagger | The Rolling Stones
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geminiscenea year ago
Tumblr media
brian jones聽and keith richards of the rolling stones, 1965.
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sageonfyre5 days ago
The Signs as 鉁℅roupies鉁
Edit: Make sure y鈥檃ll tag your sign if you reblog.
Aries: Introduces herself to the band, probably really cool with the lead singer, no one can resist her charm, has the coolest boots.
Taurus: Smells so good, has a calming aura that others gravitate too, band members like to lay their head in her lap, always has her nails done.
Gemini: somehow manages to get the brooding guitarist to laugh, best friends with all the roadies, always has a camera with her, no doubt has said something that has inspired a song lyric.
Cancer: Is Baby but is also very feisty, saves all of her tickets, you will find her sitting on someone's lap, the bassists favorite cuddle buddy, glitter eyeshadow.
Leo: Rides with the band to every after party, has a really pretty laugh, great hair, most album singles are about her, wears the lead singer鈥檚 fur coat.
Virgo: Secretly the biggest hoe around here, always writing in her journal, very sassy but the band likes it, always looks good, lead guitarist is probably in love with her.聽
Libra: Coolest style, effortlessly flirts her ass off, has a really pretty smile, definitely models on the side, falls in love with several musicians.
Scorpio: Makes eye contact when you light her cigarette, some of the girls are intimidated by her but she鈥檚 actually really sweet, always wearing shades, has a song named after her.
Sagittarius: Loud af on the bus, always wearing hoop earrings, loves the thrill of sneaking backstage and is really good at it, drummers really dig her, touring with several bands at a time.
Capricorn: arrived with the band so she doesn鈥檛 need to sneak backstage, the muse behind every underrated song, red lipstick, travels with the band, will drink you under the table.
Aquarius: Bold style, major hippie, rock stars like the way she rolls their joints, likes always having deep conversations with the 鈥渟hy one鈥, doesn鈥檛 get her heart broken easily.聽
Pisces: Dreamy eyes, soft spoken, high all of the time, muse behind some of the best love ballads, cries at the end of every show.聽 聽聽
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one-time-i-dreamta year ago
Mick Jagger died on stage while singing Paint it, Black and Keith threw his body into the crowd.
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midninetiesa year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
mick jagger by norman seeff, 1972
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ladybegooda year ago
Tumblr media
Mick Jagger, Brian Jones, and Keith Richards photographed by Cecil Beaton, 1967
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