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#the romance novels are sometimes too much for me
alittleoffside · 3 months ago
No one asked but, if any of you guys like reading hockey rom-com books, I’ve really loved Pippa Grant’s Copper Valley Thrusters books. Just read I Pucking Love You and it was very fun! The guy’s name is Tyler and i am pretty sure he’s partially based on Segs lol but I very much enjoyed that. This particular book also has a curvaceous lady which we all know I love as well! I’ve read most of the other books in the series as well and they always make me legit LOL at some point. I think they’re all included on kindle with prime membership.
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neil-gaiman · 3 months ago
Genuine question. why did you, a British man, write american Gods? Why not write British Gods or European Gods? I don't mean any disrespect with this question, I'm just genuinely curious about the thought process.
I wrote an essay about that very thing, in 2001. Let me see if it's up on the web.
Oh, yes, at
I'll cut and paste it for you. Here you go:
Nobody's asked the question I've been dreading, so far, the question I have been hoping that no-one would ask. So I'm going to ask it myself, and try to answer it myself. And the question is this: How dare you? Or, in its expanded form, How dare you, an Englishman, try and write a book about America, about American myths and the American soul? How dare you try and write about what makes America special, as a country, as a nation, as an idea? And, being English, my immediate impulse is to shrug my shoulders and promise it won't happen again. But then, I did dare, in my novel American Gods, and it took an odd sort of hubris to write it. As a young man, I wrote a comic-book about dreams and stories called Sandman (collected, and still in print, in ten graphic novels, and you should read it if you haven't). I got a similar question all the time, back then: "You live in England. How can you set so much of this story in America?" And I would point out that, in media terms, the UK was practically the 51st state. We get American films, watch American TV. "I might not write a Seattle that would satisfy an inhabitant," I used to say, "But I'll write one as good as a New Yorker who's never been to Seattle." I was, of course, wrong. I didn't do that at all. What I did instead was, in retrospect, much more interesting: I created an America that was entirely imaginary, in which Sandman could take place. A delirious, unlikely place out beyond the edge of the real. And that satisfied me until I came to live in America about eight years ago. Slowly I realised both that the America I'd been writing was wholly fictional, and that the real America, the one underneath the what-you-see-is-what-you-get surface, was much more interesting than the fictions. The immigrant experience is, I suspect, a universal one (even if you're the kind of immigrant, like me, who holds on tightly, almost superstitiously, to his UK citizenship). On the one hand, there's you, and on the other hand, there's America. It's bigger than you are. So you try and make sense of it. You try to figure it out - something which it resists. It's big enough, and contains enough contradictions, that it is perfectly happy not to be figured out. As a writer, all I could do was to describe a small part of the whole. And it was too big to see. I didn't really know what kind of book I wanted to write until, in the summer of 1998, I found myself in Reykjavik, in Iceland. And it was then that fragments of plot, an unwieldy assortment of characters, and something faintly resembling a structure, came together in my head. Either way, the book came into focus. It would be a thriller, and a murder mystery, and a romance, and a road trip. It would be about the immigrant experience, about what people believed in when they came to America. And about what happened to the things that they believed. I wanted to write about America as a mythic place. And I decided that, although there were many things in the novel I knew already, there were more I could find by going on the road and seeing what I found. So I drove, until I found a place to write, and then, in one place after another, sometimes at home, sometimes not, for nearly two years, I put one word after another, until I had a book. The story of a man called Shadow and the job he is offered when he gets out of prison. It tells the story of a small Midwestern town and the disappearances that occur there every winter. I discovered, as I wrote it, why roadside attractions are the most sacred places in America. I discovered many other strange by-ways and moments, scary and delightful and just plain weird. When it was almost done, when all that remained was to pull together all the diverse strands, I left the country again, holed up in a huge, cold, old house in Ireland, and typed all that was left to type, shivering, beside a peat fire. And then the book was done, and I stopped. Looking back on it, it wasn't really that I'd dared, rather that I had had no choice.
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vintagegeekculture · 6 months ago
I think Fabio is the single biggest figure of the 1990s in need of re-evaluation.
Tumblr media
The biggest misconception people have about the community surrounding romance novels in the 1990s, is that people were unironically into Fabio. Romance novel readers were always savvier and more ironic and smartassed and “in on the joke” than people realized or gave them credit for being. Romance readers thought of Fabio with the same affection that Generation X has for Gary Coleman, or how comic book fans have for Adam West: a strange mixture of ironic appreciation and sincere delight for his cheeseball ways and campy goofball antics.
Tumblr media
To be clear, Romance novel fans were “in on the joke” with Fabio in a way the greater culture didn’t realize, and they were, for the most part, pretending that Fabio, this Italian demigod who was 6’3” but who nonetheless acted and sounded like Tommy Wiseau, was the most handsome man in the world and the ultimate lover.
Tumblr media
Whenever Fabio made the news for things like ramming into a duck at full speed on the inaugural ride of a roller coaster surrounded by women dressed as Greek goddesses (yes, this happened), the Romance novel fanzines treated it with a near avuncular “hey guys, guess what our favorite goof uncle is up to, now.” Likewise, the response to the “Fabio-written” novels was very much like the response to those KFC-promotion novels where Colonel Sanders is a stud lover, more like a “ha ha, can you believe this is a thing?” 
Tumblr media
The Adam West comparison to Fabio is especially good because it shows how appreciation can sometimes be this weird mixture of sincere and ironic. Adam West’s antics made me groan sometimes, but I’m sorry to say I never met him, and if I did, I would shake his hand. I laugh at Adam West, but I like him. Other people in this weird zone would probably include Shatner and David Hasselhoff. Adam West is my hero, and someone I chuckle at affectionately simultaneously (the Batman the Animated Series episode guest starring the Grey Ghost played by Adam West, where Batman said “I used to watch you with my father, you were my hero. And you still are” brings me to manly tears).
The comparison between Adam West and Fabio gets stronger when you consider that a lot of romance novel fans who were deeply insecure about their hobby (all the girls in black who read romance novels, in other words), hated Fabio with disproportionate and unearned intensity and were embarrassed he was the symbol of this entire genre, the same way the more insecure and pseudo-intellectual comic fans get mad at the 1960s Batman show.
Another person I would compare Fabio to would be Brendan Fraser, who is a big goof but who ladies are unironically thirsty for because he’s gorgeous and brawny, and the fact he’s a beautiful cornball is actually a part of the appeal. Again, the taste for Fabio was a mix of ironic and sincere, to the point you no longer know which end is up. Yeah, I said that romance novel readers were in on the joke and people didn’t “really” think he was a God of Love or the World’s Greatest Lover, but nonetheless, there was lots of thirst for Fabio, because a lot of girls, fully aware of his cheesiness, thought his muscles and long hair were cool, and being his girl would actually be neat and probably a lot of fun…though you’d have to hold back a laugh when he’s on the bed with a rose between his teeth, that bizarre version of human sexuality.
Tumblr media
The story of Fabio is actually kind of interesting. Fabio did the Steve Holland or Lynde route and modeled for covers, and not all of them were romance, incidentally. He was Tarzan a bunch of times, and Casca, the Eternal Warrior, too. Eventually, he posed for a few hundred before Romance Times, in 1990, did an inquiry on who the heck this ubiquitous cover model was. The person who discovered her was superfan Kathryn Falk, essentially the Bjo Trimble of romance novels, and who founded the first Romance Novel conventions in 1982.
Tumblr media
(That reminds me, one of these days, I have to write about Romance Novel conventions because it is far far more insane than it looks.)
Tumblr media
Fabio, by all accounts, was not the symbol for love and romance the world over, cooing love poetry in his Wiseau accent. He had that role thrust upon him when the Romance Times analysis put him in the limelight, and like a good pro wrestler, now lives his gimmick entirely in kayfabe, but at the time he became known, his publicist had to keep secret he was dating Shoshanna Lonstein, who was…shall we say…well, well under 18. If her name sounds familiar, it’s because she dated the 50 year old Jerry Seinfeld at 19. His publicist threatened to blackmail Fabio with this in the early days of his career if he didn’t play ball. Whether the stories about Fabio by his manager are true or not (or if the Lonstein story is true - there was an insane story in his manager’s book about Fabio trying to defraud the Cuban government that is so weird, I doubt its credibility), nearly everyone agrees that pre-discovery, Fabio was kind of a fuckboy. 
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bookishdiplodocus · 5 months ago
How to convey information through dialogue without shoehorning it in
So you have information you want to plant into your story, and you would like to do that through dialogue. Naturally, you'd want to make the dialogue look natural, so that it doesn't scream -> This Piece Of Information <- Will Be Relevant To The Plot Later!!! I never saw any writing advice about this subject, so I thought I’d write up a post about it.
Say, for example, you want to plant the information that Barney is afraid of fridges. Fridges? Jup. That's weird. Jup. Which makes it all the more difficult to bring up in a scene. And what makes it even more difficult, you decided you want this dialogue to take place before the Thing With The Fridge Happens later on, so you're in a pickle. How do you bring up a fear of fridges, when there are no fridges around?
First, I'm going to show you how shoehorning the information in a dialogue would look like.
Don't do this:
Annie and Barney are in a scene that has nothing to do with fridges.
Annie: "By the way," she asked casually, "have I ever asked you what your worst fear is? Since we’re on this quest together, we should know these things about each other."
Barney: "Fridges. They scare the bejeebers out of me."
Annie: "Fridges?" She laughed incredulously. "How come?"
Barney: "Well, one time my brother locked me into a fridge, and I've been afraid ever since."
Annie: “That makes sense, Barney. I’m sorry you had to go through that.”
Try to avoid using things like “by the way” or “suddenly” in this part of the dialogue, because that’s a shoehorn red flag.
Instead, you want the conversation to flow from something inconspicuous to the information you want to plant and then into at least one other topic.
Do this:
Annie and Barney are in a scene that has nothing to do with fridges, for example they are thrown into a snake pit during their quest.
Barney deals with venomous snakes without a second thought.
Annie, in the corner, trying to get a hold of herself: "I can't believe you're not afraid of those snakes."
Barney: "You just got to know how to handle them."
Annie, in awe: "You're fearless."
Barney, laughs: "Trust me, I'm not. You should see me around fridges."
Annie: "Fridges...?"
Barney: "My brother locked me into one when we were little. I almost suffocated. Never trusted them ever since. Nor my brother, obviously."
The conversation continues about his relationship with his brother, making it seem like that's the important bit. You sneaked the information about Barney's fear for fridges into the dialogue about snakes and his brother.
Let’s break that down, shall we?
This conversation has three topics: snakes, fridges, and Barney’s brother. The snakes and Barney’s brother don’t really matter. They could just as well be completely different topics. (I'll show you later.) Their only function is to ease into the conversation about Barney’s fridge fear and ease out of it without drawing the reader’s attention to its importance.
Topic 1: Something present in this scene that has a thing in common with topic 2
Discussing the snakes feels organic and natural, because they are kind of hard to ignore in this scene. Make the first topic something related to what the characters see, feel, experience in that particular scene… Write a piece of dialogue about topic one.
Topic 2: The information you want to plant
Then transition into the topic switch. How? The topic of fridges and the topic of snakes have one thing in common: fear. Specifically, Annie is afraid of snakes and Barney isn’t, but he is afraid of fridges. Bringing this interesting bit into the conversation changes the topic again, because how can you not go into a sentence like this?
Topic 3: Anything related to topic 2 you can latch onto
The topic is changed yet again after the information you planned to plant. Just let this part of the dialogue run its course. It doesn’t matter much what you do with it, as long as you don’t stop the dialogue right after the moment you delivered the line you needed to deliver. The trick is to make the conversation flow to and from your chosen topic.
Let’s look at another example, something more realistic. You still want to convey the fact that Barney is afraid of fridges, but this time, Annie and Barney are not on a quest, they are in a romance novel.
Barney and Annie are looking out over the ocean. She brought a bottle of wine, a light breeze cools their skin, in the distance, a cargo boat slowly glides along the horizon. It seems like a perfect moment.
Barney raises his glass and compliments Annie: “You pick great wine.” (topic 1)
Annie: “Thanks. I did a wine course last year in my local community center, a series in which we learned all about the different kinds of wine and what to pair it with.”
Barney: “Sounds like fun. You should teach me sometime. Did you get to taste everything?”
Annie: “Yeah, of course. That was the main reason I joined. What about you? Which wine do you prefer?”
Barney: “Oh, I’m not a connaisseur. I like anything but white wines.” (change of topic)
Annie: “Why not?”
Barney, embarrassed: “Red wines are usually kept at room temperature, and white wines go in the fridge.”
Annie, after a second: “I can’t see the problem there.”
Barney, embarrassed: “Ah. Well. I don’t like fridges. Like, not at all. My brother once locked me into one, and – well, let’s say it was a hugely traumatic experience.” (boom, there it is: topic 2)
Annie, confused: “But – How do you keep your food fresh?” (change of topic) (doesn't necessarily have to happen so soon after The Line)
Barney, still embarrassed: “I go to the supermarket every other day.” (topic 3)
The conversation continues about going to the supermarket every other day and foods that Barney can't eat because they spoil too fast outside of the fridge. Annie is surprised to hear how many things can be kept at room temperature for a day or two. (topic 3,5)
That's it, folks :)
I hope this was helpful. Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions, and happy writing! This post was inspired by a question from @therska.
Follow me for more writing advice, or check out my other writing tips here. New topics to write advice about are also always appreciated.
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hoodiewithhorns · 5 months ago
━ using your safe word scenarios ★
characters : hajime iwaizumi, tetsuro kuroo, keiji akaashi.
there will be a part 2 & 3 coming soon!
edit : p.2 is out <3
m.sterlist + requests box
▲ cw : not proof read, angst, use of safeword, “red” used as the safeword, clit spanking, mean!doms, hurt/comfort, established relationship, forced orgasm, jealousy, oral m! receiving, facefucking, foreplay f! receiving, degradation, slight punishment if you squint, aftercare/reassurance , all characters are 18+, MDNI ▼
Tumblr media
- you weren’t necessarily in a good mood to be fucked roughly by him
- you just wanted some soft passionate sex with kuroo
- You assumed he’d figure out what you wanted due to him knowing you better than yourself.
- But you were wrong..very wrong.
-Not wanting to disappoint your boyfriend you played along.
- biggest mistake.
〜 ☆
you bobbed your head on his cock while he groaned at the slow pace. you were taking your time today since you weren’t in the best mood to be shoving him down your throat. you thought he take this as a sign of you wanting things slow soft and sweet, instead he took this as a sign of you being bratty, a brat who deserves punishment in his eyes.
“you little brat.” he forcefully shoved his cock down your throat. You gagged in response feeling your eyes become glossy, tears promising to spill at any given minute, looking up at him with pleading eyes hoping he’d show some form of mercy. but of course, he didn’t. tightening the grip on your hair he moved you back and forth on his cock causing you to gag and your breathing becoming heavy.
you heart ached in your chest as you tried to push him off, but to no avail. a dark chuckle leaving his throat as he watched you struggle, a sight he would commonly enjoy. “such a bad girl today huh? maybe i should go find another goodgirl. one that’ll actually listen.” you tried to shake your head as fat tears streamed down your face, the thought of him replacing you being one your biggest fears. did he mean that? just cause you weren’t in a good mood he was gonna replace you? you thought to yourself noticing the grip he had on you loosened a little. you could move away now and so you did. pulling away from his cock trying to catch your breath only causing him to get angrier. “why are you being so bad today? why cant you be a goodgirl and-“
“Red!” you choked out a sob as more tears fell from your face staining the bed sheets beneath you. sitting up, your palms resting on your thighs as you sobbed. the room went silent with the only sound present being your soft cries alongside with your occasional sniffles. confused he lifted your chin up, you pathetically looked up at him like a helpless little puppy. he finally understood what was wrong, mumbling a few curses as he got closer to you, sitting you on his lap as you cried into his chest.
“easy now baby. i’m so sorry...” he whispered thanking whatever was above that he hadn’t lost you, feeling horrible for not picking up the obvious signs you weren’t in the mood for any of this.
“d-do you really wanna l-leave me?” your voice was hoarse from one getting your throat fucked and two crying. hugging you tighter and feeling nothing but regret. each cry you let out tugged at his heartstrings. he never wanted this how could he have been so blind? you were his little baby he wanted to protect every chance he got. now you were here. sobbing into his chest all because he didn’t realize you weren’t in the right mood today. 
“never prettygirl. i’d be devastated without you in my life... I didn’t mean that I promise.” he pulled you away from his chest to face you. kissing the few tears you had left on you. even with tears pampered all over your face, to him you still managed to be pretty. even if it hurt him since he was the reason for all this, you could tell he was on the brink of tears too. he couldn’t imagine a life without you without his precious girlfriend in his life he’d be a train wreck.
“i-i...i just wanted us to go nice and gentle tonight..i didn’t have a good day today..but i didn’t want you to be mad since you like it when its rough so..”
he let out a chuckle at your last sentence causing you to look at him in confusion. “yeah being rough is nice and all but its only nice when you’re in the right mindset for it. you should’ve told me you weren’t feeling it tonight baby. If you wanna get fucked nice and gently by me you should’ve just said so my love.” he says planting a kiss on your forehead.
you smiled, reverting back to your previously cheery self making kuroo more than happy. he rested his head on top your shoulder “if you want, we can try again baby. this time i’ll give it to you nice and’d like that wouldn’t you my pretty baby?” he whispers into your ear planting kisses down your neck as you let out a whimper feeling him smirk against your neck.
“mm-mhm please tetsu...”
he wastes no time wrapping his arms around your waist as your cunt feels him hardening again. “whatever my baby wants who am i to deny?”
- the thought of using your safeword never occurred to you when you were with akaashi
- in fact he suggested it just in case things took a turn you didn’t like
- tonight was different though you were his innocent girlfriend who just wanted to treat him the way he treats you so lovingly
- wearing nothing but his shirt accompanied by a cute pair of panties feeling confident about your plan to please your boyfriend.
- though it doesn’t go according to plan,
you saw him sitting on the bed reading a novel still in his formal clothing. You were feeling particularly needy tonight learning a few new things you read from the internet a week ago on how to please your boyfriend sexually. you did however feel a bundle of nerves fill you up, but you just assumed it was because this was something you’ve never done before to anyone.
akaashi was not only your first, but he was your first boyfriend your first everything when it came to romance. now, putting all your insecurities aside, you were going to try out what you learned tonight on your beloved boyfriend!
 walking towards him, you crawled on top of his lap, arms wrapped around his neck to pull him in for a sweet kiss. he smirked setting his book down on the nightstand while taking his glasses off as well.
“Can I help you pretty girl?” he questioned placing his hands on your hips. “oh nothing...i just want you that okay?” you asked, your innocent voice making akaashi smile. you were just so cute and pure in his eyes. you jump in excitement ready to initiate your plan to please your boyfriend. you started kissing him slowly yet passionately, grinding your wet cunt against his slowly hardening cock through his pants.
he opened his eyes to clearly understand what you were doing. to his shock what he assumed was correct. His innocent girlfriend who had no knowledge on how to please her boyfriend grinding up against him. maybe you were just being extra needy? he told himself. not longer after he snapped back to reality as he felt you pull away from him only to kiss down his jaw leaving a trail of soft kisses.
His cheeks becoming red as your soft lips traced down to unbutton his shirt. “so handsome..” You said kissing his chest as you went down to his abdomen. he would be lying if he said he wasn’t enjoying this, but.... Your not gonna do what he thinks you are right?? his own girlfriend who was too shy who cried at the first attempt to sucking him off?? no he must be getting ahead of himself.
looking down once more to check up on you, he finds you unbuckling his pants letting his cock spring free. his mouth agape seeing your head already lick his precum nice and clean, pumping him a few times to get all his precum out. he shudders as your wet tongue touches his cock, giving him kitten licks here and there. taking a deep breath, shoving him down your throat all in one go, a small gag escaping from you, squeezing your eyes tightly trying your best not to cry.
humming, you bobbing back and forth making him grunt at the waves of pleasure you were giving him. Still, he felt uneasy. who taught you this?? he was always the one guiding you, teaching you how to do things yet here you were sucking him down your pretty little throat. head thrown back his groans mixed with his thoughts, he kept overthinking the reasons as to how you picked up on this.
did Bokuto teach you?? you two always got along so well..sometimes leaving akaashi to third wheel, but why was he thinking about that now??
 “shit..” he grunted as he felt his high approaching. He tried to pull your head back so he wouldn’t end up cumming in your mouth, but you stayed on his cock till he came.
smiling at him, you licked your lips, swallowing his cum. leaving him surprised at everything you’ve just done. you’ve never did any of this nor tried to. It hurt the first time you tried to give him head now here you are taking him down your throat? He couldn’t believe it.
he wanted to get to the bottomed of this quickly.
“dirty girl.” he spits out flipping you to the other side of the bed, pushing your head down to the pillow putting your ass up with your cunt in full display for him. you winced at the sudden aggressive force.
“who taught you all those things you little slut?”hooking his finger onto your soaked panties to push them aside, he shoved two fingers deep inside of your dripping hole making you whimper at the painful stretch, not giving you enough time to adjust as he pumped into you.
“k-keiji w-wait!!” you whined screwing your eyes shut to fight back your tears, while he started pumping his fingers at an inhuman pace, he hovered over you, your back to his chest while his head rested on your shoulder.
“i asked you a question, so I expect an answer.” his voice was cold and stern without a sound of love or worry. the stretch of his fingers were painful especially with how he was practically scissoring you open. your eyes rolled at to the back of your head feeling your climax approaching, but it hurt so much you weren’t used to such a rough pace.
akaashi always took his time with you. Going slow and easy, praising you, calling you his angel or goodgirl for taking him in so well. but now he was none of these things.this felt like a completely different person to what you were use to.
“mm’ n-no one! keiji- p-please s-slow down it hurts!!” you sobbed only making him click his tongue at you, your heart sank feeling foggy and uneasy.“you probably like that it hurts huh? you’re dripping around my fingers you filthy slut.” he never used a tone as harsh as this before. never calling you names or degrading you in general. the pain in your chest overlapping the pleasure as more tears fall.
“n-no not a s-slut!! p-please stop! it hurts please keiji please-“ you begged feeling your stomach tighten as he kept fingering you till you screamed, squirting all over the bed sheets. “dirty slut.” He pulled out abruptly from you causing you to choke out another sob. your body trembling at this point as you pant out in desperation to form words scared of what he might do next. “N-no more please I’ll be good i p-promise just please..” you begged him once again, hoping he’d notice the pain you were in...he didn’t.
“no. sluts like you don’t get to make decisions like that.” He was about to pull your shirt off until you screamed and kicked  “red! red! r-red!!” he moved away only to watch you curl in on yourself, hugging your knees for comfort, refusing to look him in the eyes. “baby..?” he said softly trying to move you to face him to his horror you flinched shrinking in on yourself.
“keiji... why were you s-so...mean to me i only wanted to make you feel always make me feel good so why did you..” immediately, he scooped you into his arms rocking you back and forth as if you were a toddler. you cuddled up against his chest as he felt your tears fall on his chest.he didn’t mind of course. “shh its okay..its okay..” the voice he commonly spoke to you coming back, soft, reassuring, just how you liked it.
“ sorry i.. I didn’t mean to be so mean..i just got scared you were maybe..well someone might’ve been teaching you these things..” you froze pulling away to look at him.
“w-what? I didn’t learn that from never let anyone teach me or touch me but you keiji! i some stuff about it online...and I wanted to test it out..” you admitted through sniffles still rubbing your tears away. He sighed as he hugged you again running his fingers through your hair. 
all you wanted was to please your boyfriend from just that, his heart skipped a beat at how sweet you were being, but the feeling was overshadowed by  feeling so stupid for letting his insecurities take the best of him.
“I’m sorry baby.. I promise to never speak to you like that ever’re my sweet girl and I love you so so much.. you were just trying to do something nice for me..thank you i appreciate it my felt really nice you did good.” He cupped your face in his hands, peppering soft kisses around your face.
he smiled as you giggled at the ticklish feeling, sighing in relief.
“ i love you, my sweetgirl. ”
- he got home pissed off since he saw you chatting and giggling with mattsun. 
- he needed to blow off some steam
- he didn’t mean to be so mean he really didn’t
-he was usually a soft dom but today..he was everything but soft to you.
“ filthy fucking whore. what were you doing talking to mattsun huh?” his thrusts were sharp, painful, not being prepped well enough by him making the stretch of his cock burn through your gummy walls. feeling the air in your lungs start to leave you slowly as tears streamed down your face at iwaizumis cold , heartless, tone. there was not a single trace of him, not a sign of his love. you weren't trying to make him jealous, you just spend sometime to get to know mattsun just a little more since he was friends with your boyfriend never expecting him to react like this. 
snapping back to your current situation, you arched your back letting out a loud cry as he slapped your puffy clit. “didn’t i ask you a fucking question? or did your dumb slutty brain already get fucked out of you huh?” he wrapped his hands around your throat thrusting harder and deeper in you. 
his tip painfully hitting your cervix with each thrust making you cry at the pain. you tried pushing him off with the little strength you had in you, sobbing out an apology making him roll his eyes. 
“tch, what? you think a little apology is gonna change the fact you were all “buddy buddy” with mattsun? did you forget who fucking owns you little slut?” landing another harsh slap at your clit causing you cry in discomfort. everything around you made you feel light as if you were gonna pass out from the cruel words iwaizumi spoke to you. feeling helpless as there was no sign of your once loving boyfriend. 
“maybe i should’ve invited him over, let him have a turn at ruining your slutty little cunt.”
Finally, having enough you cried out “r-red..” it was soft, gentle, easily could’ve been unheard if it wasn’t for how closely iwaizumi payed attention to you. he halted his thrusts pulling out of you completely, eyes draining of all lust and jealousy converting to concern mixed with regret. he rushed to put back his boxers on, cuddling you against his chest. 
you didn’t push him away, no you could never. he was the man you loved and treasured more than anything. you were hurt obviously, but still wanted to seek his comfort.
“i-i dont like m-mattsun haji..i only like you..only you..” your voice sounding broken. he let out a deep sigh pulling you closer to kiss your head. 
“i know baby i know... i was just get along so well with mattsun i..went too far on you..i’m sorry you didn’t deserve that baby” his voice sounding faint but full of comfort.
“i just wanted to get t-to know him...i didn’t mean to make you mad haji..”
“i know baby shhh its okay now..i’m not mad anymore.”he cooed kissing you softly. you nodded letting your last set of tears fall onto his chest. 
slowly shutting your eyes and falling asleep in the warmth of his chest.
him on the other hand was completely mortified at your sobbing accompanied with your sniffles it echoed through his ears replaying like a broken record each time the memory got to you saying your safeword. 
he never thought he’d reach that point for you to have to tell him that. he let out a few tears that night hating himself for hurting you. you forgave that very second he apologized but him on the other hand? he didn' he couldn’t.
let’s just say, he didn't get much sleep that weekend. 
akaashis is long asf (im sorry i just love him sm) and iwaiuzmis is short but i love these boys sm.  
i still am taking requests all links are above and down here. remember to drink water. oh and heres the m.sterlist  in case you missed it <3♡
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fuckandfluff · 4 months ago
Lose Control
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: Stepdad!Andy Barber x Reader
Summary: Your mom and stepdad let you tag along on their honeymoon but Andy has something else planned for you two
Warnings: 18+, minors DNI. Reader is of age. Swearing, drinking, daddy kink, unprotected vaginal sex, age gap, a little bit of male oral. Taboo topic of stepdad/stepdaughter
A/N: Part 2!!!! @thefanbasewhore - youre my hero for editing this one 🥺💕 I've had issues with my tag list so I've tried a new method - hopefully it works now. If the tag worked for you, pleaseee let me know.
Part 1 is right here 💕
I listened to this song while writing it and it inspired the title so check it out if you wanna get in the right shmooood 🥵💕
You shook off the terribly cringe plane ride, determined to make the best of your ten days in the balmy, blistering sun and sand. Andy had secured a suite that occupied the resort’s entire top floor - panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean were the selling feature but the room itself was so luxurious, too. Each and every morning you’d hustle down to secure a lounger right next to the pool, eager to read whatever trashy romance novel you could get your hands on.
Andy would swim a militant 40 laps every morning and you made sure to have a front-row seat poolside for that display of athleticism. Of course the view was beautiful as well, Andy was strong, swells of muscles, stacked and burly. There was nothing wrong with looking, you had decided. It was innocent fun, he was hot. Besides, he was off limits as your stepdad - it didn't hurt to look.
You only donned the skimpiest of bikinis - stringed tops and cheeky bottoms made for quite a show for all the men at the pool. There was one altercation where Andy had nearly knocked out a fellow vacationer on the pool deck for complimenting your choice of swimwear. That afternoon, Andy made you wear a sundress the rest of the day. Who did he think he was? Surely not your father.
Tanned body sprawled out like a kitten lapping up the sun - Andy would steal glances, pulling his Ray Bans down to the bridge of his nose while looking you up and down. Your eyes would lock - it was impossible to look away as water droplets ran down his body, snaking down the curves of his chest and hard lines of his stomach. You were shocked by how brazen he was, especially with your mom right there. But she was usually so enveloped in her Cosmo magazines or trying to speak broken Spanish to the bartenders that she was clueless.
Not a word was spoken about the plane ride and you prayed that it would remain that way. At first, you thought maybe the whole thing was just a fever dream; a figment of your twisted imagination and nothing more. You did have five healthy swills of vodka, after all.
But as the week went on, you knew it wasn’t a dream. It was a very, very real reality..
When you waded in the water, waiting to order a drink at the swim-up bar, he would plant his hand on the small of your back.
When you queued up for the dinner buffet, he would always make sure he was right behind you, the framework of his impossibly large cock cushioned against your ass.
There were glances that lasted just a little too long, the innuendo-laced conversations he would instigate, the inappropriate little touches as you both reached for the same bottle of sunscreen.
A waiter had even mistaken Andy as your husband at one point. It made sense though, you were closer to his age than your mother.
You tried to keep to yourself during the trip as much as possible, save for the hour each night where the three of you would rendezvous at the resort’s bistro for “special family time” as your mom liked to so lovingly put it.  Fucking gross.
On the third night of the trip, you had fallen asleep poolside and missed the last seating at the bistro. Luckily, the sprawling suite did have a full kitchen and a beautiful patio set on the private balcony so Andy offered to whip something up.
Mom was scarce that night as Andy had treated her to an entire day at the spa; a belated wedding gift. God, why couldn’t you have a man like him? Oh that’s right, because you were in college and every male was either a horny frat boy or a washed-up stoner.
Andy insisted that you eat together, despite your protests to take it to your room. Something about needing to connect - to get to know each other. His psychobabble was starting to grate on your nerves. He didn’t need to get to know you - he wasn’t your dad - and as far as you were concerned, he was nothing more than the man laying pipe into your mom.
The clinking of silverware against the plates and the crash of the waves were the only auditory relief that masked complete and total awkward silence as the two of you ate out on the balcony.
“Uh.. shouldn’t mom be back now?” you chimed, glancing at the clock in the corner of the room as it ticked teasingly. Andy took a swig of his Corona, chuckling to himself.
“She’ll be back when she’s back, relaaaax, sweetheart.”
Enough was enough. You needed answers and you were feeling brazen. One stiff strawberry daiquiri tended to provide that last little push of liquid courage you needed to confront Andy.
“So, were you planning to talk about that plane ride or…?”
“What’s there to talk about?” he spoke evenly, tapping the prong of his fork on the china plate.
Sorry, did he have selective memory? Or did you totally misconstrue the situation?
“What the fuck do you mean, Andy? You told me you remembered me from last summer, the plane ride was so tense, and this whole trip you’ve eyed me up, pawed at me, harassed me. So what gives?” You could feel your stomach kneading nervous knots - there was no going back now.
He calmly dabbed the linen napkin to the corner of his mouth. His elbows were now on the table and his palms were clasped together tightly - the veins popping ever so slightly. Eyes darkening with a smug, overconfident glare.
“What do you want me to say? Yeah, I remembered you from the internship. I had to keep it professional, what would my colleagues.. or the voters think?” he pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration. And there it was, his admission of how important appearances were.
“And since when was it a problem for a stepfather to look at his new stepdaughter? Try to get to know her? If you think I’ve harassed you.. I’m really sorry you feel that way, honey.”
Staring at your lap deflatingly, avoiding his gaze, embarrassed that you even brought it up. You knew your cheeks were flushed pink and got up to excuse yourself.
“God, you’re so shy, so sweet. You let the boys at college play with you?” he asked, the timber in his voice low and stoic.
Halfway to the kitchen, you snapped around to look at him, mouth dropping ajar, “Pardon me?”
“I asked you a question, honey, answer it,” his voice ringing with impatience as he glared at you with his feral blue eyes.
“Y-yeah, sometimes..I guess,” you stammered, the ache that had settled between your legs was diffusing and you could feel your panties dampen. The only thing you could hear was your blood thumping in your chest and the waves surging against the shore. The authority he held over you was pathetic; one sentence and you're putty in his hands.
“Bet you haven’t been with a man before.”
Andy scooted out of his seat and walked up behind you, planting his hands on your shoulder blades and whispering down into your ear: “Do you want your daddy to fuck you?” He swept his left thumb across your top lip, tracing your pronounced cupid’s bow.
A physical answer preceded a verbal one as you looked up with widened Bambi eyes and nodded. He guided your hand to his length and you knew it was going to wreck you. Your cheeks flushed hot again, thinking of all the ways he could fill you up.
You weren’t sure at what point you were done for.
It might have been when Andy tucked wisps of your  hair behind your ear and planted a kiss on the column of your neck.
Or it could have been when he used his massive hand as a necklace around your throat.
But you were almost certain it was his filthy talk that sealed your fate.
Twisting and toying with his platinum wedding band, he blurted out: “When I’m fucking your mother, I think about fucking you.”
You couldn’t believe what he was saying - this was sick and unsettling. It should have been repulsive yet your body betrayed you as you squeezed your thighs together, writhing in aroused discomfort.
With a few fumbles of his zipper,  you took him out. He was thick, perfect, the crown of his cock pearly with pre-cum. “How do you want it?” he inquired, his hand wrapped around your freshly manicured hand, guiding each pump.
“C-can you fuck me over the table?”
Tongue harshly clicking the roof of his mouth, he lifted you up onto the brim of the marble table and rolled the curve-hugging fabric of your flimsy sundress up over your hips.
Andy spat into his hand and warmed you up with two of his monstrous fingers, gently etching tiny patterns onto your clit. He knew time was not a luxury for him tonight so he pushed your panties to the side, desperate to get inside your tight little hole. With a scoot of your hips, you backed up onto him. Perching yourself onto his cock, you were almost certain it was going to rip you in half.
You became a mess of moans, trying to adjust to the massive intrusion jammed inside your velvety walls. Andy consoled you, “Shh it’s okay, I’m going to make you feel so good.”
A combination of winces and whines as you tried to take it all in - eyes shut firmly in an attempt to saddle the pain and take it like the good girl he wanted you to be. “That’s it, you’re almost there. Sweet girl, taking all a’ daddy’s cock.” The encouraging words allowed you to push past the pangs of pain and ease down into the stinging stretch.
With a breath hitched in his throat he showered you with praise, “you are so tiny, so tight.”
The tropical breeze cooled your sticky skin as you both worked up into a frenzied pace, easing into his massive length and basking in the fluid, languid motions that bottomed you out. Slow, deliberate grinds as he thrusts inside you, hands flanking either side of your derriere,  snapping into you like a fucking Lego brick.
“I need you on your knees now, princess. Daddy is gonna cum in that little mouth, okay?” he chokes out in a throaty moan.
Quickly obeying, you dropped to your knees and unhinged your jaw, tongue depressed, eager to take his cock.
Placing his hand behind your head, Andy gently guides you to where he wants you. His swollen dick stretched out your mouth perfectly, the tip hitting the back of your throat. You hummed around him as you felt the pulse and pull. He released like warm butter sliding down hot toast.
He tucked himself back into his khaki dress shorts, “good girl,” he praised, planting a sweet kiss on the crown of your head. His balls were drained and he had his brand new stepdaughter to thank.
You wiped the dribble and cum off your bottom lip, totally stunned at what just happened.
Before you even had a chance to debrief about the situation, you heard the automatic key card tap at the door, the latch swinging open.  It was your mom. Shit. You jolted up, adjusting your dress and taking a deep breath in: “Hi! Hey mom!”
Looking entirely blissed out after her spa evening, she smiled brightly, “What did you two get up to while I was gone? Sorry I was out all day! The concierge says you booked me in for a massage every night this week? You’re so sweet.”
Andy leered at you whilst replying to your mom: “Oh babe, you deserve some alone time. Y/N and I  managed to finally connect. We’ll spend the rest of the week really getting to know each other while you enjoy yourself.”
Part 3 is here 💓💕
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astaroth1357 · 11 months ago
Brothers React to the MC Looking at Them Lovingly
This is a personal experiment. This is the very first time I've written one of these with a goal in mind, "Make them fall in love all over again." It's a tall order. I hope I succeeded. 🙏 Special thanks to @a-chaotic-dumbass for picking the mood for this one!
We all know that look. The one where one person stares at another like they just realized they're the only thing in the universe and they're in fucking awe of it. The kind of look that tells you they're utterly enthralled by that other person and just can't get enough of their presence. That look. Yeah, the brothers just got that look out of the MC.
Let's warm some cold hearts, everybody.
Lucifer was always beautiful. Always has been, as an angel or a demon.
A morning star is one that outshines all the rest. It stands out when the other stars have dimmed, holding onto its luster in defiance of the sun. 
There couldn't be a truer title for Lucifer to have. Not the horrors of war nor the fires of Hell could tarnish his radiance in any way…
But there were moments, like right then, where the MC caught a glimpse of a different sort of Lucifer.
His brothers would often only see the uptight Lucifer, the practiced visage of perfection that he tried so hard to keep up… 
But after a long day, when he thinks he's alone, he retires to his room to listen to his music and the difference is astonishing.
There's something so entrancingly calm about him… How the light of the fireplace flickers and dances across his alabaster skin to the subtle slouch of his posture. His face no longer marred by creases of stress and frustration… 
And his expression is so pure… So tranquil and at peace… Beauty without effort. A shine that can't be ignored. A morning star, in the truest sense of the word…
It took awhile for Lucifer to see the MC leaning against his doorframe.
They were staring at him with the oddest look… Smiling like they were enraptured by something, but he didn't have a clue why. He was just sitting there…
So, naturally, he turned to suspicion.
"Am I really that amusing…?"
Frankly, he wasn’t prepared for the little laugh they let out in response.
"Mm? No, no... I'm just always so amazed by you, is all. I'll leave you to your music..."
Having thoroughly ruined the mood, the MC then turned to leave. But Lucifer was already upon them before they could step away, wrapping his arms around their waist and letting contented hum escape his chest.
"Going so soon…?"
Apparently he appreciated the compliment.
He didn't have to do it.
When Belphie bumped into one of the House's vases, shattering it against the tile, he didn’t have to take the fall for it.
It wasn’t connected to him at all. He could have stayed quiet and no one would have pointed a finger at him for once.
But he did.
When Mammon set his phone down on the table, MC knew instantly that he had lied in the chat.
He was with them the entire day, he didn't have the time to accidentally break a vase. He hadn't even gone down that hallway all day...
But he said something anyway.
And he didn't even look fazed. He didn't turn towards them seeking approval nor did he look irritated that Belphie didn't speak up. He didn't curse at himself for doing something so self-sacrificing either...
When Mammon leaned back into the cushion of his couch, the MC saw something truly remarkable on his face… A smile. A small one, sure, but relaxed… 
Assured in his own actions. Confident in his choice and accepting the consequences… undeserved, and likely thankless, they may be.
A genuine, serene smile…
Mammon wasn't sure what he expected to see when he turned to the MC. Probably confusion or disbelief that he, the Great Mammon, could be so selfless.
Definitely not the awed, lovestruck look he got...
"G-gah!" He panicked slightly and pressed himself back against the armrest of the couch in shock. "Wh-... What'cha lookin at me like that for??"
When the MC didn't answer after a few seconds and just kept staring, he honestly didn't know what to do. Were they broken or something??
"Oi, MC! I asked ya wh-Hey wait a minute!!"
He made a noise between a yelp and a shout when the MC leapt forward and latched their arms onto him. What had gotten into them??
"U-uh… MC? MC?? Damnit MC, answer me already!! Or at least stop squeezin so tight!!... MC!!!"
To anyone else, it was just Levi being Levi.
He had finished a new episode of his latest animated obsession and he had to share it with someone. Anyone would do, but the MC was always willing to lend an ear.
Something about Levi really changes when he talks about his passions… It's like he comes alive in a whole new way.
He speaks at a mile-a-minute, but that's because he's so excited the words fly from his mouth. 
Some part of him is always bouncing, be it his leg or body. Sometimes even his tail will swish and curl behind him like an ecstatic puppy. And his eyes… 
Citrine pools that glimmer and dilate from the exhilaration of it all. It's his little world and anyone can see he's thrilled to be sharing it. 
You'd never know he was shy. You'd never think he'd look down himself. You'd never guess that he hid himself away… Why would someone so full of passion and life ever want to? Some things are just too beautiful to keep hidden...
Levi had only gotten six minutes into his latest rant before he finally registered how the MC was staring at him…
This man has seen enough shoujo to know what that look means and it shut him up sooo quick. If anyone else were in the room they would have seen a beet-red Levi desperately trying to hide his face.
"M-MC…! S-top staring at me like that…!!"
"Like what~?" 
He didn't have to look at them to hear the teasing lilt in their voice.
"MC…" He peeked out from behind his fingers to see them still staring and covered himself up more vigorously. "Stoooop…!!!"
But secretly? He wished they'd never stop. His cheeks may have been red from embarrassment, but his heart was trying to hammer its way out of his chest to hug them itself. Hell, he'd have happily given it over to them if they'd asked…
Please just let those loving eyes be for him and him alone...
Soft isn't exactly a word anybody would use to describe Satan, least of all himself.
His anger was quick to spark, his strength was nothing to scoff at, and even his smiles were nothing but plastic for nearly all of his existence…
The MC learned surprisingly quick that there was one thing that could bypass all of the hidden ferocity to Satan's personality. Something that could make him melt like butter in the summer sun…
Satan had always looked a little cute when he was reading. He was easily at his most expressive when engrossed in a thrilling story or deeply intrigued by something he found between the pages of a book…
But watching Satan read about cats, as he was right then, was really something else entirely.
Maybe it was the way his emerald eyes would sparkle or the lopsided grin he just couldn't hide as he would scan the pages about the playful habits of Bengals or the relaxed nature of Ragdolls…
Maybe it was the sheer impassioned dedication he took the subject, pouring countless hours into collecting and memorizing every fact he could from their diets to coat maintenance.
Or maybe it was the sheer fact that anytime he saw a picture of kitty in-print he looked like a besotted schoolgirl drawing hearts around her crush in a teen magazine.
Really, who's to say? But to the MC, it was proof that under all that anger, there was a tender, loving center even for the smallest, softest creatures…
Satan automatically snapped his book closed when he saw MC watching him from behind a bookshelves. Caught red-handed…
He knows exactly how he looks when he's doing his research internally squealing over cat pictures so he tries to do so in private...
He was about to sputter out a defensive explanation but then he registered their face…
He'd seen that look described in stories, romance novels mostly, but he'd rarely seen it in action… and never once leveled at him with such intensity…
Not to be cliche, but frankly his heart skipped a beat.
Satan forgot about his book briefly and got up to close the distance between them, tilting their chin up to keep their eyes on him.
"Like something that you see, Kitten?"
"You could say that…"
He laughed at their attempt to play coy, but let it slide just this once… Easy to do with them looking at him so amorously.
Asmo is a very popular demon. Someone so free ought to know quite a lot of people, after all.
And, of course, he had plenty of fans. He made DevilTube videos, hosted radio shows, fashion designed, and even modeled.
So it wasn't very surprising when a young demoness stopped him while he and the MC were out shopping. It wasn’t the first time he had been asked to sign autographs, but this meeting… it was different.
It was clear to them both that this girl was shy. Though she held out the paper, her eyes stayed firmly on the ground and she stumbled on her question… She likely a fan from afar, but everything about her seemed meek… unassuming.
Most people would have just gave the autograph then went on with their day. The interaction could have taken five seconds at most… but not Asmo.
He asked her name… where she was from, how she was feeling, her favorite foods, outfits, makeup, you name it. All with investment.
It was amazing to watch the shy young woman slowly open up, getting more bright and cheerful with each passing question until it evolved into a healthy conversation.
When their little meeting finally wrapped up, he gave her back the paper (now signed) but also fished out a bottle of perfume from among the mountains of bags he was carrying. He gave it to her and wouldn't hear anything to the contrary, he could always buy another.
None of his brothers ever gave Asmo enough credit for his giving nature… even if he had his own way of going about it. Though he cared so much about image and his ability to shine, he never hesitated to make sure that the people around him shined too...
Asmo waved to the fan as she scampered away and was about to  apologize to the MC when he saw their face…
The man knows this look well. He's seen it a billion times, though it was particularly cute coming from them.
"Awww MC! Taken by my beauty are you~?"
He was about ready to kiss their cheek when they responded.
"No, not your looks, Asmo… with you."
… Oh.
It was very rare to see Asmo speechless, but for a few seconds his mind seemed to take in their words… letting them fully sink in before his heart utterly melting.
Oh MC… His sweet MC!!
Asmo ended up dropping the rest of his bags just so he could properly litter his human in nuzzles and kisses, the both of them humming and giggling in delight despite their shameless PDA.
Of course it would be his MC to see that part in himself… Who else would take the time?
Food is a precious resource to Beel. For him, it's a lifeline. A good meal could save him from the brink of starvation…
But that still doesn't make him incapable of sharing from time to time.
He and the MC were walking back to the House after getting takeout from Hell's Kitchen. Beel hadn't even waited until they left the restaurant to start eating his share, spilling the smell of fresh food into the air around them…
Things were going fine on their route back until they heard whimpering behind them…
A hellhound puppy, not quite old enough to bear its fangs, seemingly followed them as they were walking… It looked like it had been out for some time and eyed their food with hungry eyes, but weak posture. Who knows when it last had a meal?
The MC was about to tug at Beel's sleeve and say something, but their demon was ahead of them this time.
A casual observer might have gawked at the sight of Gluttony kneeling down to offer such a lowly creature a sandwich. But the MC knew better. When you spend your whole life hungry, nobody more than you understands that kind of pain in someone else. 
This reaction wasn't out of character for Beel, it was elementary.
And when the puppy finished its meal and covered Beel's cheeks with appreciative licks, he just laughed and scratched behind its ears. Amethyst eyes looking more relieved at its health than disappointed he lost some of his lunch...
Food was Beel's lifeline, but kindness is what made him who he was…
When the pup finally scampered off, Beel looked over at the MC to tell them it'd be alright and saw their face…
He wasn't really sure what they were staring at… Did he have something between his teeth again?
"MC? Are you okay...?"
They laughed at him for some reason but pulled him in for a hug so they must have meant well.
"You're so sweet, Beel…"
Beel's never one to refuse a compliment so he just hugged them back, beaming.
"Thank you, MC…"
To say that Belphegor tended to be on the melancholic side would be an understatement… It wasn’t that he was incapable of expressing joy, it was just harder for him to do than most. Not helped, of course, by his tendency to keep his true feelings vague and hard to pinpoint.
But on those rare occasions where he was overjoyed… Belphie could really be something special…
The MC and Belphie were attending one of Beel's games and it was a tight one… Both teams had spent most of it tied and Beel's team was running out of time to overtake that slim margin.
Belphie had always been a supporter of his twin's athletics, but this time it was tense even for him. He kept on the edge of his seat and didn't even nod off during the breaks like he normally would… The MC could just tell how nervous he was for Beel…
But right as the time was about to run out, Beel made a last minute score and sure, the whole field erupted, but Belphie? Belphie hollered.
The normally sleepy and mellow demon was on his feet in an instant and practically shredding his vocal chords in excitement. If his tail had been out, it would have been beating against the bleachers like a war-drum. And his expression?
Belphie's smile is said to stop hearts for a reason. When he puts his all into a grin it's almost like he ascends to Heaven once more, as pure as an angel's choir and as warm as a summer's breeze… Nothing in his eyes but pride and adoration for his beloved twin brother.
Truly, a heartwarming sight to behold…
Belphie didn't calm down until the rest of the crowd settled and was about to point out Beel's skill to the MC when he noticed their face.
… oh no… Why do they look so sappy…?
"You really love your brother, don't you?"
Belphie quickly hid his thoughts behind an irritated frown and plopped back down in his seat… but that didn't shield them from seeing his pink cheeks.
"Of course I do. What kind of question is that?"
He debated just joining Beel on the field to hide his embarrassment when he heard them snicker back.
"Yeah, you're right… Don't mind me."
Oh he minded. He minded a lot that he let his carefully veiled image slip like that. But thinking back to that smile on their face…?
Maybe being a little open wasn't so bad after all...
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autisticgayngel · 5 months ago
Canonverse Castiel-centric/pining/loving Cas fics
some of these are Dean's POV and a lot are alternating POV, but all of them really delve into Cas's emotions and his love for Dean. All canonverse and all happy endings. Categorised by post-confession, pre-s15 curtain fic and other canon-era. Descending word count within each category. If anyone has any recs for things I should add lmk!
Post-Confession Fics
things happen (they do, they do, and they do) by sobsicles 28k rating E
Everyone has recced this, and for good reason, it's stunning. Cas gets back from the empty and Dean sort of lets him down gently and is very worried about breaking his heart. Despite this Cas is finally able to express to Dean how much he loves him and takes full advantage of this. He's earnest and sweet and so intense about it, but also incredibly hurt about the lack of reciprocation, though he tries to hide it. He does get the love he deserves in the end and it's so good!
closer (isn't close enough) by fleeceframe 18k rating E
Again, Dean's POV, but very much focused on how much Cas loves him. Has the gorgeous Cas line: “When you are hungry, you eat. When you are tired, you rest. When you are dirty, you bathe. But what are you supposed to do with love?”
My unintended by DeanaWinchester, Jeanne_de_Valois 10k rating E
Really good Cas POV, he’s obsessive and insecure but also deeply loving.
my heart a compass by lagaudiere 10k rating T
The empty torments Cas with visions of Dean and of the family he longs to have with Dean. Dean saves him.
I said show me something by ilovehowyouletmefall 7k rating E
Sparked by the debate about whether or not Dean thinks Cas can feel. Cas is hurt by Dean saying he thought he couldn't feel and vulcan mind melds to show him exactly how he feels about him. It's a really interesting exploration of both of their feelings and fears.
Gift by thisisapaige 2k rating G
Very sweet little fic of them trying to work things out once Cas returns from the empty.
Pre-s15 Curtain Fics
take the long way home by dothraki_shieldmaiden 95k rating E
Dean tries to retire with his family but finds himself alone as Sam and Jack take a road trip and Cas goes hunting in order to prove he's still useful as a human and to avoid thinking about his feelings for Dean. Really agonising and harrowing at the start as they both feel so rejected and miserable. Cas gets into situations where monsters use his feelings for Dean to attack him. Eventually, they're able to tentatively work out their feelings and settle down together and it's very sweet.
Morning Glory by edgarallanrose 26k rating E
Dean and Cas retire together. Cas becomes a beekeeper and Dean starts to use the honey he makes to bake goods, which they sell at the farmer's market. Cas is very much in love with Dean but it takes Dean a bit longer to work things out.
Other Canon-era
A Winter's Tale by NorthernSparrow 64k rating T
This one hurts a lot, so fair warning for that. Cas falls ill while human and homeless and is hospitalised. Dean finds the journal Cas kept as he struggled to survive in this time. Pre-Destiel but Cas does write a lot about his feelings for Dean. Sam and Dean shower Cas with love and kindess as he recovers. Also a destiel epilogue that is very sweet and fluffy.
In the Shadow of your Wings by Enochian Things (Salr323) 57k rating E
Cas confesses his love to Dean post s11 finale but the timing is terrible and Dean is very repressed about it all and breaks Cas's heart. Cas gets an Italian man of letters boyfriend in an attempt to get over it and Dean is insanely jealous (which Cas is oblivious to) but they all have to work together to try to save Sam from the BMOL. Dean eventually gets his shit together and treats Cas the way Cas has learnt to understand he deserves.
That Black Dog Ache by SaltyWords (agent4hire22) 28k rating E
This is very much Dean's POV but I'm putting it here anyway because it has a really intense love confession from Cas, which I'll include an excerpt of that drives me insane:
'“I listen to your music, and I close my eyes. I try to imagine I’m in the Impala, hunting with you. And, sometimes,” his throat jumped, “I lay on your bed. I think about what it would be like if I got to have a place on it beside you... If you ever let me get close enough.”'
Kelp!I Need Somebody by andimeantittosting (Saylee) 27k rating E
A really sweet fic in which Sam, Dean and Cas go to investigate a case on Jesse and Cesar's ranch. Switching POV with really good mutual pining as they tentatively begin to realise the other feels the same.
Being Dean Winchester by Anonymous 26k rating E
Set early s4, Cas has to possess Dean temporarily. While doing this, he has to work to hide his feelings from Dean. Cas is already obsessed with Dean and in love with him but is embarrassed by it and struggles to keep Dean from seeing all of this, especially when Dean wants to have sex with someone while Cas is possessing him.
Après by imogenbynight 24k rating E
Set after the angels fall in s8. Cas falls to earth in Paris and realises he's in love with Dean. Dean comes to get him and they find love together in Paris.
desiderium, lost by atlasian 20k rating T
Castiel confesses his love for Dean and Dean tells him to move on. Cas tries, fairly unsuccessfully, before Dean gets it together.
No Other Worthy Quest by MajorEnglishEsquire 15k rating E
Cas just loves Dean very much.
'“For fuck's sake,” his skin is heating. Cas can feel it. “Stop saying lovey-dovey shit.”
“I know,” Cas rolls his eyes. “It’s so mortifying for you when I want to tell you I love you. I’m using all my self-restraint, I promise not to embarrass you.”'
The Arrow by jscribbles 12k rating T
Valentine's day and Cas has been hit by a Cupid's arrow and is literally sick with love for Dean.
and all this devotion by dothraki_shieldmaiden 10k rating M
Dean gets hurt on a hunt and Cas takes care of him in a cabin. Very sweet, delightful Cas POV of him being very much in love.
Cuckoo And Nest by komodobits 10k rating E
Cas struggles to work out why Dean deems some things meaningful and some things worthless, and where he fits into this apparent dichotomy. Really gorgeous and agonising Cas POV that deals with their constant issue of Dean just wanting Cas to stay and Cas wanting Dean to want him to stay but they're both too afraid to express it.
Breathe by turningthepages 9k rating G
Dean and Cas platonically sleep together to help with Dean's sleep. Cas both likes the situation and longs for it to mean more.
First Date by aeli_kindara 9k rating T
Dean asks Cas on a date and they're both trying very hard to make it all work. The sequel is stunning too.
'Dean says, “We should do that. Go on a date.”
Something in Castiel’s chest fuzzes, like static on a TV, and stops.'
weights on my ankles by dothraki_shieldmaiden 9k rating M
After 15x3 The Rupture, Cas goes back to Rexford. While there, he thinks about how Dean hurt him all those years ago and how he hurt him more recently. Partly a 9x6 Heaven Can Wait fanfic-gap fic.
Let it Linger by OmniscientOranges 8k rating M
Cas starts sleeping with men out of jealousy when watching Dean pick up women at bars. The way the fic describes how in love he is and how hopeless he feels about it is both agonising and very sweet.
He Thought He Was Reckless by MajorEnglishEsquire 8k rating M
Cas plays up injuries so that Dean will coddle him. Self-woobification from the Angel of the Lord and it's so sweet!
Something to Protect by Sass_Master 6k rating G
Cas tries to work out how to make Dean feel less unsafe so that he no longer has to jolt awake. Sweet, tentative intimacy and Cas enjoying it so much.
lonely hearts. by outpastthemoat 5k rating G
Deals with Cas accompanying Sam and Dean on hunts and feeling incredibly lonely and longing to be with Dean. He finds solace in romance novels.
Some People Would Call This Romantic by almaasi 5k rating G
Human Cas goes to the beach and finds it rather overwhelming. Taking a romantic walk with Dean along the beach is also overwhelming.
The Tea is Decaf by mnwood 4k rating T
Really sweet! Cas and Eileen talk and gossip about Sam and Dean in the bunker at night over tea.
A Place to Rest by Inessencedivided 3k rating G
Dean and Cas talk through things after the Stuck in the Middle with You love confession. Cas cries some more.
White Noise by domesticadventures 2k rating G
Cas struggles with feelings of worthlessness in the aftermath of Lucifer's possession.
Receipts by surlybobbies 1k rating G
Cas writes little notes about how much he loves Dean on receipts from meals they share together. Dean finds them.
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septembercfawkes · 8 months ago
Scene vs. Summary & When to Use Which
Tumblr media
When I was a young writer, I didn't fully understand what a scene was and what a summary was. Later, when I understood the difference, I wasn't always sure when to use which. These days, I occasionally help writers with the same things. They may use summary for what should have been a scene, or they may write a whole scene for what really should have been summary. Understanding the difference and when to use which can be key when writing a successful novel.
Sure, some of it is subjective.
But what might be surprising to some, is that most of the time, one is more . . . "correct" than the other.  
A scene is a structural unit that tends to have these qualities:
- Happens in Real Time
A scene will largely happen in real time. This means we "watch" the characters move, act, and talk, as if it were happening in real life.
- Dramatizes (Shows > Tells)
A scene dramatizes. It uses showing more than telling. If a character is angry with a friend, we see that anger in action and conversation. We may witness her yell or kick a rock, for example. It's like watching a stage play.
- Concrete
Because it is dramatized, a scene will usually be more concrete. It will more likely appeal to our senses and the physical world and experience.
- Characters Acting in a Specific Location
A scene will have characters in a location (in some very rare cases, the setting or society may act as characters). They might be talking on a train ride, or exploring a cave, or dueling in the snow.
Scene Examples
(Because a full scene often lasts pages, these examples are passages from specific scenes.)
"This won't take long, Andrew," said the doctor. Ender nodded. "It's designed to be removed. Without infection, without damage. But there'll be some tickling, and some people say they have a feeling of something missing. You'll keep looking around for something, something you were looking for, but you can't find it, and you can't remember what it was. So I'll tell you. It's the monitor you're looking for, and it isn't there. In a few days that feeling will pass." The doctor was twisting something at the back of Ender's head. Suddenly a pain stabbed through him like a needle from his neck to his groin. Ender felt his back spasm, and his body arched violently backward; his head struck the bed. He could feel his legs thrashing, and his hands were clenching each other, wringing each other so tightly that they arched. "Deedee!" shouted the doctor. "I need you!" The nurse ran in, gasped. "Got to relax these muscles. Get it to me, now! What are you waiting for!" Something changed hands; Ender could not see. He lurched to one side and fell off the examining table. "Catch him!" cried the nurse. "Just hold him steady--" "You hold him, doctor, he's too strong for me--" "Not the whole thing! You'll stop his heart--" Ender felt a needle enter his back just above the neck of his shirt. It burned, but wherever in him the fire spread, his muscles gradually un-clenched. Now he could cry for the fear and pain of it. "Are you all right, Andrew?" the nurse asked.
- Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card
Mrs. Reed occupied her usual seat by the fireside; she made a signal to me to approach; I did so, and she introduced me to the stony stranger with the words: “This is the little girl respecting whom I applied to you.” He, for it was a man, turned his head slowly towards where I stood, and having examined me with the two inquisitive-looking grey eyes which twinkled under a pair of bushy brows, said solemnly, and in a bass voice, “Her size is small: what is her age?” “Ten years.” “So much?” was the doubtful answer; and he prolonged his scrutiny for some minutes. Presently he addressed me—“Your name, little girl?” “Jane Eyre, sir.” In uttering these words I looked up: he seemed to me a tall gentleman; but then I was very little; his features were large, and they and all the lines of his frame were equally harsh and prim. “Well, Jane Eyre, and are you a good child?”
- Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë
A summary has these qualities:
- Condensed Time
Summaries condense time. They may cover a month in a single sentence. They may talk about recurring events over a time period, within one paragraph. They may relay a past event (or in some cases, a future event) within a brief moment. They don't happen in real time.
- Explains through Telling
Since the moment isn't happening in real time, the audience is told more than shown what happened. This gives summary a stronger, guiding, narrative hand. Rather than experiencing the passage like the character, it's more like the audience is being guided by a storyteller (generally speaking).
- More Abstract
For those reasons, telling is more abstract. It's more likely to express ideas and concepts, rather than specific experiences.
- Characters and/or Setting may Change Swiftly (or Maybe Not Even Be Present In Some Cases)
A summary may not focus on a specific character or stay in the same setting. It may move quickly through settings or may not even mention a specific setting.
Summary Examples
Mother came home and commiserated with Ender about the monitor. Father came home and kept saying it was such a wonderful surprise, they had such fantastic children that the government told them to have three, and now the government didn't want to take any of them after all, so here they were with three, they still had a Third . . . until Ender wanted to scream at him, I know I'm a Third, I know it, if you want I'll go away so you don't have to be embarrassed in front of everybody. - Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card
John had not much affection for his mother and sisters, and an antipathy to me. He bullied and punished me; not two or three times in the week, nor once or twice in the day, but continually: every nerve I had feared him, and every morsel of flesh in my bones shrank when he came near. There were moments when I was bewildered by the terror he inspired, because I had no appeal whatever against either his menaces or his inflictions; the servants did not like to offend their young master by taking my part against him, and Mrs. Reed was blind and deaf on the subject: she never saw him strike or heard him abuse me, though he did both now and then in her very presence, more frequently, however, behind her back.
- Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë
Tumblr media
When to Use Which
Most novels are better written with more scene than summary. Scenes dramatize the story, so that the audience feels like they are experiencing and participating in it. Scenes are more impactful. Scenes are more likely to stir emotions. Because they are more concrete, they are more likely to stick in the reader's memory.
However, this is not to say all novels are better with more scene than summary. You can indeed find successful books with more summary. This can be particularly useful in books with huge casts and many viewpoint characters, books that take place over a long period of time (such as a character's entire life), or books with powerful, present omniscient narrators. Not all books that rely on summary more than scene are bad.
But most books are better told largely through scene than summary.
And pretty much all novels need some of both.
So when do we use which?
Sometimes I edit passages that are weakened because they are summarized instead of dramatized. Other times I read scenes that offer very little dramatic value and should have been summarized.
A good rule of thumb is the more significant the moment, the more likely it needs to be rendered as a scene.
Big turning points and climactic moments should almost always be a scene--whether that turning point relates to character arc, plot, or theme.
This means that the climactic moments of the beginning, middle, and end, should almost always be a scene.
Anything we've been building up to in the primary plotline related to the arc, events, or theme, should probably be a scene.
If you are following a story structure, key moments in that structure should likely be a scene. The inciting incident should likely be a scene, the midpoint should likely be a scene, Plot Point 2 should likely be a scene . . .
Now, in a novel, there may be many plotlines besides the primary. The less important the plotline, the less likely you need all its turning points in scenes (or even on page).
Impactful moments should usually be scenes. If they are summary, sometimes the audience feels cheated. Imagine building up to the climax of a novel, only to have the author summarize it. It's almost always a letdown.
Sometimes newer writers do this sort of thing, because they are intimidated by trying to write the scene. They may feel unsure that they can write it well. Remember, you can edit, and edit, and re-edit the scene to make it better. Daring to write a poor scene and then edit it, will get you further in the long run than avoiding it altogether.
In many genres, you will have what are called "obligatory scenes." These are what they sound like. They need to happen. In a scene.
So in romance, you almost always need to have a first kiss scene. In a murder mystery, you almost always need to have an opening scene where a body is discovered. Obligatory scenes should be scenes, not summary, most of the time.
On the other side of the spectrum, we have summary. If an entire novel were written with scenes, it would probably be long and boring. Not everything is important enough to be a scene. And if you make it a scene, it's a flat scene without any real turning point or change. This kills pacing.
Use summary when the audience needs to know the fact that something happened, but it's not important for them to experience it.
For example, the fact that Jacob didn't get much sleep the prior night probably isn't important enough for a full scene, but it might be important for the audience to know for the next scene. It might influence what happens in the next scene. That is a good time to use summary.
Use summary when you need to cover a broader length of time in a shorter amount of space. For example, you may have characters who need to trek to a distant land, which may take months. But the story isn't about the trek itself. Use summary to tell us about the trek, without making the story only about the trek. (Not to mention if the trek was all in scenes, it'd be overly detailed and likely boring.)
Along the same line, summary can sometimes be great for scene transitions--usually when what happened between the scenes is worth mentioning, but not worth dramatizing.
Summary is also important in providing context for the reader. Summary may be used to set up a situation or to provide additional background information that the reader needs in order to interpret what is happening in the story, accurately.  
For example, you may summarize a short backstory to explain a character's current behavior.
Scene vs. Showing; Summary vs. Telling
Scene is mostly like showing, and summary is mostly like telling. However, the concepts are slightly different. For example, I may write in a scene "Emily was tired," which would be "telling" but I wouldn't consider it "summary." Just as I wouldn't necessarily consider "I felt angry" summary, so much as I would consider it to be telling.
Likewise, you may have a scene that is largely introspection, which may be showing a character's thought process as he summarizes events through telling sentences.
Yeah, if we get deep, it turns into splitting hairs.
Even between showing and telling, if you want to make yourself really crazy, sometimes you can use summary and telling on a small scale to show something on a big scale. For example, to show that a character has a habit of being late, you may use summary that includes some telling about his morning routine, to cover several such instances. However, one could easily argue that you could simply do a scene that shows him showing up late, and have another character use dialogue that implies this is a common occurrence.
But let's not induce headaches today! My point is, that the boundaries do blur, and things aren't always as clear cut as we make them sound.
Nonetheless, because summary and telling overlap, you can use many of the same technique that we use to write great telling, to write great summary. And rather than rewrite all those techniques, I have them in my article "10 Cheats to Tell Well."
Tumblr media
Mixing Scene and Summary
In order to write a great novel, many scenes will include some summary within them. Like I mentioned above, you may need to slip in some backstory information through summary. Or perhaps in the scene, the characters are having dinner, but you want half the scene to be the cooking and the other half to happen while they are eating. Depending on how long the food takes to make, you may need some summarizing: "Don finished putting the toppings on the pizza and then put it in the oven for 30 minutes."
Similarly, if you are going to have a lengthy passage of summary, it's often effective to include scene-like moments--perhaps a paragraph that captures part of a conversation in real time, before going back to summary. Or maybe the summary includes a significant action that would be rendered better with a little more detail, like a half-scene.
In any case, we want to make sure we are using both scene and summary, and perhaps just as important, that we are using them at the right moments.
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mrpenguinpants · 6 months ago
Venti, Xingqiu, and Razor: Kissing HCs
Tumblr media
It is always okay^^ I will never say no to anything. I was scrolling through my inbox and I saw this and said fuck it, I wanna write this. I’m writing this. Razor isn’t a predicted tag and I’m so upset Xingqiu doesn’t get enough love. Also venti?? You want me to speed write something? Ask for Venti. 
Childe Ver: First Kiss HCs
Xiao Ver:  First Kiss HCs
Venti & Kaeya: Mistletoe HCs
[taglist]  <- if you want to be added, please read this first.
@mikeysbike @unionwitch @musekala @sunnshiii @stanzastic @akaasea @xoneaboveallx @adoring-ghost @asheseiler @childelover @dilucsz @dai-tsukki-desu @thicmitten @nonniechan @htnicayh @genshins1mpact @morthecreator @aanne2601 @aklxojjk @fulltimeventisimp @aetherazor​ @laic2299 @diesekimo​  @pineapple-panini19 @castinluckgamer​ @hanniejji​
Venti, Xingqiu, and Razor: Kissing HCs
Tumblr media
This Archon is such a playful tease. He’s fully aware of what he’s doing and isn’t stopping anytime soon. He’s always surprising you by giving you quick kisses to embarrass you in public. Or he’s suddenly dropping from the winds, giving you a quick cheek kiss, before he’s linking your hands together and dragging you off somewhere. He get’s a bit lonely and bored so please try and coddle him a bit because he’s wants some of your love and affection.
He has a lot of fun using his anemo powers to hoist himself above you and giving you an upside down kiss. No one else can do that which means his kisses are the most special. Perhaps it’s the blood that’s rushing to his head but he inwardly coos when he see’s you flush pink all the way up to your ears before you cover them with your hands, telling him to get down or else he might hurt himself. He’s giggling at your cute reaction but he’ll find any reason for a kiss. He even “borrowed” all of Mondstadt’s mistletoes as an excuse to sneak a few more in.
He really likes kissing the shell of your ear, right where he knows they flush the reddest. Leaning over as he blows on your ear to hear you shriek as he laughs at your reaction, before he’s smothering you in apologetic kisses. As much as you love Venti, it’s a bit embarrassing for him to do this in public where others can see so you quickly rush to cover his mouth when he dives for another.
The tips of his braids are actually really sensitive since his anemo powers filter through them, so if he ever get’s a bit too bold, you simply have to either kiss the tips of his hair to get him to shutter and break character. The one time you got drunk with Venti, you grabbed and yanked his face forward by his braids and kissed him deeply until he ended up stumbling and falling backwards. His braids were lit up like Christmas lights and his face was so red you weren’t completely sure if that was from him being drunk or embarrassed.
If he suspects someone is trying to flirt with you or is getting too close. His normal childlike and cheerful eyes seem to sharpen as he hmms to himself at the scene. He’ll claps his lyre away and strolls his way to you, sneaking behind you before wrapping his arms around your neck as he nuzzles into your cheek. While you’re stumbling at the sudden weight he tilts your face towards his with his hand and give you a soft kiss. He’s grinning smugly as he watches your face flare up as he links your hands together. Sticking his tongue out behind his shoulder as he drags you off. Be careful, he’s shameless.
Tumblr media
A gentleman first and foremost. He’s polite in his interactions with others and that extends to his relationship with you. That’s not to say he doesn’t like causing some mischief. When you both meet up to spend time together or go on dates, he prefers to kiss your hand first before leaning forward to cup your cheek. He may be polite but he has no self preservation and finds a lot of joy in watching you get shy. He takes a second to marvel at how your eyes dart from his golden amber eyes, to his lips, then back to his eyes. He chuckles a bit under his breath at your cute nature before asking if it’s alright for him to kiss you properly. You keep telling him that he doesn’t need to ask all the time but he wants to be sure.
He absolutely adores when you get embarrassed and try to hid behind your hands. While you’re screaming on the inside on how pretty Xingqiu is, he’s smiling gently with eyes full of affection as he crosses his hands behind his back and leans forward to press kisses in between your fingers. Gently trying to pull your hands away as he gives you one last peck on the nose before taking your hand and leading you off to your next destination.
He really likes kissing the tip of your nose. You always resemble a bunny when you scrunch your nose and try and bat him away. He finds a lot of amusement when he suddenly pulls you into a alleyway, pulls you forward and holds you against his chest, watches you slowly get more and more red, only to give you a small peck on the nose and walk back onto the streets as if he didn’t do anything.  
The kisses that get him a bit shy are the most casual ones. Perhaps it’s because he’s used to making grand gestures since that’s his nature in chivalry. But when you happen to see him in Liyue, run up and give him a quick kiss, only to go back to whatever business you had. It’s so casual and unexpected that Xingqiu has to take a second and calm his heartbeat down.
You’re always shy when Xingqiu brings you to the book store in Liyue. You and the lady that works there try your hardest to not make eye contact because Xingqiu loves bringing you behind the book shelves and giving you kisses while holding a book in front of your faces. You’re fairly certain that Xingqiu is reading too many romance novels and is acting out a scene but you don’t have the heart to stop him because it’s actually really cute.
Tumblr media
The first time the idea of kissing was introduced to Razor, he didn’t understand what the big deal was until he had his first kiss with you. He always assumed it was just pressing your lips together and that was it. But being able to hold your hand, which was inherently the same idea, made his inner puppy bounce around. Then when you hurriedly rushed to kiss him before running off to save face, he had to take a second to realize what just happened, before he basically chased after you to get another. Now this man pretty much walks up to you, spins you around, plants a soft kiss on you, and walks off. Bennett is shooting you a thumbs up while you’re internally screaming on the inside.
Razor will not be shy. Hand holding or having a normal conversation? Feel’s like he’s being threatened by that scary purple lady who likes to read a lot. But when it comes to kisses? He’s used to play fighting and getting nips from his lupical so to him, this isn’t much different. When he’s pushing you down, staring down at you with dilated eyes as he leans in for a kiss, sometimes its way too much for your poor heart you have to quickly turn your face away and scrunch your eyes closed. It get’s Razor really pouty and his head seems to droop a bit but you offer him a small kiss to try and appease him.
This man is more of a biter. He has a bad habit of nibbling due to how his lupical show affection. He prefers tucking his face into your neck so be careful of getting marks. They don’t hurt at all but it does get a bit ticklish and you have to attempt to bat him away or you might end up hurting yourself accidently. It’s embarrassing to explain and Fischl has a lot of smug fun pointing them out to you. Razor likes being held, spoon him and kiss his forehead and he’s a puddle of love. He may not be an actual wolf but you can almost see an imaginary tail wagging. It’s even better when his lupical are with him and they all snuggle up to you. It makes you squeal a little on the inside because not only does Razor trust you to be beside his lupical, but they seem to like you enough to snuggle against you. It’s a big ball of fluff you’ve found yourself in. 
He really likes picking you up and holding you in his arms, there’s some kind of protective rush he feels having you in his arms. Seeing your feet dangle above the ground, your hands on his shoulder as you look down at him, makes him feel like he’s holding the world. He can’t explain it but it makes him feel proud of himself. He just wants to bask in the feeling and presses his face into your stomach, he can feel you lay your head over his and the gentle kisses you press into his hair, it makes him feel loved. 
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twelvemonkeyswere · 6 months ago
Terry Pratchett's 2001 Carnegie Medal Winner Speech
I’m pretty sure that the publicists for this award would be quite happy if I said something controversial, but it seems to me that giving me the Carnegie medal is controversial enough. This was my third attempt. Well, I say my third attempt, but in fact I just sat there in ignorance and someone else attempted it on my behalf, somewhat to my initial dismay.
The Amazing Maurice is a fantasy book. Of course, everyone knows that fantasy is 'all about' wizards, but by now, I hope, everyone with any intelligence knows that, er, what everyone wrong.
Fantasy is more than wizards. For instance, this book is about rats that are intelligent. But it also about the even more fantastic idea that humans are capable of intelligence as well. Far more beguiling than the idea that evil can be destroyed by throwing a piece of expensive jewellery into a volcano is the possibility that evil can be defused by talking. The fantasy of justice is more interesting that the fantasy of fairies, and more truly fantastic. In the book the rats go to war, which is, I hope, gripping. But then they make peace, which is astonishing.
In any case, genre is just a flavouring. It's not the whole meal. Don't get confused by the scenery.
A novel set in Tombstone, Arizona, on October 26, 1881 is what– a Western? The scenery says so, the clothes say so, but the story does not automatically become a Western. Why let a few cactuses tell you what to think? It might be a counterfactual, or a historical novel, or a searing literary indictment of something or other, or a horror novel, or even, perhaps, a romance – although the young lovers would have to speak up a bit and possibly even hide under the table, because the gunfight at the OK corral was going on at the time.
We categorize too much on the basis of unreliable assumption. A literary novel written by Brian Aldiss must be science fiction, because he is a known science fiction writer; a science fiction novel by Margaret Attwood is literature because she is a literary novelist. Recent Discworld books have spun on such concerns as the nature of belief, politics and even of journalistic freedom, but put in one lousy dragon and they call you a fantasy writer.
This is not, on the whole, a complaint. But as I have said, it seems to me that dragons are not really the pure quill of fantasy, when properly done. Real fantasy is that a man with a printing press might defy an entire government because of some half-formed belief that there may be such a thing as the truth. Anyway, fantasy needs no defence now. As a genre it has become quite respectable in recent years. At least, it can demonstrably make lots and lots and lots of money, which passes for respectable these days. When you can by a plastic Gandalf with kung-fu grip and rocket launcher, you know fantasy has broken through.
But I’m a humourous writer too, and humour is a real problem.
It was interesting to see how Maurice was reviewed here and in the US. Over there, where I've only recently made much of an impression, the reviews tended to be quite serious and detailed with, as Maurice himself would have put it, 'long words, like "corrugated iron."' Over here, while being very nice, they tended towards the 'another wacky, zany book by comic author Terry Pratchett'. In fact Maurice has no wack and very little zane. It's quite a serious book. Only the scenery is funny.
The problem is that we think the opposite of funny is serious. It is not. In fact, as G K Chesterton pointed out, the opposite of funny is not funny, and the opposite of serious is not serious. Benny Hill was funny and not serious; Rory Bremner is funny and serious; most politicians are serious but, unfortunately, not funny. Humour has its uses. Laughter can get through the keyhole while seriousness is still hammering on the door. New ideas can ride in on the back of a joke, old ideas can be given an added edge.
Which reminds me... Chesterton is not read much these days, and his style and approach belong to another time and, now, can irritate. You have to read in a slightly different language. And then, just when the 'ho, good landlord, a pint of your finest English ale!' style gets you down, you run across a gem, cogently expressed. He famously defended fairy stories against those who said they told children that there were monsters; children already know that there are monsters, he said, and fairy stories teach them that monsters can be killed. We now know that the monsters may not simply have scales and sleep under a mountain. They may be in our own heads.
In Maurice, the rats have to confront them all: real monsters, some of whom have many legs, some merely have two, but some, perhaps the worse, are the ones they invent. The rats are intelligent. They're the first rats in the world to be afraid of the dark, and they people the shadows with imaginary monsters. An act of extreme significance to them is the lighting of a flame.
People have already asked me if I had the current international situation in mind when I wrote the book. The answer is no. I wouldn't insult even rats by turning them into handy metaphors. It's just unfortunate that the current international situation is pretty much the same old dull, stupid international situation, in a world obsessed by the monsters it has made up, dragons that are hard to kill. We look around and see
foreign policies that are little more than the taking of revenge for the revenge that was taken in revenge for the revenge last time. It's a path that leads only downwards, and still the world flocks along it. It makes you want to spit. The dinosaurs were thick as concrete, but they survived for one hundred and fifty million years and it took a damn great asteroid to knock them out. I find myself wonder wondering now if intelligence comes with its own built-in asteroid.
Of course, as the aforesaid writer of humourous fantasy I'm obsessed by wacky, zany ideas. One is that rats might talk. But sometimes I'm even capable of weirder, more ridiculous ideas, such the possibility of a happy ending. Sometimes, when I'm really, really wacky and on a fresh dose of zany, I'm just capable of entertaining the fantastic idea that, in certain circumstances, Homo Sapiens might actually be capable of thinking. It must be worth a go, since we've tried everything else.
Writing for children is harder than writing for adults, if you're doing it right. What I thought was going to be a funny story about a cat organizing a swindle based on the Pied Piper legend turned out to be a major project, in which I was aided and encouraged and given hope by Philippa Dickinson and Sue Coates at Doubleday or whatever they're calling themselves this week, and Anne Hoppe of HarperCollins in New York, who waylaid me in an alley in Manhattan and insisted on publishing the book and even promised to protect me from that most feared of creatures, the American copy editor.
And I must thank you, the judges, in the hope that your sanity and critical faculties may speedily be returned to you. And finally, my thanks to the rest of you, the loose agglomeration of editors and teachers and librarians that I usually refer to, mostly with a smile, as the dirndl mafia. You keep the flame alive.
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sunghun · 2 months ago
keep your friends close (and your enemies closer)
Tumblr media
pairing; yang jungwon x fem!reader
requested; yes!
word count; 2k
summary; What happens when you’re stuck in a small space with your arch nemesis? A disaster (or maybe a miracle?)
warnings; some cursing, mentions of alcohol, implied making out, and i think that’s it? let me know if i missed something.
note; i’ve rewritten this probably about three times now and i’m still not completely satisfied with it, but at this point i may never end up posting it if i wait until i think it’s perfect lol. 
Tumblr media
“Look at him. Acting stupid with his stupid friends and their stupid faces.”
Nayoung rolled her eyes. “You know you don’t have to glare at him every time he’s in eyesight.”
“Yes I do.”
“I’m sorry did I miss something?” Minseo looked between you and Nayoung, confused.
“Oh you didn’t know? Y/N and Jungwon hate each other.”
“I don’t hate him,” you denied weakly. “I just....have a very strong disliking for him.”
Nayoung stared at you blankly. “That’s the same exact thing.”
“No it’s not. If I hated him, I wouldn’t mind if he dropped dead this second. But since it’s only a very strong disliking, I would probably feel a little sad. Maybe.”
“I’m sorry I’m lost.” Minseo looked even more confused now. “Is there a reason you two hate each other? From what I’ve heard he’s a really nice guy. know. He’s pretty cute too.”
“Again, not hate.” At the dubious looks your friends gave you, you corrected yourself. “Okay maybe I hate him a little bit. But that’s only because last school year when Mr. Jeon paired us up for a project he looked like he was gonna be sick when he heard that I was his partner and begged Mr. Jeon to let him switch with someone. And then later, after Mr. Jeon said no, I heard him bitching to his friends about how he ‘can’t believe he has to work with her.’ Plus whenever I walk by he’s always glaring.”
It was silent for a moment before Nayoung spoke up. “Okay yeah, that’s actually reasonable. It’s too bad you have a huge crush on him though. It’s like one of those trashy teen romance novels. Except the male lead like, actually hates your guts, apparently.”
“Thank you, Nayoung. I feel so much better now. Also I don’t have a crush on him.”
“Wait, hold on a second.” Minseo frowned. “He didn’t want to be paired up with you for a project, you heard him complaining about it later, and you came to the conclusion that he hates you?”
You nodded.
“That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.” Minseo looked unimpressed. “What if this is all some big misunderstanding? What if he likes you and just didn’t want to be your partner because he didn’t want to embarrass himself in front of you?”
“Yeah, right.” You sighed deeply, pushing your pasta around the plate mindlessly. “Stuff like that doesn’t happen in real life, Minnie. Plus if he actually did like me, what’s with all the glaring?”
Minseo shrugged and took a bite of her salad. “I don’t know. Sometimes the sun can get pretty bright…”
“Inside? Look, it’s no use trying to fix anything. I’ve already made peace with the fact that Yang Jungwon and I will forever hate each other.”
Tumblr media
“What are you doing?” Seeing your best friend in your room and rooting through your jewelry box was the last thing you expected to see after opening your bedroom door. Especially since you didn’t even know she was in your house….
“Well… I may have heard from Yuna, who heard from Sieun, who heard from Minjeong, that Jay is having a little get-together this Saturday…” You already knew where this was going based on her tone.
“Oh come on, Y/N!” Nayoung whined. “You never go out with me.”
You took one look at the clothes she had laid out on your bed. “Yeah, and I’d like to keep it that way.”
“But Minseo already backed out on me and you know how much I hate going by myself.” Nayoung got on her knees in front of you and grabbed your hand tightly. “Please? Pretty please? I promise that I’ll never ask you for anything else ever again!”
You made the mistake of looking into her eyes, which she was extraordinarily talented at making look like a pitiful puppy’s, and sighed deeply. “Fine.”
As Nayoung jumped up excitedly and started talking a mile a minute, you could only hope that you wouldn’t regret your decision.
Tumblr media
You hadn’t even been there five minutes and you already regretted letting Nayoung talk you into coming.
Nevermind the music that was blaring so loud you wouldn’t be surprised if the next town over could hear it, and the fact that nearly your entire school was here, making very much not a ‘small get together’.
The outfit Nayoung gave you to change into was so far out of your comfort zone you wondered how she even found it in your closet. The blouse she picked out for you had a lower neckline than you were used to and was uncomfortably tight, and you were convinced the things on your feet were devices of torture and not shoes. Even the jeans (which you were relieved to see instead of a piece of cloth that would be considered a skirt) were tight in places you didn’t want to think about.
“Why did you give me such high heels,” You shouted over the music after almost falling for the third time. “One more slip and I might break something.”
“Stop thinking about the little things!” Nayoung yelled as she dragged you away from the front door towards the kitchen. “Just let loose and have some fun!”
“Well these ‘little things’ are giving me a major wed-“ You stopped mid-sentence at the sight of you.
Talking to Jake.
In Jay’s kitchen.
Because he was one of Jay’s best friends.
Shit. Why didn’t I think he’d be here?
“Oh, hey Nayoung, Y/N.”
There goes trying to sneak away before they noticed you. Curse Jake and his friendliness.
“Hey guys, what’s up?” Nayoung was in the middle of not-so-discreetly pulling you closer to the guys when Jungwon quickly whispered something to Jake and then left the room as fast as he could without actually running.
Nayoung stopped short and raised a brow. “What was that about?”
“Sorry about him,” Jake rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. “He’s just uh, not feeling too well.”
“He seemed to be fine until I got here.” You couldn’t help but mutter under your breath, suddenly finding the floor very interesting.
Jake opened his mouth to say something, perhaps to try and comfort you, but at Nayoung’s look he quickly shut it.
“C’mon Y/N. Let’s get something to drink.”
Tumblr media
Several cups of non-alcoholic punch later you were about to start walking home. The music seemed to be getting louder with every song, and at this point you weren’t sure if it was the entire house or just your head that was pounding.
Nayoung must’ve sensed your ever thinning patience as she seemed to materialize out of nowhere.
“Y/N! Come with me!” Before you could even blink she grabbed your hand and started dragging you away, pushing her way through several drunk couples and through a door, down a stairway to what appeared to be Jay’s basement.
There were several other kids already down there sitting in a circle, and of course as fate would have it, Jungwon was there.
You were going to try and discreetly sneak back up the stairs, but apparently Nayoung anticipated you trying to run away, because she suddenly had a tight grip on your wrist.
"Don't even think about it." She whispered. "You can't avoid him forever."
"I can sure try-" But Nayoung had already dragged you to the circle and sat down.
"Alright, is everyone ready?"
"What're we playing?"
"Truth or dare!”
You, along with several other people groaned. Games like that never ended well for you. You reluctantly took a seat on the floor next to Nayoung and tried to ignore Jungwon, who you were pretty sure was glaring at you.
It's gonna be a long night.
Several rounds later, and the bottle finally landed on you. And of course, Nayoung was the one who spun it. By the look on her face, you knew you were in for it no matter what you chose.
“Y/N, truth or dare?”
Against your better judgment, you chose dare.
“I dare you to play seven minutes in heaven with Jungwon.”
You knew this was going to be a bad idea.
What’s worse, taking a shot of whatever disgusting concoction Jay and his friends would come up with or spending seven minutes in a small space with your arch nemesis?
You got up and went over to the closet, ignoring all the cheers and catcalls.
“Yeah, get it Jungwon!” Why are boys so stupid?
The two of you went into the closet, trying to pretend like there wasn’t a small crowd of immature teenagers watching you excitedly.
Nayoung shut the door and locked it behind you. “Seven minutes starting….now!”
“So…” Jungwon started awkwardly after a few moments of tense silence. “The weather has been pretty nice lately.”
“Really? Are we really gonna go for the civil small talk right now?”
You rolled your eyes. “Cut the crap Jungwon. Let’s just…suffer in silence. Or whatever.”
He scoffed. “YeeFine.”
Tumblr media
Finally after what felt like a small eternity you heard the timer go off outside the closet. You turned the handle and sighed in frustration when the door wouldn’t open.
“Come on guys, unlock the door!”
You heard the doorknob rattling for a few seconds before Nayoung’s voice came from the other side. “Uh, so we have a little problem here. The lock is kind of stuck?”
“And that’s a little problem?!”
“Relax! Jay went to go look for….something. I don’t know. We’ll get it open soon! I think.”
You groaned and sat down on the floor. “Great. Of course I’d get stuck in here with you of all people.”
“Wow,” Jungwon scoffed. “I didn’t know I was that repulsive.”
“Sorry I had to be the one to break it to you.”
“You really are allergic to being nice, aren’t you?”
“Only when it comes to you, sweetheart.” You smiled in a show of faux sweetness.
“What did I even do for you to hate me so much? Because last I checked we hadn’t even talked when you suddenly started glaring at me every time we saw each other. Not to mention you doing everything to make that stupid project we worked on a living hell.”
You looked up at him in disbelief. “Shouldn’t I be the one asking you that?”
“Excuse me?”
“You’re the on who begged Mr. Jeon to give you a different partner and whined to anyone who would listen about how unbearable I was. I tried to be nice, but every time I suggested we meet up you had some stupid excuse as to why we couldn’t. And then not looking at me like, ever? What was with that, huh? Was I so awful that you couldn’t-”
“I had a crush on you, okay?!”
Both your eyes widened at Jungwon’s sudden outburst.
Jungwon sighed and motioned for you to move over a bit before sitting beside you, leaning his head back against the wall. “I had a big, huge, stupid, embarrassing crush on you.”
“Welcome to the club.” You muttered.
His head jerked towards you. “You had a crush on me too?”
You looked away, embarrassed. “Have.” 
“Oh... Oh.”
“Well, same.”
“Really?” You asked dubiously.
He scooched closer and grabbed your hand, intertwining it with his. “Really.”
You sighed and turned your head toward him. “So what now?”
Jungwon smiled, and you felt your stupid heart whoosh. “I think I might have a few ideas.”
Tumblr media
Twenty minutes later Jay had finally found the key, and Nayoung was biting her nails nervously. They all had heard the two of you yelling at each other briefly before it got very quiet very abruptly, and at this point Nayoung was just hoping that you hadn’t killed Jungwon.
The door opened and the two of you jerked apart, but it was obvious what had happened. Your slightly swollen lips and Jungwon’s extremely messy hair gave it all away.
Nayoung smirked. “I was starting to get worried with how quiet it got in there, but I see everything is fine now. But go easier on him next time, Y/N. The poor kid looks like he was almost mauled.”
The two of you quickly got up and walked out of the closet with burning cheeks, avoiding eye contact with everyone.
And if you heard Jungwon whisper a “Thank you,” to Nayoung, well. You were just going to ignore that.
Besides, you’d have to thank her later for yourself helping you and your boyfriend get together.
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apocalypticgargoyle · 4 months ago
Hi I need to ask a favor of you... Can we get like,,, the reader trying to set cc!dream up with a friend of theirs and he actually likes the reader so we get like dream trying to say that he likes the reader. Idk if this makes sense but I just want a dramatic like "ARE YOU DUMB" moment. Thank u, I'll exit the stage.
Okay so long story short, I had a series about Dre that I was going to write (like a million years ago even before e!k) and I tuned up the confession scene because it fit with the request. Idk idk. It was back when I was having my romance novel phase. N E WAY. happy reading :) ♡ g
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝐄𝐆𝐎 & 𝐏𝐑𝐄𝐂𝐎𝐍𝐂𝐄𝐏𝐓𝐈𝐎𝐍. ♘ 𝐝𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐦 𝐱 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
± warnings: language, angst, being so overdramatic, mentions of rivals to lovers, being in a shower, kinda cringe ngl
Tumblr media
Dream eyed you over his glass from across the table, his legs long enough that he was invading your space beneath the surface. His green eyes burned into you, which you attempted to let roll off your shoulders innocently. Your friend was talking up Sapnap, completely destroying your plan put in place. It seemed like Dream could tell what you were up to as well, and by the look he was sending your way and the tension in his shoulders, you could tell he wasn’t in the mood for it. Sapnap asked the girl beside you how she was doing in her classes and before he could boast about his own achievements, you butted in. “You know, Clay’s ranked fourth in our sociology class.” Dream rolled his eyes as your friend’s brow perked at your statement.
She cracked a grin in his direction. “Oh really? You some kind of a genius?” She joked, tucking a piece of her hair behind her ear.
Dream chewed the inside of his cheek and folded his hands together on the table, uncomfortable now that you had shifted the subject matter to him. “Uh, I wouldn’t say that. It’s an intro course so…” he mumbled. She hummed in response and he wet his lips.
You jumped into the small bit of silence. “Come on, don’t downplay! He’s also helped me pass calculus last year,” you boasted. Dream shut his eyes briefly as if it were taking every ounce of his being not to scold you. You didn’t care.
“That’s awesome! I’m actually a mathematics major,” your friend eased. “Maybe if you are some kind of genius you could help me figure out homeomorphically irreducible trees sometime,” she jousted with a small wink. Dream chuckled and you thought maybe… finally… they were clicking. You knew you were right, you knew they were a perfect match. Dream just had to put forth a bit more effort.
Dream’s eyes flashed to you again briefly, as if a symbol of telling you he’d kill you for pushing this. “Oh, I don’t know anything about math really, but Sapnap knows a lot of the math professors,” he turned over with a soft smile, sending your friend back into Sapnap’s metaphorical tract. The two started rambling to each other and Dream shot you a dirty look. “Cut it out,” he bit, barely loud enough for you to even hear. You took this as a challenge.
Another round of drinks came to the table, Dream had yet to completely finish his first as it seemed like something was weighing on his mind. You had gotten into the habit of picking up every subtle tick he had and picking at it. You silently listened to the conversation between Nick and your friend as it wound down, giving you the opportunity to strike up something else about Dream. “So Clay, what was your beer pong average last semester?” You asked, taking a sip from your straw innocently.
He sent you a deadpan expression, but Sapnap answered for him. “Oh, trust me, Clay’s the one you want on your team at every frat party,” he praised. You knew how much your friend liked the whole idea of winning pointless party games.
“I think it’s time I walk you home,” Dream mumbled after standing before you could answer. You followed him out of the restaurant, sending your friend and Sapnap an awkward grin. They had barely noticed anyway; too caught up in their own conversation. You jogged a bit to catch up to Dream as he shoved his fists in his pockets. “What the hell is wrong with you?” He grumbled.
You furrowed your brows, nudging his arm playfully. “What do you mean? I’m trying to get you laid!” You chided. He rolled his eyes again. “Loosen up! Come on, she’s pretty isn’t she.”
Dream sighed deeply. “Of course she’s pretty. Just quit with meddling in my sex life,” he hissed.
You laughed mockingly. “You are so tightly wound!” He pushed the door open to your building. You could tell you were pushing his buttons as he pursed his lips instead of firing something back at you. “You’re such a killjoy,” you joshed, pinching his side.
He swatted your hand away, attempting to ignore you. “Quit.”
“Fine, whatever. Go home and make fast with your hand.” That was it---the last push.
Dream grabbed your arm and yanked you down the hall behind him. You could practically see the steam rolling off his shoulders as he turned a corner and you began to grow tense. You knew he'd never hurt you but the sheer anxiety of what he was going to do next weighed on your conscience. Had you gone too far this time? You'd pushed him past his limit before, but he'd never taken you with him when he needed to remove himself from the situation.
You were shocked as he threw open the door to the communal showers, your brows knitting together in confusion as you began to claw at his hand. "Clay, stop! What are you doing?" You gritted, struggling against his grip. He threw open one of the stall doors and tossed you inside, your back hit the linoleum tiling with a quiet thump and you glared at him with scolding eyes as if to bite ‘don't you dare touch me’ into his skin.
He pursed his lips as if his anger was threatening to boil over and he turned the knob behind you, instantly soaking you and your clothes in freezing water. You painstakingly jumped for the dial and he grabbed your arm again, pulling you inches from his face. "You need to cool the fuck down. I'm serious!" He snapped.
Your eyes felt like they were going to pop out of your head in disbelief at the audacity he had. His jaw tensed as he glared at your features and you drew his arm closer, turning on your heel so he replaced you in the water. His reaction was subtle to the dowsing; instead, he released his grip on you. "What the hell is your problem!" You yelled. This was unknowingly becoming your breaking point. You hadn't woken up that day and realized today is the day I choose violence but Dream's medieval form of communicating with you was striking a hidden nerve.
"My problem? MY PROBLEM?" He let out an exasperated sigh, turning slightly to twist the knob for hot water before laying into you. Why he didn't just turn off the water was unbeknownst to you. "My problem is you!"
You rolled your eyes heavily. "Me?" You tsked at him. "Why don't you get a fucking life-"
"Are you really that fucking stupid?" He bit. Your disgusted look you made sure to exaggerate twisted something behind his eyes. The shower began to produce steam over his shoulders. Dream's hair had begun hanging in short ringlets around his ears. His long-sleeved t-shirt clung to his body enough that you could see every dip in his chest. Every breath he drew in to calm himself down rippled through his silhouette. In the slightest way, it seemed as if the dragon was finally baring his soft underbelly to you.
His hands balled into fists at your look of disbelief at him calling you dumb. He groaned deeply, bringing his palms to his eyes and gritting his teeth. He then pushed his fingers into his wet hair, plastering it back from framing his face. Dream's bright eyes studied you with his features set in stone. "How could you not realize?" He let out a short exhale, his hands seemingly gripping for his own thoughts as they moved with his search of words. "I know you aren't as aloof as you put off. I know you know that I-" he stopped himself short with an aggressive shrug of his shoulders. It was almost humoring to see him standing like a wet dog in front of you and at a loss for words. That big head of his was proving to be a difficult landscape for him to form sentences. "... That I-" he bit into his lip, frustration settling into his brow.
You rolled your eyes again, your wet clothes feeling uncomfortable as they began to shrink against certain parts of your body. The steam from the water was enveloping the two of you in the small space, but your close stance kept a breath of clearance in your visions. "Spit it out, Clay. Obviously, I'm too dumb to put two and two together. You're gonna have to man up and get over it," you snapped and his eyes flashed up to the ceiling.
He gritted his teeth again. "Fuck. What am I trying to say?" He hissed. The gears in his head were beginning to rust with overstimulation, and you could tell. He was hesitant as if debating what would be his next move. The tall man before you was slowly unraveling into unarticulated emotions. The minuscule thought tugged at your mind that Dream was attempting to tell you he felt something for you. It was oddly satisfying to juxtapose your ill-fated seven minutes in heaven experience when you had met him with the close, wet atmosphere you were in now. Even back then Dream couldn't figure out what to say.
He swallowed, his anger had melded into something less aggressive and more inwardly scorning. "I care about you," he blurted, his voice coming out uneven. He wasn't nervous and it seemed as if he'd practiced this in the mirror yet was crumbling under the pressure of you actually standing before him. "I care about you," he repeated, his face still tense and severe.
You were taken aback by his simple statement, awaiting his next move. You didn't dare arrest your eyes from his, your mind blurring about what to say to his confession. You knew that was big coming from him at the way it tugged at your heartstrings, making you blush in the ferocity of the steaming stall. The beat of silence was broken as he took a step toward you, taking your face into his large hands in a gentle gesture. His fingers threatened to snake into your hair as his thumb traced the bend in your jaw. Droplets of water fell off of him to splash against your sopping wet clothing, the warmth of his figure nearly pressed against yours sending rushes of goosebumps across the plain of your skin.
His eyes searched yours as he hesitated, as if savoring being close enough to taste you, yet the anticipation of sealing the fated and quarrelsome air between the two of you with his kiss was nearly too unrealistic for his mind to comprehend. The pad of his thumb brushed lightly against the flesh of your bottom lip as if he were wondering if the shade was their true color, all of his movements completely foiling the way he'd always handled you.
His look of desire and unsteadiness gave him the appearance of an explorer wandering around a foreign planet with the consistency of practice but restraint. You'd heard other girls talking about being with Dream---a fumbling night of drunken fun or a quick use and jading---but the Dream standing before you now seemed to be his own breed. You let your mind flicker to the fantasy that maybe the boy itching to mark you was a figment of him reserved and stocked only for you.
You found yourself leaning on your toes as his eyes began to close, drawing you in with his subtle caress. The water thundered down against him as his towering frame shielded you from the shower, the sound of its stream bouncing off the floor and your matted articles of clothing mixing with Dream's soft breath. As he pressed his lips against yours, it seemed like he was hesitant as if you'd snatch yourself away from his cradling like you always had, but sure enough, your sneakers were glued to the floor beneath you. Wherever you were going in the next few minutes would be to follow his lead.
His fingers dipped into your locks, bringing you deeper into his gesture of passion. Your mind clicked into the reality of the situation as your shoulders sank into a sense of calmness. Your hands found purchase around his waist, wanting to reassure him that you were reading his actions as your fingers traced the lines and dips in his back.
He kissed you with a needy passiveness that bled into the echoing taste of mint, bitter coffee, and the soft embrace of his mildly chapped lips. You'd been close enough to him in the past to dig your nose into his clean scent, but as he pressed against you, it was all you could focus on. He kissed you as if his lips were studying to be experts on your own; a kneading of exploratory gentleness met with a keen sense of wanting to pour everything unsaid between the two of you into this action. It was like he hungrily wanted to know the curvature of your mouth like the back of his hand.
He broke away from you breathlessly and your floating sense of calm clouded and compacted your words. You hesitated to open your eyes as you felt him settle his forehead against yours, not wanting to extract himself from you yet. You subtly enjoyed the fact of sharing air with him as you drew in a deep breath, the taste of him still lingering in your mouth. You wanted that taste to live on your tongue.
Clay stepped back, shrugging out of your hold reluctantly. His hand moved to settle over his mouth as if he was silently apologizing for the suddenness of that action. Your mind was running wild with the thought of him. You parted your lips, stunned enough that you could barely remember how to stand on your own let alone string together a sentence.
He swallowed, rubbing the back of his neck and avoiding your eyes. "I- um," his tongue darted across his lips and you yearned at the fact that you wanted to be pressed against him again, selfishly needing to be tangled among his long limbs or you'd surely die. "I'll see you around," he stated, undoubtedly noticing how verklempt you were and what kind of effect he'd had on you.
He moved to step around you and your eyes glued to where he was standing before. He halted when his shoulder brushed against yours, his gaze turning to trace against your features as you struggled to meet his eyes. You knew he was biting back a smirk as he went on his way again, leaving you to decompose at the mental imagery of him.
You heard the door swing shut behind him and you pushed your wet hair away from your face, turning off the water. As you stepped from the stall, you met eyes with a girl who perked an eyebrow in your direction. She froze in the middle of brushing her teeth, having obviously seen Clay leave, and at the sight of you, she smirked. “Alright, alright. I see you, Elizabeth Bennett,” she winked, swaying a bit before continuing on with her routine.
Tumblr media
Dream Tag List: (follow this link to be added ;))
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softlystarstruck · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
✩ softly reading, aug 23 - 29 ✩
here are the drarry fics i’ve read this past week! quite a lot of fantastic short ones, some rereads, and lots of hot fics 👀 my lists now have a new addition- self recs! my friends hyped me up to include works that i published within the week, so they’re in blue :) hope you enjoy some of these! short & sweet and non-drarry under the cut
✩ - a fave | 🔥 - hot | purple- reread | blue- self-rec
spotlight rec
✩ sourdough by @academicdisaster24 [M, 17k]
Draco writes romance novels and doesn't leave his apartment much. Harry bakes bread and sells it to Draco. Draco is quite weird. Harry might like that.
why i rec this: this is probably one of my favorite drarry fics in existence, and i reread it regularly 🙈 the story hits every right note for me, and i ADORE this draco! it’s a wonderful comfort read that has depth, humor, tenderness, and an abundance of bread 💕
longer reads
✩ To Be Like Geese by @writandromance [M, 211k] (very strong contender for the spotlight rec because i adore this fic)
Harry thinks he should have expected some blood and screaming at any Hogwarts-sanctioned event, even almost a decade after leaving school, but the greater surprise is in witnessing Draco Malfoy come to the rescue. Draco thinks it’s just his rotten luck that Harry Potter's asked for his help. The rest is a love story.
✩ Heartache by @bixgirl1 [E, 25k]
Harry doesn't think about Malfoy anymore. Not really. Not intentionally.
✩ Recalibrate by saras_girl [E, 20k] 🔥
Sometimes, you need to step back and think about things from a new perspective. Other times, you’ve just got to open your eyes to what you needed all along.
✩ Pieces of You by @janieohio, podfic by PhenominalAsterick [T, 12k]
Harry and Draco have moved in together, but Harry is hiding the truth of his childhood from Draco. Draco struggles to understand until a phone call from Harry's estranged cousin changes everything. [Pod Together 2021]
Jailbait by @spindlekiss [M, 12k]
Draco thought of it as a life sentence, Harry thought of it as a challenge.
short & sweet
I’m Not In Your Dreams by ununquadius [T, 9.1k]
Draco has dreamt with Harry's voice since he was fourteen, so there's no doubt for him about who his soulmate is. Now, in their Eighth Year, Harry has finally dreamt with his soulmate's voice too. The problem is that Draco was born mute.
Aletheia by @lazywonderlvnd [E, 8.3k] 🔥
Draco finds out Daphne's been shagging Potter and it turns out it's really not that difficult to get a piece of her hair.
The Mystery Beneath the Towel by @jeanm3 [E, 6.4k] 🔥
For a gay man, the men Aurors’ locker room was like a meat market. Or at least that was what Draco liked to think.
✩ A Virtue by @p1013 [E, 5.3k] 🔥
Harry thinks stakeouts are boring. Up until the point he doesn't.
✩ The Notion of Attention by @the-starryknight [T, 4.2k]
In the moments before Harry woke, Draco drifted through the little flat, puzzling over the little artifacts of Harry in every corner. Here are a few of the things that Draco learned: Harry lived alone. Harry was a good cook. He liked expensive coffee from that bodega on Horizont Alley and kept his flat perfectly clean. And he might be exclusively seeing Draco.
the moon between my hands by me [M, 3.7k]
Malfoy sits in the common room late at night, and Harry joins her. (They’re girls and they’re falling in love.)
✩ Together Like This by @shealwaysreads [E, 3.1k] 🔥
Draco attempts to prove to himself that he doesn’t deserve what he wants. Harry proves him wrong.
anticipation by me [E, 3k] 🔥🏳️‍⚧️
Sometimes, being married to Harry Potter goes a bit more like this: being stuck at an hours-long gala, schmoozing with rich purebloods in order to secure funds for the Potter-Malfoy charity foundation, delicately stuffing one’s face with hors d'oeuvres in order to avoid probing, gossip-fueled questions. All done with a plug up the arse.
✩ we’re so young, boy (ain’t got nothin to lose) by @swisstae [M, 2.9k]
“Then what, Potter? What do you want?” Malfoy’s voice is equally soft, almost a breathy sigh than actual words. And that’s the question, isn’t it? What does Harry want? He doesn’t know.
Show Me by @bangyababy [E, 2.5k] 🔥
On Harry and Draco's anniversary, they decide to try something new, but Draco won't do anything he isn't 100% sure Harry wants. So Harry tells him, every step of the way.
Delivering Desire by keyflight790 [T, 1.8k]
FLOO: The Food and Lifestyle Online Organization designed to deliver your every desire. Harry's a delivery boy, and can't wait to give Draco a package.
✩ we do this by @maesterchill [T, 1.7k]
There are so many good things about sharing a flat with Harry Potter.
✩ In Another Life by @bonesliketambourines [E, 1.5k] 🔥
Harry might have been temporarily de-corporealized, but Draco thinks he's as boo-tiful as ever.
✩ Phoenix in the Fire by @fw00shy [E, 1.4k] 🔥
Their first time was an accident. "Sex pollen," Draco claims, though everyone knows it was too much Ogden's after Puddlemere beat the Tornados 240-230.
Tinder Date Gone Wrong by @slytherinnbitch [G, 1.2k]
“Tell me he isn’t actually that much of an idiot.” Weasley says and shakes his head. “We all agree he is an idiot but why exactly in this case, if you don’t mind me asking.” Draco asks. “Because he clearly can’t see that you’re deeply in love with him, that’s why!”
✩ you are good by @academicdisaster24 [T, 969 words, wolfstar]
It had always been Sirius who could find him. Who could deftly untangle the web of emotions that often threatened to choke him, soothe and sweeten and soften all of Remus’ difficult edges and messy lines.
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pens-swords-stuff · a month ago
Tumblr media
➸ Name // Undine ➸ Age // 24 ➸ Pronouns // She/her (They/them is also acceptable!) ➸ Writeblr // @pens-swords-stuff ➸ Occupation // Full time graduate student ➸ Background // Japanese-American, queer, hobby writer ➸ Enjoys // Video games, playing music, binging anime and TV shows, compiling data for fanfiction/WIPs, bullet journaling, spending too much time on Tumblr Hey everyone! I'm not a new writeblr; I've been around for nearly 3 years now. I haven't been very active in the past year, so I'm reintroducing myself to the community as I dip my toes back in the water! I'm looking for new writeblrs to follow, so please reblog and I'll come check you out. I'd love it if you could introduce yourself to me in the reblogs because I'm always looking for new friends/mutuals to support. Friends and mutuals, I would love and appreciate a boost, as well as an update on how you're doing! I follow from my main blog @undinology. Contact me through my writeblr @pens-swords-stuff and not my main blog, please and thank you!
I'm primarily known for my writeblr advice. I write guides designed to help people navigate the community as well as tips and tricks for those who want some extra guidance. Sometimes I post writeblr opinion pieces about current events/trends sometimes if I have something to say. If you've been around, chances are you've seen some of them floating around! I also give standard writing advice on occasion as well. Feel free to ask me anything, just check out my ask guidelines first! ➸ My advice masterlist ➸ Ask guidelines I also run a lot of community events! Keep your eyes peeled for any future events; I run them all on this blog! Here are the events that I've created/hosted so far: ➸ Writeblr Secret Admirer (Annual) ➸ Writeblr Positivity Week (Annual) ➸ WIP Blind Date (Intermittent) Besides all of that, I create writing memes, do a lot of writing positivity posts, and occasionally post my own writing! Supporting other writers is incredibly important to me, so I do my best to leave comments and reblogs as much as I can. I love talking with and supporting people, so please feel free to reach out!
Writing info and WIPs under the cut!
➸ Writing masterlist* ➸ Primary genres // Romance, period, urban fantasy, mysteries, fanfiction *There are several WIPs on my writing masterlist that are on hiatus, and will likely not be discussed on my blog anymore! 98% of my writing is co-written with my best friend and writing partner @decantae. We've been writing together for nearly 6 years, and we primarily focus on writing bisexual romances in a variety of genres that spiral into massive plots. Our most recent focus has been writing period romances. Our current passion project and the WIP that I write for the most is a fanfiction period romance that features a huge polyamorous relationship, and it's nearly at 600k words written over a year and a half thus far. (No, it's not a novel, and it's written just for our own enjoyment, not necessarily meant to be read by others, so that massive word count is okay!) The other 2% of my writing are my solo projects. I'm a much better co-writer than I am a solo writer, and they are worked on much more sporadically, but I love them all the same. I have many ideas and I've dropped them just as quickly as I've discussed them! I'm a rather flighty solo-writer who is constantly juggling several ideas both novels and fanfictions. There are two WIPs in particular that have stuck around however, and that I talk about the most on my blog.
➸ Genre // Murder mystery, romance ➸ Tropes // Fake relationship/wedding/marriage, bisexual rivalmance/minor enemies-to-lovers, detectives ➸ WIP Introduction ➸ Character Introductions ➸ WIP Tag // #atb ↳ All posts about ATB, including musings, memes, jokes ➸ WIP Tag // #always the bridesmaid ↳ Only official posts such as snippets, intros, lore, etc. ➸ Synopsis There’s been a string of murders. While tragic, murders are commonplace enough in [Fictional City] that no one blinks an eye when they are reported on the six o’clock news. The victims had nothing in common, so it was largely believed to be the work of separate killers, unrelated and commonplace. Except for one tiny detail: Every single victim had been a part of a wedding party the month prior to their death. Two private detectives were hired to investigate separate incidents, two different murders. When it becomes apparent that this trail of wedding murders has one culprit, it was only natural for them to team up and work together, because two heads are better than one. The only problem: They are rival detectives with differing styles that clash and find each other insufferable. When clue after clue lead them to dead-ends and false information, they are forced to confront the reality that they need to do something drastic to pin down the culprit. Pretending to be engaged and planning a fake wedding to lure out the killer seems extremely out there, but if they can survive a fake relationship, perhaps they can bring down the killer once and for all. It’s a crazy plan, but it just might work. Because if there is one thing for certain… The victim is always the bridesmaid, and never the bride.
➸ Genre // Coming-of-age, magical realism, mystery ➸ Themes // Connections between the past and the present, nature is alive, nothing is truly gone, remembrance and memory, found family, history repeats itself, it's never too late, magical phenomenon being 'normal' ➸ WIP Introduction ➸ Character Introductions ➸ WIP Tag // #project vestige ➸ Synopsis When Brooke started hearing voices, she thought that she was going insane. There was laughter when she was all alone, she overheard arguments in empty spaces… She’s not losing her grip on reality however. The earth remembers. It remembers the conversations, the laughter, sobs, and the shouts. It’s called place memory, and the places whisper and repeat them out loud so that nothing is ever truly forgotten. Anyone can hear it — all you have to do is listen and pay attention. Most people can’t hear place memory or ignore it because they’re too distracted with their own lives, but Brooke is listening now, and she’s paying attention to every murmur. People are disappearing in Antium. At first it seems like no big deal — just a college student skipping town — but one by one, more people go missing.  It’s the Bay Witch, the locals say, the Bay Witch is snatching people away just like she did in the past; it’s happened before. Could it really be a local legend that’s responsible for these disappearances, or is there something far more sinister happening in Antium? Using her newfound discovery of place memory, Brooke and her friends start unraveling the truth behind the Bay Witch and missing people from over a hundred years ago. Little do they know, learning what truly happened back then may pave the way to them finding the missing people in the present.
If you made it to the very end of this long intro, thank you so much! Please feel free to ask about my WIPs or come hang out with me in my asks. I'm really looking forward to reconnecting with old friends, finding new writers to follow, and re-immersing myself into this lovely community!
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sweetmotherof · 5 months ago
Haikyuu Fics: The Classics™️
EDIT: pt 2!!
I wanted to make a post to archive what I would call “The Classics” as far as Haikyuu fanfic on ao3 goes. For anyone new to the daunting world of Haikyuu fanfiction, these works are probably the most popular, talked-about works throughout the fandom, so they are a good place to start! I haven’t read some of these, but the reason I included them is that I’ve seen so much hype around them. Comment the ones I missed, and I’m definitely going to be doing a part 2. Enjoy <3 :D
*contains nsfw fics* READ TAGS BEFORE U READ
⭑=my faves
Rules by ConesOfDunshire⭑
E, 120 k words
Accountant Akaashi. Pianist Bokuto. WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT??? This fic is seriously novel-worthy, and Bokuto having Asperger’s is a beautiful component to the story. I found that the characterization and the attention to detail the author put into the story is what made it a truly distinguishable and unique fic that allowed it to rise to the top. It is worth every kudos, comment, bookmark, and more. Highly recommend.
Behind Bricks by DeathBelle⭑
E, 60 k words, cw: prostitution, choking, and heavy content so READ THE TAGS
This darker fic follows Akaashi as he deals with his life as a prostitute, and how Bokuto comes in and is able to change it for the better. I feel sometimes that heavy topics such as the trauma from sex work are really misrepresenting in fanfiction, but the author does a great job of portraying it in a real way and not romanticizing it at all. I loved to watch love bloom for Akaashi in the cracks of his tumultuous life, because he deserves everything <333
In Another Life by LittleLuxray⭑
T, 22 k words, cw: terminal illness, hospitals, major character death
As the highest-rated Haikyuu fanfic on ao3, this work is a monument and will go down in Haikyuu history. That being said, it honestly did such a number on me that I think it deserves the hype. This hospital au revolving around Akaashi and Bokuto’s budding relationship is truly heartbreaking, to say the least. Read it at your own risk, and oh, you can find references to it under almost any Bokuaka related post.
Conquering the Great King by SuggestiveScribe
105 k words, E
This rollercoaster of a fic, set in a universe where Oikawa and Iwaizumi meet in a bar, is funny, profound, and awe-inspiring all in one. The relationship dynamic between the two is very cute and well-done. I highly recommend this one if you are a sucker for some good, old Iwaoi, and I also love the side pairings. Just, overall, a really nice and satisfying read.
the courtship ritual of the hercules beetle by kittebasu(chanyeol)
T, 66.3k words, cw: injury, homophobia
This fic is a favorite on tik tok, from what I’ve observed. I haven’t read it yet, but when people discuss it, they always commend the writing and the non-linear narrative. I have personally not read this one yet, but I have seen people rave about this one because of the emotional impact it had on them. It seems to me that the writing and emotions on this one are its claims to fame, so definitely check it out.
Desperado by Verbrennung
M, 82k words
Talk about raved about fics, I have seen this one mentioned countless times on various platforms. This Iwaoi fic is set in a Vegas/Japan fusion setting, which immediately caught my eye. The premise of a heist fic also is probably what caught people's attention the most, because what is better than an Iwaoi heist fic (nothing. nothing is better.) I recommend this if you want a bit of a longer fic that had a tumultuous plot and a wild romance.
Burden of Blame by DeathBelle⭑
E, 91k words, cw: graphic violence, guns, ptsd, panic attacks, murder, death, injury and more so READ TAGS
Burden of Blame is THE mafia au fic of the Haikyuu ao3 universe. I love this fic soooo much. From it’s wild plot to the flawless writing, I was constantly on my feet. I definitely recommend if you want something that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Also, the enemies to lovers is CHEFS FUCKING KISS.
A Liar’s Truth by internetpistol⭑
E, 49.6k words, cw: HOMOPHOBIA!! read tags pls
Oh. My. God. I simply cannot with this fic. It turned me inside out, upside down, and threw me into the void. Please, if you have one singular brain cell, you will read this fic. This narrative about Sakusa’s life and his relationship with his sexuality is a masterpiece. I cannot recommend this one enough. You do not want to miss out on this genuine piece of art. 
Stick With You by lettersinpetals
E, 99k words
This fic follows Sakusa and Atsumu as they get stuck in the Philippines over quarantine. Honestly, if you want an enemies to lovers that really goes in depth into the trope, this is the one for you. One of my favorite things about this fic is the inclusion of the Filipino language, and I found myself reading all of the translations at the end. I would recommend this if you want a longer, feel good Sakuatsu fic. Also, lettersinpetals is a Sakuatsu classic author.
the Terminal Curiosity series by favspacetwink and moonlumie
E, total 112k words, not finished, 8 works, READ TAGS
This fic is probably the notorious BDSM fic, which I’m glad because it portrays it in a very consensual and safe way. I’m personally not into that stuff, but I still was able to enjoy it for the plot and the amazing writing. I definitely recommend it if you are looking for something with BDSM components with some focus on their relationship dynamics too. I actually did really enjoy this fic, and I think the way their relationship kind of progressed backward was really, really good. Even if BDSM isn’t your cup of tea, I still recommend checking this one out and reading the tags to see if it is something you’re willing to give a chance too, because, for me, it paid off.  
the galaxy is endless (i thought we were, too) by cosmogony
T, 30.9k words, cw: illness, DEATH
I have yet to read this fic. I am genuinely too afraid. Similarly to In Another Life, I constantly see people discussing to the degree in which this fic destroyed them, and honestly after In Another Life, I don’t think I could handle another one. This soulmates au has crushed so many people throughout the fandom that if you want someone to give you more detail on why it’s the saddest thing ever, you probably wouldn’t have to look very far.
Of Monsters and Men by shions_heart
M, 220k words, cw: violence, temporary character death
This longer fic follows Kuroo, Kenma, and many others through a demon hunter/buffy the vampire-style universe, with magic, drama, and much more. If you are looking for a fantasy, action-packed, beautifully written fic, this is definitely one you should check out. The romance and action combination will always be chefs kiss, superb. 
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cutechim · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
wishing a very happy birthday to our honey boy + part 2 of my promised milestone celebration fic rec lists ♡ if you end up reading any of these fics, please make sure to show some love to the authors!
note: most of these fics are mature/nsfw, so be sure to check author tags/warnings! please note that these are just some of my personal favorites; this list is by no means exhaustive, and is listed in no particular order! i had to limit the number of fics in order to keep the list a reasonable length, but i tried to include a variety of aus/genres ☺️
fluff - ☼ | angst - ♤ | smut - ♡
Tumblr media
my recs: sj|yg|hs|nj|jm|th|jk
Tumblr media
easy rebound by @ditzymax​​      ↳ one-shot (6.5k) ↣ college au, fwb au ♡ ♤   
“Yoongi is one of the star players on the college basketball team. You are the head of the cheerleading squad. The pair of you would make the most beautiful (if most cliché) couple on campus, except neither of you have ever wanted anything more than the frequent, casual fuck. Yet somehow Yoongi finds his emotions straying towards dangerous territory.”
« this fic is perfect if you’re looking to get into your feels and wallowing there for a bit. there’s everything could ever ask for from an angsty fic: yearning, jealousy, and just a broken character in yoongi. my heart ached for him, and this was so beautifully written—definitely a must-read for any angst lovers out there who can take it!! »
Tumblr media
cut me open by @hayjeon​     ↳ two-shot (15k) ↣ married couple au, doctor au ☼ ♤ ♡
“This job makes great minds. Literally. Each patient that walks through the doors of the hospital into the Neurosurgery ward need to leave with the best service and help the country can offer. But a 300k salary, 1400 hospital workers, and 14-hour work day can’t make a marriage work.”
« i love everything about this fic: the premise, the storyline, the characterizations, everything. there’s such a rich background to all the characters, amazing world-building, and the story-telling is just so nuanced. this is the perfect dose of smutty + fluffy angst, and i highly recommend it to any medical drama lovers! »
Tumblr media
backstage by @wwilloww​     ↳ one-shot (4.2k) ↣ idol au ♡ 
“With the sounds of the stadium still ringing in his ears, Yoongi just needs to get away — just for a moment. And you have exactly the right idea about how to distract him.”
« this is one of the hottest fics you’ll ever read. i have never read a blowjob so well written, and the dirty talk blasted me into a different dimension, i swear. hard stans, if you haven’t read this, you’ll thank me if you do. and then you’ll want to read everything else willow has written because it’s all this good! »
Tumblr media
the truth between us by @gukyi​ and @jimlingss​      ↳ series (100k) ↣ e2l, coworkers au ☼ ♤
“a book deal should be the most exciting time of your life, but there seems to be a constant and omnipresent damper on your mood in the form of a certain min yoongi, who you would just cut out from your life, if he weren’t your editor. but then, the world shifts beneath your feet, and you begin to wonder if maybe you’ve always been looking at life from the wrong angle.”
« sometimes you read a fic and you just know the moment you finish it, that it’s going to stick with you. that was me with this wonderful piece. it’s the stuff of best-selling novels, and i can hardly believe that it’s offered to us for free. if you haven’t yet, i beg of you to give this a try. i’m convinced it somehow changed me as a person, because reading it felt like a spiritual experience! »
Tumblr media
insemination wars by @prolixitae​     ↳ series (40k) ↣ established relationship au ☼ ♤ ♡
“getting pregnant isn’t an easy feat, especially when balancing work and a stubborn husband. a chronological compilation that highlights the trial and error of good old-fashioned baby making”
« i’ve discussed this fic on my blog many times before, so there’s not much more i can add except that if you like domestic fluff, a well-fleshed out marital relationship, and baby-making, then this is the fic for you. it’s funny, heartwarming, and tugs at your heartstrings all at the same time. »
Tumblr media
all i want is you(ngi) by @jinpanman​     ↳ one-shot (2.5k) ↣ holiday au ☼ 
“Yoongi takes his baby out to sing karaoke the night before Christmas with the two Seoks. It’s a riot with drunken caroling (read: hollering) but he’s so in love that he doesn’t care.”
« the fluffiest fluff to ever fluff! and the cutest oc ever to cute! this couple is just adorable, and you’re going to end up being just as head over heels for oc as yoongi is by the end of this little piece. for a small little pick-me-up, this fic is unrivaled in the warm and fuzzies that it brings me. »
Tumblr media
nine thousand, seven hundred nineteen kilometers by @coepiteamare​      ↳ one-shot (1.4k) ↣ ocean’s eleven au ♤
“you find love somewhere in between los angeles and new york and lose your heart in between paris and tokyo. (alt. maybe he’s the compulsion you can’t seem to shake, the ache that doesn’t fade even nine thousand, seven hundred and nineteen kilometers away)”
« this reads like the beginning of an action romance, promising steamy + angsty sexual tension, with lots of suspension and adventure. we get a glimpse into this lovely world of characters, and it’s all so well constructed despite being so short, that i can picture everything perfectly. this is just one of the most unique and well-executed fics i have ever read. »
Tumblr media
see you undo it by @ve1vetyoongi​     ↳ two-shot (2.5k) ↣ break up au ♤  
“Yoongi was a coward. Three words, 8 letters was all it took to save what you had and he let you walk away. All he has now are his memories and a hope to see you undo it, one last time.”
« if you know and love this song as much as i do, you’re in for a real treat. this nails the melancholy of Undo right on the head; the prose is poetic, the yearning is beautifully described, and the raw emotion is just so palpable. even if you don’t know the song, if you enjoy angst, you’re in for a treat. »
Tumblr media
i’ll float away by @ppersonna​     ↳ one-shot (12.6k) ↣ post break up au ♡ ♤ 
“years after the breakup, yoongi, a successful award-winning rapper with an unhealthy addiction, finds your wedding invite on Facebook.”
« the writing in this is immaculate, that’s the only way to describe it. i don’t think i have been quite as taken with written words as i was in certain parts of this fic, and how it perfectly captures pain, yearning, hurt, and hope. another treat for angst lovers! »
Tumblr media
this tiny space by @ubemango​     ↳ drabble series ↣ parents au ☼ ♡  
“Yoongi was always attractive—your sexy piece of ass, as you like to remind him often—and seeing the tight skin of his back when he undresses further makes the insides of your stomach churn in want: the kind that made you want to fall to your knees, grovel. You love having a kid, but it’s been too long.”
« i am a huge sucker for domestic yoongi, and this little series hits that itch perfectly! i keep coming back to it because this little family is just too adorable and heartwarming. i honestly can’t get enough of this sexy dad!yoongi. »
Tumblr media
the little things by @papillonsgf​     ↳ one-shot (1k) ↣ established relationship au ☼ 
« this fic is like a hug in written form. it’ll make your insides all warm and happy, guaranteed, and in just 1k words. i generally love dialogue packed scenes, but the way this piece flowed was so natural and calming, it permanently expanded my appreciation for more descriptive pieces! »
Tumblr media
after the honeymoon fades by @onherwings​     ↳ one-shot (13k) ↣ established relationship au ♡ ♤
“Growing distant after being together for a long time seemed inevitable, until you realize the truth you and Min Yoongi are too stubborn to come to terms with: you needed each other more than ever.”
« this fic had me so damn invested in this couple, i can’t even begin to explain how attached i was to the characters. i went on this rollercoaster with them as they attempted to mend their relationship, and GOSH it was all so worth it! side note: i’ve always (respectfully) wondered where yoongi got the inspiration for seesaw, in the sense that it’s such a beautiful, emotionally charged song and i love it so much. i love this little au explanation for it, and how well crafted it is, in terms of providing “context” to the lyrics! »
Tumblr media
sweet by @yslkook​     ↳ one-shot (1k) ↣ established relationship au ♡ ☼
it’s a crisp saturday morning and yoongi plans on taking full advantage of it.
« if it isn’t clear by now how much i love domestic min yoongi...this is true fantasy in written form. sexy pillow prince yoongi who enjoys watching you get yourself off on top of him? sign me up and please keep me subscribed forever. »
Tumblr media
chapped by @bangtantaegi​     ↳ one-shot (3.3k) ↣ established relationship au ♡
“having injured his shoulder and unable to perform, the only thing yoongi has to look forward to are your lazy mornings spent in bed”
« this is the softest smut you will ever read and oh-so freaking sweet. i loved how sexy yoongi is, with his sweet, big-cocked self. this simultaneously had me all hot and bothered, while i was swooning and cooing over how lovely of a boyfriend he is. for a cute (yet horny) read, i highly recommend checking out this baby fic! » 
Tumblr media
please be naked (feat. namjoon) by @floralseokjin​     ↳ series (1k) ↣ rebound au ♡ ♤
“rebound sex is one way to distract yourself after a painful break up…”
« if you haven’t read this before, please stop what you’re doing. this fic is an angsty gem that will tear your heart up in the best way possible. again, as a 1975 fan, i may be biased, but this fic captures emotions with the same nuance and beauty as of one of their records, and i mean that with my whole heart. »
Tumblr media
catharsis by @dovechim​      ↳ one-shot (14k) ↣ roommates au, grad school au ♡
“where do you draw the line between fantasy and reality? Yoongi knows he has a kink that isn’t socially acceptable as kinks go. he’s already had several failed relationships in the past tucked under his belt as a result, so when you offer him a chance to live out his fantasy in a guiltless, no strings attached kinda way, what could go wrong?”
« for all my fellow impreg kink lovers ;) this is hot and cute and kinky and did i mention it’s really hot? »
Tumblr media
the early shift by @hobidreams​     ↳ series (21.4k) ↣ e2l, coworkers au, coffeeshop au ☼ ♤ ♡
“your coworker yoongi is always infuriatingly late. except the one time he’s much too early.”
« i thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this fic—the dynamic between these two was so very compelling. it was just the perfect balance of funny and light-hearted, with moments of angst and a whole lot of sexyness to go along with it all! »
Tumblr media
love language by @gukslut​​     ↳ one-shot (5.3k) ↣ established relationship au ☼ ♤ ♡
“Your boyfriend obviously loves you, but his silence has you questioning if he *wants* you. If you could only get past your damn insecurities maybe you could appreciate what you have.”
« this is one of my favorite smut pieces of all time. i love how well the passion between this couple was illustrated, and how it navigated something a real couple might deal with. it all feels so real, but how sweet and loving yoongi is still seems to be right out of a fairy tail! »
Tumblr media
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astaroth1357 · 11 months ago
The Brothers Dropping Hints to a Remarkably Oblivious MC
I liked this idea and wanted to flesh it out a bit before I bury my head in research for requests. Maybe I'll make a part two later? Who knows.
Seven demon brothers, one human. All seven want their attention… So the family agrees to a challenge: Can they get their human to return their affections without actually confessing first? Perhaps… but there's a catch. The MC is denser than a bag of bricks in the love department...
Good luck, boys.
If it weren't for this silly challenge, he'd have considered hiring a sky-writer because he couldn't think of anything more obvious and unavoidable than that…
It honestly astounded him how utterly unaffected the MC seems to be by all of his flirtations. It'd be impressive if it weren't so frustrating.
He could praise their appearance and they'd seemingly forget the compliment.
He could offer them all manner of gifts or meals and they'd think he was just being nice.
He could probably straight up give them a diamond ring and they'd assume it was a late birthday present… 
He was so out of ideas he was considering just ripping off the bandage and asking them directly, brothers be damned, but then that'd be admitting defeat and that’s just not on the table for him.
No, no… He just had to be more patient… Maybe offer them a dance next time? He'll win this challenge yet... maybe…
Of course the Great Mammon can get his human to notice his feelings! He's their first man, he knows them more than anybody else! This will be a piece of cake. Right?... right…??
It is not. It is not a piece of cake.
First off, Mammon's already shot himself in the foot because of his tsundere-ness. Turns out when he says, "It's not because I like you!" they actually believe him… 😰
Secondly, he's terrible at expressing his affection in ways that aren't material or possessive...
When he buys them things, they think he's acting sweet and just… pay him back or buy him something in return…
Like, he's not complaining (much) but that's not the point!!
Then when he tries to spend extra time with them they assume it's Mammon being Mammon and not, like, because he's trying to show them how crazy he is about them.
And now he can’t even be honest about his feelings if he wants to because of the damn challenge!! 😫
This seemed like a lost cause for him really… Looks like someone else is going to have to win…
He's been cursing their name to here and back for stealing his heart so thoroughly while still having no idea that they actually had it!!! He'd almost swear they were mocking him but eventually, he genuinely started to think they were just that clueless… 🤦‍♀️
At first he thought that he found a loophole because he could just act out a bunch of obvious anime tropes to not-so-subtly hint at his affections!
...but each time he tried to make a move, he lost his nerve and chickened out at the last minute…
"MC! I just bought some pocky off of Akuzon, do you want to try some?"
"Sure, Levi! 🙂"
"Oh u-uh… Great! H-here you go.. " *hands them the whole box...*
When these efforts failed, he went to plan B, which was again not-so-subtly throwing hints at how special they were to him.
"Hey MC, do you remember that game you were looking at? I got it for us! Come on, let's play together! I'll even let you use my favorite controller!"
"MC, why don't you sit over here? W-wait not that close…! No wait, don’t go!! Urgh!! 😫"
At first he thought it was working until he overheard them talking to Mammon, "Mm? Oh, of course Levi's been so nice to me! We're best friends!"
… Ouch, but not unwarranted. He'd have to try something else or just admit defeat…
He still truly can't get a good read on them. Are they interested? Just nice? A chronic sufferer of selective blindness?? What does he have to do here???
Satan took a page out of Levi's playbook at first, but replaced anime tropes with what you find in old romance novels.
He was on his best behavior whenever MC was around. Downright gentlemanly, right down to kissing their hand and putting his jacket over puddles for them to walk.
… Unfortunately, Lucifer refused to be outshined by his little brother in the princely courtship department and the two started butting heads (almost literally).
If Satan gave up his jacket for a puddle, then Lucifer would take their hand to "help" them across it. If Satan held a door for them, then Lucifer would hold it too and insist that he go in first. If the MC was cold they suddenly were covered by two coats… It was infuriating!
And you know what's even worse? It was counterproductive.
After a while the MC just thought that it was some kind of game or challenge between him and Lucifer and not him trying to express his actual affections…
Looks like he wasn't going to be winning this either…
On one hand, he kind of gets it because he's lovey and feely with everybody but, sweetheart, please take a hint every once in a while…
Asmo comes into the game with both an advantage and disadvantage. He's far more versed in the art of wooing than any of his brothers, but he was so close with them to begin with it's going to take a lot to get the point across…
Confident boi starts inviting them out more, lunch "dates," spa days, shopping sprees, any excuse to be alone with them really hoping they'd get the idea…
...but they didn't. It was just some fun time with Asmo and not any particular special treatment…
His compliments all seemed to bounce off of them too. They never seemed particularly touched and he wouldn't be surprised if they forgot about them within five minutes of hearing them…
Kicking it up to drastic measures, he tries to initiate even more cuddles and hugs than usual… But it feels like he could literally sew himself to their clothes and they'd think he's just being friendly! How do they not see what's going on here, are they just messing with him??
After a week of trying to monopolize the MC's time he had to throw in the towel, certain if he couldn't get through to them then no one could! 😣
Well, Beel's a little oblivious himself sometimes so it's not like he couldn't relate… He just wished he could be upfront and ask them because they really didn't seem to notice.
Chances are he was already cuddling with them, sharing his food, taking them places, and doing all the stuff he'd usually do when he likes a person... They probably just considered that to be his normal behavior by that point…
So. He just does what he normally does, but MORE.
Suddenly he's giving the MC half of his meals instead of a third. (Which is what? Enough for a family of four?)
His hugs have gone from just firm to full on bear-snuggles.
He's always offering to take them to a new restaurant or some other place he likes and showing them the best things on the menu (written or hidden).
But it's not exactly going anywhere… 😥
They seemed happy and liked spending time with him but if they were actually noticing feelings for them at all, he couldn't tell…
After a while he kind of gives up on getting them to notice and just starts to enjoy making them happy. Sure, he won't win the challenge, but for now a smiling MC is enough for him 😊
Look. He may be the King of Mixed Signals, but he's considering just giving up his crown but nothing he's tried has been working...
Similar to Mammon, he’s starting at a disadvantage by regularly being more than a little cryptic about his feelings…
To be honest, it was sort of a reflex for him by this point which didn’t help matters at all. He’s not that used to being completely open with his emotions so he has to fight the urge to downplay things all the time...
Oh, the MC agreed to go with him to the botanical gardens? Cool.
Wait, no, not just cool. It’s great! Really great!! He’s really happy about it, MC, can you see his smile?? He’s smiling! That’s rare! Please notice!!
(They don’t seem to notice…)
Eventually he got even more frustrated than Satan or Mammon and nearly just asked them point blank, but he knew his brothers would flip if he tried…
By the end of the challenge he thought it was a dumb, stupid waste of time and energy and he regrets ever agreeing to it (and he’s not just being pissy because he couldn’t pull it off or anything......)
After a couple weeks of zero progress for everybody, the brothers seemed to snap. The MC woke up one morning for breakfast only to find their seven demons waiting intently for them to walk into the dining room. What followed was a cartoon squabble of kicked up dust, flying limbs, and thrown objects as each desperately tried to climb over the other in order to get to their human first (even Lucifer nearly flung Satan across the table by the foot at one point). Poor MC was so confused that they had to shout at them just to break up the fighting…
When asked what's gotten into their demons so suddenly, the brothers have only one response:
…. Eh? 
Tumblr media
*MC.exe has crashed*
Back to square one, guys...
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