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right so the current duke fanon is that he’s a background character who’s all “comment comment.. weird siblings.. stares from the back..” and u can kinda attribute that to him not being around as long but it’s been Years at this point and for some strange reason people haven’t created a unified fanon version of him that fits with all the other loosely canon based fanon batkids

and it’s not like the fanon versions are stale! i love me some coffee obsessed tim and dick who loves so hard that it overtakes everything and i don’t even mind when steph is typecasted as quirky girl

so i propose we stick to new fanon duke as a number of things where he’s a dramatic theatre kid who likes poetry and cooking and his family while also being the relentlessly teasing middle child who knows how to get under people’s skin bc he can read them that well.. also he only Looks normal and that last one can be a little jab at past fanon duke who is just a sexy lamp

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Dick: It’s almost time for us to switch from our regular, everyday weapons to our holiday weapons!

Duke: Is there a difference?

Tim: Yeah, the holiday ones light up.

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damn, I really had to lowkey shit on one of my favorite comic artist’s work a little to their face; but they tried it. they tried it and I had to keep the same energy.

I can not lie, I feel so unworthy to critique this man 🤣 I can’t even draw smh but a nigga got eyes yo. something needed to be said.

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My friend: Duke’s parents are alive and Duke lives with his uncle. And he’s not officially adopted by Bruce, right?

Me: Yeah.

My friend: And Cass isn’t officially adopted by Bruce after new 52 reboot and her Mother is still alive, right?

Me: Yep.

My friend: So they aren’t siblings and their relationship can be romantic-


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Requested by: @hedone26

Request: Hiya could you please do a story where the Batboys individually figuring out that their sister is in love with Klarion - ps sorry for all the Klarion story ideas, the pilgrims smuff has locked all my idea in a box and won’t let it go no matter how many strawberries treats I give him

Hope you don’t mind that I’m doing this in headcanon format. Also, no need to apologize about the Klarion stuff. I love writing for him. 



  • It happened when the two of you were working on a case that involved Klarion
  • He noticed that you weren’t as focused as you usually are during missions
  • You would do little things that would make him distracted from the case
  • Like you would push another case on top, saying that it’s more important than whatever Klarion is doing
  • That plan worked only twice because he caught what you were doing pretty quickly
  • He voiced his worries to Alfred, who suggested that he should just talk to you
  • So he went toward your room
  • Saw the door cracked open a bit
  • A small laughter could be heard from inside
  • He peaked in and saw you laughing beside someone
  • His eyes widened when he noticed the blue-skinned pilgrim boy
  • But before he could barge into the room, he froze when he heard you tell Klarion something

“I’m serious, Klar” Your laughter subsided. “Next time you want to do one of your little chaotic deeds, you have to tell me beforehand. Otherwise it’ll be even difficult for me to tell Batman and the others that we’re dating”

“And what does your family think about you fighting bad guys in the middle of night with the big bat?” Klarion pouted. “I would think that Bruce Wayne wouldn’t want his child getting themselves in danger”

“You’re changing the subject” You rolled your eyes. Klarion continued to pout like a child. You walked toward him, grabbing his hands and placing a kiss on his cheek.

“Please. For me?” You batted your eyes at him, a trick that always works on him.
Klarion tried so hard not to fall for it but couldn’t resist how cute you were being

“Alright, alright. I won’t cause so much trouble” He sighed. Teekl shook her head in a mixture of disappointment and amusement

“Thank you” You hugged him.

“But, in exchange, you must give me 10 kisses everyday”

“Hmm. I think I can take that deal” 

  • Dick was both disgusted and happy to see you so happy
  • It made him think back to everything you did in the last weeks
  • How you looked conflicted during the briefing
  • All of the distractions you made
  • It was quite clear that you didn’t want to harm Klarion
  • Smiling, Dick left and went back to the cave to work on some cases
  • The next day during dinner, though, he asked about your love life
  • You blushed and ignored the question


  • He claims he found out by accident
  • But in reality he was snooping through your room, trying to get back at you from a prank you pulled on him earlier in the week
  • He just so happened to have found your journal
  • Now, Jason’s a respectful brother
  • He knows that looking through your personal stuff is wrong
  • But you put whipped cream in his helmet without him noticing and watched him put it on while recording it
  • You’re currently using that recording as blackmail to make him do everything you say and he’s swears to god if you make him massage Tim one more time, he’ll officially lose it
  • So he’s on the search for some blackmail material on you
  • But you just so happen to be the only person who is smart enough to keep any material that can be used against you to be well-hidden
  • So finding your journal was like a gift to freedom and he just had to look into it
  • What he found made him both aww and gag
  • You had written pages - and I mean, pages - about this one boy you have a crush on
  • The descriptions you wrote felt oddly familiar though
  • Dark black hair and eyes, has a pet cat, refers to 16th century slang, into witchcraft, blue skin -
  • Wait
  • Blue skin
  • The journal fell from his books and he just walked out of your room
  • He debated over what to do with this new information
  • He didn’t know whether to talk to you, tease you, or like… talk to Klarion
  • Before he could decide, he saw you leave the batcave and decided to follow you
  • He made sure that you wouldn’t catch him spying on you and he was surprised that you hadn’t even noticed

“(y/n)!” Klarion appeared in front of you with Teekl in his arms “Did you bring the stuff?”

“Don’t say it like that. It sounds like this is a drug deal” You laughed, pulling out three movie DVDs. “We have until patrol ends to watch these”

“And are you sure that these films are good? Those covers don’t look so convincing” He squinted his eyes in suspicion. 

You laughed and interlocked your arms together, resting your head on his shoulders. Klarion froze for a second before relaxing. You kissed his cheek and smiled at him. He looked back at you with a soft gaze and smile. The two of you walked away, talking about the movies you were going to watch at his home.

  • Watching that scene, Jason realized that both of your feelings were genuine toward each other
  • He left and headed back to the cave
  • Of course, he needs to have a one-on-one talk with Klarion later just for precaution


  • He was the first to find out
  • He’s also the only one that you’ve specifically told
  • But he found out on his own
  • You see, he noticed that you were acting odd
  • You suddenly had a bunch of random trivia facts about the 16th century witch trials
  • You used his computer and forgot to close the tabs, and he saw a bunch of articles about Roanoke and witchcraft
  • He almost thought you were studying the practice
  • But then he saw you walking with someone at the park while he hanged out with Bart and Conner

“Isn’t that (y/n) with Klarion?!” Bart’s eyes widened.

“They look cozy” Conner snickered.

Tim just shrugged, “Whatever”

He glanced at the two of you one last time. You had this smitten look in your eyes while Klarion rambled on about something. The two of you did look quite close. Oh well. It’s not his primary focus right now.

  • When the two of you were in the living room that night, Tim decided to ask you about it

“Are you dating Klarion?” Tim asked while the two of you were just chilling in the living room.

You almost dropped your phone and you began to choke on your drink. “W-What?!”

“I saw you two at the park earlier” He explained, flipping a page of the comic he’s reading. Your eyes widened while a blush crept its way to your cheeks. He glanced up at you. “So… are you two dating?”

You averted your gaze to the ground, slowly nodded. “Yeah. It’s been half a year now”

“Do you love him?” He placed the comic on his lap. You slowly nodded again, smiling a little as you thought about the chaotic boy.

“Yeah. I really do”


  • And that was that


  • He found the two of you cuddling on your bed when he went to get you for dinner
  • He’s glad that the two of you weren’t doing anything else
  • But he was still disgusted by the appropriate PDA
  • He was going to tell Bruce, but you quickly made him shut up
  • You agreed to let him use your debit card to buy his pets new toys and stuff
  • He also told you to make sure that Teekl doesn’t go near Alfred the cat
  • He honestly doesn’t get the whole ‘love’ thing
  • But he could tell that Klarion makes you happy
  • And your relationship doesn’t seem to affect your work ethic so that’s good
  • Plus, he likes hanging out with Klarion
  • He can learn some magic
  • Sometimes while you’re with Klarion, Damian would barge in and interrupt the two of you
  • You find it endearing and annoying
  • Klarion doesn’t mind
  • He likes to indulge Damian and his thousands of questions
  • Of course he doesn’t know that Damian is gathering intel on him
  • (or so Damian claims because he doesn’t want to admit that he likes your boyfriend)
  • But yeah
  • Damian is your designated cockblock and he’s not afraid to yell out how disgusting the two of you could be


  • He was the last to know
  • Mainly because he’s been busy with cases to have noticed anything weird
  • He actually found out while working on a case that involved Klarion
  • He was following the Witch Boy around, making sure he wasn’t doing anything suspicious
  • But he slowly started to notice that what Klarion was doing seemed to be… romantic?
  • Like the dude bought your favorite flowers, his hair was styled back, and he was constantly talking to Teekl about making sure that the plan went well
  • Duke was so confused
  • But Klarion wasn’t doing anything so he just went back to the manor
  • There, he saw you getting ready
  • You had your hair styled to the side, wore a new black dress with matching heels, and had put on a bit of makeup
  • There wasn’t any gala or special event happening so Duke was confused as to why you were all dressed up
  • When he asked you, you just said that you had a date
  • “You have a boyfriend?!”
  • “Uh… yeah?”
  • He tried asking you who it is but you refused to answer
  • He let the matter go
  • You probably didn’t want anyone to know - especially Bruce - and he respected that
  • But then he got another mission that involved Klarion
  • So another stake-out happened
  • Saw that Klarion was no longer living in an abandoned warehouse or going to wherever he usually goes
  • No, Klarion now had an apartment
  • That he owned
  • That was very odd for the 16th century immortal witch boy
  • But nothing really happened so he went back home
  • It was movie night with the family
  • Steph was doing your hair while watching the movie
  • You realized that you left your phone in the kitchen
  • Duke offered to get it since he wanted to get more popcorn
  • When he went to grab it, he saw your phone light up and he froze at the sight of your lockscreen
  • It was of you and Klarion snuggling with Teekl in the middle
  • And then you got a text
  • Witch Boy🖤 : Are we still meeting up tomorrow, love?
  • Cue Duke yelling that your boyfriend is Klarion
  • Everyone - minus Bruce - were like wbk
  • Bruce and Duke: “WHAT”

Klarion Masterlist                     Main Masterlist

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Gotham City. Clean shafts of concrete and snowy rooftops. The work of men who died generations ago. From here, it looks like an achievement. From here, you can’t see the enemy.

Batfamily insignia 10.5 x 4 banners

Please like/reblog and credit if you use!

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Duke : *picking up his and Jay’s ice cream order*

Random guy : *knocks into Duke*

Duke : *drops ice cream*

Duke : really, man.

Guy : *ordering*

Duke : um, hello ?

Guy : got a problem ??

Duke : yeah. You made me drop my shit

Guy : then pick it up

Duke : its ice cream, you cant pick UP ice cream

Guy : the fuck you want from me, man ?

Duke : maybe. an. I’m. sorry ??

Guy : what are you a chick or somethin ?? Get over it

Duke : okay, if you’re gonna have an attitude then you can just give me my damn money back for it is what you can actually fucking do, asshole–

Guy : listen here mother fucker–

Jason : *slipping between Duke an the dude to seperate the two*

Jason : *puts a hand on Dukes chest*

Jason :



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Many fans complain about Duke Thomas not being an interesting character, and one of the reason is because Duke didn’t really achieved anything important in the comics.

And I disagree with both of those opinions. Duke is certainly an interesting character, and he did a lot of important and impressive things in DC universe.

So I decided to make a list about Duke’s achievements:

1. Duke saved Gotham from army of teenage metahumans. Defeated the immortal leader of those metas. (Batman and the Signal)

2. Duke defeated Quietus(Evil batman from alternate universe) and freed Narrows part of Gotham city from Quietus during death metal. (Robin King)

3. Duke reminded Bruce Wayne his true self and because of that, Bruce Wayne got his memories back and returned as Batman. Also trapped Bloom(a monster that Batman’s high tech suit couldn’t stop) in the sky. (Batman Bloom)

4. Duke and his We are Robin gang saved Gotham middletown from psycho teenage Joker gang when Police couldn’t do anything. (We are Robin)

5. Duke saved hundreds of patients in Gotham hospital during Riddler’s zero year anniversary attack. (All star batman)

6. Duke persuaded Damian to stand with the Robins and defeated elite Talons. When Red Robin and Red Hood was down, only Duke was able to fight against Damian, which is very impressive. (Robin war)

Others: Hit KG Beast with a freaking car. Saved Nightwing and Gotham girl in Night of the monster men. Kicked Green Lantern’s face. Fighted against elite Talons in Robin war and All star batman. Used Green Lantern Ring when he was like 17. Escaped Penguin, Black mask and bunch of other top villains when he was 16.

This isn’t even all(since I completely ignored Bato) but you get my point. If you think Duke hasn’t achieved enough, shut your mouth and go read more comics.

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Hello again everybody! I know this list is a week or two late, but we’re finally back with a Duke-centric fic rec list. This was requested by an anon alongside our Cass rec list a little while ago. This time we’ve got ten different mostly gen fics lined up, and as always there is no bat*est. Hope you enjoy!

You Would Not Believe Your Eyes by Tiptapricot

4k+ | G | Complete | Gen | No Archive Warnings Apply

Relationships: Duke & Bruce, Duke & Dick, Duke & Tim, Duke & Damian

“No metas are allowed in Gotham, so what does that mean for Duke?”

All The World’s A Stage by IndefiniteIceCube

4k+ | T+ | Complete | Gen | No Archive Warnings Apply

Relationships: Duke & Cass, Duke & Cass & Dick, Duke & Everyone 

“Duke Thomas is fine with being considered the “Good Kid” or “The-one-with-common-sense”.

He’s fine with the fact that the majority of his family doesn’t really know him.


He’s fine with it.

(No he’s not.)

(But at least he’s not the only one.)”

Another Terrible Day by AuroraKant

2k+ | T+ | Complete | Gen | Major Character Death

Relationships: Duke & Everyone

“Summer has begun and Duke is without direction. The Manor is cast into the shadow of grief and Duke is wondering: What is his place in the family? Who is he in this thing they call the Bat-Clan?”

the scientific method by dreampunks

10K+ | G | Ongoing, 3/6 | Gen | No Archive Warnings Apply

Relationships: Basically Duke & The Batfamily

“5 stupid ways Duke’s siblings discovered how his powers worked, and one time he figured it out for himself.

“You have no idea,” Dick said. “I had to live through all of their teenage years. They were each independently obsessed with Mythbusters at separate points in their life. I’m pretty sure Cass and Tim have wanted a meta to experiment on since they were 14, but Bruce always said no."”

Scare by Jinmukang

3k+ | T+ | Complete | Gen | No Archive Warnings Apply

Relationships: Dick & Duke, Dick & Bruce

“And Dick had failed Duke. He brought Duke out, but he didn’t prepare for an actual attack.

Dick got Duke captured. 

By Scarecrow. 

It was all his fault.” 

Leadership by PepperSoniRoni @peppersonironi

2k+ | G | Complete | Gen | No Archive Warnings Apply

Relationships: Dick & Duke, Duke & The Team (Young Justice)

“Nightwing offers Signal a chance to lead a small group for a mission. Duke is wary, but accepts the challenge. He proves to be a rather great leader.

Takes place after Season Two of Young Justice, and ignores Season Three (I still haven’t seen it, unfortunately).

For Duke Week Day Five: Leadership”

Keep reading

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Requested by: anonymous 

Request: Strange request, but could I get a batfam x batsis reader insert where she’s gotten herself in trouble with gambling by betting her life in order to win the game? And the main reason she did so was to prove she could win against someone she looked up to. While in the end she walked away with someone’s life and a big sum of money, she also walked away with bandaged fingers because she pulled off her acrylics and real nails at the same time? Like their reactions to it all? Thank you!


Games have always been fun for you. That feeling of satisfaction when you can just feel the anticipation and intensity of a game was like a drug to you. You get to see the strike of fear in your opponent’s eyes when they realize that there is no way for them to win. Games have just been the one stable thing in your life.

You needed something to distract you from your parents neglecting you and your brother. Tim had his hobbies and you had games. The two of you still shared everything with each other though. When he told you about Batman, you had suggested that the two of you should start training. A couple of incidents happen and next thing you know, you and Tim became Bruce Wayne’s wards/adopted children and Batman’s partners.

Alfred and Bruce noticed your special talent, and encouraged you in every possible way. They let you play whatever game you wanted. Checkers, chess, gin rummy, poker, etc. Alfred was a good teacher and opponent for most of them. As you grew more experienced, you started to take your talent into the field. Your siblings found your knack for games to be impeccable. They loved to play with you, especially when they think that they would finally beat you. Your love for games has never been a problem.

That was until now.

It was a simple mission to gather intel on the Penguin. You were at the casino, playing your part by chatting it up with a few of Gotham’s less infamous - but still dangerous and powerful - mobsters. It was going well. You had managed to make your way in with them, getting them to let you join them in on one of their private games in one of the back rooms of the casino. Your family also had your back throughout it all. Your older siblings posed themselves as employees while Batman and Robin patrolled outside and Alfred managed the comms. They were all able to hear your conversation and watch you through security cameras. 

Everything was going smoothly until the gangsters began to suspect you. You heard your siblings immediately offering to go help you, but you chose to ignore them. You were too focused on the game.

“Let’s put those worries to a side, boys” You smiled as you observed the game of poker before you. You’ve been hustling them for a while now. They think that you’re just a mediocre player - that you’re just another rebellious heiress that is willing to gamble her money away. But the moment you started to show that you were more than mediocre, they began to start to have their questions. “How about we make this interesting?”

“How?” The main guy raised a brow at you. Your gaze locked with his. He’s been eyeing you for a while now. If this was any normal circumstance, you would have gagged and make it very clear that you’re not interested. Unfortunately, that’s not the case here. So you’re going to play with what you have.

You moved all of your chips into the center of the table. You then took off your jewelry and put them down as well. Most of the guys playing raised their eyebrows, looking more interested than ever. The main guy wasn’t convinced though. So you took out a scrap piece of paper from your bag, wrote something on it, and put it in. 

The man chuckled. “Are you sure you want to put your life in, little girl?”


‘What are you doing?’

‘Did I hear that right?’

‘Oh shit’

“Positive” Your smile never faltered. “But I also think you should put something in just as interesting.”

The man gave you a questioning look. 

“It would only be fair” You placed her head on the palms of your hands.

He looked at his fellow partners. They silently nodded in agreement, thinking that there would be no chance for you to win. Your smile remained still when you saw the man write his own name on a piece of paper and placed it in the center, along with all of his chips. 

The game continued in silence. A few glances would be shared here and there, trying to figure out the other’s moves. The others eventually pulled away from the game, leaving only you and the leader. The tension only built up with every second that passed. Your poker face showed no weakness in any way. That only made the man grow more wary of you. You were no longer pretending to be a newbie to the game. They could all feel the atmosphere around you grow more cold. It was both impressive and quite scary.

And then you won.

The man slammed his hands on the table as he got up. They all pointed their guns toward you while you gathered everything that was laid out in the center. You glanced up at them. “Someone’s a sore loser”

“Why you bit-”

Before he could even finish the word, and before the henchmen could attack, you made the first move. They all grunted in pain as you kicked, punched, and threw them down. They fought back of course, but they didn’t stand against your training. At the end of it all, you were pointing two guns at the leader with one of your legs on his head.

“Tsk. Tsk.” You took heavy breaths. “Let’s not forget that I own your life now. Don’t make me take it from you”

He tried to get up and push you off of him. You continued to press your foot down on him, pressing the gun closer to his head. He grunted in defeat, muttering his surrender. You kneeled down to him. “Good. Now let’s get talking”


You walked back into the cave with a hum. After you got the information you needed, you handed it over to your siblings, who then went off to join Batman. You were sent back home after they saw the blood trickling down your fingers. You hadn’t realized it before, not feeling the pain due to the rush of adrenaline. You protested but they were having none of it. 

Alfred glanced down at your hands and he already had gotten the first-aid. You sighed and let him bandage you. A part of you was upset over losing your new acrylics, but another part of you felt proud for winning the game.

“Want to go shopping tomorrow?” You finally spoke.

“As much as I would love to join you in spending the great sum of money you won, but I am quite certain that you would not be able to leave your room after that stunt you pulled” He began to put away the kit. At that moment, the sounds of your family arriving could be heard. They were all yelling your name.

“If I give you fifty-percent of what I got, would you hide me from them?” You whispered to Alfred.

“And miss an entertaining conversation? I don’t think so” He smirked when your smile morphed into a frown. 

“(y/n)!” Tim and Duke were the first to come into your view.

“What were you thinking?!” Dick appeared behind them.

“You should have waited!” Jason scolded.

“You could have been killed,” Babs crossed her arms over her chest.

“Tt.” Damian clicked his tongue.

“Your acrylics!” Stephanie chimed. They all looked at her. She cleared her throat. “I mean, how are your hands?”

You couldn’t help but laugh at the girl’s reaction. Cass had walked over to you and grabbed your hand. She was frowning at you. Your smile fell and you looked down at the floor between you. You hated when she looked at you that way.

“(y/n)” Bruce walked toward you with his arms crossed, his angry scowl spread across his face.

“Look, I know” You got up from your seat. “I acted recklessly and put myself in danger, but if I didn’t, they were going to figure me out right away. I couldn’t let that happen”

“And your first thought was to bet your life?” He raised a brow.

“It was the only thing that would have gotten his attention” You reasoned. He continued to look unimpressed. You sighed. There’s no way out of this. “Alright. How long am I grounded for?”

“Two weeks grounded and a week with no suit” He then took the bag of money from your hands. “And this is confiscated”

“What? No fair! I won that” You tried to get it back.

“You’re an heiress. Losing this much wouldn’t hurt you” He walked off with Alfred following, leaving you with your fellow partners and siblings. They were staring at you with similar frowns.

“Alright. Let’s hear it” You sat down by the computer. “Lecture my ear off”

They shared a glance at each other. Tim, your sweet brother, was the first to smile and walk toward you. “Nah. You’re gonna get even more of that from Bruce. I’m just glad that you’re okay”

“If he let me keep that money, I would have bought all of you something” You smiled at him.

“You say that as if you aren’t rich” Jason chuckled. “But don’t worry, I’ll nab that cash back for ya”

“Have I mentioned that you’re best brother ever?”

“Hey -” Dick, Tim, and Damian sounded offended - mainly Tim. 

“Shush. You guys ate the cheesecake I bought last week” You glared at them.

“That was Jason’s idea!” Dick defended.

“No it wasn’t” Jason defended, but when you had your back to him, he was making hand gestures that threatened the other boys to not speak another word unless they wanted to get punched. That seemed to have gained the boys’ attention and they were now arguing with one another. Duke was trying to diffuse the situation but was having no luck doing it.

“Are you okay?” Babs walked over to you with Steph and Cass.

“I’ve been better” You held up your bandaged hands.

“Aww. Don’t worry. We’ll have a girl’s night that could fix this” Steph gave you a side hug. Cass patted your head in comfort. She no longer seemed mad at you. That’s a good thing. She then brought up her hands to sign.

‘Don’t do that again. You make us worry.’

“Fine. I promise I won’t do it again” You caved. Cass always has a way to make all of you listen to her. “I’m just glad he didn’t take away gaming privileges”

“That’s because he knows that you would annoy him if you didn’t have your games to keep you busy,” Dick smirked. 

“I would refute that but it’s true” You nodded.

“As much as I disagree with your tactics, it was fun watching you beat those guys” Damian admitted.

“Oh? Then how about we play a couple rounds?” Your trademark smirk appeared.

“Oh no. I would like to keep my weekly allowance, thank you” Duke held up his hands in surrender.

“You’re no fun” You stuck your tongue at him.

“Alright, alright. Enough” Dick sighed. “Come on, let’s watch a movie or something. (y/n)’s pick since she earned it”

“But, please, for the sake of our remaining sanity, never do that again” Tim helped you up from the chair.

“If you beat me in a game, then maybe” You laughed at his frown. He knows you were joking, of course, but he can never be too sure. You’ve gotten too good at acting and lying with that poker face of yours. It was quite terrifying to think about.

But yeah. Games have just been your thing. It started as a way to get away from your family issues and now it has become a useful strategic tool in the crime-fighting scene. As much as your new family may be protective over you, they know that you can handle yourself. If they didn’t, they do now. You’ve proven that tonight. They may share their concerns, and they might be extra protective the next time you’re out in the field, but that’s because they don’t trust the bad guys. They’re quite certain that you will pull that stunt again with no remorse. When that happens, you’re going to be extra careful of your nails.

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Holy frick this was just supposed to be a doodle of Duke

Also! 200 Followers! Yayyyyyyy!!! I know I’ve been a bit awol but I appreciate the support! And, my duke is pretty inconsistent now since I just started drawing him, but I know the more I sketch and doodle him the more I’ll find out which features I think suit him the best :)

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