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budgieflitter · a day ago
look at my moves father
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pforestsims · 2 days ago
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A few days ago Epi asked me if I’d like to make recolours for “Modern Arf” Dog Pen that they’ve turned into Rabbit Pen. I gave it a go and realised that original pen mesh had no potential whatsoever.. Bunny is just too damn cute to sit behind that thing!
Here’s my edit of the default replacement created by @deedee-sims​​ and @episims​​  - I’ve included invisible recolours, so you can overlay it with whatever you like. It comes with two decor items: hay clumps (rug), and rabbit kennel.
Rabbit Pen - rustic Mesh Edit  & recolours
also included: Rabbit House & Hay Clump Rug
✦ Download (SFS)
🐇 ⚠️ NOTE: This is NOT A COMPLETE pen DEFAULT! You’ll need to get ‘Wants’ file (and rabbit recolours) from first default version shared HERE (SFS) or HERE (Mega) !
New polycount: ~3841 (was: above 11000)
* Language versions: ENG, PL, HUN, FIN 
18.VIII. Default file was updated, added translations: French, Brazilian-Portuguese and Russian. If you’d like to replace the previous version remember to also redownload original Wants file.
* Bed & bowl texture default and recolours will work for original Toy dog pen
* This is for The Sims 2
Recolour swatches below the cut!
If you use invisible recolours indoors, a ground shadow will still be visible (if you have those enabled ofc). It can be covered up using a rug. Pen will not cast outdoor shadow because I’ve disabled it.�� 
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wi-fu · a day ago
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eblensky and i collabed to recreate this iconic chat with our favorite scientists! she drew loki, pascal, the balloons and the backgrounds, while i storyboarded and did vidcund and lazlo!
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episims · 2 days ago
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Job Outfit Stopinator
A mod inspired by Cyjon's Job Stopinator and this post by @freezerbunny-sims2. Simply put this sign in your sim's inventory and they won't change into career-dictated outfits anymore. The 'dress for work' option won't show up on wardrobes either.
Download (SFS) (alternate) - the file is compressed. Requires most EPs and will conflict with other mods that prevent sims from wearing work outfits. Found under misc/misc for §1.
The clothes icon was snatched from TS4. As always, please let me know if you have any problems!
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crispsandkerosene · 2 days ago
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Two Wall Hanging/Mounted Beds for the Sims 2
Both these beds are low tier, costing 250$. They are AL shiftable and must be placed against a wall, though you’ll have to turn moveObjects on hold Ctrl + Alt in order to stack them.
Once again, this object has an in-game description courtesy of my boyfriend Charles <3
The wooden frame’s ‘military’ colours should match those of the small CS drawer.
Swatches: -> Metal Frame. -> Wooden Frame.
+> Download at SimFileShare.
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plumbob-boy · 22 hours ago
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kayleigh-83 · 2 days ago
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I don’t take requests, but I do occasionally steal them! I saw that @platinumaspiration had a request for this top from anon, and I messaged her about it because it has been on my to-do list for ages, and I know she already has a WIP list as long as my arm!
She still gets major credit on this one though since I had plenty of questions and needed help troubleshooting to get me here!
The top is available for TF-AF, with morphs, categorized for everyday and pajamas. Left Sim in the screenshot is modelling it as pajamas with the adult fat morph, right Sim is modelling everyday with the teen fit morph.
You can have the teen files standalone or repo’d to the adult files.
AF: Download (SFS) | Download (MF)
TF Standalone: Download (SFS) | Download (MF)
TF Repo: Download (SFS) | Download (MF)
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lesyasun · a day ago
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They just can’t be serious. Even when it comes to wedding photos :P
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anibats · 14 hours ago
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New Video: The Sims 4T2 Speed Build | Recreation of Sims 4 Creations' Off-The-Grid Lake House
Please check out Sims 4 Creations’ original video here. 
Huge thanks to @lamare-sims for the amazing Shiftable Everything mod, that made building this an absolute joy. My first time trying it out, and I absolutely loved it. 
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keoni-chan · a day ago
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Alex: “Are you sure about this? A big celebration of love might be just what your family needs in these dark times?”
Ava: “Shouldn’t that be my line? Will you really marry me, even if I’m pregnant with someone else’s baby?”
Alex: “It doesn’t matter to me. I love you, and that baby is a part of you, so I’m sure I’ll love it too. I want to start a family with you, Ava. I don’t care about the rest.” 
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servegrilledcheese · 58 minutes ago
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V̴̼͉͎̬͘̕Ọ̶͌̾Ö̸͇́̋O̷͖̤̲̖̊́̒̂̀͜͠ͅ ̶̭̖͚̦͖͓̭̈́̂̑̒Ģ̷̳͈̝̺̆̄̀͑̆̎̄̚E̷̟͍̘̣̾̈́R̴̝̟̈́̓͜B̴̧̙̩͇̬͇̍̏́͐́̒Ḯ̴̩̻͖̀̎͊̈́̌͘T̴̖̦̬̰̿S̷̨̱͕͍̠̻̯̒͛̅͘͠
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waprilzei · 2 days ago
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ghostd20 · 2 days ago
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episims · 8 days ago
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Crib Animation Teeth Fix
I was browsing through my dash today when I saw a pic of this happening, and realized that I know how to fix it. So here's just that: a quick replacement for the crib crying anims that move those levitating teeth into the mouth, where they belong.
Download (SFS) (alternate) - the file is compressed. Shouldn't conflict with anything.
I tested this fix with a few poor toddlers different faces and the teeth didn't stick out anymore, but let me know if you have any issues!
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kayleigh-83 · 2 days ago
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File updates - please read!
I realized I goofed on the TF repo files for EF28 Ribbed Ruffled and the EF repo files for Platasp’s Memory Tunic. They will still work, but they technically weren’t actually repo’d 🙃🙃🙃
I’ve updated the links in the original posts, and here - let the files overwrite the old ones!
If you haven’t downloaded any of them yet, please go to the original posts first to get all the main files you need for the repo ones to work. Here and here.
Ribbed Ruffled TF Repo updated  |   Memory Tunic EF Repo updated
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lesyasun · a day ago
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pforestsims · 11 days ago
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Wow, 2K followers. When did that happen.. My dear followers, please accept this aspiration reward replacement as a gift cuz I have nothing else to share right now. 😅
Here’s my attempt to recreate the heart-shaped TS1 Niagara Love Tub for The Sims 2.
💝 TS2 Love Tub Default
& Recolours
♥  Download (SFS)
Please note: it most likely requires University EP  ‘cuz I’ve replaced candle flames with empty effect from UNI.
Polycount: 4249 (was 5026), water has morph animation (yay !)
* Some clipping occurs, especially when sims lean back, but that’s also the case with original love tub.
* there are four default files to choose from - with or without floating hearts & flowers FX, and without the oval bits.
Buyable Love Tub mod is available here (SFS)
Hot tub water default available here (SFS)
No custom tub version for now, ‘cuz cloning hot tubs turned out problematic.
More pics and info below the cut:
Tumblr media
Please note that all tub colours have a blue-ish center, and it will be more visible with original water. That’s to make the jacuzzi look better when it’s turned on. Otherwise the water looks dull AND you can see too much of the wonky underwater woohoo anims.
Tumblr media
Below: lazy preview of the tub sans the headrests above each seat, or whatever you call it. Tub looks a bit plain without these IMO.
Tumblr media
And about the water morphs : there are four out of original nine, but it’s enough to make the animation look decent.
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