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( aka. nobody tagged me but i did it anyway. )

and hey you, yes you reading this you should do this aka. i’m tagging everyone who feels like doing this.

a lot of thanks to all the cc creators stuff i used honestly everything is cc there is too much to list but at the top of my head there’s stuff from @ridgeport , @aharris00britney , @clumsyalienn , @crypticsim , @pyxiidis , @simandy , @stephanine-sims , @stretchskeleton so thank you all so much for creating amazing cc!

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Since I’ve started being more “narrative” with these posts, I’ve found that less time is passing and despite Gen 4 being the quickest of the challenge so far, we still aren’t at the end, lol!!  I hope to finish up Nova’s story in the next post or two and then we’re off to the Plum Gen!

This one ends on a really sad note for me - get the tissues ready!


After a really rough pregnancy, Nova was finally ready to give birth to her third child!!  This time, she and Gunner welcomed a bouncing baby boy - they named their second son Plum, after the purple-hued eyes of his father… which, oddly enough, Plum did NOT inherit - he is the only one of the three kids to get Nova’s grey eyes.

With three children to raise and a career nearing it’s peak, Nova was a truly busy woman!


The next several months were a flurry of activity.  Gunner and Nova tried hard to find a good balance between parenting and career, but they had a conversation that Nova had been meaning to have with Gunner for a long time.  She decided that, once the next soccer season was over, she was stepping away from the Llamas and dedicating the rest of her life to her family.

She was sure that she’d make MVP this year and her spot in the organizations Hall of Fame was almost guaranteed - she’d done what she meant to do and wanted to end on a high note.

Gunner was supportive of her decision, as he was also nearing the end of his playing days.  Gunner, however, planned to stay with the men’s team as a coach within the next few years.


Saffron also decided that it was time to leave The Island and the home he’d built with his late-husband, Slate, in favor of a smaller home closer to his grandchildren.  With her dad so close, Nova was happy to have him over a lot, and the kids became accustomed to his presence at the dinner table and during their move nights.

Saffron was still active in his career with the National Space Agency and the kids would ask him all sorts of questions about space, aliens, and what the planet of Sixam was really like… Nova hadn’t told the kids (or Gunner) that they had the blood of an alien running through their veins, but she knew she’d need to tell them one day.


And then it FINALLY happened - Nova reached the tip-top of her career and finally became the MVP for the women’s team at the Llama’s organization, learning that her nomination to the team’s Hall of Fame would occur within the year and the Llama’s retired her jersey number - 04 - out of respect for the years of hard work and dedication that Nova put into the team and sport.

With her career behind her, Nova was now able to permanently focus on her family, the title of “mother” now her only job.  She was happy and relieved and proud.  She would never regret retiring early, she knew it.

(The rules of the challenge only specified that she complete the Athlete career, nothing about when she could leave it, so I figured it’d be okay to quit once she reached level 10)


… but we know how this song goes, don’t we?

Just when things are at their highest, fate likes to remind the Berry family that it’s not always sunshine and rainbows.

Only a few shorts weeks after announcing her retirement, Nova’s beloved father - Saffron Berry, our Yellow Generation Sim (and my dearest favorite) - passed away of old age.  He’d lived a long, happy life - journeyed from the humble apartment that he’d shared with his single mother and into the stars.

Goodbye, Saffron. </3


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As promised, Gracie arrived on time, and Thomas was waiting for her, his breath coming out in puffs in the warm air, as Gracie herself was out of breath due to having rushed from the daycare center with Maya for this meeting. They met together and embraced tightly, Gracie couldn’t deny the flutter of butterflies pealing in her belly when he hugged her tightly.

“Good morning, beautiful.”

“I didn’t think I’d be late, I hope you weren’t waiting long.”

“Only a couple minutes, I saw you before you saw me.”

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