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Hard to Handle - Street Corner Symphony (Introducing Kurt Zimmerman) - A cappella Throwdown (by strasseneckesinfonie)

And this is why I love Street Corner Symphony so much. Also KURT ZIMMERMAN IS THEIR NEW BEATBOXER. AKA the only part of Eleventh Hour I enjoyed. Plus he’s so stinkin cute ok. 

Just a good day in the a cappella world overall, as On The Rocks released their new album “Alder Alley” today as well :)

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So I woke up early to trek into Hollywood this morning, and well that in itself was a trip and a half. I finally made it and met up with Nicolas, Nathalie, Katie, Matt, and Seth, and the six of us traveled to hike up the hills where the Hollywood sign is. It took us quite a while to get to the top because it was a long trail and it was very hot outside. We made it up, took our pictures, hung out, made it down, and it was a blast. After we made it down, we went to City Walk in Hollywood where we got dinner at Buca’s. We signed a postcard with our picture on it and stuffed it in a flower pot hoping that one day it will be worth millions and we can return to find it. After Buca’s we stayed in City Walk to watch these acapella singers from the TV show The Sing-off perform…it was amazing and so much fun. The performers were great! We got ice cream, we danced, we sang, and overall it was just a great experience with new friends. After we left City Walk, Nicolas offered to drive me back home to downtown since I was planning on just taking the train…he told me he had a surprise stop planned along the way. Well. We park, we get out of the car and we turn this corner an immediately I knew where he was taking me. 1329 Prescott St, (not the real address), which probably means nothing to any of you. But he took me to the ACTUAL house that the characters from Charmed “lived” in! The manner! I saw the manner from the outside, from the street, and neighbor Dan’s house, and creepy Gamel’s house! Omg it was incredible. Best surprise ever! That was my favorite show growing up, and to be able to see the actual manner where it all “took place” was absolutely amazing. It was the best surprise ever and a perfect way to end a great day. Nic said my reaction as soon as I figured out where we were was priceless…that kid is amazing. I wish I could tell you all about his life but he had done so much in his 21 years and he’s only spent three of them in the US. He’s incredible, such a humble and sweet and friendly kid. More people should be like him.

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so it gets a little pitchy, but that’s understandable because it was their swan song and they were all clearly upset. Which actually makes for a great song because that raw emotion definitely comes through in their voices (I especially love the soloist, Courtney Jensen- she came back in the second season of the show in the Backbeats. And actually the girl with the mohawk, Amy, came back in the third season with Delilah). 

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THE SING OFF IS IN DIFFERENT COUNTRIES. oh my gosh this is the netherland’s sing off and dude this is so awesome/weird  brb gotta go watch all the videos!

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