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Kal and Aurora: [staring into each other's eyes]
Fin: [opens a soda can]
Kal: We're having a moment.
Fin: I'm having a cola.
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sarabahama · a year ago
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Possibly the cutest happy dance ever filmed.
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saintsaensreads · 10 months ago
Four pages in and that's it our hero has just
It's a marvel he is even alive at this point.
( psa that apparently the hero didn't know about : don't shovel down fruits after having eaten nothing for the past day? And also don't drink water after eating fruits like that??The consequences are dire.)
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ash-and-starlight · 10 months ago
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There’s a new recruit at the Shatterdome (and Zuko’s not too happy about it)
Zukka pacrim au babyyy
Image id under the cut
[ID: two colored digital drawings of Sokka and Zuko from Avatar: the last airbender. Based on the scene from Pacific Rim where Raleigh and Mako first meet. In the first drawing Zuko is depicted from the shoulders up, frowning slightly and looking in front of him. It’s raining, and he’s holding a big black umbella and wearing a black coat. At the bottom a yellow text says “I imagined him differently.” In the second drawing Sokka is depicted from the shoulders up, looking at Zuko with an annoyed expression. He’s also holding a black umbrella, and wearing a gray coat with a white fur collar. The yellow caption at the bottom says “Hey, better or worse?” END ID]
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oatbag · 8 months ago
hi im doing an experiment rb w ur zodiac sign element (water/fire/earth/air) and whether the physical element itself is the one ur most comfortable interacting with
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sarcasticmothdraws · 16 days ago
Dude draw bro strider
Here's the thing anon, when you said draw Bro Strider.
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itzroseblossom · 3 months ago
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mvdeanw · 2 days ago
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Dean - SPN // 3x03, 3x08, 3x14, 4x07, 5x01, 8x23, 10x09
For @aborddelimpala Dean Winchester's BD Week 2022
Day Five - Jan 21st: Smartass Dean
Dean ( Jensen ) love club: @jillmariej @deanwanddamons @deanwinchesterswitch @brilovesdeanwinchester @septembersghost @waywardbaby @siospins @damndeanwinchester @tintentrinkerin @spnfangirl1314 @shawnie74 @kwistowee @queenofallerdalehall @charred-angelwings @girlshunttoo @adoptdontshoppets @ddriverpicksthemusic @milo-winchester-4ever @wickedinspirations @quicklymybasement @jensensgotyoudean @lequisha @deansraspberrypie @thoughts-and-funnies @raidens-realm @all-alone-he-turns-to-stone @eevvvaa @siospins2 @doublebill @avanatural
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seductivegentleman · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Thoughts/feelings??? Comment below 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽
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Tbh I like the idea of Jedi essentially being academics with powers because it implies they have specializations. Like Quigon is a really fucking weird experimental Physics guy, Obi-wan is the ethics and law guy, Yoda is that absolutely batshit insane tenured professor who doesn't give two shits, ect
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fuzzy-melonlord · 29 days ago
More Redacted incorrect quotes because my life is spiraling
Darlin: I can explain
David: Can you?
Darlin: If you give me thirty seconds to think of a lie
Asher: So how was the honeymoon?
David: Angel got drunk and tried to set our marriage certificate on fire. 
David: They said, “good luck trying to return me without the receipt.” 
Gavin: On a scale from 1 to 10, how would you rate your pain?
Freelancer: pi.
Freelancer: low-scale but never ending.
Gavin: ...are you okay?
Aaron: How petty can you get?
Smartass: I once edited a Wikipedia article to win an argument I was wrong about.
Sweetheart: Milo and I are no longer friends
Milo: Sweetheart, that’s the worst way to tell people we’re dating.
Darlin: Small creatures are way more vicious. It’s because their anger has less space to be bottled up in.
David: Ridiculous. Give me one example
Darlin: Spiders
Darlin: Scorpions
Asher: Milo
Damien: So, Freelancer is no longer allowed to take the trash out at night
Lasko: Why?
Damien: Because i’ve caught them trying to train raccoons to fight, five times in a row.
Freelancer, arms crossed and pouting: You’ll be thanking me when the third raccoon battalion saves your asses
Angel, Babe, and Sweetheart sitting in jail
Babe: So...who should we call?
Angel: I’d call Davey, but I feel safer in jail.
Cutie: I can read minds
Geordi: Prove it
Cutie: Think about something
Geordi: *Thinks about Cutie*
Cutie: Besides me
Geordi: oh
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inkedrings · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
The Mechanic and The Biochemist
Rejected title: When Will The Stark Kids Unite To Cause Ultimate Science-Fueled Chaos?
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nopressurejohn · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
I shouldn’t be laughing. I absolutely cannot stop laughing.
(The NY Times with all the grisly details of today’s epic Facebook outage.)
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purble-turble · 2 months ago
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Red Boy Comic Part 16
Ya’ll probably thought I forgot about this comic haha! Sorry updating took me so long, my hand has been bothering me, but I felt good enough to make these pages this week, so enjoy :D
First >> Prev >> Next
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winterswake · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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incorrect-hs-quotes · 2 months ago
Kanaya: Mind Your Language.
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apelcini · 9 months ago
“religion is fake” people say as they continue to support capitalism
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souqa · 3 days ago
y/n: 3 words. say it and i'm yours
mikey: 3 words
y/n: listen here, you little shit
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glassamphibians · a month ago
drew hears that nico pushed sherman out of a flying chariot and immediately decides he’s cool
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samstree · 8 months ago
Geralt shouldn’t be jealous.
Really, it’s great Jaskier is getting close with his brothers, after all Geralt’s the one who asked him to come to Kaer Morhen for the winter. It’s great that the bard is getting along with the other three wolf witchers, especially Eskel.
It’s great.
Although who would have thought Eskel is a big poetry reader? Who would have thought he became a fan of Jaskier’s years ago and has an entire collection of his works? Who would have though they were gonna hit it off and spend most of evenings in the library talking about rhymes and meters and whatever obscure poets Geralt has never even heard of?
It’s so great. 
Even if Jaskier didn’t come to bed last night until the small hours of the morning.
Again. Great that they are bonding.
So he shouldn’t be jealous when Jaskier is eating breakfast with his family, just as he pictured.
Eskel, ever so sweetly, sends his other two brothers a tiny smile before turning to the bard with a much brighter one. “I’ll go find the book I told you about yesterday, Jask. Come to the library when you finish eating. I promise you’ll love it.”
“Of course!” Jaskier’s eyes sparkle. “I’ll be there in a moment.”
The bard begins to wolf down the content of his plate as Eskel disappears into the hallway.
“I’ll be off then.” Jaskier downs the rest of the ale and stands. He gives a simple peck on Geralt’s cheek before turning away.
“Wait.” Geralt catches the bard’s wrist, before pulling him in for a kiss. A real one this time.
He deepens it quickly, drawing a surprised gasp from Jaskier before he responds with equal passion. One of Geralt’s hands comes up to caress the bard’s jaw, the other placed on the small of his back, closing the awkward distance even further.
Pulling away with a final tug, Geralt licks away the taste of ale on his own lips, when Jaskier observes the motion closely with a dreamy look in his eyes. “Oh... right. I’ll...um, see you later,” he swallows, grinning and breathing heavily.
The bard walks off completely flustered, looking over his shoulder at Geralt several times still with that dopey grin, and almost bumps into the doorframe.
Might as well give Jaskier something to think about if he has to go.
Leaning back in the chair, Geralt holds back the smug smile on his face but fails. His lips quirk upwards despite the efforts.
“Smooth,” Lambert says once the bard is out of earshot, chewing a piece of bread.
“Shut up.” Geralt growls, contentedly.
“You know you just got him all hot and bothered and sent him directly to Eskel, right?”
The smile stills on Geralt’s face. His younger brother keeps chewing with that stupid knowing look on his face.
“Shut up,” he growls again.
Enthused greetings come faintly from the other side of the keep. Geralt can even tell the little excited squeal that Jaskier does every time he gets new books.
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