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#the social network

ahaha how bout i call you from new york where my now ex-girlfriend just burned a scarf i got her and caused a fire on my bed while you’re in california being illuminated by water and pacing because just like the fire on my end and water on yours we are seeing things completely differently and there’s no way we’ll last like this

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And I’ll bet what you hated the most was that they identified me as a co-founder of Facebook, which I am. You better lawyer up asshole, because I’m not coming back for 30%, I’m coming back for everything.

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gonna watch the social network….. for gay reasons

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best friends to almost lovers to bitter enemies (affectionate and derogatory)

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do we wanna like idk not refer to people who appear to display behaviour indicative that they are on the autism spectrum as lizards? just a quick thought

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new love languages courtesy of not facebook

  • needing
  • being there
  • algorithms for ranking chess players
  • hooking up in adjacent bathroom stalls
  • moving to palo alto with justin timberlake
  • spending hours on new york subways looking for advertisers
  • freezing the company’s account
  • talking on the phone while trying to put out the scarf your girlfriend just set on fire
  • dilution of shares from 30% down to 0.03%
  • north face jacket
  • smashing a laptop
  • leaving your prada at the cleaners
  • along with your hoodie and “fuck you” flipflops
  • suing for $600 million
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andrew garfield rly just gets a script, asks “can this character be bisexual?” and doesn’t wait for an answer huh

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dont reblog this also im exposing myself please do not doxx me

but i wrote an article about why i love the social network! the word limit really cut down lots of thoughts i had, but long story short a movie can be therapy because i say so

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to the person who put tsn on my tl and made me watch it: just want you to know you’ve ruined my life, i’m fucking obsessed with a movie about facebook made 10 years ago…

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the social network has fucking ruined me i found a facebook sticker and it made me the happiest i’ve been all day i can’t take it anymore

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Okay forgive me if this is something everyone else just Knows and doesn’t talk about but it makes me froth at the mouth every time, so I just need to put it out there how they’re absolutely not talking about the Winklevosses in this scene.

I mean first of all they’re literally on a break from the Eduardo deposition. And given that everything we see from the other deposition takes place on one single day, why would she be testing the waters for how he feels about the twins? She already knows. Her specialty is reading people, there’s no way she doesn’t know how he feels about the twins, but she doesn’t know yet how he feels about Eduardo.

And like, I think Mark on some level knows that because he says ‘I don’t hate anybody,’ broadly, unspecified. Even his reply about the Winklevosses, that they’re suing him because for the first time in their lives something didn’t go the way it was supposed to absolutely applies to Eduardo as well. (Ironically though it doesn’t apply to Divya, you know, that whole other person in that lawsuit but who’s NOT paralleled to Eduardo…)

Other than the reference to Intellectual property theft you could swap out names and the conversation would make complete sense and track exactly the same. She’s asking him about Eduardo. 

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