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The Slaughter of Tetra-9

Due to the total eradication of all life on Tetra-9, not much information is known about the sequence of events leading up to the catastrophe. What is known is that Elizabeth Hood, leader of the independent military force dubbed “The Scarlet Fleet”, was seen following an injured man, confirmed to be Admiral Tiberius Hanson IV of the Solar Empire, into an Imperial research facility.

Approximately one hour forty-three minutes later, a wave of energy emanated from the facility, wiping out all life on the planet. Multiple records have confirmed Hood exiting the facility some time later and boarding her personal ship, Nevermore, Hanson’s corpse in tow.

Further research is recommended.

File ends.

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I am currently reading a LNRvsTSE (Lunar Republic against Solar Empire)

and i am thinking, where would Dave stand in all this, if he were to exist?

Here is a bit of a question and quiz format for you guys if you are interested, on it, give me ideas on what you think and where you think Dave would be, my idea is he would be in the peace corps with Fluttershy, but again I want your ideas,

Reblog to spread this around and send me messages to tell me with your ideas. I also want to see if there are any RP blogs that are willing to go with my idea. This is an experiment and I want to go with it, and I would appreciate the help guys.

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The best Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion mods

The best Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion mods

Sins of a Solar Empire was a great entry strategy game for its time. Originally released in 2008, it combined the best of RTS games and 4X games to create a wonderfully ruthless space-based strategy experience where you had fleets of capital and sub-capital ships dancing around from system to system as you fought for dominance over randomised maps.
It was a flawed experience, but one the team at…


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अमेरिका के एंपायर स्टेट बिल्डिंग से भी आकार में बड़ा लेकिन दूर रहेगा

अमेरिका के एंपायर स्टेट बिल्डिंग से भी आकार में बड़ा लेकिन दूर रहेगा

खगोलीय पिंड का नाम 1993 बीएक्स 3 है

नियर अर्थ स्टडी सेंटर का उदघाटन भी शीघ्र

एक और बड़ा उल्कापिंड इसी माह गुजर चुका है

कुर्सी से ट्रंप हटेंगे और करीब से गुजर गया बड़ा उल्कापिंड

राष्ट्रीय खबर
रांचीः अमेरिका के एंपायर स्टेट बिल्डिंग का आकार बहुत ही विशाल है। उसके आकार से
बड़ा उल्कापिंड हो तो समझा जा सकता है कि उसकी गति और शक्ति कितनी होगी।
लेकिन खतरे की बात नहीं है। यह बड़ा उल्कापिंड पृथ्वी के…


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Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion

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