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#the spn fic i read yesterday
actiongirlmary · 3 months ago
in light of all that [omitted] night before last have some short fic recs, shortest to longest, all less than 3k, all amazing
sun and shade by @grey2510 really quick 0.7k patience pov, with her sisters on a mini-vacation (ao3)
grow, now, like kindling and flame by @arsonsamwinchester also very quick 0.7k sam pov along with baby jack and dean, some cartoons on a saturday morning (tumblr) (ao3) (fourth installment in her sam-centric baby jack series - (tumblr) (ao3))
rivulets by @ sinchronicity on ao3, just over 1k jo character study, being a hunter and on the road after she finds out about the winchester involvement in her dad’s death (ao3)
the world begins anew by @good-things-do-happen-dean just under 1.3k of post-canon domesticity, everyone lives, christmas in the bunker (tumblr) (ao3)
emigration tunes by @ doomcountry on ao3, 1.4k eileen character study, eileen in america after lillian dies, beautiful, gorgeous, exquisite (ao3)
the operative word by @friendshapedcastiel 1.5k kevin and claire case fic, there’s a ghost and a demon and it’s really great kevin pov i am in love with it (tumblr) (ao3)
alternatives for interim housing by @ frolic on ao3, just under 1.9k bobby pov and stanford era sam where all stanford students get kicked out of their dorms during winter break (ao3)
i picture it soft and i ache by @crobby 2.1k post-finale except everyone is alive and jack isn’t god. i am vibrating out of this plain of reality it’s. from the mouth of the Author themself: they are all alive they are all friends and they are having a snow day god bles (ao3)
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the rhyme of salvation
Destiel fix-it, rated T, 2k chapter one
Dean swallowed when his kid-slash-God turned to face him, as he looked into those eyes and really saw, for the first time, the inestimable vastness of the being he was speaking to.
“Dean,” Jack said evenly, with a barely-there smile on the corner of his mouth, like he knew what Dean was about to say.
Hell, maybe he did. Didn’t take Godhood to know how Dean Winchester’s mind worked.
“You’ve gotta bring him back,” Dean said, quiet enough to control the tremble of his voice. Jack wasn’t Chuck, Dean didn’t need to bargain or convince him how important Cas was or how much he deserved to live. Cas was even more Jack’s dad than Dean or Sam, of course he’d bring Cas back. Dean had no good reason to feel this fucking terrified.
Jack nodded slightly, like he’d expected the words, and Dean exhaled when the kid didn’t argue, when he just closed his eyes with a look of concentration.
The cautious relief that had begun to unfurl in Dean’s chest withered when a furrow appeared between Jack’s brows. “I can’t,” he said slowly.
“What? Why?” Dean demanded, and the words wanted to be angry but they came out pleading. He felt Sam shift closer, felt the touch of a hand on his elbow, but he brushed it off. “Chuck was able to yank Lucifer out of the Empty, why can’t you just do the same thing for Cas?”
“It’s the deal he made,” Jack said, and his face was agonized enough that Dean pinched his lips shut. “Cas consented to be taken. He… he belongs to the Empty now.”
A sick feeling roiled in Dean's stomach, tightened the back of his throat like he might puke. Cas had fought for so long just to be free from control, free to make his own choices and live his own life, and the thought of the angel being imprisoned in a lightless cage, at the mercy of a very angry cosmic entity, filled Dean with hot, panicked urgency.
Dean’s hands curled into helpless fists. “Well, then just - just pop me into the Empty so I can find Cas and get him to unconsent!”
“Nothing human can exist in the Empty,” Jack immediately replied, shaking his head. “It would just - spit you back out, and probably kill you in the process.”
“Then -” Dean pulled in a deep breath. Made his choice. “Then make me not human.”
keep reading on ao3
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mirkwoodshewolf · 3 years ago
A girl’s best familiar; Winchester brothers x sister reader
Here is yet another supernatural fic that I worked on after seeing another episode of SPN. I may even post another one that I finished recently yesterday. Now the opening scene was inspired from s8 ep.15 which kinda helped inspire the whole fic. Now I will add a face cast for another character in this story. I also want to apologize for the ending incase it sucked cause I feel like it did so I would like some feedback on what you all though of it.
Now warnings: Swearing, SUICIDE IS MENTION *If this triggers you PLEASE DO NOT READ IT*, torture *again if triggered DO NOT READ*, doggies (yes that is a warning I made it for my Dean oneshot) 
Tumblr media
It all began with a stay at a hotel in St. Louis. Sam and Dean Winchester had just finished up a case and were gonna stay one more night at their motel then take off early the next morning back to the bunker.  Sam was in the bathroom washing his hands when he heard the sound of scratching at the door.
He shut off the water and turned around slowly and heard the scratching continue. He walked towards the door and slowly opened it to reveal a pure black Alaskan noble companion dog sitting outside.  It looked up at Sam and whimpered looking up at him with big brown puppy dog eyes.  Sam looked around hoping to see an owner but that’s when the dog raced inside and as Sam tried to stop him it was too late.  The Alaskan noble hoped up on his bed and made itself comfortable.
Sam closed the door and walked up towards the dog and spoke to it.
“Oh boy umm….hey, you friendly?” He held out his hand and the dog sniffed it before giving it a lick then Sam said, “Friendly, good, alright. You’re a pretty cool-looking dog”. The dog then rolled onto its back grunting revealing his belly to Sam. “Oh really you want a belly scratch?” Sam proceeded to him a belly scratch which he seemed to enjoy as its tongue rolled out of its mouth panting happily. “So who do you belong to?” 
Sam took notice of the bandana wrapped around the dog’s neck and lifted it up to see if there was also a collar underneath but saw that there wasn’t any.
“No collar or tags just a bandana okay….what are you doing here boy?” It was then Sam heard a familiar rumble of the Impala signaling that his older brother Dean was back. “Oh no” Sam muttered which made the dog whimper.
Sam opened the door and quickly shut it and greeted his brother and Dean greeted him back as he held in his hand a couple bags of groceries.
“Okay, okay look before you get pissed off. I just want you to know that this isn’t my fault. He just—showed up at the door, okay? Didn’t track any mud just wanted a belly scratched, I figured maybe he could spend the night and we could—try to find his home in the morning”. Sam then opened the door but when Dean looked inside he was even more surprised to see what was inside.
Tumblr media
Now leaning up against Sam’s bed was a man about the same age as the brothers, sleeked back pure black hair, dark grey eyes that almost looked black, a scruffy beard starting to form.  His clothing was pure casual but the significant feature was the black jacket, a couple of rings decorated his fingers, and around his neck was the same red bandana that the Alaskan noble wore.  Dean looked at Sam questioningly and said.
“So long as he gets his own room”. When Sam turned around his paranoia grew higher as he whispered to Dean.
“Three seconds ago he was a dog!” The Winchester brothers came in with either a knife or gun drawn and the man said.
“Don’t even bother those won’t work on me. You’ve met someone like me before, in fact she’s my half-cousin Portia”.
“You’re a familiar?” Dean questioned.
“You got it pal, the names Billy”. Billy then got up and continued, “And I’m here to ask you guys for help”.
“Our help? In case you didn’t know Billy boy, witches and us don’t exactly mix. And your ‘half-cousin’ we only helped her out because her witch was an old friend of ours. Other than that we don’t help witches” Dean stated.
“Well this witch is closer to you than he was!” Billy snarled. He then walked up to the brothers and untied the bandana and held it out to them and asked, “Does this bandana look familiar to you guys?” Sam took it in his hands and examined it closely but saw no initials or anything.
“How do we know you couldn’t have swiped this at a store or something?” Sam questioned.
“I knew you’d say that, which is why I also have this”. Billy then pulled something out from his jacket and handed it to Dean.  Dean unfolded the piece of paper to reveal a familiar photo.  Once the boys saw the picture, they immediately turned towards Billy.“Yes, I’m your sister’s familiar. And she’s in trouble”.
“Okay so start from the beginning pal, what happened to our baby sister and I swear to God if anything happened to her I’ll—”
“Dean be cool! Billy feels guilty enough already!” Sam proclaimed. He then turned towards the familiar and said, “Just tell us what happened?”
“Your sister and I had gotten wind of a couple of witches dabbling into some serious dark magic near New Orleans about a month ago. We thought it would be a simple burn and dust. I was on point, then before I knew it I was blindsided and it all just went wrong. When I finally woke up, your sister was missing. I searched and searched the entire city but I couldn’t find her anywhere. I even tried to reach out to her telepathically but everytime she hasn’t respond”. At that moment Sam and Dean took a huge deep sigh.
They both knew their little sister was cursed with witchcraft after a witch hunt gone wrong.  She feared so much that she would become a bad witch but they always made sure to keep her in track by allowing her to only use her magic to heal their injuries and make potions to help stop other witches.  Then one day with no note, she left them and they hadn’t really heard from her since. They didn’t even know where she was currently living.
And now after a few years with no word on her, they are suddenly called up by their sister’s familiar and are told that she could be in deep trouble.  It’s bad enough that she’s a Winchester but if they get word of her witch powers, those monsters will tear her to shreds, or even worse other hunters will get word about her.
“Alright take us to the place where you and our sister went to for that witch hunt, Sammy get the bags packed, we’re leaving tonight”. Sam nodded then he packed up the bags while Dean went out of the hotel room to check them out early due to a family emergency and soon the three of them pilled in the car and Dean turned to Billy and said.
“Don’t go shittin in my backseat or barfing back there, one slip up and you’re walking the rest of the way to New Orleans, got it?”
“I don’t get car sick, and I’ve got more class than that. I’m not full dog you know”. Billy stated. Dean turned on the ignition and they took the long drive from St. Louis to New Orleans. 
When they arrived in New Orleans, they first checked into a local motel then Billy led them to the warehouse where he had last seen (y/n) Winchester.  He was currently in dog form sniffing around till finally he stopped and looked at the brothers and Sam said.
“Is this where it happened?” Billy nodded then he began sniffing the ground and could still smell his master’s scent.  He whimpered sadly and got down on his stomach right where (y/n) once stood and whimpered sadly again. “Hey, we’ll find her. This wasn’t your fault”. Sam said as he stroked Billy’s head.
“Hey! Hey think I got something over here!” Dean’s voice cried out. Sam and Billy turned towards Dean and they walked up to him and Dean held out a small shell-casing. “Silver bullet casing,” Sam took it in his hand then Dean continued, “and something else too,” he then pulled out a familiar piece of clothing and he said, “Ringing any bells Sammy?”
“Gordon!” Sam sneered.
“Seems that sick bastard is back, and worse he’s got our little sis ‘cause I found this next to his piece of fabric”. He then held up the silver ring that they both gave her to keep the moment she became a witch. “Hey Billy come here,” Billy walked up towards Dean and he told him, “Can you track Gordon down?” Billy nodded determinately now knowing who exactly they were dealing with.
Dean held out the piece of fabric and Billy took a long good sniff of it before sniffing the ground and letting out a snarl and a series of barks as he went charging on ahead with the brothers’ close behind him in their Impala.
*My POV*
I don’t know how long it’s been since I was captured and tortured by the sick hunter we once came across on our travels Gordon. Could’ve been days, weeks, months, hell maybe even a year for all I know.  All I know is that I won’t last long in this hell hole.
The bastard had led me and Billy straight to a trap, he took me, suppressed my magic by putting some kind of cuff on me and kept me locked in some kind of secret hide way strapped to a table and enduring torment after torment.  Lately he’s decided to end it all and go with ‘electro-therapy’ as he likes to call it.  To try and convince me that magic is a sin and so am I. And it can all end if I give him my consent for him to kill me.  I heard the door open and Gordon came strolling in and he said to me.
“Good morning little Winchester”. I remained silent. I didn’t want to waste my breath on him, he didn’t deserve to have the satisfaction of hearing my voice. “Oh what no good morning sweetheart?” I still didn’t answer him, just glared at him.  “Well then I guess we get down to business but first I want to run something by you, there’s a rumor that your brothers are in town”.
What? How the hell did they find me? I haven’t seen them in three years when I left them at 13 to protect them. I was having some trouble with my magic so I hid it from my brothers.  The first sign was the hand trembling and then one day a huge red energy erupted in the middle of an alleyway.
Thankfully no one was hurt and no one saw it happen but it was that moment that I knew I couldn’t be near my brothers.  So that night in Beuford, South Carolina I packed up my things and left. I traveled along the road all night till I got to the next town and took shelter in it for a while before heading off again.
A few months later when I reached in some small town in North Carolina, I met him. My Familiar; Billy. 
I don’t like to admit this but—I got low, I didn’t see any way out with my powers growing worse and worse each day.  And my brothers hadn’t even tried to come and find me which got me thinking that they were probably glad to be rid of their witchy-bitchy sister. Better to throw her out then stay with the enemy and figure a way how to kill her in her sleep.
So I went up to the Winter Hill bridge and was about to jump, when I heard frantic barking beside me.  When I turned to see the Alaskan noble companion sitting there, it whimpered at me while staring at me with sad eyes.  Like my brother Sammy, I’m a sucker for dogs. So I got down off the bridge and the dog immediately ran up to me and proceeded to kiss all over my face.
It was then shortly the next morning when I found a man around the same age as my brother Sam sleeping curled up beside me holding me to his chest.  It was then he introduced himself as Billy and told me that he was my Familiar. He explained to me what they were and that he’s been looking for me for a long time. I thought I was crazy but I took him in and he’s helped me with my depression, he helped me train and focus my magic and for the past three years he’s been like my third brother, and my best friend. 
But it was on that hunt god knows how long ago when I was separated from him. And I have a feeling that he must’ve gone to my brothers and told them what happened to us.
“First I’ve heard of it, don’t know why they would be here in New Orleans”. I tried to pass off.
“Ain’t it obvious sweetheart? They’re here for you. However sad news for them is that they’ll only find their sister’s corpse once I’m done with you”. He then activated the machine and shocks once again ran through my body.  I groaned and felt my body spazzing out but due to my restraints I could only lift my head up and arch my back in agony until he stopped the machine and I collapsed back onto the table.
“You have no—idea who you’re dealing with” I groaned out.
“Actually sweetpea you don’t know who you’re dealing with,” he came over me and said in my face.  “Every hunter out there knows your dirty little secret. Word travels fast especially when it involves you and your brothers. You go back out there on the road, and there will be hunters who won’t hesitate to shoot you, Me, I’m giving you a mercy killing. You see I may have failed to kill your brother Sammy years ago with that demon Azazel, but witches, them bitches be a whole different story. I won’t make that mistake, because all it takes is just a taste of dark magic and you’re hooked for life. So I’ll spare your brothers the pain and just kill you right here and now”.
“Do you bad guys ever not monologue your plans to the heroes?” I asked. Gordon glared down at me and upped the voltage and turned it on making me grit my teeth in pain.  He just watched me suffer for over a minute and a half before he finally turned it off.
“You know you definitely got your brother Dean’s sense of humor and you’ve got Sammy’s good heart but—deep down you know the truth. You’re beyond hope, and no one’s coming to save you, not even your brothers”.
“If—they are here….you’ll be very, very sorry you took me”.
“Hate to break it to you sweetheart but they’re happy to be done with you. Been told that the minute you left town, they were celebrating. Drinking shots and hooking up with a few girls on the side, happy to be rid of a witch-bitch like you”. I just looked at him in shock. 
I know his tricks. He’s done this before and he likes to talk but hearing this and knowing back then I thought like that myself, it brought back those insecurities and doubts. Maybe my brothers are just here for a separate case and don’t want to have anything to do with me anymore. Maybe they came to terms with the fact that their little sister is a real witch and want nothing to do with her anymore.
My thoughts were interrupted when I felt higher voltage shocking me and I let out a scream.
*3rd Person POV*
Billy stopped at a closed down crawfish factory by the docks.  He sniffed the ground and could smell Gordon’s scent nearby but he could also smell something else too.  He phased into his human state just as Baby came rolling in and the brothers came out of their car.
“Is he in there?” Dean asked.
“Yes, and I can smell (y/n) in there too. But our connection is still blocked I can’t reach her”. Billy said.
“Alright, Sammy you take around back, I’ll take the front, and Bill we’ll whistle for yah for an attack”. Dean explained the plan.
“Screw that plan my master’s in there and I took a vow to make sure no harm comes to her! I already failed her once I’m not going through it again. I won’t wait in the shadows for a signal, I’m going in there with you both whether you like it or not!” Billy snapped. Dean looked at Billy’s eyes and saw the loyalty this guy had towards his little sister and finally gave in.
“Alright but one slip up and you’re dead. Gordon doesn’t take any prisoners, he almost tried to kill Sam one time by blowing him up by using me and (n/n) as bait. And I don’t want my little sis crying over your dead body once we get her out of here”.
“If I have to die to ensure her safety, so be it” Billy stated before taking off into the crawfish factory with the brothers close behind him.  As the three men walked silently around the abandoned factory, they soon heard screams echoing through the walls.
“Shh, shh. Do you guys here that?” asked Sam.  Dean and Billy stopped and listened and soon the screaming came out again.
“That’s (y/n)!” Billy exclaimed.
“Can you track where she’s at?” Dean demanded.
“I get the first bite out of the bastard first!” Billy’s eyes soon glowed into his dog colors eyes then the next minute the boys saw him turn into his dog form and his ears twitched and he took off running with the brothers behind him.
*My POV*
This was unlike any pain I’ve ever endured before. I have been cut up, bitten, punched, tossed around like a rag doll, and even whipped but this was unlike any other torture I have ever been through.
Gordon now had the voltage up to its maximum limit as I could even hear the machine humming due to so much voltage percentage.  I was literally spazzing on the table as the shocks went all through my body until it stopped and I was back on the table.
“You feel that? Huh, that’s the end of you Winchester!” He then turned it back on and my back arched again.  My vision went black and my brain was going fuzzy. I couldn’t even scream anymore because I have been screaming for god knows how long about an hour ago when the dick literally left it in for five minutes. The second that machine turned off, I collapsed and I blacked out.
*3rd Person POV*
Gordon looked down at the Winchester’s youngest sibling and sneered to her as he took out a silver blade.
“Now you’re not gonna get the chance to hurt anyone”. Suddenly he heard barking and the next thing he saw when he looked up was a giant black dog launching at him knocking him back against the machine breaking it.
Billy had tackled Gordon down to the ground and while barking like a rapid dog, he proceeded to literally tear Gordon to pieces.  He first went for the hand that held the knife and bit down so hard, he actually felt bone and Gordon let out an agonizing scream.  Billy then bit Gordon’s shoulder and tossed him down tearing away clothes and flesh.  Blood spurted out of Gordon like a fountain then Billy actually phased back into his human form and started to literally beat the crap out of Gordon with punches and kicks before finally picking him up by the throat and slamming him against the wall.
“I’ve been looking for you yah son of a bitch!” Billy then took out his hidden knife he kept within the sleeve of his jacket and began to blindly but accurately stab Gordon in the throat before jamming the knife deep into his skull. “You look into my eyes you piece of shit, kidnapping and torturing a child is one thing, kidnapping and torturing my master, that’s a whole different story. Never come between a witch and their familiar!” Billy then beat Gordon’s head against the one with one strong blow and Gordon collapsed dead on the ground.
Billy took his knife out from Gordon’s head and flicked the blood off before turning to see her brother’s just getting in and seeing the damage of the room. Billy put his knife back in place and raced up to (y/n).  He along with her brothers worked to get the restraints off of her and unhooked the wires and suction cups from her temples and when Billy took notice of her arm, everything fell into place.
“That’s why I couldn’t reach her telepathically, he cuffed her with a magic restraint”.
“Then let’s get it off, Sammy get a knife out”.
“It doesn’t work like that, it’s not like any ordinary bind. Once locked onto a witch only magic from another witch can release it. But luckily I know someone who can help us and she’s not far, but we have to hurry, she’ll die if we don’t get her there fast!” Billy picked up his master and led onwards downwards towards the dock and managed to find a boat and as her brother’s climbed in, Billy fired up the engine and drove the boat while Sam and Dean held their sister and wiped away her sweat.
As they rode down the bayou they came to a cabin in the middle of the swamp.  Billy stopped the boat and picked up (y/n) from her brothers and walked along the wooden deck and up the stairs to the cabin.
“Who exactly are we seeing here Billy?” asked Sam.
“Mama Odie is the best known witch this side of New Orleans, she’s been helping (y/n) control her powers ever since we came here 2 years ago”.  Once they came up to the door, Sam knocked on the door and it immediately opened up.  Dean and Sam were a little skeptical but Billy immediately walked in and Sam muttered.
“Dean you really think we should just go waltzing in?”
“Billy did it, plus if what he says is true then we’ve got no choice, this is our sister Sammy. We’ve finally found her after three years, and I’m not gonna lose her now so at this rate I’ll be desperate enough to allow a witch to heal our baby sister”. Dean then walked in followed by Sam and the door immediately shut behind them.
“Is that ol Billy boy I hear’ a comin?” A New Orleans’s accent came out.
“Right here Mama Odie”. A cackle soon came out but it wasn’t like no evil witch’s cackle, more like a friendly grandma’s cackle and soon a black woman around her late 40’s, she wore all white with golden earrings hanging lowly on her ear and golden bracelets on her wrists as well as some golden rings.
“Ohhhh Billy-boy its sooo good to hear ya voice again honey, how you been sugar?”
“Mama Odie, it’s (y/n). Her magic is under a restricted cuff, and she’s been tortured for over a month, we need your help”.
“Oh my, oh my, bring her on in honey!” Billy rushed towards Mama Odie and it was then Dean said.
“Please you have to save her. At least tell us she’s gonna be alright, she’s not gonna die is she?”
“Would you calm down Dean Winchester?! You Winchesters I tell you what, men ain’t got no patience whatsoever”. Mama Odie grumbled as Billy set her down on a small bed big enough to hold her.
“You know who we are?” asked Sam.
“Sammy my boy I’ve heard a lot about you Winchesters even before I met your sister, I see all and know all. Now you boys leave me to work in peace and go sit over there”. Mama Odie then began to brew some magic powder to help get the cuff off of (y/n)’s wrist.
She threw in every ounce of magic powder, grinded it up, added some crow’s feet, skin of a frog and eye of newt and mixed it up until finally the powder was a pure blue. She then took a hand full of it and sprinkled it onto the cuff which slowly dissolved it freeing (y/n) from her bond.
“Now that the cuff is off, she’ll be okay. Given time and rest, her magic should return to her”. She said to the boys whom all sighed with relief.  Billy took Mama Odie’s hands and thanked her.
“Thank you Mama Odie, thank you so much” he kissed her fingers making Mama Odie laugh and she said.
“Aww Billy I love you like the son I never had. Now you boys hadn’t eaten anything all day so why don’t you have a bite of my gumbo?”
“Oh we—we really couldn’t impose, we…..”
“Nonsense Sammy-boy, now you boys better sit your butts down before I whip you behinds into oblivion”. Mama Odie proclaimed.
“Better do as she says boys, she don’t play around when it comes to her guests”. Billy stated as he made himself a bowl of Mama Odie’s gumbo. 
As the boys ate, they felt their taste buds had died and gone to heaven, even Dean found himself falling for the witch’s cooking, and when she brought out the banana cream pie, Dean was in hook-line-and sinker. He even told her that he didn’t care if she were to cook him up and eat him so long as he got more pie which made Mama Odie laugh.
“Boy that sister of yours wasn’t lyin when she said her eldest brother loved himself a pie. I give you anymore, you’re gonna run me outta house and home”.
“Mama Odie where have you been all my life?” Dean asked. Sam then turned his attention to see Billy turn into his dog form and hop up onto the bed where his sister was sleeping and placed his head on her stomach breathing out heavily once in a while.
“When he brought her to me, I had never seen such a fragile little thing. Poor honey-pie was so scared of her powers and so filled with darkened thoughts, I thought something horrible would happen to her”. Mama Odie’s voice broke Sam from his thoughts and he said.
“It was pretty bad, even after we killed the witch that cursed her, we still had no idea how to help her”.
“Hate to break it to yah boys but there’s nothing that can be done. Once a witch curses another host to have his or her powers, the power sticks to them like bees to honey. Now your sister, she maybe fragile but she has strength to her, gets it from her older brothers”. Both Sam and Dean smiled at that point and both brothers turned towards their sister. “She’s missed you guys soo much. Not a day went by where she didn’t regret leaving you boys”.
“Believe us, when we woke up to see her gone we were devastated. Any case we got we hoped to come across her. If it involved a witch, we prayed to God that it wouldn’t be her”. Sam stated.
“Well under my tutelage, she hasn’t touched a speck of black magic, and her heart’s still as pure as a shining star. She’s mainly stuck around here, helping me get rid of some witches that are drawn to here. New Orleans is like a drug for witches, this city here is where the most powerful of magic is at. Anything Supernatural that can wield magic is drawn to here like a moth to a flame, the power here is addictive and some witches want to use that power for darkness. But your little sister along with her familiar, helped me bring those bitches down”.
“Never thought I’d live to see the day when I would hear a witch call another witch a bitch” Dean stated.
“Oh believe me honey, them bitches be better off buried six feet under”.
“Amen to that sister” Mama Odie and Dean clinked their beer bottles and drank to that. 
It was then they heard a soft groan and when they turned around, the three of them saw (y/n) beginning to wake up.
*My POV*
I slowly opened my eyes to feel a cold, wet rag on top of my head and some sort of pressure on my stomach.  When my vision became clear, I saw lanterns lighting up a wooden cabin and when I looked to my right, I saw Billy in his dog form.
“Billy?” He let out a happy whimper and proceeded to lick my face frantically whimpering happily. I smiled and stroked through is soft black fur as he proceeded to nuzzle my neck grunting lovingly.
“Glad to see you up honey” I turned to my left to see Mama Odie.
“Mama Odie…..”
“Hold on sugar before you continue talking take a sip of this”. She handed me a cup and at first I thought it would be potion but when the taste was just normal water, I gulped it down like my life depended on it.
“You guys found me?” I asked.
“Billy did, he brought you here after he saved you from that hunter that had you hostage for over a month”.
“A month?” I turned towards Billy to see his ears bent back and looking down at me with guilt. I stroked his head and said to him. “But you found me in the end, thanks Billy”.
“But it wasn’t just him, he got someone else involved to help find you too” Mama Odie stated and it was then she backed away and I soon saw my two brothers standing there.
I felt my body tense up and Mama Odie winked at me before leaving the room.  I turned to Billy and he nodded to me before licking my cheek one last time before trotting behind Mama Odie giving my brothers and I some privacy.
God it was sooo awkward. The silence between us, I didn’t know what to say and I didn’t want to start off by arguing. For the first time in three years here were my brothers a bit older looking than when I last saw them and I had no idea what the hell I was going to say.
“I umm…..I guess you both are probably wondering—” I was stopped by the two of them embracing me in the famous Winchester bro-sandwich embrace. Growing up, whenever I was sad or lonely, my brothers came up with this hug they like to call the Winchester bro-sandwich. Dean always hugged me from the right while Sammy always got the left.
“Don’t you ever scare us like that again” Dean whimpered.  I looked up at them nervously and for the first time I had actually seen both of my brothers crying, like real crying not like fake tears or ugly crying but real, genuine tears.  I allowed tears to fall down my face as well as I nuzzled my face into Sammy’s chest and placed my hand on top of Dean’s head stroking his face and hair. 
That entire time was silent. Neither my brothers or I said a single word, in fact I don’t think anything else needed to be said. Just the fact that they came all because of Billy and the fact that they didn’t start off this reunion by yelling at me, I knew right there and then that my brothers missed me as much if not even more than I missed them.
Then once Mama Odie gave me the all clear to go home, we all gathered back on the boat and Billy now back in human form drove us back to the docks and from there on it was back into the Impala and my brothers took both Billy and I back to their motel. 
For the rest of the night until the early morning, my brothers and I just talked. We talked and talked and talked about random and small things that we rarely talked up, things that we all had been up to, they asked me about my progress in magic, they wanted to know everything so I told them what they wanted and it was the same vice versa.
I don’t even know what time it ended up being, but while it was still pitch black out, my brothers and I soon passed out and fell asleep together in one bed like we used to when we were kids.
*Dean’s POV*
As I lay there watching my baby sis sleep, I couldn’t help but think that the world was for once finally back in order. After all this time, she was safe and still the same girl she’s always been from the moment I held her in my arms when she was born. I might’ve failed her before when she ran away, but this time I was gonna do better. Sammy and I were gonna prove to her that those dark demons that would invade her mind are nothing but lies.
I soon heard the sound of the jointing bedroom door open up and through the shadows I could instantly tell that it was Billy in that mutt form of his.  He was on his stomach staring up at us and he let out a couple of soft grunts.  I felt the corner of my mouth lift up and normally I wouldn’t allow this ever not even for a billion dollars, but I owe him for everything he’s done for our little sis. 
I gestured him to come. 
Billy immediately hopped up on the bed and went straight for (y/n). He softly nuzzled underneath her arm until he was fully underneath her arm with his face almost parallel to hers.  He then looked up at me and I rubbed his head and whispered to him.
“Thank you, for everything you’ve done”. He let out a grunt before closing his eyes and falling asleep. I stroked his head a few more times before falling asleep myself wrapping an arm around my baby sis.
*Extended ending*
“Now that threat still stands, if you even shift into that mutt form of yours in this car you’re walking the rest of the way. You know what scratch that I’ll just have your nuts clipped off”. Dean said.
“You really don’t like dogs do you? And if you even try to clip my balls, I’ll lock you in a room full of cats you dick” Billy teased. I then tossed his tennis ball at his face which made his face suddenly turn stone stoic.
“Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?” I asked as I turned back to my magazine.
“Sometimes, and I’ll do it again right now!” I was then pulled in and felt Billy’s scruffy face plant kisses all over my face making me exclaim out playfully trying to get out of his strong grip. “Get off!” I playfully shoved him away and Dean laughed as he continued to drive on and I told him, “And don’t think you’re off the hook yet either Buster-brown. Threaten to castrate my Familiar again and I’ll turn you into a dog and have you fixed, see how you like it”. At that statement Dean shut up which made Sam and Billy laugh.
“Oh (n/n) you never cease to amaze me”. Sam stated as he held his fist out and I fist-bumped him and I went back to reading my magazine as Dean kept driving onward.
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americachavez · 7 months ago
I've been thinking about the rise and fall in popularity of "fandom classic" deancas fics. When I first got into the fandom in 2012 it was "Thursday's Child" and "300 Things." I was surprised when I got back into the fandom in the last few years that those fics are now no longer widely read. Since you're an spn veteran what do you remember as the "must-reads"?
absolutely RECOILED at being called an spn veteran you all gotta understand even though I watched this show when I was 15 in NO WAY was I involved in anything to do with the spn fandom until like. 2018. JUST BECAUSE I’M OLD doesn’t make me a veteran I’ve just been on tumblr for a very, very long time ok
but hmmm to your question. idk. I had not read a single destiel fic prior to 2018, and I joined this fandom late so I’m pretty out of touch lol. there are a couple big fics that the majority of fans rec as must-reads but I uh, hated them. yes before anyone asks it’s probably the one you’re thinking of, no I will not elaborate. but hmm for me, the girlfriend experience, asunder, and like moses batman and james dean are my top three must reads for SURE
oh also just read thursday’s child yesterday and holy shit for a s5 fic it sure holds up damn. love me a classic endverse fic that was fun
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mittensmorgul · 2 years ago
love at first sight and "but I tried to kill you".. gosh it brings me back to the early S4
pffft yeah...
I feel like I just wrote something almost exactly like this in a fic that I literally posted yesterday... hmmmm
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heres-to-evil-skanks · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
To anyone who doesn’t know it, here’s the link to the astounding The Sinking Ship by UnfortunatelyObsessed over on Ao3, one of my favorite SPN fanfics of all time which inspired this piece to cause my friends emotional pain after making them read it. As of like yesterday I decided I wanna do a series on it so Ima post the start of that next  @crack--attack
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izzymcflyart · 3 days ago
Added this cute little bee yesterday.... and then went back to reading fan fic. Finally done the story I was sucked into, so today I'm focusing on improving his face. It's definitely getting better. Love that I can move layers around to work on what's underneath. I'll put the bee back later. Thinking of keeping this a bit sketchy and with an alternative color scheme, shades of blue possibly. 💙
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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bi-makes-pie · a month ago
I feel like we were in our little room yesterday before this mess started, just reading fics and painting our silly fanarts and then it was as if Jackles kicked down the door all of sudden, screaming "ok brace yourselves, you will think this sounds a bit homophobic at first but I swear on my cowboy hat that you'll love that's about to happen!!!!!!" and then vanished after an evil laugh and we were collectively just
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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