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#the spring court

You take on the name because someone you love asked you to. Because they want to prove a point and you want to kneel at someone’s feet. These are both bad desires to act on at Elsewhere University. You both know this. You both do it anyways.

In your third year, you go by the Rose Prince, and you wait anxiously for the other one to destroy you for it. He’s older and stronger and had the name first, even if he’s a pretentious asshole who has no sense of decorum. He has every right to be offended, for once, and you have every reason to believe that he will bring you ruin. You are not wrong. Restraint is not something that’s ever been observed in him; you only last as long as you do because he’s distracted with some honey-voiced poet.

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Lucien and the Spring Court: *appears*

Me: no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no iie iie iie iie iie iie iie iie iie iie iie iie iie iie iie no no no no GO AWAY. GO AWAY. NOBODY LIKES YOU. 


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Botticelli’s little flowers ♥️

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So I'm introverted but out going at the same time. I won't talk to someone without them initiating the conversation. I love to read but would rather spend weekends with friends than at home. I want to be a vet nurse. How do you think I would go at elsewhere university?

You’ve never had a problem with horses before, not really. But the horses of the Spring Queen are enormous carnivorous beasts, their delicate silver bells a mockery. Their eyes roll madly. You remember reading that a human can outrun a horse for just a short distance, while the horse sorts out its legs. You hope like hell that’s true.

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An announcement from the Spring Court - Please stop using us as an excuse to extend Spring Break, the last group sent like sixteen knights after us

we’re just here to have a good time and we’re feeling so attacked right now

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