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lyrelyredressonfire · 2 months ago
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The Lover
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liltaz-asatreat · a month ago
One of my favorite meta things about the Stolen Century is how Griffin really thought he could cover 100 years of backstory in two episodes lmfao Like, as someone with ADHD, I understand how hard it is to figure out how long something is going to take, and I underestimate how long I'm going to need to do tasks and finish projects all of the time, but like, even if he wasn't expecting to get as deep with it as they ended up doing, the absolute confidence he had going in that he could cover 100 years in 2 hours, like, king there was no way but I admire how over confident you were about that lmao
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asofteradventurezone · 9 months ago
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love will keep us together
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pinepaz-archive · a year ago
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happy balance finale anniversary!!! ive had this monolouge storyboarded for a while and decided to make it into a comic this year! a big thanks to the mcelroys, i dont know where i would be without balance
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milkyinfp · 8 months ago
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janmenart · 8 months ago
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Cabbagetober Day 3 - Bro
I was feelin nostalgic 🥺
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stroobae · 5 months ago
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some taz balance doodles :p
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huitunkuutti · 11 months ago
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“Your past sin is wrath. How do you plead?"
[ id: Drawing of Davenport from the waist up from the podcast The Adventure Zone.  Davenport is a light skinned, freckled gnome with long, orange hair, mustache and hair. He has a small hearing aid on his ear, and sharp teeth. He is yelling upwards, brows furrowed. His arms are tied with rope. There is a speach bubble coming from his mouth reading “ Have we not earned a little wrath? “. Red triangles surround the beige speech bubble.] 
Stolen Century Cap’nport.
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zhjake · a year ago
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Finally finished this Stolen Century illustration!
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moss-cola · a year ago
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Taz triptych I made for my illustration class! Gotta love school sanctioned fan art
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todefine-istolimit · 6 months ago
Thinking about Davenport again
goddamnit listening to stolen century again
"Haven't we earned a little wrath?"
Like fuck man your just gonna drop that line and act like I'm Not gonna analyze this man?
Okay so what we know about him
He was extremely professional at first. Not cold I suspect, but very intent upon garnering and deserving the respect of the crew to the point that they hardly knew him until merle ended up getting to know him in cycle 1
We know he felt uncomfortable trying to save people from planets by bringing them on the ship because he needed to insure the crew's safety and simalarly was willing to leave behind the plane they spent most of canon on in order to keep the crew safe
We know that from Lucretias perspective he appeared to be only about his work and... well I'll get back to this one in a second
There is a deep well of anger bubbling just below the surface
He helped develop the bond engine in under a year, mastered illusory magics in under a year, and then went on to become a Level fucking 17 artificer with the ability to Weild Time
His biggest regret is not making Lucretia feel heard
He loves a good party. And this is the point that gets me. This is the point that makes him very interesting
Because with much of this you can paint a clear picture of a stern gnome with a heart of gold who care for his crew like family.
But that is only what he is under frankly inconceivable levels of pressure. Because as soon as the pressure is off
he's leading crews into dangerous adventures,
he's cracking jokes to his enemy's face while surrounded by her crew,
Then proceeds to throw a party there and This Is Routine
he's a fan of professional wrestling
and he loves music so much that he made his armour out of steel drums when literally any other material would have been easier to work with.
So now is when I get back to the point of him only having his name left.
I dont think Lucretia knew him very well.
I think that those semi-professional boundaries either never fully left for them or if they did, they shifted with time to a dynamic where Lucretia never fully understood Davenport (perhaps almost parent-child in nature)
Because it's not that there was nothing but his work, I think it's that she didn't know enough about the story she was rewriting and she cut away swathes of material that she simply didnt know existed
Davenport was a very accomplished gnome, it's impossible that he had done Nothing in his whole life until the light of creation dropped and kicked his space fascination into high gear. And besides that he had to have had a childhood, parents, family.
I think Lucretia messed up and took more than she needed to and left Davenport trapped in his own head for a decade and I dont think that was her intention but it sucks
He's just a very interesting dude and I love thinking about him
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slugbuggy · 12 months ago
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how many times can I draw Barry blushing when he meets Lup’s gaze? as many times as I want tf
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fuckin-flip-wizard · 8 months ago
for the requests could you do the "who?" scene?
Also requested by @ghost-in-the-jukebox!
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Also I worked VERY hard on this, reblogs would be extremely appreciated
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space--and--thyme · 3 months ago
Lucretia at the end of the stolen century be like:
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love-goblinn · 10 months ago
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IV ✧ the philosopher and the phoenix ✧ I
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emiko-matsui · a year ago
the blatant parallel between "i blast him. i'm already blasting him." and "i kiss him. i'm already kissing him."
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twilight-trix · 10 months ago
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They're drunk as fuck and having a great time~
Taako and Lup Taaco my beloveds
If you like my work, consider buying me a coffee!
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stroobae · a year ago
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huitunkuutti · 8 months ago
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“What do you think strength is, Magnus?”
[Id: Two drawings of the Power Bear from the Adventure Zone. First is of the bear with reddish brown fur, a halo on their head and deep, dark eyes. An infinity symbol is on top of their head. The other drawing is of the bear taken over by the Hunger. Their fur is dark and oily, and their eyes have gone white.]
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aly-en-art · a year ago
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It’s missing Balance o’clock here
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