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annasinthewalls · 6 months ago
do you ever see a band and think 'damn, i want to fuck them all differently'
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fictitiousbeing · 7 months ago
This time around is a little different. I absolutely love music, especially rock, so I figured it was time to start showing my appreciating for a few musicians from some of my favourite bands. I tried to keep this list restricted to artists/bands specifically from this century. The Stokes predate the 21st century by two years, you'll have to forgive me.
Also this has more to do with the actual bands then the specific dudes listed below.
***The following 10 men/bands were selected simply because they were the first to pop into my head, and are presented in no particular order. These man are also not limited to or defined by the bands they are listed with.
Part Two and Part Three
1. Brett Emmons, the frontman for the Glorious Sons (2011-present).
I got to see these guys live pre-pandemic for their hometown show during the War On Everything tour.
Favourite song: Sometimes on a Sunday
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2. Jesse Rutherford, the frontman for the Neighbourhood (2011-present?).
I'm not gonna lie, I don't know much about Jesse or the Neighbourhood. Adds a little flair to my playlist tho.
Favourite song: Sweater Weather
Tumblr media
3. Fabrizio Moretti, the drummer for the Stokes (1998-present).
What can I say - nay - what more is there to say then these dudes are a total f*cking vibe.
Favourite song: Why Are Sundays So Depressing
Tumblr media
4. Josh Kiszka, the frontman for Greta Van Fleet (2012-present).
I used to rag on these guys because of there clear cut influence from Led Zeppelin, but you know what? I grew up and realized its a f*cking compliment to be compared to arguable the best rock band to ever exist. They're not ripping off anything... Well maybe those outfits, but still, get over it.
Favourite song: Black Smoke Rising
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5. Damiano David, the frontman for Maneskin (2016-present).
I can't speak a single word of Italian, but that doesn't stop me from trying to sing along... Sorry.
Favourite song: Torna a Casa
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6. Alex Turner, the frontman for the Arctic Monkeys & The Last Shadow Puppets (2002-present & 2007-present).
I have no words for what this man's voice does to me. He looks so good I bet he sells like ghost cookies.
Favourite song: Piledriver Waltz &
Tumblr media
7. Luke Spiller, the frontman for the Struts (2012-presest).
This mans exudes Freddy Mercury, Mick Jagger, and David Bowie vibes and I'm living for it.
Favourite song: Put Your Money On Me
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8. Alex Espiritu, the bassist for Badflower (2013-present).
Honestly, I haven't been listening to these guys for very long but they sound very promising. Good soup.
Favourite song: Machine Gun
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9. Jeff Kite, on keys for the Voidz (2013-present).
Here is some more honesty... I like the Strokes better, but these guys have there own thing going and I can't really complain.
Favourite song: Leave It In My Dreams
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10. Marc Labelle, the frontman for Dirty Honey (2017-present).
These guys sound more old school then most of the other bands on this list. Still feeling 'em out, but they too are very promising.
Favourite song: Another Last Time
Tumblr media
*** My "favourite songs" listed above constantly change at random - sometimes I can be real basic.
I don't claim to be the ultimate fan for any of these individuals or their respective band(s). But I do enjoy the little I do know about then :)
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a-flower-grown · a month ago
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got my disposables back from the concerts!
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xxstar-bluesxx · 7 months ago
Here's a fixed mashup of my new favorite banger
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sinful-roxy · 11 days ago
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sock-ness-monster · 8 months ago
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I'm at it again because I constantly crave attention
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definitelynotdamiano · 9 months ago
The Struts on TikTok - Los Angeles, 01.11.2021
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daniellekeyer · 4 months ago
This week I covered Could Have Been Me from Sing 2! This song was such a blast to sing, and I had so much fun making this cover. Enjoy!
🎨 by @deadyoung45
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tylermcnamer · 7 months ago
The Struts/Halsey mashup.
Universal Studios
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theoutcastedartist · a month ago
I Wanna Live Better Days,
Never Look Back and Say,
"It Could Have Been Me!"
Tumblr media
Song inspiration for Marley Solano:
"Could Have Been Me" by The Struts
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gretavanfleetlove · a year ago
Other bands I like besides Greta Van Fleet (even though they are of course my favorite)
Maneskin- I assume you guys caught on to that very cool aesthetically pleasing Italian rock group, and they have a girl bassist very cool
The Struts- they are sooo talented, one of my dads favorite bands
The Killers- they come from my state and not many famous people do so represent! And I’ve grown up with them they’re so good
Lynyrd Skynyrd- southern rock band they’re probably my second favorite band absolutely amazing especially the guitar work
The Eagles- they give me such good vibes they’re one of my favorites their harmonies are crazy
Muse- uber talented band I can’t even they’re insane!! They remind me of Rush a little bit but soooo unique like the singers voice oml
And Rush- insane vocals how can only three guys make music like that?? Their classics I love it
The Beatles- do I have to explain? No? Thank you.
Cage the Elephant- literally one of the best. They’re sooo good their lyrics like *chefs kiss* so good
But of course gvf is my favorite I figured I’d just give some insight of some other stuff I like
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shelbskiwi · 10 months ago
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some of my favorite photos I took from the show the other day <3 god I love these funky rocking dudes 💜
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mccoys-killer-queen · 2 months ago
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@doveturneddestroyer @rachelhateslag o h
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campbellstruts · 2 months ago
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Luke Spiller Fanart 🤍🤍🤍
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begettingmonsters · 2 months ago
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verachtxt · 4 months ago
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sinful-roxy · a month ago
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