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#the summer court


I was beginning to think no one was going to send me asks for this! Thanks so much dear, you’ll find the Merlin snippet below the cut - about 750 words. Hope you enjoy!


Arthur and his knights - and Merlin of course - have entered the strange lands of the Fae on a quest. Unfortunately, they have been captured, and the Seelie Court sees no reason to let such interesting mortals go. Arthur attempted to bargain with Queen, only to be silenced and forced to his knees - for no mortal may speak in the hall of the Summer Court. 

Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas Eve!

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Tarquin visiting at the Night Court:

Feyre: My favourite memory is when we ate that fried fish at the docks.

Tarquin, laughing: I can’t believe you made me do that.

Cassian: Funny story, I once spent a lot of time near those docks, and I…

Tarquin: *glaring*


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cressieda: tarquin. its time to grow up

tarquin: *sets down dolphin  shaped pen* whatever do you mean

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<div> —  me looking at pinterest posts  </div><span>the summer court is so aesthetic the fuck</span>
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The Summer Court has learned of you. We Seelie find you amusing, pray to your missing gods the Unseelie do not learn of you. They killed your gods and they will kill you too.

The Summer Court has no power here - this is a school. And neither does the Winter Court, for that matter. The world doesn’t ebb and flow with the harvest, the lush growth of July or the vast grim silence of January. Summer the campus is a ghost town; winter is fractured into breaks and J-term and internships. The year turns on semesters, instead - that’s what the year is broken into, that’s what the students prepare for and dread and live within.  In a place where the world is so thin, that’s what makes a difference. There are not many places in the Elsewhere where the Spring Court and the Autumn Court hold power, but this is one of them. Empty threats.

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The Summer Court have good manners, they are polite and kind. They are not as cheery as spring, but they are not as cruel as autumn. However, they can be quite cruel if they wish to be. Though they aren’t exactly proud of this side of themselves. They won’t brag about it, nor will they look for every opportunity to be harmful to others.

The Summer Court however are hot-headed, and can be offended fairly easily. They are about respect, and if you don’t respect them, they will certainly be offended.

They focus on kindness more than mischief, but they do not ignore the second.

Those of Summer enjoy nature and forests, and some certainly dwell there.

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*Sponge Bob Narrator voice* “20 years later”

Hey yes, I’m alive and here to deliver a new part of Seastars. I know Cass seems a little whinny in this part, but that will (hopefully) be fixed in the future with some character development. As always, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy!

Cassiopeia has always been in love with her best friend, the Lordling of the Summer Court, Arroyo. Time is running out for Cass to express her feelings! The Bay Festival is coming, and Arroyo will soon be engaged to someone else. Will Cass be able to tell him how she really feels? Or will he have to find out for himself?

*Most Characters and Settings belong to Sarah J. Maas*

Read it here on Ao3

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Originally posted by tana-the-dreamchaser

The stars were swirling around me as I lay on the beach. The smell of lemon and sea hung heavily in the air, briefly reminding me of home; if it weren’t for the sound of the waves crashing nearby. Summer and Night combined; it was my favorite thing.

And next to me, lay Arroyo. His hand was tucked behind his soft, curly, white hair as he lazily stretched out on the sand. His eyes were turned to the heavens, flickering from constellation to constellation as I pointed them out. The queen, hydra, Libra, cancer. The moonlight lit his eyes, almost from within. A pale blue glow, like a pearl. His mouth was set in relaxed contemplation as I explained the stories of the stars. Their light revealed his warm chocolate colored skin as we both gazed up at the stars.

It’s in moments like these that I love him most. When we aren’t Lordlings. When there’s no one forcing us to be or do something we don’t want to. It’s just Cass and Ar. A dancer and a sailor.

In another universe at least.

The thought hits me as suddenly as a storm at sea.

I need to tell him.

I need to tell him while we are still Cass and Ar. I need to tell him before they place crowns on our heads; before the world shatters and comes back together in a new, skewed image.

I need to tell him now.

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A member of the summer court of the fair folk.

I imagine the summer court to be a beautiful place, draped in red and gold where raucous laughter and maddening music fill the air, echoes chasing each other. The fair folk making their home are beautiful as well, in bright and warm colours, throwing their head back to laugh and with cheered voices. It is easy to be taken in by their extravagance, but remember, there is a reason why their reds are so so bright. 

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vamreeeeeeeeeen my faves

  • nobody knows what’s really going on with these two´
  • and neither varian nor amren are bothered by it
  • nor do they feel like they need to explain their relationship to anyone
  • yes, they tease her
  • her court of her dreams, as they like to call themselves
  • they’ve teased her relentlessly this past week, while she was packing for the summer court
  • and it took every little bit strength in her fae body not to drag cassian to the window and throw him out
  • or to watch rhysand smirk at her with unsaid innuendos and not punch him in those straight teeth
  • they meant well, she knew
  • but oh gods - were they annoying
  • she stayed for five nights at the summer court, wrapped up in varian’s body warmth
  • in that final night he said, “Won’t you stay?”
  • with his lips buried on her neck
  • sighing at the feeling of his breath against her skin, amren responded, a little sadness lingering on her voice, “I cannot.”
  • “You can,” varian said, his voice laced with sleep and something else. he kissed her behind the ear, “You can, just say yes.”
  • “I have duties.”
  • “I have duties too.”
  • “You are a lazy commander. Dwelling in my sheets. You have no duties.”
  • varian grinned, “These are my sheets, my love, not yours. Besides, if a commander is not needed in the battlefields, he’s certainly needed in the sheets.”
  • “You think of yourself too highly,” amren smirked, wrapping her arms around him. “I can get this wherever I go. I don’t need this commander.”
  • “You lie.”
  • “You assume too much,” amren shot back, lifting his chin with her hand, putting a stop to al his delightful ministrations. “I cannot stay, Varian. As much as I want to.”
  • he took one long look at her and sighed deeply, “I know. It feels good to hope that someday you might not need to leave my arms.”
  • amren, despite herself, smiled, “Why do you love me, Varian?”
  • “Do you want a whole list?”
  • she shrugged
  • he touched her cheek, thumb moving to swipe over her bottom lip
  • she bit the tip of his finger, so lightly
  • he said, “I love you,” he met her eyes, “because you are unlike anyone I have ever met.”
  • “So I’m beautiful,” she said. “And?”
  • “Not just that,” he said. “But you’re different because I cannot part with you. I saw you in that battlefield months ago. How you fought. How you fought not to protect and save yourself, but to save your family. I love your strength, your courage. I love your sharp mouth and your cunning eyes,” he murmured, leaning in to kiss her mouth, “I love you because you’re you, and I wouldn’t want to share life with anyone else.”
  • her heart felt like it could burst
  • amren watched him from under his body, watched his head turn to the side as his lips made their way to their jaw
  • a million thoughts were running through her mind
  • how this one creature had managed to make her feel this strongly, she did not know
  • she thought she knew the ways of the fae, the way they love and want
  • but she hadn’t truly known it until she’d felt it for varian
  • and it might have started out as a playful little thing between them
  • stretching their boundaries until one of them gave out
  • in the beginning, that’s all they were to each other
  • she’d liked his courage with her, the way he dared to approach her
  • she’d loved even more the way he controlled her when they were alone
  • how she’d wanted to yield to him, only to him
  • it had to mean something
  • she pushed at his shoulder, so varian laid on his back
  • she straddled him, sitting up, watching his eyes roam her body
  • she was watching him, too
  • the way the sunlight danced on his dark skin
  • the way it bounced off his blue eyes
  • he was the most beautiful creature she’d ever seen and yet - 
  • and yet there was so much more to him
  • she told him, “My kind were not made for love.”
  • varian stayed silent, only his breathing changing when amren dragged her hands down his chest
  • his blue eyes stayed on her
  • “But even before I became this,” she said, “there was more to this, to us, than just wanting you.”
  • to take him, amren simply had to move her hips slightly
  • a little gasp tore from her when he slid in, gentle and hard
  • varian’s eyebrows furrowed together at the feeling, and his hands touched her hips, thumbs squeezing
  • amren moved slowly, intentionally, making every movement count
  • “You made me love you even before I knew what love was.”
  • she sat back, breathing deeply, closing her eyes
  • varian sat up, his arms around her,
  • they stopped momentarily, looking at each other
  • “I love you,” she said
  • and it was the first time she’d said it
  • the first time she’d allowed herself too
  • varian’s blue eyes searched her face, her eyes
  • he touched her cheeks, leaning in for a kiss
  • “I adore you,” he murmured, before claiming her mouth
  • it was slow this time
  • everything about it
  • the way varian moved her hips in time with his, a gentle dance
  • the way he kissed her neck, leaving evidences that he’d been here, in this moment, with her
  • and soon enough, amren was clutching at his back, nails digging painfully onto his skin
  • varian let their bodies fall into the mattress with amren under him, and simply-
  • hitched her leg up, wrapping it around his waist
  • he knew how much it went against her instincts, to be underneath him
  • to be pinned to the bed
  • or to feel powerless, even when they were making love
  • he saw it in her eyes, the slight apprehension
  • but varian made sure to stop
  • made sure to kiss her gently, once, twice
  • his eyes lingering on hers
  • her words still ringing in his head
  • “I love you like this,” he whispered to her, just before bringing his head down for another kiss
  • his hips were moving
  • amren’s mouth parted against his
  • a gasp escaped her
  • “Submissive?” she teased, angling her head in a predatory manner
  • though her eyes often closed, as if she could not keep them open, as if the things he was making her feel were too much 
  • varian smiled, lips against her jaw, “Trusting me.” he corrected
  • and with that, another thrust that had amren moaning against him this time
  • he’d felt himself get closer and closer to the edge, but varian only focused on the way amren reacted to his movements, his hands, his kisses
  • and with one final thrust, he had her shaking underneath him, his name escaping her lips
  • he followed soon after, driven by the way she’d whispered his name
  • surprisingly, amren stayed like this, underneath him, way afterwards
  • he rested his head on her breasts, breathless, and she held him, comforted by the his weight on top of her
  • “You love me,” he muttered
  • she smiled to herself, “Strange, I know.”
  • varian smiled, too, pulling away to look down at her
  • amren’s eyes were shining
  • “The strangest,” he marvelled, leaning down, and kissing her lips one more time

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Several high-ranking Fae of the Summer Court attempt an attack on the Spring Court. Their mistake was holding the skirmish on Elsewhere grounds.

It’s a school. Summer is a void here, a timelapse, nothing wrapped up in stop-gap jobs and wet heat and running out of calendar days. What foothold is that, to wage a war?

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⋆ . ・ * ¨ ‘ * THE SUMMER COURT

Summer was here again. Summer, summer, summer. I loved and hated summers. Summers had a logic all their own and they always brought something out in me. Summer was supposed to be about freedom and youth and no school and possibilities and adventure and exploration. Summer was a book of hope. That’s why I loved and hated summers. Because they made me want to believe.

- aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe

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Amren @ Summer Court

Amren is the only creature who could break some insanely sacred laws by stealing shit, then has the audacity to consider smiting the Summer Court afterward for being mad at her.

I admire this.

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