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#the tender stares
pankracy · a month ago
There’s few things in fics that make my heart melt without fail, and one of those is and always will be Spock calling McCoy Leonard.
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keilemlucent · 8 months ago
i have a thought abt keigo + biting! he will "preen" u like an actual bird, just nibbling on u all over! tiny bites on ur ears, neck, & tummy<3
omg anon i am so 🥺 💕 SOFT for this omg. like, little playful nips when he’s getting a bit 👀frisky on your ears and jaw, not enough to hurt, just enough to get your to jump and giggle. 
when the two of you are relaxing, its just absent-minded little kisses and bites to your neck. maybe few that leave a mark, but nothing that’ll last (he saves those ones for later 👀💕). i really like the idea of keigo quietly preening with his hands too <3 just like moving hair behind your ears or tucking down fly aways. leaving little twirls and messy braids at the back of your skull. cute little bird things. 
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starkravinghazelnoots · 4 months ago
There were many things Sarah Wilson could say she adored about May Parker, from May’s pretty eyes to her soft hair to her contagious smile. She adored May’s bubbly laugh, too, and the way May’s chin just barely rested on her shoulder when May stood on her tiptoes. Their dramatic height difference also made kisses that much more exhilarating, at least in Sarah’s opinion. But one thing Sarah Wilson especially adored about May Parker?
It had to be her spunk.
May was a strong-willed, fiery person. She had no other choice, what with raising a teenage superhero and working double shifts at the ER and still making time to volunteer at local charities in Queens. But at first glance, Sarah suspected most saw May as nothing more then a petite woman dressed to the nines in her scrubs who existed in a perpetual state of semi-exhaustion. One conversation later, though?
Yeah, it was May’s stubborn, good-hearted spirit that Sarah hadn’t been able to stop herself from falling head over heels for.
It was nice, really, having someone who liked to be in control—without being overbearing about said control, either. The perfect combination. Because yes, Sarah could be assertive. She was a single mother of two young boys and a Black woman running a self-owned seafood business in the deep South. Sometimes an assertive attitude was necessary. And sure, Delacroix was a much better place than most, but that didn’t mean her life was a picnic.
Still. Just because Sarah could be assertive when the situation called for it did not mean she wanted to be. The last thing she needed was the angry Black woman stereotype weaponized and shoved in her face when she was just trying to make it through the day.
The first year of the Blip, the first year without Sam, had been especially hard.
So Sarah adored being with May. Adored that May could do the bossing, adored that she could be as soft with May as she wanted, adored that May found her most beautiful during those moments of calm. Of quiet.
“Hey there, gorgeous,” May teased as she entered the apartment, placing her purse by the door before dropping onto the couch beside Sarah. Sarah had only arrived a few minutes earlier, having let herself in with the key May had gifted her the day before. “Come here often?”
“As often as I can,” Sarah responded, a grin sliding onto her lips. “Tickets to New York are expensive.”
May laughed. “Good thing Captain America covers your fare.”
“Mhm. Very altruistic of him.” Sarah was one conversation away from convincing Sam to cover May’s trips to Delacroix, too, she was sure of it. “How was work?”
May hummed, shrugging. “Not bad. Felt long, though.” She exhaled slowly. “We revived a teen from a cocaine overdose. It was a close call, and they almost…” May shook her head, the action sharp and jarring, as if she was reprimanding herself. “Sorry. They’re stable now. That’s what counts.”
Sarah tucked a strand of May’s hair behind her ear. The events of her shift had probably been rougher than her girlfriend was letting on, but Sarah knew now wasn’t the time to push her. A distraction was what May needed. “I missed you, you know.”
May caught Sarah’s hand when she tried to pull it away, threading their fingers together before giving Sarah’s hand a gentle squeeze. “I missed you more.”
Sarah laughed—or maybe it was closer to a giggle, a sound Sarah usually found embarrassing but had never cared about in front of May—before leaning forward to brush their noses together. “Now don’t start that.”
May wiggled her eyebrows, earning more laughter from Sarah. “You could stop me.”
Sarah removed May’s glasses with her free hand, pressing a chaste kiss to her lips. “Something tells me you don’t need me to stop you.”
“Hmm. Yeah, you’d be right about that.” May moved to sit in Sarah’s lap, the additional boost of height putting their gazes at about the same level. “How about I start something else, then?”
Sarah adored when May started things, adored when May led her through them, adored when May took her by the hand and tugged her along. To give up control to someone else was the most freeing experience in the world—ha, what an oxymoron. All this was to say that when May leaned in to capture Sarah’s mouth in a deeper, more intimate kiss than the previous one they shared, Sarah certainly wasn’t complaining. She sighed into the warmth, her hands falling to rest on May’s hips while May’s rose to cup her face.
“I gotta say… I missed this, too,” May murmured against her lips, and Sarah bit back a laugh.
“You aren’t the only one.”
May grinned at her, eyes twinkling with that spunk so uniquely her—God, Sarah’s heart skipped a beat, her breath stolen away. She had a feeling May would always have that effect on her.
“Good to know,” was the only response May provided before she surged forward to close the distance between them a third time, and a content hum rose in Sarah’s chest as she gladly reciprocated the action.
Yeah, Sarah Wilson adored—hell, she loved May Parker. Loved her eyes, her smile, her laugh. Loved that May always knew when to start and when to stop. Loved how May brought out a gentle side of her she sometimes feared their cold, cruel world had eaten away.
And so, Sarah figured, if there was any drug to overdose on…
Love would have to be the one.
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peachcitt · 3 months ago
claire asking jim to the dance, jim saying yes and IMMEDIATELY going in for the kiss (his fingertips!!! touching her jaw!!!!), claire IMMEDIATELY moving to reciprocate, im going insane!
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tenderlyhands · a year ago
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Happy Birthday @arunima​! 
Is Hannibal in love with me?
Could he daily feel a stab of hunger for you and find nourishment at the very sight of you? Yes. But do you... ache for him?
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wzard101 · a month ago
he rinsed my hair off for me in the shower
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