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#the third act is like...... i don't even know i can't even tell you
sauza · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
dabi x f!reader
Tumblr media
you've gone to the tattoo and piercing parlor that sits between the two family-owned restaurants before, never for yourself but as support for friends. The man with jet black hair who does a majority of the work always makes small talk with you, encouraging you to stop by for yourself. Your curiosity is piqued, if they can do it why can't you? It won't hurt that bad, right? It's not like his gaze alone lights a fire deep in your core.
tattoo-parlor au, no quirks, dom!dabi, needles, nipple play, piercing nipples, cock piercings, biting, vibrator, semi-public sex, masturbation, minor dacryphilia, overstimulation, teasing, squirting.
Tumblr media
"You're here again," You look up from your bag to the raven-haired man behind the parlor counter, "Are you finally here for yourself?" His tone is husky, creating a string of chills that rush down the length of your spine. He always asks you the same question whenever you step through the doors, you come here often because of your friends as sort of an "emotional support". You've never actually gotten a tattoo or piercing for yourself, and you don't really want one quite yet.
Your friend stumbling in behind you already gives him his answer, he gives an overly dramatic sigh and tuts, "C'mon, stop by for yourself, I promise to take good care of you. You'd look good with just about anything..." He leans in to examine your face, chuckling at how you sheepishly lean back. Your friend clears her throat, you know why she and your other friends always come here... for him. It is so obvious in the outfits they wear and their change in behavior, suddenly picking on you to get him to laugh is on their agenda. Not to mention how any ounce of attention he gives to you, they fight to win back.
Dabi, you learned that was his name a few weeks ago, hands her the clipboard before turning back to you. His arms lean against the counter, decorated in an array of traditional tattoos you cannot quite decipher but you find stunning, "Maybe a nose ring?" He asks, "You'd look cute with a little one right here..." He pokes your bottom lip, purposely dragging it down just a bit. You shove his hand away flustered, shaking off his suggestions with a simple I'd probably pass out.
He traces your features, humming at your words, and trying to picture something on you. He is genuine when he says anything would look great on you, but he finds your face so cute as it is, he would feel almost bad piercing a hole through it. He wonders how your supple breasts look, two metal bars through your nipples, he can imagine you holding up your shirt for him, so innocent you can't even realize his excessive groping is unprofessional. All the things he could do to you, and you probably would not even say anything, just take it. 
The clipboard hits the counter, his turquoise eyes snapping to your friend who has her arms crossed beneath her breasts, gradually growing impatient with the lack of acknowledgment. You tuck your bag under your arm and back away, knowing that you're only obstructing her chance at getting his number. Ever since the third time you visited the shop, Dabi has been talking a lot more with you. It was strange how suddenly his attention was diverting from your friends, who always looked stunning, to you who showed up in either pajamas or your casual attire from the day.
He always asks you about your day, you find it sweet that he cares enough, but lately, your friends have grown a little malicious due to him "choosing" you over them. It has not been fun, to say the least, having girls who you thought were your friends instigate you over some man.
"So, what're you getting?" Dabi asks, not even bothering to read what she wrote on the form. She answers a quiet tongue piercing, using that sultry sweet tone she is known for. He only hums, not really interested in details, before motioning for you both to follow him into the back.
Your friend doesn't appear happy with him waving for you both, which doesn't make sense since you always go into the back room with them, "Does she have to come in the back?" Your friend, Izumo, asks. You look to her with confusion, then back at Dabi, backing away slightly as to not cause any trouble.
"Well, no..." He says with a shrug, "But there isn't anyone to work the counter right now, so it'd be easier to have her in the back... she looks all sweet, but I bet behind that cute smile she's a klepto." Dabi looks down at you with a smirk, bringing his hand to the top of your head and guiding you to keep walking, "There's plenty of room, a tongue piercing is quick." 
There is no way to describe the tension, thick and anything but comforting. Between Dabi drumming his fingers on the top of your head, and your friend sauntering behind you both, you're sure she will tell you off after about letting him get all cozy with you. Truly, you don't mean for it to happen, but you don't want to be rude and act cold with him. He is really nice to you, and it isn't every day a guy bothers to ask about your day and give you attention.
The backroom is fairly spacious, the cold table set up where Izumo makes herself comfortable, Dabi pulling a chair from the neighboring room so you can have somewhere to sit. It smells just like him, which you can assume is from the small bottle of cologne on the counter where he has his personal belongings. He reeks of smoke, disinfectant, and that masculine cologne that has this lemony under smell to it.
"What about your eyebrow?" He picks up right where he left off, nagging you about ideas that just don't appeal to you, "Or maybe one on your ear? There's gotta be something you want..." He washes his hands in the sink beside you, looking at you fumble with your phone shyly, "If you don't want a piercing, I'll happily tattoo you." The sound of the glove squeezing over his fingers and snapping against his wrist fill the silence, other than his talking and you humming a small nope to him.
"You do tattoos, too?" Your friend pipes up, you and Dabi look at her on the table, "I didn't know that... what do you like to do?" It is clear what she is trying to do, Dabi knows this game, girls do it all the time. They scrape and fight for his affection or the slightest acknowledgment. He's seen how your friends treat you and it only makes him want to smother you more just to piss them off, as well as see you giggle and turn red in the ears.
He doesn't answer right away, laying out the tools he needs for the quick piercing, "Uhh," He puts on the tray a clamp, a needle, the tongue bar, and some pads to wipe around the tongue for before and after the piercing, "It kinda depends, I don't always tattoo clients... depends on if I like them or not, I'm not comfortable tattooing strangers." He sets the tray beside her on the table and stands in front of her spread legs.
"Oh, that's a shame..." She tilts her head with a frown, both disappointed in his answer and the fact he doesn't catch on to the fact her legs are spread open for him to stand between them, "Guess that means I'll just have to visit you more often, hm?" 
"Sure, as long as you make an appointment." He unwraps the clamp from its packaging and tests it, making sure it works properly. He uses the pads to swipe at the area of her tongue he is piercing, not wanting any saliva to obstruct the process, "Stick out your tongue as far as you can and don't move." As he swabs her tongue, collecting the saliva before grabbing the marker to spot where the needle will go in and out from, he calls out to you.
"Psst," He says over his shoulder, "C'mere, think you can order my lunch while I do this?" You look to your friend nervously, knowing she will be upset, but it would be rude to decline him. You cautiously approach him, following his vision to his phone, "Get that, the code is just a bunch of sixes... it'll automatically open once the right amount goes in." You follow his instructions, grabbing his phone, which isn't in the best shape, and press the six on the code pad until it unlocks, "Now go to the third folder, at the bottom should be that app... it's like bootleg Uber Eats."
At the bottom of the folder is the app you assume he is describing, opening it to see a bunch of recommendations based on previous orders, "Surprise me with something, I've been eating the same shit all week." His fingers wipe at the mark he made, adjusting it to sit more at the center of her tongue before applying the clamp, "Oh, actually... Thai sounds fucking great right now." 
You listen to him babbling about what he likes, inputting his order bit by bit, and making sure you get it right, "Isn't this a lot for just lunch...?" He hums, peering over your shoulder and pointing at what he could live without. You place the order, letting him know when it should arrive before putting his phone back where you picked it up from.
"Thanks, doll face," He coos at you, "Now when do I get to stick a needle in you?" You groan at his insistence, unaware of the growing aggravation of Izumo who watches the way he treats you. She had thought your mutual friends were exaggerating, but seeing how friendly he is with you in comparison to her, the jealousy in her stomach bubbles up. Here she is dressed up, her chest practically hanging out, and you're just sitting there and being shy... what is it that you have and she doesn't?
Internally, he is laughing at the absolute look of both confusion and distaste your friend is being consumed by, but he is also disgusted by how girls can so easily disregard their friends over a guy. You haven't done anything but sit there, he is almost embarrassed for the girl, bringing the piercing needle to the top of her tongue and lining it with the mark he made, "I'm going to do it now, okay?" She nods and closes her eyes, face scrunching up as the needle stabs through her tongue.
You watch him replace the needle with the metal bar, twisting the rounded ball onto the end of it whilst wiping at the blood and saliva that sticks to her tongue and chin. He draws away and hands her a mirror to examine the final product, Dabi silently cleans up the area, not saying much to either of you while your friend babbles about how good it looks, the reason she wanted it, and thanking him for taking care of her. Dabi brushes her off with a bland it is my job, making you slightly giggle.
"Ah, so she does laugh a little," Dabi leans over to look you in the eyes with a lazy smile, "Now it's your turn, cutie, get on the table." He nods his head to the table, to which you quickly shake your head, "Aw, c'mon, it'll only pinch a little... I think I know exactly what I wanna give you." His eyes trail down from your neck to your chest, smirking at the flustered expression that immediately crosses her face.
"She wouldn't be able to handle it," Izumo pipes up snarkily, coming to a stand and grabbing her things, "Last year we and a couple of friends wanted to get matching tattoos, but she chickened out on the spot." She flashes the small tattoo at her wrist that you were also supposed to have, you were shocked she would bring that up, especially since you cried an apology to them after the whole ordeal. You felt guilty for ruining the trip, and they even said it was fine, so why did she have to bring it up now?
The raven-haired man wipes his hands on his pants with a monotonous expression, "Well, they say matching tattoos are bad luck," He looks down at you, "Plus, it would be a hassle to get a cover-up if any of you were to stop being friends... she'll get a tattoo when she's ready," He traces down your body and swipes his tongue over his teeth, "And I'm gonna be the one to pop her tattoo cherry." 
His play of words has your abdomen tightening, you hate that you love his attention, how every time he talks to one of your friends he has to bring you into the mix, that you're the focus of his attention during these trips. You hate that you love seeing your friends get jealous and sneer at you, but it's just a little fun... right? Your friend heads for the door, smoking practically pouring from her ears at how he treats you.
Dabi moves behind you, sneaky fingers running down your back and pushing something into your pocket, "You have some strange friends," He whispers into your ear, fingers digging into the curve of your ass before he pulls his hand away, "When am I gonna get to be alone with you? Promise it won't hurt too much..."
"U-Um, I don't know..." You look down at the hand he keeps on your waist, "I-I'll think about it, maybe something new wouldn't be too bad..." He smiles at that, he just wants to have an excuse to be with you alone. You're such a pretty piece of ass, so naive and cute, he wants to ravish you and ruin you... but at the same time see how long he can keep you on the hook. See what you have hidden behind your innocent smiles and shy pouts.
You look over your shoulder at him, waving your friends as a farewell before you slip out the door with your friend. She immediately turns to you with a look you have seen before, "Ugh, what was that? Hinami said he would be all over you, but I thought she was exaggerating." You follow her to your car, unlocking the door, "Next time, remind me not to invite you, m'kay? You didn't even try to shove him away or anything, if you don't want him just say it so some of us can get a bit of that."
You don't really pay attention, whatever he slipped in your back pocket is practically burning a hole in your cheek, all you want is to reach back and see what it is. Though you know if you do, Izumo will only be in your business and raise her voice more. You definitely need some new friends, as soon as possible.
The drive is tense, but after dropping her off at her apartment complex, the tenacity from before evaporates into thin air and you finally have the chance to reach into your pocket. You pull out a folded piece of paper, his name messily scrawled on the front with a silly little smiley face, On the inside reads his phone number, and just below it is a note reading, 'text me when you get the chance, I'm gonna convince you to stop by for yourself one of these days.'
His words shouldn't make you smile, and you shouldn't add his number into your phone... he is no good, he has that look to him, one that reads trouble. You are sure he has his share of affairs, side flings. He reads heartbreaker, but part of you believes he didn't give you his number to be anything serious, knowing that will at least keep you from getting too close with him.
Nonetheless, you put in his number and text him. A few words won't harm anyone, right?
'Hi, Dabi... right? I just got the chance to read the note. I'll get a tattoo or piercing if I want, none of your convincing will change my mind, sorry! <3'
You send the rather light message, not expecting him to text you back, or at least not right away. You drive the rest of the way home, unaware that he so quickly texted you back. He had been waiting for your message, after all. To say that he was on the edge of his seat since you left would be an accurate description, he honestly did not expect for you to even acknowledge the note, but the moment an unknown number popped up and he read the text... he knew it was you.
When you get inside, and only after changing into pajamas and grabbing a snack from your kitchen cupboard, do you check the list of notifications on your phone; social media, the news, emails, miscellaneous... Dabi. The message burns into your phone and you almost think not to look at it, should you? You should, you did text him first. 
I didn't think you'd message me, pretty girl... did you just get home?
You give him affirmation that you're home, chewing the chip you just popped into your mouth. Not even the television is as interesting as this right now, you don't like how excited you are to see him waiting on your every response. So quickly texting you back, it makes butterflies come to life in your stomach.
That's good. Now about that piercing... how about the lip? Like a little vertical labret? 
He lists off different piercings, tattoo ideas... more than just dedicated to persuading you. Each time you give him cheeky rejections, reminding him about how you wouldn't be able to handle it. Dabi finds you amusing, he can almost picture you now in your cute pajamas in bed, looking at his messages. What he would give to see you, tight shorts and no bra beneath your shirt. 
You ask him about his day, to which he gives you a flirty little, 'Sucked until I got to see you walk in again, visit me more often.' It's such a cheesy comment, one that shouldn't make you smile against your hand, he shouldn't be making you feel like this. It is humiliating, but it's just a bit of flirting... no strings attached.
The message is sent before you even properly think it through, fingers quickly typing up, 'What do you think would look best on me?' The three dancing dots almost pop up immediately, as if he had been waiting for that specific question. You wait patiently, the dots appearing and disappearing, clearly, he is trying to word his message correctly.
As you wait, you think of all the times you have visited the shop. You're familiar with the faces who work there, aside from Dabi you have seen a blonde-haired young man with golden eyes and a slight scruff on his chin. You never spoke to him, but he did smile at you once, that was as far as the exchange went. Another face was a lanky figure with white locks, eyes red as blood and he looked to have a skin condition. He was not bad looking at all, and you spoke to him a few times after he recognized a charm on your keychain.
Of course, you have no seen him for some time, but that is as far as the exchange went, discussing mutual interests in shows or games. He was nice, a bit standoffish and vague, but still nice to talk with when your friends wanted Dabi to themselves. You wonder if Dabi had not picked interest in you if you would have found yourself chatting with the white-haired young man. You never caught his real name but you're sure you have heard the others refer to him as Shiggy. 
The message goes through and you look at your screen, the message is a bit longer, but nothing that you aren't willing to read.
Well, I was thinking of a lip piercing, but your face is so pretty... it would be a shame to poke any holes in it. Maybe something more hidden? A septum, a smiley... maybe I could do a tongue piercing on you, too?
They all sound fine, you would prefer something more hidden, but you've heard some disaster stories regarding both smileys and septums. A tongue piercing doesn't sound awful, but supposedly they are bad for your teeth and you're sure your friend will accuse you of copying her. Dabi finds your thinking amusing, turning each suggestion down with a more than valid reason. You're cute, not letting yourself live a little and take the risks.
You're just making my job a little difficult... what about one on your pussy?
Your eyes widen at the message, it is a bit much, the idea of having a needle near down there sounds painful. Your bottom lip is captured between your teeth, words failing you at the mere image of him between your legs. The pain would only be a second, his lips kissing it better... it sends shocks to your core and you find your legs crossing to secure the involuntary arousal his text caused.
Once again you decline the suggestion, fearful of this effect he has on you. You should not let yourself get drunk on his words, wait on his messages. Yet here you are watching your screen, watching him type, watching that delivered turn into read.  What does he see in you? It's humiliating to have someone so attractive hang over your shoulder. He is far out of your league on several levels.
You're killing me, babe. Come into the parlor sometime, I'll convince you to get something. (;
Of course, he will, you know he will somehow convince you. It is impossible for you to ignore the way his words have you wanting to please him, to impress him. It feels like high school again, doing anything to grasp the awareness of your crush, for them to notice you and set you apart from the rest. You hate this giddy feeling in your tummy, like a million little butterflies dancing and spinning, throwing a party simply over a few words some man sent you.
To say the least, it is humiliating. You need to end the conversation now before that heat between your legs begins to get hotter, or the palpations of your chest cause an attack. Your fingers quickly type a goodnight, 'I'll think about it! You've given me ideas to think about... maybe you'll see me soon. But I have to go to bed, it's been a long day. Get some rest soon, Dabi. (:'
He returns a cheeky, 'Good night, pretty girl who just so happens to be extremely stubborn.' You smile at the message, partially choking yourself out for ending the conversation so soon. It is for the best, you remind yourself, you need to understand boundaries. Your thighs rub together slowly, relieving only a sliver of the pressure, but you crave more than you want to give yourself. The embarrassment, the shame of touching yourself to the thought of someone you barely know.
But he won't know... not unless he has cameras set up in your room. Dabi doesn't have to know that you are slipping your fingers own your abdomen, imagining it is his tattooed hands doing it. You wonder how they would feel on bare skin, you have never felt his skin against yourself, but you can imagine his palms are rough from hours of accurately and precisely sticking needles in someone.
The thought of rough fingers tugging down your shorts and panties, leaving them to hang at your knees in favor of grazing the slick that covers your swollen cunny. What would he tell you? He'd probably call you pretty girl or babe, whispering about how wet you are, how your slick is sticking to his rings and countless rings that adorn his knuckles. You always admire the jewelry that graces his skin, the chains that hang from his neck, the tongue piercing that glistens against the light when he talks, no to mention the several studs and size 14mm gauges that pierce his ears.
He makes it all look so elegant, so mysterious. The piercings and tattoos going hand in hand, like a story over his body. You imagine your nails tracing the spirals and splashes of color along his skin, his raspy voice whispering the story of each into your ear. Sweat coating your bodies and sticking together all at once, your fingers speed up in their mission to have you cum. The knot in your stomach twisting but never quite snapping, edging yourself just so you can think of him longer.
Is his cock covered in piercings, too? Ladder bars running along the underside of his shaft with a metal ball piercing the crown of his cock, the thought of each metal piece dragging along your gummy walls, rubbing against your throat. Would it hurt? It shouldn't, right? You wonder if he would whisper sweet nothings in your ear, words of praise on how well you take his dick, how pretty you look beneath him... 
Your toes curl as the tips of your fingers rub that small patch, massaging the sweet spot that brings you right onto the edge. A spill of his name bleeds from your throat, filthy and soft, whimpering and whining as your fingers pump faster with intent. It feels so good, but you're sure he could make you feel a lot better than this. 
Finally, you pull your fingers from your tight cunny and watch as a drop of your cum splashes onto your pulled down shorts, ears tinted red and face scrunched up with pleasure. You sigh a final saying of his name, patting your swollen cunny to ease yourself through that sensitive stage of your high. Only when your poor clit loses reaction to your touches, do you roll over and take the walk of shame to your bathroom. You can feel your slick sticking to your thighs, a reminder that you had just fingered yourself over a man who you texted for no more than five minutes.
In all your years of living, not once have you touched yourself to the thought of someone. It always feels so awkward, strange. You fear that somehow, despite being alone in your room, they will know that the night before they were on your mind whilst your fingers touched places far too private. You go to bed that night sick, not necessarily with guilt anymore, but with something unfamiliar. A sick sense of want, an urge to visit him as he asked.
Maybe, just maybe, you will find yourself in the parlor for yourself.
A week goes by, small talk exchanged between you both, Dabi constantly trying to persuade you to let him take you out for lunch, and you cheekily declining. He is hooked on your game of cat and mouse, leading him on before declining any plans he tries to make with you. You're playing hard to get and he loves it, he finds himself craving your presence, texting you more often than he cares to admit.
Even his coworker, Tomura, noticed his strange behavior. He hates how easy he is to read, they know his games, when he finds a chick he is interested in Dabi likes to play a bit before taking what he wants and ghosting them. But you seem to know his game well, twisting and turning around every jab he tries to give. A dance between you both that he continues to stumble over. He wants to see you again, even if you're accompanying one of your many obnoxious friends, he wants to see you so bad it is frustrating.
So when he hears the bell of the door ring on a lazy Wednesday afternoon, he expects it to be a regular or an appointment made. His eyes casting up, but he catches sight of familiar legs he has ogled over a hundred times before, clad in the cutest stockings he has ever seen. He travels further up, over the curve of hips and chest, meeting your shy eyes. Part of him believes manifestation is real, that all this time he spent thinking of you is what got you to appear. Though he waits for a plus one to come in after you.
But they never do.
You quickly approach the counter, clutching that same bag you always bring, "I-I..." You look down at the outfit you put together, specifically for him, "I realized it wasn't your... um, lunch break after I was halfway here." Turquoise eyes trace your figure snug in the cute little dress you have on, you know how to get him riled up, if he had known you looked so good all dressed up... he would have been more persistent on taking you out.
Dabi watches you point to something, the clipboard to sign in, "You're getting something done?" His voice comes out a bit louder than intended, a tone of disbelief tainting his smoke-flavored tongue. You only nod, playing with your fingers, nails neatly polished, and taking the pen he offers you, "Did you figure out what you want?"
"I think so," You say, neatly scribbling your information on the paper, "B-But I wanted to talk with you about it... just a little nervous." He watches you bring the pen to input what you want, eyes glue to the paper as you quickly write down the one piercing he did not expect you to choose. His eyes falling from their sockets, rereading what you wrote at least five times. Dabi even rubs at the ink, making sure it was actually imprinted in the paper before accepting that those are your words.
His tongue swipes over his teeth, a devilish grin overcoming the look of shock he previously wore, "Well, it's my job to make sure you feel comfortable, right?" You nod and allow him to smoothly snake an arm around your waist, "You make me wait almost a month, begging you to let me have you on my table..." His fingers rub soothing circles against your side, side-eyeing his coworkers who peek out to confirm their suspicions that their friend finally has what he wants, "And you choose my favorite thing to pierce, babe?"
You enter the room you have been in many times before,  the same familiar scent of him surrounding you in a thick cloud. The only thing different from previous visits is that you're the one climbing onto the table and not someone else, your bag occupying the chair you have sat in up until this point. Dabi hates the giddiness in his chest seeing you there, so cute and scared, clawing at your dress and doing your best to hide the fear in your eyes. He can see through you, the anxiety and faint look of humiliation.
"What're you so nervous about, sweetheart?" He sighs, coming to stand right in front of you, closer than he would be if it were one of your friends on this table. He wants you to part your supple thighs to let him in, for you to lean forward and coo at him, begging for his attention. He wants you to be a ditsy little whore, but you just sit there and can barely meet his gaze without quickly looking away.
The question echoes in your head, so many things could be the answer to that. Maybe it's the fact you're going to be pulling down the front of your dress to show him your tits? The fact that he's going to have to hold them whilst piercing a middle through the hardened flesh of your nipples? All of it has a tingly sensation vibrating in your stomach, one that makes you hold your legs tighter together.
"I'm just not a fan of needles," You partially lie, "Will it hurt a lot?" He melts at the way you dwell on the little things, scared of the pain rather than him being able to easily take advantage of the fact you'll have your dress pulled down, "I just don't want it to be a hassle or anything." 
Dabi leans forward, hands on either side of your hips, his nose nearly brushing against yours. The action has your breath catching in your throat, he doesn't miss the way you clench your thighs together, crossing them just slightly to hide the fact you are aroused. He grins at that, thumbs caressing where your hips meet your thighs, "I'll take care of you. Let me start with seeing what I'm working with, is that fine?" His minty, smoke tainted breath wafts against your face in a warm cloud, the action alone making a shiver run down your arms.
He draws away to give you space, watching you slowly slip the bands of your dress over your shoulders, the elastic of your bra strap falling with it. The fabric of the dress falls around your abdomen, revealing the lace of your bra to his eyes. You can feel his eyes on you, the action making you more than just a little self-conscious. Do you look okay? Is he disappointed?
The cups of your bra hang loose when you unclasp the back and finally you remove the article of clothing and set it beside you. Dabi's eyes never once leave you, printing the image of your supple, perfect tits forever in his memory. He comes closer, "You mind?" Playfully making grabby hands at your chest, it is hard not to laugh just a little, giving him that nod of approval he needs. Calloused palms, just as you had imagined that first night, cup the mounds, feeling them a bit more sensually than you would have expected.
His fingers dig into the plush skin, feeling around the curve and tracing the tip of his nail over and around your nipple. He watches the little buds harden under his touch, your chest rises and falls in his very palm, and he doesn't miss the soft little whine that bubbles in the back of your throat, "I-Is something wrong?" You ask, looking at tattooed fingers against your skin, the cold rings the wrap around his fingers making you twitch and shiver, like cold little ice cubes tickling you.
"Nope," His voice is an octave lower, like a deep growl in the pit of his lungs, "You have nice tits." He gives your left nipple a playful squeeze, chuckling at the jut of your hips and scrunched up expression. The girly little whine making his cock ache in his pants, "You're a little sensitive here, though... so it'll probably hurt a little more than most." Your nipples are rolled between his fingers, taking in your held back reactions, shame written in your failed attempts at keeping your soft sighs and whimpers inside.
You hate the thought of pain, even worse crying in front of him, but he promised to be good with you, to take care of you. He has said it plenty of times and you want to believe him. Dabi pulls his hands from your chest, smiling at your conflicted expression, "I won't tell if you cry a little," He hums, fingers dancing across the exposed skin of your tummy, "Can be our secret... you can hold onto me if it'll make you feel a little better." His voice is so soothing, carrying such reassuring words. You hate how the soft smiles and sweet tone he pulls with you makes you feel safe.
Dabi briefly pulls away from you, feather-like touches still lingering on your torso, going to gather what he needs. You wait patiently, what else can you do? You never noticed the tattoos curl around to his back, faintly making them out through the collar of his shirt. He is handsome, you can see why your friends went crazy for him, but you feel like there is more to his character than just a shit ton of tattoos and even more piercings.
The familiar ringing of your phone interrupts your thought, Dabi glancing away from what he was going to your bag, "I got it, which pocket?" He asks, setting down the jewelry he picked to fit you. Last you remember, your phone was in the large middle pocket. His hand digs in there, feeling the vibration of your phone, he successfully pulls it out but not without noticing something else. A grin plasters across his face and he gives you that look, one that says 'Well what do we have here?'
You don't exactly know what he is giving you that look for, you made sure to empty your bag of anything embarrassing! Could you have missed something? Maybe it is just something silly like a bag of candy or one of your menstrual items... but you're not even close to your period date. He is making you nervous, bringing your dress up to cover your chest before shimmying off the counter and hurrying to see what he is focusing on.
"I-I..." Your heart just about stops at the embarrassing realization that your bullet vibrator is still tucked away in your bag, you don't use it often but sometimes it's nice to have it in while driving or just shopping. The subtle vibration always calming you, but you don't remember slipping it in your bag at all this week. Could it be that it fell in when you grabbed something else? Maybe you just forgot to take it out?
"You're adorable," He laughs and hands you your phone, "Wasn't judging, but you should do a better job of hiding that." You look at the name on your screen, seeing it is Izumo, the friend you came with about a week ago. You roll your eyes and toss aside the phone, letting it fall into your bag, "Someone you don't like?"
Dabi looks at your arms hiding your chest with the front of your dress, a shame that you aren't standing here with them out for him to look at while preparing his set up for you, "Kinda... um, remember the friend from last week? You did her tongue." He shrugs, giving you one of those I'm not sure sort of expressions, "She wanted to invite me to some cafe, but I'm still a little upset after last week."
"About the whole crying thing?" You nod, Dabi puts his gloves on and carries the tray to the table, patting the spot for you to come to sit, "Well, don't be embarrassed... I'm sure you look cute when you cry." The comment makes your stomach flip, it's a strange thing to tell a client, but you assume he is only making you feel better. You let the dress fall and reveal your chest, using an alcohol pad to clean up the area on your nipple and around it. He lays down the pad and looks in your eyes, "You okay? Look like you're gonna pass out..."
"Y-Yeah... just... that needles a kinda big, no?" You're getting a bit standoffish, squirming in place and fiddling with your fingers, "I just... just thought it would be a little-" Dabi shushes you with a sadistic grin, though you mistake it for one of playful amusement. His hands feel so good on your thighs, you wish you could continue to feel them without the added pain of that needle piercing your tender buds. 
Hands pry open your legs, allowing his hips to move between, your thighs sit snugly around his waist and squeeze him just a bit. He tickles your waist and shifts you just a tad closer, pressing flush against your, "You're shaking," He comments while feeling up your sides, stopping only when he has your face in his palms, "Poor baby, so scared over a little needle..." He muses and leans in until you feel his breath over your lips, "Maybe you need a little distraction, right?"
Two fingers run up your thigh and stop at the elastic of your panties, they're warm against your cold skin, making you shiver in his grasp, "Relax," The two fingers rub against your panties, massaging that little pearl right above your entrance, "You like that, princess? Makes you feel a little better, right?" He relishes in the sweet whines you let him hear, not to mention your soft fingers wrapping around his wrist to keep his hand close, "Good girl, just focus on that..."
While he distracts you with his index and middle fingers, each rubbing against your panties and teasing the top of the flimsy fabric, he eyes your tender breasts and makes sure that the marks he made line up. You don't even notice him continuing his work, so focused on the little surges of pleasure that wrack through you with every little curl and tap of his finger against your swollen clit.
A particularly loud whimper falls from your honeyed tongue, thighs squeezing around his waist tighter, "D-Dabi," You curl up at the intrusion of his fingers caressing the walls of your poor cunny, "N-Not there... too much-" His thumb presses down on your clit, making you shut up immediately. You become so submissive without him putting any effort, such a dirty girl, opening her thighs just for him.
"Alright sweetheart, I need both hands," His fingers are pulled from your sloppy entrance, but something small easily replaces it, "But you're such a smart girl for bringing that little toy," It turns on, buzzing inside of your cunny at the soft spot he had previously been poking and prodding against, "Now sit still for me, alright? Then I'll make sure to kiss it better..."
The buzzing against your walls makes it difficult to sit still, but Dabi lets you hold onto him for stabilization, checking the marks on your nipples one more time before he is lining up the sharp end of the needle with the target. You are so distracted by the buzzing of your bullet vibrator, you barely feel the pinch of the needle penetrating your nipple. In fact, Dabi notices the way your hips arch against him, sputtering at the flickering pain that bubbles on your breast mixed with the pulsating pleasure. He grins at the smallest sliver of drool that sticks to your lips, finding you to look your best when drunk on pleasure.
"Fuck, baby..." He replaces the needle with the straight bar, twisting the ball onto the end of it, "There's one, you did so well... and they look great on these pretty tits of yours." Palms cup your chest, making you giggle and roll your hips against him, "Shit, okay... one more and then I'll play with this cute little pussy, making a mess all over my table." He cups your next breast and once again checks the markings, repeating the process. The stinging of the needle stabbing through tenderized skin has you flinching just a bit, a soft moan bubbling on the inside of your throat.
"Nngh, gonna cum-" You look up at him with a lazy expression, not even caring that your poor tits are sore from being pierced, "W-Wanna cum, Dabi~" He finishes the second jewelry, taking a brief step back to look at you with your legs spread, panties pulled to the side and the little pink vibratory peeking out of your little entrance just a bit. You look so perfect, sweat stuck to your brow, whimpers of gonna cum and Dabi spilling over your little pink tongue, and your nipples swollen and shimmering from the metal bars through them.
If he could, he would take a picture, but right now he wants to see you fall apart in his hands, "Yeah?" He muses while pushing the little vibrator deeper inside of you, "You gonna cum for me, princess? Make a mess on my table?" Your head is bobbing up and down quickly, strangled gasps getting caught in the back of your throat as the seconds pass, "Mm, you're such good girl... gonna make sure you cum all over my dick once I'm done with you."
He drops to his knees in front of you, thighs are thrown over his shoulders, and mouth sloppily kissing the slick entrance of your pussy a few times. He relishes in the sweet little whimpers and whines of his name that sound so sugary when coming from you, he wants to enjoy your flavor, your delicious pussy. He wants to taste you more than he knows, but for now, settles on suckling the bud of your neglected clit.
Every lap of his tongue against your clit leaves your knees weak, a hand clasped over your mouth to try and quiet the noises spilling from you. The last thing you want is for anyone to hear, but Dabi does not seem even the slightest bit concerned about how loud you are. He is engulfed in the taste of you on his tongue, sucking every last drop into his mouth and savoring it.
"D-Dabi, gonna cum- oh, please~! Gonna cum, please, please, please... hah~!" His fingers bite the flesh of your thighs, keeping you in place as your high is met, a splash of your climax hitting his lips and tongue. He hungrily devours what little you can offer, considering he was practically eating you dry. You convulse within his grasp, hips flinch at the smallest of stimulation to your body.
You look so delicate, so worn. Your eyes rolled back and body rebooting to try and recover from the blissful euphoria you just experienced at the hands of his tongue and the still buzzing vibrator inside of you. Dabi peels his gloves off with a grin, grabbing you by the chin and tilting your head at the perfect angle for him to slot his mouth against yours, allowing you to taste yourself in his mouth. You are so eager to abide by him, lapping at his tongue with yours and tracing over his straight teeth, to distracted to feel his fingers fishing out the little vibrator.
The device is turned off and put aside, hands tugging at your dress so it's entirety is bundled around your waist, "You're so fucking hot," His fingers bite your thigh and spread them open to look at the mess you created, "Fuuuck, all that is for me?" You nod quickly and reach between your thighs to spread yourself open, allowing him to peer at your slick covered hole, "Damn it, babe. Give me a fucking break, gonna make me bust before I even stick it in."
His hands guide you to lay back on the table and your hands instinctively hold under your thighs to keep them to your chest, "Wanna feel you, Dabi... please." You're so greedy, so needy for him to give it to you despite having just cum. Your hole is noticeably clenching around nothing, watching his inked fingers pull open his pants, shoving them as well as his boxers down to hang around his thighs. 
"Calm down," He growls and brings your lower half to hang off the table, his cock adorned in piercings just as you expected, a pretty Prince Albert at the tip and a line of Jacob's Ladder piercings running down the underside of his cock. They sparkle against the light of the room, taunting you, mocking you for being so excited, "Think you can take my cock, babe?"
Why would he ask such a question? This is all you have been thinking about for a week and maybe more, to chicken out now would be a crime. You wiggle your hips and spread yourself wider for him, "Just put it in!" You whine while bringing your fingers to your swollen cunny, "Otherwise, I'm leaving." Your mindless pleas are all he needs to hear to convince him to edge himself closer. His cock feels heavy and warm on your soft lips, dragging each piercing over your throbbing clit to gather your slimy slick on his shaft.
Dabi brings his right knee onto the table and your left thigh hanging over it, he brings his tip to prod at your entrance, "So wet, you're so fucking sexy..." His hand spanks the inside of your thigh, laughing at the heightened yelp that cracks in your throat. As he gradually sinks his member into your entrance, the position he is standing in provides the perfect angle for his cock to drag along that spongy spot inside of you.
"Nngh~! Dabi... t-too much, please-" He spanks your thigh again, "A-Ah!" And again, the little sounds you make earning you a ruthless smack to your poor thigh. He lets his cock sit inside of you, admiring how pretty you look beneath him. Your face flushed and covered in a sheen of sweat, the faintest trail of saliva on your chin, and your perfect tits still a little swollen but so pretty with the metal bars through them.
He leans in and drags his tongue to gather your saliva, leaving a wet trail from the bottom of your chin up to your lips, sinking further to capture them in a sensual kiss. You moan instantly, fingers reaching up to brace against his shoulder and curl into the black strands of his hair. You're so vulnerable and yet you could care less, jutting your hips up to try and feel something.
Your actions are met with the dragging of his cock from your insides, all of his piercings clawing at your walls until he sits with his tip hanging inside of you. This time, the thrust is quick and pushes straight through you, the hottest moan muffled into his shoulder, "Fuck, there you go, take it..." He does the same thing, grinning as you give a similar reaction, "Damn it, don't squeeze me like that, princess... you're too tense- shit."
Dabi is drunk on the feeling of your velvet walls hugging his member, squeezing it with each thrust in and pull out. You feel perfect, like a sleeve meant for his cock alone, tailored to be his own little toy. No pussy has ever felt quite like yours, and despite having barely fucked you yet, he is addicted to this newfound tension you have caused within him. 
The thrusts begin long and fast, dragging his dick out before jamming it as deep as your walls will allow. Every snap of his hips sends your body back on the table, the force causing you to bounce off of him. You're so wet and it makes it so easy to just slip inside of you, you're body takes him so well and accommodates his length effortlessly. 
"Dabi, 's so big..." Your head tilts back against the cold table and your fingers dig into his back, "Ahh, can't... can't take it, too much~!" He feeds off of the tears that prick the corners of your eyes, dripping down the length of your cheeks. Your sniffles are adorable, he hates how badly he wants to hear more of them, you've been so good to him and all he wants is to fuck you silly.
"You can take it, look at you," His hips pick up the base, the table rocking under both of your weights, "Fuck, baby... you can take it, yes you can... you're takin' it right now." His words leave you high and in need of more, you want to be his good girl so bad. To make him feel good, to let him fill you up, for him to be proud of you. He makes you feel so good, you just wanna return the favor!
His hands take your thighs and fold you in half, exposing everything to his eyes. Your slick drools around his dick and down your ass, staining the clean metal of the table beneath you, "Haaah~ Please, please go faster! D-Dabi," You squeak when his hips snap against your ass, "Y-Yes! Like that, nngh..." He continues to the same pace that you seemed delighted in, snapping his hips against your stinging ass. His cock fucks your hole sloppily, not even caring about the sound of skin smacking skin, the table scraping against the floor, and your used cunny swallowing his cock.
A hand grabs the back of your neck and pulls you to his lips, smothering you in a messy, wet kiss. His tongue is uncoordinated and teeth clashing together in a fit of bliss, the two of you simply chasing your highs and unbothered by the world around you. Neither of you even hear the snickering on the other end of the closed door, no doubt his coworkers amused by the result of his long-awaited fantasies coming true.
Though, they have to admit you do sound cute.
You bury your face against his neck to try and muffle your sobs, whining about it being too much and it feels so good all at once. The sounds you make are intoxicating and he wishes he could hear them forever, but the squelching wetness of your pussy gradually growing closer and closer to that running high reminds him that you both are like ticking clock.
"You gonna cum?" He whispers in your ear, not letting up on the painful pace of his cock railing in you, "Cum for me, baby, cum on my cock..." He kisses your sore nipples, laughing at the little ow and no that your squeal. He can't wait for them to heal, that way he can pinch and play with your tits a much as he wants. 
"Y-Yeah, gonna cum... wanna cum for you so bad, can I cum? Can I cum on you, Dabi?" You're a babbling mess, no coherent words forming, all you are doing is weakly spouting nonsense. Your mind fried, all because of the fact you are being drilled into faster than you can process.
Dabi spanks your thigh, grinning at your cute giggle mixed with a whine, "Of course, sweetheart, don't even have to ask. Gonna fill you up if you're a good girl and cream on my dick, you hear me?" All you can do is nod along to his words, watching where he meets you, watching every inch sink inside and pull back out covered in your milky juices. It is so disgustingly erotic, to be fucking somewhere you shouldn't, to be making such a big mess for a man you still barely know. 
But it's so fucking addicting.
Two fingers meet the bud of your clit, fingering the soft little button while you wail and beg him not to. It's too much, it's making you feel funny! Poor girl, can't even take a few meek rubs to your petty little cunny. Your nails claw at his back, but are only met with the barrier of his fitted t-shirt, "G-Gonna cum, gonna cum, gonna cum!"
Your body tenses up, the sudden cold wave of your high washing over you forces every muscle in your body to lock up. Dabi pulls his hands from your thigh and pulls your body against his, keeping you from spasming too much while he continues to fuck your weak hole. He laughs into your shoulder at the warm feeling of you squirting all over his thighs and cock, making a spoiled mess of yourself and him in the process.
"Good fucking girl," He kisses your neck, the squeeze of your tight walls stimulating every nerve in his member, driving him straight over the cliff, "Fucking- gonna cum, ready? Gonna take my cum in that tight little pussy?" You can only tiredly nod your head, whimpering and holding onto him for dear life. The overstimulation of his hips slapping against yours making it difficult for you to enjoy the afterglow of your orgasm.
Dabi's cock pounds into yours a few more times, his breath fanning against your exposed neck, and just as his hips sputter in the wake of his climax, he bites into your shoulder to muffle his loud groans. His cock twitches inside, his seed hot and thick staining your walls white.  He falls limp in your arms, dragging his dick in and out painfully slow just to ride it out, smearing his cum all inside of your velvet walls. 
Finally, he drags himself out of you, watching his cum mixed with your spill from you and onto the table, He taps his softening tip against your clit, amused by the little jerks and twitches of your hips to get away from his abuse. Dabi pries away from your hold and presses his lips against the corner of your lips, holding your body tight against his for a few minutes to enjoy that stage of comfort that comes with the afterglow of hot sex.
"Fuck, babe..." He pants, fisting his cock a few times before pushing open your thighs to see the slick and cum sticking to your skin, "Let's get you cleaned up, then maybe I'll think about taking you out for dinner."
Your heavy eyes look up at him, a wicked grin pulling at the corners of your lips, "Who said I wanted to do this again?" Your words make him freeze, poor guy looks as if he was caught in headlights. It is amusing, to say the least, looking at his dropped expression and the confusion written in his eyes, "If you pay for dessert, maybe we can do it again...?" Dabi takes your hand and helps you off the table, ashamed he fell from your trick, but nonetheless you have his attention.
"You're gonna be the death of me, sweetheart."
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oomisluvr · 20 days ago
synopsis: late night talks over the phone that reveal a bit more than they should. no established relationship, but there are references to sexual acts. pinning, pinning, pinning. kiyoomi's in love but is too scared to say it. i kinda made him a sugar daddy lmao
Tumblr media
giggles fall from kiyoomi's lips like a river overflowing with water, the sweet sound filling and flooding the canals of your ears.
"what are you wearing?" he asks, his voice barely audible over the loud background noise coming from his end.
"kiyoomi, oh my god. not even a hello?"
laughter tears through the speaker of your phone, crackling with it's intensity. you can almost see him now: head thrown back in a breathless giggle, flushed cheeks and wild hair, the milky skin of his collarbone exposed from the his barely-buttoned shirt.
"please, excuse my manners. hello, y/n dear." he chirps.
you roll your eyes, "hi, kiyoomi."
"i miss you."
a warm smile makes it's way to your lips, "you aren't supposed to say that."
"i wish you were here."
"you aren't supposed to say that either."
"actually," he muses, "it's a good thing you aren't here."
you brow raises at that comment, "and what do you mean by that?"
you can hear his smirk through the phone, "because if you were here, i would have bent you over the counter and--"
"sakusa kiyoomi!" you gasp, reminding him that he's in public, "don't say things like that!"
"can't a guy have a little fun? are you saying you regret it?"
"no," a breath catches in your throat, chest tightening, "do you?"
you resist the urge to tell him you want more.
"of course not. i'm grateful for any time i get to share with you." sap. a hopeless romantic is what he is. you don't comment on the affection weaved in the tones of his voice, quickly changing the topic.
"what are you drinking anyways?" the brief silence on the other end reveals that he knows exactly what you're doing.
"i don't know," he quips, "it was on the top shelf, though."
"i see. a man of class, as always."
"damn right. i'm on my third glass, too."
"don't spend all your money in one place. rent is due at the end of the month."
"money isn't really a concern for me, these days."
"wow," you deadpan, "what a hard life."
"i know, i know, it's such a burden." he sighs, dramatic and exasperated, "but money really doesn't buy happiness." he says a bit quieter.
"like hell it doesn't." comes your retort.
"it doesn't." he persists, suddenly lightening the mood, "i mean, i can't buy a girlfriend."
"maybe you aren't looking in the right places."
you hear him snort, "are you implying that i could purchase your services?"
"for the shit you have me doing now, you might as well be paying me."
"in that case, congratulations," his baritone voice rings out, "you're hired."
"i'm honored to have the position as your fake, well-paid girlfriend."
"i look forward to working with you in the future."
you're the first to break, quietly laughing the ridiculousness of the conversation, "you got me fucked up, ki."
another silence. it's obvious that sakus wants to say something, but you don't give him the chance.
"was there a reason you called me this late?" you prod.
"i was actually hoping we could have very loud, very graphic phone sex." he stops, laughing mindlessly at his own joke, "kidding. just wanted to hear your voice, angel."
your heart softens at the nickname, "it's too late for that. i have work in the morning."
"then quit." you imagine him shrugging.
"kiyoomi, stop it. you know i can't do that."
"i'm being serious, you know. you never have to work another day in your life. just let me take care of you."
"why? so i can focus on bearing your children?" you jest, playing into his delirious hypotheticals.
"no," he scoffs, "you don't have to bear me anything. i just want you happy. we'd make a cute couple."
"and what will people say about me? that i'm a gold-digger after only your money?"
"to hell with what other people think," he slurs, "the only opinion that matters is yours."
"not even your own?"
"definitely not. castrate me if i ever sink low enough to tell you what to do."
you laugh at that, "i'll keep that in mind."
it's quiet on his side of the line, save for his shallow breaths and the sounds of drinks thumping against the table.
"jokes aside," he breaks the silence, his voice in a tone he only uses for you, "you know i'll always have your back, right? do whatever you want; i'll support you regardless. think of me as your own personal cheerleader."
"miniskirt included?"
"obviously. the crop-top as well."
"you'd look good in it."
"damn right i would."
"in this scenario, is your hair slicked back or your usual middle part?"
"don't ask dumb questions, y/n. clearly i'll be styled in pigtails to complete the look."
grateful that he shares this part of himself with you, you laugh, boisterous and a bit inappropriate for the hour, you laugh.
"this is silly, ki. i'm bordering delirium."
"go to sleep, then. you shouldn't be talking to devilish, handsome men at this hour anyway. didn't your mother ever warn you?"
"you called me."
"you answered. past your bedtime, at that."
"bedtime?" you scoff, "i'm not a child."
"a child? no." he pauses, "but you are my baby." idiot.
your hand flies up to cover your mouth, second-hand embarrassment burning hot under your skin, "that was corny. have you no shame?"
"not in matters pertaining to you, y/n." there's such sincerity in his voice, it makes your stomach bubble. speaking softly, he adds, "i'd do anything to see that smile."
you try not to swoon. pushing down that warm feeling before it evolves into something deeper, you end the conversation.
"i—goodnight, kiyoomi."
"goodnight, y/n. try not to moan too loudly when you dream of me."
you shake your head at his vulgarity, "shameless flirt."
"kidding, you can moan as loudly as you want."
and with that, you end the call.
your phone buzzes mere seconds after, and you glance at your notifications, knowing exactly who it is.
cashapp [02:06] : k_sakusa wants to send you $1,000!
Tumblr media
hi! i'm moved into my dorms and the semester has started. i have a more solid routine now, so i'll be able to be more active on here :) ty for sticking with me
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purple-babygirl · 5 months ago
fingers fantasy fulfilled
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Word Count: 1998
Summary: If Bucky's doll wanted his metal fingers then that was exactly what she was going to get.
Warnings: smut, nsfw, daddy kink, metal arm kink, fingering (f receiving), squirting, multiple orgasms, overstimulation, explicit language, mentions of knife play. 18+ content.
A/N: I'm a slut for Bucky and his metal arm xx. Gif isn't mine.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Is that what you wanted, babydoll? To have Daddy’s metal fingers buried so deep inside your tight little pussy?" Bucky taunted in her ear before adding a second finger and curling both upwards, massaging her upper walls.
They were supposed to be chilling indoors because the rain cancelled date night for them, but somehow and before she could stop herself, she ended up sharing too much with Bucky.
Feeling the determined tips of his fingers stroke her walls, she couldn't even remember what brought the conversation to her discussing her dirty fantasies about Bucky's vibranium arm with him. But she wasn’t exactly regretting it.
With the show on their TV screen muted and long forgotten, her sighs and whines were the dominating sounds in the living room. Her back leaned on Bucky’s broad chest and her top was rolled up to reveal her braless breasts to his flesh hand while his prosthetic one pushed in and out of her dripping hole. One of Bucky's legs was over one of her bare thighs, keeping her open as he worked his fingers inside her fluttering pussy.
"Yes, yes, daddy. Thank you," she moaned as she let her head fall back, not even able to let herself be embarrassed about the sloshing sounds his shiny fingers were making every time they found their way back between her warm, velvety walls. Bucky acting out one of her many daydreams about him made her cunt leak with desire.
She would've made a mental note to reward herself for telling Bucky about her metal arm fantasies if her mind wasn't so foggy. Besides, she was getting the best reward of all at the moment. Those fingers were in her.
"Aw, such a polite baby not forgetting your manners even with your eyes rolling back in your head," Bucky chuckled, his voice muffled as he planted wet kisses down her neck.
She whined at the teasing comment, opening her legs even wider for him. Bucky’s thumb was relentless on her clit, moving on the swelling nub in hard, steady circles. His flesh index and thumb tweaked her stiffening nipples, making her squirm on his lap. He sucked on the spot where her neck met her shoulder before biting down, making sure he marked her up.
“Taking daddy’s fingers so well, doll.” The fingers of her daddy’s right hand continued to toy with her nipples, pinching and pulling on the buds, making her push her breasts further to his palm. Her body was burning up against his, shaking with pleasure.
She could fee Bucky everywhere. His lips on her hot skin, his dirty whispers in her ear, the rough pads of his fingers on her sensitive nipples and his thick fingers fucking her wet cunt.
“You like that, doll?” Bucky didn’t need her verbal answer, her body was showing him that she did, but he wanted her to say it.
“Yes, daddy. Love it,” she managed to croak out before turning her head to him, needing his lips on hers.
Bucky’s right hand squeezed her left tit as he pushed his tongue between her parted lips, deepening their slow, sensual kiss. She moaned when he sucked on her tongue, thumb lightly swiping over her perky nipple.
She broke their kiss when Bucky's fingers, moving in a 'come here' motion, found her sweet spot. Mewling and throbbing, her hips bucked up to get his fingers to touch the same spot again.
"D-Daddy." Both her tongue and her hips stuttered while she struggled to keep her legs open for him, not wanting the pleasure to end.
"Right there, babydoll? We found your favourite spot, didn't we?" Bucky's digits pressed up harder on the spongy part inside her.
The only reply he got was her hips grinding down onto his fingers. Little pants and 'ah's rumbled from her chest as she tossed her head back and let her eyes close in ecstasy. Her body was shuddering under Bucky's touch and her pussy was drooling around his moving fingers.
"I'm so close. Can I cum, please? Please, Daddy," she whined, hips grinding down on his hard fingers as her pussy fluttered around them, chasing the feeling that will make the tight coil in her tummy snap.
"Not yet, babygirl. Hold it for me." Bucky's fingers repeatedly massaged her spot back and forth, wanting to hear her scream above him.
His thumb rounded her clit faster as his flesh hand left her breasts to press down on her tummy, keeping her wiggling hips in place. He wanted her to take all that he had to give her.
"Daddy, I can't. 't feels too good," Her breathless whimper went straight to Bucky’s hard cock, making it strain. She was in another world though, all she could focus on was the pleasure tickling up her spine.
"Please, let me cum, daddy. Need it."
Bucky’s soft laugh filled her ear before he was nibbling at the soft lobe, his large hand pressing harder on her tummy right above her mound.
"Go ahead, doll. Cream on Daddy's metal fingers."
At his granted permission, her back bowed and her legs shook as she reached her peak. Her blunt nails dug in Bucky's thighs and her mouth dropped open in a noiseless scream. Her pussy clenched and quivered around Bucky's still moving fingers as she became undone. She saw white, feeling fireworks-like tingles through every cell of her body. Before she knew what was happening, her cum was spraying out of her shuddering cunt like a fountain. Single tears left her eyes at the intensity of her rippling orgasm; her toes were curled and it felt like her legs wouldn't stop quivering. Bucky couldn't help but groan at the sight of his girl losing it, making a mess on his lap. It was so hot he almost came just watching her.
"Glad to know my metal hand can do that!" Bucky's proud voice rang between her heavy breaths, slowly bringing her back as he watched in amazement how her squirt now wet his sweatpants and their couch.
When her back was no longer arched and her legs were no longer jerky, she fell back on her man's chest, panting heavily in his embrace.
"You good, babydoll?" Bucky asked, kissing her temple, metal fingers still inside of her.
Her breath was still uneven and her pussy was still pulsating, but she swallowed and nodded anyway.
Before she could regain her ability to talk, she felt Bucky poke at her g-spot again, laughing when her hips jolted, an exhausted whine leaving her throat as she tried to get away. Bucky wouldn’t let her though.
“We’re not done yet, babygirl. Give daddy another one.” Bucky’s vibranium fingers slid out of her slick hole before going back in, filling her up to the knuckles.
“I know you can, doll.” Her tender pussy clenched as a result, much to her dismay (but not really). Her body was betraying her and reacting to every movement of Bucky's fingers; she both loved and hated it.
"D-Daddy, Too sensitive." She tried to plead with him.
"It's what you wanted, doll. Daddy's giving it to you, so be good and take it," Bucky's dominant voice told her, letting her know he wasn't going to stop until she was trembling for him again.
She gasped at the third finger joining the original two inside her pussy, stretching her more. Bucky immediately set a faster rhythm that had her keening and moaning in no time.
"Daddy, please!" Her hands clutched the material of his sweatpants again as she cried out.
"Please what, babydoll?"
“Please.” She felt too good to function, high on the pleasure Bucky was giving her.
“Tell Daddy what you want, baby. Use your words,” Bucky encouraged, kissing her shoulder when he leaned forward to watch her pussy swallow his fingers with ease.
"Please don't stop, Daddy please." She threw her head back again, resting it on his shoulder.
"You're doing so good, babydoll." Bucky tilted his head to place wet kisses on her open mouth, moving along her jaw and down her neck, "such a good girl for me."
Bucky’s praise warmed her pounding heart. Her chest was heaving in response to his propelling digits mercilessly fucking in and out of her. She could feel the wet patch she’d squirted on his sweatpants beneath her ass every time she pushed down to meet his hand and it made her face even hotter.
"Fuck, look at you. I could watch you like this all day," Bucky spoke softly, thumb flicking left and right on her sore clit.
The thought that Bucky's fingers could probably never get tired even if he kept fingering her for hours made her clamp around those very fingers harder than she's ever before. Her clit pulsed and her pussy ached, pulling Bucky's fingers deeper inside as her cries started coming out broken again.
The air in their living room was filled with her whines and the squelching sounds her wet cunt made. Bucky's right index flicked her hardened nipples and she sobbed in pleasure. Her cheeks were damp with her tears, her body was hot to the touch; she was ready to cum again.
"You ready to gimme another one, doll? That soon already?" Bucky's mocking drove her crazy as her chest pushed forward again, her legs going so straight she could almost feel them cramping.
"Yes, Daddy. Please, can I cum?" she begged, as pleasure flowed between her spread legs, feeling the deep aching in her abdomen grow more intense.
The muscles of her pussy contracted vigorously, nearly squeezing the colour off of Bucky's black and gold fingers. She couldn't stop the needy whimpers that were leaving her lips, not able to keep herself silent.
"Shake for me, doll." Bucky's thumb feverishly rubbed her clit, his other thumb circling her left nipple. His growl had her legs painfully tense, quaking with another powerful orgasm.
"Daddy, o-oh my-" Her pussy convulsed, gripping his fingers tightly as she came around them again.
Bucky's fingers slowed down their stroking, but didn't stop feeling around until she closed her legs on his arm to stop him from moving due to oversensitivity.
He chuckled, slowly pulling his fingers out of her, hearing a tiny whimper leave her mouth.
Bucky licked each of his three fingers clean as he waited for her to regain her breath, his other hand pulling her shirt down to cover her up.
"How was that, babygirl? Anything like your imagination?" Bucky asked, kissing her forehead lovingly, flesh thumb wiping away her tears from her red cheeks after he’d helped her pull her panties up her trembling legs.
"Tsk, that was way better.” She smiled, turning her face to his so she could kiss his cheek in gratitude.
"Yeah?" He smiled big, wrapping both strong arms around her waist.
"Yeah, Bucky. That was amazing," she replied, giggling a little, her voice hoarse and out of breath.
She pecked the corner of his mouth before catching his lips in a lazy kiss, “thank you, Buck”.
"You're most welcome, doll. You look the most beautiful when you cum for me."
"Do I?" She felt her cheeks heat up as Bucky's kisses trailed down the side of her neck, reaching her collarbones, teeth lightly nibbling at the skin there.
"Mmhm, I can't get enough of watching you tremble for me," he hummed as his nose nuzzled her hair, smelling the pomegranate shampoo she used that morning, "guess I'll just have to keep making you cum all night."
"God, I love you! Can't wait to tell you about the thoughts I get when you flip your knife in the air," she breathed out a laugh that was followed by a content sigh.
"I love you too, but careful what you wish for, doll." Bucky’s fingers dug into her waist as he pushed his thighs up to meet her ass, letting her feel his hard cock as well as the large pocket knife inside the pocket of his sweatpants.
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simpformrsuh · 13 days ago
Nct 127 reaction to you saying safe word.
Tumblr media
You were riding Taeil for a good thirty minutes and it's still feels amazing. The way his hands gently caressing your body and massaging your boobs. He knows how good it's making you feel. And you know that he's still far from cumming, so you decided to ignore that your legs tired and it kinda hurts. So when your hips started to shake Taeil thought that you're were close and started moving his hips to meet yours. But when you gasped in pain and said safe word for three times he's quickly got up on he's elbows and asked you what's wrong in softest tone while he's hands caressed your head.
Afterwards I think he wouldn't wanna continue sex but if you tell him that you're okay and don't mind to continue he would make love to you in softest way possible.
You were making out and you can feel that Johnny already hard. So you decided to move on. You undo his pants and touched him through his underpants. He groaned and started to removing your dress. Soon you two were fully naked and his dick was against your bare pussy slowly rubbing it. After he jokingly said that his dick hurt you told him to already fuck you. So he thought you were wet enough. But when he was inside and was about to do first move you told him safe word and grabbed his hand. He quickly took out his dick and asked if you okay.
You saw how worried he was. So you quickly told him that you wasn't wet enough to take him but you're okay now. He scolded you a bit and told you that next time you should tell him. He will eat you out to make you wet if you wanna continue.
You and Taeyong always had the softest sex. He love making you feel good, and you love making him feel good. But once he met his friend who gave him advice how to spice up things in bed room. Taeyong wanted to try it. So he pretend to be mad at you. He was ignoring you and then unexpectedly started kissing you and removing your clothes. You thought that he has a bad day or something so you just allowed him doing it. And Taeyong thought that you love his roughness. When he was already inside you he wasn't sure if he really wanna do it this way, but decided to try. So he gave you ass slaps and rough pushes and that immediately made you scream safe word.
He was scared and his eyes was already wet. He stared apologize and you asked him what's wrong and why he acted like this. When he told you why you scolded him and he was agree with every your word. Afterwards you will cuddle.
He's between your legs eating you out. He already made you cum for two times and seem like he wanna continue what he's doing. You feel like you're in heaven so you letting him doing his work. His hands pinning your thighs to bed so you can't move and don't distracting him from his meal. Your fingers playing with his soft hair and it made him groan in your pussy sometimes. Your hands grapped on his hair when he made you cum for the third time. And first five seconds it felt amazing but since Yuta continued playing with your clit you became too sensitive. His tongue moving in very fast pace abusing your bud. You screamed his name in high pitched voice. He thought you're cumming again but then he heard you're mumble safe word.
He would be so angry after he stopped and convinced that you're fine. He's not angry on you he's angry cause of this dumb situation. If you tell him that you wanna continue he will fuck you hard to teach you a lesson. If you don't wanna continue then he will be the softest boyfie and cuddle you to sleep.
You and Doyoung decided to try new position where your legs pinned from both of your sides and you have to keeping them straight. He was really excited about this idea, he even helped you to stretch your body so you wouldn't have any cramps. His dick was deep inside you when you felt like your thighs aren't good. You relaxed your legs and was tried not to think about it. Doyoung's face was filled with pleasure, you watched him getting close to his release. But you just can't keeping force yourself laying in this pose anymore. You grabbed his wrists and told him your safe word. He didn't react quickly but when he realized what you said he gasped and let your legs go.
When you told him why you didn't said safe word earlier, he stared to scolding you. He's really angry that he made you feel that uncomfortable. If you wanna continue he will eat you out first to distract you from pain. And if you don't wanna continue he will massage your thighs.
Jaehyun fucking you from behind. His fingers playing with your clit and you know he wouldn't stop until you cum. His left hand caressing your back and slapping your ass cheeks while his right hand making your wet slit cum. He asked if everything okay and if you don't mind him using your pussy to make him cum too. You agreed and he started fucking you again with roughness and faster pace. You heard him groaning everytime you clenched your slit around him. You didn't felt bad until his dick started hitting right in your uterus. You knew he was close to cumming cause his moans became louder but you can't endure the pain anymore. So you grabbed sheets and said safe words for couple of times. He knitted his eyebrows and taked his dick out of you.
Then he asked what he did wrong and you saw how worried he was. He felt so much guilt for hurting you, he even forget about his still hard dick. Will probably hug you to sleep.
His eyes closet while his dick deep in your throat. Hands on your nape controlling your moves. You tapped his thighs three times and he removed his hand away from you letting you breath, only for move your mouth back on his dick in second. You gagging around him while Jungwoo moans and shaking your head for more friction. You tapped his thighs again and took a deep breath while he caressed your head and gently moved your mouth back. You sucked on his tip but look at your watery eyes and messed mascara made him fuck your mouth again. And suddenly you felt like throw up so you tapped his thighs and took a deep breath again. He was about to move you to his dick again but you screamed safe word and his face and even his behavior changed.
He's on his knees right in front of you caressing your face and asking if he was too rough and if you hate him now. When you both calmed down he asked to eat you out to make you smile again.
Mark's lips on your neck kissing and marking your skin. He moaned in your ear when you started moving your hand faster on his cock. Shyly he removed your panties to touch you too, what you accepted. Firstly he played with your clit to make you wet, then he moved one finger to your entrance. His now two fingers moving inside you touching your g zone and you almost forget to touch him too cause it felt amazing. He moaned again when you started stroke his dick more aggressive, what made him do same thing to you. His faster movements felt nice for the first thirty seconds. When his fingers hitted your uterus for the third time you quietly said safe word. He didn't react quickly but slowed his movements and looked at you with confuse.
He will be panicking until you say him you're okay. Will literally do anything for your forgiveness. Possibly can even cry if you will be too hurt.
All day everything was wrong. Like everything. Since you woke up and until you came home. Everything was making you mad, tired or bored. Your mood was so shitty that day. But the most annoying thing was...that you were extra horny for no reason. So when Haechan asked if you wanna have fun with him you agreed. But nothing was good this day, even that. You wanted to have something extra sweet, vanilla but knowing your boyfriend he will just fuck your brain out. Not like you hate it, but today you needed his attention and support. You just didn't know how to say that. So you allowed him fuck you against the wall from behind. And right in the middle of act everything became too much. Tears flowed down your cheeks and you screamed your safe word.
Two warm hands carefully brought you to the bed. He will quietly ask you what's wrong and when you tell him he will be pissed but his behavior suddenly calm. Will bring you some snacks and cuddle you to sleep or will talk to you about your horrible day.
Ohohohohoh for some reason Haechan one more emotional than others. I think it's because I connected it with my work, so it's very close to my own problems.
And it was my first request!😭😭😭 Hope I didn't made you wait for a long time, and understand your request right.
Also I know there much mistakes, but I tried my best❤
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thisdamnsitediedin2014 · 2 months ago
about young royals
look, i love the show just as much as you but i just have to point some things out as a swedish person. i really hope you watched it in swedish but since i know netflix dubs everything i don't have any expectations.
about the monarchy
i really want you guys to understand that in sweden we don't give a flying fuck about what the monarchy does, mostly because they don't have any power at all. the only special thing about them is that the king can't be held accountable for murder and that they take a lot of our tax money (which no one really cares about either). for us they're more of a fun fact than an actual royal family. it is not like they make it out to be in the show, this is not england.
first things first, we wouldn't care if our crown princess was to be caught in a fight in some bar. that's the least of our concerns. maybe the royal family would be a bit annoyed since they're supposed to be neutral but the people really don't give a shit.
we do not, i repeat, we do not act like august. i know a lot of people like august, i went to school with guys like august. but let me tell you that they added the secret society of them protecting the nobles and the monarchy to add to the dramtic effect. okay sure, these types of clubs are not unlikely at those kinds of schools at all, but they're such a minority and you have every right to call it a cult because well it is.
about the elitism
believe it or not, swedes are mostly elitists. academia is a big part of our life. There's no such thing as not going to a college or university, even if it's not to become a doctor or something. If you don't attend a uni or a community college you probably attended a working trade high school which means you already have a job. my point is that there are a lot of elitist academics in sweden at that is not staged at all in young royals. that is the most swedish thing i have ever witnessed, it's not even as bad as it should've been to be honest.
to me it's not at all surprising that august calls simon "the socialist" because that has happened to me, and i didn't even attend a boarding school. just your normal montessori private school. the people i went to school with weren't even close to the riches of the kids from hillerska but damn that didn't stop them from believing so.
party life
i think this might have been the most accurate swedish high school party i've seen in a show. it was exactly what i expected it to be. the only thing it missed was veronica maggio but that’s a whole other conversation.
also the scene where august gathers the brethren to plan wilhelms nollning, that is very much a real thing that happens i don't know if it is a big thing in your country too. my nollning wasn't as traumatising as wilhelms, we weren't personally targeted but the third years arranged this really nasty party for us and wow it did a great job at establishing party etiquette for the rest of our high school life.
i don’t even know if they refer or ask for each other’s ages because i didn’t really pay attention to that. but let me tell you that if you ever ask a swede how old they are, they will never reply with their age but the year they were born. example:
“how old are you?”
“oh i’m an 02″
see? now you know i’m turning 19, or that i graduated this year. if you tell me you are turning 18 next year i might be like okay cool i don’t have anything against you but you tell me that you are an 04 i will walk the other way lmao. it’s like, i don’t know how to describe it but it’s just common sense to hate the generations younger than you but if you accidentally befriend some 04 or 03 it’s like okay but not if you do it actively you get me?
homophobia and racism
the not so fun, but very important part. there are a lot of homophobic and racist tendencies and opinions among the swedish youth. especially the guys. the f-slur is commonly used and very rarely frowned upon. edit: i’m not saying all swedish people are homophobic, obviously. i’m just saying that it’s way too normalised to have those opinions because of freedom of speech (i mean yeah but also that’s bullshit once your opinions start to discriminate other people’s literal existence??). the show doesn’t really portray it as much but i just wanted to add it since this is still a post about swedish life & culture to some extent.
rosh and ayub would probably be called “orten” (orten could be compared to being called ghetto), they probably always have slurs thrown at them and prejudice is still strong when it comes to immigrants here. there’s nothing wrong with ayub or rosh, but they speak in multi ethnic swedish that has been developed over the past years and that accent isn’t even very clear compared to what it usually is. there’s nothing wrong with speaking that way, it’s a part of the swedish language. but a lot of people see “orten” as something bad, something that doesn’t belong. so if you see any content that jokes about that don’t be surprised, be angry but this is common. i know sweden likes to gloss those parts over, but there is a lot to work on in this country. 
i know that wilhelm stated that because he is royalty he is not allowed to speak on politics, which is correct. the royal family doesn’t vote here, out of formality. however we do not move around politics in the same way that, let’s say americans do. you have all seen the american election, it’s a circus. all of the supporters are loud about it, whether it’s biden or trump or whoever. here it’s more like, we state our opinions (especially in class god there are so many arguments caused by it) but no one really states which party they’re voting for. actually, the younger generations do, we do. but the adults, no. never. if you ask a swede about their political stand they will get uncomfortable and try to avoid the question. it’s the same with wages or any other remotely private information that you might want to keep for yourself. i don’t know, i just wanted to mention it. like i know for a fact that felice is not a socialist but she would also never walk around telling everyone which party she’s voting for, her opinions sure but never the actual party because it’s just a conversation we don’t have. i barely ask my friends who they’re gonna vote for, but we are definitely going to vote.
i don't know how it sounds in english, probably very different, but we speak in a very passive manner. we don't reallly put on a fake voice to speak with anyone with more respect because we think too much of ourselves for that. so if you watched it in swedish and thought that sometimes wilhelm or simon or anyone sounded angry or passive it is because we just speak that way normally.
if you ever speak to a swedish person or come here, just know that we never address each other with honorifics. no, not even teachers. they do that at hillerska because it is one of very few boarding schools here, one of the very few schools where you have to pay to attend it. i don't doubt that they have to use honorifics, but normally we never do. the only exception is the royal family, but besides from them you always address someone by their first name.
i beg of you, don't make lucia the next "haha midsommar is a murdering cult". i get it, it looks funny when we walk in a line all in white dresses and candles in our hands while we sing the same songs every single year but this is still our culture and our tradition. i don't want to see some american go on about how it's culty, we know and we make fun of it too but you don't get to do that without actually knowing what it is. now i don't really blame you for thinking it looks like a cult, what really pisses me off is seeing "midsommar?" on every post that looks kind of like a murder cult because that is not what it's about and that movie did such a bad job with informing people that we don't celebrate it like that.
fun fact
simon is played by omar rudberg, he was part of a swedish boy band called the fooo and the fish that he named when he and wilhelm where at his house are actually named after his band members. they aren't a band anymore but we all had the biggest crush on him when we were kids.
if you are interested in why the whole "third years eat first and we will beat the shit out of you if we feel like it and also to celebrate you starting school we will drag you out of your dorm in the middle of the night" isn't actually that surprising a reccommend reading "the evil" by jan guillo because this show really reminded me of that book.
(the show is good i don't have anything against i'm just full of thoughts about it)
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anonymousumiko · 4 months ago
hentai | gojou s. & getou s.
Tumblr media
ღpairing: gojou satoru x reader x getou suguru
ღwarning: 18+ content (minors DNI), threesome, non-con, degradation, gaslighting, name calling, drinking and drug use, non-consensual videotaping, gojou and getou are terrible in this fic, my favorite duo <33
word count: 2.2k
the boys were just so tired of your constant teasing. leaving them to deal with aching hard-ons alone. however, tonight would be different. they’d make sure of it.
♡ ♡ ♡
"Come onn, take another swing." Gojou slurred, his arm wrapped around you on the couch while your head found solace on his clothed shoulder.
You giggled as you looked at his flush face, a bottle pressed to your reddened lips. Your hand found a place on his chest as you began to push him away, "No moree." You whined.
"Yes, moree." He mocked you, his arm around your shoulder squeezing you closer to him. You giggled at his tone, side-eyeing the man across from you.
"I thought you said you could handle your liquor, Y/n." You wished you had the strength to roll your eyes at the male, Getou. You moved your head to the side to fully look at him, watching as he smoked some unknown substance.
His lips pursed as smoke began to fill the air, a cocky grin taking over his features. And you huffed at the look, your hand overlapping Gojou's grip on the bottle as you tilted it up to pour the liquid into your lips.
"There she goes!" Gojou laughed, "Good girl." And you ignored the way his hand repeatedly pat your barely clothed ass.
The two began to talk about something you didn't understand as you laid your head against Gojou's chest, listening to his racing heart. Your vision felt somewhat blurry as you felt too aware of Gojou's hands on you and Getou's stare.
"I'm ready... ready to go home." You mumbled, drool dribbling down the side of your lip.
"You can't go homee, it's still early." Your eyes caught sight of the clock on Gojou's phone. Yet the numbers were blurred and seemed to move in a way that caused you to giggle.
"I can't, I can't even read it Gojou!" And he laughed at you, a sound so loud that it seemed to echo in the room.
"She can't even read Getou!" His smile was infectious, "You're so cute." He muttered, his slender digits running up and down your sides.
"Stop teasing meee." And Gojou couldn't help but think your pout was cute too. You shimmied out of his hold, barely standing up on your own two feet as you pulled your dress down. "I'm going- going upstairs.
"Want me to help you up the stairs?" Getou asked, peering up at you with a lazy grin on his face.
"No, I don't need your help." Yet you found yourself biting back your tongue as you nearly tripped on the third step. And suddenly Getou was beside you, pulling you into his large frame as he helped you up the stairs.
And you missed the way he turned his head towards Gojou with the biggest grin on his face.
♡ ♡ ♡
"M'thank you Getou." You mumbled, looking up at him through hooded eyes. He stared down at you with a tight lip, watching you squirm under his gaze as you laid down on his bed.
He watched the way your dress hiked up slightly with each movement you made, your plump thighs seemingly teasing him.
"Of course." He pressed a cigarette up to your lips, watching the way your lips parted as you inhaled it before pulling away to exhale.
You watched lazily as he laid on top of the bed next to you, his charcoal-colored eyes boring into your own. He looked at you as if he were hungry, like a serpent watching a mouse.
"Don't... don't look at me like that." Your tone was soft, ever so quiet.
"Like what?"
"You know what!" You giggled, "Like you wanna eat me!"
"Mmm, maybe I do." And you rolled your eyes at his words. Getou was many things but he wasn't a liar. At least he never lied to you.
Getou moved closer to you, his hand finding a place on your side. A primal feeling seeming to overtake the man in front of you. His fingers danced against your dress as he asked, "When are you gonna stop teasing me, Y/n?"
"Hmm, whatever do you mean?" But he wasn't laughing like you were.
"You know what I mean..." And his fingers trailed further down your side, his digits dancing on your thighs. "When are you gonna let me fuck you?"
Suddenly your smile fell, silence overtaking the room.
"Getou. You're drunk."
"No," His tone was harsh as he got on top of you, straddling your waist and pinning you down. "You're drunk." Fear began to overtake your features as he held your arms above your head, his hands tightly gripping your wrists.
"Getou... get off of me."
"Let me fuck youu." Getou's demeanor suddenly changed as he began to playfully grind his hips into you, a cheeky grin on his face. "Let me fuck you, Y/n." And you laughed and laughed and laughed, unknowing of how his cock grew harder under his sweats.
"Okay, Getou you had your fun." You huffed as he bent down towards you, pressing his lips against your neck. "Getou, ah really. This is too much."
"Don't act like you don't like it." He purred into your skin. "You like working up me and that dumbass downstairs."
"I don't know what you're talking about-"
"Yes, you fucking do. Don't play dumb, whore." His hand slithered up towards your throat, applying just enough pressure to threaten you to shut the hell up.
And suddenly the door to the bedroom opened, revealing a tall, white-haired male, a large grin on his face as he walked towards the other side of the bed, peering down at you.
You couldn't ignore the tent present in his pants, you couldn't ignore the feeling of Getou's cock against your slit. You suddenly felt too aware of everything around you.
"Gojou... tell him to get off of me."
An exasperated sigh pushed past his lips as he shoved his hands into his pockets. "I can't do that princess, not today." Pale fingers moved towards his top, slowly unbuttoning his shirt to reveal his chiseled chest.
You were so confused, so confused and so scared.
"Don't look at me like that. You should've expected this to happen, love." Gojou looked at you as if you were a slice of meat and he was a starved animal.
"Why...? I don't understand." Tears began to fill your eyes, threatening to boil over and ruin your makeup.
"What did you think would happen? Coming over to our place dressed up like a whore. You wanted this to happen, you want us to fuck you." Getou's words seemed to strike a chord in you, your tears painting your skin.
And your head was abruptly pushed to the side, eyes coming in contact with Gojou's cock. He looked down at you through his glasses, smiling at you like he always does.
"Come on suck it." He whispered, pressing the angry head against your lips. "You know you want to."
"No Gojou." Your voice was pleading, desperate. "Please Gojou, don't make me do it please."
"Spare me that shit. Just suck my fucking cock whore." And suddenly your mouth was open, full with his girth. His hand found a place in your hair as he forcefully bobbed your head up and down.
While Getou moved to hike your dress up, eyes widening at the sight before him as he placed your legs on top of his shoulders. "No panties? God, you are a whore."
All you could do was moan in response as his tongue flatted against your slit. The muscle was warm and wet, roaming its way through your lips and rolling circles on your clit.
"You're so wet, baby girl." He moaned against you, black beady eyes looking up at you. His nails digging into your thighs. "And you taste so sweet. Just like I knew you would."
You didn't have the chance to register his words as your hands gripped Gojou's thighs. The room filled with the white-haired male's groans and the sound of your gags.
Drool dribbled down your chin while tears cascaded down your eyes. Your body seemed to spasm with volts of electricity at the feeling of Getou's warm muscles against your clit.
On instinct your body began to chase the pleasure, your hips moving against his lips as your nails dug into a set of thighs.
"Fuck, I'm gonna cum man." Gojou muttered, his fingers tightening their hold in your hair.
"Shit, she is too." The other male laughed, worming a finger into your tight cunt. A moan bubbled through your throat and echoed around Gojou's girth.
He began to move his hips against you sporadically, uncaring of your current state. While Getou's tongue circled around your clit faster, his finger thrusting into you without a care in the world.
"I'm gonna cum! Shit, I'm gonna cum!!"
And soon enough your mouth was filled with a salty white liquid while your legs shook in Getou's hold, your pussy twitching and painting Getou's face in your juices.
Gojou pulled out of your mouth, replacing his cock with his lips. His cum dripped from your lips as his tongue invaded your mouth, tasting himself.
"I taste good, don't I?" He asked as he pulled away, smirking at your drowsy form. You didn't say a word, lipstick smudged and mascara kissing the skin under your eyes.
You found yourself looking over at Getou who was nearing you, placing his lips on top of yours sweetly. Getou wasn't a liar, you did taste sweet.
He pulled away with a smile on his lips, pulling off his pants before taking his cock out of his boxers. "Time for you to suck my cock." He whispered as he stroked himself.
Gojou moved to replace Getou's place while Getou got on top of the bed behind you, hitting his cock against your forehead.
"I'm gonna fuck you now Y/n." Gojou uttered, picking up your legs and gluing them together. "Why are you crying, princess? Isn't this what you wanted?"
All you could do was shake your head, sobbing at the feeling of Gojou's head pressing against your hole.
"You fucking liar." He seethed, forcing himself inside of you and spreading your walls to accommodate to his length.
"I'm not lying Gojou!" You whimpered, "How could you do this to me-!?"
Instantly there was another cock in your mouth to shut you up. You tilted your head forward, eyes widening at the cruel look in Getou's eyes.
"Shut up, slut. She doesn't know what she wants, that's why we have to show her." He said, thrusting into your mouth and watching your throat bulge from his shaft.
"Isn't that right Gojou?"
"Yeah." He moaned as his hips slapped against yours roughly. The head of his cock kissing your cervix as he pounded into you.
Your body didn't know what to focus on. The pleasure Gojou was giving you or the pain of having Getou's cock invade your throat.
Getou was much thicker than Gojou, and Gojou was much longer than Getou's fingers.
It was all too much.
And for a moment you succumbed to the pleasure until an inkling feeling filled your gut. Your eyes looked over to Gojou, noting his phone in his hand, the flash turned on, and a large grin on his face.
"Stop mphh, stomp it!" You yelled, muffled from Getou's cock. You began to hit your hand against the male's thighs, thrashing your body to get out of their hold.
Yet they held you in place, Getou keeping your head still while Gojou tightened his hold on your legs.
"Look at her. Taking two cocks at the same time, what a whore." The white-haired male chuckled, zooming in on your bouncing breasts.
"Fuck, zoom in on her throat."
"I can see your cock man, what the hell!" Laughter emitted from both of them while all you could do was cry.
"Shit, I'm gonna cum."
"Cum on her face!"
Getou pounded into your throat, the room filling with his moans as his hands held your jaw. And it only took a few seconds until he was pulling his cock out of your mouth and releasing all over your face.
"Fuck, she looks so pretty." Getou whispered as Gojou zoomed in on your face. Tears, snot, cum, and makeup all over your face.
"Our pretty girl." Gojou muttered. You didn't feel pretty. Not in this sorrowful state. "Take the phone, I gotta cum in her pussy now."
You watched through blurry eyes as Gojou passed the phone to the other male who began to record you two. Gojou held your legs up, pounding into you while your moans filled the room.
"Take it!" He groaned, "Take my cock!"
"She's taking it so well." Getou responded, zooming in on your bulging stomach.
It only took a few thrust until you were a moaning mess. Begging and moaning for release. You were reduced to putty in their hands at the mere feeling of Gojou’s cock in your gummy walls.
"I'm gonna... cum. Cum with me princess."
And it didn't take long until your thighs locked and your back was arching as a strangled moan left your lips. It didn't take long until warm, hot cum painted your walls in white.
And the two found themselves between you, kissing your cheek, your neck, and your lips. Wiping your pitiful tears away.
"You did so well, Y/n." Gojou whispered.
"I knew she wanted it." Getou muttered against your jaw.
While you only laid there, cum painting your face while Gojou’s finger pumped his cum back inside of you.
♡ ♡ ♡
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nozomiasl · a month ago
Hello ! J’espère que tu vas bien :))
Could you write a Draken one shot in which his female s/o went to visit him in jail and he just tells her not to come anymore because he knows he is gonna be executed? And she came the last day before the execution. All the goodbyes and heartbreaking stuffs you know…
I hope you’ll write it ! Thanks love<3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing : Draken x fem!reader.
Genre: Fluff/ Angst without comfort.
Warnings: Character's death.
A/N: Coucou, ça va super et toi? 😌
I do hope you'll like it, I took the liberty to add a bit of fluff, to make things more painful. 🤧
I know that he's supposed to be bald in this one but... I've decided to make him keep his hair.
Thank you for the request, I really liked this one! ♡
Not edited because I cried too much while writing it, English isn't my first language.
wc: ~2,470
tagging: @tokyorevmafia
Adieu: a French word meaning "goodbye forever" and is generally only used when you will never see this person again in your life. This phrase can also be said upon your last visit with someone who's dying.
Tumblr media
'You touched my heart you touched my soul, you changed my life and all my goals.'
Every day was hard without him by your side. It used to be you both against the world, but now it was only you and the empty apartment you shared with him during happier times.
How did it end up like this...?
Draken - Ken; and you have known each other for years now. You started as best friends, and your feelings gradually morphed into something deeper and sweeter than before.
That evening you were chasing after your dog in the streets of Tokyo, it was almost 10 pm, and you were tired, having exams the day after that. High school was definitely not funny, and at the age of 16 years old, you were a teenager trying to find your place in the world.
When you finally found your dog, Ken was patting his head, crouched down. Your pet was barking playfully at him, paws on his thighs.
That night, Draken brought you back home, and you two talked on your way. You couldn't even say how you met again, but you did. After the third time, you exchanged your contacts, and the meetings went on and on, flirt and secret desire hidden behind friendly gestures.
You confessed first. You were both at the beach, it was your birthday. He didn't bring you any gift, not knowing what to buy. And so, he asked you what you wanted from him.
"You. I want you, Ken. I've been in love with you for months now. So if you do too, tell me now."
He looked surprised at first, because Draken was dense and oblivious to many things. But he knew his feelings, and he knew he loved you. Hearing you exposing your feelings that way to him, it felt like a dream. Was he granted happiness? Finally? It seemed like it. And so, without answering, he connected your lips with his, sharing your first kiss.
Memories flashed through your mind while you were making your way to where Draken was now staying. Your fiancé, because you were both now 28, was now in prison. Due to some stupid act of revenge, Ken was caught and thrown there. You were used to check on him, visit him almost every day. But today, it was different. It would be your last. You dreaded this moment.
Being present at his judgment, you knew since the beginning that all of this would be ephemeral. But for each visit, you hoped to touch him again, to feel his lips on yours and his arms around your body, reassuring you. It was as if your brain was out of it, not realising that it would come to an end. You wanted to believe in a bright future for you both, finally living the life you wanted to have. Ken always told you how he wanted kids, and you kept pushing him away giggling whenever he wanted to make one.
He did his best to protect you from that, really. As soon as you both heard the finality, Ken asked you, if not ordered you, not to come visit him again.
"Y/N doll please. You can't visit again, it'll be useless! I don't-"
"Stop. Don't say it, Ken. I'll visit you until the end, until the last day and-" Choking on your tears, you brought your hand over your mouth. Ken had a sad look in his eyes, he wanted nothing more than to take you away from all this. But some things couldn't be prevented, and the law was above everything and everyone.
"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry for that. If I could rewind, I wouldn't do what I did. I would-"
"Ken baby, it's alright. You're here with me, and that's enough."
Placing his palm against the cold glass, Draken smiled as you returned the gesture, both of your hands separated only by the transparent wall.
"I'll visit you every day, do you hear me? I'll not let you by yourself in that shit hole, Ken. I-"
"The time is up, you two! Ryuguji, come now."
Tears streaming down on your face, you smiled at your fiancé, watching him stand up and leave with the guard.
"I love you!!"
Stopping before turning to you, Ken was ready to answer, but the guard forcefully brought him away from you.
Ever since that day, you kept your promise. You visited him every morning, reading him stories, narrating your life without him. You were laughing with him, exchanging sweet words. But Draken could see it, he knew how shattered you were, he knew you like the back of his hand, after all. On his side, he kept telling you not to visit him anymore, that it would just reinforce the sorrow of leaving him later. You both knew he was right, but how could you not? He was your soulmate, your other half. But Draken wanted you to be happy, always wanted. And if this happiness had to be created without him, it would still be okay because he loved you more than anything on this earth.
And so, today was your last. It was so unfair. Oh, how hard you wished for it to be a long nightmare.
"Name?" Giving your name to the police man, you entered the austere building, putting all of your belongings into the locker.
Passing through the x-ray scanners, you took off your shoes and put the ones they gave to you. Walking down the hall, you knew exactly where to go, which turn you had to take. It has been months already.
"Today is gonna be a bit different. Since your fiancé is getting executed tomorrow, you can have an hour instead of thirty minutes. The glass is different too, there is an opening at the bottom of it. Ryuguji behaved very well during all those months. I'm sorry justice is fucked up like this. He's a good man."
Tears forming, you shook your head, thanking him before entering the room.
Here he was, paler than usual.
Sitting in front of him, you smiled through the tears. "Hey"
"Hey, baby. How are you today?"
You touched my heart you touched my soul You changed my life and all my goals
You couldn't answer, your voice was stuck in your throat, and you feared the way you would answer. "I'm- I'm not... good." Wiping the early tears away, you noticed the small space between you two. The guard was right, you could finally touch him, one last time.
"Ken, give me your hand." Sliding yours underneath it, you gasped at the feeling of his warmth. His fingers first brushed your knuckles, almost scared to break your hand. Giggling softly, you intertwined your fingers.
"God I missed you, y/n. I want to engrave this feeling forever in my mind, doll." For a moment, you both seemed to forget the where, the how and the why. It was just you two, rediscovering each other's touch. Tightening his hold on your hand, Ken lowered his face, kissing it softly. His lips brushed against your skin and goosebumps appeared on your body.
"Oh, so after all those months, you're still sensitive to my touch, hm?"
His teasing grin made you weak, and blush appeared on your skin. "Shut up"
"Or what, doll?"
Yes. You both forgot your surroundings and started flirting again like teenagers. As you used to do when you were 17. When the main preoccupation was to know if your mother would hear you bringing Draken in the late hours of the night.
I'd spend a lifetime with you
Clenching your jaw in realisation, you couldn't prevent the sob from escaping your mouth.
"Y/N doll what are you...? Oh." Sighing, Ken lowered his gaze on his feet. Himself forgot about it for a moment. But the harsh reality was here, he was going to leave you alone in less than 24 hours. It would be the last time you two would see each other, the last time your voice would ring in each other's ears, the last time your words would touch each other's heart and soul.
You knew that crying wouldn't help nor do anything for your lover and you. But the pain in your heart was still very much present and that for probably, the rest of your life.
"Shh don't cry please y/n, I'm still here and-"
"But you won't tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after this one. I- I had so many hopes and wishes for us. I wanted to build a future for us, to have children and- and... Now you tell me that I can't have the right to access this happiness anymore...? That I won't hear your voice in the morning asking if I slept well? That I won't feel your hands on my hips whenever I'll be preparing dinner? That I won't cry in your arms when I'm sad?"
Not even hiding anymore, you were sobbing loudly in the parlor as Draken was rubbing circles on your hand.
"I know. I know. I'm so sorry. I fucked up, and now I'm leaving you. I would give anything to go back to that moment and erase my mistake. I miss you every day spent here, y/n. I just want to kiss you, inhale your scent and feel your body against mine."
And I still hold your hand in mine, in mine when I'm asleep.
"Please I don't want to-"
"You two, it's over. An hour has gone by, Ryuguji you need to prepare for tomorrow."
Panic rising inside your body, you frantically gripped Draken's wrist, not ready to let go.
"Please Ken please, I'm begging you. Stay. Please baby I can't without you. I need you to be with me, every day of my life. I can't. How am I supposed to do without you??"
Draken was biting his lip, tears joining yours on the metallic table.
"Y/N doll I'm so sorry, I want nothing more than to stay with you, I-"
"Enough! Other prisoners are waiting! Bid your farewells!"
Crying loudly, you kissed his fingers repetitively as Draken was whimpering your name, holding your hands tight in his.
The rupture was hard. Without notice. The guard tore your fiancé harshly from you, bringing him away from you while you were hysterically screaming his name.
One last glance exchanged between you, him shouting "I love you forever, y/n Ryuguji", and he was gone.
Falling on your knees, pulling your hands to your chest, you cried and cried until another guard came up and picked you up, whispering words of encouragement in your ears.
You didn't want his touch on your body, you didn't want anything from anyone, you just wanted him. You wanted to hear him reassuring you and telling you that everything would be fine. That he would be here to help you.
And I love you, I swear that's true. I cannot live without you.
Coming back to your shared apartment that night has been hard. Harder than any other day before because this time, what would be the need to wake up tomorrow if not seeing him? You skipped dinner and lay on the cold floor, all of his clothes scattered around you. You cried, wiped your tears, buried your face in his shirts to have a glimpse of his missing scent. You cried again, you cried a lot. When you thought there were no tears left to cry, your eyes found pictures of you together hanging on the wall, and everything started again. The tears, the screams, the aching pain in your heart, the nausea.
The day after, you didn't check your phone. Your eyes were all red and puffy, and you didn't even know what time it was. You moved into your apartment as if you were a ghost, hands brushing against his face in the photographs.
The evening arrived quicker than planned, and you broke down again. Because now you were sure of something, your lover, Ken Ryuguji, wasn't alive anymore. It hurted so bad, you just wanted to tear your heart apart from your chest and throw it away.
You never asked for this. That night, you just wanted to find your dog and bring him back home. You didn't want to go out with guys, you were only focused on your studies and your friends. Why?
Why did it have to hurt that bad?
Why did your love have to finish like this?
And as you move on, remember me. Remember us and all we used to be.
"Shin, stop that. Give me the pencil young man!"
"But mom!! I wanted to finish my drawing!!"
Huffing and pouting, the dark-haired kid had his arms crossed on his chest. You crouched at his level, ruffling his hair. "You want ice cream?"
Eyes sparkling with excitation, he jumped on you, hugging you tightly. "Yes mummy pretty please!"
Chuckling, you stood up, leaving him in the living room while you reached for the kitchen. As you were searching through the fridge, you heard some noises but didn't think much of it.
Coming back to him, you saw your child sat on the floor, back turned to you, holding something.
"Mum, who's that??"
Looking over his shoulder, you closed your eyes, taking a deep breath. Smiling warmly at Shin, you whispered slowly. "Your father."
"Is that a real tattoo on his skull? Maan that's sick!"
"Yeah it was."
A few days after Draken was executed, you experienced extremely painful belly aches. You went to the hospital, and the doctors explained to you that you had a pregnancy denial, probably due to all of the intense stress you went through during these past few months. You weren't early, approximately nine months. Doing a bit of math, everything clicked. The last time you two shared the bed was nine months ago, a few days before Ken got caught. When you gave birth, you discovered a small boy with dark hair. You named him Shin, as a tribute to Shinichiro, a guy that Draken seemed to admire. You've never seen him, he died a few years before you two met. But Draken always talked about him with stars in his eyes, and it felt as if you knew him too.
Shin was now 7 years old, aware of the fact that his dad died years before. But you never showed him the pictures, scared not to be able to deal with the sorrow and the pain. But time has gone by, you have mourned your lover and now, you had a child. Your and Ken child. You finally had something to look forward to every morning.
Goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend. You have been the one, you have been the one for me.
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randominagines · 5 days ago
You and Bucky are forced to pretend to be a couple for a mission, but will it work?
Pairing: Bucky Barnes X Fem!reader
Setting: after FATWS
Warning: angst, fluff
P.s. if you find any mistake please correct me, English is not my mother tongue and I want to improve. Reblog, if you can, it helps a lot, thank you💕
P.p.s. gifs belong to the creators.
Tumblr media
The Cover
"So, do I need to repeat the plan?" Sam asked while his eyes travelled from y/n to Bucky. The mission was kinda simple: they had to arrest some drug dealers, but in order to do that they needed to catch them in the act. They were going to pretend to be possible customers to obtain a confession.
Bucky shook his head. "I'm quite sure we had already understood at the third time you repeated it." Bucky said while rolling his eyes. Sam shook his head. "You can never be too sure." He joked and y/n crossed her arms over her chest. "Okay, the plan is good, we'll get there after midnight and..." Y/n tried to say but Sam raised his hand and cut her off. "No, we need to be sure they will actually stay in that hotel. They are going to be there for dinner but this doesn't necessarily mean that they will stay there." Sam added and his finger travelled on the map of the hotel. Bucky raised an eyebrow. "It's their boss's hotel." He underlined bit y/n shook her head. "Sam is all right, I've been keeping an eye on them for weeks and the boss doesn't stay there for long. He's always on some business trip." She said and Bucky nodded. "What do you suggest then?" He asked and Sam shook his head. Y/n looked at him. "We could go there too. I mean, it's a fancy restaurant: let's dress as we have money to waste and eat there." She suggested but Sam shook his head. "No way, we have to keep a low profile." He said and she nodded. "True, we can't all go there, but maybe me and Bucky could go while you keep an eye on the situation from the roof." She suggested and Sam frowned, small wrinkles appearing in his forehead. "This could work, you wouldn't draw too much attention." He said and Bucky chuckled. "Are you sure this will work?" He asked and y/n smiled.
"Barnes, we can pretend to be a couple. It's Valentine's Day, after all." She said and Bucky slightly blushed, his eyes immediately avoiding the contact with hers. "Uhm, I don't know..." He said while scratching the back of his head, but Sam shook his head. "It's perfect. It makes sense. You'll try to talk to him and make him understand that you're interested in buying something from him. I'll book a table for two for tonight at 7 p.m. Since not everyone can be accepted in their restaurant, I'll tell them that I'm a potential customer and I'll be there with my girlfriend to discuss business. This should grant you a seat on their tables. Be ready to act like a couple," he said and walked toward the door, he turned last minute to look at them. "And dress properly." He concluded before leaving the room.
Bucky looked at y/n, his hands playing with the map on the desk. Y/n tilted her head and stared at him: sometimes, she didn't know how to interpret him. They were work buddies, sure, and they got along because they had to, but there was something in Bucky that never failed to mesmerise her. He was a proper mystery: he was not very talkative, but she somehow knew how to understand him; he looked rude and did his best to appear detached and uninterested, but he was caring and thoughtful. Some days, he totally ignored her and then on the missions or during a fight he had her back and used to protect her even if that meant exposing himself to additional risks. She didn't even know how she felt: did she like him? Probably. Did he like her? She couldn't answer that.
The only thing that was crystal clear was the amount of sexual tension between them, so much that even Sam ended up noticing it. That tension had always been there, since the first time Sam introduced them to each other.
"Bucky, you're late. Again." Sam said while standing up from his couch and walking to him, he frowned. "I hope you had a really good reason to wake me up so early on Sunday morning." He threatened him and Sam chuckled while putting a hand on his shoulder. "We have a new mission and a new work buddy," he said. In that moment, a girl stepped in the room. Bucky widened his eyes: she was one of the most beautiful person he had ever seen. Her y/h/c hair frames her face perfectly, her y/e/c eyes were so intense, with a sassy sparkle inside of them. She looked not older than twenty five and there was something in her smirk that made Bucky curve his lips into a tiny smile.
Tumblr media
"Meet y/n. I know her since forever and she's one of the best fighters I've ever met, not to mention how good of a shooter she is." He said. Y/n reached her hand to shake his and smiled. "I finally meet the person Sam will never stop talking about." She said and Bucky shook her hand while chuckling. "I hope he says good things." He asked and she shrugged. "I'll leave you with this doubt." She said and winked. Sam raised an eyebrow, his eyes travelling from her to Bucky. "So, about the mission..." He tried to say but she put a hand on his shoulder. "Oh come one, he just woke up. Give this man a break, let's have breakfast together and then we'll discuss business." She suggested and Sam shook his head and chuckled. "You're a pain in the ass." He said while walking to the kitchen, he was starving too after all. She smiled and looked at Bucky. "We'll have a lot of fun together." She promised and Bucky nodded while thinking that hadn't been this enthusiastic about a mission in a long time.
"So, do you think the plan will work?" She asked while sitting on Sam's couch. Bucky nodded and scratched the back of his head. "I suppose." He said and she tilted her head. "What's wrong?" She asked all of a sudden, he frowned. "What do you mean?" He asked and she nervously chuckled. "You've been acting strange since I suggested to pretend to be a couple," she said and stood up. She slowly walked to him while staring at him into his deep blue eyes. She wanted to shake him: from time to time, she just wanted him to react, but he was always so stoic. "Does it make you uncomfortable? We don't have to do something that..." She tried to say while stopping in front of him, her arms crossing over her chest and her head raised to look at him. He stared at her, his face not showing any sign of emotions while he interrupted her. "No, it's fine," he lied, perfectly knowing that he couldn't do that. He had feelings for her, and it was hard enough trying to hide them while fighting side by side, let alone pretending to be together. "I'll see you tonight." He said and rushed out of the room. Y/n looked at him while biting her lower lip: she didn't know what to do with him.
"You look good." Sam complimented while checking his wings. Bucky looked at himself in the reflection of a parked car window. He was wearing an elegant blue shirt with a black jacket and a pair of morbid trousers. He flashed a quick look to the street to check if y/n had arrived but there was still no sign of her. He puffed and Sam shook his head. "She'll be here soon. Just breath." He said while finally taking his shield. He looked around to see if someone had seen him while Bucky shook his head. "I'm calm." He lied and Sam smiled. "You like her, uhm?" He suddenly asked. Bucky was totally took off guard: he widened his eyes and aggressively shook his head. "What?... No... Not at all. I'm just trying to focus on the plan." He said and Sam raised an eyebrow while looking at him. "You can admit that you like her, I won't say a word." He reassured her, but before Bucky could answer, Sam's phone rang. It was a text from y/n. "She's outside the hotel," He said and put the phone back in his pocket. "I'll keep in contact," Sam said while touching his earpiece. Bucky did the same and nodded. "Just try to record the confession," Sam said and Bucky nodded while touching the recorder in his pocket. Sam smiled and put a hand on his shoulder. "And treat her as you would treat your girlfriend, or your cover will blow up." He said and flew away.
Bucky took a deep breath and turned the corner. He walked toward the stairs of the hotel. "Barnes?" A familiar voice made him raise his eyes. He looked at y/n and held his breath: she was wearing a long light violet dress, with a tight sleeveless corsage and a slight large shirt with a high slit, and a pair of silver high heels. A tiny flower barrett with sparkling rhinestone was shining in her hair and her eye makeup made them look even bigger. She smiled at him while widening her eyes. "You look... wow." She complimented while taking the arm he was offering. He looked at her, his eyes scanning her, and he seriously tried to say something: he was just thinking that she was insanely beautiful, but for some reason words got stuck in his throat. "Thank you. You... uhm, I mean. Good dress, the skirt is cool." He finally said. She frowned and tilted her head. "Uhm, thank you, I suppose? I needed it to hide this. Just in case." She said and slightly moved the skirt aside to show him the gun and the knife hidden under the garter around her tight. Bucky chuckled, not expecting anything less from her . "Let's go." He said and they walked to the entrance.
The hotel was absolutely fantastic: it was a proper luxury hotel, with big and luminous spaces, sparkling chandeliers and a lot of white marble. Y/n looked around and almost didn't notice the bodyguards at the entrance of the restaurant. "Good evening, name?" One of them asked, Bucky nodded. "A table for me and my..." He hesitated for a second. "Girlfriend. Barnes, the name is Barnes." He said and they looked at the list before frowning. "There is no Barnes here." The man said and the other nodded, ready to kick them out. Bucky raised an eyebrow and y/n smiled. "Oh, I'm sorry. My boyfriend forgot that we put the reservation under my name instead. Try Y/l/n." She said, suddenly supposing that Sam might have used her name. Bucky felt his stomach twisting while hearing her addressing him like that. The men scanned the list and nodded. "Correct," one of them said while deleting their name. "Welcome to the Palace Hotel." The other man said and opened the doors of the restaurant. Bucky shook his head while walking in. "He used your name without even warning me." He said while rolling his eyes. Y/n smiled and shrugged. "Maybe he prefers my name." She joked while a waitress showed them their table. Y/n was about to move her seat when Bucky stopped her and did it for her. She widened her eyes. "What? If we have to pretend then we're doing this properly," He said and she chuckled while sitting down. He sat in front of her and gave a quick look at the menu. "Do you want me to order for you?" He asked and she couldn't hold a small laugh. "Was your last date in 1945?" She joked and he curved his lips into a tiny smile. "Well, no, but I'm a bit rusty." He confessed and she smiled, a warm and comforting smile. "You're doing great, baby." She said, her last word coming out almost naturally. He parted his mouth, no one ever called him like that.
They enjoyed the dinner and talked about random stuff. For the first time since they met, they felt free to have a light chatting, a chatting that didn't involve guns, fists and plans. It was almost like they were at a real date. At a certain point, a man walked to them: he was wearing an elegant suit with a golden chain around his neck, the initials of his name were embroidered on his shirt. He looked young, but at the same time, like he had lived thousands lives. He stopped next to their table, his black eyes scanning them. "Good evening, I'm Mister Jackson, the owner of the hotel and I think that it's always polite to introduce myself to my guest, especially when it's the first time I see them." He explained. Bucky and y/n immediately stood up and he shook his head, his eyes stuck on him to monitor his every move. Y/n was about to shake his hand too but he took hers and kissed the back of it, his eyes never leaving hers. She felt a wave of discomfort while Bucky clenched his jaw, he couldn't be more bothered. "You, you are an exquisite creature. Stunning. You are very lucky, Sir?" He asked and Bucky tilted his head. "Conor Doyle," he said his usual code name. "And yes, I'm aware of how lucky I am." He concluded, his voice showing how bothered he was.
Tumblr media
He put an arm around her torso, his hand on her waist to pull her closer. She almost gasped at his touch: he had never actually touched her before, not in any occasion that didn't involve a combat training of a potential dangerous situation in mission. Mr Jackson smiled. "You make such a lovely couple. How long have you been together?" He asked and y/n frowned, the sudden questions taking her off guard. Bucky smiled. "Three years, almost four." He immediately answered, not an hesitation in his voice. She look at him, her face a mix between surprised and impressed. "And how did you meet?" He insisted. Bucky tilted his head, he knew the man was just making sure that they were actually whom they said they were; Bucky's eyes travelled to y/n. "Well, a friend of us introduced us. I still remember how she was dressed, with a pair of deep blue jeans and a shirt with a picture of a famous movie on it. What was the title? God, I'm so bad with these things," he said, his smile making butterflies erupting in y/n' stomach. She couldn't believe it: he actually remember how she was dressed. For a moment she thought he wasn't acting anymore. He brushed a lock of her hair behind her ear. "Nevermind. I remember thinking that that shirt suited her perfectly and that she was so beautiful. Since then, I never stopped thinking about her," he concluded, his eyes suddenly coming back on Mr Jackson. "Then I asked her out and the rest is history." He added and the missing eye contact made y/n understand that he was playing the part again.
The man nodded, he looked satisfied. "How lovely. Anyway, I believe you called today to inform me that you were interested in my, well... business." He whispered while looking around. Bucky nodded. "Absolutely, I wish we could discuss it somewhere else." He said, but before the man could answer, a little girl ran to him and grabbed his hand. "Dad! Dad! Let's go dancing!" She said, her little happy jumps making the man smile. He looked at her. "Dad will be there in a second." He swore and she smiled and nodded while leaving. Mr. Jackson looked at them. "Will you excuse me? We will discuss business later." He said and Bucky nodded while he walked to his daughter. Y/n looked at him. "How do you remember how I was dressed? Has been almost a year since that day." She asked. He shrugged while looking at her. "I remember, that's all." He simply said. She bit her lower lip and looked around: people were standing up from their chairs to dance on the notes of the music, there was a woman playing the piano and her melody was beautiful. Y/n noticed that Mr Jackson was staring at them. "We should dance." She said and practically dragged Bucky on the dance floor. He rolled his eyes and reluctantly agreed to dance. He put a hand on her hip and intertwined the other with hers. She struggled for a moment. "I can't dance." She confessed while looking at her feet; he put a finger under her chin to raise her head and looked at her. "Follow me." He commanded and she nodded. Bucky knew what he was doing and he was good at it. He made her twirl with such a spontaneity. She smiled. "You're good." She said and he chuckled. "Well, I'm from 1945, after all." He pointed out and she smiled. "Fair enough," she said, but something caught her attention: Mr Jackson was suspiciously looking at them while talking to his bodyguards. He had suspects. Y/n pretended to touch her hair and activated the small earpiece. "Sam, are you there?" She asked while resting her head on Bucky' shoulder to avoid making Mr Jackson realize that she was speaking. "I'm here, all clear for now." He said and she bit her lower lip. "I think he suspects something." She said and she heard Sam cursing. "Well, pretend better. You probably look like you don't even want to be there together." He scolded her and she widened her eyes. "Why don't you come down there and..." She was about to say, but Mr Jackson walked to them. "If you want to follow me, we'll discuss business." He said inviting them to go with him. Bucky protectively stepped between her and Mr Jackson and nodded while they started following him.
"I can't believe we did it." She said to Sam while walking into the restaurant again. He laughed. "You've been great. We have the confession. Get out of there now." He said and she looked around. People were still joyfully dancing while Bucky made sure to turn the recorder off. He nodded. "We should go now." He said and she was about to agree when she saw Mr Jackson staring at them again, his bodyguards had a hand on his hip and y/n suspected he had a gun in there. She looked at Bucky. "Kiss me." She suddenly said. Bucky frowned. "What? Why?" He asked, his tone alarmed. She rolled her eyes and put a hand behind head. "They're staring at us, if we kiss we will make them uncomfortable and gain some time to go away. Kiss me." She said and tried to kiss him, but Bucky leaned his head behind. "No, it's unnecessary, let's just go." He said and she shook her head. "It's not a big deal." She insisted but he shook his head. "No, let's leave this place." He said and she growled in frustration. "Oh come on, just kiss me." She said and he grabbed her arms and stopped her. "Not like that!" He finally exploded.
She gasped, her eyes widening while she looked at him. Bucky let a breath out and shook his head. "I knew this was not a good idea." He said and she took a step back, her eyes getting watery. "Do I make you so sick that you can't even kiss me?" She asked, a sudden anger invading her body. He nervously chuckled and shook his head. "Y/n, you don't understand..." He whispered and she laughed, a nervous and frustrated laugh. "Then explain! You can't even look at me, you didn't manage to compliment me. You keep pushing me away, you reject my every attempt to interact with you outside the working field. You look at me like I'm some unpleasant thing you don't know where to put. You treat me like I don't even exist and all of a sudden you jump in front of me and take a knife in your stomach to protect me. You make no sense, Bucky Barnes." She said, her voice low but shaking while she finally let out all the things she kept for hers for months. Bucky shook his head and took a breath. "I can't do this here..." He tried to step away, his eyes somehow sad.
Tumblr media
She followed him outside and grabbed his arm, the coldness of the vibranium was palpable through the fabric of his jacket. "You can't keep running away. It's okay if you didn't want to kiss me, it's not a big deal, ser..." She tried to say but he nervously laughed. "But I want to kiss you! That's the problem!" He shouted, his arms opened and his voice agitated. She gasped and parted her mouth, surprise written all over her face. "But... then why did you..." She couldn't finish her sentence because she grabbed her by her arms and slightly shook her. "Because I have feelings for you!" He finally said, his voice shaking. She held her breath, her eyes widened and her body freezing. "Bucky... Why did you tell me?" She asked and he let out a breath, his hands letting her go while he looked at her, he was completely torn. "Because I'm a fucking mess and you're intelligent, brilliant, skilled, kind," he said while walking to her, his hand reaching to caress her cheek. "And I'm disastrous with words but this doesn't mean that I don't think that you're absolutely breathtaking," he caressed her cheek, his finger tracing her lower lip. "Because I don't even know if I can give you what you deserve. I've been through hell and back and I have bad days, days in which I still feel a monster. You deserve so much better than me." He concluded and lowered his hand, his eyes filled with the deepest sadness.
Tumblr media
Y/n shook her head and grabbed his hand, her head beating so fast that she thought it was about to come out from her chest. "Bucky, this is my decision to make. I have feelings for you too, okay? I've been having them for months, and I want to be with you, bad days and good days. Don't you even dare think that you're not enough for me, because you're the best person I could ever have by my side and the only one I want. I don't want better, I want you." She said, her hand caressing his cheek. Bucky smiled, the sadness in his eyes making room for gratitude, happiness, love. Y/n crossed her arms over his shoulders and smiled while he pulled her closed by her waist. This time, he didn't wait for her to kiss him he crushed his lips on hers. She gasped for a moment, he put such an amount of passion in that kiss.
She kissed him back, her mouth parting to let his tongue in. He squeezed her hips, his cold vibranium hand sending shivers to her spine. She bit his lower lip, fingers running through his hair, and smiled. "It took you long enough, Sargent Barnes." She joked, her nose rubbing against his. He laughed, his lips still on hers while he caressed her hips. "As I said, I'm from 1945, doll." He said and she chuckled while shaking her head. They were about to kiss again when they both heard a cough. Y/n flinched and Bucky immediately looked around. "If you two have finished playing Romeo and Juliet, I will need that confession." Sam said while flying over their heads. They both looked up while he landed in front of them. Y/n raised an eyebrow. "Sam? What are you talking about?" She tried to look surprised but he shook his head. "You both forgot to turn off the earpiece. I had to shut down mine to avoid hearing your sloppy kiss, ew." He fooled them around while putting a hand in Bucky's pocket to grab the recorder. Y/n covered her face in embarrassment and Bucky slightly blushed but definitely played it cool.
"Okay, let's go back to..." He tried to suggest but Sam raised his arms. "No no no, I don't want to see you love birds for the rest of the weekend. I'll see you on monday," he said and opened his wings. "You surely looked convincing though, only a couple argues like that." He joked and smiled at them. "Oh, I almost forgot. Happy Valentine's Day." He said and winked before flying away. Bucky shook his head and y/n laughed in embarrassment. "That was..." She tried to say but Bucky interrupted her. "Funny." She said, she shook her head. "I was about to say awkward. What are we gonna do now?" She asked and Bucky grabbed her hips to pull her closer, his lips pressing on hers for another quick kiss. "What about a real date?" He suggested and she raised an eyebrow z her fingers playing with the locks at the base of his head. "Will you buy me flowers and take me to a diner with a jukebox like in 1945?" She tenderly asked, her eyes filled with happiness. He shrugged. "I will also compliment you." He said and she laughed. "It's not necessary, I know you're shy." She reassured him but she tilted his head, his eyes looking at her with adoration. "And you're stunning, I've never seen a woman like you in one hundred years." He said. She felt her stomach twisting in happiness at his words. She bit her lower lip. "Not bad, Barnes, but now shut up and kiss me again." She said he smiled, his lips already capturing hers.
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charnelhouse · a month ago
period sex with pope? or jax? or anyone really,, you could write it for jesus christ and i’d eat it up lol
Tumblr media
A/N: Jax Teller x F!Reader. Reader's dad is SAMCRO Period sex.
"You don't care?"
"Fuck no."
You're hot underneath your blankets. Navy sheets and white linen bedding and Jax is already naked. The full length of his body stretched against yours. Golden-hair and berry-pink lips and you'd find him in a greek myth - a legend or a story.
He's a prince.
He's not.
This whole affair is forbidden. Your dad would wreck Jax - cut off his damn head if he walked in and caught them. You can't think though - not clearly or fully or with any bright-white light at all. When Jax slides thick fingers between your thighs and pushes them all gentle into your pussy, you whine against his jaw.
"Aw baby," he coos. "So fucking sensitive, huh?"
Yes. Obviously.
You'd told him as soon as he'd slipped into your bedroom. Can't tonight and when you explained to him the reason - Jax had given you the most bewildered expression.
Jax twists his fingers inside you - slipping in a third as he stretches you open. Your cunt is puffy and sore and it's wet - obscenely so and when Jax thrusts to the knuckles over and over again - your body echoes that slick, obscene squelch.
You protest - shoving at his chest because your face is burning, but he hushes you. "It's hot," he murmurs as he dips his tongue into your mouth - kissing you hungry and fierce. "It's hot, baby. I love hearing your pussy."
You glance down and there's red - visible slick and your blood - and Jax grins at you like it's all so wrong, but he's drunk off the feel of your desperate sex that grips his fingers like it has a mind of its own. He drags a soft climax from you - his thumb nudging over your clit and you dig your nails into his shoulders - his muscles bunching beneath your touch.
"Gonna fuck you," He nips your throat - smears his slippery palms over your inner thighs as he spreads you open. It's all deliberate - strategic - the way he angles his hips against your pelvis - his cock thick and pointed against your flesh. He rubs it over your folds - the slow roll of his body as he pins you to the mattress. He presses and presses - the blunt head of his dick snagging at your entrance before he finally slides to the hilt. It's a little too fast and you gasp - arching into him as the pressure of his length stretches you apart - fills you to burst. "Shit" he grunts - his hair tickling your forehead - bearing his weight above you. "Didn't - fuck - didn't mean to do that."
He grits his jaw and you can tell that he's holding himself back - giving you time to get used to it, but it's fine - you're not a doll - not made of glass - and so you buck your hips up so that he slides deeper - as far as he possibly can.
"Fuck me," you plead because Jax is acting as a perfect distraction - the cramping in your belly has subsided - blotted out to a distant ache as he begins to fuck you. The strokes of his perfect cock sends pleasure rocketing through your veins. He eases out before driving forward and rough, knocking you up the bed until you whimper like it hurts. It doesn't - it doesn't - but it's just too fucking much and Jax smooths your hair - knuckles running across your cheek - still smelling faintly of your sore, dripping cunt.
"Jax," you cry into his mouth as he tries to hush you.
"I know, baby," he husks into your ear. "I know. I know."
Your dad is downstairs - maybe even in his room down the hall and your sheets are rustling with the occasional creak of the bed frame - but there's also the blessed hum and click of the air conditioning - the tick of pipes through the walls.
Each spear of his cock is a sting - an overwhelming punch to your womb and you're thick with it - clutching at his biceps like you're dying and maybe you are because you're lost to it. The sensations - the fullness - the way he's splitting you open and filling you up and still kissing you like this whole thing between them is tender and means more than just a quick fuck.
It might. It could.
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sukirichi · 6 months ago
Breakfast: ingredient 64 + sugar 5 for inumaki
Okay, but like- what about inumaki's first kiss? His mouth is a very sensitive area and his first kiss would be a very intimate act, so here's what happens: reader and him are mutually pining BUT all everyone else sees is the sexual tension between them.
Somehow itadori manages to lock them in a dark small space, where they share their first kiss, yet they don't speak about it and to each other for a long time. At some point itadori (i swear this kid is a matchmaker) points out how y/n and toge can't even glance at each other and inumaki breaks. Late at night he shows up at reader's dorm, pins her to the wall and kisses her like no tomorrow. After they eventually have a rough make out with toge's shirt coming off, they lay on her bed where reader tells him she really likes him and he grabs her chin to stop her rambling and she looses it when she sees so much love and lust swirling in his eyes (they maybe have a third make out round 👀) and in the end they come to the conclusion they love each other and that they should have acted sooner on it.
I don't know if make outs count as nsfw and i read that you can write only sfw for inumaki, so it's okay if you can't complete this request. Just let me know you if can't.
Also get prepared to be spoiled spammed with asks.
— 🍰 strawberry shortcake anon
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the first kiss with inumaki toge is as delicate as he is.
meal order: ★🥞 + 64 (canon au) + 5 (mutual pining) + sensitive first kiss with inumaki, them trapped in a room + yuuji as matchmaker uwu + WALL PIN KISS YES SIR + basically hot af inumaki
warnings: nothing really, just make out sessions and implications of smut, also UH soft dom inumaki toge, i guess? unedited as always
song i listened to while writing: I.F.L.Y. by Bazzi
note: 🍰 anon TYSM for this request, my heart was legit doki doki the whole time. this totally reminds me of why inumaki was my first crush and he’s the reason i came to watch jjk lol i love him so much <3 i hope this is what you’ve been looking for and that you like it! i had a lot of fun writing this one!
Tumblr media
“Yuuji, don’t!” You tried to scramble against the strawberry haired boy’s grip, but he was far too strong, and it didn’t help that Nobara’s riled up self was helping him push you back inside the storage room. “Yuuji, Nobara, I’m your senpai, have some respect—” You don’t get to finish your words before you’re pushed inside, landing on the floor with a thud.
“Yuuji!” You banged your fists on the door once you’ve recovered, screaming at the top of your lungs. From outside the door, you heard the underclassmen giggle and run away, leaving you with your crush, Inumaki Toge, of all people.
Falling down into a squat, you wrapped your arms around yourself, refusing to look at him. You were only thankful that it was dark so Toge wouldn’t see how your pupils blew wide, your body responding at the soft scent of his perfume and laundry detergent. He’d been your crush for who knows how long now, and your first memory of meeting the cursed speech user burns at the back of your mind to remind you that it’s been years, and yet you’ve barely spoken to him.
Unlike the other students, your cursed technique wasn’t the most useful in combat. Your technique allowed you to nullify the abilities of others, but the downside of it was that it didn’t have much advantage against curses, so you had to rely on your physical strength to exorcise.
On the bright side, though…
“So,” Toge begins, shuffling away from the dusty wall and closer to you. Your heartbeat raced when his knees brushed against yours, thighs pressed against one another. “You’re a victim of them too.”
“Hmm, guess so.”
Neither of you speak for a while. Toge himself wasn’t much of a talker, and he barely batted an eye when Maki and Panda hauled his ass inside the storage room. He was so calm and placid that your mind was in mess – both because you were comfortable and happy in his presence, but at the same time, your palms were so sweaty and the room was so stuffed you could barely breathe. It didn’t help that Toge was humming too, reassured that he wasn’t going to hurt you with his powers.
“Uhm,” you started nervously, fiddling with your fingers. The silence stretched out thick and cordial that you couldn’t bear it anymore, and you turned to Toge with wide eyes, blinking back rapidly when he faced you as well, his deep purple eyes like a painting before you. “Do-do you know why we’re locked in here?”
Your palms grew wetter with each ticking second; Toge taking his time to answer.
Nobara had eavesdropped on you gushing to Megumi on how Toge looked so cute during breakfast this morning, and the girl immediately ran off to tell her best friend, Yuuji; the two of them sharing the same braincells.
Before you knew it, everyone split into two groups, your classmates dragging Toge away while Nobara and Yuuji manhandled you, hissing into your ear to man up and fess.
As if it was as easy as that! Inumaki Toge – albeit approachable and kind – was still the light of your life, the apple of your eye, and he barely acknowledged your presence the whole two years you’ve been with him. He was much closer with Maki and Panda while you got along more with the younger ones (although you wouldn’t hesitate to redact that statement after doing this to you), so the chances of you ever striking up a full conversation with him were low.
You only admired him from afar, sighing dreamily into your hands while he trained with Panda. Megumi seemed to be the only decent one, silent and bored as ever while you rambled on tirelessly on how much Toge looked so buff under his uniform yet had the face baby, stating over and over again he was born just to drive you crazy.
You should’ve known someone would find out one way or another, but heavens forbid, not him. The both of you were barely friends to begin with – you didn’t want to shatter whatever mutual respect you had for each other just because you crushed on him hard.
Mind running back and forth over the different ways Toge could reject you, because obviously someone had told him, or obviously he knew already – why else would he be locked here with you if your friends didn’t know something? It was getting hard to read his face from the darkness; the only thing you could make out were his long lashes and lips visible with his collar down.
“I don’t know, to be honest,” he avoided your gaze, and you swallowed audibly at the sound of his husky voice; unused to speaking this much. “But…but we’ve got nothing to worry about. Gojo-Sensei or Nanamin will come around soon.”
“Okay,” you nodded at his words, cursing inwardly that this was your perfect chance to confess or at least try and be friends with him, but your whole body was burning, feet frozen in your place that you just couldn’t bring yourself to do it. You watched from the corner of your eye as Toge rocked back and forth in his heels, cheeks puffed out, and your eyes zeroed in on the snake tattoo beside his lips.
Toge rarely ever let his collar down to muffle his voice, so seeing him expose his lips like this almost felt intimate. He looked so pretty, long lashes fluttering on top of those warmed cheeks and strong arms wrapped around his knees.
He was just an arm’s length away. This was the closest you’d ever gotten with him, and maybe it was because you’d kept your feelings a secret for so long that it suddenly burst through. Faster than you could take notice of yourself, your arm reached out to cup his cheeks, thumb swiping against the tattoos. “Pretty,” you murmured, Toge stiffening up under your touch.
His eyes skewed over to yours, wide and unreadable, but there was something there – something burning. He had to bite down his cheek as you caressed his face absentmindedly, and it wasn’t until his fingers came up to your wrist that you realized what you were doing.
“Oh!” you exclaimed, the warmth of his skin now searing because of your embarrassment. “Toge – I-I didn’t mean to – I’m so sorry! It’s just, your tattoos look so pretty and I’ve always—”
Your words are thrown right back into your mouth when Toge tugged you forward, sending the both of you toppling to the ground. Toge’s hands were delicate, just as delicate as your touch, when he cupped your face, his lips moving with yours. You were stunned for a moment before pleasure and fireworks exploding everywhere burst within you, prompting you to kiss him back in urgent fervor.
Toge’s lips tasted like candy, his sighs into your mouth melting your insides until you’re crumpling his shirt, eyes shut so tight in fear that maybe this would all disappear the moment you opened them.
Your hands travelled everywhere – from his shoulders, to his neck, his jaw – before it settled into his hair, the satisfaction of finally getting to run your hands through them has you weakening in his hold. Toge keeps his grip on your waist firm, almost possessive even, and he held you up both, sitting up while your arms wound around his neck.
A curse must’ve possessed you because you moaned into his mouth when he nipped at your bottom lip, tugging it inside his mouth so he could taste your cherry chapstick.
He wasn’t in a better state than yours. As the cursed speech user, his mouth was one of his most sensitive parts, and it took all energy it had in him to not kiss you senseless right then and there, your lips swiping over his mouth in such a mind-numbing sensation.
It felt like his body was on fire, the heat licking up from his toes to right where you were pressed on him. Your lips on his was scorching, the soft sighs and moans you gave him only adding to the fuel.
Toge groaned as your nails subconsciously pulled at his hair, making him grind you down into the V of his lips, pressing your chest firms against his until there was no more space. Through the darkness and nearly airless atmosphere of the room, Toge still managed to take your breath away, your lips moving in synch and you were falling, falling, falling.
He effortlessly held your weakening arms up before he pulled away, both your chests panting at the sudden heated kiss. His eyes trailed down from your lust-filled gaze to the bow of your lips, where the flesh was plump and abused.
Toge’s thumb swiped over your lips that had you frozen solid because he looked at you so gently, delicately, almost as if he didn’t want to hurt you. But he never could – you nullified everyone’s powers and allowed him freedom in your space. You’d let him come again and again, welcoming him with open arms if he wanted so, and in that moment, you believed he did.
Although why would he want you?
Fears and insecurities struck a chord in you and you scrambled away from his lap, leaving Toge all alone in the ground. You ducked your head down to ignore the confused and hurt expression on his face, turning back to the door instead. “I’m so sorry,” you rasped out in one breath, “I-I didn’t mean for that kiss to happen and I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable. Please just forget this ever happened and I really wish you and I aren’t awkward for this. Okay, good night. See you around.”
Pulling your phone out of your pocket after cursing yourself for not thinking of texting Megumi sooner, you speed dialed the younger boy, begging him to unlock the door.
Megumi came around a few minutes later. Toge had long settled behind you, silent but still catching his breath from your previous lip-locking. His presence unnerved you and you rubbed your hands up and down your arms, praying to whoever divines self that Toge would forget about this as well. The moment Megumi came around, you leaped out of the room, leaving two confused boys – with one of them unknowingly shattered.
Tumblr media
The next few days were hell.
You and Toge hadn’t talked much at all before, but now, you both pretended as if the other didn’t existed. During class where there had to be pairings, you immediately sided with Maki and pushing Panda to Toge’s way, the latter frowning behind his collar every time you avoided his gaze.
You just couldn’t handle being anywhere near him after that kiss. You feared that your heart would combust and you’d further embarrass yourself in front of him, as if you weren’t embarrassing enough with how excited you were as you kissed him.
Gosh, what would Toge think of you now?
You bet he found you so weird, and your suspicions were only confirmed when he’d resorted to avoiding you as well. No more polite and cheery good mornings! in the hallway or asking what he had for lunch, no more random texting of memes at 3am because you both didn’t have friends outside the institute.
Pure silence from the other side.
It should’ve comforted you – you wanted to stay away from him, right? – but you only grew restless. Your focus dwindled with each passing day, finding yourself at the back of Toge’s head longingly when he wasn’t looking, then sighing as you chastised yourself from being stupid.
To be honest, that kiss only made your feelings multiply tenfold.
Now that you knew how warm and comfortable Toge was to the touch, how his lips tasted and how his hair felt under your touch – you crushed on him impossibly harder than before.
You reached a point where you tossed and turn around in bed, unable to fall asleep; completely unaware that just a few doors down, he was doing the same. It had you thinking back to that day all over again, wondering why did he kiss you? If he liked you, why did he never talk to you? He never even noticed you before and you were always the first one to strike conversation, but because the others were always around, chats were limited, one-worded, and awkward.
That cursed technique of yours was still useless, after all.
“Would you please stop moping around?” Megumi slammed his book down on the table next to you, and you jumped in your seat, clutching your pencil to your chest. “I’m tired of you eye-fucking Inumaki-senpai.”
“Wha – ? No, I wasn’t, what are you talking about?”
“You’ve both been acting weird,” observed Yuuji who stopped fighting with Nobara over who would win in an arm wrestling fight without special abilities: Gojo-Sensei or Nanami. Nobara nodded beside him, stealing Yuuji’s crisp chips before speaking. “You both can’t even glance at each other. All of us can feel that something’s wrong between you two.”
“They probably fucked in the storage room.”
“Nobara, keep your voice down!”
“Why should I?” she smirked, jabbing her thumb to an asleep Toge lounging on the field with Panda. “Your precious crush is asleep. He won’t know. But whatever, what did happen when we locked you both there?”
“You all humiliated me, that’s what happened!”
“What do you mean humiliated?” Megumi asked this time around, and you buried your face in your arms, glancing over at Toge again. He was slumbering peacefully, his body shaded from the sun under the tree, and your fingertips itched with the urge to hold him close again.
“He doesn’t like me,” you concluded with trembling lips, sending one last longing glance at Toge. “And I think I just absolutely ruined everything.”
Tumblr media
No matter how much your underclassmen tried to cheer you up, your spirits were never lifted. You trudged back to your room that night, tired and drained from all the events that you just buried your nose in your textbook, studying about curses for next week’s exams.
The words began to blur and you sighed on your seat, glancing at your phone. It was nearing midnight and the dorms were oddly quiet, but you guessed everyone just had a long day.
Soon, you brushed your teeth and moved to retire for the night when three soft knocks came from your door. Your hand stilled on your blanket, brows furrowed at who could it be this time of the night. After fixing your hair to make yourself presentable, you swung the door open, ready to hit Yuuji if he came here to drag you down to the movie room and force you to watch horror movies again when you were harshly pushed, the stranger kicking the door back.
You gasped as warm lips came crashing down to yours, your hands pinned above your hand with just one arm.
You didn’t have to open your eyes to know it was Toge who’d placed a knee between your legs to prevent you from falling; your knees already turning to jelly before you even registered it was him. The familiar taste of something sweet like candy and cough syrup coated your senses and you moaned in his arms as his hands ran under your shirt, making the hairs on your body prickle up in anticipation.
Toge took advantage of your moan, his tongue slipping inside before it clashed with yours. It was too much – his overwhelming scent, his tongue tasting yours, his hands squeezing your breasts tenderly – you were on the verge of falling apart.
Fire burned all over your body, pure instinct dominating your conscious mind as you pushed him back, Toge falling down with you scrambling above him.
He grunted at your sloppy actions of trying to tug his shirt over his head, but he complied, reaching up at the same time you leant down for another wet, heated kiss. The kiss this time around was far less gentle and more urgent; your mutual pining for one another tipping over the edge until all hell broke loose.
You settled into his lap as if it were a throne and he encouraged you to take it, to claim him because he considered you the queen of his world.
“Toge, I,” you rambled after every peck, unable to form a complete sentence because you kept wanting to kiss him. It was nearly impossible to pull away now that he held you so close, making you feel like home and driving you absolutely insane. “I can’t do it anymore, mmhm, I want you so much – always have – I don’t want to avoid you and I just want to—”
He stopped your rambling by grabbing your chin forwards, his lips molding over yours again and dancing with it like two perfectly syncopated performers.
Toge’s curious hands ravished every crevice and dip of your curves as he sucked on your tongue, tasting it fervently like a traveler memorizing his path. You shuddered when Toge’s nimble fingers travelled down to cup your ass to lift you upwards, pushing you closer and deeper into his mouth.
None of you cared about anything anymore. You could barely focus on anything but letting your hands roam free down his chest, Toge rutting up to you when your cold hands brushed over his nipple.
Needing air to breathe, you pulled away first, panting as your forehead pressed against his. You stared at each other, lips swollen and wet from the hot make-out session. You were sure that your adoration for him was clearly evident in your eyes, that your feelings for him sparkled and radiated like the bright sunshine’s warmth he always made you feel.
But that wasn’t what drove you crazy.
It was the fact his expression mirrored yours; only his had lust swirling around his dark eyes, an unexplainable plethora of emotions flooding through them. You were breathing hard and so was he, his soft pants warming your lips that were still sore from his hungry ministrations.
Now was the time.
It didn’t matter that maybe he didn’t feel the same way for you; you liked him so much. Your feelings poured over the glass and your eyes glossed over with how your heart frantically chanted his name, wanting nothing and no one else but him.
“I love you,” you confessed, “I fucking love you.”
To your surprise, Toge chuckled, pulling you forward until his chest was flushed against yours. He captured your lips for one last kiss, delicate this time around as his hands cupped your jaw. You tilted your hide to the side to deepen the kiss, and you sighed while Toge rubbed soothing circles at the sides of your jaw then down to your neck.
“You better,” he mumbled through your lips, “Because I fucking love you too, and I don’t want to play this game of push and pull anymore.”
It was your first time to hear such dominance in his words, to witness such need and possessiveness shine back through his eyes, his lips travelling to the sides of your face. Submissively, you arched your back to him and allowed him access to your neck, head lolling to the side. Even as Toge slowly but surely left little love bites to mark you as his, he was gentle and delicate, soft yet hard, bitter but sweet like the longing you had for one another.
Even as he had you trapped under his arms, his heat nestled into the deeper, intimate parts of you that only welcomed no one else but him; your lover was absolutely delicate.
And you only fell for him harder than you already have.
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mypoisonedvine · 7 months ago
Consolation || Bucky Barnes x reader
summary: you know it’s probably not great that you always turn to your best friend Bucky whenever you’re especially hurt by your husband.  you know your husband should probably care that you spend so much time with him, but he doesn’t.  which is good, in the end, because you two really are just friends… until you’re not.
word count: 4k
warnings: smut!, infidelity (see summary, reader is married), descriptions of failing/sexless marriage, angst, fluff, ~feelings~
Tumblr media
You were good at hiding it— the real reason why you showed up at Bucky's apartment unexpectedly, that is.  
It wasn’t entirely unexpected: you sent a text first, asking if he was down for a movie night, telling him you missed when you used to hang out more.  He did, too, but he had always been afraid your husband would be an issue.  Nice enough guy, but he didn’t seem to trust Bucky entirely… certainly didn’t seem to love that you two were so close.
And who could blame him?  A beautiful, sweet, smart girl like you… he understood why your husband didn’t want you hanging out with other guys when avoidable.  I’ve told him a thousand times, you’re just a friend— you’re just Bucky, you would tell him when you were recounting arguments, explaining why it had been a while since you two had had a chance to catch up.  But Bucky never told you that your husband was right to worry, that he had dreamed since he met you of being more than ‘just a friend,’ that he himself was the reason you two didn’t spend more time together: because he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from confessing his feelings.
Because of course he would never make a move on his best friend— on a married woman.  It would be so overwhelmingly inappropriate, such a colossal waste of time; and it wasn’t like he couldn’t handle just being your friend.  Sure, it killed him a little bit sometimes, but it was worth it a million times over to be near you at all.  He would take what he could get… and if that meant platonic movie night because you’d had another argument with your husband, then so be it.
“I stopped by the store on my way; heard your ice cream reserve was depleted,” you explained as you brandished the Ben & Jerry’s before slipping past him to put them in his freezer.  
He watched you walk there, silently hating how comfortable you were in his apartment.  He loved it, but he hated it, too.  
“What are we watching?” you asked, snapping him back to reality.
“Uh, I dunno…”
“You were supposed to pick while I was driving over, genius,” you grumbled sarcastically.
“I narrowed it down to The Ring or You’ve Got Mail,” he decided suddenly.
You chuckled lightly and the sound lifted his spirits. “Okay, so, two drastically different evenings."
“I mean, if you think about it, they’re both about meeting new people through technology,” he corrected.
“Do VHS tapes count as technology?” you raised an eyebrow incredulously.
“They do to me,” he shrugged.
With the ice cream supply exhausted and Bucky’s largest plastic bowl now containing only the unpopped kernels and little broken pieces of popcorn that didn’t make the cut, the third act of The Ring was beginning and you were spending more time covering your eyes than not.
“Let me know when the scary part is over,” you requested weakly from between the hands on your face.
“It’s a horror movie; the whole thing is one long scary part!” he laughed.
You peeked out through your fingers only to see another terrifying moment, yelping and hiding yourself in his chest.
He froze, not sure at all what to do with your face pressed against him; he held his breath in case the inflation of his chest would disturb you.  
“I can’t look!” you whimpered, voice muffled by his shirt.
He lifted his hand in consideration of stroking your hair comfortingly, but ultimately decided against it and set it back down.
Thankfully, the movie was almost over and you wouldn’t stay cuddled up to him after it ended— meaning he’d finally be free from the glorious torture of your nearness.
But then the credits were rolling and you still didn’t budge, holding him tight.  At first he thought you were just still scared, but then you took a slow, shaky breath… and he realized something was wrong with you, way beyond just a spooky movie.
“Are you okay?” he asked quietly, preparing to hear you explain what really happened with you and your husband that made you come here.
You just shook your head a little against his chest, making him sigh.
“Do you wanna talk about it?” he continued, and you hesitated before pulling back and sitting up straight again.  As painful as it had been, he missed your touch already.
“Yes,” you answered, “but I shouldn’t.”
“Okay,” he nodded.
“But I need to.”
“But I can’t.”
You groaned and hid your face in your hands— not from fear this time, but exasperation.  “I told myself that if it ever got to this point, I’d tell someone.  But now I… I don’t know.”
“It’s okay,” he soothed.
"He doesn't… we don't…” you started and stopped a few times.  “God, Buck, I can't even say it…"
"You don't have to—" he began to tell you, but you said it anyway, tearing your hands away from your face and looking back at him sternly.
"He hasn't touched me in months.  And today marks an entire year since the last time I had sex."
He tried not to choke when he heard that.  He figured you were just going to say that he was texting a female coworker too much or flip-flopping about if he wanted kids or not.  This was something else entirely.  "Oh… um, wow."
He wasn’t sure where to start.  In spite of all his obliviousness, he was pretty sure he should say something, he just didn’t know what.  “And he… he knows that you… want that?  I mean, you’ve like… tried to, you know… initiate things, right?”  He cringed at his own voice, and stupid question.
You laughed a little, in a sad way.  "I've begged him for it, fuck, it's so humiliating.  It doesn't even work.  He's always too tired, not in the mood, busy with something.  And of course I want to respect him and not pressure him into anything but at the same time, I feel so fucking unlovable— so hideous."
"You're not hideous,” he said firmly, more sure of that than anything else he’d said so far.
“I try to believe that, really,” you mitigated, “I try not to take it personally— but fuck, it feels personal.  Do you know how often people talk about sex?  It’s like society has this idea that men just wanna bang twenty-four hours a day and the only thing stopping them is women being prudes.  Do you know what it’s like to hear people talk like that when your husband rejects you every night?  Do you know how it feels to hear your girlfriends complaining about how their boyfriends are pestering them for sex too often, and you’re just sitting there screaming inside your head ‘at least he wants you’?  Bucky, you can’t even imagine…”
“I can’t,” he agreed.  
"It's been so long…” you sighed shakily, collecting yourself before you started again.  “It's been so long since somebody touched me.  I wondered if I would forget what it felt like."
His hand shook a little as he reached out with his flesh hand and brushed it against your arm, staring into your watery eyes and finding less fear there than he expected, thankfully.
"Did you forget?" he asked softly.
"I must have," you mumbled, "it feels better than I remembered."
The heartbreak in your voice made anger bubble up in his chest, amazed at how your husband ever allowed this to happen; ever allowed you to become so touch-starved that even just a brush on your arm made you emotional.  "I can't imagine being with you every day and not wanting to touch you whenever I could get the chance,” he admitted.  “I can't imagine being your husband and not making love to you every day, every hour, whenever you wanted; whenever you'd let me.  I can't imagine having you beg me for something and not giving it to you— I'd give you everything."
He had to fight a gasp as you suddenly grabbed him and pulled him into a kiss, a bit sudden at first but melting into something gentle and patient and soft.  
“Then do it,” you whispered as you finally pulled back; he could barely think straight to even process what you were saying.  “Give me everything.”
He nodded a little before he kissed you again, rough but deep and slow.  His hands roamed your body like he'd wished to for so long; his tongue slid against yours and the taste of you drove him wild.
As hard as it was to break from your lips, he moved his kisses down your jaw to your neck, sucking at your pulse as you groaned and clutched at his shoulders through his shirt.
"Fuck," you whispered under your breath, and he must've heard you swear a million times but this time it sounded so different.  
His cock was straining against his jeans already, just from this— it was like he was a fucking teenager again, but to be fair, you'd always had that effect on him: sweaty palms, stammering, sudden boners.  It was like lifelong puberty with you around.
When his fingers toyed with the hem of your shirt, just barely brushing over the skin right above your sweats, you pulled back briefly to pull your shirt off over your head.  He thought it might be awkward if he just stood there gawking at your chest, so he only allowed himself a moment of it before he got back to work holding you tight and kissing your collarbones.
He pulled you closer and you must've felt his cock pressed against you because you gasped a little.  And you must've liked it, because your hand slipped down and rubbed him through the front of his jeans, making him choke on nothing.
“S’big,” you mumbled, and he grinned a little.  
“Feel what you do to me?” he asked softly, and you nodded a little before grabbing his wrist and pulling his hand down your body and into the waistband of your pants.  He shuddered when he felt how warm your skin was, the lacy fabric of your panties, the slick folds you guided his fingers through.
“Feel what you do to me?” you shot back, but your cockiness faded when he circled his middle finger over your swollen bud.  He loved the way your body reacted so easily, subtle little gasps and shivers, your hips jolting forward for more stimulation.  You both moaned when he pushed a finger into your channel, your walls already pulsing around him.
“Is this okay?” he asked.
You whispered your approval and he twisted the finger inside you.  Even just that made you let out a heavy breath, your hands reaching down to grip his wrist— they didn’t push him away, thankfully, just reminded him to be gentle with you as he added the second finger, pushing a bit deeper than before.
“More,” you whimpered your plea, “I want more.”
For a second he thought you meant more fingers, but then you opened your eyes and gave him a look… that look.  
It made it abundantly clear that fingers weren’t going to be enough.  After all, you had asked him to give you everything.  So he gladly obliged when you started to tug at his shirt, pulling it over his head and tossing it aside.  You lifted your hips to let him pull down your sweats, not giving him much time to drink in the sight of you before you started opening his fly for him.
Being undressed by you made his heart race; the way you rushed, like you couldn’t wait a moment longer to have him, was flattering yet relatable.
You sighed when you got his cock out, instantly wrapping your hand around his shaft and stroking.  He shuddered at the softness of your hands, at your gentle but persistent exploration.  Clearly it had been a while since you’d gotten the chance to interact with a dick, but it didn’t show in any lack of skill— if anything it just made you more eager, your grip firm but your touches gentle.  He kissed you again, holding your face in one hand and leaning you back with the other until you were laid on the couch and he was hovering over you.
He guided your hand away from his cock, replacing it with his own as he guided the weeping head over your slick folds, smiling at your gasp when he bumped against your clit.
“Do you want this?” he asked, fully prepared for you to back out now before you did something you really couldn’t take back.
“Yes.”  Your answer was more confident than he was expecting, but he still couldn’t really believe it.  It was just too good to be true.  So he had to check again.
“...are you sure?”
"Don't make me beg, Bucky," you whimpered, "I've done it enough, I can't do it again.  Just make love to me— I need you inside me, please…"
Your head fell back as he pushed into you, your nails digging into his shoulders until he stopped from fear of hurting you (even though it took more willpower than he knew he had).
"Don't stop," you whined, "need to feel all of you, Bucky, please please don't stop—"
He definitely didn't have enough willpower to resist that.  Slamming into you all at once, he hissed as you cried out, baring his teeth at the sight of you quivering and moaning beneath him.
"I— I need a second," you explained, voice tight with ill-concealed pain, "it's been a while.”
"I can wait," he nodded, "I won't move until you're ready."
He could tell you were struggling, because how could you not be when you felt so fucking tight around him?  He guided you to breathe slowly with him, feeling your body relax slightly and noticing the way your face untwisted as you became more comfortable.
You nodded a little, but he needed to hear you say it.  "Fuck me," you whispered.
And he did.  
He still kept his pace measured and relaxed, savoring every inch of you— savoring your reactions to every inch of him.
But watching your face was going to push him towards the edge too fast, and he wanted to make this last if possible, so he leaned down to suck on your neck, thoroughly tasting your skin as you moaned and writhed beneath him.  It felt incredible to surround your body with his, to cage you in and pin you down with his weight— it made him feel like he could protect you, keep you safe, even though he knew he couldn’t save you from heartache as much as he wanted to.
If you wanted someone to touch you, to give you affection, to make love to you and make you feel loved, then you’d come to the right place.  That came to him naturally; the hard part was going to be letting you go, letting this be the one-time favor for a friend that he already knew it was.
“You feel so good,” he found himself whispering against your skin, just beside your ear, “so good for me.”
The praise must have had a strong effect on you, because your walls tightened around him suddenly.
“So perfect,” he continued, wanting to feel it again, “my perfect girl.”  And you weren’t his girl, but maybe he could pretend you were; you certainly seemed to enjoy pretending, with the way your moans egged him on.  “God, baby, your pussy feels so fucking good around my cock.”
“Bucky,” you whined, arching your back, and he grinned because it was obvious that you responded even better to dirty talk than praise.
“You like that, huh?  You like makin’ me feel good?” he pressed, laughing a little when you nodded feverishly.  “Fuck, such a good girl… takin’ me so good, so fuckin’ deep…”
You grabbed him by his hair to make him kiss you again, hungry lips smashing against his.
Inspired by your passion but afraid of what he’d do with all of this control, he wrapped his arms around you and hoisted you up until he was sitting while you straddled him, looking up at you with a grin.  "Ride me, pretty girl, show me how bad you want it," he instructed lowly.  The way you rocked your hips and threw your head back was everything he'd dreamed it would be, increased exponentially.  Of course, he'd never told anyone that he dreamed about that, but he'd also never thought it could ever come true.  He ran his hands over every part of you he could reach, just to make sure it was real; just to make sure he memorized the feel of you while he could.
He leaned forward and wrapped his lips around a hardened nipple, sucking gently and smirking a little when you moaned loudly.  “You’re sensitive here,” he noted aloud, kissing his way to the other nipple but still teasing the first with his metal fingers.
Your moans came faster and louder, your fingers combing through his hair and pulling seemingly unintentionally.  He noticed that you let your eyes fall shut, your head crane back, and although he was glad that it was a sign of pleasure, he wanted to see you; he wanted you to see him, know that it was him making you feel this way.  so, he reached up and cupped your face in his hand, cradling your cheek, pulling you closer to look at him, staring into your eyes— and he knew it wasn't a subtle move, wasn't believable as a guy just helping out a friend, but he didn't care anymore.  When he kissed you again, it almost felt like you meant it, too; like you wanted him first, and not just as a consolation prize.
But you pulled back a little too soon, a reminder to both of you that this couldn’t be anything more than what it was.
Your hips gyrated faster and more vigorously, his hands gripping you tight and guiding your movements while you sighed and bit your lip.  You looked so indescribably good when you were immersed in pleasure like this, your hands gripping his shoulders tightly for balance, your chest swelling and deflating with quick breaths.
“So fucking beautiful,” he whispered below his breath as his hand softly trailed from your collarbone down to your thigh.  The sounds you made were constantly changing, a little more high-pitched and needy now as you rode him faster.  He was already picking up on the little signs that you were getting closer: your thighs flexing where they were straddled beside his own, how your body jolted and shivered in his grasp, your eyes wrenched shut and your skin breaking out into goosebumps.
Already he knew your body so well, but he knew there was so much more he would never get the chance to discover.  For now, he’d just have to settle for a preview of all the perfect little ways you fell apart.
And, in the interest of speeding that process up a bit, he reached down to where your bodies were joined and circled a thumb over your clit.
“Fuck!” you yelped, your inner muscles bearing down on him out of nowhere until he was forced to groan from your tightness.
“You close?” he stammered out, way less confident than he meant it to be.  He should’ve said something cool like ‘I know you’re close’ or ‘aw, baby, does that feel good?’ but no, he was too far gone and gave his own desperation away.
"Yes, baby, I'm so close," you sighed, "I'm gonna come— you're gonna make me come."
You said it with a hint of shock in your voice, like you could barely believe it.  He couldn't believe it, either, because it was surely too good to be true.
"Come for me," he instructed firmly, pulling you closer until his nose brushed against yours, "say my name when I make you come."
It was unfair, but he needed to pretend you were his for just a moment.  Only his.
"Bucky," you whimpered shakily.  Your walls tightened around him so perfectly, over and over, until it took everything in him not to bust right then.  "Bucky, I'm coming, fuck, I'm coming—"
"I know," he whispered, "I know, pretty girl, keep going."
Your nails dug into his skin, but he couldn’t even notice the pain when he was watching your face as you came— it was tight and twisted at first, before falling into a gasp and a moan that made his heart swell along with his cock that painted your walls the absolute second he knew you’d come.  It was intense, not just from holding back for so long, but from knowing he was coming inside you.
He sighed and started to catch his breath as you slumped forward and buried your face in the crook of his neck.  His arms wrapped around you and pulled you closer, the warmth of your body nearly overwhelming now as he felt little aftershocks ripple through your channel around where he was still within you.
"Thank you," you whispered, so quiet he could barely hear it.  But he did, and he nodded a little as he rested his face against yours, stroking your hair gently.  You held each other in silence for a long time, so long that when your breathing slowed down significantly and he could feel your body relax entirely, he realized you had fallen asleep.  
Carefully, he held you tighter so he could stand up and carry you to his bedroom, your body instinctively wrapping around him like a koala… like even in your sleep, you could act all adorable and break his heart just that much more.  
He did his best to tread quietly and gently, laying you down onto the bed and only then pulling his softened cock out of you, finding his discarded boxers to put back on before joining you between the sheets.  
He knew you would be gone in the morning but he indulged himself in holding you tonight, breathing your scent and pressing your back against his chest.  He didn't want to fall asleep because he didn't want to miss a second of your body wrapped in his, but it was impossible not to with the soft pace of your breathing almost rocking him to sleep like a beautiful lullaby.
Where there was warmth and peace before, he awoke to cold and emptiness— both between his sheets and in himself.
It’s not like he really expected you to stay, and even if you had it wouldn’t mean that you would leave your husband for your best friend, that this would have ever been anything more than a glimpse of what could’ve been in another life or another universe.
He could still smell you, barely, and he buried his face in the sheets to take it all in before it faded away.  When it was gone, he pulled back only to find a wet patch of his tears there instead.
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heefeels · 2 months ago
enhypen reaction to their crush matching them up with some of her friends (a)
pairing: ot7 × fem. reader.
warnings: some of them could not be accurate. too many grammar mistakes. a/n: i don't really know if this can be considered as angst lol
♡— lee heeseung
he feels a little bit sad ☹
everytime you tell him that you "have a friend and he could hang out with her and blah blah" he's like 🥺☹
because he was planning to confess to you and now you are telling him that
he goes even more sad when you tell him "i feel like you'd love her, something tell me that you're made for each other"
"maded for each other?? don't you think that's intense?"
"no hee, i feel it"
he probably thinks that you don't see him as other thing that friends
everytime you try to show him some photos of your friend he don't even try to hide his sad face :(
"i'm actually very busy to date anyone y/n. i'm sorry"
that's the answer that he give u everytime
♡— park jay
he REFUSES inmediatly. no even considerate the possibility of posibilities being another possibility lol mark lee get out of my brain i beg you
when you start saying "i have a friend that likes you..." he's already pissed 😠
well not really pissed but... u know... kinda
and you don't understand why?? he's??? like that?????
"i don't need you to match me up with no one y/n. stop" 🙄
"but if you meet her you may like her, she's very pretty and..."
"i said no"
if you keep trying he probably will not have another option than confess
"why are you like this" you ask felling a little mad "because i don't wanna date with another one than you y/n. don't you got it?? damn"
yes he's kinda agressive but cute lol
♡— sim jake
confused puppy 🥺
he don't know how to act when you tell him about your new friend who seems like have a crush on him
"i don't think it's like that, you are seeing things were they're not"
"i tell you jake, she likes you, like, a lot"
he's very gentle, and that's the problem
and now he has a date with that girl because he don't know how to tell a "no"
at least not to you 😢
but when the day come, and you are helping him to choose the correct outfit he just can't stand it anymore
"i don't wanna go y/n" he says in a low voice
"why? do you feel sick or something?"
"no. i don't wanna go bcs the only girl that i wanna have a date with is you. i don't wanna pretend anymore"
♡— park sunghoon
he gets cocky when you tell him that your friend likes him and they should date
"i know, like, who will not like me?" that's what he says
but in the inside he's kinda worried
does that means that you don't see him in the same way as he do??
is that a sign to end with his crush on you?
he O V E R T H I N G S
"why you wanna match me up with someone?" he ask when you tried to show him a photo of your friend
"why not? you need a girlfriend, you said it the other day"
yes he said it, but with "i think i need a girlfriend" he means I WANNA YOU TO BE MY GIRLFRIEND
"goshhhh why are you so blindddd" he whines
you're like ????? what ???
♡— kim sunoo
he's your bestie 👫
so one day you were having a meal with him and your classmate
she clearly got very interested on him
pls sunoo is soo sweet and gentle oc everyone loves him 😢😢😢😢
and they had a really smooth conversation FOR HOURS
so you decided to leave them alone after a while
after that he calls you asking why did you leave like that
"you seemed very interested on each other and i didn't want to be a third wheel"
"what are you saying? are you jealousy or something??"
"of course not, in fact, i think you look good together, you should date her"
he's kinda sad after hearing you saying that
♡— yang jungwon
you actuallt become closer to him bcs your friend asked you
she literally said "go and make friends with him and the introduce us" like a damn sociopath
and yang jungwon seems like a nice person, that's why you accepted
but you didn't know that he already had a crush on you
which become even bigger after you started to talk to him
but you had a mission: introduce your friend to junwon
so one time, you decided to bring your friend on one of your "study dates"
jungwon didn't like it 😠😠
why did you bring your friend???? ☹😠😠
but he's gentle and will never say something like that
and when your friend asked him if he likes someone he's like 😨
"yes, i actually like someone"
oc he's not going to confess right there. no. it has to be perfect
he said that bcs smart boi noticed your friend intentions
♡— nishimura riki
you and riki become friends in your dance classes
and in one of the proyects you had to make duos and create a choreography
niki thought you'll be together bcs you were besties
but no, you made duo with another person, which made him him kinda sad 😢
"i thought we are going to do it together" he said
"i'm sorry riki" you said smiling "but you can do it with y/f/n, she's pretty and tall. you look good together. and she dances as good as you"
"that don't make any sense y/n" 🙄🙄
he didn't really know about his own crush on you, but seeing you practice with another person maked him realize it
"you look so good together, like an idol couple" you said about a hundred times
but he hated to hear it 😫
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rosiesung · 4 months ago
7 Days || Y.JW
Tumblr media
for @geminirules "Just Friends" collab
Pairing: Jungwon x Fem!Reader
Genre: Fluff, Slight Angst, Friends to Lovers AU
Words: 3.63k
Warnings: Reader calls Jungwon a dick.
Synopsis: You are dared to pretend to be in a relationship with your best friend Jungwon. Initially, you go through with the childish challenge, knowing it will be insignificant to your friendship. But as the days pass, you begin to realise your true feelings for him. Will your revelations ruin your friendship? Or will something beautiful blossom because of them?
"I dare you to pretend like you're dating Jungwon for a whole week."
You looked at your best friend with wide eyes, a similar expression of surprise on his face. There was no way you were going to do that. It would be way too awkward.
"Come on y/n. Don't be a party pooper. It's not like you guys are going to fall in love."
Of course things wouldn't turn out that way. No matter what, nothing would change the way you saw Jungwon. He would always remain your best friend and nothing more.
Jungwon looked too embarrassed to say anything. Both of you knew it was just a dare. What was the worst that could happen?
"Fine. Starting tomorrow Jungwon's my unofficial-official boyfriend," you announced, linking your arm with his. Jungwon hid his face in his hands as everyone around you screamed and cheered. This was going to be one interesting week.
☀︎ DAY 1 ☀︎
Since you only had to put on a show in front of your friends, you figured the best thing to do would be to hang out with Jungwon in solitude. He didn't have a problem with your plan. You both had been having playdates together ever since you were three. He was comfortable being alone with you.
Both of you met at your secret spot. A small grove behind the schoolyard. It was a place the two of you had found while skipping classes one day. Ever since then, this was where you spent time together whenever you needed some peace and quiet.
"I can't believe you actually agreed to this," Jungwon said, mindlessly plucking the grass he laid on. You sighed, staring at the row of trees beyond. "A dare's a dare. Besides, we have nothing to worry about because we don't have feelings for each other."
Jungwon sat up. "You know that we can't avoid all of them for the entire week right? They're literally planning to hang out at the cafe just so they can see us in the act." He sounded worried. There was no need to be.
"Of course I know that. So what? We'll let them see what they want to. It's not like they're going to make us kiss or something. The most we'll do is feed each other and hold hands."
Unlike Jungwon, you had already thought everything out. You knew how far to go while respecting the boundaries of your friendship. All Jungwon had to do was trust you.
He cringed in disgust at your words. "You're going to pay for landing me in this mess. We've barely even started and I already feel so miserable."
You patted his shoulder, flashing him an assuring smile. "You're not alone in your miser mister. After this is over, I'll do all your homework for you."
Jungwon laughed. "Learn how to do your own first. Then you can come and ruin mine."
☀︎ DAY 2 ☀︎
As Jungwon had predicted, your friends called you out to the cafe. Both of you were supposed to show up together. Jungwon met you a block away from the cafe, looking incredibly reluctant. "Are you sure you want to do this," he asked, just about ready to turn back around.
There was a determined look in your eyes. "Remember when he had to play Hansel and Gretel's parents for that play we did in preschool?" Jungwon nodded. He could never forget that day. "If we managed to get through that, we can get through this without a problem."
That made sense. Appreciative of your pep talk, Jungwon took your hand and whisked you away to the cafe.
By the time you reached your destination, both your hands were sweaty. Jungwon was just as nervous as you were. Not only because you had to pretend like you were dating, but also because your friends weren't going to miss the opportunity to tease you.
Seeing you two enter hand in hand, everyone began hooting and cheering. Jungwon's cheeks flushed almost immediately. You had to drag him towards the table you were supposed to sit at. "It's nice to see you two arriving together," one of your friends said, making space for you.
Taking a seat, you watched in horror as they placed a glass of juice with two straws in front of you both. No one had to explain what its purpose was. You glanced at Jungwon whose eyes were fixated on the glass hesitantly.
"If we get this over with now we'll be at peace," you whispered, leaning forward to place one of the straws between your lips. You looked away when Jungwon did the same, feeling the heat in his face on your cheek. You were certain you had never downed a drink so fast in your life. It didn't take long for you to finish the contents of the glass, quickly sitting back up to catch your breath. Your friends couldn't seem to get enough of the event, laughing and clapping avidly.
"You guys are so cute," some said. "Both of you would make such a nice couple in reality," said others.
Sitting there amongst your terribly evil friends, you wondered how you were going to get through the next five days with Jungwon.
☀︎ DAY 3 ☀︎
Your friends had invited you to another escapade at the park. You couldn't tell what they had in plan this time but you were sure it wasn't going to be enjoyable. At least this time, you and Jungwon didn't have to show up hand in hand.
When you reached the park, Jungwon was already there. Your friends beckoned you over, making you stand next to him.
"Now that our subjects have arrived, here's your to-do list. First, remain holding hands the entire time we are here. Second, Jungwon, give y/n your jacket if she starts feeling cold. Third, walk her back home and make sure you give her a nice, sweet little kiss before she goes inside."
Jungwon let out a noise of surprise. He wanted to run as far as he could and never come back. Holding your hand was fine. He had gotten used to it because of the previous day. He didn't mind giving you his jacket, but you were already wearing one so he didn't see why he would find the need to. Jungwon could do many things. But kissing you was not one of them. It didn't matter if it was on your cheek, your forehead, or the back of your hand, because there was no way on earth that he would bring his lips anywhere near yours.
What neither of you realized was that your friends were willing to go to the farthest lengths to make sure you went through with their tasks. They made you two walk in front of them so that they could see your hands intertwined. When the sun went down and the air started getting colder, they made you take your jacket off so that Jungwon would be left with no choice but to give you his. Just when it seemed like your night of torture would come to an end, they even made you share a single cone of ice cream. When it was finally time to go home, two of your friends followed behind you to make sure that Jungwon did his bidding. It was awkward enough walking through your neighborhood hand in hand. Those who knew you cast looks of confusion and surprise upon you two. Eventually, you reached your doorstep. Jungwon let go of your hand, standing in front of you. He looked everywhere but at you, avoiding your gaze. You glanced behind your shoulder, rolling your eyes when you saw your two friends filming you from behind your neighbor's car. They weren't even attempting to be discrete.
"Hurry up and kiss me already. This is too embarrassing," you urged, slapping Jungwon's arm. He sucked in a breath, pressing his lips in a thin line. "Do you think it's not for me? I mean, I'm the one who has to kiss you for heaven's sake."
"Stop pitying yourself and just get on with it. The longer we stand here the more reason they'll have to punish us tomorrow."
Jungwon stared at you long and hard. He squeezed his eyes shut and leaned forward, pressing his lips onto yours without a second thought. You froze, eyes going so wide they might have popped out of your head. Even though it was probably only for two seconds, it felt like an eternity. Time froze as you stood in the foreign feeling of his lips on yours. He pulled away almost immediately, skipping down your driveway as fast as he could with a short wave and 'good night'. Still stunned, you entered your home, breaking into a smile when you closed the door.
☀︎ DAY 4 ☀︎
The next day, Jungwon asked you to meet him at your secret spot. So far, your friends hadn't made any plans to get you together. You saw Jungwon sitting in the middle of the grove, laying down on the damp grass as he usually did. Walking over, you sat down beside him, flicking his forehead so that he would open his eyes.
He grinned on seeing you, sitting up with a soft groan. "So, how was your night?"
You furrowed your brows at the question. It wasn't like him to ask you things like that. But you decided to overlook it. Maybe he was still feeling a bit awkward after the kiss you both hard shared the previous night.
You shrugged. "It was fine. How was yours?"
"I couldn't sleep," he revealed. It sounded like he'd been dying to tell you. "Why's that," you asked, believing that you had an idea of the reason.
"Last night scarred me," Jungwon shared, pretending to gag. You didn't know why, but hearing him say that made your heart sink. Suddenly, you felt horrible. "Was it really that bad," you asked, genuinely curious to know what he thought of it. Jungwon nodded, making you feel even worse. "It was worse than I thought it would be," he added. Your eyes started stinging. A lump formed in your throat and the longer you held it back, the more it hurt. You knew you hadn't been eager to kiss him, but you would argue about how 'bad' it was. But bringing that up right now would just be stupid. Jungwon would misunderstand where you were coming for and that would just lead to another disaster entirely. You had told yourself that you weren't going to let this dare get to you, but four days in you were already slipping. The longer you sat there, listening to Jungwon whine and complain about everything he'd had to do with you so far, the harder it became to control your emotion. Not able to take it anymore, you got up abruptly and ran away, leaving Jungwon sitting there extremely puzzled.
☀︎ DAY 5 ☀︎
You didn't respond to any of Jungwon's calls or texts. You didn't have it in you to face him. He would be disappointed if he found out the real reason behind your sappy mood. So you were gonna wait till you got over it before facing him.
You still couldn't believe that you had been so affected by Jungwon saying that he hated the kiss. Despite telling yourself that you disliked it too, you couldn't help but think otherwise. There was something so magical about it. You had never felt that way because of a kiss before. Whenever you thought back to it, an exciting warmth rippled through your mind. Your heart danced in glee and a wide smile formed on your lips.
But you weren't supposed to feel that way. Jungwon was your best friend. Besides, he hadn't kissed you willingly. You didn't understand why it felt so special to you when it clearly meant nothing to him. You knew you couldn't blame him for that. His mind was wired to see you as nothing more than a friend. You found it hilarious. Here you were, realizing that you probably liked your best friend after having continuously assured yourself and him that something like that would never happen. The sad part was that Jungwon would never reciprocate your feelings. You were all alone in this.
A knock sounded at your window, startling you. Slipping out of your reverie, you glanced towards it, eyes widening in surprise when you saw Jungwon crouched before it. You didn't think twice before letting him in. He entered your room and stood in front of you, crossing his arms over his chest. "You wanna explain what happened yesterday?"
You frowned and turned away shoulders slouching disinterestedly. "Is that what you came here for," you asked, regretting letting him in?
"Well did I have a choice? You've been blatantly ignoring me while all I've been trying to do is make sure you're alright," he said, stepping closer to you.
"I'm fine. If that's all you needed to hear, you can leave now," you replied. You didn't need him prying and prodding at you right now.
Jungwon stood his ground, clearly not satisfied with your answer. "No, you're not y/n. You aren't fine. Tell me what's bothering you."
You sighed and faced him. "Trust me, you wouldn't want to know."
Jungwon furrowed his brows. He didn't know what that meant. "I think I'll be the judge of that."
"It's you. You're bothering me," you spoke, narrowing your eyes at him. Jungwon hadn't been expecting that. But he didn't let the surprise show on his face. "What did I do?"
"You made me feel so worthless and undesirable. But that's not your fault. I can't blame you because you're right to think that way about me. I'm just pitying myself here and there's nothing you can do about it so please, just leave me alone." The tears were coming back again. You didn't want to break down in front of Jungwon. His face fell. He didn't know what to say to that. He thought you knew he was just being overdramatic. He seriously hadn't meant to hurt you. Before he could apologize, you turned to him. "I don't think I'll be good at keeping this a secret, so let me just tell you that I'm starting to catch feelings for you. If that makes you uncomfortable then you can leave. If you have something to say, just say it and go. But don't ask me why I feel the way I do because that's something I'm yet to figure out."
Jungwon was at a loss for words. He stood there, gaping at you like an open-mouthed fish before turning on his heel and exiting through your bedroom door. You heard your mother yelp on seeing him, probably wondering where he had shown up from. A part of you wished that he hadn't left, but the other was glad that he was gone. You felt like a fool for letting all of this happen. You should have never agreed to this dare. Who would have thought it would lead to something like this? There was nothing you could do now. There was no way you could change the way you felt. Because at the end of the day, it was as clear as ever, that you were undeniably in love with your best friend Yang Jungwon.
☀︎ DAY 6 ☀︎
Jungwon couldn't stop thinking about everything you had told him yesterday. He would never have imagined that you would catch feelings, especially through such a childish dare. Your friends had called you out to the park again today, but Jungwon wasn't going to go. He knew you wouldn't be there so there was no point. He wished he could tell you that he hadn't meant half the things he'd said about the kiss at the grove that day. He was just trying to show you that the kiss hadn't made him feel some type of way. Not just that, but he was also attempting to persuade himself that he indeed had loathed it. Maybe he should have been truthful instead of lying about it.
This was exactly what he'd been afraid of. Jungwon was always fond of you. He cared for you and he wouldn't lie when he said that he loved you. But the more he thought about it, the more he realized that maybe he felt that way because he thought of you as more than a friend. Jungwon didn't want to convince himself that he liked you just because you had confessed to him. He wanted to understand the way he truly felt about you.
He knew every little thing about you. No one knew you as well as he did. Jungwon cherished your friendship and the time he spent with you. Whenever anything bugged him, he always came to you, knowing that you were the only person who could make things better. He relied on you more than anyone else. He couldn't go a day without speaking to you. After yesterday, he realized how important you were to him. The fear of losing you ate at him the longer he stayed away from you.
Jungwon hated knowing that you were sad. It hurt more to know that he was the reason behind it. He wanted nothing more than to hug you and apologize for making you feel bad. He felt guilty for everything he had done. It had only been a couple hours since he had last spoken to you, but it felt longer. He missed you so much.
So he left you a text, asking you to meet him at your secret spot. He kept his phone close, waiting till you replied. But you didn't. You probably wanted nothing to do with him. Nonetheless, he still hoped and prayed that you would give him one last chance to make things right again. He couldn't afford to lose someone as special as you. There was nothing for him if he didn't have you.
☀︎ DAY 7 ☀︎
Jungwon laid in the grass, staring at the dull sky above. It was filled with clouds, hiding the sun. The grove felt so big and endless when he was alone. When he was with you, it was much more cozy and bright, even if the atmosphere was gloomy.
He had been waiting for you for quite a long time now. You hadn't replied to his message last night, but he knew you had seen it. Just before he was about to lose hope, he heard the grass crunch a few feet away from him. Jungwon didn't have to look to know it was you. No one else knew the path to get here.
"What do you want," you asked, voice small but laced with malice. You were cross with him. Jungwon wished to change that today. He patted the space next to him. "Let's not pretend like we hate each other. You could do the worst thing to me but I'd still admire you."
You didn't argue and sat down beside him. Other than the tension in the air, everything felt normal. There was a scowl on your face. It must have taken a lot of convincing for you to come here. Jungwon needed to get to the point.
"I'm sorry about everything I said. I didn't even mean half of those things."
You scoffed. "Oh really? They sounded pretty heartfelt to me."
Jungwon sat up. "I was just trying to enforce the idea that I wasn't into you, on myself," he revealed, hoping that you would forgive him. "And being a dick was the only way you could do that? Jungwon, you weren't the only one who was attempting to suppress their feelings," you refuted.
"I know y/n. And it's my fault for not realizing sooner," he admitted, hanging his head. You sighed and shook your head. "This is so immature. I can't believe we're letting a stupid dare get in the middle of our friendship."
Jungwon chuckled darkly. "Maybe it's a sign that our friendship has run its course."
You turned to him. "What is that supposed to mean?"
Jungwon smiled. "I gave it some thought yesterday. We're both attempting to be in denial of our feelings. Obviously, that isn't working out. If it wasn't for this dare, they would've remained buried deep down somewhere. But I guess you could say everything happens for a reason." He took your hand in his, intertwining your fingers. "I never realized how much I loved this feeling until I had to go a whole two days without it."
You couldn't even hide your smile. "Where is this going Jungwon?"
"Maybe we should give this a chance. Give us a chance. Who knows? It could turn out the be the best thing that's ever happened to us," he said, meeting your eyes.
"And what if it doesn't? We would be throwing so many years of friendship away."
Jungwon shook his head. "How long are we supposed to contradict how we truly feel about each other? That would take a heavier toll on us."
You laughed, squeezing his hand. "It doesn't hurt to try I guess."
Jungwon beamed. "That's the spirit!" It felt nice to see you smiling at him again. He was grateful for that. It was funny how a large part of his mood depended on you. If you were happy, he was happy. If you were sad, he was sad. His entire world revolved around you, and Jungwon knew the best thing to do was strengthen that bond.
"So, will you be my girlfriend," he asked, smiling cheekily. You bit your lip, looking at him through your lashes. "Of course I will."
A/N: I hope you enjoyed reading this fic. Please let me know how you found it! Thank you so much!
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rinstars · 8 months ago
pool party
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing: suna x reader
genre: smut
word count: 2k+
tags: fingering, penetration, public sex, dacryphilia, size kink, a tiny bit of praise, degradation/humiliation, mention of toys, strangers/neighbors sex, overstimulation, multiple use of different names, kind of dubcon
description: when you decided to go for a swim in the middle of the night on the private pool of your apartment complex to relax and things took a different turn.
Tumblr media
after getting through a whole week filled with nothing but paperworks, meetings, and deadlines – you need a good swim. that's what you tell yourself as you shuffle around your room to search for your phone and towel, setting it on the bed as you pick out a good bathing suit to wear for your little relaxing swim on the pool of your building.
it's close to midnight. surely, you would be the only one in the space, giving you the alone time you've been praying for the whole week. speeding along the hallways and into the elevator with your robe wrapped around your body, you feel excitement bubble through your stomach at the thought of finally getting rest.
you wait patiently, tapping your foot on the marble until the elevator opened, presenting you with a sight you did not expect to see. standing shirtless in the pool, with half of his body submerged into the water, is your neighbor suna rintaro.
the gasp that escaped your lips was unavoidable as you looked at the hard muscle of his abdomen littered with water droplets, his wet long hair pushed back from his face with a bored, nonchalant look. wetness started pooling on the bikini you're wearing, making you curse yourself in the head. truthfully, you haven't been able to release your frustrations for a whole week, so one could only guess how much you're aching to be touched.
refusing to look like a fool in front of suna, you decided against hopping back in the elevator and dismissing the idea of a swim. your nimble fingers reach the knot of your robe, undoing it before shrugging it off your shoulders and onto the floor. you didn't miss the way he watches you shamelessly, following your every move with a sharp gaze.
when you eventually dipped in the pool, you stayed as far from him as possible, scared if you were within close proximity, you would do something regrettable.
barely any light illuminates the pool, your bodies below the water almost invisible to the eye. an idea pops into your head, admittedly a stupid idea, but you couldn't ignore the throb between your legs. turning your back against suna, you let your fingers run from your stomach to the band of your bikini, slipping your fingers in and parting your folds open. you let out an inaudible gasp at the cold water enveloping your twitching bud.
you didn't move for a while, just letting yourself feel the cold water wash away the heat of your warm cunt. lost in the mild feeling of euphoria, you didn't hear the movement of someone getting close to you, the ripples he created in the water unnoticed. it wasn't until you felt someone grip your wrist from behind did you jump at the realization that suna must have noticed what you were trying to do.
wordlessly, he pulled your fingers away from inside your panties, tugging on the wrist he caught earlier. you let him, face flushed from combined embarrassment and arousal. his hard chest is pressed on your back, making you almost want to throw your head back and lean to him. he shifted a little, causing a hard muscle to bump in the middle of your thighs, making you to let out a disgruntled groan.
in your head, you thought fuck it and started to slowly push your behind to him, so your ass is resting on his hardening cock. however, cold and wrinkled fingers suddenly pressed on your clit, making you scream out. he slapped a hand on your mouth, pulling you closer to him as his fingers circle your clit with such ferocity.
"even the water can't wash away how fucking wet you are." he growls in your ear, nibbling on the lobe as he continues his torture on your twitching clit. you spread your legs father, allowing him to slip his fingers further in you. the pads of his calloused fingers reached your slit, pushing two fingers in it with warning.
"s-suna." you throw your head back, clenching your walls around him as he assaults your pussy with the repeated, harsh pumps of his digits. his tongue is latched on your neck, sucking bruises on the skin with his teeth.
"if you wanted me that bad, you should've just said so from the beginning, baby." he whispered with a teasing smile before inserting a third finger in you and stretching you out with his scissoring. you feel your legs tremble, losing the strength to stay still and standing, but the way he's ramming his fingers upwards keep you upright.
"you didn't know the walls separating us our thin?" he spoke with a teasing tone but you weren't able to catch on, until he continued. "you think i don't hear you moaning my name out as you pump toys in and out of your cunt, you fucking slut?"
you gasp, both at shock from the statement and the way he's fingering you knuckles deep now, with the addition of his thumb rubbing digits on your sensitive clit. you didn't know what to say at the statement. there's no point in denying something that's real.
instead, you rock on his finger, almost as if you're riding his fingers to orgasm. his other hand gripped your jaw, turning your face to him. you were going to close the distance for a kiss when he denied you and instead pushed your mouth open before spitting on it.
"swallow it, bunny." he instructs, watching you with animalistic eyes. arousal spreads through you even more as you swallow, eyes rolling to the back of your head in pleasure. he turns you on so much. you've been imagining his fingers in you since the moment he moved next door, the feeling of his beautiful athlete fingers splitting you apart.
you were about to release a large moan when he shushed you again, turning the both of you around. shock replaced the confusion written on your face as you heard approaching voices, eyes widening at the possibility of being caught.
"oh, you like that?" he laughed in your ear as his fingers started moving even faster than before (if that was even possible). "clenching at the thought of being caught, huh? what a dumb little slut you are."
it was all just too much – his dirty talk and long fingers fuelling your desire. your hips bucked for the last time as you cum around his fingers, coating his hand with your slick.
he retracted his hands away from your pussy but remained his hold around your body, facing the two other boys now swimming in the very same pool you're both in. you felt him nod in greeting as the others smiled back at both of you, noticing the way one of them stares at your breast a little longer than necessary.
they both swim a little closer to you and suna, starting a small talk you couldn't care to join in. not when all of your strength has been reduced to nothing just a few minutes ago.
you were nodding along to the conversation when you felt your panties being pushed aside, making you gasp when you realize that it is, in fact, suna's throbbing cock.
the guys snapped their attention to you when they heard you make the noise, asking you if you're fine. with a hard nod and a tight smile, you assure them it's nothing. with much effort, you feel the tip of his cock slip inside your tightening cunt, making you bite your lip to prevent a sound from escaping. in your head, you curse at the boys in front of you for making it way too difficult to act, but then you knew that this is exactly what suna wanted.
your harsh glare on the duo never faltered, not once, until one of them noticed and hurriedly tried to pull the other way, whispering something about how they're taking up too much of your time. a flood of relief washes over you, and the moment they're a good distance away, suna once again turns your back to where the audience are.
"what a good girl." his fingers brush the damp hair falling on your face. he angled his hips better before slowly continuing to ease in your little cunny.
you have always imagined suna was a big guy, from the way he's built and how ridiculously tall he looks. but what you didn't expect is that he was this huge. you have never failed to accommodate something when you're being penetrated, but half way in with suna and you're already overstimulated. by the time he's all the way in, you gasp as your fingers fly to your lower abdomen, feeling his tip all the way there.
"fuck, you're so – ahh, s-so big." you grip his forearms as he began slowly pushing his length balls deep. the coil in your stomach tightening by the minute as he continuously tortures you with the lazy buckles of his hips.
"please move faster, suna, p-please please." you beg him, tears lining the edge of your eyes and a broken sob makes its way out of your throat.
suna felt his cock twitching and hardening at the sight of your face, tears moistening your eyes with a pout etched on your lips. "when you imagine me fucking you do i go slow like this or do i split you apart with my cock, hmm?"
humiliation fills you at the thought of him hearing you get off to his name every night but you certainly can't stop now, not with his cock wrapped in your tightness at a public pool where people are also swimming. with a choke, "y-you split me apart your cock."
he didn't even need to reply after that as he pulls his cock all the way back before slamming all of him into you again. his tip repeatedly kissing the opening of your cervix, making you let out a rather loud moan. he pinched your clit at that, the other hand wrapped around your throat.
"do you want a show? make a sound again, baby, and i'll show them what kind of slut you are." he threatens, kissing your cheeks and temples as tears keep falling – from the pain of having to keep your voice down to escape humiliation.
the water below you is moving so rapidly that it's creating ripples and bubbles to the surface, paired with the squelching sounds from where your bodies meet each other. he fucks your cunt deep and hard, making you feel every protruding vein along with every inch of his skin.
"does this compare? to the toys you stuff your cunt with?" he taunts you, groaning as he feels you clamp down on him even tighter. when you refuse to open your mouth in fear of making a sound, suna pulls your bra down from your breast, exposing your nipples to the harsh cold air. you immediately trembled at the feeling, head falling down as your face contorts in bliss. you were sure if suna wasn't holding you by the neck, you would have submerged into the water already.
with a strained sound, you managed to say. "nothing c-compares. your cock is so fat, so g-good — a-ahh suna.. 'm so stuffed."
when his fingers swirl your nipples, pinching both sides as he pumps himself into you along with his whispered degradation in your ear, it was all just too much. you feel your vision turning white as orgasm bubbles through your body.
suna curses a string of fuck as he feels you squeeze the seed out of him, almost as if you're telling him to cum with you but refusing to let him go at the same time. "want to be my little cumdump, bunny? want me painting your insides white?"
you nod at him with eagerness, chin touching the knuckles of the hand on your throat as you cream around him one last time, releasing your sticky juice into his cock. soon after, he fills you up too. you feel the sticky liquid gushing and dancing inside you, trailing down your thighs as it overflows.
"no no no no, clench, my angel. don't let a single drop out." he hums in your ear before pulling away from you and placing your panties back in place after your bra.
you nod, clenching your walls before eventually collapsing in his arms from exhaustion. he wraps his arms around you and kisses the top of your head, "are we taking this to your house or mine?"
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awanderingdeal · 9 days ago
‪Hi Lucy🌼 how are you? I have a request for you! Could you please write Finn and Logan going to a Harvard hockey reunion while already being out and proud and as a couple? maybe they also bring leo? (I just know at least one of their former teammates would be like “YES! I knew you two would end up together”) ‬
Hi! I'm good thanks! I hope you are too.
I've never really considered this sort of scenario so it was super interesting to write! Thanks for the prompt.
Rating: G
CW: Brief food and drinks mention. Small mention of past injury.
Logan, Finn, Leo, Percy, Will and the general Sweater Weather universe belongs to @lumosinlove. The other team members were made up by me for this fic.
Finn swore he'd never heard this group of men quite so quiet as they were right now. The entire table had turned to look at them and just...frozen. He felt Logan tense next to him, his body already half turned to bolt.
"Harzy! Tremz!" Of course it was Marshy who broke the silence. "There you are. C'mon, sit down. What are you drinking?"
"Hey." Finn let out a long breath, touching his fingers briefly to the small of Logan's back, receiving a tight smile in return.
"I knew it, I fucking knew it." Mateo Sánchez slammed his palm against the table as Finn took a seat. He steeled himself for whatever bullshit was about to come out of his old teammates mouth, placing a placating hand on Logan's thigh. "How many times did I say these two were going at it? I'd like to collect on my winnings now."
"You can't collect on winnings from five years ago, dumbass." James Huntington, more fondly known as Hunter, drawled.
Logan lifted his hat, running a hand through his hair before placing it back on his head.
"Same tells as ever, Tremblay," Will laughed lightly from the head of the table. "Relax, I already read the riot act. There'll be no trouble here."
"Once a captain, always a captain, ey?" Finn said. The reassurance worked though, Logan's expression softening. They managed to flag down a server and with a drink in hand, it almost felt like they were back in college again.
"Ash was just showing us some of his photography," Jake tipped his bottle in the direction of the man in question. Jacob 'Truce' Truman was one of the few on the team Finn had kept in touch with, outside of those who had also gone pro. He'd been one Finn's first friends at Harvard and he constantly proved to be in Finn's corner. "He's in Switzerland now, lives in the mountains."
"Couldn't hack it out on the ice, so he found himself some real snow." It took Finn a moment to remember the name of the speaker. Wesley Larsson. He was older than Finn, and he hadn't seen much game time for most of the year they'd been on the team together, but from what Finn could recall he was an ass.
"Bitter's not a good look for you," Ash brushed the jibe off, starting to show his work again. Finn was just glad the pressure was off them for a bit. It didn't last long though.
"Where's your third then?" Sanchez called down the table once the conversation lulled. "Leo Knut, wasn't it?
"I heard he cooks," Hunter laughed. "And Lord knows these two need somebody that can cook.'
"Ouias, because we really couldn't have solved that problem with two NHL salaries," Logan shrugged. "Knutty's at the hotel. I don't see any other significant others."
Percy clapped his hands together, "Now you mention it, tomorrow evening, same place, bring your wives, girlfriends -" He fixed his stare on Finn and then Logan. "-boyfriends. Christ, bring your pet chihuahua if you must. I need to meet the people that fell in love with you idiots."
"If I say we'll bring him tomorrow, will you leave us alone for the rest of the night?" Finn sat back in his chair.
"Yes!" Finn turned his head, surprised to find the answer had been delivered by Rual Lee. He'd always been shy off the ice. One hell of a player though, even if a professional career had been railroaded by a reoccurring hip injury. "Only if I can get an autograph though. My little girl is obsessed."
"Yeah, I don't blame her," Finn laughed. "Deal."
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soft-for-goofballs · 4 months ago
Undiagnosed Autism-spectrum disorder in The Michells Vs The Machines
I'm sure that more well educated people have put two and two together in this film but I really, really want to put my own spin on it from my experience. For me, as an aspie, film is one of my biggest interests. I love studying and more than anything I love watching and rewatching films. My latest favorite movie was one that I just watched last night for my family movie night, The Michells Vs The Machines. I also went 17 years of my life asking myself the same question that both Rick and his daughter ask each other, what is wrong with him/her?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Well, I'll tell you, in my firmly undiagnosed autistic opinion for far too long, that this family is full of people with undiagnosed autism spectrum disorder. When I was watching it with my parents my mom made the comment that "the dad was a jerk" and maybe "he just didn't love his daughter enough to let her be her own person." I thought that was so not seeing the bigger picture even though it was only fifteen minutes into the film. I have felt like Katie so much with my own dad. My dad is a computer nerd and a physics major for those of you that don't talk to me very often. That means in laminas terms that he's extremely smart. Way smarter than I will ever be in my entire life. Both of my parents are insanely smart in their own rights. My mom is a CPA accountant. But that isn't what I wanted to talk about here. I want to discuss the effect of undiagnosed autism and what it can do to a whole family when they all have it and just don't know that they do. This will probably go on for quite some time so you may stop here or read below the cut because this also has the probablity of getting super, duper personal.
We'll start with Katie! To me, Katie is one of the most relatable characters that I have ever come across. She's a film nerd, which alone has made her supremely relatable as somebody who is thinking about going into a degree in film studies. I am more of a critic of film than somebody who wants to make her own film but nonetheless, there were SO many little moments that I related to. The first thing that I personally noticed and related to was the stimming technique that Katie has. She chews on her hoodie strings. As somebody who has chewed on the drawstrings of hoodies far too often long before I was officially put into the Aspergers box. Aspies are also known to stick with one "special interest" for the rest of their lives if it's one that is wide enough and varied enough to make it applicable. For Katie, that's film. For me that's animation. I appreciated that little detail of most of her dialogue being references to other films because as a lover of films and movies in general I could go for days on just fumes and movie references that nobody else understands. The little things from her hair being perpetually messy (same that's a whole ass mood like I just learned over quarantine how to tye my own hair back), only having one earring in her ear at all times, the way that she dresses and draws on her own hands, this was just me when I was first in high school. I was one of the few people that wore shorts underneath all my skirts/dresses. Everyone who knew about looked at me like I had grown a third eyeball.
Aaron, the younger brother, also just oozes spectrum lil buddy out of his every pore from his being. I do think that they should have picked somebody capable of doing a bit of a younger sounding voice (I know what they were going for, but like Ben Schwartz has become a huge deal in both voice acting and live action before switching mediums.) His special interest is actually quite a common one, he loves dinosaurs. I've met a bunch of people on the spectrum that are fascinated by dinos and what they meant for the world as well as the universe as a whole. To me, there was one scene specifically that was the scene where Katie was lightly teasing him when they were going to the half assed dinosaur extravaganza. For me, this was SO relatable because both of my parents will mess with me about my interests most of the time it's when we go to Disneyland, they'll tell me that we actually aren't going to land of magic but to Timbuckto (hopefully one day they'll say some place else just to switch things up.) I related so hard to Aaron's protesting and whining in this scene since that is always my reaction to doing something that I want to do but get told that I can't do that thing.
Linda is more of your traditional mom but I think that she's on the spectrum as well. Just a more... normalized version as opposed to her family. She's able to be a teacher, she's able to interact somewhat normally around her neighbors. If anything, she reminded me of my own mom. This independent, takes nobody's trash (especially not her husband's), strong minded, and amazing mother who is completely in control of everything. She knows the special interests of her children and is constantly thinking of what will make them happy. Whether it be taking a detour for something dinosaur related, reminding her daughter that her dad loves her no matter what, and even something as simple as watching something that her daughter made and put her heart and soul into. I can't tell you how many times my mom has watched something with me. She watched my first anime Soul Eater with me when I was 12 and ever since then has been trying to get me to watch other shows with her. She's a lot like Linda, your loving, but firm mother who just wants her family to work things out.
Whew boy. This one is going to be probably where I cry. Comparing my dad to Rick is... something that I did consistently when I was watching the film. He's the strong but silent type usually, unless your me and he's just this constant annoyance when I'm trying to do something. He could be seen as just a "Jerk" but I think that is the undiagnosed aspie talking. Rick and Katie just struggle so hard to see eye to eye because their special interests can't intersect to save their lives. This, this hurt me because so often I struggle to relate to my dad. Especially when he talks to me about computers or physics. Now I took physics but without having been in quarantine and having him as my live in tutor I would have failed, not gotten an A. This has resulted me in saying things that I don't mean in the heat of the moment when we do argue. It doesn't happen nearly as much as it used to back when I was in middle school but when it happened it was because of one thing. I lied. I used to lie a lot because I felt so unworthy of being his daughter because on my best days I am not technically smart. You want to know how many nations of the world there were in 1991 when the original Animaniacs was airing? You want to hear my Dot Warner impression? Did you ever wonder how to recognize a specific voice when your watching anime? Have you ever had to watch a panel of your favorite anime voice actor just to laugh at something? No, well I did. But ever since I have started taking a quarter off from community college I have realized something. I am not technically smart. I struggle at learning the rules for math. My dad can do this with his eyes closed but me, I struggle and look like a complete moron. It took years for my dad and I to see eye to eye. Sometimes I still wonder if I was the product of some laboratory experiment of what would happen if two intelligent people came together, fell in love, and expecting that the daughter was smart I was the reject. Watching this movie with my dad I saw so much of my relationship with him on the screen. Struggling to relate to one another, fighting and getting into arguments about petty things, and not being able to be in the same room as one another without heated words because I didn't get him.
The scene that I related to the most when it was in terms of how much Katie just doesn't understand her dad was after he was nabbed by the machines. When Aaron asked her why she said those things to their dad and her simple answer was "I don't know." This. This right here was when I saw me. So many times I've gotten into heated arguments with my dad when he has simply annoyed me at the wrong time and I've just blown up in his face. Then I regret my actions and not know how to apologize for losing my temper with him because "I don't know" just doesn't seem like a nearly acceptable answer. I felt this in my soul because it happened especially often before I was diagnosed.
When I was diagnosed, things started to get better with my dad and I. We haven't had a fight in nearly four years now. He watches cartoons with me now to try and relate to me, it's mostly Pinky and The Brain but it's more than I could have ever asked for. I love my dad so much, more than anything in the entire world. This movie is so, so good at telling a story about how a family of undiagnosed aspie's and people on the spectrum struggle to relate to one another because their special interests are different.
Special interests and family's are especially difficult and I applaud this movie so loud because of the way that it was able to treat the subject matter with integrity and honesty. I'm sorry if this analysis got a little bit long in the toof but thank you for sticking with me! I really hope that if you watched the film you loved my analysis.
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xemi · a month ago
"I dare you to go a day without touching Ian," Sandy says as seriously as she can, watching as Mickey's face slightly falters from that initial cocky smirk. It's her turn now to wide mockingly.
"I fucking dare you."
It isn't as if Mickey can say no in front of all the Milkoviches. He might be a fag, but he's most certainly not a pussy, as far as Sandy knows. And he had gone into the whole Truth or Dare game with a grin on his face worthy only for a winner. Sandy was about to knock him down a couple of notches.
She smiles around the rim of her beer bottle, watching as Mickey's eyebrows go through all five stages of grief. He eyes their cousins around the table, then lands on her, shooting her the nastiest of glares.
His simple reply is, "No."
There are a couple of different reactions, all ranging from the expected oohs and pussy, to who the fuck is Ian, but Sandy only really cares about her own.
"Oh, I'm not done," She says, her eyes moving ever so slowly around the room. "He can't know about it."
Mickey's jaw was short of dropping. He acted as if she'd asked him to make out with their third trans cousin, Dolores.
"C'mon Mick, it's not that big of a deal. You two can keep it in your pants for a fucking day, right?"
Mickey literally seems as if he's about to say no, the most surprised look on his face Sandy had ever witnessed. She really fucked him up with this one.
Serves him fucking right for teasing her about Debbie on their way to the house. And to his apartment. And always.
There is absolutely no way Mickey is going to say yes—and yet Sandy knows that he will. That his pride will overpower any sense of reason for his one true love, that weird ginger.
Oh, how she wishes it was the same for her and Debbie—but she's away with some other chick now, according to Mickey, fucking up everybody's life, plus her own.
She can't be thinking about any of that, though. Not now, as she's got Mickey backed up in a corner.
"Come on, Mick; you don't wanna disappoint us now, do you? You're not too...chicken, are you?"
Sandy smiles to herself. Mickey will not say no now. Not a fucking chance.
Just as cousin Rango asks who the fuck Ian is for the fifth time in a row, and just as Iggy hands Mickey another shot glass, the said man relents.
"Fine. I'll do your stupid fucking dare."
He tips the vodka back down his throat.
The twenty-four hours, per agreement, start at noon, and Sandy would be with the two at all times to make sure Mickey does his due diligence.
She thought it was going to be fun—getting Mickey back for constantly teasing her about Debbie and for babbling on and on about his superb love life—she was wrong.
She was so, so wrong.
Because, instead of Ian getting mad or exasperated, or... Fucking something—he's... He's just...
He's just really fucking horny.
Sandy doesn't even fucking know how that shit happened. How everything went so fucking sideways.
She expected to watch some drama unfold; to be witness of that angry Ian that Mickey said always got his engine running, as disgusting as that was to know. Instead...
Instead, there was this.
"Playing hard to get, huh, Mr. Gallagher?"
Sandy watches as Ian tries to grab onto Mickey's ass and Mickey—with obviously all the strength he could muster within himself—pulls away out of reach.
"Sorry, Mr. Milkovich. You're really gonna have to earn it."
That little weasel—
No; she could she still fucking play fun with this. They wouldn't be able to sleep tonight. She'd be able to see Ian's face crumble as Mickey tells him to sleep on the couch or that he won't be home for the night, and—
"I really like this foreplay, you know? The whole...spending time away before the ultimate before our wedding."
Ian grins widely, lips nearing Mickey's neck, yet not touching it. Mickey shudders.
He fucking shudders.
Sandy can't believe her eyes.
This is fucking foreplay. For both of them.
They're both fucking enjoying this.
She gives up completely when Ian starts whispering all the things he'll do to him when he earns the prize.
The images of gay sex will never leave her mind. She thought she was resilient.
Nobody's resilient enough for that.
"Fine," Sandy cuts Ian off as he explains an upcoming blowjob I'm vivid detail by exclaiming. "You fucking win!"
When she storms out in anger out of their apartment, she can't even hear the faint, "got her" that follows.
Those bastard played her and she doesn't even fucking know it.
As if Ian and Mickey keep secrets.
They're always horny, though.
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mystiicwinter · 2 months ago
[☆] - think about someone, your crush, your lover, future love or future spouse and let's see what song quotes resonate with your guys's connection
[☆] - pick your pile based on intuition, not the couple in the picture
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I. first pile
"Turn the lights on, honey, I don't wanna hide Turn the lights on, honey, I'm surrendering tonight Although I'm not perfect, I feel perfect in your eyes"
"Take me to your heart for it's where I belong"
"Cause all of me loves all of you"
"I've been tryin' to call I've been on my own for long enough Maybe you can show me how to love, maybe"
"No, I can't sleep until I feel your touch"
"Why are you shaking up my heart?"
"Why do I care so much about you? You're making a big boy act like a little kid But, I'm going to flip the situation, from friends to lovers"
II. second pile
"At that smile that sees my eyes For me, the whole world is bathed in light Hold my hands and I close my eyes I hope this time stops here"
"Now you're lifting me up instead of holding me down, stealing my heart instead of stealing my crown"
"I'll be by your side"
"My heart's been borrowed and yours has been blue; all's well that ends well to end up with you"
"There's darkness between us The moon is a witness"
"I'm a weary traveler You're my heavenly rest"
III. third pile
"Look at me like you did at that time Please come love me once again"
"It’s clearly destiny, no matter how much I look at this"
"How could I know one day I'd wake up feeling more"
"There's something wholesome There's something sweet Tucked in your eyes that I'd love to meet"
"I just wanna tell the world that you're mine"
" And all this devotion, well, I never knew at all"
"I wonder all of a sudden, are you also looking at me right now? Even my painful scars, wouldn’t everything be found out by you?"
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izukudmidoriya · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
{ rick-rolling the boys at 3am }
-request + headcanons-
featuring: izuku midoriya; bakugo katsuki; shoto todoroki; denki kaminari; kirishima eijiro; tenya iida
anonymous said: Heya! Came across this beautiful blog and saw that requests was open, so I decided to give this a shot! What about the BNHA boys getting a call at 3 AM from their female s/o and she just plays the song ‘Never gonna give you up’ or ‘Replay’ and hangs up before they can say anything. Came up with this because my friend this to me and I found it absolutely hilarious. All the love goes to you!
sakura rants: this seems like a lot of fun to write 😂 so i'll do my best to make your request come true ♡
general notes: female reader; also i made some minor changes to the request here and there so each scenario doesnt seem repetitive 😅
/izuku midoriya/
🌸dating izuku truly was like a dream come true
🌸but being so close to him, you were able to read him like a book and could tell whenever he felt stressed or overwhelmed.
🌸today happened to be one of those days.
🌸izuku was completely closed off when he arrived to class with a frown permanently etched against his features.
🌸despite how much you wanted to go to him and ask him what was bothering him, you knew better.
🌸he would lie through his teeth, telling you he was fine before becoming even more closed off.
🌸still, a tiny part of you hoped he would just break down and come to you.
🌸but when the day passes by without any contact from your boyfriend, you couldn't help but feel lonely.
🌸it was well past 3am when you lay in bed, still wracking your brains as you thought of ways to cheer your precious deku up.
🌸thats when your sleep deprived mind thought of the best solution.
🌸maybe, you could leave this as a voicemail if izuku was already asleep?
🌸so with your phone in hand, you dial his number, expecting to be lead straight to his voicemail
🌸only to hear him pick up by the third ring, "hello?"
🌸his voice took on a sleepy quality, and you almost felt bad for waking him up.
🌸with a slight tremor in your voice, you began to sing, "i'm never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you-!"
🌸before he could even reply, you immediately hung up the phone on him, leaving the freckled boy a gaping mess.
🌸did he just get rick-rolled by his girlfriend?
🌸the fact that you were willing to sing a meme for him in hopes of cheering him up makes izuku smile as he felt the tiniest bit better after experiencing such a rough week.
🌸he definitely had to apologize for neglecting you earlier and take you out on a date tomorrow ♡
/bakugo katsuki/
🌸getting into arguments with you was one of bakugo's favorite pastimes.
🌸he didn't know why he liked to get you so riled up, maybe it's because he thought you were incredibly cute when you got angry with him.
🌸but he may have taken it a bit too far, saying something he didn't mean just to see your pissed off expression
🌸due to his words, you ended up ignoring him for a week straight.
🌸of course, bakugo does his best to make it up to you:
🌸from attempting to give you random gifts like your favorite chocolates to a cute new hairpin
🌸or buying your favorite takeout
🌸yet nothing worked as you kept on avoiding him, spending your time with the girls like mina or ochaco.
🌸he knew he fucked up big time, but it was difficult to win you back when you were so dead-set on ignoring him.
🌸as he lay in bed, trying to think up of other ways to approach you, he hears his phone ring and sees your name.
🌸by this point, he was just so desperate to finally talk to you when he breaks down and answers on the first ring.
🌸"baby?! it's-"
🌸you cut him off with a deep sigh before singing in that beautiful voice of yours, "...never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye, never gonna tell a lie and hurt you."
🌸by now he couldn't stop his chuckling, his heart feeling lighter now that he could hear your voice. "babe, did you just rick roll me?"
🌸your nervous giggle sets his heart aflame when you tell him, "sorry, i didn't know how else to approach you. i feel bad for being so petty, when i'm sure you just wanted to tease and get a rise out of me."
🌸"i'm sorry, it was out of line for me. how 'bout i take you out on a date to make up for it?"
🌸"i would love that, katsuki."
🌸you guys end up talking to each other for the rest of the night, not caring that you had classes to attend the next day ♡
/shoto todoroki/
🌸poor bby can be so serious all the time.
🌸he was extremely polite when it came to asking you out.
🌸you adored and loved him with every fiber of your being,
🌸you just wanted him to loosen up a bit;
🌸to laugh and smile more even when he's around you.
🌸after your date, you had returned back home, still thinking about him as you lay back in bed.
🌸you were unable to sleep, trying to find ways to get your boyfriend to laugh.
🌸despite it being so late, you had a feeling shoto would wake up if he saw that you were calling him as you held your phone in your hand.
🌸and even with your internal struggle to see if you really had the heart to awaken him, your desire to hear him laugh pushes away all other reasonings as you called him
🌸he answers with a sleepy "hello darling, did you miss me already?"
🌸the rough quality of his voice makes you tremble as you take in a deep breath to sing, "we've known each other for so long, your heart's been aching, but you're too shy to say it, inside, we both know what's been going on, we know the game, and we're gonna play it."
🌸when you get to the chorus, that's when you heard shoto let out a rich chuckle
🌸the sound was so heavenly to you that you could feel your heart melt.
🌸"darling, did you just rick roll me?" he asks you in between laughs, making you sigh as you lay back in bed.
🌸"i did, babe. it's just...i wanted to hear you laugh. although it's a shame i can't picture your smile."
🌸"ah..." shoto's voice seems to trail off as he clears his throat, "if you wish to see me smile and laugh more, i s-suppose i can do that for you my love."
🌸"i just want you to be yourself around me, sho."
🌸his rich chuckle fills your ears once more, "don't worry, i already am myself around you. after all, you're the one who has my heart."
/denki kaminari/
🌸let's face it: you and your boyfriend loved being the class clowns!
🌸having similarities in your sense of humor, it came as no surprise when the two of you began dating.
🌸you were just so cute together, like two peas in a pod as you cracked jokes and played harmless pranks on one another.
🌸in fact, you were in a bit of a prank war right now, trying to see who could get the other to laugh their asses off first.
🌸and so far, denki was beating you by the landslide
🌸you could feel your stomach clench in pain with each joke he told you coupled with some harmless pranks involving his favorite pick up lines.
🌸"your hand looks heavy, mind if i hold it for you?"
🌸"i want to punch your lips- with mine."
🌸denki was honestly such a dorky boyfriend, so of course he made you laugh and was killing it with your little "prank war"
🌸even with the day over with, you still hadn't made your boyfriend laugh as much as you'd like.
🌸sure, you were able to get a few chuckles here and there, but not an honest to god joyous laugh.
🌸and you decided to catch him off guard, planning to do something that was considered a classic.
🌸knowing it was late into the night, you couldn't wait to hear the sleepy quality of denki's voice as you called him.
🌸he picks up on the second ring, "hey, what's up babe?"
🌸"i'm never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down-"
🌸"never gonna run around and desert you! i'm never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye, never gonna tell a lie and hurt you!"
🌸what you didn't expect denki was to sing along with you, hearing his upbeat voice singing in your ears as you felt your heart pounding faster in response.
🌸why did your stupid boyfriend have to be so cute all the damn time?!
🌸"aahhh okay okay, i concede defeat! you win this war denki kaminari." your laughs were all that were heard as denki joins you.
🌸"looks like i win, and my prize will going on another date with me!"
🌸"hey, that doesn't seem so bad at all. why even start this war?"
🌸"mmm, no reason. i just wanted a chance to see you laugh and act all flustered 'cause you're my girl."
🌸with another dreamy sigh, you lay back in bed and tell him, "i love you."
🌸"i love you, too. now rest well, so i can treat you to something nice later on~!"
/kirishima eijiro/
🌸you had unintentionally made kirishima jealous by admiring his best friend while training with him.
🌸you were honestly caught off guard when you delivered kirishima his lunch,
🌸seeing bakugo take off his shirt just to wipe away at the sweat as you tried to stare at the blond discreetly.
🌸kirishima catches you staring at bakugo as he shoots you an annoyed look
🌸becoming incredibly jealous as he takes your bento box for him, handing it back to you while telling you coldly, "i don't need this right now, go back home if you're here to just gawk at my friend when your boyfriend is right here in front of you."
🌸you catch bakugo's smirk, making your face heat up from embarrassment and anger, "it didn't mean anything kirishima, but fine if you're going to be an ass about it then i'll just toss this in the trash."
🌸turning away from him with your boxed lunch you had made in hand, you ran back to your place
🌸practically seething for hours on end because of how foolish kirishima made you feel.
🌸after you ate a quick dinner and took a shower to help with cooling off, you fell back in bed
🌸trying to ignore kirishima's lingering scent as you forced yourself to fall asleep.
🌸however, you ended up laying there awake for several hours, hands clutching at the sheets as you tried to realize how kirishima must have felt.
🌸feeling like a bad girlfriend who misses her boyfriend and just wants him home, you grab your phone and begin calling him
🌸wanting to cheer him up and apologize.
🌸on the fourth ring, you were afraid kirishima wasn't going to pick up, yet felt your heart jump when he picks up.
🌸"what do you want? i'm staying with baku-"
🌸"we're no strangers to love, you know the rules and so do i. a full commitment's what i'm thinking of, you wouldn't get this from any other gal, i just wanna tell you how i'm feeling, gotta make you understand, never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you!"
🌸left breathless after singing, you wait for kirishima's reply, only to hear his rich laughter fill your ears.
🌸"did you just rick-roll me, babe?" only when he keeps laughing did you realize he was no longer mad at you.
🌸"i had to do something to get you back." you couldn't hide the pout in your voice, "i'm sorry, i miss you. come home eijiro, since i can't fall asleep without you."
🌸he chuckles again, "i'm sorry, too. i'll be there in ten minutes, babe."
/tenya iida/
🌸there were times where you felt as though your boyfriend was a bit robotic in his actions.
🌸he was someone who wasn't afraid to give a person a good lecture when they were in the wrong.
🌸and you honestly loved that about him, the way he wasn't afraid to speak his mind. it's just-
🌸he didn't have to be so uptight and serious all the time.
🌸so you wondered what you could do to get him to crack.
🌸you didn't think you have ever heard him laugh before, since the day you began dating.
🌸he treated you extremely well, spoiling you with kind gestures and gifts.
🌸yet he seemed so meticulous with everything
🌸and you wanted him to crack somehow.
🌸which was what made you call his cellphone at 3am.
🌸perhaps you were a little delirious, since you trying to find ways to get your boyfriend to laugh took over your thoughts.
🌸so when he picks up by the second ring, you felt yourself smile as you sang with a happy trill in your voice, "never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you, never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye, never gonna tell a lie and hurt you~!"
🌸when you finish the chorus, you swore you heard choking coming from the other line
🌸making you feel more than a little concerned as you kept asking if iida was okay.
🌸then, his choking morphed into laughter as the rich sound fills your ears
🌸making you shiver a bit in excitement and happiness.
🌸"in all my years of life, i have never been rick-rolled. i suppose there is a first time for everything." iida continues to laugh, the sound making you let out a sigh of contentment.
🌸"baby, it's so nice to hear your laugh." you coo at him, making iida get flustered on the other line.
🌸"wait what, i-i just- you like my dorky laugh? with snorts and all?"
🌸ah so that's what that choking sound was, "i do, i love everything about you tenya."
🌸cue your boyfriend becoming incredibly flustered on the other line as he stuttered out excuses,
🌸making you promise yourself to tease him more often ♡
Tumblr media
all stories are written by ©izukudmidoriya; reposts on other websites and edits are not allowed
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