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starrysupercell · a year ago
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Not quite random, because I know you like Tara so~ (also it's a scene instead of a sentence bc context, darn it! It was hard to cut this off, lol.)
From: my wip "The Trouble With Twins"
"Hmm..." First things first is breakfast, Tara decided. From what she could recall, that was necessary for mortals, right? She hums to the twins, questioning what they would like to eat.
"Candy!" Leon exclaims. Nita slams the table to emphasize her agreement, "Yeah!"
Tara nods, and turns to Gene expectantly. He hesitates and he shakes his head. "I don't think that's right..." he mumbles to her with concern.
Tara shrugs. I'm trying here, man. But you do you I guess. (Passes it up, because
Gene conjurs up a proper breakfast. Omelet with veggies, ham, and juice for the kids. Delicious.
The brats are upset. Leon crosses his arms and Nita scowls. angrily swats the glass in front of her, making it shatter on the floor.
Tara is more surprised than angry when she scolds her.
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ninjasmudge · 3 months ago
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@bimonkee​ i saw your ask and the twins kaiju forms actually look a lot like their baba! sun wukong’s form is-
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acnologias-ass · 2 months ago
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Happy Father’s Day to my fave dilf! 💕
If you don’t think Gajeel would cry after the kids are born then we can’t be friends sorry 😤
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chipsncookies · 3 months ago
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Emmet and evelyn sketch
Their outfits are kinda matching I can't help it
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ronkeyroo · 2 months ago
Farkas and Villas in modern au.
Ahhh yes, my favorite Goth metalhead and his edgy, punk brother 🖤⛓
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sparklychimecho · 3 months ago
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pancakesssandbacon · 4 months ago
made by: @junkiebffs
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spotsupstuff · 5 months ago
I really must know, what does young swk keep in that pouch?
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the alternative is pits from fruits he has eaten so he can launch them at the other monkeys including his siblings (criminality starts young)
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maxsix · 2 months ago
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stargazingthenightaway · 3 months ago
Schooltime Crush
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Pairings: Rex x Teacher!Reader Word Count: 1,601 words Warnings: Fluff, blushy boy Rex, Trouble twins Five and Echo, brotherly teasing, no-filter students, mention of ‘Daddy’ A/N: Based on this thread by @thefact0rygirl​. The idea got stuck in my head and I couldn’t resist. Let me know if you’d like to be added/removed to the tag list.
Rex grumbles to himself, neck tight with annoyance as he shoulders past the school entrance, hands full with a container of meiloorun slices. Normally he’s much more relaxed, casually walking down the halls as he tries to calm his beating heart, eager to spend more time with you, helping your students and hoping you’ll send one of your smiles his way, though you always give him more than he hopes for. It’s…special, having this little slice of happiness to himself, that he can call his own. Today, however, not so much.
Instead of the calm aura Rex usually projects his posture is rigid, muscles coiled tight as if under inspection, each step sounding more like the beat of a march. He steadfastly does not look at the vode at either side of him, their presence preventing Rex from making a clean getaway so he can hoard this moment of peace to himself. He’s been like this since he left the barracks, silent and fuming, with his two tag-alongs, somehow bullied into bringing them with him. Rex hadn’t given them the satisfaction of acknowledging their presence the entire trip, besides a gruff “Let’s go”. It was some small mercy that the pair had let him be on the walk, letting him stew in his thoughts, but Rex should’ve known the silence wouldn’t last forever.
“Aw, don’t be like this Captain” Fives wheedles, nudging Rex’s shoulder with his own, “You know you love us.”
“But not as much as this teacher apparently” Echo chips from the other side, smirk on his face. That causes the twins to laugh, jostling Rex between them, and he hunches his shoulders closer to his ears, the tips taking on a darker hue, lips pressed tight together in displeasure.
Fives lifts up his own container of juice boxes, bouncing them on the palms of his hands “Besides, we couldn’t leave our favourite Captain on his own for Operation Snack-time.” He suddenly spins, walking backwards so he can face Rex “What would your lady love think of the 501st if you showed up alone, with all these supplies, with no support from your unit?” 
Rex can’t help but grumble “That I wan’t some peace and quiet?
There’s a simultaneous “Ah, he speaks” from Echo and “Wrong!” from Fives, who tosses the drinks to Echo so he can waggle a finger in Rex’s face.
“NO! She’ll think we’re no-good, lazy nerf herders who’ll leave you to heft all these supplies by yourself to be mauled by ravenous children who think you’re a crunchy snack.”
Echo speaks up, voice thoughtful "Though maybe it’s not the children we need to worry about thinking our beloved Captain is a tasty snack.”
Fives gives them both a look of mock horror before he shakes his head, “Nope, not happening on our watch.”
A grin starts to form on Fives face and Rex’s steps falter. “Don’t worry Cap’n, me n’ Echo will have your back, stick to your side like glue and make sure we know all about this teacher of yours.”
Stars forbid, NO Rex screams to himself as he picks up the pace, futilely trying to out-walk the twins, their laughter following along behind as they keep pace with him. In almost no time at all they’re standing outside your door. Rex takes a deep breath through his nose, pleading to the Maker that his vode don’t embarrass him too much, before turning to the twins. They both have a look of innocence about them, but Rex knows differently. 
“Remember, we’re guests here” he whispers, voiced clipped “mind your manners, keep it clean and for Force sake, absolutely do not teach the kids Mando’a swear words”
Echo blows a raspberry in his direction “Right right, wouldn’t want Miss Teacher to call you down for misbehaving.”
Fives pipes up, voice high pitched “Captain, please come see me in my office”
Echo joins in “I need to speak with you in private.”
Fives wiggles his brows suggestively “Give you some disciplinary action.”
Rex can feel his blood start to boil in the way only an older sibling can feel, but before he can retort Echo darts forward and the door is sliding open, the sounds of the classroom washing over them. It takes a moment before Rex finds you. 
You’re kneeling down by your desk, listening to what one of your students has to say. There’s a smile on your face as you nod along with whatever the boy is telling you before a small laugh bursts from your lips, the child giggling as well. A moment later he darts off, and you stand up, stretching slightly as you do so. Rex is so enamoured watching you that he forgets he’s brought company, and it’s not until Fives clears his throat, nudging Echo as he does so, that he remembers. Noticing the twin grins on their faces, Rex throws them a quick glare before he looks back over to you.
You haven’t seen him yet, and just as Rex was about to call out to you, more of your students catch on to the fact they have visitors, and in true childish fashion, announce their presence for him.
There’s a series of choking noises to his side as Rex feels his whole body freeze, ears roaring and heart stopping as everyone, including you, turn to look at him. He takes in how your eyes dart to the side, noticing that he’s brought company and watches how your cheeks flush slightly, feeling his own face start to burn in mortification. 
Maker, please let a Zillo beast be attacking the senate building Rex thinks desperately, as his heart kickstarts back to life, knowing his face is turning a deeper shade to rival Fox’s paint job. If Cody were here he’d already be doubled over in laughter, but he’d keep this little incident between the two of them. Only bringing it up when he needs a favour or bartering for shore leave. But Cody’s not here, and the twins are…Rex feels cold dread settle in his gut, twisted and sharp. They’ve been oddly silent, and it’s only then that the faint click click of the comms register in his ears. They wouldn’t.
Rex whips his head to the side and sees how Fives and Echo are both wearing matching looks of unbridled glee, Fives hand hovering over his comm link on his bracer. From where he’s standing Rex can see it’s to the 501st group chat, and if they know about this then the whole fleet will know by the end of the day. Nonononono! Before he can even take a step towards the pair, threatening them with lifetime of KP duty, Echo presses the send button and all hope fades with that little ding. It’s mere moments before Fives comm is blowing up, a steady stream of incoming messages dinging one after the other. 
As Rex stands there in shock the twins take this moment to scamper off, saying a quick hello to you before going to cluster of students, who eagerly pull them to the snack table, asking them questions a mile a minute. 
You’ve shaken off your surprise at the unique way their arrival has been announced, immune to the lack of filter your students possess and have walked over, standing in front of Rex. It takes a moment for him to realize you’re looking up at him, waiting patiently for him to come back to you. The smile you give him makes him think that maybe he can salvage the situation, but as you take the container out of his hands, brushing your hands against his, what you say next has his heart stuttering, his blush flaring up again and wishing he could whisk you away somewhere more private.
“It’s good to see you again, Daddy.”
Oh, Kriff. 
A little pantoran girl looks up at Echo and Fives, eyes bouncing between the two of them as her hands bunch the hem of her shirt. She gives them both a puzzled look, opening her mouth as if to ask a question before snapping it shut. Echo bends down so he’s eye level with her. “What’s up little one?” 
She shuffles in place before shyly asking her question, voice quiet “Are you her daddy’s too?”
Echo barely opens his mouth to answer before Rex practically shouts from the other side of the room. “Absolutely not!” He’s helping a nautolan girl with a painting smock, her back to him as he ties the laces, glaring at the twins over her shoulder.
“There’s your answer” Fives says, giving the girl, Kana, a pat on the shoulder. “He doesn’t like to share.” He doesn’t see the way Rex’s eyes narrow, or how a gleam starts to form that shows he’s plotting something, but Echo does. 
He gives a strained laugh, knowing that he and Fives have reached their limit on teasing the Captain. He hopes that he won’t be too hard on them when they get back to base. Though maybe they should hide out with General Skywalker for a while until Rex’s temper dies down. Getting a head start might be a good idea as well. 
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heartonxions · 4 months ago
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*my little ponys your gajevy*
hello incredibly niche audience that will enjoy this!!! I reverted yet again back to MLP stuff and this time I remembered that I can draw so 🐴🐴🐴💖💖
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acnologias-ass · 3 months ago
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I bet Gajeel would love arresting his kids lol 😂 Gajeel making a crib is adorable and all, but I don’t think a metal crib is safe in case the babies start banging their heads on it tho 😂
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coolasakuhncumber · 4 months ago
Kai inviting Amelia to watch their band play saying 'Temper your expectations - the band is okay, the vibe is good' and the absolute delight on Amelia's face when they start playing is just *chefs kiss*
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newts-and-sharks · 3 months ago
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I would be addicted to @twinanimatronics Moon Melatonin Smoothie’s, they blue berry flavored!
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vollzeh · a month ago
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i showed my friend some superjail episodes, and afterwards they said to me, “I expected the triplet’s clothes to be more revealing ngl,” so I deliver my vision on what I think that would look like… :3
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pancakesssandbacon · 5 months ago
Twin performing 'Trouble' live on Grey's s18 episode 12. What a treat!
They're soooo amazing! I need the full behind the scenes for this episode 😭😍
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sleepyjuniper · 4 months ago
It was "when" time.
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Top Ten Photos Taken Moments Before Disaster
Do I have a reasonable excuse for spending 5 hours on this? No. But did I have fun? Hell yes. This is a fan art for @dana-chan-the-control-brain 's fic, Twin Animatronics With Too Much Time on Their Hands! I read chapter 7 today, and I still haven't gotten to ch8, but I really fixated on this scene where Sun inspects Reader's bruise, while still having his unreadable smile. I've never drawn a fnaf character before, so this scene felt like the perfect time to practice! There's something so impactful about a sentient robot gingerly holding a human's hand, recognizing their fragility 🥺🥺
Also, I know he has pupils and can emote more by this point, but it just felt more impactful to draw him without. Kinda sad that I didn't get myself to turn it into a digital piece, but I don't think I would have been patient enough. Either way, I learned a lot!
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