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edwardsshinyvolvo 4 months ago
2008 2022
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themeadowinforks 2 months ago
thinking about how stephenie meyer has an Actual Brother called Jacob
"jacob wants to fuck bella soooo bad but she sees him as a brother" the real jacob: 馃槦馃槦馃槦馃槦馃槦
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bookwyrminspiration 18 days ago
everyday I wake up and think about how Jacob said "I'm gonna fight for you, until your heart stops beating." and then he did. the implication was he'd fight for her until she became a vampire with an unbeating heart, but when still-human Bella's heart stopped beating as she died on that table, he stopped fighting. he gave up and walked away, hopeless, leaving Edward alone as he forced her dead heart to beat and change her, to save her. Jacob said he'd fight for her until her heart stopped beating and then he did
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phil-dwyer-stan-account 8 days ago
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kerakaali a month ago
Twilight Characters x Virgin!Reader
Reader x Aro/Carlisle/Emmett/Demetri聽
A/N: In all honesty I love stories where one part is a virgin it鈥檚 the right amount of fluff for me personally. So here is some headcanons. Hope you all are doing well and you like this too. 聽
+not proof read, 700ish words.聽
Tumblr media
I think he loves the fact that he will be the first one who touches you in a more intimate way. It's just makes you two first time more special, than it would have already been. 聽
Aro鈥檚 ability, being able to reads peoples every thought with a touch, always makes it so he won鈥檛 cross any boundaries.聽
聽And god, he would blame himself for making you uncomfy, no matter how much you say that he hasn鈥檛 done anything. It would take so much time for even just kissing you. 聽
When you told him that you were ready he was ready to take you to the bedroom right that second but held himself back, after all he wants to make the experince special for the both of you. 聽
When your first time together would happen, be ready for the best aftercare ever. So many kisses, hugs and treats afterwards.聽
Plus, Aro will bathe you, and he won鈥檛 let you even think if he is doing okay. (Aro is beaming聽with happiness inside, but for you he tries to cover it the best that he can, and he kind of failing it...) 聽
Overall, 10/10, I mean he is god know how old so he has picked up so tricks over his life. 聽
I think Carlisle has no opinion in either way. Nothing can change his feelings for you, the feeling that he loves you. 聽
When you told him that you were ready, he would do anything but jump to the bed with you immediately. 聽
You saying that you are ready isn鈥檛 enough for him, Carlisle needs to know what are your likes and dislikes before even thinking the possibility of being intimate. 聽
So, you two end up having a long conversation about what you had done with yourself and what you were the most open to. He just wants you to feel comfortable with him. 聽
After your first time be ready to be babied like no other, Carlisle will clean you before you can lift a finger and you end up cuddling the rest of the night. 聽
10/10, he is so caring and nice that I might cry. (And will change your world... do what you will with that.) 聽
100% will tease you about you being virgin. (But of course, will stop if you ask.) 聽
Be ready for light ass slaps, (sorry I don鈥檛 make the rules that鈥檚 just a fact).聽
Your relationship is full of make out sessions and once or twice one of you had to pull away making sure that your boundaries weren鈥檛 being crossed. Crossing your line聽is the last thing that Emmett would want to do. 聽
But once the time for your first time comes, God you are in for it (in a good way ofc). You have fun, and he turns even the awkward moments into intimate and normal. 聽
Aftercare is full of food and cuddling, talking about whatever comes to mind. 聽
Score is 9/10, Emmett makes you so comfortable and trust my words it will be fun. 聽
Demetri is scary similar to Emmett (in all honesty I think the two of them would get along really well).聽
He will make fun of you (nicely) but is ready to kill anyone who says something about your non-existent intimate life. He had beat up some of the lower guards once or twice when they spoke out of line.聽
And when he gets the go-ahead from you, he isn鈥檛 keeping his hands off of you, even if you two aren鈥檛 going all the way yet. 聽
Demetri just wants to be close with you and will let you know his wants. 聽
Aftercare is a mostly nice relaxing on the bed, and when you get yourselves to shower you somehow end up going another round. But after all that he will kiss every inch of your body and will massage all the painful spots off of your body. 聽
At the end Demetri makes it fun and light with all the intimacy in the world. 9/10. 聽
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edwardsdeathcabcd 2 months ago
everyone always wants to talk about how 104 year old edward fell in love with 17 year old bella, which is (arguably) not how it works depending on how you interpret the vampires鈥 mental age, but nobody ever wants to talk about how carlisle literally did actually know esme when she was younger. like he knew her as a girl and then later when he saved her she was like Omg That One Hot Doctor ??? objectively SO much worse.
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itsvicsworld a month ago
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bellas-empty-head 2 months ago
RIP to Bella but if I was dating Edward I would give him little crystal vials of my blood to drink when he missed me
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bellasbustedtruck 9 months ago
Me when the cool rainy weather starts to come in and I put twilight on for the 100th time
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notafraidofstopping876 7 months ago
*Cullen family at Christmas*
Edward: Carlisle got me just what I needed.
Rosalie: Carlisle got you a personality?
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breaking-yawn 10 months ago
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Welcome, class, to this basic crash-course in Meyer vampire biology.
I made this for my family's choose-your-own-topic presentation evening over lockdown, so it's not perfect, but it was so fun to do!
There's an accompanying google doc here that's much more in-depth and comprehensive; I made it as a prompt so that I didn't forget to mention any of the crazy canon vamp biology shit that goes on in this series.
It's so interesting to me how the lore is fashioned solely as a prop to the love story, and therefore is often innovative for the genre without perhaps setting out to be so, and often also touches on certain preconceptions of beauty/perfection the author may have without self-analysis. Would love to read anyone's thoughts on that if they're willing to share!
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edwardsshinyvolvo 4 months ago
In order to play the role of Edward Cullen, Robert Pattinson had to travel back in time to 1918 and catch the spanish flu so he could die and get bitten by a real life vampire then live 90 years and finally meet up with the directors in 2008.
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themeadowinforks 2 months ago
if there's one thing i learnt from breaking dawn, its that seth owns my entire heart
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emseclipse 7 months ago
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breaking dawn with the blue tint <3
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phil-dwyer-stan-account 11 months ago
Hey guys I鈥檓 reposting a tik tok from someone else because it鈥檚 extremely important
Repost from @quiibunnie on tik tok (their main tik tok is @quiiroi but they are on post ban for speaking about this)
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No laws were broken! This is not okay
Donate @ Quiiroi on cashapp, Venmo, and paypal to help them raise money for everyone who was arresteds bail
Here are links to resources to STOP LINE 3
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kerakaali 4 months ago
You tell the kings that you love them for the first time.
Volturi kings x Reader!Lover
A/N: Hello, I really hadn't been feeling so good so the pace that i have been writing has been a little bit slower, but still hope you like this!
+ 1100 words, not proof read, seperate
Tumblr media
Your fingers played with the kings jet-black hair. His hair was always so smooth that you had no other choice than to be a bit jealous.
Aros arms were wrapped around you pulling you closer like you weren鈥檛 sitting on his lap already. He always wanted to be so close to you as possible.
Every night went just like this. You sitting on Aros lap on the huge bed that you two shared. You two聽would just sit there and talk about whatever came to mind. You would share your time like this until sleep was going to take over your body and he would leave to get some work done. But he would never leave you before you fell to sleep.
鈥淵ou are so beautiful, my love,鈥
You had to smile from his words. He was so cheesy but like always your heart started to beat up faster.
鈥淵ou are just as beautiful, Aro,鈥 You whispered, pressing a quick kiss on Aros neck, where his pulse was supposed to be.
鈥淢y love, you need to stop that or I will have no other option than to ravish you,鈥 Aro said sneaking his hand under your chin and pulling your face up, so your faces met. You were so close to each other that you could feel the coldness form his face. His eyes were glued to your lips with so much passion and love that your heart could burst.
鈥淢hh,鈥 The king hummed as an acknowledgment but not moving an inch.
鈥淚 love you...,鈥
Your words were so quiet that no human could hear it. It was like a silent secret that was going to stay with you and him only.
His blood red eyes weren鈥檛 on your lips anymore, it was your eyes he was concentrating.
You had never said those words to him. It wasn鈥檛 a big problem; it was just something that you two wanted to聽waited for, even after dating for months.
But now the words had slipped between your lips. And for a moment you were scared for your relationship but it didn鈥檛 take too long when cold lips were pressed against yours.
So much passion was in a kiss that you hadn鈥檛 even thought. And no matter how much longer you wanted it to last, Aro pulled away, holding me as close as physically possible. The smile on Aros face was as happy than the one that had been on his face when you started to date.
鈥淥h, my love, I love you too, I love you so much,鈥
He didn鈥檛 leave to the trials that night. (And you barely slept that night, if you get what I mean.)
Caius had a bad habit. When the throne room was empty due to whatever reason he loved to sit there with you.
After feedings or trials, he would just stay there with you. (And don鈥檛 think you have any to聽say.)
You would sit on his lap or in his chair while he would pace around the room venting about whatever came to mind. He would walk around and talk how bad the day had been and how he hated everything, (not including you of course.)
鈥淚 just don鈥檛 understand, why make a vampire if you can鈥檛 control them,鈥 You had to smile. You knew that he wasn鈥檛 really mad, more just annoyed, like most of the days.
鈥淒on鈥檛 smile like that, I'm trying to talk to you,鈥 Caius said, trying to sound annoyed but you could see a small smile trying to find its place on his lips. You smile grew while your lover huffed. Caius walked to you, picking you up, sitting down on his throne and putting you back on his lap.
You had to giggle. Caius was always so quick with his movements that you didn鈥檛 have any say on it, not that you minded anyway. You wrapped your arms around his neck giving him a quick kiss. Caius let the smile settle on his beautiful face.
鈥淵ou are so beautiful, my darling,鈥 Caius whispered, tugging his head on my neck. You could feel him leaving small kisses on your skin.
You pressed your face on his white hair.
鈥淚 love you, Caius...,鈥 You whispered, smile plastered on you face like you were an idiot.
For a moment you lover stayed still like a statue, until he raised his head.
鈥淚 love you too,鈥
Your heart fluttered and you pulled him to another kiss, but this time it was anything else than a quick sweet kiss, this was full of passion, like you were trying to show your love through one kiss.
Most of the mornings you woke up alone. Marcus had a lot of work, but you didn鈥檛 blame him for it, after all he had done this聽work long time before you were even born.
But that morning you didn鈥檛 wake up on the massive bed alone. Marcus was next to you, his hand making small circles on your back.
鈥淕ood morning, my heart,鈥 Marcus鈥 smooth voice made you automatically push yourself just a touch closer to him. This was such a special case, and you wouldn鈥檛 let it slip without enjoying it to the fullest.
鈥淗i...,鈥 you murmured, pressing myself聽closer and closer to the man next to me. You knew that you should really wake up, but under the covers with your lover was better than anything in this world.
You opened your eyes, seeing Marcus smiling down at you. His immortal beauty made you feel more self-conscious than you would like. You closed your eyes, not wanting him to look you the moment that you woke up.
鈥淒on鈥檛 try to hide yourself from me,鈥 Marcus said. You could hear his smile just form his words and you had to smile against the pillows and shook your head, trying to keep yourself calm.
鈥淵ou are too beautiful for hiding yourself,鈥
鈥淒on鈥檛 be like that,鈥 You said against the pillow.
鈥淏ut you love it when I call you beautiful,鈥 Marcus laughed, hand sneaking under your chin, trying to make you face him again. He didn鈥檛 lie, you loved when he told you how much he desired you, even if you didn鈥檛 feel like it. But even more you loved him, everything about him was so amazing, and without a thought the words slipped out.
鈥淵eah, but I love you more,鈥
It took a moment to that we both registered your聽words.
鈥淚 love you too, my heart,鈥
You had to raise your head and the biggest smile got to your face and Marcus took you to the tightest hug ever. You didn鈥檛 leave form the bed for the whole day.
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edwardsdeathcabcd 3 months ago
listen I understand why people dislike Jacob because he assaults Bella and is generally very unnecessarily mean throughout eclipse & BD, but you also cannot have discussions about his actions without factoring in that he鈥檚 a native american boy written by a racist white woman. it鈥檚 not as if Jacob Black is a real person with his own free will that did those things. a white woman wrote him like that to cause tension & conflict between her white primary couple.
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itsvicsworld 4 months ago
Leah had every right be angry. She was the cause of her father's heart attack which caused his death. The pack made it clear how they felt and who they aligned with on the whole sam/emily thing which she has a right to be upset about whether or not she understands what happened. Telling her and everyone else she's being a "bitter harpy" isn't going to help anything. While the double standard stands the pack loves joking on jacob for the bella/edward thing. Tell me it's not the same thing.
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bellas-empty-head 8 days ago
Do you think Bella still would have chosen Edward if there was a zero present chance she could become a vampire? I feel like a lot of the reason she picked him was her strong desire to live with him forever as equals, to become a beautiful immortal being. If staying with Edward meant aging without him then one day dying would she have picked different?
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what if Edward followed his instincts
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