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themerrypanda · 2 days ago
Three years ago it was announced that Robert Pattinson would be the next Batman. Upon hearing such news I made this.
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jstwilight · 12 days ago
Who hell made this-
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phil-dwyer-stan-account · 3 months ago
Bella: Edward, I named our daughter Renesmee after my mother Renee and your mother Esme :)
The ghost of Elizabeth Masen watching over them:
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themeadowinforks · 22 days ago
thinking about how stephenie meyer has an Actual Brother called Jacob
"jacob wants to fuck bella soooo bad but she sees him as a brother" the real jacob: 😟😟😟😟😟
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machikono · a year ago
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haletwinsstan · 10 months ago
AU where Nessie is a normal baby so the second part of Breaking Dawn is just the Cullens trying to remember how the fuck humans work like this vibe
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fluorescent-bulbs · 8 months ago
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Edward at the grad party
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lizardsparkles · 10 months ago
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I never finished this, but here are some slumber party Cullens!
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notquitetwilight · a year ago
I head cannon that Emmet and Rosalie sometimes pull a scam where Emmet poses and makes sure not to move and Rosalie sells him to an art gallery saying that he's a sculpture and then Emmet just leaves the art gallery in the middle of the night
i’m not exaggerating when i say that to me this is the best cullen headcanon any person in the renaissance has ever come up with and we might as well pack it up now bc we aren’t getting any better than this. i am also really honoured to be the blog whose asks you’ve graced this with. thank you.
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the-wolf-moon-diaries · 7 months ago
Pet Names // The Pack x Reader.
A/N: What pet names would Seth Clearwater, Paul Lahote, Leah Clearwater, and Embry Call use for their imprints?
Pairing: Seth Clearwater x Reader/Leah Clearwater x Reader/Paul Lahote x Reader/Embry Call x Reader.
Tumblr media
“Hey, princess.”
Paul has always called you princess. The first day you met (what a wild, perfect day that had been!), he gave you that wry smile and, oh, you just melted! But when you heard his voice?
“Nice to meet you, princess.”
It was game over.
He’d won you over in a moment. There was nothing that brought him so much pleasure as knowing that the growl of his voice could make you melt for him like snow beneath the sun. The very thought made him burn with pride and Paul will take any chance to make you flush for him!
“Come ‘ere, princess,” he growled in your ear, warm breath tickling your neck.
He smelled of pine and earth and faintly of mint, the warmth of his muscular form pressing against yours as his arms wrapped around you from behind. Leaning into his embrace, the both of you folded together so perfectly, as though you had been made just for this: cool October nights, the warmth of summer slowly slipping away as autumn finally takes hold with chilled winds and a bitter, biting cold that lingered.
But with Paul you were always warm, the feel of your lover keeping you cozy even through the most brutal of colds. Kissing your neck softly, Paul grinned as you sighed for him.
“What are you thinking about?”
“Just how perfect everything is,” you replied, wrapping your hands over his. “Everything was such a mess when we first met! I was freaking out, you were, well, a wolf...but now everything is perfect.”
“Would you change anything?” he asked. “If you had the chance to live life a little differently?”
“Not a thing.”
“Me neither, princess.”
The final rays of sunlight fade away into twilight, dreamy shades of purple and blue blending together in the sky. Soon the stars would appear, one by one, like little fires burning in the darkness. Paul would point out the constellations he knew (and some he had totally made up, all with wild stories) and kiss you...and it would be perfect.
So perfect.
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Embry calls you babe. Or babes or baby but mostly just...babe. He says it more then he actually says your name.
He started saying it shortly after you became “official.”
It’s his way of announcing what they two of you already know, what you’ve always known: you are his, he is yours, and this is meant to be. There’s a certain thrill to saying it aloud and seeing your face break out into a bright, almost glowing, smile when you hear the call of his voice.
It’s been a few days since you’ve heard that voice…
The pack has been keeping him busy and his mom has been riding his case lately, so you’ve been surviving on little texts here and there.
But it’s just not the same.
It’s not the same as Embry’s voice, deep and warm...like fire and smoke and honey all at once, burning so sweetly. You’ve been craving it, nothing else able to satiate the hunger for it. So when you heard his voice in the trees as you walked home, you could not stop yourself from running to it. There, hiding in the shade of the moss-smothered evergreens, when your Embry. His hair was tangled and his skin was flush and warm as you fell into his arms, laughing and kissing him.
“I missed you!”
“Been missing you too, babe,” he replied softly, warm lips kissing a scattered pattern along your skin.
It was heavenly, being able to hold you and kiss you again (and again and again, until his hips were swollen with fire and the taste of you stained his tongue).
His mother was working late tonight and the pack didn’t need him to patrol so for now...Embry had you all to himself. Taking your hand, he lead you to where no one would find you both and enjoyed the cold of the autumn air, the scent of your hair, and the sound of your heart beating wildly as he whispered in your ear.
“I love you, babe...”
Tumblr media
To Seth, you are his sweetheart. From the moment he first laid eyes upon you, you’ve been his heart and his soul.
His everything.
So he calls you sweetheart in that soft, sweet voice, smiling whenever he does it. He whispers it in the early mornings, scribbles it on notes, sighs it in his sleep, hell, you’re even “sweetheart” in his contacts! It’s so simple, just a sweet little thing that he does naturally. He doesn’t even realize where he picked it up from until he overhears his mother talking to Charlie:
It’s what his dad would call her.
“I think it’s sweet...the two of them running around together, too happy and in love to see anything but each other. Reminds me of Henry and I when we were young. Seth has always looked like me but acted like his father.”
“Harry was a good man...”
“Yes, he was! You know I didn’t realize it at first but Seth calls her sweetheart...just like Harry called me.”
And then he’s crying and calling you, asking if he can come over. Five minuets later he’s crawling through your bedroom window (a tight fit given the size of him) and collapsing on your bed, burying his teary face in your neck.
“Can you just...sweetheart, can you just hold me a while?”
You did. He doesn’t need to be the wolf right now, nor the protector...he’s only Seth. A young man that’s been through too much in too little time and you, perfect you, are the woman he loves.
The woman who holds him softly and runs her hands through his hair, whispering sweet things in his ear. The woman who hums some slow, lovely song (he can feel the way it echoes through your chest as he rests his head on your heart) until he falls asleep in your arms. The pack knows he’s having a hard night and leave him be, allowing him to just have this moment.
Just you and him...just the way it should be.
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“Come here, you.”
Leah is not super romantic in the “rose petals and candlelight dinners” sense of things. Like, at all. Though she loves hard and strong and passionate as you can imagine, she shows it rather then says it...at least at first glance.
But in time, you’ll start to see the soft ways Leah shows her love.
Like the way she made sure to check on you before she left for patrol and afterwards too, you were always her first and last thought.
“Hey, you, what have you been up to?”
The way her hand wrapped around yours in the late night, warm fingers intertwining with your own as you slowly fell asleep.
“Sweet dreams, you...”
And then way she opened herself up for you, allowing you to get closer then anyone else. There was no one else on this earth that had been allowed to experience Leah like you had, you and only you. It was thrilling, being the one she craved and adored so dearly...it felt like the greatest of all honors.
A storm was coming.
The world had become wild with howling winds and dark clouds hovering in the air, a blanket of murky gray cast over the sky. In the distance, thunder began to shake violently as lightning struke down with a scream. Closing your eyes, you let the storm whip and wail around you, grinning as the first few raindrops began to fall.
Just the sound of her voice had your heart racing (she could hear it and feel it, oh, how she loved it!) as Leah came up from behind you, wrapping her arms around your waist and pulling you into her chest. Resting her head on your shoulder, he leaned into you and closed her eyes.
“Just what are you up to?”
“Watching the storm! Isn’t it beautiful?”
But she wasn’t looking at the sky. Her dark eyes were gazing at you, a look of pure happiness upon her face.
“Come here, you,” Leah whispered. “Let’s go.”
Taking your hand in hers, Leah pulled you into the little house before the storm became too terrible. Inside, a fire was burning brightly. Blankets were spread across the wooden floor, pillows stacked all around. Pulling you into the warmth, Leah held you as you fell asleep on her arms, the sky screaming outside the window…
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kerakaali · 2 months ago
Ok I loooove the way you write the Volturi kings. Could you do them with a shifter!reader, where the reader is used to having to fight for everything and has trouble adjusting to being spoiled and having things done for her?
The Volturi Kings Spoiling Reader
A/N: Hello everybody! And thank you so much for the request. But I still have no clue what shifter!Reader means so please forgive me and tell me what it means. That's all! Hope you like it!
+700ish words, not proof read.
Tumblr media
You didn’t like to say that you grew up poor but it was the truth. You had been working since the age of 11, to make sure that your siblings and you could live the happiest life that you could.
But now you siblings were adults and so were you. And for the first time in your life, you had the opportunity to do whatever you want.
So, you entered a competition for a trip to Italy.
And with your luck, you won. And you settled to a small town named Volterra for the most of your trip.
You were walking through the almost empty main street next to you being a group of tourists and a young woman giving them a tour.
And somehow you ended up with them in the castle what was the center of this lovely town.
The woman opened huge wooden doors that looked heavier than she should be able to open.
The group let out a heavy sigh and you couldn’t stop yourself for doing the same. The room was full of marble and in the middle of it was three chairs and beautiful men sitting on.
But you didn’t get eaten that day. Aro asked one of the guards to take you away from the sight that was going to happen the moment that the doors closed.
You got filled in on the vampire part the next day, but more shocking the kings told you that they wanted you to be theirs.
“So, you guys are like vampire royalty and you want to date me?” You asked pressing myself deeper on the loveseat that you were sitting on.
“If you want to say it like that, yes. But please don’t feel pressured to give an answer right now. But if you see even a slight chance of you wanting it... give it a chance...,”
The kings were old fashioned when it came to dating, meaning they went above and beyond with courting.
The first morning of you being back on your motel you woke up to a knock on your door and one lower guard giving you a box before disappearing. Inside the box was a beautiful gown/suit that seemed to be made exactly for your body. And even without the price tag you knew that it was more than you could make in the year.
And a small note saying how much they would enjoy if you would join for a dinner with them (not that they would be eating anything.)
But the gifts didn’t end when you got into a relationship with them. Actually, the opposite happened.
Gowns/suits, jewelry, flowers, ancient books, newest technology, and everything else that you just looked for a second was yours. (Even if you didn’t ask for it.)
“You don’t need to give me so much stuff. I mean just think how much you have spent on me,” You explained to the kings while sitting on Marcus’ lap and slowly playing with his hair.
“But love, we just want to give you what you deserve,” Caius said, looking annoyed as always.
“You don’t let me go to the town most of the time because ‘someone can do it for you’,” You put back, getting irritated and lowering my gaze to the marble floor.
“We are sorry... We just want you to feel comfortable with us. And everything that we have done for you..., it’s that we care about you...,” you hadn't heard this tone from Aro before, you hadn’t heard anyone so regretful for something so nice.
You raised your head. None of the kings were looking at you and your heart broke.
“It’s fine... I know that you mean well, but I’m just not used to this kind of care, I have had to work for everything in my life, so please just give me some time to adjust,” You said, your last words turning almost silent.
“Of course. We are going to make sure that we keep the gifts and helping in check, is that okay, darling?” Marcus said, and rubbing circles on your back. You gave a quick nod, before placing your lips on his and in the back ground you could hear Caius huffing in jealousy.
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imthe1wthewickedcurveball · a month ago
Japser learning about the new diet:
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jstwilight · 20 days ago
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phil-dwyer-stan-account · 6 months ago
The feminine urge to create an entire vampire army just to avenge your mediocre boyfriends death
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themeadowinforks · 22 days ago
if there's one thing i learnt from breaking dawn, its that seth owns my entire heart
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twilightyeehaw · 4 months ago
I’m not ashamed to admit I have an unhealthy obsession with this gif
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haletwinsstan · 8 months ago
Rosalie: yeeted
Emmett: yote
Rosalie: YEETED
Emmett: YOTE
Carlisle: will someone please just tell me who threw Edward out the window
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teambella420 · a month ago
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I love the idea of these two being suuuuper into Halloween and dress up parties! These two are dorks, and Alice Cullen goes big or goes home
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lizardsparkles · 8 months ago
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IT’S LEAH!!! our fave girl 😌😌😌
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notquitetwilight · a year ago
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Happy Valentine’s Day from Resentment and the Cullens ♡
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