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Everyone please listen to Evanescence´s Hello with Five in mind, it´s amazing in an absolutely heartbreaking way

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Day 24: The Only One I Trust

Jill cringed as the giant sliding entrance door to the prison parking lot buzzed open. She never in a million years thought she’d find herself in this kind of situation. Her brother in jail - he was innocent, of course. It had only taken them a couple of weeks to get him out, but even that was too much.

The young empath had wanted to wrangle the neck of the cop who made Jinx confess to a crime he didn’t do, but of course Joy stopped her from doing so. She moved heaven and hell to get him out. Reginald refused to even acknowledge what was happening. It drove Jill insane.

The doors finally opened all the way and Jinx was standing behind them, his spare belongings safely tucked underneath his arms in a clear bag. “Jinxy!” Jill yelled overjoyedly.

Jinx’s pained expression faltered as he saw his sister running at him with open arms. He let out a relieved sigh and ran towards her. The two met halfway. Jinx dropped his belongings and engulfed his sister in a hug. The past three weeks behind bars had been hell. He wasn’t ready for prison and he didn’t deserve it. He had missed his sisters. “Thank you so much,” he mumbled into her shoulder, repeating it like a mantra.

“Of course,” she nodded. The two broke apart. Jill squeezed Jinx’s shoulders. “Don’t worry, J, we’ll clear your name faster than Diego throws knives.”

Jinx nodded. “Thank you.”

Jill grabbed her brother’s belongings off the floor, putting her arm around his shoulders as they walked away off to her car. “Let’s get the fuck out of here. This place is depressing.”

“Jilly?” Jinx asked. Jill hummed in acknowledgment. “I think I know what I want to major in in college.”

“What’s that?”

“I wanna help kids like me. Like us. And I want you to help me with that,” Jinx explained.

“Me?” Jill asked. She wanted to see kids like herself and her siblings succeed too, but she wasn’t exactly the maternal or even nurturing type.

Jinx nodded. “You’re the only one I trust. I love Joy, Allison and Diego, but they don’t get me the way you do. Ben isn’t here anymore and Winter is busy living the life with her wonderful husband. You’re the only one I have left. You’re my best friend.”

Jill smiled at him. She nodded. Maybe it was time to warm up to people a little more. “Okay. I think I can do that.”

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During the three year period in the 60′s, whenever Klaus wanted to get away he took Ben to teach him how to drive. Ben still tech. being a teen and never had the chance to learn ,went along with it. They almost crashed like 5 times but it was one of the few best memories they had together.

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if klaus hargreeves had a theme song it would be 20 Dollar Nose Bleed by Fall Out Boy i can’t explain it but its true

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diego stans be like: *has mommy issues* *has anger issues* *has mommy issues* *has anger issues* *has

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I always thought I’d be Five when I grew up.. driven, focused and a little murderess but nothing to be too concerned about.

But no I’m Klaus fucking Hargreaves, not sure if I’m proud of that fact or what.

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Luther Hargreeves Icons

Please like/reblog if you save!

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i have so many questions in regards to allison’s powers.

  • can allison rumor people in their native language? 
  • does her power have a limit? if she rumored someone into committing a murder, but didn’t give any other specifications, would they just be forced to kill as many people as possible until she made them stop? 
  • if that is the case, my guess is that allison has to be very careful with her wording when she uses her powers.
  • similarly, do her powers have a time limit? has she ever used her powers on her siblings in the past?
  • if she rumored klaus into getting clean, would it be permanent or would the effect of the rumor wear off over time?
  • can her powers override someone else’s? could she essentially stop five from time travelling if she wanted to?
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hi yes so i started watched the umbrella academy

klaus is my favourite

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My only hope is that they don’t cut Rob’s hair and that they bring back Cody as Dave, even if it’s just for a flashback. Apart from that, I’m just looking forward to buying the ticket and taking the ride.

Actually, scratch that - I want cowboy Klaus in assless chaps.

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S1 Klaus : *talking*

The Hargreaves siblings :

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Life Update

Hiya! I’m sorry for being inactive, my two requests are taking a while between school and other personal matters but i promise i haven’t forgotten them! So uh i just wanted to come on here and say that I’m now using She/They pronouns! I’m a little nervous to talk about it as I’m still figuring myself out and which label fits what I’m feeling but for now that’s what’s been going on with me haha. I’ll see you all soon in my next post! Have a good day and stay healthy and safe!

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