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#the umbrella academy

Klaus: I’ve waited 3 years to find the love of my life and convince him not to enlist to save his life and I’ve come all the way for San Fransisco to Dallas and I’m finally here but… I gotta just take a minute to laze about in my pool and build up my tan before I do anything…

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Attention Umbrella Academy Fans!

I’m writing a Klaus-centric season 2 au and I’m stuck between 2 possibilities for the beginning of the fic:

  1. Klaus arrives at the same year (1960) but in New York instead of Dallas. He stays there mainly because Ben’s convinced the others will turn up there too.
  2. Klaus still arrives in Dallas but around a week after JFK’s death and his siblings being implicated so he just misses them.

Either way the general idea for the rest of the fic is the same, I’m torn on which way to start it, so I’ve decided to let you all vote.

Like - for option one

Reblog - for option two


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Klaus talking to the dead at 2am: fuck, a woman in NY just strangled her husband to death. Can you imagine snapping like that?

Dave in bed next to him: *mutters* yes

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give allison her pink hair in season 3!!

and i want it in a very specific way:

  • after they meet the sparrow academy, they all go find lodging somewhere
  • allison starts breaking down
  • she goes to vanya and asks “what do you do when you’re feeling mentally unstable”
  • and vanya shrugs and says “past experiences would lead me to believe you don’t want to ask me, as i tend to blow shit up”
  • they laugh and then vanya goes “hair”
  • and allison is confused
  • but vanya says “that’s what girls do in books and stuff. they ruin their hair”
  • and vanya and allison just look at each other
  • and practically sprint to the nearest convenience store
  • they get the supplies they need
  • as soon as allison saw the bright pink she knew that’s what she was doing
  • and then vanya dies allisons hair and they drink and laugh and have fun
  • and the next morning all the siblings are shocked
  • allison has no regrets and wears it proudly
  • vanya boasts about the job (bc it looks really good) and threatens to dye diego or fives hair next
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these are probably gonna be my main couples i write once i start posting

( 99% are gonna be nblm hc)

zuko x sokka - atla

asra x julian - the arcana

kirishima x bakugou -mha

sal fisher x travis phelps -sallyface

klaus hargreeves x dave katz - the umbrella academy

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Aight ya’ll I’ve done it


*click for better quality*

Baby Five! Baby Bean Five, look at him

Look I spent a long while on this and I’m gonna be real smug about it cuz I worked really hard on it, so please of you don’t like it just ignore it and if you do. Like it and maybe pretty please reblog.

Ok yup, sporadic updates for ages because I have my GCSE’S hanging over me like a bad smell and i have reached the level of stressed that I’m just real calm at this point.

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