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#the umbrella academy
c0ffeeb1ack · a day ago
diego at the asylum in the 60s: oh thank god you're here, five, you gotta get me out of here, they thought i was going to kill oswald but i was trying to save jfk! he's the key to all of this!
Tumblr media
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cries-in-espanol · a day ago
no cause like. netflix should release season 3 of the umbrella academy weekly like how disney+ does it with their mcu shows. i feel like it would generate more buzz and get more people to watch the show and then get more revenue. plus it would be really fun to wait every week because it gives time for suspense and for us to come up with all these crazy theories…
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winterxwrites · a day ago
unpopular opinion (???): netflix reducing the episode numbers in seasons is a shitty idea. I get the releasing 22 eps like they used to might not be a good idea anymore but give us something at least! what's up with these new shows just releasing seven eight episodes? it just results in rushed out plotline with no sense of time. Specially in romance shows where the characters seem to move on from their long term crushes/exes in like three days? it's just disappointing.
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black-coffee-beats · a day ago
[Five phones Y/N, who groggily picks up]
Five: Bit freaked. Need to talk. Making you a coffee.
Y/N: Five Hargreeves, it's one in the morning! Do you think I'm going out at one in the morning?
Five: No. I'm in your kitchen.
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mcrisbackbaby · 21 hours ago
Five: People who say 'go big or go home' Seriously underestimate my willingness to go home.
Five: Like, it's literally my only goal for most of the day.
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robsheehanonline · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
klaus + dave
the umbrella academy | season 1 | 2019
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fiveisnumber1 · 2 days ago
One by Three Dog Night: One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do
Me: Damn this song is right, Luther definitely would be the loneliest sibling to fuck.
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headcanonsandhijinx · 2 days ago
Random Klaus Hargreeves Headcanon
I’ve always loved the idea of Klaus knowing multiple languages. Whether he learned them from ghosts or taught himself as something to do when bored, I just love the idea of him knowing a shit ton of languages.
And I was thinking of ways for the others to find out that he speaks so many when it hit me.
(Also this is canon divergent for S2, I only watched S1 so this is set where the moon didn’t get destroyed and they averted the apocalypse safely without having to time travel with Five)
So the Hargreeves siblings all stay together after the events of the not-apocolypse and try to get the Umbrella Academy fighting crime again. They need information for a mission from a guy, who they have tied to a chair in the kitchen to interrogate him.
Except this dude really doesn’t want to talk to them, so he has the bright idea to pretend not to speak English and he just starts speaking in frantic Russian.
Everyone is just kinda like ‘fuck!’ Because they obviously are going to have trouble interrogating him now, until Klaus just clears his throat and starts speaking Russian back to him.
The guy thinks ‘fuck, I didn’t know any of them could speak that’ and decides to try a completely different language, which Klaus knows and so the pattern continues of him trying a different language he knows and Klaus being able to speak it.
Meanwhile, everyone else is looking between Klaus and this guy play language tag. They’re all giving each other looks and whispering to ask their the sibling next to them knew that Klaus could do that and they are so confused.
The guy finally says ‘fuck it’ after 5 minutes and 10 languages, and is like ‘fine! What do you want to know? I just want to get the fuck outta here now!’ So he just spills and then Diego drops him at a police station because he’s part of a gang and he gets home.
Cue everyone being like ‘What the fuck, Klaus!? When did you learn all those languages?’
Klaus is just like ‘well, sometimes I got bored on the streets so I’d just find a book and teach myself some new language.’ Or if you want angst. ‘Eh, it’s surprisingly easy to learn a new language when you have a ghost screaming it down you ear all the time.’ For more angst, cue an idiot’s guide to Klaus’ life with ghosts.
Anyway, that was the headcanon/Drabble thing I came up with.
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spookyfbi · 2 days ago
WIPs in your google docs got you down? Craving the validation of sharing your unfinished fic without the guilt of not finishing it? Wishing you could read what happens next in your fic without having to actually write it yourself?
Say hello to the Abandoned TUA Fic Orphanage! Simply post your WIP to AO3 and add it to this collection. And if you're a fic author looking for inspiration? Why not take a gander and see if any of the fics strike your fancy and you want to finish or even just add to them.
This collection was created on a whim without a whole lot of thought about how it will actually work, but I guess we can figure that out as we go if people think it's useful? I just know that I like many other fic authors have some unfinished fics that are just collecting dust and I wish there were something useful that could be done with them.
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black-coffee-beats · 2 days ago
Y/N: Do you need my help?
Five: Yes.
Y/N, teasingly: Do you need me to hold your hand?
Five: No, I need you to hold my box.
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