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tristen-cat · a day ago
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so how about allison this season huh-
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yelenaswift · 2 days ago
the umbrella academy is one of netflix best shows and i’m tired of everyone pretending like it’s not.
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thehargreevesfamily · 2 days ago
I Love this cast
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postsfromthedark · a day ago
Everyone else walking away in the s3 final ep:
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millr · 2 days ago
soooo--- about that complete opposite of ben x reader,, can we uhm have some longer sequel for it and how ben will approach reader (I'd love to see protective brothers diego and old man five 👀)
《⇝ pairing: sparrow!Ben Hargreaves x f!reader》
Ben knew he needed you to be alone to talk to you, because of your siblings... but every time you were alone, he lost his courage and shamed away. He had just never met anyone like you, and the fact you were the 'enemy' made him be afraid of rejection.
As if his prayers were answered, you walked in the room, now you guys were finally alone.
"Hey, im Ben" he carefully offers, but of course you knew his name, you were his best friend from what felt like many years ago. You looked at him and offered a gentle smile, introducing yourself to him as if this was the first time you had met. Ben was getting overly excited, you had given him the chance to look at that beautiful smile of yours again and actually hear your voice. maybe the universe didn't hate him.
You guys continued to make conversation, and it wasn't just Ben learning things about you, you were also able to learn some new things about this boy that you never knew, but hell, it was a whole different time-line. "Anyone ever tell you, you have the most beautiful smile" Ben cuts you off without thinking, he's been in a daze staring down at your lips while you ranted on about something passionately.
Heat ran through your body as you looked down in embarrassment, his words caught you off guard. it's not like your Ben never said things like that, but he was your best friend, and this Ben said it in a way you really liked. you thank him with a light genuine smile as you looked in his eyes.
"I'm sure you get that a lot, I mean how could a pretty girl like you not?" He adds moving closer to you grabbing your hand softly. His grin was wide as he looked down at your lips. now you were hoping he would lean in and kiss you, but it was probably way too soon to make any move.
"Oh hell no, you stay 20 feet away from her asshole!!" Diego suddenly walks in the room, immediately going to pull your hands apart from Ben's. You were even more disappointed when Five walked in, physically pushing Ben further away from you.
"Aw, aren't you too just like Romeo and Juliet" Five sarcastically says with a yawn looking at you with a unimpressed look. "don't they both die in the end?"
Five looks at Ben, then to you with an evil smirk "Exactly my point..."
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circumstellars · a day ago
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Klaus + trusting Reginald
↪ S03E07  || {TUA} {cast+} |  ☕
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rocks-in-my-vodka · 2 days ago
the scale for absolute panic attack inducing cliffhangers starts with zero and ends with the umbrella academy
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nooneaskedbut · 2 days ago
Not me in ep 1 genuinely believing that BOTH alternate timeline Reggie’s taught their respective murder children to work out their differences via choreographed dance battle for honor
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otterology · a day ago
Lila telling Diego she's "slept with a lot of people" since they last saw each other and Diego saying "she's been with a lot of men" had this exact energy:
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boogywoogyss · 2 days ago
I'm starting to see a pattern here with seasons 1 2 & 3
Season 1. Luther is an asshat. He locks Viktor up and continues to ignore the apocalypse and is more concerned about how Reginald dies, and when he needs to confront the apocalypse, instead of confronting the bomb and trying to defuse it. He puts the bomb in the safe and walks away hoping that itd help.
Season 2. Diego is an asshat. Hes obsessed with trying to save JFK, to the point of being put in a mental hospital. But he still wants to save him, when hes out of it he doesnt care about the nucular war in a few days cause he still has to save him, he even knows the consequences of doing so and how much it could fuck up the timeline. But he doesnt care, after ben talks to Viktor and Viktor stops almost ending the world. He doesnt care to check up on anyone in the room and instead goes down to try and save the president only for it to not work.
Season 3. Allison is an asshat. Allison's was more explained on why she was an asshat but never the less she was still an asshat. Her obsession was getting Claire and Ray back. I'm going to start off with something that no one is going to give accountability for and that is sexually assaulting Luther. She was upset that the two things that were keeping her together had disappeared and she will never get them back. So what does she do? She confesses that she hses Lither as a distraction, and she rumours him to stay and want her which leads to being pinned on a pool table. Atleast she told him to stop, but it is still sexual assault never the less. She acted as an angstier version of sparrow Ben.
Now what do all of these have in common?
Luther diego and Allison are numbers 1 2 & 3, and were asshats in their respected numbered seasons.
They were obsessed with something that could ruin everything.
So this only means one thing, perhaps an antagonistic Klaus in season 4?
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number-zeero · 2 days ago
I love new Ben's character sm but holy shit I miss the Klaus and ghost Ben moments from s1 and s2 a lot
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tristen-cat · a day ago
*allison and viktor fighting*
“do you know what that felt like? watching you fight harder to protect the man who helped destroy my daughter than you ever did to bring her back?”
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“we should have left you in the basement”
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t4tsilver · 2 days ago
Diego: dude i thought you were dead!
Klaus: that was three minutes ago, things change
this is basically how it went
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thehargreevesfamily · a day ago
Justin and Elliot sleeping and David and Ritu are taking selfies
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postsfromthedark · a day ago
So... viktor doesn't want to kill the boy who was, for a good amount of time, basically his son... and he's the bad guy when he's upset that his sister does kill him?
-_- Tua does many thing right... but painting viktor as a bad guy for this was not it
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”You know what they call a superhero who works alone and doesn’t listen to anybody? A villain.“
— five hargreeves
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gothiclygf · 2 days ago
It's very weird people are upset that Lila is kinda insane.. when her nickname is "Crazy Lady" and her first appearance was in an asylum. Just sayin' it's a weird thing to complain about of all things lol.
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wastedonyoursmile · a day ago
Five Hargreeves:
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trashedinpluto · 2 days ago
I don't see enough enough people talking about sparrow ben's fashion style... absolutely abhorrent...
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frey-the-they · 2 days ago
ok but wait a god damn second.
pure technicality here but
is viktor not literally harlan's absent father figure?-
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