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Now I’m not sure if Lan Wangji’s opinions of Jin Ling and Lan Jingyi are very canonly stated, but humor me for a second. I think it is fair to assume that he doesn’t really approve of them much (between the fighting, name calling, relation to Jiang Cheng, spoiled behavior, and overall loudness), but he esp doesn’t like Jin Ling, but he respects Sizhui’s choices.

Yes aww cute, ok but like here me out…..

Lan Wangji’s inner dialogue when he goes on nighthunts with the pack of juniors. Y’all we already know he’s petty it ain’t a stretch to assume, that internally, he’s like “Sizhui out off the friends you could have made why these two???” as Jin Ling and Jingyi endlessly bricker in the background.

(I wish I had wittier dialogue for this but I am very tired and my point has been made…. anyway might fuck around and make this a fanfic)

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follow-up to this!

“There, there,” Lan Wangji hears his husband croon one morning, in the early hush of dawn about twelve months after his coronation. “Don’t cry, my xiao-dianxia. What do you have to cry about, hm? You’re dry, and you’ve just had your bottle, so what’s making you sad, baobei?”

Wei Ying’s soft murmurs are followed by the sound of pattering feet hurtling through the door to their bedroom, and then by a plaintive whimper from the elaborately decorated royal crib as Wei Ying lifts little Xiao-Yu into his arms.

“A-Die, A-Die!” A-Yuan’s tiny voice pipes up, as Lan Wangji finally blinks himself back to wakefulness to find his husband sitting at the foot of their bed with their two sons cuddled close to his chest, holding baby A-Yu in a nest of hand-knitted quilts from the crib, and A-Yuan in his own little cloud-patterned blanket, both looking so very blissful in Wei Ying’s embrace that Lan Wangji has to hold back tears at the sight of them.

“A-Die, A-Yuan wants breakfast,” Lan Yuan–the tiny crown prince of a nation, and first heir to the dragon throne upon which Lan Wangji has reigned as emperor for the last half-year–insists, tugging at the hem of Wei Ying’s sleeve. “I’m hungry.”

“It looks like my Yuan’er’s stomach keeps time with his royal fuqin’s,” Wei Ying teases, clearly not noticing that Lan Wangji’s eyes are open and fixed on the golden curve of his cheek, so ridiculously fond of what he sees that his heart aches. “Let’s see if Xuanyu-gege can find something for you to eat, hm?”

I nearly lost this, Lan Wangji thinks, finally sitting up and kissing his two sons on their moon-bright foreheads before brushing his husband’s lips with his own. I nearly lost him.

If Wei Ying had not kidnapped him from his bridal sedan two years ago, Lan Wangji would have married Su Minshan in exchange for spiritual medicine to save his dying brother, and never learned that his mother was the trueborn heir to the emperor’s throne, seized in her childhood by the now-deposed king Jin Guangshan. He would never have taken back his birthright and snatched his crown from Jin Guangshan’s very head, offering it up to Lan Xichen and meeting a gentle refusal in place of the acquiescence he expected–for his xiongzhang had fallen in love with Nie Mingjue, and could not bear the parting that his ascension as emperor would bring to them.

“I can never lift a sword or lead an army to battle again,” Lan Xichen smiled, before returning the crown to his brother. “What good will I be as emperor, Wangji? And Mingjue can never be my consort, besides–for he is a great lord in his own right, and I think a quiet life will be better suited for me, from now on.”

“But Xiongzhang, I–”

“You have already adopted Mother’s rightful third heir as your son,” Xichen told him. “And I believe that Young Master Wei will prove a very capable empress, if you ever get around to marrying him!”

And so Lan Xichen was carried away to the Unclean Realm in a bridal sedan of his own, while Lan Wangji took his place on the throne with Wei Ying beside him as his first and only husband–naming Lan Yuan as his first heir, the little taizi dianxia, though all the small boy’s title seems to mean to him so far is that everyone in the palace has to feed him sweets whenever he asks.

There is no one under heaven happier than I am, Lan Wangji realizes, as he and his husband fall into each other’s arms for the first time that day–the first time of dozens, because they are together from sunrise to sundown, sharing each labor and duty equally between them, and every moment of it is joy beyond compare because Wei Ying is the one at his side. 

“I love you, Empress Wei,” he says aloud, savoring the lovely flush that steals into Wei Ying’s face as Xiao-Yu lets out a contented squeal on Lan Wangji’s shoulder. “With all my heart, my darling.”

“I know, my Lan Zhan,” his husband laughs, squeezing A-Yuan until their son reaches into his robes and pulls a squashed wrapped sweet out of Wei Ying’s pocket. “I love you too, xingan.”

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The speed with which Lan Zhan goes from THIS 💖💖💖




Is nothing but ASTOUNDING.

Like one moment he be smiling at cute bunny pictures and next moment glaring at you like “if anybody finds out about this fluffy side of me your body won’t be found” and i STAN 👏A 👏BAD👏 ASS 👏FLUFFY👏 BITCH👏 and i won’t have it any other way neither would WWX

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Known - Spice

Day 20 practically begged me to write some Yunmeng shuangjie reconciliation, and who am I to deny that. 

Jiang Cheng is waiting at the main entrance of Lotus Pier, his hands clasped behind his back, standing straighter than he has in a long time.

He burned Wei Wuxian’s letter shortly after he read it, because he couldn’t stand to look at it for even one more second. 

It was formal—too formal—like a stranger respectfully requesting a place for the night instead of like it should have been.

His brother informing him that he was dropping by and only expecting the best accommodations.

Jiang Cheng has less formal correspondence with Lan Qiren of all people and that thought nearly made him refuse Wei Wuxian’s request on principle.

But Jiang Cheng never did learn how to refuse Wei Wuxian, even though he loves to complain about whatever idiotic idea Wei Wuxian comes up with. In the end Jiang Cheng always followed him after all.

Wei Wuxian is late, but Jiang Cheng isn’t surprised by that. Wei Wuxian has never arrived to anything on time, and Jiang Cheng figures this shouldn’t be any different.

He waited sixteen years for him. A few more minutes won’t hurt.

When Wei Wuxian finally does come into sight, Jiang Cheng can tell immediately that he’s hesitant about approaching Lotus Pier. Jiang Cheng wonders what the reason for that is; is it because he doesn’t actually want to meet with Jiang Cheng and only does out it out of a sense of obligation or is it because Lotus Pier doesn’t look like what he remembers from before?

Well, if it’s the last one, Wei Wuxian can turn right back around, because he does not get to complain about something Jiang Cheng had to rebuild all on his own because Wei Wuxian was gone. He could have come back earlier, then he wouldn’t need to complain.

“Sect Leader Jiang,” Wei Wuxian greets him with when he’s finally in reach and Jiang Cheng flinches.

So this is how they are going to play it. Jiang Cheng probably was a fool for hoping for anything else.

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another from the CEG au, which was born from your teacher/single parent AU that you asked me for a million years ago! A longer chunk because I never delivered on that: 

Mr. Nie, he writes from his professional work account email address. I’m writing because Huaisang turned in his essay on Animal Farm today covered in an unidentified dried red liquid. Huaisang told the class it was pig’s blood? While I appreciate the irony, I did tell Huaisang to be careful to make sure his homework is still legible when he turns it in. Also, preferably not covered in blood. I’ve asked Huaisang to print out a new copy of the essay and turn it in tomorrow, for a small point reduction. Please let me know if you have any questions about Huaisang’s progress. Warmest Regards, Meng Yao.  

The reply he gets is this: 

it was DEFINITELY not pig’s blood. he’s tried to pull this before—he likes to milk the whole butcher shop thing for attention from his friends. Huaisang isn’t allowed into the back of the shop. you’ve seen how coordinated he is—I’m not letting him around cleavers until he’s grown into his own feet. feel free to take off more points, since I doubt he finished the essay before decorating it in hot sauce. thanks for letting me know—nmj

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