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#the untamed
joshua-beeking14 hours ago
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The MDZS Wangxian acrylic painting is completed!
Worked really hard on this, phew
(Photo is screwing up the colors a bit tho.)
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wisesnail23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And done! This was one of my favourite bits in The Untamed 馃挋 I hope you like it! <:
Prints and other stuff on my RedBubble and Society6 (I鈥檓 Wisesnail on both <: )
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littlesmartart22 hours ago
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DRAWTOBER #17聽-聽 Song Lan and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Cat by jirluvien
Some people meet in a caf茅, hands brushing as they both reach for their orders at the same time. Some look at each other across the room and realize they鈥檝e just met their soulmate. Some are dragged together by their dogs in a park, gaining a whole family in a moment. There is romance in the first meeting, a spark of magic.
Song Lan meets Xingchen when Xingchen鈥檚 terrible cat from hell decides Song Lan must die.
look. LOOK. this fic is very silly, and very adorable, and I love it so very much. I still maintain that the absolute best way to translate Yi City to a modern AU without it being tragic is to have Xue Yang be Xingchen鈥檚 awful murderous hellcat who loves him and hates everyone else, particularly聽Song Lan, and this fic plays out that idea so so well!
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briannaormond11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Another wall scene cause why not
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drwcn9 hours ago
Hello! I just read the whole Lan Yan AU and I have Feelings about it. Like damn I kinda want to cry. But also鈥 bro do I feel bad.
I have a question tho. After it was clear that both JC and LWJ were wrong about each other, what happened then?
Ahhh hello friend! Many apologies for the feels >:){
Well... after the Guanyin Temple Drama Showdown, things... well, things didn't exactly go the way Lan Wangji thought it would.
(x) (x) these female rendition of Wuji inspired me lol. The first one is sung by A-Qing!
銆妋idnight sun銆 snippet 17 - f!wwx au. [original post]
The kite was flying away.
Wei Wuxian's aimless morning promenade stalled by the riverside training ground, her footsteps unconsciously carrying her to this familiar place she once loved. Along the boardwalk and concrete stairs, she saw the gathering of young folks carrying bows - Jiang Cheng's disciples in their uniforms of pale periwinkle and cerulean blue.
Gazing up, she watched the crane-shaped kite drift farther and farther with the morning breeze, out of the young archers' limited reach.
One of the taller, more muscular boys tried his hand at shooting it down, but missed by a foot. There was a chorus of groans that followed, signaling the disciples' disappointment.
Wei Wuxian chuckled.
"This isn't the training drill." Came a sudden voice from behind, calm but commanding.
The disciples quieted instantly, spinning around at once, startled gaze shifting between Wei Wuxian and the owner of the reprimand approaching them at a swift, even pace.
"Shi...shigu," the youngsters bowed, first at Wei Wuxian given that she was technically their senior and then at the fourteen-year-old who came to a stop at her side. "Da-shijie." (Shigu = martial aunt, since Jiang Cheng is their shifu).
Said girl bowed to Wei Wuxian in perfect form. "Niang."
"Yan'er, they were only practicing."
Jiang Yueqian - even after everything, she still refused to be called Lan Yueqian - grimaced, which for the usually unflappable First Disciple of Yunmng Jiang meant the smooth pale skin between her shapely brows dented ever so slightly.
"They're overextending themselves," replied Jiang Yan in displeasure. Then without hesitation, she reached into the quiver strapped at her side for an arrow, and in one smooth practiced motion, shot down the stowaway kite midflight.
Yan'er was not the oldest of Jiang Cheng's disciples by far, since ranking amongst martial siblings was dictated by order of admission into the sect and not by age, but she was certainly his most accomplished. The junior disciples stared in awe, before breaking into delighted hoots and cheers.
Go da-shijie! Da-shijie is the best!!
Jiang Yueqian huffed, the barest hint of blush dusting her cheeks. "Back to your assigned drills. Any more shenanigans and I will report all of you to shifu for punishment. Word has it that the floorboards need a desperate scrubbing."
At the threat of menial labour, the disciples quickly fell back into formation.
For a moment, the scene before Wei Wuxian melted into the waters, and the ground beneath her feet gave away. In her ears was the ringing of another group of disciples' cheers, another kite that was shot down, another lifetime ago when she still considered herself young, and innocent, and free.
At her side, Jiang Cheng would roll his eyes at her showing off again, but would smirk with pride nevertheless. Yet the affectionate eyes staring at her now didn't belong to her shidi, they...
They belonged to Lan Zhan.
Thirteen years, how Jiang Cheng had kept his promise, and kept Yan'er safe from the world. How frightening it must have been, thought Wei Wuxian, to keep a secret so dangerous so close to heart, when the evidence was this damningly obvious. Her hand drifted up towards her child's face before she could help herself.
Yan'er was her father's daughter.
"Niang?" Bright eyes stared at her curiously. "Is something the matter?"
"No." Wei Wuxian shook her head. She smoothed the fabric of her robes and changed the subject. "I - ah - wore the outfit you had picked out for me. How does it look?"
Yan'er smiled and then clung to Wei Wuxian's arm in an uncharacteristically juvenile display of affection, "Beautiful. Niang is always beautiful, but the robe is a nice change. Niang's hair too, it's refreshing to see it dressed. Shifu said back in the days, you rarely wore nuzhung because you were a rebel, but I think it's because Niang knew all the ladies would be too ashamed to show themselves because they knew they could never compare." (nuzhuang = female fashion).
Wei Wuxian laughed, pinching Jiang Yan's cheek. "That tongue of yours, what a rascal you are! Who taught you to sweet talk like that, couldn't possibly be Jiang Cheng!"
"Well, it's not sweet talking if it's true." Jiang Yan replied innocently, before suddenly realizing that her mother was not one to dress up for no reason. Releasing Wei Wuxian's arm, the smile on her face quickly faded. "He's visiting again, isn't he?"
Wei Wuxian sighed. "Yan'er..."
It's been two months since the Guanyin Temple incident, two months since Jin Guangyao's heinous crimes were made public knowledge, two months since Lan Wangji claimed the seat of Chief Cultivator.
A part of Wei Wuxian truly believed that if there had been no Yan'er, she would simply drift away into the world. The land was endless and the oceans unexplored. Her name may have been cleared, but her reputation could never be restored. Mo Xuanyu had resurrected her as she were; she still had no golden core. And whatever her reason for walking the dark path, whatever sacrifice she had made, it didn't change the fact that she was Yiling Laozu, the grandmaster of the demonic arts.
She never expected that she would ever be welcomed at Cloud Recesses, and she certainly didn't think she could ever set foot again in Lotus Pier, and yet -
鈥 濞橈紝涓嶈璧般
鈥 Niang, don't go.
Yan'er had clung to her in the golden morning light in front of the Guanyin Temple for everyone to see, and begged her to stay with those glassy hopeful eyes and flushed cheeks wet with tears.
鈥 But I...
Then, over Jiang Yan's shoulder, Wei Wuxian saw Jiang Cheng's heavy, wistful expression as well.
鈥 鍥炲鍚с
Let's go home.
And really, how was she supposed to say no to that?
鈥 Wei Ying. Yan'er.
All of Gusu Lan present had stared at Jiang Yan like she was some mystical creature, but she gave everything single one of them the cold shoulder, including Lan Wangji, who she refused to acknowledge no matter how much Wei Wuxian had coaxed.
Jiang Cheng must've learned more diplomacy than anyone gave him credit for, because to Wei Wuxian's absolute surprise, he had stepped up to Lan Wangji and Lan Qiren (who turned an alarming shade of green after learning the many revelations that came to light) and said, "Wei Wuxian is of Yunmeng Jiang and will be returning with myself and my disciples. If Hanguang-jun and Gusu Lan have honorable intents, then please act as customs demand. Yunmeng and Gusu are neighbours, and Lotus Pier has never turned away a friendly guest."
Which in 'Jiang Cheng Speech' meant: I don't give a flying fart if you bedded my sister and begot her with child, if you want to see her again, hoops you will hop, courtship you will do, bridewealth you will deliver in abundance to her front door, and then and only then will all of Yunmeng Jiang maybe consider parting with their Wei Wuxian. Until then kindly fuck off.
One day thereafter, Wei Wuxian overheard Yan'er complain to Jiang Cheng while he dealt with paperwork and nodded along to her rant half-heartedly.
鈥 What's so great about that Hanguang-jun anyway, I can't believe Niang would forgive him after everything! She agreed to marry him?! Shifu, how could you let her do this!
鈥擫et? Yatou, I think you don't exactly know how this works. (yatou = girlie, lass)
鈥擨f you forbid it, what can they do? Elope?!
Jiang Cheng had fixed his heiress with a look that said that was exactly what his idiot sister would do, and Jiang Yan had been extremely put out by this. The resulting pout that had ensued for the better part of the night was incredibly powerful - scaring off 95% of her fellow disciples - and an absolute mirror image of a young Lan Wangji.
Wei Wuxian sighed. If only her stubborn child knew how much she was like the father she claimed to despise.
"Lan Zhan is not what you think," Wei Wuxian reached for Yan'er's hand and gave it a soft squeeze. "Give him a chance, he is your diedie."
"He is Lan Sizhui's father."
"A-Yuan is - if you knew what it was like back then - yatou, he didn't know. I never told him and I made your shifu promise never to tell. Lan Zhan didn't abandon you."
"That is of no import." Jiang Yan's affect became blunted again, polite and cold. "He abandoned you, after he....after he sired me. Left you all alone to fend for the remaining Wens. That in itself is enough demonstration of his character."
"Yan'er -"
"Mother, I no longer wish to discuss this." Jiang Yueqian drew back. "There's much to do. I shall not take up any more of your time."
Turning to the disciples who were definitely eavesdropping and sneaking unsubtle glances their way, Jiang Yueqian said, "If you have the time to listen in on others' conversation, then it must mean you're all experts at this drill. Now, why don't you demonstrate for me."
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bloody-bee-tea8 hours ago
Beetober 2021 Day 18 - Blep
This follows after Beetober 2021 Day 9 and won鈥檛 make much sense if you haven鈥檛 read that first.
鈥淛iang Yanlei!鈥 Jiang Cheng yells, walking along the piers and looking for his daughter. 鈥淎-Lei!鈥
鈥淏aba,鈥 a drawn out whine reaches him and Jiang Cheng follows the sound of it.
He鈥檚 not particularly worried, because Lotus Pier is safe and Jiang Yanlei learned to swim really early, but it doesn鈥檛 change the fact that she鈥檚 fast and loves to slip away. Jiang Cheng has some practice with that鈥擩in Ling didn鈥檛 want to stay still, either鈥攂ut unlike Jin Ling Jiang Yanlei can turn into a snake and disappear much more easily.
鈥淲hat are you doing, you little rascal?鈥 Jiang Cheng asks when he finally finds his daughter in the water.
She鈥檚 in her human form right now, but Jiang Cheng guesses that she swam around in her snake form for most of the time. She loves to do that, after all.
鈥淪wimming,鈥 she happily gives back and then turns back into a snake, dipping beneath the water surface and splashing at Jiang Cheng.
He chuckles at her antics, but he also holds his hand out into the water.
鈥淧laytime is over, A-Lei,鈥 he tells her, which makes her stop. 鈥淚t鈥檚 lunch time.鈥
They try to stick to a rigid schedule for her, because she doesn鈥檛 feel hunger like normal humans do, especially not when she鈥檚 in her snake form, but they know from experience that it negatively impacts her human form if she doesn鈥檛 eat regularly.
Jiang Yanlei pouts at him, Jiang Cheng can tell that much even in her snake form, but in the end she slithers up his arm.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 a good girl,鈥 Jiang Cheng teases her and earns himself a stuck out tongue. 鈥淎h, ah, ah, no blep-ing at people, you know the rules.鈥
Jiang Cheng is not about to admit that it鈥檚 undeniably cute when his daughter does it, but most people consider it rude to have a tongue stuck out at them, so he and Nie Mingjue are vigorous in telling her not to do it.
She鈥檚 under enough scrutiny as it is already, they don鈥檛 have to add rude to her apparent list of flaws.
Jiang Yanlei sighs, which is also adorable in her snake form, and then she transforms back into human, throwing herself at Jiang Cheng. He got very good at anticipating that kind of behaviour and catches her easily.
鈥淏lep-ing at you is okay. Blep-ing at people I love is okay,鈥 she mutters, her little face pressed into his shoulder and Jiang Cheng sighs.
鈥淎s long as you know the difference,鈥 he tells her, because he can鈥檛 quite bring himself to tell her no to that.
It鈥檚 too adorable for that.
鈥淐ome on, now, a-die is waiting for us.鈥
鈥淲here is our little rascal?鈥 Nie Mingjue sing-songs, walking in circles around Jiang Yanlei鈥檚 room.
It鈥檚 long past her bedtime, but she鈥檚 nowhere to be found, at least not at first glance. But Jiang Cheng just brought her back from her bath, so Nie Mingjue knows she鈥檚 in this room.
鈥淭urning into a little snake is not gonna get you out of bedtime,鈥 Nie Mingjue says into the room, damn well knowing that his daughter is slithering around somewhere and is probably laughing at him to boot.
There is no answer of course, but Nie Mingjue checks the most likely places for her to hide. She has a few favourite corners, but he can鈥檛 see her in any of them.
He doubts she snuck back out, because she knows better than to do that, but it seems like she鈥檚 in a playful mood today.
鈥淚t seems like my daughter just vanished,鈥 Nie Mingjue says into the apparently empty room. 鈥淢aybe it鈥檚 time to get her baba. He seems to have a second sense for her,鈥 he muses.
Jiang Cheng is an expert in finding Jiang Yanlei, even when she doesn鈥檛 want to be found and when she actually tries to hide, snake form or not. Nie Mingjue has wondered more than once already if Jiang Cheng is so good at finding her, because he secretly has a snake form as well and knows the best hiding spots, but when he brought it up once, Jiang Cheng had only laughed in his face and then kissed him silly.
It wasn鈥檛 quite an answer but Nie Mingjue stopped asking.
The threat works wonders, though, because Nie Mingjue detects a little wriggle under Jiang Yanlei鈥檚 blanket.
He walks over to the bed and pulls the blanket away, only to come face to face with his daughter, who blinks up at him innocently.
鈥淵ou, my little heart, are a menace,鈥 Nie Mingjue says with a smile and in response Jiang Yanlei sticks her tongue out.
It鈥檚 the most endearing sight Nie Mingjue has ever seen but before he can be overcome with feelings, she turns human again.
鈥淚鈥檝e been in bed all along,鈥 she says and scoots up so her head touches her pillow. 鈥淪illy a-die for not finding me.鈥
鈥淲hat am I going to do with you?鈥 Nie Mingjue sighs but he pulls the blanket over her when she stays still.
鈥淩ead me a bedtime story?鈥 she asks, looking hopeful at him and Nie Mingjue shakes his head.
鈥淲hen do I ever not?鈥 he gives back and barely has time to sit down before she throws herself at him.
鈥淏est a-die,鈥 she decides and snuggles into his side.
鈥淲here鈥檚 my little A-Lei?鈥 Nie Huaisang asks as soon as he steps into Lotus Pier.
鈥淗ello to you, too, didi,鈥 Nie Mingjue drily gives back, but Nie Huaisang doesn鈥檛 pay him any attention.
He鈥檚 here for his niece and his niece only.
鈥淕imme, gimme, gimme,鈥 he says, entirely unbefitting of a Sect Leader, but he doesn鈥檛 care at all.
Nie Mingjue rolls his eyes鈥攁 habit he clearly took up from Jiang Cheng鈥攂ut he steps to the side to reveal Jiang Cheng behind him.
鈥淚t鈥檚 good to see you,鈥 Jiang Cheng says with a smile and before Nie Huaisang can repeat his question, he holds out his hand, Jiang Yanlei curled up on there.
鈥淭here she is!鈥 Nie Huaisang says in delight and holds his hand out as well, so she can slither over to him. 鈥淗ello, my most perfect niece!鈥
Jiang Yanlei turns human without warning and he almost drops her with the sudden weight, but he manages to get a good grip on her.
鈥淚鈥檓 your only niece,鈥 she huffs out and he wonders who allowed her to be this clever.
鈥淭hat you are. Still my favourite, though,鈥 he gives back and then holds up his new fan. 鈥淚 painted a new one,鈥 he tells her and she looks curiously at it.
鈥淪how me,鈥 she demands and Nie Huaisang is too whipped to deny her, not that he really wants to.
He unfolds the fan, revealing a picture of her on it; he鈥檚 rather proud of it, because he managed to capture her colours perfectly and it鈥檚 one of his better fans if he鈥檚 being honest.
鈥淢h,鈥 she hums out, turning back into a snake in the blink of an eye.
She moves down his arm and onto the fan and manages to contort her body to match the drawing on the fan. When she perfectly overlaps, she turns her head a little bit and then she sticks out her tongue.
鈥淥h my gods,鈥 Nie Huaisang whispers, feeling like he鈥檚 being fatally wounded. 鈥淵ou can鈥檛 just do that to me!鈥
Jiang Cheng and Nie Mingjue are openly laughing at him, but Nie Huaisang doesn鈥檛 care. They figured out a while back that Jiang Yanlei only does that to people she loves and it鈥檚 making Nie Huaisang so incredibly happy he could cry.
鈥淵ou need to sit down, didi?鈥 Nie Mingjue asks and Nie Huaisang glares at him, while he carefully takes Jiang Yanlei back into his arms.
鈥淚鈥檓 not giving her back,鈥 he decides and instead of being affronted, both Jiang Cheng and Nie Mingjue just laugh.
鈥淲e鈥檒l see about that,鈥 Jiang Cheng says and puts a hand to Nie Huaisang鈥檚 shoulder to lead him into Lotus Pier.
Jin Ling is drifting off, the warmth of the sun and the murmur of the water better than any lullaby anyone could sing to him and it鈥檚 only in Lotus Pier that he feels truly happy and at ease.
Jiang Cheng and Nie Mingjue left him to his own devices after lunch and Jin Ling is kind of glad for it. He desperately needs this time for himself in Lotus Pier; his own Sect is demanding enough of him as it is.
Jin Ling is certain that he falls asleep right there on the pier, but he startles awake when something makes his way up his stomach.
He cranks his eyes open, only to see Jiang Yanlei curled up on his stomach, her snake form glistening in the warm sun and Jin Ling smiles.
鈥淗ello, A-Lei,鈥 he softly says, raising his hand to briefly cup her body with it.
Jiang Yanlei blinks at him, before she curls further into herself and Jin Ling takes the hint.
Time to sleep some more then.
He wakes up again when the sun dips low enough to cast shadows over him and when he blinks Jiang Yanlei is still on his stomach, though she鈥檚 awake and looking at him.
鈥淕ood afternoon,鈥 Jin Ling says, his voice rough from sleep and Jiang Yanlei blinks at him again, before she sticks her tongue out at him.
He reciprocates the gesture and then he groans when Jiang Yanlei turns into her human form to laugh at him.
鈥淚t doesn鈥檛 seem right when you do it,鈥 she says between her laughter and Jin Ling shrugs as best as he can from this position.
鈥淒oesn鈥檛 matter to me,鈥 he says and sticks his tongue out again, causing her to erupt into more laughter.
Lan Qiren is waiting for Jiang Cheng and Nie Mingjue at the entrance to the Cloud Recesses. They are there for official business, so technically it should be Lan Xichen who receives them, but they also bring little Jiang Yanlei with them, so Lan Qiren could not wait for them.
鈥淭eacher Lan,鈥 Jiang Cheng greets him with a shallow bow when they finally make it to the gate and Nie Mingjue follows his lead.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e late,鈥 Lan Qiren tells them, stroking his beard but his stern expression softens when Jiang Cheng smiles at him.
鈥淲e鈥檙e not,鈥 he gives back, clearly certain about that and Nie Mingjue huffs out a laugh.
鈥淗e鈥檚 just impatient to see A-Lei,鈥 Nie Mingjue says to his husband, who fondly rolls his eyes and then holds his hand up.
Lan Qiren would reprimand them both for their improper conduct, but they are right after all. He has missed Jiang Yanlei dearly and he can鈥檛 wait to see how much she鈥檚 grown now.
He watches as she uncurls herself from Jiang Cheng鈥檚 neck and slithers onto his hand, and he visibly sees her perking up when she notices him.
鈥淟eilei,鈥 Lan Qiren softly says and holds his hand close to Jiang Cheng鈥檚 and she immediately transfers over to him.
鈥淵ou could think she loves him more than us,鈥 Jiang Cheng grumbles and Nie Mingjue presses a kiss to his head.
鈥淵ou鈥檝e grown so much, Leilei,鈥 Lan Qiren says, choosing to ignore Jiang Cheng and Nie Mingjue for now and he鈥檚 rewarded when Jiang Yanlei sticks her tongue out to him.
Lan Qiren knows about the particular meaning of that gesture and he cannot with words express how fond he is of her.
He anticipates her changing into her human form, and it鈥檚 easy for him to adjust his hold on her.
鈥淚鈥檝e been eating all my vegetables,鈥 Jiang Yanlei proudly tells him and Lan Qiren nods.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 a good girl,鈥 he praises her and she slings her arms around his neck and puts her head on his shoulder.
鈥淚鈥檝e missed you, yeye,鈥 she mutters and Lan Qiren smiles.
鈥淚鈥檝e missed you, too, Leilei.鈥
Jiang Yanlei does not like bobo and his husband. It has less to do with how loud and obnoxiously annoying bobo is鈥攁nd how silent and boring his husband is鈥攁nd more with how her baba acts when they are around.
Baba is always happy and relaxed with her and a-die and with gege and shushu, and he plays with her whenever she wants and he laughs at so many of her antics.
But when bobo and his husband visit that changes completely and he gets tense and stand-offish and she doesn鈥檛 like it at all.
鈥淒on鈥檛 touch me,鈥 she hisses when bobo reaches out for her and he stops dead in his tracks, his hands still hovering in front of her.
Her human form lacks protective scales and she feels vulnerable like this, so she鈥檚 quick to transform into her snake form. She鈥檚 much more nimble like that and she instantly feels better.
鈥淵our child lacks manners,鈥 bobo鈥檚 husband says and Jiang Yanlei hisses at him, this time for real.
鈥淥ur child is allowed some bodily autonomy, so she can decide on her own who is allowed to touch her and who isn鈥檛,鈥 her baba gives back and when a-die steps close, she slithers up his leg.
鈥淎nd it seems like she doesn鈥檛 want you to touch her, Wei Wuxian, so you would do well to remember that.鈥
鈥淵ou should have raised her properly,鈥 bobo鈥檚 husband says and Jiang Yanlei wants him gone from her home very badly when she sees her baba flinch.
鈥淲e raised her as we saw fit,鈥 baba gives back but his voice sound wrong and not even a-die鈥檚 hand on his back makes him relax.
Jiang Yanlei really has had enough of these people barging into her home and making her parents unhappy, so she gets back down on the ground and she slithers up to bobo鈥檚 husband.
She鈥檚 aware that everyone is watching her, but no one is reaching out for her, which is good, because she doesn鈥檛 want anyone to touch her right now anyway.
When she鈥檚 close enough to bobo鈥檚 husband, she strikes like she never did before. Her teeth sink into his ankle and she violently gets flung away when he kicks out.
鈥淒id she just bite Lan Zhan?鈥 bobo yells and Jiang Yanlei shakes her head before she turns back into her human form.
鈥淵es,鈥 she tells them and then goes over to baba, demanding to be picked up.
鈥淭hat was very naughty of you,鈥 baba tells her, but she sees the way his lips twitch. 鈥淣ever do that again.鈥
鈥淎lright, baba,鈥 she agrees and snuggles close, absolutely planning to do it again, should bobo鈥檚 husband upset her baba again.
鈥淟an Zhan?鈥 bobo says and she turns her attention back to them.
Bobo鈥檚 husband doesn鈥檛 look too well; he鈥檚 swaying on his feet and he鈥檚 turning an unnatural blue.
鈥淚s she鈥攊s she venomous?鈥 bobo screeches and Jiang Yanlei blinks.
鈥淚 don鈥檛鈥攕he never bit anyone before, how are we supposed to know?鈥 a-die says but he rushes forward to catch bobo鈥檚 husband when he crumbles.
鈥淕et a healer,鈥 baba yells towards his disciples and suddenly there鈥檚 activity everywhere.
Jiang Yanlei watches everything with big eyes and she startles when baba puts a hand to her back.
鈥淎-Lei, never do that again.鈥
鈥淗e was being rude and mean,鈥 she gives back and baba sighs.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 not a reason to bite someone, especially given that you鈥檙e apparently venomous.鈥
Jiang Yanlei frowns.
鈥淐an I do it to bad people, though?鈥 she wants to know and baba nods.
鈥淭hen I don鈥檛 see what I did wrong,鈥 she tells him and baba snorts.
鈥淎-Lei, Lan Wangji is not a bad person.鈥
鈥淗e makes you unhappy. He must be a bad person.鈥
鈥淥h, my baby,鈥 baba sighs and kisses her head. 鈥淒on鈥檛 bite people related to our family, okay?鈥
鈥淔ine,鈥 she grumbles, not at all happy with that but she鈥檒l try to remember it.
At least she got one bite in.
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1000wangjis14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
226. (Episode 6)
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twenty-orange-balloons14 hours ago
Photos that remind me of MDZS characters pt. 4
Wangxian and Nie Mingjue -
Tumblr media
Jiang Cheng and Nie Huaisang -
Tumblr media
Wei Wuxian -
Tumblr media
Wen Qing -
Tumblr media
Lou Qingyang -
Tumblr media
Xue Yang -
Tumblr media
Qin Su and Jiang Cheng -
Tumblr media
Wen Ning -
Tumblr media
Lan Jingyi and Jin Ling -
Tumblr media
Lan Jingyi -
Tumblr media
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drwcn8 hours ago
my favourite hc is that jiggy, qin su and mxy all share a certain level of hidden crazy (or not so hidden in mxy's case), and jzx is the odd one out
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genderbent motorcycle lesbians nieyao because the chat asked for it: a-yao has borrowed mingjue-jie's spare jacket, but it's a little big on her
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Sad highlights from the MDZS manhua this week, chapter 206
(covers novel chap 76-77, donghua ep 21, audio drama S3Ep7, & The Untamed ep 31)
The knives keep coming
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This scene gets my tears going every single time. 馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶
Please support the manhua, the last adaptation we have left to look forward to every week:
Official English translations of the manhua at WeComics, but they're ~20 chaps behind.
English release of MDZS novels available for pre-order at
MDZS carrd for all adaptations of MDZS:
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gahan & wangxian parallels 脳 1/? + the devil judge ep 16 | the untamed ep 33
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I did a lil something. Ive always been confused whether he was mouthing wangxian or wuji but 馃槶馃槶 here it is !!!!
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