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Whoever came up with this, know that you almost killed me while trying to drink my coffee.
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play that funky music, flute boy
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the untamed + some time later...
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WWX's second life isn't a redemption arc where he's atoning for his 'sins'. His second life is the reward for all the good things he did in his first life. WWX does NOT have a redemption arc because he never needed one.
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The Untamed | Episode 25 [Whole-Life Confident]
Lan Wangji, Who do you take me for? Can't you leave me alone?
Who do you take me for?
I had once taken you as my whole-life confident
Still, I am
⤳WangXian's Favorite Scenes [2/∞]⬿
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🖤 Second disciple of the Yiling Wei Sect - Mo Xuanyu ❤️
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I deeply understand Jin Ling.
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Photos that remind me of MDZS characters pt. 25
Lan Wangji -
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Jiang Cheng -
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Wen Qing -
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Wen Qing and Wei Wuxian -
Tumblr media
Lan Xichen and Jin Guangyao -
Tumblr media
Wei Wuxian -
Tumblr media
Lan Jingyi -
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Nie Huaisang and Wei Wuxian -
Tumblr media
WangXian -
Tumblr media
Jin Zixuan and Jin Ling -
Tumblr media
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Lan Qiren: Rules were made to be followed. Nothing was made to be broken.
Nie Huaisang: Hm... piñatas?
Jiang Cheng: Practice dummies!
Wei Wuxian: Spaghetti when you have a small pot.
Lan Wangji, quietly: And rules.
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In the mood for a Fic...
1. Hello hello!! For the next in the mood for post, do you know fics where a-yuan remembers wwx during the 13 years?? Like maybe asking for his xian-gege??? Thank you!!
forgetting envies, remembering your loving hold by cosmicfuss (G, 4k, LSZ & WN, travel, remembering)
Lan Sizhui Sees Dead People series by darkbrokenreaper (T, 30k, wangxian, fluff, angst)
2. for the in-the-mood fics... anything with hurt or sick lwj? i've gone through everything there is with wwx, and i'm in the mood for cuddles, so anything where lwj gets taken care of? thank you so much for all your hard work, this blog is a lifesaver!
my bones into your bones by butterflylungs (M, 17k, WangXian, Post-Canon, Case fic,. Established Relationship, W hump, Hurt/comfort, Angst with a happy ending)
The Concubine Mo Chronicles Series by Enigmatree (T, 71k, WangXian, Prince LWJ, Concubine WWX, Royalty AU, Hurt/comfort) Hurt LWJ is in the last chapters
Shadows in the sun rise by Yuu_chi (E, 24k, WangXian, Post-Canon, Night hunts, Curses, Intimacy, Light Angst with a Happy Ending, They're married and they're in love) Lan Wangji is cursed
Master and Jade/002 by WaffleBunny13 (E, 6k, WIP, WangXian, Rabbit Hybrid LWJ, Human Experimentation, Unethical Experimentation, Doctor WWX, Bottom LWJ/Top WWX, Older WWX, Younger LWJ) Mad Science victim rabbit hybrid LWJ is rescued by Doctor! WWX
5 Times Wei WuXian was a Domestic Goddess by DoAliensLikePasta (G, 6k, WIP, WangXian, Sickfic, Fluff, Suprised LWJ, Established Relationship, Domestic fluff) WWX cares for a sick LWJ
The Cultivator's Cold by Court_on_Fire (G, 6k, WangXian, Post Canon, A splash of Angst if you squint real hard, Mild illness, Tooth-rotting fluff, Happy Ending) the mighty Hanguang-jun somehow catches a plain old cold—to WWX’s dramatic dismay; the author’s summary is a thing of beauty.
💖A Cyborg's Three Laws by FairyGardenCorgis, illustrated by @joshua-beeking (M, 194k, WangXian, Science Fiction, Slow Burn, Medical Procedures, Angst, Fluff, Humor, Eventual Smut, Hurt/Comfort, LWJ has RA, Idiot Friends to Idiot Lovers, obscene amounts of cuddling, like if you're looking for cuddleporn you hit the jackpot, Versatile wangxian) cybernetics scientist WWX converts RA patient LWJ into a cyborg and personally conducts his therapy. No-holds-barred cuddlepalooza, informed by both the author’s and artist’s experience of RA; this fan favorite has inspired too much fanart to list here. The original comics are on Joshua’s Tumblr under #cyborg!lwj au
and until the sun burns out, I will look after you by untakenbeepun (T, 2k, wangxian, post-canon, sick fic, hurt/comfort, established relationship, light angst, fluff)
The Best Medicine by BaconnEggs (G, 2k, wangxian, modern, sick fic, domestic fluff, comfort food, cuddles, forehead kisses)
A Curse of a Different Color by nickel710 (G, 35k, wangxian, JC/LXC/WQ, modern w/ magic, curse breaking, fluff & angst, asexual polyamory, hurt/comfort, repressed LWJ, drunk LWJ, bunnies, anxiety)
💖Careful hands by deliciousblizzardshark (M, 10k, wangxian, canon divergence, BAMF WWX, protective WWX, hurt LWJ, angst, hurt/comfort, getting together, first time, not a fix-it)
a fever, a promise, an unopened door by pale_and_tragic (T, 9k, LXC & LWJ, wangxian, post-canon, sick fic, angst w/ happy ending, hurt/comfort, fever, hallucinations)
3. Hi! I'm in the mood for a fic where one half of wangxian is from the modern world and the other is from ancient china. Without reincarnation if that's ok. Thanks
Wrong Turn, Right Place by diamondbruise (E, 71k, WangXian, Time Travel, kind of, it's more reality travel but there's modern wwx and cultivator lwj, Mutual Pining, Angst with a Happy Ending, Jealousy, Idiots in Love, Slow Burn, Misunderstandings, Cultural Differences)
you mean to make a puppet of me, by TheRealFailWhale (T, 31k, WangXian, Modern AU, Wingfic, Parallel universes, Curses, Getting to Know Each Other, Puppets, Slow Burn Perforce, Because Lan Wangji is Too Tiny to Burn, Crack Treated Seriously, Mojo's Post) LWJ, cursed into the form of a tiny fairy marionette, is transported to a modern AU where he comes into the hands of a handsome and kindly puppeteer; frontispiece by Mojo! (this was their 2022 Reverse Big Bang collaboration.)
4. Hello again!!! First off I want to say thank you for all your work providing so many hours of reading I really appreciate it! Second would y'all know of A) any mythical wanxian? Or B) a/b/o (again wanxian) centered more around fluffy goodness rather than the uhhh.... more explicit aspect to the trope? Thank y'all in advance!! @yukihyo-no-yosei​
💖Soaring through the skies - together series by Vrishchika (E, 15k, wangxian, fantasy au, dragon LWJ, phoenix WWX, getting together, non-human genitelia, explicit sexual content, getting together, first time, double penetration, oral sex, angst w/ happy ending)
💖Tricks and treats by apathyinreverie (M, 12k, wangxian, dragon LWJ, phoenix LSZ, fox WWX, family, injury, fluff, romance, possessive LWJ, WIP)
💖Hoards and treasures by apathyinreverie (T, 21k, wangxian, canon au, fox WWX, dragon LWJ, not Jiang friendly, smitten LWJ, fluff, romance, courting)
💖a one track mind by bunnxianluvsu (MooseFeels) (E, 11k, wangxian, modern, phoenix WWX, romantic comedy, body image, illnesses, medical, accidental flirting, WIP)
💖fell by you by Vrishchika (E, 44k, wangxian, fantasy au, dragon LWJ, immortals, deities, dragon WWX, angst w/ happy ending)
💖dark and glimmering by Sanguis (T, 5k, wangxian, modern, post-canon, married couple, immortality, technology failure)
Paths of Light and Darkness Converge by ataratah (E, 30k, wangxian, fox WWX, dragon LWJ, secret identity, non-human genitelia, crack treated seriously, fluff, angst w/ happy ending)
雙喜臨門: double happiness at your door by besanii (T, 57k, wangxian, xianxia au, fake/pretend relationship, fluff & humor, fox WWX, dragon LWJ, immortals, romance, developing relationship, Three Lives Three Worlds au, love confessions, weddings)
a-niang by imusuallyobsessed (T, 3k, LSZ & WWX, wangxian, ABO, mating cycles/in heat, grooming, comfort, family fluff)
Baby, Don't Grow Up by FireboltSparks (G, 3k, wangxian, LWJ & LSZ & WWX, ABO, family fluff, established relationship)
I Will Build My Love a Bower by little_ogre (G, 1k, wangxian, ABO, nesting, puberty, cloud recesses shenanigans)
Red Riding by silverclaw (T, 5k, wangxian, ABO, werewolves, human LWJ, alpha WWX, jealous WWX, protective WWX, past injury)
Tenderness by simply_mad (G, 4k, wangxian, ABO, mpreg, fluff, caretaking)
flourish, full-flowered by lazulisong (T, 13k, wangxian, canon divergence, ABO)
5. So I just finished reading "Advisable Lan rules and other shenanigans" by apathyinreverie on ao3 and it is GREAT. So I was wondering if A) anyone new of other fics in that vein/similar vibes? B) fics where phoenix mountain hunt's feast goes differently C) fics where wwx has to corral drunk Lans E) any fics set post sunshot pre-burial mounds. Esp any of the above that are funny/fluffy/fix-it.
through all the in-betweens by isabilightwood (E, 13k, wangxian, canon divergence, drunk LWJ, pining, bottom LWJ, sub LWJ, kink discovery, angst, fluff, smut)
All aboard this drunk boat... by Ladycroft4evr (G, 2k, wangxian, drunk LWJ, drunk Juniors, Responsible Adult (tm) WWX)
6. Hellooooo to our lovely mods 💞💞 For your next, I'm in a mood for recs, A) could you rec fix its?? Any and all type are extremely appreciated. I also have another request, B) do you maybe have recs for the junior quartet being ducklings to mama duck WWX?? Thank you for all your hard work ❤️ @flexible-racoon
🧡decay by antebunny (G, 15k, WangXian, Canon Divergence, Angst, Misunderstandings, Miscommunication, Fix-It, Angst with a Happy Ending, the fluffiest ending, Hurt/Comfort)
🧡Stunted, Starving Juvenility by TomatenMark (E, 329k, WangXian, WIP, Fix-it of sorts, Talisman master WWX, Not JFM Friendly, Study Arc, Getting together, Fluff and Angst, Engagement)
🧡 Song by WithBroomBefore (T, 41k, Platonic Soulbond, Hurt/comfort, Canon Divergence, No golden core transfer, JC&JZX stay in Xuanwu cave, Fix-it, Temporary character death)
the thread may stretch or tangle but it will never break by @rosethornewrites (E, 70k, WIP, WangXian, Canon Divergence, Fix-It, Angst, Hurt/comfort) my wip
Here We Go Again by Alliandra (T, 174k, wangxian, JC & WWX, JC/WQ, post-canon, canon compliant, conspiracy, angst w/ happy ending, pining, possession, family feels, major character injury)
lucky me, i can hear ghosts by monsshi (G, 4k, wangxian, WWX & Junior Quartet, post-canon, night hunts, demonic cultivation, BAMF WWX, mystery, minor injuries, minor violence, ghosts)
Trust by FlyingMachine1 (G, 8k, WWX & Juniors Quartet, wangxian, BAMF WWX, humor)
7. for "in the mood for", fics where wwx goes off to the sect leaders about their treatment of the wen remnants, either pre or post resurrection
Travel Back Down That Road by iSwallowMy_converse (T, 8k, WangXian, Canon Divergence, Time travel Fix-It, Somebody Lives/Not everyone dies) time-traveller post-canon wifi goes off at the phoenix mt banquet
8. hello! do you know any fics where lwj runs away? it can be canon or not, lwj just can't with his family anymore and nopes out of it? normally wwx is the run away in the fics, but ive never saw lwj being the one. OR they can run away together idk. thank you for your attention! <3
With Shortness of Breath by QueenieWithABeenie (T, 72k, WIP, WangXian, Canon Divergence, Demonic Cultivator LWJ, Hurt/comfort, Hopeful ending, Angst and Feels, Fix-It of Sorts)
the wild hunt series by antebunny (G, 18k, WangXian, Canon Divergence, Fix-It of Sorts, Hurt/comfort, Angst) they run away together
9. Hi! For the next "I'm in the mood for a fic" post... I'm in the mood for fics where WWX is a shapeshifter (any kind!) that take place during the Cloud Recesses study arc! (They can be longer and extend past that point too, as long as shapeshifter wwx at cloud recesses is a thing!)
The Beast of Gusu series by Netrixie (T&M, 212k, WangXian, Canon Divergence, Wolf WWX, Slow Burn, Fluff and Angst, Eventual Happy Ending)
flame and rust by cl410 (M, 34k, WangXian, Canon Divergence, Happy ending, Dragon WWX, Fluff and Humor, Light angst)
The Tiger has Destroyed his Cage by updatebug (G, 54k, WangXian, Fix-It fic, Hurt/comfort, Tiger WWX, Found family, Angst with a happy ending)
The Light Within the Dark by Dreaming_Days (M, 123k, WangXian, Canon Divergence, Shapeshifters AU, Fox WWX, Dragon LWJ, Happy ending)
When fish soar by mondengel (G, 2k, WangXian, Mermaid AU, Mermaid WWX, Dragon LWJ) hope mer shifter wifi with a side of dragonji is ok
Ember clouds by apathyinreverie (T, 9k, WIP, WangXian, Fluff, Fix-It, Dragon WWX, Romance, BAMF WWX) dragonshifter wifi
10. Hey do you know any good fics where either or both of them are famous?
🧡 Melodies series by sassybluee (T, 241k, wangxian, modern, music industry au, classical musician LWJ, rapper WWX, celebrities, getting together, domestic fluff, body image, depression, hurt/comfort, unspecified eating disorder) I reread the Melodies series on the REG, so good
💖there is a glorious sunrise (dappled with flickers of light) by moonbots (T, 18k, modern, rockstar LWJ, artist WWX, fluff, angst, humor) Also 10, here’s a fic that was written for my edit during the last RBB!
💖Pop and Prejudice by flowerofgusu (E, 25k, wangxian, modern, famous popstar WWX, music critic LWJ, misunderstandings, pining, falling in love, slow burn, fluff & angst, smut, hurt/comfort)
🧡I Don't Want to Debut! by countingcr0ws (G, 56k, WangXian, Modern AU, Reality show, Idols, Actor LWJ, Forced Contestant WWX)
【那夏天的我們】a stroke of fate by puddingcatbeans (G, 59k, WangXian, Modern AU, YouTuber WWX, Musician LWJ, Farmer WWX, Fluff, Slice of Life)
[restoration exercise - no talking] by spookykingdomstarlight (M, 18k, WangXian, Model WWX, ASMR YoutTuber LWJ, Strangers to Lovers, Meet-Cute, Long-Distance Relationship, Identity Porn, Fluff, Light Angst, Loneliness, Yearning)
11. Hello! Do you have any fic recs for role swap where WWX takes JYL's place when she gets stabbed? Or maybe a full on roll swap where JC or JYL is the YLP/M and WWW dies, maybe he comes back to life?
Shattered Dreams by pupeez4eva (Not Rated, 8k, WangXian, Canon Divergence, Time travel, Angst, Fluff, Yunmeng Jiang siblings, Angst with a happy ending)
monsters cannot break her stride by Stratisphyre (G, 3k, WangXian, Canon Divergence, JYL Lives, POV Outsider) not sure if this is precisely what op is looking for, but it’s got a lot of the elements
12. hey hey! im so sorry if im doing this wrong but for iitm would u mind recommending fics where lxc dies n it shows lwj reacting? preferably somwehere in/after ssc, but reading one after canon—or even before—would be v much welcome! ty for what yall do, hope u have a great day!
13. A) I'd like some fics that focus on LWJ rebelling against LQR/the Lan clan. He's such a rule-follower, rebelling carries the potential for a ton of drama, both for himself internally and for others who thought they knew him. SHOW ME THE DRAMA. B) related but different: Are there any fics where LWJ _passive-aggressively_ defies his family? Where he doesn't have the nerve (yet) to disobey directly, but makes his displeasure abundantly clear in petty ways? I'd like those fics too. Thank you mods! @invisible-mirror
it's a long road but we're not alone by Stratisphyre (M, 61k, WangXian, Somebody Lives/Not everyone dies, Getting together, Golden Core Reveal) a fusion of both prompts, hgj is not outright defiant but he’s quietly intractable :)
14. this is like... a highly specific in the mood for. but i'm hoping for some grandpa!lqr fic recs. i have this image in my head where he looks at wangxian (or lwj's hopeless crush) and realizes 2+2= grandbabies. and i'm just hoping somebody has written it.
The stuffed bunny, the beautiful nephew, and other gifts from Lan Qiren by deliciousblizzardshark (G, 8k, WangXian, LQR & WWX, Modern AU, Single Parent WWX, Good Uncle LQR, Accidental Uncle Acquisition, Found Family, Fluff) (LQR finds out his neighbor WWX is taking care of a child and is immediately like -This boy must marry my nephew - it's great ~ Mod C)
Lan Qiren, Baby Whisperer by Liebing (T, 2k, WangXian, LQR & WWX, Modern AU, Professor LQR, Single parent WWX, Student WWX, College AU, WWX has to bring LSZ to class, LQR can’t say no to a free grandkid, Fluffy, Match making LQR, Lans love a free kid, Happy Ending, Time Jump, Toddler LSZ)
but his smile never dimmed by Stratisphyre (G, 9k, LQR & WWX, Modern with Magic, College Student WWX, Single parent WWX, Professor LQR) CSI: Gusu series by Stratisphyre (esp #2)
15. Hello! I have two different requests for the next 'I'm in the mood for' you'll have space in, hope this is all right :3? A) Time travel fix it stories, where both WWX and LWJ travel back, and don't try to hide how very much into each other they are - I really want a lot of other people's reactions to Wangxian being shameless! B) The best of dark!LWJ you can think of!
Til Death Do Us Part by Fuck_It_Up_Kenneth (Not Rated, 55k, WIP, WangXian, Time Travel, Established Relationship, Soft WangXian, Fluff, Angst with a happy ending)
Sacrifices Made with Blood by NocturnalFriend (M, 80k, WIP, WangXian, Time Travel, Angst, Hurt/comfort, Trauma, Trust issues)
Alternate by Hanashi_o_suru (M, 37k, WIP, WangXian, Time Travel, Established Relationship, Canon Divergence)
Another chance by lightsfillthesky (G, 41k, WIP, WangXian, Time Travel, Established Relationship, Hurt/comfort)
the world is but a stage for the two of us by MandMandM (Not Rated, 7k, WIP, WangXian, Time Travel, Established Relationship, Shameless WangXian)
in case of fire, break glass by Jenrose (T, 65k, WangXian, Time Travel, Established Relationship, Hurt/comfort, Everyone loves/nobody dies)
It is a serious thing just to be alive by Itgoeson (E, 57k, WangXian, Time Travel, Trans WWX, Established Relationship, Angst with a happy ending)
No, Lan Wangji, You Cannot Marry Someone You Just Met! by soulmateenthusiast (T, 40k, WIP, WangXian, Time Travel, Established Relationship)
The promises we make by LadyKG (T, 2k, WangXian, Time Travel, Established Relationship, Fix-It of Sorts Canon Divergence)
holding up the sky series by LadyKG (Not rated, 13k, WangXian, Canon Divergence, Time travel, Fix-It of Sorts) works too
how far beneath the wave by lunarnoncooperation (themoonwouldnotcooperate) (M, 30k, WIP, WangXian, Time Travel, Established Relationship, Old married couple WX, Hurt/comfort)
Wangxian's Time-Travelling Shenanigans Series by pupeez4eva (T&M, 18k, WangXian, Canon Divergence, Time travel, Humor, PDA)
Trials of Time by Muggle_Diary (E, 31k, WangXian, Canon Divergence, Butterfly effect, Time travel, Fluff, Established Relationship, Not Jiang Family Friendly)
🧡 Rule Number One: Never get attached. by KizuKatana (E, 130k, WangXian, Modern AU, A/B/O, Criminal underworld AU, Fluff and angst, Crime boss LWJ, Rouge criminal genius WWX, Explicit Sex)
demons run when a good man goes to war by Miranda_Aurelia (T, 20k, WangXian, Canon Divergence, Angst, Happy ending, NHS & LWJ Friendship, Not JGY & LXC friendly, Presumed Major character death)
🧡modus operandi by synonemous (E, 21k, WangXian, Modern AU, Serial killer WangXian, Eventual happy ending, WangXian's Canon Kinks, Smut)
🧡in flagrante delicto by synonemous (E, 39k, WangXian, Modern AU, Serial killer WangXian, A/B/O, Mpreg, Smut, Wangxian's Canon Kinks, Modern Yi City arc, Angst with a happy ending)
If you didn’t get an answer to your ask here, don’t forget to make use of @mdzs-kinkmeme and MDZS KINK MEME on  Dreamwidth. Authors actually do use them for ideas. You may get what you order!***Your prompt doesn’t have to be kink! Fluff, crack, whatever - it’s all good!***
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people’s favorite the untamed scenes  —  for @trans-xianxian
jiang cheng’s take care
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cerusee · 18 hours ago
More content brought to you courtesy of chronic insomnia: lately I have been banging the drum that actually I think Wei Wuxian needs to know about “take care”. It would be good for him, once he stopping having an epic meltdown about it and what it signified for his relationship with Jiang Cheng, The One Whom Must Be Protected Always, and it’s critical to the evolution of said relationship. The big problem here is that do we think Jiang Cheng is likely to bring up this incredibly pertinent fact now? After sixteen years of never feeling that it was worth mentioning that he let himself be captured by his family’s murderers specifically to distract them from Wei Wuxian? Do we think he’s going to bring this up now, when he knows that the golden core that replaced the one he lost to the Wens came from Wei Wuxian, who suffered immense harm from it, thus rendering Jiang Cheng’s own sacrifice meaningless (he probably feels)? Besties, we do not.
The question, therefore, is how can someone find out, and pass this information on to Wei Wuxian, ideally in some relatively blithe way that is not remotely going to prepare him for the emotional shock of it. So far I have:
Jiang Cheng and Lan Wangji end up on a night hunt together and get idk briefly trapped in a haunted cave that plays out visions of emotionally significant past events. Lan Wangji thinks very little about the revelation that Jiang Cheng once risked his life to save Wei Ying. It’s no less than Wei Ying deserved, after all. If anything, he’s thinking about how embarrassing it is that Jiang Wanyin just saw his teenage library sex fantasies. It takes awhile before the subject of oh, so that’s how Jiang Wanyin lost his core comes up between him and Wei Ying, and he’s confused when WWX hightails it outta the Cloud Recesses on his way to Lotus Pier so fast he leaves one of those little cartoon dust clouds.
Jiang Cheng mumbled something about it to Wen Ning while Wen Ning was rescuing him from Lotus Pier. He has no memory of this. Wen Ning didn’t think it mattered at the time, and never mentioned it. If it’s occurred to him since that actually, this would be a pretty big deal to Wei-gongzi, he’s currently withholding it out of spite because ugh, fuck Jiang Wanyin, actually. He’ll only bring it up if there’s an opportunity to do so in a way that’s insulting to him, and oops, he did know this might bother Wei-gongzi a little bit, but he wasn’t expecting the BSOD—Wei-gongzi, maybe I shouldn’t have said that, Wei-gongzi, are you all right—
Jin Ling weaseled it out of Jiang Cheng years ago, long before Wei Wuxian came back. He gets that Jiujiu doesn’t like to talk about any of this shit, though, so it’s only months or years after Da-jiu comes into Jin Ling’s life that the subject comes up. He’s just matter-of-factly correcting the record, after Wei Wuxian mentions that Jiang Cheng was captured by the Wen trying to retrieve his parent’s bodies from Lotus Pier. (He was just trying to explain what a big deal family is to Jiang Cheng! I mean it was a bad idea, but it was very filial of him.) WWX is like what the fuck who told you that that can’t be right, and Jin Ling says Jiujiu told me, who else? Excuse me, waisheng, I need to go scream at your jiujiu for several hours I can’t believe how stupid he is why would he do that for me oh my god oh my god oh my god, and Jin Ling has to get him a paper bag to breathe into.
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no one tell him…
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Wei Wuxian's Yiling Laozu Final Outfit | Episode 31 - 32 - 33
The Untamed | WangXian's Outfits [8/∞]
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@ebonykain said: I'm very curious what Meng Shi's opinions on her son's sworn brothers are
oh man, Meng Shi and Xichen were MADE to be mother and son-in-law. Xichen thinks Meng Shi is wonderful not only because she's the beloved mother of a man he loves, but also because they have a bunch of interests in common! the two of them spend ages happily bonding over literature and poetry and painting and music. also, Xichen has a lot of internalised guilt and grief about his own mother that he's never really gotten to process at ALL, and has literally ZERO other older women in his life, so hanging out with Meng Shi is very precious and theraputic for him. eventually, he does open up to her about what happened with his mother, and the compassion with which Meng Shi handles the story of a woman who was treated like a disgusting criminal who should be forgotten by the whole Lan sect means a great deal to him.
(the rest under the cut)
Meng Shi adores Xichen from the very start for no other reason that he seems to genuinely and earnestly respect her??? sometimes his attempts to talk about her profession are a little clumsy, but it's clear that he legitimately does not look down on her for it. once she gets to know him and sees how much he loves her son - when JGY tells her about the kindness Xichen treated him with even before they got together, and when she sees how persistently and devotedly Xichen cares for JGY - it's impossible for her not to not give her wholehearted approval. for her, their shared interests are just the icing on the cake.
things with Mingjue are a little more complicated - JGY certainly did not tell her all of the details of their No Good Very Bad breakup, so what she knows is that things were, uhhhhhhh not great for a long while, but they did their best to be civil for the sake of Xichen and A-Fu, and by the time Mingjue winds up meeting Meng Shi, he and JGY are reconciled. Mingjue feels oddly anxious about meeting her, given that he knows Xichen met her when they were hiding in the brothel and the two of them bonded over their love of the arts, so there's part of him that is worried he will come across as just a Big Uncouth Fighty Man in comparison :( but! he grew up with two mamas, and there are many older aunties in the Nie sect, so I feel like he does have a certain level of practice when it comes to interacting with older women. he genuinely respects Meng Shi for how well she raised JGY, and doesn't really have any personal issues with her profession, and there are many things about Meng Shi that low-key remind Mingjue of Huaisang's mum, which means once they're more comfortable with each other, Mingjue very much feels at home having his cheeks pinched and hands patted and being bossed around by a tiny older lady :)
on the flip side, Meng Shi finds Mingjue's awkward earnestness and quiet respect very charming! whilst Mingjue has a formidable reputation, and she knows he broke her son's heart many years ago, you don't get as famous as her in her profession without being exceptionally good at reading people, and it doesn't take her long to realise that Mingjue has a big heart under the famous temper and all those muscles. he is nothing but very polite and kind with her, and in the time that she sees them together, it is clear to her that whatever their history was, now that they are reconciled, Mingjue adores her son. they don't bond in the same way she and Xichen do, but Meng Shi is deeply fond of Mingjue all the same.
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Wei Wuxian
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No, mdzs/the untamed fandom, Wei WuXian does not have to apologize nor make amends to the children of the genocidal mob members who ganged up on him and tried to kill him.
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Nie Mingjue: why are you like this
Nie Huaisang: i always strive to be the most dramatic bitch in the room
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